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#free verse
lebuc · an hour ago
ground zero
* as there's a planned return to our previously scheduled program
called life;
channeling the close comfort of home with homies,
friends no longer on the fringe of our social circle;
we oughtn't fault the gestalt we've grown
accustomed to, these past few months
sailing the seven seas in our ship of fated fools, wrecked
(i've used this metaphor before)
& it behooves us to be patient as we regain a walking gait aground
before sprinting fresh out of the gate toward the grooves of a good life,
grown in the germ-free groves of what we gentle folk knew as living
day-to-day, in the mix, in the fray in the best possible sense - no joke -
heroically stoked to rise, shine, place one foot after the next
at whatever trail we'd dare to stake on ground zero, with an uninvaded body,
a clear-ish mind - daring instead to boldly go
where the infirm fear to tread. * 6/21 - lebuc - ground zero  
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jann-the-bean · 8 hours ago
Killer Night(s)
A Studio!Nightkiller fanfiction - Part 2
A simple story revealing how Nightmare’s and Killer’s relationship came to be. A time before their precious coffee bean entered their lives
TW: This fanfiction does have suggestive content!
The buzzing of people could be heard in the distance. Nightmare swirled the glass of wine in his hand, as he recalled his first night with Killer. Even if he’d never admit it out loud, it was a night he’d never forget. He continued to swirl the liquid and a warm sensation blanketed his cheekbones. He scoffed, was he completely that far gone that by remembering that moment could cause his face to flush?
No. It must be the wine.
He furrowed his brow bones together upon inspecting his reflection in the drink. He was frustrated, angry, and disappointed in himself. He knew relationships with other costars hardly ever ended well. He was determined to never pursue any form of relationship with any other celebrity. So... then why exactly did follow Killer, of all people, back to his place? He chuckled bitterly. Because he was an idiot that’s why. He gritted his teeth, and he cursed at himself for believing that maybe something could’ve formed between the two.
He very clearly remembered the moments that unfolded the morning following their first night. Nightmare awoke to Killer’s sleeping face merely centimeters from his own, causing his mind to jump start. He felt embarrassed, ashamed, and conflicted. He’d never been so desperate for someone before, and recalling his behavior made his self-loathing greater. What kind of person just hooks up with someone you think- you possibly might- have a tiny crush on?
However, seeing those gentle features displayed on Killer’s sleeping face, made his soul skip a beat. He had an unexplained urge to gently trace the skeletons lips, caress his cheeks, and to lay a warm delicate kiss on the skeleton sleeping in front of him. He shook his head. No. No, he cant, he shouldn’t, and he won’t. This would be the one and only night this sort of thing ever happened. He promised himself, this would be the last time.
As Killer’s chest rose and fell rhythmically, the violet skeleton slightly shifted under the covers. Maybe, he would be able to sneak away. He’d pretend like nothing happened and continue his daily activities like normal. Nightmare would just have to avoid Killer for a few weeks.. because he wouldn’t be able to look the other in the sockets without remembering their first night. Finally determined to escape, his plans were quickly thrown out the window when he made contact with Killers sockets. He was awake.
Maldita sea, porque tuvo que despertarse ahorita??Damn it, why did he have to wake up now??
The small skeleton’s body tensed, wondering what berating comments the other would voice. Except, after a minute of silence, nothing. The taller skeleton just gazed at his companion, almost if trying to convince himself that they actually spent the night together. That it wasn’t just a dream. After a few minutes of silence Killer smiled “Well, good morning, Nightlight. Sleep well?”
Nightmare’s cheeks instantly flushed and he snapped his head away to avoid Killer’s captivating sockets. The last thing he needed was to have a repeat of last night. “Yeah, I did. You’re bed is... really comfortable...”
After hearing Killer chuckle, Nightmare decided to glance at him. “I bet it was.. especially after our little workout session.”
Nightmare nodded, not brave enough to verbally respond. His face was so flushed, he was scared his voice would betray him. How absolutely humiliating! How is it Killer can be so... casual?! Like if it’s just another day, while he’s resisting the urge to crawl into a hole!
Not wanting to stay any further and chance that Killer would suggest an encore, Nightmare shifted to the edge of the bed. “W-well.. thank you for having me,” Cállate la boca Nightmare- (Shut your mouth Nightmare) “It was fun,” Que estás diciendo idiota (what are you saying idiot), “But this was a one time event, and I have to leave.”
Nightmare screamed internally as he couldn’t seem to shut himself up. Once he got started the words just kept spilling from his mouth. He was desperate to leave with the little dignity he had left. But, even that was wavering the longer he stayed beside the eyeless skeleton. However, after hearing Killer’s response he froze, “Awe, leaving already? That’s a shame... I was hoping you’d stick around. It’s too bad that it was a one time thing, too. Oh well, thank you for an unforgettable night, Nightingale.”
He should’ve left. He should’ve paid no mind to what Killer just said, and maybe it would have spared him future suffering. But, he couldn’t help but think, did that mean that Killer wanted to be with him? His soul began to ache. Maybe, there was a possibility Killer felt the same? No. No, he shouldn’t read into Killer’s words. There was no way the other would want anything above a casual fling. Yet, his idiotic self decided to stay, maybe just maybe it would lead to something.
Sneering the violet skeleton turned to face the other. It was the only way he could mask his inner turmoil. “I thought.... after a one night fling we just go our separate ways. Pretend like nothing happened. Usually with little to no talking involved...”
The taller’s expression remained indifferent but a slight smile played on his lips. “Well.. that depends on you, Nightingale. Do you want it be a one night fling? If that’s what you want I’ll respect your wishes.”
“So, either it’s a one night stand... or I become one of your sleep around buddies.. lovely.” Nightmare rolled his eyes. Killer was a well known sleep around so, he honestly shouldn’t be surprised.
“Either way... I could definitely go for a morning round.” The eyeless skeleton winked as he placed both hands behind his back.
The violet skeleton flushed as soon as he heard those words. He should’ve been furious, disgruntled, or indignified by those words. Yet, he drew in a shaky breathe at the mention of another opportunity to be with the taller skeleton.
Once he realized what he was thinking he froze. No! No! No! Nonononono! He shook his head and jumped to the side the bed. Nightmare scowled at Killer who chuckled, amused by the smaller’s reaction. “Y-you stupid unbearable prick! What m-makes you think I’d spend a second longer here with you?!”
“Awe, Nightingale you’re hurting my feelings.” Killer faked a sniffle- mocking to be hurt. “Here I thought you had a great time by the way you were-“
“Killer! Shut your face hole!” The violet skeleton exclaimed and grabbed the nearest pillow, flinging it towards Killer’s face. “Porque tuve que pasar la noche con un idiota como tú?!” (Why did I have to spend the night with an idiot like you?!)
“..........” Killer removed the pillow that was smothering his face. A puzzled look covered his face, confused by what the other just said. “Nighty, you know I don’t know Spanish right? What did you say?”
“Good! I’m glad! If you really want to know figure it out yourself!”
The eyeless skeleton raised a brow, now even more curious about what the other said. “I feel like you called me an idiot again.”
Nightmare smirked, and placed his hands on his hips. “And if I did? What are you going to do about it?”
Killer smirked and swiftly sat straight up- a sly smile forming on his lips. “Is that a challenge?”
Nightmare gulped. Shit... What exactly was he thinking? Clearly, he wasn’t when he responded. “Ah- well- no- uhm... you see- I... I have to go!” Nightmare hurriedly grabbed his belongs. “It’s late and I have a busy day today!” Not wanting to allow the other an opportunity to respond the violet skeleton just rambled whatever his flustered mind could come up with. “It was a- you’ve been so great.... I’ll see you- I better get going bye!”
The violet skeleton groaned in embarrassment. Oh, how he wished he could purge that memory from his mind. Maybe, he’d be able to if he drank enough today, that always seemed to obscure his memories. He downed the liquid from the glass, and set it on the table with a clank. He ran a hand across his face as his cheeks burned.
He sighed as he remembered the promise he made to himself that day. That it was supposed to be an isolated incident. It was meant to be the one and only night. His excuse, was that he needed time to explore and self discover his new sexuality. He couldn’t do that with peacefully when someone like Killer enveloped his thoughts at all time.
He snorted, from yet another memory. He had avoided Killer for a few weeks following that morning after he spent the night. He couldn’t really face the eyeless skeleton. The distance did help clear his mind. He was still rather confused about being bi, but the more he contemplated it the more he realized it made sense.
Now the issue was what exactly did he feel for that stupid playboy. He was frustrated. Not only did he have to figure out his sexuality now he had to question his feelings for that unbearable bastard. He also couldn’t pretend like nothing happened with Killer. He wished he could. Just go to their usual banter as if that night was just a strange dream.
But no, anytime he made eye contact with those midnight sockets... heat rose to his cheeks. He thought it was best to avoid Killer. That way he wouldn’t risk falling pray to that charisma of his.
To make a long story short, Killer had confronted the violet skeleton in his dressing room. He managed to discover that Nightmare had yet to publicly announce he was bisexual. It wasn’t a surprise to Killer, not really, since he knew how reserved this small skeleton was.
The eyeless skeleton offered to keep their relationship a secret. Killer was clearly interested in continuing their intimate interactions. Which only served to confuse Nightmare even more. He was unsure on what he wanted. But, then Killer offered to provide him with new and better experience. If that night was good, and Killer was offering something even better, then wouldn’t he be a fool to refuse?
Nightmare gripped his glass tightly, almost shattering it before he unclenched his fist. He was an idiot for agreeing to something ridiculous as a promise of a good time. Killer had agreed to keep their relationship a secret and therefore he should’ve kept Nightmare’s discovery as a bisexual a secret, as well. But what did this moron do? He went to tell his best friend, Cross. Nightmare had been very explicit in verbalized his refusal to let anyone know. He truly was an fool for trusting Killer.
Nightmare let out a bitter laugh. And once he decided to confront the eyeless skeleton, Killer became defensive! Stating that Cross “doesn’t count because he’s different.” Well it did count for Nightmare.
He felt betrayed, he’d convinced himself that Killer was someone he could trust. Yet, this proved he shouldn’t have trusted anyone other than himself. He was sure Killer would’ve attempted to shrug the problem away like it was nothing, so he brought Dream over. In hopes that another perspective would make Killer understand. However, when trying to communicate to Killer why Nightmare was so upset, Killer decided to rebuttal even more.
The eyeless skeleton mentioned that he wasn’t given the option to decide when to come out, that someone else had revealed it to the rest of the world. Killer pulled out his phone and stated “All it would take is a simple post on social media and everyone will know.” Nightmare’s soul sank. In that moment he feared that Killer was threatening him. Thankfully, the eyeless skeleton slipped his phone back in his pocket not doing anything else. Yet, the fear that had settled in, hadn’t vanished.
He was furious that Killer would even mention that in these circumstances. As things unfolded, the situation appeared to have escalated. To the point where Killer brought to light some confidential secrets.
Secrets that Nightmare had confessed to him, regarding how he felt towards his twin brother. He made sure to mention how much Nightmare envied the golden skeleton. How Dream never had to work as hard as he did, how he naturally got the spot light, and how easily others liked him. How nightmare wished Dream would go somewhere far far away so he wouldn’t have to share the fame and glory with him. “If only he were gone.” Killer stated mimicking nightmare’s voice.
Nightmare gritted his teeth as he recalled that night. It hadn’t been long ago, maybe a few weeks? But he could vividly remember like it was yesterday. Killer had no right to bring about those dark buried secrets to the surface again, nor did he have a right to blabber about his relationships and sexuality.
Least to say, that conversation didn’t end well. Dream was left in tears, Nightmare was consumed with rage and guilt, and Killer was left in a foul mood. Nightmare refused to even look in Killer’s direction afterwards. These were the game’s Killer wanted to play? Fine, but Nightmare wasn’t going to partake in this. Not anymore.
He let out a sigh as he stared at his empty wine glass. He still refused to even consider talking with the taller skeleton. He hated that eyeless bastard with every fiber of his being. He couldn’t stand him. The way he acted all conceited and narcissistic... he was the absolute worst!
“Is this seat taken?” A deep voice asked, one that Nightmare would recognize anywhere. A part of him wondered, that if he ignored him and pretended not to hear anything that maybe he would leave. But, that was just wishful thinking. After a brief second he looked up at the person beside him and sure enough there stood Killer.
“Oh, are you actually asking if you can sit here? What a surprise, I was under the impression that you only do as you please.” Nightmare said in a cold, snarky tone. Killer recoiled, guilt flashing across his face. The violet skeleton narrowed his eyes. Good. If Killer thought he could just waltz in, pretend like nothing happened, well he had another thing coming.
“Don’t. Don’t you dare call me that.”
Disheartened, Killer’s shoulders dropped realizing that Nightmare most likely wanted nothing to do with him. He couldn’t blame him. Not after what he did those few weeks ago. Nightmare was sensitive about that topic, he’d always been concerned about his reputation. It was a fact that Killer was well aware of. He would never disclose that information to other’s he didn’t trust. Granted, he should’ve communicated with Nightmare that he had mentioned their relationship with Cross.
See, Cross wasn’t just anybody. He was his best friend, essentially a brother, his found family. Someone that Killer had absolute trust and confidence in. He wasn’t the type of person who would go running his mouth, gossiping to others.
Killer had taken offense that Nightmare was so accusatory, as if he had spilled his deepest secrets to the whole universe. That wasn’t the case. If only Nightmare would listen he would’ve explained to him, that what he had done was no different from what Nightmare did with Dream.
But no, he refused to listen and even dragged his brother into their private matters. It was only natural to grow defensive and aggravated, right? If Nightmare wanted to paint him as the villain then so be it, he’d be the bad guy to this story. He knew exactly what he was doing, knew that his words would hurt the twins, and in that moment he was hoping it would.
Of course having time to settle down and reflect on his actions he instantly regretted it. However, it was too late to take back the words that spewed from his mouth. The only thing he could do was apologize, but he knew full well he didn’t deserve to be forgiven.
Yet, it was painful knowing he’d hurt the small skeleton. Nightmare was a friend, someone Killer genuinely cared for. It was unfortunate that he saw and experienced first hand that dark side of him. He wasn’t just another person for Killer to sleep around with, he was different from the rest, and at the time Killer couldn’t place just why. But he certainly didn’t want the other to distance himself completely.
Killer sighed and sat next to Nightmare at the bar, and ordered himself a drink. “Nightmare... I just want to talk. About what happened the last time we were together.”
Nightmare proceeded to order another glass of wine, how many had that been now, 3 or 4? It was hard to say, and the violet skeleton didn’t bother to keep track. “That’s funny, because I don’t think there’s anything to talk about.”
The eyeless skeleton knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but he didn’t expect it to be this difficult. Every remark that Nightmare made sent a rush of guilt through his body. He remained silent for a minute contemplating on what to say next.
After that whole incident Dream intended on banning Cross from ever seeing Killer again. He refused to have his boyfriend interact with someone so destructive as Killer. Thankfully, Cross had managed to convince Dream to talk to Killer again. After exchanging a couple of words and explaining himself. The eyeless skeleton was able to apologize to Dream for his behavior. Which thankfully,Dream accepted. The golden skeleton also brought to light that his twin had finally announced he was bisexual on social media. It was a surprise to Killer, he didn’t expect Nightmare to come forth so soon.
“I uh... saw that you came out publicly. That’s good to hear...” Killer mentioned, trying to find a topic to converse about.
“Yeah, I thought why not? Better for it to come from me than have someone expose me later, don’t you think?” The violet eyed skeleton smiled coldy and looked directly at Killer. The taller skeleton shrunk in his seat, he felt a deep sense of agonizing remorse course through his soul. He really made a terrible mistake, he was well aware, but did Nightmare really have to keep reminding him? Guess it’s what he deserved. He just didn’t expect it to tear at him as it did.
The drinks they’d ordered finally arrived and Nightmare didn’t hesitate to start gulping down his wine. Killer just held the cup in his hands staring at the ripples that formed within it. He had attempted to ease the tension between them, however it appeared it was all in vain. The violet skeleton made it painfully clear where he stood with the taller. “Nightmare, I want to apologize. I know the way I reacted was wrong. I shouldn’t have said those things about your brother... and I should’ve talked to you first regarding Cross.”
“See, that’s the thing. I simply cannot understand why you would even need to tell him anything. What we have- had was a private matter.”
“I understand that, I should’ve respected your boundaries. I really am sorry for crossing that line.” Killer paused trying to find the right words to say. “But.... let me just explain why I did it. You’ve talked to Dream right... about us....? Because he’s your brother and someone you trust. That’s what Cross is to me.”
Another pause.
“We may not be related by blood, but he’s practically my brother. He’s my found family Night... and I got upset because I felt you were disrespecting my family. I know what I did was wrong. I’m not expecting you to forgive me. But, I still wanted to apologize.”
Silence. Nightmare set the wine glass at the table, pursing his lips together registering what the other had said. Guess he really couldn’t argue with Killer. He did confide in Dream about his relationship with Killer, the frustrations and confusion that the taller skeleton caused. If what Killer said is true, then he really would have no right to be upset with him. Maybe he was overreacting but then again, he was very clear on not wanting others to know just yet.
“I suppose, I understand your perspective.” Nightmare let out a long sigh. “Whatever the case, we can’t take back what’s been done. I’m still upset that you told someone without consulting me first. But, might as well move past it. Since, we’ll most likely work on other projects in the future. Wouldn’t want our insignificant issues to cause problems on set, right?”
Killer winced at his words. Nightmare was definitely trying to stay professional, but he could hear the hidden message behind his words. Sure, he said he understood and perhaps was receptive of his apology. But he was still bitter about that night. “Yeah... we wouldn’t want that.....” He chugged his beverage, before standing and turning to face Nightmare. “Well, it’s getting late I should probably get going. I’m staying at the Jasmine hotel a few blocks from here.”
Nightmare’s hand twitched, a mix of emotions formed in his core. A sense of excitement, confusion, frustration, and others he couldn’t name right away. It was outrageous how that simple phrase could unwind him, there was no clear indication that Killer wanted Nightmare to join him, but it near bordered that idea.
Just that simple thought of repeating those heated nights caused his soul to flutter in his chest. No, he couldn’t. It would only show Killer that all he needed to do was promise him a good time and he’d be at his mercy. He already told himself, that he was not going to be one of Killer’s toys... not someone he could go to as he desired.
Yet, that idea didn’t necessarily appall him. Why, just why did he have to be the one to confused him so? He had a vague notion as to why, but he refused to accept it. “Oh? Why are you telling me this exactly? It’s not like I have a need to know.”
The eyeless skeleton furrowed his brow bones together. Why did he tell Nightmare where he was staying? It’s not like he wanted to sleep with him, he wasn’t an imbecile who would press his luck so soon. He was more than glad Nightmare was even conversing with him right now. He bit his bottom lip attempting to figure out the answer himself. “No real reason... I thought I’d just mention it... in case you’d like to talk some more. Well... I’m off.. it was nice talking to you again, Nightmare.”
With that Killer walked away and exited the building. Nightmare was left alone with his drink in hand. He glanced back as the tall skeleton weaved his way towards the doors. That should’ve been the end of it. All he had to do was go back to his own hotel, relax, and let this whole thing blow over. It was as simple as that. He would no longer be tied to that insufferable beautiful eyed skeleton.
Did he really just think that...? He turned back to face the near empty glass in his hand. Maybe he did have one too many glasses of wine. Killer was right, it was getting late. He should head back to his place..... or.... he could stay for a few more minutes. He would just have one more glass to ease his mind.
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Alright so here is the second part to Killer Night(s)! I’m sorry if this chapter seems a bit rushed, but I didn’t want to make the story too long. I wanted to provide a little bit of background, and show that not everything was great between Nightmare and Killer.
This was one of the first few obstacles the two had to face, and everything is so very complicated between those two. And they don’t make it any easier for themselves.
Anyway... The main purpose for this chapter was to set the tone for the next one! Which I hope you all will enjoy!
Nightmare belongs to @jokublog
Killer belongs to @rahofy-sketch/ @rahafwabas
Studioverse/ Studio au by @zu-is-here
Chapter inspired by @help-im-a-gay-fish
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rsblmng · 9 hours ago
I wish I had the courage to say:
I waited for you.
I ached for you.
Oh, how I kept each trick I knew to help you,
polished and ready
on the off chance that
you might need me again.
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beckywtghmai · 9 hours ago
Sick of Sex
Ugh this weird guy killed my boner With his weird sexist bullshit Now whenever I think about things That make me want to whack I’m like– but– Some people really believe it For some people– It’s not a fucking fetish and ever since I’ve been a barren prude, suddenly Sick of sex.
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jade222 · 10 hours ago
If they find my blog, they find my blog. I saw the musical/movie in the heights tonight and it gave me some big feelings. So I wrote this blank verse/free verse whatever spoken word poem. I might delete this later idk.
What a Joke
Half puerto rican mother
All American father
Each kid is only a fourth of the island by the equator, but after 21 years, time to say, see you later!
Spanish, I didn’t understand
Always knew I wasn’t part of this land
Too tall, too fat, too white.
Too shy, too angry, good night.
All in my room, all home alone. Not knowing the language and little of culture, social events kids were like vultures.
An american house bent to the will, of all the chismosas (gossips) who had no chill. And yes I know, it was partly my fault, I had issues, and I chose to halt.
To clam right up and say not a word, to fight every day and not be assured. Hating myself and the one we call God, screaming at Him, why am I odd? Why do I stick out like a thumb that’s sore? Why am I white? Do you not adore me?
No Spanish teachers, tutors, or lessons, I cried in my room not seeing my blessings. I could have invested, but instead I was tested and under the pressure I broke.
I took advantage of nothing, I hated every one. It was hard alone, and I was so done. Seeing the perfect Latina girls, with their golden brown skin and beautiful curls.
I stood on the shore, completely alone. Support I ignored, spurned by them, their pain was shown. I bore the scars of what they did, but since they’re inside, everyone is blind, no one paid me any mind.
Unsaved, unknown, unheard. Trying so hard to prove my worth, taking whatever I could. Bits of the culture stuck to me as I went to America, land of the free.
Too white for the island
Too island for the white
Told to shut up, you’re talking too loud. Don’t move your hands, don’t be puerto rican proud. You think you know it all but you really know nothing, only tourist facts your mind is so small.
An accent and trauma is all I have to show, for the first sixteen years of your life, did you know?
And now I want a family, I want community, but I want to have baby immunity. I want a family that’s found, I choose my own. To show the hurt ones that they are never alone. I will care for them and be their hope, I will be what they need to cope.
But I’m stuck. In this land where no one gives a fuck. Everyone silent and formal and so very southern. All passive aggressive but love one another! They scrutinize my every move, don’t they see what I’m trying to do?
I gotta work on myself before I help you.
And as I get better, and as I grow, trying to make this world my own; I hurt.
My heart yearns for the culture that I never really knew, facts and stereotypes I know not a few. But it’s too late, I can’t go back. I have no one to greet me, meet me, no one to complete me. I have no biological family there, and even if I did, I wouldn’t care. We were never close.
I’d say give it up and go all white, be a basic girl with a spirit shining bright. Be southern and sweet and settle down, but I’d be a fool and a total clown. I can’t fit into their mold if I tried, and if I could, my spirit would have died.
God made me stand out by default, I can’t hide who I am and put it in a vault.
I have nothing left in Puerto Rico, I had nothing at all, only a fourth of my blood and man that is small!
So, I hurt. And I yearn. For my family that I hope to one day earn. The community I want to help and to love. Maybe I’ll get it someday from God up above.
Mixed just a little, but mixed just enough, to hurt and to love, and ay it tough.
I’ve had enough, I don’t know what to do.
Me? Puerto Rican? American? I don’t know. So I sit here, my heart breaking as on my tears I choke.
Me, a latina?
Man...what a joke.
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thorsenmark · 12 hours ago
There Is No Finish Line in Life
There Is No Finish Line in Life by Mark Stevens Via Flickr: There Is No Finish Line in Life Only a curiosity for seeing An exploration of things new It is said there on Earth there is no Heaven But I have seen glimpses of it With a path to walk under green trees Mountains to look up to and climb For this is what happens when you experience nature Mark's Next Step Is Ahead Another work of short poetry or prose to complement the image captured one morning in Coconino National Forest while walking the Fay Canyon Trail. With this image, I wanted to capture the setting to my front with the hiking trail as kind of a leading line into the nearby forest and then what describes at the Bear Mountain-East Peak. My thinking in composing the image overall was to have a more leveled-on view. There would be a sweeping view across the foreground leading up to the trees and world renowned Sedona-Coconino National Forest peaks. The blues of the skies above would then be that color complement to contrast the earth-tones below.
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onewinged-tragedy · 18 hours ago
Before the Dawn AU | Kadaj (long post)
Tumblr media
Music Theme Found Here
Basic AU Info from Profile:
Kadaj is the only Darq Nymph of the Moon-Touched waters of the Forgotten City, and it’s Great Forests, born forth from the miracle return of the Crystal Dryad Sephiroth, after the powerful defeat at the hands of a blond warrior--it is unknown to him why he came into being, nor is anyone aware of his existence apart from the one who willed him into being, but he seems to be a reflection of the world-shaking power resulting from the clash of Sephiroth and Cloud, and unbeknownst to him, the will of the cruel mother he has yet to understand from within the crystal, as Sephiroth has yet to know him to teach him about Jenova. He feels that all he has is the forest, and the energy of a mother he finds there, but there is something unnerving he feels from her, despite her desperate attempts to manipulate his obedience and loyalty. He intends to seek her out...eventually, and he feels her call, constantly, but first he must seek out what the world holds, specifically the two he is drawn to with little known of them other than looks and nature. He longs to understand why he came to be, and what he’s meant for, and his fate depends solely upon who reaches his heart first and turns it to their desire, as while he seeks out his own independent curiosities, he is finding himself influenced and coaxed by the Mother desperate for another tool to use, and make perhaps into another eventual vessel.
~   ~.  ~
Name: Kadaj, Remnant of the Crystal.
Species: Darq Water Nymph (of miraculous creation).
Role/Profession/Job: No real role, he was a sudden creation, forged by accident, and influenced by a corrupt Ancient. That presence in his life intends to use him as a pawn and vessel, but his future is unknown.
Age: Physically 18, age undefinable as he came into being in an unnatural fashion.
Nature: Secluded, skittish, curious. Secluded to protect himself, skittish because he knows little of the world, and curious for the same reason. Withdrawn and mystic nature at times, wandering the waters, tempting company in with him to play with.
Personality: Curious, secluded, erratic, energetic. He is very much like a child in energy and curiosity, yet a teenager in emotional stability. He is lost, and yearning to find answers, to find connection. The moment he thinks he’s found someone to trust, he latches on intensely. Can be a bit erratic and emotionally angry, when hurt, or otherwise influenced by the negative hold on his existence.
History: There’s not much history to his life, as he came into being without a friend or presence in the world. All he had were visions of faces that left him yearning to travel beyond his birth city to seek these people out, and the feeling of a presence always behind him, always there. At times it felt like a comfort, and others, it felt full of dread. But as he steps out into the world to make sense of who he is and what he feels and yearns to seek, that presence begins gripping harder, leaving him to potentially give way to a new darkness upon the world.
Hydrokinesis, using it in various ways, and in its various states and temperatures, as well as it’s healing abilities.
Breathing underwater and above water.
Minor aquatic transformation, eyes shift to a glossy color rather than just the shining slit pupils, and his skin becomes even more iridescent and shining under water.
Some level of untrained hypnosis as a Nymph, given it’s a defense mechanism similar to a sirens ability, and can be used through vocals or simple through locking eyes.
Darq water conversion and manipulation.
In his states of control through the Mother crystal, he might have influence over some level of weather, like storms, through Darq energy of the planet.
Along with this, he wields Darq touch to other parts to nature, corrupting it with his dark water, whether it be land, plants, crystals, people, etc.
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acupofconfusedfeelings · 18 hours ago
One sided friendship
Tumblr media
I have heard a lot of people explain one sided love
But never heard anyone even talk about one sided friendship
Did you?
Honestly speaking I have been on both ends
I remember ignoring people even when they were ready to loose all for me
I remember being ignored even when I was ready to loose all of me
Did you?
Still think about going back and joining those chords
But what are the odds
Those I ignored have moved on tired of wasting their time
And those on whom I wasted my time never seemed mine
But still I wish for their call
Do you?
I find it weird how we just connect to some
I find it sad when those connections don't care and for them you are not the one
I thought love asked for a lot
but now I think even friendship's demands are not a dot
Do you?
Maybe they asked for so much that I just stayed aloof
Maybe my demands were so much that they considered me fool
Being nice and being friends are different I realised late
Not everyone you like is ready to be a part of your fate
Were you also a one sided friend at one time?
Do you also think that it was worth the time?
What if the efforts were not equal,
It was a friendship you initiated and it will never have a sequel...
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sereina · 19 hours ago
things on the agenda today once i get to my bf’s.
think about how the rest of serena’s pokemon react to her n red being engaged (which honestly wont be hard. it’s either varying degrees of surprise, happiness, or both)
more genshin hcs. (honestly just like. one or two.)
genshin drabble :)
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bonescribes · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
@aceparagon​ said :  "Hey, Fai. I, um... I never properly thanked you for what you did, did I? I was wondering if you might wanna grab a bite to eat somewhere."
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE  MAGICIAN'S  FACE  SPLITS  INTO  A  WIDE  GRIN  ,  the  prospect  of  free  food  an  immediate  excitement  to  him  .  that's  half  the  FUN  of  exploring  new  worlds  --  experiencing  new  things  .  new  people  ,  new  places  ,  NEW  FOODS  .  travelling  as  they  do  isn't  easy  ,  but  those  happy  moments  ,  those  new  DISCOVERIES  --  almost  make  it  all  WORTH  IT  .  
"  i  would  love  that  !  "  exclaims  fai  ,  throwing  his  arms  into  the  air  .  "  i  want  to  try  something  new  !  "
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f-e-celler · 21 hours ago
synonym for something.
oh to lose what you don’t know you’ve lost.
what was it..?
you’ll just know it’s missing, but (if you’re lucky) you’ll never know what. but then if you do figure it out, it’s not enough, and it’s too much.
no, it’s not enough to have lost something but to have to find what it was, to go through the process all over again.
to dig up the body and bury it.
a second funereal.
a private interment between you and that of which you’ve lost. memories are similar to that, only in this case it’s more like said body just falls out of thin air in front of you, splayed on the ground, the grief hits you like a truck but you also have to find somewhere to bury it. it can’t be here in the supermarket, or there on the side of the road.
these funerals are inconvenient at worst, but what can you do but lay them to rest. i’ve dug a thousand graves in my lifetime and i’m sure they’ll be more, but i’m getting tired of loss.
i’m getting tired of dead things and things that have long since decayed. i’m tired of burying idols of things i’m not responsible for. that i shouldn’t be responsible for. and of having to bury them alone.
i envy people who don’t care as much as me so often i can sometimes trick myself into believing i don’t, but then it happens and i always have to do find the right shovel to use, and the appropriate flowers to lay when i’m done.
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ix-rays · 21 hours ago
The Key to Wisdom
The Key to Wisdom
Beware, Friend,many keys pretendto open Wisdom’sLock.The key you needto hearresides in yourinner earlike a tuning forklistening inElijah’s cavefor the quiet voiceGod’s radio waveafter the storm. September 22, 2020
Tumblr media
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roesavalonsigma · 23 hours ago
He Can't Hear
He is showing himself
a little here a little there
for he is still here
just waiting for his chance
to appear.
Don't try to warn
he won't hear
only us can see him appear.
Even if he could
he won't believe
what we see
thinking that it be
a joke between
the community.
So we mind as well
just watch and stare
as there is no
stopping this here.
I’m getting the order of these videos from @timeless-aces
Find blog here:
63rd poem in my attempt to write a poem for every possible canon and known canon ego video.
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roesavalonsigma · 23 hours ago
Nowhere to Hide
He looks into your eyes
wearing a disguise
though the glitches
on the side
causes it not
to be our demised.
For we know
who hides
making us want to hide
but there is nowhere we can hide.
The egos can't let us inside
where they doth hide
for if we were
to peer inside
the demon could get inside.
So we must abide
by the face
that makes us want to hide
on our own this time.
I’m getting the order of these videos from @timeless-aces
Find blog here:
62nd poem in my attempt to write a poem for every possible canon and known canon ego video.
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rxmanticdevil · a day ago
short 1-3 sentence starter for @caterva​
Tumblr media
“It’s a very pleasant book. It might do you some good to read it, please - take my copy.”
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meek-poetry · a day ago
I wonder
does my heart beat like my mother's does?
like her granny's did?
she does not want her own relentless heart
fearing that it might force her to survive, even when all else has shut off
I wonder
is my heart as strong as hers?
will I be okay even if the rest of me has given up?
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destinscelle · a day ago
‘ you know me by heart . it infuriates me that you know me by heart . ’ doma timeline
Meme || accepting!
It was interesting to say the least, how well he knew Varon. How much he had gotten to know him and what all Dartz had ended up saying what the other had gone through. Varon never really SAID anything to him about what he had to go through. He didn't need to, especially with how well they got along together.
Hearing how angry the other sounded about him knowing him by heart, it made him frown a bit. He didn't really have anyone else except his Guardians before he had met Varon and Amelda. Now they seemed to get along together the most.
Tumblr media
"....Does it really?" He asked him, blunt as he always was. He respected the other and honestly just wanted to be there for him if he needed someone to talk to.
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