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It’s the Great Big Hunter x Hunter Coloring Book!

These are bits of lineart that I’ve drawn over the years (some are obviously from a long time ago) and basically have no place for anymore. If you want to color them, feel free, or you can reblog with your own art to create a big library of HxH lineart! (and I’ll reblog it.) I know we’re all hoping and wishing for new chapters, so here’s me putting out some good vibes in Togashi’s direction :)

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Hi, haven’t posted any drawings in years. Since I’ve been binge watching anime lately, I decided to draw a more mature Gon Freecss😊 from Hunter x Hunter.

Personally I need more daily practice with drawing hands and proportions, I’m both satisfied and dissatisfied with this, but it’s progress and I had fun drawing him, hope y'all dig it 🤷‍♀️☄

#Gon #Freecss

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gon,kuripika and leorio's reaction's to the nightmare's coming true, what would their nightmares be?

Oh yes, the sweet feeling of pain~ Now if I read this correctly it’s how they react to if their nightmare(s) came true, and what the nightmare would be?


what his nightmare would be: No doubt it would be something such as everyone he cared about died in a way that if had worked harder he could have saved them, If he was stronger to fight he could have saved them from their demise. He probably would also end up watching them beg for him to save them, but in the end he can’t because he isn’t strong enough.

how he reacts: He’s screaming, yelling, crying, and last of all begging. He’s willing to trade his life for theirs, he’s willing to take on the pain they have to, but alas he just gets hit in the face with laughter as all his friends scream and cry for help.


what his nightmare would be: He can’t beat the spiders, They mock him for trying, show off the eyes of his clan and taunt him about how he let down hs whole clan. Now this is also where chrollo gets his nen back, so what if he steals some nen that created fake memories based on true ones, such as the killing of the his can?

how he reacts: He’s angry, who wouldn’t be? On the other hand he’s trapped and it’s over; he failed, he let down his friends, his family, and himself. What once was his life long goal has been completely destroyed and now he’s being mocked about it.


what his nightmare would be: He can’t save anyone, no matter how much medicine he studied it wasn’t enough. He didn’t understand this type of disease and one by one his friends where dying until he was the only one left. Stuck with the memory of how his friends told him it hurt, and yet he couldn’t save them just like his past friend.

how he reacts: It’s over he’s broken down. He can’t move, eat, sleep, It’s getting harder for him to breathe. In the end all he did was for nothing, his hunter license was absolutely worthless for that didn’t save anyone, studying to be a doctor didn’t help; in the end they all where dead, and he couldn’t do anything about it.

haha I may have had to much fun doing this one….

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