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m4yh3m · 2 years ago
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I just went to discord and then i saw this cat screaming and the first thing i've thought was "OMG HE'S GOING SUPER SAYAN" and this happend (i'm Freezy pop so i had to do it) also sorry for my poor photoshop skills.
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deerbitez · 2 years ago
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funny-doll · 3 years ago
If you thought the fact that a Frieza animatronic exists is wild, here he is guest starring on a japanese game show.
the things you find on the japanese side of youtube...
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anacedisgrace · a year ago
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C'mon Mark, buy the little man with the big big heart some otter pops
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friku8706 · 4 years ago
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Some Freezy Pop shots from the episode ;D
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wonder-womans-ex · 4 months ago
Tastes Like You
Finn's tongue is purple.
It has been for a while now, actually, and Logan can't stop thinking about it. It's extremely purple.
Purple like amethyst. Purple like Noelle's hands that once time she dyed her hair. Purple like a can of grape soda.
Leo's tongue is blue, and Logan can't stop thinking about that, either.
Bright, vibrant robin's-egg blue, just like the sky on a clear day. Like Leo's eyes. Like a goalie's crease.
Logan's tongue is red, and he wouldn't have it any other way. It's red like lipstick, or his nose after a day in the snow. It's red like Gryffindor, like the sugar maple leaves that litter the streets of his hometown every fall.
They're on a tiny beach on the west coast, gazing over the channel at the trees on the island. They'd had had an exhibition game down in Vancouver, and, afterwards, Logan had driven them up to the Sunshine Coast, to a tiny town that his family had visited once on vacation.
Finn had bought them all freezies from a gas station, and they'd walked across the sun-warmed street to a playground where the summer grass prickled their bare feet and the swings creaked when Leo jumped onto one.
The sun is beginning to set, but there's enough daylight that they don't have to worry about heading back to the hostel yet. Logan's sat on a piece of driftwood, a smile on his face as he watches his boys run back and forth along the shore, kicking up sand behind them.
The ocean water has long faded from the warmth of summer into the slightly bitter chill of late September, and Finn shrieks when his feet skim the edge of the surf. Leo throws his head back and laughs.
The sand is warm and Logan curls his toes into it. He stand up, jogging down towards the water, and his footsteps make no noise. He almost stumbles once or twice, but then he comes to stand behind Finn, who's crouched down, poking at something floating in the shallows with a stick. "Whatcha got there?"
"A jellyfish," says Finn, and Leo nods in agreement. It's a tiny thing, milky and almost transparent—nothing out of the ordinary, but Finn seems utterly entranced by it.
Logan grins. "City boy," he jokes. "Sees a fucking jellyfish and acts like it's some sort of magical being."
"These things kill people, Lo!"
"I—it's a moon jelly, Finn. These things are barely even poisonous. See?" he says as he bends down beside Finn, scooping the creature into his palm and stroking the slimy membrane. "Harmless. It just tickles."
Logan thinks there might be stars in Finn's eyes. "Can I hold it?"
"Of course. Here, hold out your hand, and..."
The jelly, along with the slight pool of water that it rests in, slips from Logan's sun-browned hand into Finn's freckled one. It practically blends in with the ginger boy's pale skin, but Logan doesn't have time to let his eyes find it, because, immediately, he's being pulled towards Leo.
They're nose-to-nose. "Hello."
Leo's mouth tastes like raspberries, and Logan is glad he managed to talk his younger boyfriend out of picking the white freezie. Cream soda his ass. It tastes like fucking bleach.
Cherry and raspberry blend together as the kiss goes on, and Logan reaches up to wrap his arms around Leo's neck. They're in public, sure, but the beach is abandoned except for them, and Logan is past the point where he gives a shit. They're in love, after all. Give him a break.
Finn makes a noise of protest. "I want kisses, too."
"Put down the jellyfish first," says Leo, breaking away from Logan ever so slightly.
When Finn bends down once more to gently toss the jelly back into the ocean, Logan watches. Then Finn stands up, squinting his eyes closed and pursing his lips outwards in a pout.
The other two boys laugh, and Leo steps forwards. He plants a single kiss on Finn's lips, then moves aside to let Logan do the same.
"That was lame," says Finn when he opens his eyes again. "Do better."
Logan does better. He licks into Finn's mouth, relishing in the faux grape flavour, and Finn makes a small noise.
Leo pecks Logan's cheek to signify that he wants a turn, and Logan gladly takes a backseat as he watches his lovers kiss. The sun is setting on the beach, and the waves crash in the distance, and they're three colours that go together perfectly, and he wouldn't change this for the world.
amazing characters are by @lumosinlove <3
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 months ago
Just imagine reader buying a fuck machine to get off because she a horny pregnant woman but it ends up breaking cause she kept using it all day . Till the point she gots and jumps on Cherry’s thigh and keeps going till she cums and while that was happing Cherry couldn’t help but stair at her breast bouncing every time she move cause their so big because of the milk. Next thing you know Cherry rips off her clothes and goes to town and he can’t helps but drink some of her milk causing both of them to develop a new kink and all while this is happening Cherry takes his phone and records a video so Robert can see when he gets home or he sends it to him while he’s in prison
l love your deviant little mind! 😈
Extra Sensitive
Summary: The lust becomes too much
Pairings: Cherry Pop (Destroyer!Chris) X Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content smut, pregnancy, toy play, sex machine, thigh riding, lactation kink, recording sex, multiple orgasms, implied PIV sex, cockwarming, watching porn, 18+ ONLY
Word Count:  1.4K
Mr. Freezy Pops Masterlist
Tumblr media
Cherry knew there was something wrong.  He knew every morning you woke up, stomped around the house, and almost scowled at him.  Hard and deliberate movements, and anytime he got to close your teeth would clench, and your face would turn away from him.  One day it was you that got too close, giving him a quick smell of his neck, and then lurching away from him.  When he gave you a quick little chuckle, it only infuriated you more.
“Baby Girl, what’s wrong?” he asked with true concern, but then he touched your knee.
“Nothing!  You should go.  Don’t you have work to do?” your voice short when you push his hand off of you.
“Robert doesn’t like leaving you alone too often.  Just tell me what’s bothering you.  I can help,” he comes closer, putting his hand on your shoulder this time, giving the area a little squeeze.
“Robert is in prison, and nothing is wrong.  Just go.”
Cherry leaves confused, and hurt that you wouldn’t tell him what was wrong.  But you just can’t be around him.  You know how he feels when he’s stretching your walls out.  Knows the way his mouth tastes of tobacco and spearmint.  And when he does random things around the house for you, and he makes those small grunts, it reminds you of how he sounds when he’s pumping deep into your cunt, and it drives you absolutely insane that you’re hornier than you’ve ever been, and you can’t do anything about it but play with the stupid toys that Robert supplied in ample amounts.  The one thing you haven’t played with is one of Robert’s favorites, the sex machine.  
You struggle to set the dumb rig up; this was always something Robert took pride in.  Always getting it in the right angle and everything.  Setting it up might have been difficult, but you got it.  Setting up the camera, because you know it’ll make your Sir feral, you settle down.  Giving a quick little wink to the camera, rubbing along your swollen belly.  Placing his favorite dildo in his cunt, letting the machine fuck you.
Arching you back, you pinch your sensitive nipples.  Keening with how good it feels, and even though you get off, it’s not enough.  You continue letting that machine fuck you, screaming out, and even then, it’s still not enough.  Adjusting the dildo, and the angle, nope.  Nothing.  You’re insatiable, to the point the machine starts slowing down, bogged down from all its exertion, standing up, you scream.  Hitting the stupid thing.
Cherry walks in when he hears you screaming and cussing at the toy.  Running into the bedroom, he stares at your naked self, frustrated and cussing.  And he has the AUDASCITY to smirk!  Laughing at the position he caught you in.  “What the hell is your problem?”  you ask him, panting.
“I’m sorry, but...is that what your deal has been?”  cocking up an eyebrow you stare at him questioningly.  “Are you sexually frustrated Baby Girl?  Missing Freezy, and you got an itch that you can’t scratch?”
You pout, sitting on the bed, and wrap your robe around you.  Only realizing how exposed you are.  Not that it isn’t anything Cherry hasn’t seen.  Feeling sorry for you, he sits down on the bed.  “I’m sorry that was insensitive.  What is the problem?”
“I’m fucking horny all the fucking time, and these stupid things,” you give the machine a little kick, “...just aren’t the same.  I don’t have someone to hold onto me, while they say the filthiest thing in my ear, claiming my pussy as their own,” you actually cry.  Tears falling down your face, and Cherry wraps an arm around you, holding you close him.  Smelling that intoxicating smell.  “I just miss him, and I miss being held, and miss being fucked properly.”
That’s when it hits you.  Cherry being so damn close, and understanding, he’s right there.  He doesn’t have to actually fuck you.  But he can hold you while you get off.  Shrugging off his arm, you stand in front of him, pushing the robe off your body.  Instinctively he rubs along your stomach, before his hand drops, “What’re you doing, Baby Girl?” his damn legs are always spread, so it’s easy to straddle one of his thighs.  The roughness of his blue jeans already creating a rough touch to your clit.  You roll your hips on him, watching a trail of your slick coat the denim, before looking up at him.  “What...what are you doing?”
“Cherry, I’m so tired of being alone,” you roll your hips again, and even though you’re the one feeling delightful friction, his eyes flutter shut.  “This should be enough.  Can’t I just...?” quickly he nods his head, while you ride his thigh.  
Cherry can’t tear his eyes off of your swollen body, most notably your stretched tits.  With every move you make on his thigh, they bounce even more.  He’s always been more partial to your chest over everything, but now, there’s a dark lust with how tight, and already full of milk they are.  Leaning forward he attaches his lips to your swollen bud.  Watching you ride out your impending high.  Kitten licking the pebbled peak before completely sucking on your sensitive nipple.  You grab tighter to Cherry.  Your fingers digging into his back.  When the first bit of milk breaks through, his eyes roll back at how amazing it tastes and feels.  
Looking back up at you, he knows you felt it too.  Gliding your hands up to his head you hold him tighter to your chest.  His hands grip roughly to your hips, and he forces you to grind down harder on his thigh.  You pant over him, feeling the heat buildup in your tummy.  “Cherry...” you moan, bearing down on his thick leg.  Soaking him when the electricity of your orgasm crashing through you.  You slow down, smiling down at Cherry who still sucks on your breast.  Bringing his phone up, he turns to the side pulling off just to smile at the camera.  Your engorged nipple surrounded with beads of milk, “How was that Baby Girl?”
“How long has that been on?”
“Awhile.  Needed something to remember this by.  Doubt it happens again,” you laugh, turning back to see the red light on the camera still glowing.  “How long has that been on?”
“Since the machine was fucking me.”
“You really are his Pretty Girl, aren’t you?”
Your fingers pet along his scruff, “Your Baby Girl, too,” you lean down to give him a soft kiss to the lips.  “Fuck me.”
“I can’t.”
“I need it.  That wasn’t enough.  It’s never enough.  Please, just...” he twists you on the bed, and you shuffle back further, eyes never leaving him.
“We’re leaving the camera on.  That way Robert can watch it later.”
“It can’t be our secret?”
Cherry shakes his head no, stripping off his clothes slowly.  Crawling on the bed over your body, “He’ll like that we included him, Baby Girl.”
“You fucking drank from her tits?” Robert asks watching the video.  “My Pretty Girl, you sucked on her fucking tits so hard, you drank from her?  Pretty Girl, watch your body.  You fucking loved that shit, didn’t you?” you smile giving him a nod.  You had been cockwarming him the whole time these two deviants watched the home porn.  “My perfect little filthy slut.  How did my cunt feel when she was pregnant Cherry boy?”
“Uh..well, um...”
“You better tell me the fucking truth, you lying is what’s pissing me off.”
“It was amazing.  She was extra sensitive.”
“That’s it.  Another baby is getting fucked into my pussy.  No arguing from either one of you, I don’t even care who the fucking father is.”
“Robert, you're not fucking a baby into me just for amazing sex.”
Robert seethes looking at you, “Pretty Girl, we’ve already talked about this.  I want to be a part of that process.  Amazing sex is just a bonus.  Now Cherry, let’s see that video on your phone,” he hums, his hand sliding down to press against your swollen clit.  “And when we’re done, we’re getting started on fucking my pussy full of cum.  You want that don’t you?  Our filthy cumslut.”
Tumblr media
Taglist:   @donutloverxo @kthynes @thedarkplume @chrisevansgoodgirl @chrisevanisliterallysir @helahades @luxeavenger @harrys-whore-ficrecs @geminixevans @jeanieeelopezreads @yeolliedokai @duuhrayliegh @rebekahdawkins @johndeaconshands @terry2227 @delilahjamesevans
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georgiapeach305132 · 6 months ago
Mr. Freezy Pops, Pt. 2
Summary: The aftermath of the dumpster fire that was the agreement between Robert and Paul
Pairings: Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge X Reader, Paul Diskant X Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, guns, threatening, implied murder
Word Count: 1.1k
🍦Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11🍦BONUS Part 12🍦
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
“Take your hands off her!”  Paul shouts towards Robert.  Trembling and unsure of what to feel or even think, but knowing you don’t want to look at your husband.  He’s the cause of all of this.
“At least I’m giving her a fucking choice.  You sold her to save your freedom you fucking cunt.  I’m offering her an olive branch.  I treated you fair didn’t I, pretty girl?  I could have done whatever I wanted to you.  I waited until you made the decision on your own.”  Robert’s voice when he speaks to Paul is full of grit and anger, and yet a softness when he speaks to you.  No, you cannot even think of something like that.
“What did you do?” your voice chokes out.  Eyes finally daring to look over at Paul.  Ashamed at your nakedness.  The position you were put in is all because of him and more fury runs through you, feeling Robert’s spend ooze down your back.  “What the fuck did you do, Paul?  Why am I here?” Robert laughs, offering you the kindness of wrapping a blanket around you.  Paul hasn’t offered a kindness yet.  “She does have a right to know, Paulie.” “Shut the fuck up.  Babe, it’s nothing you need to concern yourself with.” Your anger hits its peak.  Standing up on your feet you pull the pistol out of Robert’s pocket pointing it right at Paul’s chest.  “What the fuck did you do?” The animated laughter of Robert reverberates through the room.  Paul opens his mouth to speak, and then closes it.  “Y/N, put the gun down.”  You shake your head no.  “Put it down.  Cover yourself up.  Let’s go home and we’ll talk.” “Cover myself up?” you laugh despite the want to cry.  “You want me to cover myself up, but you can sell me to the highest bidder?  I’ve been down here for who knows how long.” “Four days.”  You turn around to look at Robert, and he throws his hands up when you point the gun at him.
“I’ve been here for four days, and my husband who’s already seen me naked, and this douche bag that paid for me has, so what do I need to cover up for.” “Let’s just go home.”  A softness is in Paul’s eyes, but you’re not here for it.
“What.  Did.  You.  Do?”  He still doesn’t want to answer you, turning you look back at Robert.  “What did he do?”
“I got in dealings with the wrong people.  Things went south, but I was able to take care of it.”  His feet bring him closer to you.  Step by step.  Inch by inch.  “Everything would have been fine, but someone caught me.” “I caught him burying evidence.  Stupid rookie mistake honestly.  Told him I’d keep my mouth shut.”  Robert confidently advances on you, wrapping the blanket back around you, lips attaching to your neck, and a quick pinch of your nipple.  “You’re cold.”  His hands pull the pistol out of your hand.  “S’not loaded, pretty girl.”  Robert’s hands throw the weapon to the floor.  Feeling like a fool you crumble into his arms.  Steadily he holds you up. “Silence comes at a price.  I just did what I had to do.  I’m sorry I should have...” “You should have told me.  This whole thing was a set up.” “You’re right.  The whole thing.  Even the bad dealings, Paulie.”  His arms still around you, he looks up at your husband.  “That’s right.  Set that up too.  I did what I had to do for this moment.  Would do it all over again.”  Your body rigid when you realize who is holding you.  Trying to pull away, and still not knowing where to go, he holds tighter.
“You son of a bitch!”  Paul’s anger that you had wanted since the moment you saw him flares up.
“Uh-uh-uh.  Do you not see what I hold in my arms?  She hasn’t even tried to get close to you.  She means nothing to you.  You have ways to...eliminate me.  You chose not to.  Tell her why.”  Paul’s body paces around the basement.  “Go on, tell her why you didn’t have me killed.”  Robert taunts him while his lips suck along the column of your neck.  Fingers sliding down your body.  “Tell her, or I will.” “Fuck!”  Paul stops pacing and watches his hand roam around your body.  He has the ability to stop him, and yet he doesn’t.  “He’s...” his hands slam up to his temples.  Almost acting like he’s the one confused and hurt.  “Don’t...could you fucking stop touching her.  She’s, my wife.” “She’s not stopped me.  Want me to stop pretty girl?” a spark runs through your body and you want Paul to hurt as bad as he hurt you.  Shaking your head no, you bend your elbow and place your hand softly against his cheek.
“Don’t...please don’t do this.  You know I love you...I just...” “Tell me why you didn’t have him killed.”  Voice as cold as ice.  You gaze intently at your husband.  He still won’t tell you why you’re in this predicament, and it’s only to save himself.   “He’s valuable, okay?  Are you happy?  I didn’t have him killed because he’s more valuable to the police than...” “Me.”  Tears finally escape your eyes.  “He’s more valuable to the police than me.  I was worth the sacrifice, just to keep you ass holes in good grace with information.  I’m right am I not?” his silence says everything.
“I would never sell you to someone.  I would rather die.”  Robert whispers in your ear, fingers finally daring to venture lower down your body.  Your free hand grabs it before it can go further.
“It’s not that simple anyone else in my position would have done the same thing.”
“Leave.”  The tiredness is evident in your voice.
“You’re coming with me.”
“No.  I’m not.  I can’t even look at you right now, much less sleep beside you.  Paul, I... I can’t.”  To punctuate just how much you can’t look at him, you pull the blanket fully around you, turning and burying your head in Robert’s chest.
“But you’ll cling to the man that...babe, please.  Let’s go home.” Not another word is spoke by you.  “Y/N please.  Fuck...this isn’t over.”  Stomping closer to you his whispers are harsh and angry in your ear.  “You will be coming home with me.  I’ll give you tonight.”  Hearing his heavy footsteps as he leaves you buried in the chest of the man that kidnapped, paid for you with his silence.
“This is so fucked up.”  You whisper in his chest.
“Shh...is there anything you want me to do?”  His voice soft.  Too soft.
“I want you to kill him.”  A small giggle crawls up your throat.  You don’t really want him dead.  Or do you?
“I can take care of that.” Your body backs away from him, looking up at his eyes, and you know he’s serious.  “What?” “You heard me.  So, do I only get you for one night, or is this an ongoing thing?  I made you feel good, didn’t I?  Kept you safe.”  Fingers pull at the blanket draped around you until it falls once again to the floor and his hands roam over your body.  Fingers trace every dip and curve of you.  “I’ve always wanted a pet of my own.  Your husband’s a coward.  You listen to my rules, and you’ll never have to worry about anyone hurting you.  I’ve got more Freezy Pops just for you, pretty girl.”
His fingers tease your nipples, your body leans more into his touch, head tilts back to look up at the man.  Would it be so bad to let him take care of Paul?  Would it be bad to become his pet?  The man obviously has power if the police department wants to keep him around.  “What d’ya say?  Want me to take care of you?"
“Robert...I...” “My name sounds so pretty falling from your lips.”
Tumblr media
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vegeta9001 · a year ago
I love the idea of freezy rocking baby veg to sleep In his tail. So cute xlxl
Tumblr media
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gothamcityangst · 4 months ago
What if Mr Freeze managed to have a child with Nora before she was frozen? After the accident, he'd never be able to hold his child with bare hands for the risk of hurting them. He could never give his child a hug or kisses or hold them and tell them how much they both loved them.
After he becomes a criminal his child is taken away from him and given to an adoptive family.
The nights are long and lonely in his Arkham cell. He just wishes he could cradle his babe in his arms. His sweet little child with Nora's striking blue eyes and thin blonde hair. With a mixture of time and boredom on his hands, he begins to form a plan. He'll stop at nothing to get his child back. They're the only family he has left and he'll be damned if the courts will take them away. He'll freeze the entire city before he spends a second longer away from them.
After multiple escape attempts, he does manage to find his child eventually. Word has it that their child is sick, not uncommon for children during flu season. He tracks the child to Gotham General Hospital. He infiltrates the children's ward in one of his stealthy cryo-suits and he finds his child in the children's ward.
He finds the child, his poor child is the spitting image of their mother. Tubes were coming out of every part of their body. Victor couldn't understand what was wrong with his child until he read the clipboard at the end of the bed.
Stage one: MacGregor's Syndrome.
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jenifir-juniper · a year ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Water, water everywhere
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televenus · 6 months ago
wait hold on rb this and put in the tags where youre from/what you call these
Tumblr media
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funny-doll · 3 years ago
Frieza Orgasms Over Office Supplies: The Sequel
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mousecracker · 7 months ago
I know that team natsu loves the beach and that it's like kinda their thing, but I like to think the majority of the team hates the heat and tolerates it for different reasons. I feel like erza and natsu are the only ones that actually like it, natsu loves the heat and erza loves that she gets to dress like a dad, bucket hats and button ups are her best friend.
Like the rest of team natsu is vibing on the beach, lucy under an umbrella because she burns like hell, while gray and wendy are next to her building a sandcastle.
erza and natsu are doing stupid shit like playing frisbee or trying to fit both of them on a body board, they're just causing chaos and being stupid. I feel like natsu discovered that the gift shop sells fireworks and just started setting them off at random intervals while erza was like hey I'm tall I wonder how many floaties I could wear? Gray and Lucy are trying to ignore them, while Wendy's having a grand old time with her sandcastle
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cameronaugust · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Isaac Hauser - Fallout 4 My sole-survivor
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wstdxo · a year ago
"Auch wenn ich damals nicht mehr mit dir konnte, hoffe ich, dass du findest, was du suchst."
Edo Saiya
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stardustedknuckles · 9 months ago
Holy shit Yasha is carrying the party right now and that is NOT a dig at the others it’s just HOLY SHIT
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georgiapeach30513 · 2 months ago
I’ve been thinking, will freezy and pretty girl have another baby? Maybe this time she gets to tell him she’s pregnant instead of him finding out on his own and then getting locked up and he gets to watch her body change and he goes feral over her
You know I have thought about what would happen should Freezy and Pretty Girl have another baby. That time he could be present the whole time instead of Cherry BUT Freezy and her have almost created a throuple with Cherry, even if Robert would NEVER admit that. But 100% Freezy would go absolutely mental seeing her body change! Keep in mind this is an idea, I do want to revisit this crazy psycho again, once Desperate Affairs has a finale
Then There Was Four (Five?)
Summary: Robert wants another little baby
Pairings: Robert "Mr. Freezy" Pronge X Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, explicit sexual content, smut, pregnancy, pregnancy sex, implied sharing, mentions of prison, 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 1K
Tumblr media
There isn’t much that your Freezy baby wouldn’t do for you.  He was always bound and determined that you were the most important thing in his life, and then Sundae came along.  Finding that test in the bin, and you not telling him, hurt more than he would care to admit.  But what was worse was the fact that he didn’t get to see your body change, he did.  He was constantly reminded of Cherry’s role in your pregnancy.  He was the one that got to take you to those doctor’s visits.  The one that would comfort you when the lost of him was too much.  And he was the one that got to hold your hand, and in ways, he was more of a father to Sundae than Robert was.
He got the wildest thought when he saw you dancing around with his toddler.  He had came home from a job, and you and Sundae were happily swirling around the living room.  He thought, maybe, just maybe, another one wouldn’t be so bad.  Sundae was everything that he could have ever dreamed of for a child.  Definitely didn’t take after him.  And seeing you have something else to occupy you, just made him beyond ecstatic.
That night lying in bed, his lips attached to your body, trailing the most tender kisses all over it.  “What are you doing?” you ask him with a smile.
“I think another little one wouldn’t be so bad.”
Your eyes gaze all over his face, “You’re sure about that?  Sundae wasn’t planned.”
“And I didn’t get to fucking see that part of you.  I got to see how fucking gorgeous you were one time through a window.  He got all that time with you.”
“Babies are a lot of work, you never saw Sundae when she was little.”
“Pretty Girl, when I said I wanted another kid, I meant it.  Cherry won’t be able to join us as much, unless you want his kid,” he tells you with a smirk, and you slap at his hand.  “Alright, let’s stuff her full, so I can fuck a kid into you.”
The first few months was rough, Robert was nearly ravenous for you.  Morning sickness hit hard, and it was an all day thing.  Not only was he so hungry for your body, he was at loss on what to do for you.  To the point where it drove you insane.  “I’m fine!  Just go on.”
“Pretty Girl, I just want to help.”
“You’re not helping.  You’re stressing!  Just stop.”
But when that moment hit where you were just all kinds of horny, he couldn’t believe it.  It had been months since he had seen you naked, much less dove into your wet heat.  And you wanted him ALL the time.  At breakfast he would go behind you, and your ass would poke out a bit, just so he could rub against you, and you were nearly dragging him in the bedroom, leaving Cherry to attend to your little Sundae.
During the day if you saw him extra sweaty, Cherry knew to scoop Sundae up and take her into another room, because you would wait for nobody.  You would be crawling on that man like a tree.  Your body writhing over him for any form of friction.
At night, Robert would try to slow things down, because he wanted to enjoy every moment.  Enjoy just hot sensitive his pretty pussy was, and how easy it was to make you cum.  Enjoy every added curve to your body.  And he became feral when he would see you riding on top of him.  His hands would trace your curves as you grinded over his body, chasing the multiple orgasms for the evening.
And the day when that bump just came out of nowhere, it was Robert who couldn’t keep his hands off of you.  Making up excuses as to why he needed to touch you.  Wanting you naked anytime he was present, because that sounds plausible.  Normally he was okay with Cherry joining in, but there was this need of saying, “You’re mine Pretty Girl, and this baby,” he would say, his hands smoothing around your bump, “It’s ours.  We did this.”
“We did sir,” usually he wasn’t very tender, but when he was, and you being pregnant, it got to you every time.  Tears stream down your cheeks, and this unlocks another one of Robert’s things he loves, your tears.
Robert’s length pounds into you, and you just cry from being overjoyed, and it causes him to press into you with more need.  His tongue licks the tears off your face, before he’s crashing back onto your lips, letting you taste the salty tears.
And when you’re asleep, Sundae curled up beside you, he’ll walk out to the living room for a quick joint with sweet Cherry Pop, “Was she like this the last time?”
“Uh, what do you mean?”
“I can’t keep her fucking hands off me.  That cunt of hers, needs me always.  She always wants to be fucking stuff full.  Not that I’m complaining.  Just curious,” Robert’s eyes narrow at Cherry.
Cherry takes a long drag of the joint, refusing to look him in the eyes, “Uh, yeah, about that...”
“You fucking prick!  I knew you were fucking touching what was mine!”
“Man, listen, she couldn’t help it.  She was riding my thigh trying for any release, said the toys weren’t helping, and she just needed to get dicked down.”
Robert turns to look at him, eyes squinting, “And you’re just fucking telling me now?”
“It was our secret.”
“Pretty Girl!  We don’t keep fucking secrets between us three no more!”
You come rushing in the living room, Sundae on your hip, and a hand on your ever growing belly, “What?”
“You want to fuck him so bad when you’re fucking pregnant.  I’m watching.”
“Robert! Your daughter.”
“Sorry sweet girl, daddy loves you,” he stands to give Sundae a kiss before placing her on the ground, and she runs to grab some toys, “You were fucking Cherry boy while I was locked away?  Dreaming about that messy cunt.”
“It was only a few times.”
“It’s fine.  He gets to fuck you stupid tonight, and I’ll finish it up.  Better get some sleep Pretty Girl.”
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georgiapeach305132 · 5 months ago
Mr. Freezy Pops, Pt. 11
Summary: What does reader and Cherry Chris know?  Will Robert ever get his revenge against Paul?
Pairings: Robert “Mr. Freezy” Pronge X Reader
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Explicit language, smoking, conspiracy, physical abuse, blood, implied sex, mostly fluffy and a conclusion to the madness, nicknames (Pretty Girl, Baby Girl), soft!Mr. Freezy🥺 18+ ONLY
Word Count: 1.5k
🍦Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11 🍦BONUS Part 12🍦
Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You wake up with Robert’s arm draped around you, his facial hair nuzzled into your neck, his sleepy deep breaths tickling you.  Cherry’s body lays facing away from you, and you stare at his neck tattoo.  You know you’ve seen it somewhere, and it had to have been “before Robert”.  The silence in the bedroom lets you think.  And that’s about the only thing you can do.  Your body is beyond sore, but it’s the most beautiful afterglow of the two men that sandwiched your body last night.
And then it hits you, you had seen Cherry at one of the many banquets you had to attend with Paul.  He was an agent sent here to infiltrate a hitman.  Your body tenses up looking at the man that lays in front of you.  Your body pushes back into Robert and he finally stirs, “What’re you squirmin’ for Pretty Girl?  You feeling, okay?”
“Yeah...jus’ sore.  Baby, um, Cherry’s in our bed.”
“He fell asleep after another joint.  He was all hyped up from fucking you,” his hand slaps sharply on Cherry’s arm.  “Get out.”
Groaning his body exits the room to sleep in his own room.  Quickly you turn to look at Robert, “He...he’s not who he says he is?” “What d’ya mean?”  Sensing your fear Robert holds you tighter. “Cherry...he’s, I met him at a banquet.  He’s FBI...bragging to Paul saying he was about to go under investigating...” “Me?  Yeah, I know.”  Your eyes wide you look at Robert since he casually admitted to knowing that Cherry was in fact FBI.  “I’ve known for a while.  Helped him out a few times.” “But...?”
“Look at you trying to be all righteous.  How long did it take you to tell me that Paul had you convinced to being a mole?  God that fucking son of a bitch.  You know, if I didn’t love you, I would’ve killed you.  This fucking thing could have gone a few ways with Paul.  How fucking dumb to send your wife into the belly of a beast.”
“How...I mean...?” your mind races as you take everything in that Robert is telling you.  Sitting up he leans over to get his pack of smokes off the bedside table.  
“Now, can I get Cherry back down here...or should I call him by his real name now?  We’re taking that fucking cuck down for good.  Make him go down for the dirty deeds he’s done, because one thing is for sure, you don’t hurt what is mine.  And Pretty Girl that fucking ass has hurt you one too many times.”
Right on cue Chris walks through your room.  Robert throws a shirt at you to cover yourself up with.  “I had to know I could trust you, sorry Baby Girl.  Took you long enough to realize where you had seen me.”
Your mind a hazy fog.  You were fucked within an inch of your life last night, pregnant and your Freezy baby doesn’t know, and all this extra information is making your head spin.  “You know, when that ass tried to contact you, I thought you had folded.  I thought this life was getting too much for you.  That’s why I needed to remind you of the extremes I’ll take.” “I know...but...how?  This is all too much.” “Let’s just say this, the less you know honestly the better.  Do you want Robert in jail?” without hesitation you shake your head no.  “Do you want your husband to pay the price of his dirty dealings?  How many innocent people he’s killed, the amount of evidence he’s planted, the crimes he’s made other people pay for.” “Well yeah.”
“Then, trust the process.  Robert will have to go to jail.” Your eyes look up at Robert violently shaking your head no.  You know how long court proceedings can last, and you need him here with you.  “Pretty Girl, it’s what has to be done.” “Paul needs to think he’s won.  He’s been planting evidence on Robert before you even got here.  Not to say his slate is clean, but he’s selective on his kills.  Paul...” “He enjoys it.” you finish with the utmost certainty.
“Yeah.  He’ll go down for trying to frame Robert.  Cops don’t do well in jail, but that’s not something you’ll need to worry your pretty little head over.  It may take a while as hearings can, but Robert will be off the radar again.  Paul’s the only one not involved that’s keeping a close watch, because now he’s obsessed with taking him down.” “What about you?” you look at Chris, wondering how he fits into all of this.
“I’m continuing to play my undercover part.  I’ll come in and check on you, make sure you’re safe.  I know how Paul can be.  When Paul is arrested you can come back here.  The house and cars have been in your name for quite some time.  Robert trusted you long before I did.” “Yeah, because I know she fucking loves me, don’t cha Pretty Girl?” “Of course, I do.”  leaning over into him, your lips graze across his ice cream cone branding.  A mark that proves that he is yours.  You became compromised way too quickly.  There was a comfort and spark with Robert that you never felt with Paul.  
“All of this is going to leave you free of any charges.  Like I said, the less you know the better.  There will come a time when Robert is going to have to hurt you, not physically but...” you get it.  He’s going to have to say something he doesn’t mean.  “Play your part.”
Robert stands back watching a few of the inmates take their turn with the dirty cop ex husband of his Pretty Girl.  Each one of these inmates were here because of some planted evidence from Paul.  They all take pleasure in dealing blows to Paul, but none of them will take half as much pleasure as Robert.  
Paul constantly stares over at Robert, tired, but he knows who is behind this.  “You bastard.  Won’t even touch me yourself.  She ask you not to?”
“Actually she doesn’t fucking know.”  Robert commands the room only by standing.  The inmates move away from him, Robert knows he’s cutting it close with time, but he wants Paul to know exactly why he’s here.  “Do you even realize what you fucking had?”
“I trained her for you,” Paul answers.  “If it wasn’t for me, you would have never even met her.  You think you have her wrapped?  She’ll disappoint you.  Give it time.”  Finishing his sentence
“You fucking cuck.  That’s where you’re wrong.  She’s a good girl.  But you’re such a bastard worrying about that fucking ditzy cunt you’ve been fucking behind her back, you never saw what was in front of you.  She would have done fucking anything for you.  I should thank you.  Because of your bitch ass I got a perfect one.  Brought her down only for me to fucking bring her up.  Treat her like the fucking queen she is.” Robert’s hands move to untie Paul, he wants to actually fight him.
“You only thought you had her.  Remember, I own her and that pussy.  She’s fucking mine.  She proved it.  How the fuck do you think you got your cuck ass in here?”  Paul takes a swing at Robert, only for Robert to dodge it, punching him hard and knocking him to the ground.  “And I hope that you never fucking forget who she was loyal to.”  Crawling over his body he issues hit after hit across his pretty boy face.  Stopping before his knuckles show any marks.  Standing over Paul he spits on him.  “Fucking bitch ass cuck.”
Robert knows you wouldn’t be too happy with him if you were the actual one to kill him.  Turning away from Paul with an evil laugh, “Do what you want with him.  I gotta keep my fucking hands clean.”
“I’m still not calling you Chris.  I like Cherry Pop.”  Cherry rolls his eyes in the mirror chuckling at you continuing to call him Cherry.  Sitting in the back of the car you look down at your beaming daughter.  The three of you sit outside the prison waiting on your Freezy baby to be released.  “You’re finally going to meet your daddy, sweet girl.”  
“You know I did warn him.  I gave him the chance to back out.  Even told him you were compromised.”  Cherry continues to watch you in the rearview before he fully turns around.  “You regret any of it?”
“No,” you can’t help but feel a sense of serenity.  Everything is almost over.  Robert can still continue to be employed by the powerful people, ones that have always kept his secret, and you and him will live a casually chaotic, psychotic, and beautiful life.  
“You think things will change once he’s out?  You two won’t have Paul constantly going behind his back.”
“Things always change Cherry.  It’s the way life was meant to be, ain’t that right sweetheart?” you look up at Cherry.  “But I love him.  Like actually love him.  I know we’re a bit dysfunctional at times, a bit extreme.  But  I do love him.”
“I know you do.  He’s lucky to have you.”
“ I’m lucky to have him.  Have you, too.  So what are you going to do now?  You just working for the FBI?”
“I actually dropped down,” Cherry runs his hand through his hair.  His hair longer now and a beard.  “There was an opening at the local precinct for detective,” he shrugs his shoulders.  Both of you laugh at the fact that Cherry who helped get Paul in prison is now taking his position.  “Gotta help keep you and Robert in line.”
Once Paul was arrested it didn’t take long for all charges to be dropped against Robert.  He might have taken a bit too much pleasure in Paul being in the same prison.  Of course, he didn’t get his hands too dirty.  He was the perfect inmate.  Visitations were nonexistent to hold up appearances of no involvement from you.  Cherry went to the prison to “interview” Robert regularly, he would drop off letters and photos with him.  Both of you ached for the other, and you wanted your little Sundae to finally meet her daddy.
Outside of the prison there’s no cameras, no recorders hearing your every word, and you couldn’t wait to devour Robert.  “I guess I’m on baby duty, huh?” Cherry asks looking back at you through the mirror. You roll your eyes up to view Cherry’s cerulean blue eyes, “If we make it out of the parking lot.”  Glancing up through the window you see the towering figure of Robert.  Excited you hold tightly to your daughter and burst out of the backdoor.  Once he sees you, he smiles, but his posture never changes, and not wanting to jostle the little baby in your arms, you walk calmly to him.  
Kissing up on his full beard, right where his ice cream cone is, “Missed you so much Freezy baby.” “I fucking missed you, too, Pretty Girl.  Who’s the kid?” playfully you smack at his arm.
“I don’t know, some man who doesn’t want his cum to be wasted, fucked her right in me.” “Don’t be crass, you’re a mom now.”  You extend your arm up to him to grab ahold of your little Sundae.  “She’s beautiful, Y/N.  Just like my whore.  But now, I really need Cherry to do some babysitting.  Because I know that you need fucked real good.”
“Who is being the crass one now, baby?” his eyes narrow at you, “Sorry, Sir.”
“God I can’t wait to put bruises all over your fucking skin.  It’s been too long Pretty Girl.  Gotta make up for lost time.  How’s she doing?  How’s my fucking pussy doing?”  Shoving his into hand onto your covered pussy.  You want to fall in on yourself, but he’s holding your daughter.
“Give her to Cherry.  Hurry.”
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otter pops!!!! heres some old packaging for funsies :)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
what the fuck what the fuck what the fuck
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