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You may be my friend, but to me you’re really a brother.

Because throughout life we have always stuck together

Though at first, we were acquaintances who shared some commonalities by chance

You became the one who ,in times of jest or times of trouble,

Is now the one that I can count on for help as with any brother

You my friend are the one that adds warmth to the chills of life

And the times I have spent with you are worth more than the greatest treasures found in this life.

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5 years ago I randomly became friends with this wonderful human. He has the most amazing mind out of all the guys I’ve ever known. To this day he remains in that spot in my mind; the most brilliant, creative, mysterious weirdo.

I know him as the only true Pumpkin King. You might know him as @yes-this-is-groot .

Help me cheer him up, by wishing him a…


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I just turned 48 and have been married for 15 years and realized that life is passing me by pretty quickly and don’t want to miss out anymore. My marriage has become one of being roommates and not much else. I would love to find someone I can be good friends with and see how it goes! Ideally I’m looking for someone who wants to talk daily about anything and everything. I am pretty easygoing and laid back, love to make the most out of life! I have many interests and hobbies from biking and hiking, the beach, reading, and road trips. Love to travel and experience new people and cultures and sites.

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A cousin of mine passed away today and this line kind of reminded me what death actually was. I don’t even know what to say. I couldn’t even stop thinking about it for two days straight. I’ve honestly lost count on the amount of times I teared up. (Maybe 10?) All I remember is her face, the innocent smile of hers, the good old days of msn, that damned external webcam, the video calls and my childhood. She was too young to go, only two years above myself and essentially orphaning two beautiful young children. I can’t be more upset. She lived a sad life and I hated the fact it ended so sudden and so sad. She was too innocent for this world, an angel on earth. Rip. 😢


The quote is from a book called A spell of Winter. Maybe I’ll talk about that book in a later post. Maybe I should do book reviews here too.

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my oldest friend messaged me today, she got put in care because she tried to kill herself, she’s nearly died.

I’m so angry, her dad could have stopped doing drugs, he could have stepped up, why didnt he. I’m scared because if she dies that’s it, I think if she dies I’m done.

We last spoke at my dads funeral last year, I miss her so much

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quella notte non successe nulla ma mai dimenticherò come ti sei preso cura di me accarezzandomi la spalla mentre cercavo di addormentarmi per aiutarmi a trovare il sonno.

mai dimenticherò come mi hai accolta tra la tue braccia quando voltandomi verso di te mi sono avvicinata per trovare meglio il sonno.

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