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I am the owner of a small server of close friends, it had about 6-7 people, recently two of my closest friends decided to drop me. Now the server is dieing and I am in need of people wanting some place to talk, laugh at memes and join us for game/movie nights. To give some more info we are all teens, 16 to 17. The server is kinda medieval theme with the roles in that genre and with it being medieval esc we dont really care who joins. Be weird be whacky and be you thats all we ask. I dont think many members are looking to be in a realtionship, so dont get your hopes up. Mmm peopIe… I myself am a M, talkative, quirky and a bit of a clown. A F on the server is our grand artist she likes to paint, and is clumsy and good weird. Another F is the queen, prideful quirky and shy especially round M. And then one last M who is active, he is mentally disable but he was in need of friends so we took him in. He can be annoying at times but he is a great kid. Activities mainly include chatting and posting memes. Yet sometimes we are able to get on a call and we chat it up watch movies or play games from Jackbox. And I think thats it… anymore details or want to be an active member message me :).

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