#friendly reminder
prettypositivity · 6 months ago
I hope my mom heals from the things she doesn’t talk about
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lily-frog · 8 months ago
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goodnight :)
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pebblepatch · a year ago
just a reminder that happiness doesn’t have an age limit!! that stuffed animal makes you happy? buy it! you like lego sets? build them!! I think it’s so stupid to perpetuate the idea that “growing up” means you have to let go of things that are “childish.” if it makes you happy then do it!!!!
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theunaestheticstudyblr · a month ago
Friendly reminder that you don't need a pretty desk to be successful in your classes.
Friendly reminder that cheap highlighters still work the same as expensive ones.
Friendly reminder that you don't need a MacBook to get straight A's.
Friendly reminder that you can study anywhere that works for you.
Friendly reminder that academia should be personalized and not changed to fit an aesthetic.
Friendly reminder that if you work hard you can achieve amazing things even if you don't have the fancy things other people do.
Friendly reminder that it's ok to fail classes multiple times.
Friendly reminder that academics aren't a race and are way too competitive.
Friendly reminder that stumbling and failing is actually extremely important and beneficial to you and your growth.
Friendly reminder that perfection is fake.
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happy-place-for-sad-people · 7 months ago
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helahades · a year ago
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we have collectively gone through too much to turn around and blame ourselves for the stresses we’ve faced
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illustoryart · 2 months ago
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Hope you know it <З
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anniespositivity · 5 months ago
I will never truly understand why people choose to be mean, condescending, racist, unsupportive and so, so negative when the world is already falling apart. We need more love, we need more positivity, we need more kindness. And if you, dear reader, have said or done something nice for someone else (or even yourself) today, I want to remind you that you have made the world a better place. We need more people like you. We need people who choose peace; we need people who choose love; we need people who choose kindness. Thank you for being a light. You are a star.
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albino-whumpee · 17 days ago
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mentalquotes · 9 months ago
friendly reminder
better days are coming  
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elisabettasims · a month ago
Friendly Reminder
We all have our limits. There's a lot going on right now. It's OKAY to take breaks for your mental health and well-being. Our bodies aren't meant to endure constant stress and anxiety. Please, take time for yourselves and don't let ANYONE make you feel guilty for it.
If you need to stop and take a breath, you aren't 'ignoring' what is happening. You are taking care of your health and well-being. If you need to take a step back, you still care. Please don't let anyone tell you that you can't take a breather just because a bunch of really shitty things are happening right now. Because a bunch of really shitty things are happening right now, we all need a breather, if only so we can jump back into the fight.
I love you all (except you TERFs, transphobes, homophobes, racists, etc.). I want you to be okay. You are important.
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prettypositivity · 5 months ago
normalize removing yourself from situations and distancing yourself from people that aren’t good for your mental health
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zorume-star · 10 months ago
Write for yourself. Draw for yourself. Craft for yourself. Sing for yourself. Dance for yourself. Do anything creative for yourself, if it makes you happy.
I know it's hard sometimes because we want to share our stories and crafts with the world, and we end up having expectations and want to please the world, and eventually loose the happiness of creating.
Take that back. Create for yourself. Show it to the world if you want to. Some people may love it and follow you. And that's awesome ! But the only expectation you need to have is please yourself first. Do what makes you happy.
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clockworkbee · 3 months ago
Friendly reminder
Cardan did not just miss Jude, his “heart was drowned with her in the cold waters of the Undersea” and “buried with her in the strange soil of the mortal world.”
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queertoddanderson · a year ago
Neil with his glasses appreciation post!!!
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I keep forgetting that Meeks isn't the only one of the group who wears glasses lmao
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happy-place-for-sad-people · 2 months ago
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zekkogoggles · a month ago
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