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#friendly reminder
undersero59 minutes ago
BEEE !! I am wondering what your favorite hq ships are then? 馃憗馃憗
Also hi, I love you MWAH
hmmm lemme just...
Tumblr media
I'm assuming u got time for this
it gets shippy af below the cut
1- Asanoya
2- Iwaoi
3- Kagehina
4- Bokaka
7- hanamaki x mattsun (I can't remember the ship name)
8- suga x oikawa
9- keishin x takeda
10- tsukki x yams
11- Daisuga
and then I have many other random ones oh wait I also like Osamu and Suna but also also I like Atsumu and Hinata and Also Atsumu and Kiyoomi so like u can see how this can go on and on
also Bokuto x Hinata and and and and Akaashi x Osamu
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bemoreincorrect3 hours ago
Meremine perhaps?
added to the queue!! 鉂わ笍
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shambolicshadows8 hours ago
Nothing is ever as crazy and messy as you make it out to be. Everything just seems harder in the moment because that鈥檚 what your life, your everything, is revolving around. Of course, you鈥檒l feel like the weight of the world is being pressed into whatever is going on because you feel like everything you know is at stake, but it鈥檚 not, and that can be both painful and relieving to hear that what you鈥檙e feeling right now is passing but it might not be significant in the scheme of things. Sometimes that feels invalidating.
It鈥檚 okay to feel like that!
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gwyns10 hours ago
Cassian glanced over at Az, but his attention was fixed on the young priestess, admiration and quiet encouragement shining from his face.
Gwyn threw Azriel a withering stare as she strode past him. "See you tomorrow, Shadowsinger."
"Remember how Gwyn was with the ribbon?" Nesta winked and clapped the shadowsinger on the shoulder. "You're the new ribbon, Az."
Gwyn nodded her farewell, again facing the ribbon. A warrior sizing up an opponent, all traces of that charming irreverence gone.
Azriel entered the warmth of the stairwell, and as he descended, he could have sworn a faint, beautiful singing followed him. Could have sworn his shadows sang in answer.
Something sparked in Azriel's chest, but he only nodded his thanks and left. He could picture it, though, as he ascended the stairs back to the House proper. How Gwyn's teal eyes might light upon seeing the necklace. For whatever reason... he could see it.
But Azriel tucked away the thought, consciously erasing the slight smile it brought to his face. Buried the image down deep, where it glowed quietly.
A thing of secret, lovely beauty.
they're just besties 馃グ馃グ馃グ
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fattyfish812722 hours ago
TW: mentions of rape
Ok look, I know I鈥檓 very new to Tumblr and that barely anyone looks at my posts, but I鈥檓 just - in pain because I remembered that misandrists exist.
A friend of mine says that he鈥檚 been verbally assaulted. 5 times. By misandrists. Just because he鈥檚 a guy. They say things like聽鈥淥h, you鈥檙e the type of person to assault and rape women.鈥澛
The worst part about it is that he鈥檚 actually a rape victim. He鈥檚 been raped 3 times by his cousin. 3 TIMES. But because where he lives the government doesn鈥檛 give two fucks about rape victims, much less male rape victims, he hasn鈥檛 recieved the justice he deserves.
And yet people, mostly females, still call him a聽鈥渕isogynist male who would assault a woman.
NO ONE聽should have to go through getting raped, regardless of gender. And NO ONE should simply accuse someone for being a聽鈥渞apist鈥 just because of their gender.
I won鈥檛 say that feminism is bad, especially considering the fact that throughout history women have been often opressed for their gender. But I want to give everyone a friendly reminder that women aren鈥檛 the only people who are opressed as well.
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ridiasfangirlingsa day ago
MORE MUNAIZU. Munakata comforts Kusanagi through his loss, no ulterior motives, and Kusanagi starts falling for him... More bi!Kusanagi. He needs to be taken care of :(
(I know they both really REALLY suffered from Mikotos death but Kusanagi was his BEST FRIEND. It would be nice for him to rant, for once. Everyone but him got a rant.)
YES let Kusanagi rant, he needs a good rant and maybe some nice actual time to grieve his stupid dead best friends being dead and leaving him behind. Imagine him and Munakata just slowly getting closer as part of this, like I'm not thinking of it so much as an 'ulterior motive' per se but maybe Munakata notices that Kusanagi's still having trouble processing Mikoto and Totsuka's deaths and decides to 'help' him through it a little. It's not so much as a way of apologizing to Suoh or anything, more like Munakata also realizing that he has his own grief issues to deal with and thinking that such things are best not borne alone. It's not in his initial plan to share things with Kusanagi Izumo of course, he simply visits the bar out of a bit of nostalgia for those who are gone and all that, but he finds himself unexpectedly intrigued by Kusanagi. That the two of them can talk on a pretty even level helps as well, like they both understood Mikoto better than just about anyone else and having this common ground makes it easy to talk about old times without the fear of a misunderstanding 鈥 rather, they're two people coming at the same tragic event from different perspectives and bonding over that similarity.
Kusanagi for his part initially has his walls up, he and Munakata have never gotten along well before and he's not entirely certain of Munakata's motives here. But Munakata is also in a way the one person he starts to feel like he can really talk to and who will understand 鈥 Awashima tries and so do the other Homra guys, Anna and Yata and everyone else who lost Totsuka and Mikoto the same way he did. But it isn't the same and with the others there's always this feeling that Kusanagi has to keep up his role in Homra, has to be the guy who has it together and guides everyone and holds this place together in absence of everything else. He numbs his own grief in order to tend to the feelings of others but with Munakata there's this sense that here's someone who understands it in a way none of the others do, who lost someone important and who feels the same frustrations that Kusanagi hasn't been able to vocalize. When Munakata sees those two half-filled glasses sitting at the bar counter in front of empty seats he just gives this small half-smile and takes a drink of one, complimenting Kusanagi's skill as a bartender and wondering if this is the sort of drink Suoh had often.
It's really unexpected for Kusanagi when he finds himself falling for Munakata a little, like this is the last guy he would have ever expected to develop feelings for. But just imagine the two of them together, hazy evenings in the bar alone smoking and sharing drinks and Munakata tells him to come out from behind the counter and join him for the drink rather than play the role of bartender like always. Kusanagi gets a bit drunk 鈥 which doesn't happen, he serves the drinks, he always takes care not to get drunk, but this time it's like drinking with a friend or maybe a date, and he's a little careless. And finally Kusanagi gets the opportunity to be angry like he's wanted to be for so long, upset that Totsuka and Mikoto left him so easily without even a goodbye, just half-hearted apologies and why did he have to be the one who stayed behind, the one who was responsible (and when his rant is finally silenced by Munakata's lips, well, Kusanagi likes to think that maybe Munakata is drunk as well even though he knows that Munakata is definitely the sort of person who is in control at all times and if Munakata is kissing him it's because Munakata wants to, and suddenly Kusanagi wants to kiss him back).
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indoor-queena day ago
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positivelypositivea day ago
it's all good as long as...
you continue to put one foot infront of the other.
your strides need not be long and fast at all times. go slow, be steady but be consistent with your efforts. keep moving forward one step at a time and you shall achieve all that you aim for 鉁
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anthuriumnoxxa day ago
Tumblr media
Note to myself.
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gxtitobxby2 days ago
銆傘鈽 銆傘 鈽嗐傘 鈽 銆
鈽嗐傘锛笺銆 锝溿銆 锛忋傘鈽
銆 abusive family members don鈥檛 銆
鈽嗐 deserve respect just because 鈽嗐
銆 they鈥檙e your family 銆
鈽嗐傘锛忋 锝溿銆锛笺傘鈽
銆傘 鈽嗐 銆鈽 銆傘銆鈽嗐 銆
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amclennonblog2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cecilyisthebest60962 days ago
Friendly reminder
Will was the one who asked Magnus for advice how to endure his parabatai's death but in the end Jem was the one who needed it.
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wanderingsp1rit2 days ago
There will always be someone that finds you attractive; There will always be someone that likes your personality; There will always be someone that gets your humour. So don't beat yourself up.
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official-pfandflaschen2 days ago
pfandflaschen wegbringen nicht vergessen!
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