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doomh3ad · 2 days ago
slasher positivity
michael myers wants to remind you to drink water! dehydration can be a catalyst for negative physical side effects, so make sure you're drinking enough!
jason voorhees is giving you a hug right now! he wants to tell you that things will look up soon, even if it seems so dark now. hold on, because your future is so bright even if you can't see it yet.
thomas hewitt hopes you're eating well (hopefully not people)! even a snack or something quick will do wonders for your mood and your health if you're not up to making a whole meal. regular eating is vital to a healthy lifestyle, but he also understands it can be very difficult for some.
brahms heelshire wants to gently urge you to take care of yourself. taking a shower or bath, or if that seems impossible right now even just washing your face or using some wipes. ideally brushing your teeth too, but things can get super hard so chewing gum or using mouthwash are alternatives if you can't face that!
bo sinclair reminds you to be kind to yourself, even if others aren't. you're worth so much and have so much ahead of you. you are dynamic, intelligent, kind and full of light. you mean so much to so many people, he hopes you know that.
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shinigamisougiya · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Watched the one Jamie Lee Curtis interview and saw these golden comments so I decided to make them real.
The images are stock images.
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gaytomwambsgans · 2 days ago
i find it so funny that their names are just like. Jason. michael Freddy. like these are just some guys
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spacemanandy · 2 days ago
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Thank god it’s Friday…
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brokehorrorfan · 5 hours ago
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Fight like a final girl with Poltergeists and Paramours' new shirts. All profits will be donated to National Abortion Funds, Planned Parenthood, Indigenous Women Rising, Black Feminist Fund, and local organizations in states where abortion is being outlawed. Priced at $27, they'll ship in 6-8 weeks. 
Designs include Nancy (A Nightmare on Elm Street), Laurie (Halloween), Ginny (Friday the 13th Part 2), Sally (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre), Mia (Evil Dead), Erin (You’re Next), Sarah (The Descent), Grace (Ready or Not), Jeryline (Demon Knight), Ripley (Aliens), Sidney (Scream), Jess (Black Christmas), and Kirsty (Hellraiser).
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missrabbitart · a day ago
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casualpersonapersonpeach · 13 hours ago
Bonding moments with the Slashers; the silent love
To explain a little: spending time with slashers and it makes them think to themselves how deeply they love you. Sorry I have been a bit inactive in terms of writing lmao 💓 please enjoy babes
[includes: Asa Emory, Vincent Sinclair, Bo Sinclair, Jason Voorhees]
Asa Emory (the collector)
You and Asa were spending the evening together at his house. It was a very stormy evening so you two were sitting by the fire together. His hand tracing soft circles on your back. " I'm just going to get some water if that's okay". Asa nods. You walk up to the sink when you spot a spider had fallen in, struggling to not drown in some of the remaining water sitting in the sink. You in a hurry, put your glass down and carefully scoop the spider in your hands. Asa had gotten up to check if you were okay, when he stumbled on the sight.
Asa stood observing you gently reassure the creature, feeling the need to comfort the sweet spider as it clearly would have been panicking. " You're okay pretty one, you're safe now " you gently coo. You raise your hand closer to your face and softly gaze at the spider. You didn't know much about bugs, but you guessed it may have been a wolf spider. You open the window sill and set it free.
Asa is looking at you so softly. You had no idea that he was even watching you. But he admires how you treat insects with so much tenderness and love- how most would either cower or be disgusted. He saw his love for insects in you. His heart was warm, and full of love. " I love you " he muttered under his breath. You had no idea, you were just peering out the window to see if the spider got back to it's nest safely. You're the most beautiful person to Asa, how you see through his eyes. He'd love you ever so strongly his entire life. To him, you were set apart from everybody else. His special butterfly.
Vincent Sinclair:
Vincent had spent yet another night down in his basement, he had been working on a project. To his surprise you had crept slowly into the room, you were silently hoping to yourself he'd ask you if you'd like him to teach you. Somehow, maybe from some kind of intuitive feeling, he bravely asked.
Vincent had offered you one of his old sweaters to wear, he didn't want any wax getting on your own clothing. " Vincent, I'd like to sculpt you. Sit down for me please" he loved how excited you looked. You looked so beautiful, the way your face gleams with happiness and true curiosity.
Though you had no idea what you were doing and you hadn't sculpt before, it's fair to say you took a genuine shot at it and took your time with it. You put all of your love into every motion of your hands. You knew it probably wouldn't turn out the best, but you certainly wanted to try emulate the way he made you feel every time he created art resembling you.
You wanted to try at his craft, to mould such soft wax the way he did. You had finally finished, and throughout the entire time, he looked so softly at you. Sure, you weren't an expert by any means, but as soon as you show Vincent, his eye swells with tears. He had people apprieciate his art, but he had never seen somebody yearn so deeply to be taught. Especially by him. You were eager and determined, and it was all because of how much you loved Vincent. He held his trembling hands up, held you close and felt his love for you grow a thousand times more.
Bo Sinclair:
It seemed obvious to you that Bo was having a bit of a rough day. Some days his self loathing got pretty bad, you knew he struggled to ask for help for anything. So you had decided to take it upon yourself, and take initiative to help him. Bo had grown tired the past few days, he was constantly frustrated and angry with himself. He was quieter than usual. His truck needed to be fixed and, while he usually was quick to tend to these things, he didn't have the strength to see to it.
Without Bo's knowledge, you would read mechanic books. It was a way for you to feel closer to Bo by taking upon his interests. You decided to walk down to the shop while Bo had been laying on the couch, you assumed he was asleep. You rolled under the car to examine the chassis. You needed to replace oil filter. " What're ya doin' down ther' darl'?" Bo softly asked. " Oh hi baby! I just thought to replace your oil filter. I've just finished" you wiped your hands as you sat up.
" ya' didn't need ta do that for me . I coulda done it". You were worried he might be upset about it, but you did it because you thought it might help him, even just a little. " I just thought you needed.. some rest. I'm sorry". Bo sits next to you, quickly wrapping his arms around you. " Naw naw darl'. I apprieciate it. I'm sorry I hadn't talked to ya much. Just foggy in the head baby. " he kisses your temple, and he cries silently to himself. He loves you so dearly. Even if he struggles to tell you, he always would love you.
Jason Voorhees
Jason had been very downcast lately. Jason had been missing his mother understandably. He knew another anniversary for her was coming up. How he missed her so dearly. Sometimes he still had bad dreams about his dear Pamela. Sometimes you'd instinctively wake up in the night, to Jason awake from a bad dream.
During the morning, you decided you'd visit the site she was buried, you wanted to offer your respects to her and Jason, especially because you knew how much he loved her. " I know we never met, and I know I don't really know you. But I just want to promise you that I will always love and protect Jason. You'd be so proud of him. He's so strong, loving, attentive. I'm so grateful for him, thank you for being his mom." You'd brought her some wildflowers. You really wanted to make the effort for Jason.
When you walked back home to find Jason gone, you knew he had probably gone to visit her and wanted alone time with her. It's okay, you'd wait for him until he was ready to come confide in you. When Jason came home, he had gone to sleep. He felt like he couldn't cope, and you understood that.
You crawled into bed, and fell asleep with him. Sadly enough he had another sad dream about his mother, and he cried to himself. You had woken up. "Jason?". He could only find the strength to mutter " mama ". You wrapped your arms around him as he wept. " I'm sorry baby" you gently whisper. He'd open up to you about it more in the morning, but for now he let himself feel. Jason thought to himself how much he loved you. He realised it was you who awoke early to put flowers by his mother's grave, and how you were laying with him to comfort him. You have eternally won over his pure heart. You are a heaven send.
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slasherchic · 2 days ago
Get in, Losers! 😎
Tumblr media
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chronic-boogara · 22 hours ago
aaa thanks again. you're really so polite and kind ♥ ♥ allrighty, imagine time - billy loomis, jason vorhees and micheal myers being super possessive of their s/o pretty please
as always your requests are top tier. i did my best to keep this pg 13 ;) i did a little imagine for jason but billy and michael are just headcanons…FOR NOW !!! love you lots babes
jason vorhees
•oh you’re not leaving his side like,ever. good luck with that
•he worries for your safety like constantly so he needs to know where you are at all times.
*when he leaves to go hunting he locks the doors and windows of the cabin from the outside so you can’t sneak out. it’s because he loves you y/n
•when he gets home he’s going to want to lay with you. he won’t take no for an answer.
•on a good day jason will take you on a walk around the forest, holding your hand the entire time of course. and if he sees a camper he will either tell you to hide or pick you up and set you down on a tree branch
••“jason i’ll be okay i promise. you may not need to eat but i do”. you tried your best to assure him. the last thing you wanted to do was starve to death when a store was so close in distance. “it won’t take that long baby, i promise”.
you didn’t need to see his eyes to know he had that sad puppy look. jason did everything he could to make sure you were safe and he was not about to have all that go out the window in an instance.
[stay] he signed.
you didn’t want to leave him in shambles and alone in the cabin but you couldn’t just not eat.
“okay jason how about this. you can come with me to the store..or at least walk me most of the way there. when i’m done you can help me carry stuff and walk me back. how’s that sound”?
he nodded happily. [when do we leave] ••
michael myers
•do i really need to say this ? of course he’s possessive don’t even GLANCE in another persons direction
•keeps an eye on you even when you think he isn’t. he will wait for you outside the shower , follow you to the store and track you when you go for walks
•he monitors your clothes as well. you think you’re going out in that y/n? yeah no, if it’s not michael approved he will not allow you out
•and he will make sure you don’t sneak the outfit past him. don’t even try. he’ll rip your clothes right off your body.
•doesn’t like it when you give physical affection to anyone besides him. family and friends included.
•after “doing it” you will most likely be covered in love bites and bruises. the entire world needs to know who you belongs to. he will carve his name into your skin.
billy loomis
•he pretends like he doesn’t care but in reality he doesn’t want you to be even ten feet from him.
•doesn’t like it when you laugh too hard at stu. what’s so funny y/n? definitely not his best friend. stop laughing so hard.
•worries about you not wanting him anymore. like a lot.
•try’s his best to keep his brutal acts of murder from you. he doesn’t want you to see the dark side of him
•usually isn’t too big on the P.D.A. but if he feels someone is staring too hard he’ll wrap his arm around your waist
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voidavoid · a month ago
Dracula Daily. My Chem Return. Friday the 13th on tumblr this year is so. the stars are never gonna align like this ever again.
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fanofspooky · 2 months ago
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rainnycloudstorm · a month ago
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osirisisv · 2 months ago
How would they be in marshmallow hell? It's funny to imagine😂 and reader just does it alot especially when they get back and they miss them
Omg I never knew about this term until you mentioned it hahaha, this was very fun to make 😂
Here we go! ✨✨✨
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Nothing is better for Mikey than having a good "bath" 😏 and snuggling with you before sleep, after a long killing spring ☺️💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Brahms loves to bury his face in you chest, whenever you go out of the house, he do this in any occasion actually 😆, Brahms is baby and needs all you attention 😂
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tommy was in the basement all day, the only thing he was thinking is in hugging you and cuddle with you, don't make him wait Y/N 🥺💕💕
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bubba gets all tired from working all day, the only he wants is to cuddle with you buried in you soft chest 🥰, the best thing in the world!... meanwhile it last 😆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Jason is always ready to watch movies with you when he came from "working" on the forest, hug him tight because you two gonna watch scary movies all night🤣
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theearnestonion · a month ago
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joeblolove · a month ago
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1percentcharge · 8 months ago
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Okay behold, the students of Horror High
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funnytwittertweets · 2 months ago
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preyatnight · 6 months ago
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favorite genre of horror bts
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