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VS1’s in my ✝️ Praise the Lord‼️ I rock wit what’s really #Authentic. Really #Ohfficial. Ain’t a privileged mf in my circle. We da underdogs - overcoming challenges most men would fold under. I appreciate the motivation @elchaporado it’s about time fam. #Repost
🤦🏿‍♂️🔥🔥🔥 Cell therapy (freestyle) #Highmaxmusik #freedaguys

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ya instagram private word? 😂😂😂 They got a bed for all u fly lazy dumb niggas! 💯 #Repost @trumptheanimal
My #Era Nobody did that sh%t,U went outside & Did ya dirt & Nobody knew what dirt u was into.These days ya want everybody to kno what ya do & Wonder why u see all this free you & free you.None of ya cant tell me sh%t I had more money den alot of you Ni%%as.Ya moven wrong so when the person who’s page you usen get questioned about who did this transaction wit this person,Who da fu^k u think she is gonna say da person was duhhhhh.This #Era disgust me I dont kno shit,Do ya shit smh #Regula dumb shit,Link in my 🅱io #IaintTrynaPlayYou Im jus #TrynaNotHaveYouPlayYou #WeNeedToDoBetter Ya make the police jobs too easy smh #LivYoung #FreeDaGuys

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