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I have finalized the outline for the next chapter for “Dissonance”!!!!! Rough draft writing planned for this weekend.

I was facing some major writer’s block/avoidance, due to having to figure out Ruby as a POV character for the first time. As well as managing to slip in a recap of what Ruby and crew were up to during “Recovery” in a way that wouldn’t feel like a drag of an exposition dump.

I’m feeling pretty okay about it, this chapter should paint a clear picture of what it is like inside Ruby’s head after The Fall of Beacon and set into motion what I hope will be some strong character arcs. As well as be a chapter that puts a tone of tension in the air as we move forward. 

Anyhow, progress has finally been made, and I should have time to write a rough draft this weekend. Woot! Wow, it feels good to finally be able to make headway on this chapter.

The next update post should be for a new chapter of “The Bet,” and will be sometime later this week. Thanks everyone!

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Weiss: *walking into the front room* Are you sure we have everything?

Pyrrha: Weiss, dont worry, we’ve gone over the list a hundred times.

Yang: *nodding* There’s no need to be this worried over a single trip.

Weiss: But it’s an important trip and I want to make sure everything is right and-

Pyrrha: *putting a hand on Weiss’s shoulder* It’s okay. I know you havent seen your family in a while and now you have the opportunity.

Weiss: I’m still nervous. What if they dont like what’s going on? What if they think this is all super weird?

Yang: Weiss, it’s your mom and sister. They’ll understand and love you no matter what.

Weiss: *taking a deep breath* You dont know them that well…

Pyrrha: I’m sure they’ll still be thrilled to meet your girlfriends.

Weiss: Yeah but-

Yang: *kissing Weiss’s cheek* No buts. We have everything packed. Your mom will understand and be happy for you.

Pyrrha: *nodding and taking Weiss’s hand* Now, lets go meet your family and tell them that you now have two wonderful girlfriends that are taking care of you.

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Back when we could go places, @smallandsundry, @perpetuallyfive, @fiddleabout, and I saw the latest version of Emma, which was an absolutely delight, and as soon as we got out of the theater we were all like…… Freezerburn AU???? And I told fiddle that I’d write it for her birthday. I ended up doing a totally different fic instead, but I did start on this one. 

I had this idea of writing scenes based on chapters from “ The Whole Duty of a Woman: Or, an infallible Guide to the Fair Sex containing Rules, Directions, and Observations, for their Conduct and Behavior through all Ages and Circumstances of Life, as Virgins, Wives, or Widows “ (a guidebook to PROPER behavior for women during that era), where each section would show Yang doing the exact opposite of the bit of advice the book offers, and Weiss would find it horribly charming and fall in love despite herself. For example: 

Chapter VI
The Duty of Virgins 

 But we must not be so unkind to the Sex, as to think it is always such Desire that gives them Adversion to Celibacy; we doubt not, many are frighten only with the vulgar Contempt under which that State lies


There was, Weiss had always thought, something rather indecent about the curve of Yang’s neck. 

She blamed a number of things on the risqué nature of the thing — the softness of the skin, unblemished outside of the few freckles spiraling upwards along her throat as though painted in place;  the gentle dip at the center of it, delicate yet defined, carved out by sculptor’s hands; and (worst of all!) the terminus of each end: the sharp cut of her jaw on one and on the other — always exposed a great deal by the cut of her linen shirt, never hidden by a proper cravat, always the very bane of Weiss’s existence — a most generous, overly voluptuous swell of her chest. 

It was enough to drive any man or woman mad, and Weiss was — though she sometimes wished otherwise — a mere woman. 

“ — And if there’s one think that irks me about all else, I dare say it is — ” Yang cuts her words short, sitting up straight and then — in a horrible twist of fate for a Weiss Schnee who was barely hanging on — leans forward. It opens her shirt up further; Weiss nearly passes out. “My God, Weiss, I do realize you’re pale at the best of times, but you look as white as Winter’s petticoats. Lie back! Let me assist you. What ails you?” 

Many, many things, it turns out.

“And how would you know the color of my sister’s petticoats?” she asks faintly, because apparently this is chief among them.

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SB!Weiss: *cooking with Ren* Really think we’ll need all of this food?

SB!Ren: Qrow did say he was going to look around for help today.

SB!Weiss: He should he resting…

SB!Ren: He’s got Coco and Yatsu with him.

SB!Weiss: *sighing* I know. I just… worry he’s going to hurt himself again. Or go drinking.

SB!Ren: Coco will keep him in line.

SB!Weiss: *nodding* Right…

SB!Coco: *walking into the apartment* Weiss! There’s someone here you need to see.

SB!Weiss: I’ll be there in a minute!

SB!Coco: It’s ummm… important.

SB!Ren: Go ahead and see what Coco wants.

SB!Weiss: *sighing and walking out of the kitchen* What could possibly be so important-

SB!Ruby: *smiling at Weiss* Hey sis.

SB!Weiss: Ruby.

SB!Ruby: *walking a little closer* Im sorry for how I was before. I didn’t mean for you to think-

SB!Weiss: *pulling Ruby into a hug*

SB!Ruby: *hugging back* I missed you.

SB!Yang: *shuffling nervously* Hey… Weiss…

SB!Weiss: *pulling away from Ruby and looking at Yang* Yang…

SB!Yang: *looking away* I-

SB!Weiss: *practically tackling Yang in a hug* Im glad you’re okay.

SB!Yang: *smiling and hugging back* Im sure we have a lot to talk about.

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