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#free write
Enemies to Lovers: my favorites
im not like the BIGGEST fan of this trope, especially cause its often written badly and becomes abusive HOWEVER. hoo boy these:
pinned to a wall, their hand pressing their throat and just. them looking into each other's eyes while the tension rises
one of them is hurt and has nowhere else to go but the other's place
i hate you so much stop being so cute
“fuck you.” “fuck me yourself, coward”
i hate you but if anything happens to you im killing everyone and destroying everything
the oh realization that hits them like a train
them battling that realization
knife/sword lifting the other's chin
i don't know if i should kiss you or stab you
are they flirting or starting a fight
stubbornness!!!! saying i hate them i hate them i hate them when in reality they think the other is the cutest most perfect being ever
“what do you want?!” “you”
just because i saved you doesn't mean i care about you or anything
seeing all of their negative traits and loving them despite it
one of them sleepwalks and BOOM one bed trope + enemies to lovers
accidentally kissing each other and liking it
one of them is hurt/unconscious and the other takes care of them n watches over them n falls asleep near them and they wake up in each other's arms and they like it a bit too much
playful flirting
jealousy when someone else flirts with them
“shut up” “make me”
“would falling in love with me be so terrible”
i hate their stupid pretty face
one of them is missing/went somewhere and the other realizes they miss them
“smile like that again and ill show you what i can do”
when they can't get them out of their head
fighting them and not being able to hurt them
if enemy enemy why enemy hot
i hate everyone but suddenly i dont hate you
they start dating secretly and now they have to pretend they hate each other
holding a dagger to their throat........but theyve never been this close before.........and the other's never been so beautiful before.....
you wanna kiss me so bad it makes u look stupid
“who did this to you?”
“shut up and kiss me” “come here and make me”
purposefully stepping on their foot because they're a little shit
just being little shits in general
i know you better than anyone else
one of them gets hurt/risks their life while saving the other
“im not leaving you”
“is that all youve got?”
smiling at them w bloodied teeth after the other just punched them
bonus !!!! wiping the blood from their lips while smirking
nobody gets to be an asshole to them except for me
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helenasurvives · 11 months ago
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seven
and my reply is
because i am a girl
and pink
is a princess color.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am ten
and i like
because a boy told me that pink
is lame and girly.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am thirteen
and i tell them
it is unique and spunky
like i want to be.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am seventeen
and i just say
i do not say
it is bright and angry at the world
as i am
i cannot form the words to express
all of my frustrations
so i paint my lips with
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty
and it’s pink
i remember the joy
of being a child
i reclaim the freedom
of femininity
because i cannot remember
what my shoulders felt like
before the depression
hung from them.
i am asked about my favorite color.
i am twenty-six
and my answer is
it confuses most people
they don’t see it
they may think of dirt
and dust
and dead things
but it is coffee with friends
and the chocolate chip cookies
my mom used to make.
it is my hair
and my eyes
amber and gold
in the sun
and i love myself
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introvert-unicorn · 10 months ago
Aesthetics I'm in love with
Enjoying the warmth of a cup of tea or a hot cocoa surrendering your hands.
Reading one or two poems as soon as you wake up to give yourself some calmness and serenity.
Baking cookies and sharing them with the ones you love.
Memorizing random mythology or history facts.
Carrying that notebook you're filling with marvellous ideas of the upcoming work you'll share with the world someday.
Running under the rain.
Creating playlists for different moods or life situations.
Burning candles while reading a book or doing your homework.
Wearing distinctive jewellery.
Looking at the moon in silence.
Picturing the changing seasons with your phone.
Writing long to do lists because organising makes you feel powerful and responsible.
Saving money so you can visit art galleries and museums because art is everything.
Dark coats and checkered trousers.
Sending Handwritten letters.
Taking a day off so you can focus on your self-care and well-being.
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siir-poesia · 3 months ago
Y aún sabiendo que no eras para mí, decidí apostar todo por ti... supongo que a veces el amor es así.
Tumblr media
And even knowing that you were not for me, I decided to bet everything on you... I suppose that sometimes love is like that.
- Roberth Kingsman
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thedarkestacademia · a year ago
Tumblr media
I started writing letters to people, telling them things that I would never have the courage to say in real life. These letters will obviously never reach their recipients but it’s extremely therapeutic.
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2soulscollide · 3 months ago
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introvert-unicorn · 10 months ago
A list of daily measurable goals
Drink water as soon an you wake up.
Sleep at the same time everyday.
Wash and cleanse your face morning and night.
Read ten pages of a book a day.
Eat slowly and chew thoroughly your food.
Choose empathy towards yourself.
Slow down, be present and spend time with family and friends.
Keep holding on to your dreams even if no one supports you. remember your life, your choices!
45 minutes social media a day.
Remember to breathe when things don't go the way you want them to.
Brush your teeth at least twice a day, especially after eating something sweet.
Listen to one podcast a day.
Watch Ted talks on YouTube and take notes of the most important ideas you perceived.
Turn off your devices at least one hour before sleeping.
Write Tomorrow's to do list every night before sleeping.
Practice your passion 30 minutes a day.
Drink five cups of water a day.
Brush your hair in the morning and before going to sleep.
Make sure every important tasks are done in the morning.
Try to stretch for 15 minutes or go for a 30 minutes walk à day.
Learn one new word a day.
Wake up at 6 am everyday of the week.
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siir-poesia · 3 months ago
Jamás me han gustado las promesas... sólo existen para romperse y recordarte que el amor también duele.
Tumblr media
I have never liked promises... they only exist to be broken and remind you that love hurts too.
- Roberth Kingsman
Para Blog (siir-poesia)
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