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Name: Ellen Tyra ‘19
Major: International Studies; French
Organization: Centre College Center for Global Citizenship
Position: Research Intern
Location: Danville, KY
Term: Spring 2019

“As the research intern at the Center for Global Citizenship, I was responsible for assisting with the development and execution of two research projects. One focused on foreign language acquisition and native speaker contact in France, and the second was about religious identity and off-campus programs. I learned a great deal about research skills, how to effectively summarize the results of the research, and how to analyze collected qualitative data.” - Ellen Tyra

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next week i am officially submitting the paperwork to change my major to french! i’d like to add an education minor, but i have yet to hear back from the department head regarding that. i’m just so incredibly excited to finally feel excited for my future and career plans. becoming bilingual has been a lifelong goal of mine and i feel so inspired to really put in the work for it. i’d like to become fluent enough to where i am capable of teaching! my uni doesn’t offer a french MA program anymore but maybe that isn’t so bad? i’m considering studying abroad in france for a french MA program + it would be a wonderful way to make to make great strides in my french language proficiency. so here’s to new plans and a bright future!

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Name: Iliana Parrillas-Alfaro ‘19
Major: French
Organization: Clinica y Laboratorio Medica San Pablo
Position: Intern
Location: Apopa, San Salvador, El Salvador
Term: Summer 2018

“As an intern I learned how a third world country clinic and laboratory operates, observed doctors treat patients, and worked in the laboratory as an assistant. I gained a better and more holistic understanding of El Salvador’s healthcare system and all the factors that shape it. Overall, the experience made me feel more eager and prepared to become a pharmacist.” –Iliana Parrillas-Alfaro

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