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#friend to the end

wow, so mature. making fun of trans people, joking about me changing my gender identity. like, no. stop. you are not a part of the community, you do not get to joke about that. you (unknowingly but still) hurt me, your family. or if not me, someone else, someone who can’t even hear you and defend themself. you are not a part of the community, you do not joke about us. doesn’t matter if you are an ally, you do not get to joke. only people who understand can offer enough compassion to know what is appropriate. this was not.

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In one of those moods right now where I REALLY fucking don’t want to go in to work.

I haven’t had a day off since two Sundays ago.

I was going to take myself off of the schedule today but I was strongly encouraged by the other managers to come in anyway to train my least experienced staff. But I don’t want to. I really don’t want to. It’s “only” a 3-hour shift, but the retail part of the store is in its busiest time of year, so I’m going to be pulled for consultations and questions constantly. It’s not going to be 3 hours. I’m going to end up there for 6 hours with no break. I don’t have the energy in me to train and do all of that. I just want a day off to do absolutely nothing.

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the internet has ruined me bc idk if you’re talking about 2 people having the same feelings or 2 people following each other 💀 but no irl bc ive called all my best friends my best friend before they called me theirs. and online no again bc i call all y'all besties even if we’re not mutuals

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Finished a first main story playthrough of the outer worlds and i 👁️👁️

#mixed opinions. I'll say that lol#still had fun tho. I'm gonna do the gorgon dlc next from an earlier save. finish up the last mission again and then do a messed up evil run#and a run where i try to get all the achievements if i feel like it#spoilers in next tags:#i will say though the way it ends seemed a little abrupt.  after i broke phineas out of Space Prison it was like. a small heart-to-heart.#he talks to you and it kind of felt like we were then going to kinda go out with a bang. with one or two more important missions.#find out more about the earth going dark on halcyon and the whole reviving the colonists thing#i just kinda felt like there was some more stuff to be done that could have helped end the story in a more 'noteworthy' or 'cinematic' way#compared to the whole. 'my friend you and I have a lot of work to do'#letting me ASK QUESTIONS about what was to be done next. like how you do for all previous missions. and then BOOM cut to the slideshow#and some of the companion quests felt a bit lacking... but im not sure if thats bc some of the later ones. I already had a bunch of-#locations unlocked??? hm#but for real. ellie and felix felt like their missions kinda sucked.#parvati max and nyoka all had pretty solid ones I feel though#and i wish they did more visually unique stuff. the effects during max's incense trip and crawling into that crashed ship with a diagonal-#slant felt really cool. the time slowing thing also is super cool though. I love it a whole lot more than vats I feel#slowing stuff down without a total pause to the game. keeps you light on your feet!#anyway. thats all for now 👁️👁️#delete later#grafftalk
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@halfliing-ormr || x

There it was, at long last, her coming to a standstill after hours of erratic motion. A sign that the beast within her that hungered for the destruction of her foes, that bathed in the blood of those that stood against her and desecrated the corpses left from the ensuing slaughter when the snuffing out of a life wasn’t enough to sate her, had been finally satisfied with the ruin it had wrought. After engulfing the world of these cutthroats and robbers in fire and flame and trampling over the ashes, she had returned to her flesh and with it the mind he had gotten to know in their travels together…

Making his way across the once brigand camp is a simple affair, a mere stepping over still smoldering ashes and the scattered pieces of those who had thought themselves capable enough to challenge a dragon’s daughter, but Brom does so with a care and concern only partly for himself– fear her he does not, no, but even with her wits seemingly returned it wouldn’t do to startle someone coming down from the perilous heights that blind rage and bloodlust could raise them to. He’d seen it enough among his fellows when he was but a living man yet, had seen how their wrath could burn as an inferno even knee-deep in the ice and snow, and for someone of her nature there’s no telling how long it could take for her to completely calm.

Her sudden crying out and the giving out of her strength shakes Brom from his recollections, and he hastens his steps accordingly with no small measure of concern, allowing his longer strides to carry him over what little could’ve stood in his way after the carnage wreaked at her claws and flames and sword. By the time he reaches her, by the time he sees the damage brought upon her own flesh by her own strength and catches sight of the welling wound given no doubt in parting by a fellow quite dead, he’s already lowering himself into a kneel to be eye level with his wounded companion.

Asta,” He quietly calls out. A careful, cautious hand takes her by the shoulder in a loose grip in an effort to steady and ground her in the here-and-now rather than in the what-was, and through his visor he does his best to catch her gaze. With the other hand he seizes the dismembered head and casts it aside far from sight or concern before reaching for the curatives and healing things he’s long accumulated from a journey without rest. “Asta, if you can hear me, I have something that can help with the pain. You don’t have to say anything, just blink twice if you can understand what I am saying.” With a radiant lifegem in hand, Brom relinquishes her slim shoulder only to take her blood-soaked and flame-savaged hand between his own steel-clad ones, wrapping her wounded claws around the healing stone. “You need to crush this. It’ll soothe most of the pain and help clear your head, but we’ll have to use something stronger for that cut. Do you understand?”

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My neck be hurting from this whiplash from Man like Mobeen. I’m actually going to sue for emotional and physical damages. Comedy show my ass

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I was gonna complain again even though I vented in my twt drafts but instead I’ll talk to yall about my good news because why not

#I woke up and checked on my monkees complete collection shipping and it said it was in my mailbox!!#it is very obviously a boot leg BUT it’s all the episodes and the movie and the tv special plus BONUS content that was only found in the#limited run of the Blu-ray he remastered set let out in 2016 that you can find on Amazon for $800#SO ESSENTIALLY I HAVE ALL THE EPISODES AND STUFF REMASTERED IN HD FOR WAY LESS THAN THE RESALE VALUE#Like I almost CRIED I had suspicions that’s what the seller did but Monkees In Paris confirms it!!!#there’s a video on the monkees YouTube that shows before and after remaster of the beginning of the Monkees In Paris episode and the#description says it’s only on that 10 disc Blu-ray limited run so that means this person bought that and made a copy on normal dvds 👀#so I’ve been watching the monkees all day to make sure the whole thing works#and god it’s so HD you can see Davy’s appendix surgery scar in Royal Flush and where his bald cap ends in Monkee A La Mode#AND MIKES LITTLE BLEMISH ON THE BRIDGE OF HIS NOSE IN THE DEVIL AND PETER TORK#ALL THINGS IVE NEVER SEEN BEFORE BECAUSE ALTHOUGH I HAD THEM IN THE HIGHEST QUALITY AT THE TIME I NEVER HAD THEM HD#But this does mean I am for sure uploading them to YouTube when I get a disc drive for my computer#I’m here for the people baby I’m not keeping a good thing for myself what do you think I am a capitalist?#might even make a dailymotion so they don’t get taken down#like on YouTube the music will for sure be copyrighted and I might have to mute it#but dailymotion is a lot more leanient#OH MIGHT EVEN UPLOAD THEM SOMEWHERE FOR PEOPLE TO DOWNLOAD#why have a good thing if you can’t share it with the world#ALSO I’m gonna edit Head to take out that one Vietnam war clip they use since it can be very triggering and I know that’s why some fans#havent watched the movie especially my friends#it was in protest but like it’s very upsetting#but <3 HD monkees <333 I am no longer mentally ill <333333#I hope everyone is doing okay I’m not really but I’m distracting myself with monkees#writing a modern au and it’s just a bunch of lgbts#making playlists for them too just because
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