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Camille was walking home from his work, he had a good day at work, because R*b*sp**rr* and S**nt-J*st weren’t there, they were sick with hepatitis which they got from Adele, Lucile’s whore sister who posts nudes on her OnlyFans, Lucile saved herself for marriage, but when she got married, she got really freaky, she loves sex and is so kinky! This is a story of how kinky Lucile can be.

Camille opened the door, he went into his living room and saw Lucile in cat ears, pink lingerie, and a tail, Camille had never been more aroused in his life, Lucile seductively started meowing, she leapt off the sofa, went on all fours, and crawled towards Camille, she said, in a sugar baby voice, “take off your clothes for me, darling”, Camille quickly started undressing. Then Lucile started scratching Camille’s leg and meowing, Camille came all over his pants. The Lucile started nuzzling his knee, and then Lucile asked to suck his dick! Camille said yes. Lucile started aggressively sucking Camille’s dick and scratching at his legs, both Camille and Lucile were moaning and Camille came in her mouth, Lucile started meowing loudly! After the blowjob ended Lucile still kept crawling around in her catgirl costume and meowing loudly, it made Camille moan every time she meowed, Lucile started to scratch Camille’s leg again and he started nuzzling in her coochie, Lucile was meowing and moaning. Then, Lucile asked Camille if he wanted to jerk off while she danced around in her catgirl lingerie, Camille said yes. Lucile brought out her old stripper pole and started dancing, Camille was so horny, Lucile was doing a really sexy stripper dance and then, she took off her bra and started shaking her tits in Camille’s face! She was meowing while doing it, which made Camille even more horny, then Lucile took off her panties! She did a really sexual dance while naked, she then put the lingerie on again and started acting like a cat! Running around and seductively meowing, jumping off the walls and scratching her stripper pole, all was good, lucile is the hottest catgirl ever

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Pope Pius VI, Charitas (13 April 1971)
At length We beseech you all, beloved Catholic children, in the kingdom of France; as you recall the religion and faith of your fathers, We urge you lovingly not to abandon it. For it is the one true religion which both confers eternal life and makes safe and thriving civil societies. Carefully beware of lending your ears to the treacherous speech of the philosophy of this age which leads to death.
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