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Recommendation of the week: Fresh (1994)

Dir.: Boaz Yakin

Cast: Sean Nelson, Giancarlo Esposito, Samuel L. Jackson, Ron Brice, José Zúñiga.

Genre: Drama

Plot: Fresh is a 12-year-old boy from Brooklyn who deals in drugs and gives crack to local drug dealers. Fresh travels on the sly to play chess with her father, a wandering half-genius whom she is forbidden to see.

Filmphilics score: 8/10

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“Maintaining my fierce, fabulous, fluff is of utter importance to a diva like me!” - Tinkerbelle 🛁🐶✨


Good thing my human found the @TropiCleanpet PerfectFur shampoo line! This marvelous new product featuring naturally-derived ingredients brings out the shine in my coat. #TropiCleanPerfectFur

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Posted @withregram • @singerchick02 Throwback to 2019! “Come back to love” will soon be available to listen and purchase on all platforms! Release date to be announced asap🦋🙏💫I love this song and am excited for you all to hear it and sing along! Final radio edit Mastered by the phenomenal Tom Taranto and produced by the Fantastic dynamic duo Ronnie King and Alejandro Taranto! 🎶 Stay tuned! In the meantime ask Alexa to play “Peace, Love, and Happiness” by Kristen lee Thanks y’all for your support and love! ☮️❤️😀🦋🙏 #comeback to love #fresh new music #Spotify #newrelease #calimusic @aletarantoproducer @ronniekingofficial @tom_taranto #songwriter #recording #newtrack (at Newport Beach, California)

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