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#friendly reminder

The greatest thing one can do, is forgive themselves for the mistakes they have made. Coincidentally, it is also one of the hardest things to do, as memories have a way of staying when you want them to dissappear. There are times in your life where you are made to chose between two wrong choices, that is not your fault. There are times in your life where the solution is never visible to you till after everything is over, that is not your fault. It’s not your job to know everything all the time, you have to take everything that comes and create your own answer, make your own decision, find out the difference between illusions and what is real. Life was made to trick you until you were aware of how to survive on your own. It builds you up while tearing you away, but that does not mean you are to fall. Forgive yourself for it is not your fault that life is unfair, you deserve a chance to see the answer, to see what it is you have been looking for for so long. Little by little, forgive yourself.

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i don’t give a fuck about abusers/rapists/pedophiles/criminals/murderers feeling valid and you shouldn’t either 🤎

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That we’re not having school break. We’re having international crisis. People are panicking all over the world. If you’re not able to rewrite all of your notes, study ahead of your syllabus, read 5985 books, learn 10 new languages and pick up all the things you have been postponing this year - that’s completely fine. Give yourself some break. This situation is new to us all and what we have to do, is not pushing ourselves to our edges. What we have to do is being kind to ourself. Empathetic towards ourselves. Being gentle with our minds and bodies. All we have to do, is survive.

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Just a reminder to be careful y'all. Some ppl may be leading you on for some fucked up reason, and use you when y'all are most vulnerable (which is completely okay), and they may make you think they really care about you, but the reality is they’re a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Be careful who you trust and vent to. Stay safe and have a great day/night y'all 💗🌸

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sometimes it can feel like your only value in life is being there for people. making people laugh, making them happy, supporting them through hard times or fixing their problems. generally existing for others.

lovely I’m here to tell you you’re more than just bringing a smile to people’s faces. you’re more than only existing when someone needs you. you’re more than being a free therapist, a shoulder to cry on, or a person for other people.

you’re allowed to exist for yourself. you’re allowed to put yourself first.

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