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#fresh memes
ramyeonupdates · 25 minutes ago
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cactusdealer · 4 hours ago
D&D - session 0:
The Dm: "you don't remember how it started but you're laughing and drinking with a man you've never met. you enjoy his company and you are having fun together. he seems nice
As the night comes to a close you are sitting next to him at the bar still laughing retelling the nights events.
After your laughter dies down a little, he looks you in the eyes, smiles softly and says:
"Hey buddy this is fun. but you know you're gonna have to kill me at the end of all this right?"
The Player to the NPC: "yeah, i know. we'll get there when we get there. lets enjoy this while it lasts. friend"
The Dm (as NPC): He smiles and says "yeah I guess we will" as he throws his arm around your shoulder and you both take a swig of your ale.
your memory seems to become hazy from there......"
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