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Does anyone wanna talk? It’s Lonley here in quarantine and I’d like to spend it talking to someone.

About me: pan, female, confused constantly, furry, usually horny, can’t decide what her favorite color is

Yeah thats it. I don’t care about your sexualy or anything unless you wanna talk about it, just be nice and pm me :)

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Why finding blue birds?

It’s actually from a korean drama that I watched and inspired me. It is entitled “When the Weather is Fine”.

I didn’t know the title of the book but it tells that….

“A long, long time ago a brother and sister set out on a journey to become happy.

They had heard there is a bluebird that gives you happiness.

After climbing many mountains and crossing many rivers, they arrived in the village where the bluebird was supposed to be. But the bluebird that gives you happiness was nowhere to be found.

In the end, the brother and sister came back home without finding the bluebird”.

So that the story end base on the drama and I realized that why finding happiness in somewhere, in someone, or in something? There’s happiness within yourself, to your home and to other people close to you.

I also thought when you become happy you find that bluebird inside your heart so just love and be happy.

(Sorry for the grammar, I think I need to practice more. Peace)

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Reasons Why Long Lasting Friendships are Great:

  • Always there for you
  • Seen you at your worst and still around
  • Can cuddle w/o worrying
  • Will give you food 50% of the time
  • They remember shit about you

Reasons why Long Lasting Friendships Suck:

  • They’ve heard/seen you when you where trying new things and they never let you live it down
  • They’ve known you for so long that if you try out something new they notice it immediately and WILL ask you about it
  • They’ve seen you at your worst and that gives them undefeatable power over you
  • Will not give you food 50% of the time
  • You have even more important dates too remember
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Sometimes I really wonder if anyone would care if I stopped asking them to meet up and hang out. It’s usually me that asks about making plans and skype calls and so on, but if I stoped- would they reach out to me as much as I reach out to them. Or would I just be forgotten. 

Because sometimes it feels like I need my friends more than they need me. And sometimes that’s hard to accept. 

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hi everyone this is my new account ig? I wanna use it to shitpost and make friends so ya. a little abt me is that im non binary a bIG gaE for the ladies I love art and im in a fuck ton of fandoms some examples; Steven universe, my hero academia, adventure time, gravity falls, pjo, and thats just the tip of the nerd iceberg, im super awkward and tbh I dont like to hold convos so dont be offended if it seems im just answering in short words or im like trying to leave lol uh ya hi

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Since i am half in a sonic mood by either having tails as my icon on most places/talking about the movie/rping things to do with sonic or even drawing sonic things on my end it was bound to mean that i was going to buy some art featuring an oc of mine with sonic character XD
Well Marie in a sonic style in this example X’D
It was great to get and even more so with tails in it as well as i just adore him so much! <3
Hope you all enjoy marie and tails fist-bumping each other  :D
thank you to the wonderful for doing this and drawing my oc marie in the sonic style as well :D
i adore both here and it came out fantastic! ^^

permission has been given to post n share!
Marie © me
Tails © Sega

Art ©drvelint 

link to original-

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