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#friends au

hello yes it is me and I have a very irrelevant question

if there were a Friends - ATLA AU–

and I’m not saying there necessarily should be

–which set of siblings would be Ross and Monica – the Gellers?

  • Sokka and Katara
  • Zuko and Azula

Water Tribe vs Fire Nation

Please defend your thesis

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~Notes: I’m trash and Friends + Marauders = good vibes. LMFAO  


A Reblog Saves A Life  |  Send Me An Episode 


Peter knows who he is, what he has to offer— especially in comparison to his best friends.

Peter knows he’s not as aggressively charming as James or Dorcas. He knows he’s not as effortlessly cool as Sirius or Marlene. And he’s sure as hell not as quick witted as Lily or Remus. There’s also the fact that the lot of them are quite frankly a disgusting level of attractive, and that’s fine. Peter doesn’t mind that he’s not necessarily playing the same league as them, and he’s not bothered by it.

Like he said, Peter knows who he is. He knows that he’s a dependable kind of guy, someone that any of them can come to for a good venting session, and the guy who can make them all laugh with a dumb joke, and the guy who can keep a secret. IE the one he’s been holding hush, hush for the last three fucking months. A secret that has the possibility to shift the entire group’s dynamics once it inevitably comes out. A fucking bat shit insane secret, but one that isn’t exactly surprising.

Sirius’s been smitten with Remus ever since they met half a decade ago when Remus became Lily’s new roommate across the hall, and it’s always been a point of teasing that Remus let’s Sirius lounge all over him when they’re all chilling at the cafe or watching a movie or just sitting around. And even while one of them were seeing someone else, the rest of the group would fondly refer to them as boyfriends, and it was such common place that the one time one of Sirius’s flings— a pretty blonde named Emmeline— had noted that it was weird, everyone else just looked at her as if she grew a second head.

So yeah, honestly Peter’s pretty sure that they’ve all been waiting with bated breaths until those two got their heads out their respective asses and actually stopped dancing around their feelings and just began to date already. Peter however did not expect to be the first one to find out— after walking in on a not so PG moment in the middle of his, Sirius’s and James’s apartment a couple months back. (A moment that included bare asses and Remus on his knees and sounds pouring out Sirius’s mouth that Peter now hears in his nightmares.)What Peter definitely didn’t expect to happen is how they had sworn him to secrecy afterwards. (“Just till we get our bearings with the relationship.” “You screw this up for me Wormy and I swear I’ll toss out all your comic-books and rub itching powder in your pants.”)

He knows for a fact that Sirius’s threat wasn’t idl and he owes Remus like a thousand things, so Peters’ been quiet about it— Even to James, who is impossibly dense when it comes to these kind of things. And it’s been hard, but he reckons he’s been doing a fine job of it… Well that is until Marlene and Lily figure it out and make it all even more complicated.

Jesus help him.


“I don’t understand why the lot of you had to come along,” Lily sighs as she walks into the empty apartment of their old schoolmate and Lily’s tentative friend, quickly followed by an excited James and Marlene.

Peter rolls his eyes at them as he shuts the door, glancing around the meaty and borderline utilitarian flat.

“And miss out on looking at Snivellus’s creepy den,” James snorts, picking up a snake statue that Snape keeps on his mantel, and cackling. “Come off it Evans.”

“Ooo look! He’s got the whole Battlestar Galactica DVD set!”Marlene crows, and Peter just sits down on Snape’s stiff sofa, exhausted from work.

Lily scoffs at them, moving to water Snape’s plants as asked. “You guys are such thick children sometimes.”

“I wanna see how gross his bedroom is!” James announces, dashing down the hall before anyone can tell him to stop.

“Take pictures!” Marlene yells loud enough in his wake that the upstairs neighbors could probably hear her.

“Children!” Lily repeats, completely caustic, her long, red hair lashing like a whip as she goes to put Snape’s mail on the kitchen counter.

“C’mon Lils, the dude is a little incel, he deserves what he has coming.”

“Don’t be mean Marlene, he was a good friend when I was being brought up.”

“’S that why he got an apartment directly across from yours,” Peter needles. “Just so he can glance over at you whenever he wants.”

Lily glares at him, hands on her hips and lips pinched. “That’s not why he got this place Peter.”

“Sure it is,” Marlene argues. “Look, we can see exactly through the window, and I’ll tell you exactly what book Remus has got his cute little button nose in right this very moment.” She turns around and walks closer to the partition, probably about to describe exactly what she said she would, but Peter doesn’t expect it when a bloodcurdling scream escapes her lips.

Hurriedly, Lily follows suit, screaming the exact same way before they both start hopping up and down like the floor was literal lava.

“What the holy fuck is wrong with the pair of you,” Peter squawks, but then he’s close enough to see it. Namely, he can now see how Sirius has pressed Remus against the window of his and Lily’s apartment, and how Remus has got his legs wrapped around Sirius’s torso, and his hands are knotted in Sirius’s hair, while Sirius’s in turn are kneading into the flesh of Remus’s arse beneath his boxers.

“Oh fuck.” Peter says lowly amidst the girl’s crowing about it in disbelief.

“Why aren’t you freaking the fuck out Peter!” Marlene demands, glaring at him now, and Peter can’t meet her gaze.

“Oh my God! You knew!” Lily accuses, breathless.

“No! No I didn’t!”

“You’re munching on your thumb nail Peter Pettigrew!”

“Oh my fuck you did know!”

“How did you know before me!” Lily shouts sulkily. “Remus and I share everything!”

“Hey it’s not like I wanted to know! I walked in on them and then they swore me to secrecy and I’ve had to keep quiet about this for so fucking long! And I’m so tired of helping them sneak around!”

“I can not believe this,” Marlene says, still balking, but then they hear footsteps and Peter signals for them to zip their lips.

“James still doesn’t know and Sirius must have a good reason for not telling his own brother of all people.”

The girls nod in unison, and James is immediately accosted by Lily once he comes back brandishing his phone pridefully.

“What’s the rush?”

“I need your help on tasting this new dessert I’m practicing for the restaurant,” Lily answers in a rush.

Marlene quickly grabs James’s other arm, tugging him out Snape’s apartment. “And you’ve gotta show me the good dirt you’ve got on that freak!”

“Oh, erm, yeah. Sure.” Thankfully James never questions too much when Lily’s giving him attention, and Peter only prays that all of this craziness will come to an end sooner rather than later.


“So Petey,” Lily starts, batting her long lashes, and tugging him in-between her and Marlene on the couch in the cafe later that afternoon. “Spill it.”

“But I just bought this coffee,” Peter says wryly.

“No time for jokes Peter,” Marlene reproves with a cluck to her tongue. “Tell us everything about those two sneaks.”

Peter frowns now, shrugging at them diffidently. “I don’t know much.”

Lily glares, taking away his chocolate croissant for good measure, and waggling it at him reproachfully. “How long has this been going on.”

“I’ve only known a couple months, but it’s apparently been half a year. Ever since Dorcas called off her wedding to that girl from the states.”

“Six. Months.” Marlene repeats with wide eyes.

“But how! How didn’t we figure it out!”

“Dunno,” Peter admits, as lost as the pair of them for how no one’s found out before or after him. “’S not like they’re subtle.”

“Yeah, but they’ve always been that way!” Marlene counters in a huff.

“I just can’t believe they didn’t trust us,” Lily pouts, thumbing at the small tattoo on her wrist that he knows Remus has a matching image to. “We would’ve been excited. We are excited! Those two were bound to get together sooner or later.”

“I don’t think it was a matter of trust,” Peter says consolingly. “Just them wanting to figure things out before publicizing it all.”

“Well we know now,” Marlene says, wicked gleam in her eyes. “And I think we get to have us some fun.”

Lily hikes up her brows, and Peter feels his heart turn to led.

“What do you mean have some fun?”

“Oh you’ll see Petey.”

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~Notes: I love writing this series LMFAO! A Reblog is worth a thousand stars!!


Send Me An Episode  |  Buy Me A Coffee


“We just took out a batch of the blueberry muffins from the oven,” Sirius tells them while handing Marlene her typical espresso. “You lot want some?”

“No thank you,” Peter sniffs, pulls out the water from his backpack and pours a packet of protein powder into it before mixing. Lily squints at him while Marlene dissolves into peals of giggles.

Sirius just rolls his eyes heavenwards.

“Oh come off it,” he sighs. “Is this really because I said you’ve gained a few pounds last week?”

“Chunky!” Peter corrects with a yelp. “You called me chunky.”

“It’s cute,” Lily assures him, pinching his cheek dotingly. “It’s like you’re a bear in hibernation.”

That’s when James all but leaps forwards towards her, big eyes glittering. “You wouldn’t prefer a more athletic build?” He asks worriedly.

“That usually leads to people acting like meat heads if I’m being honest,” Lily retorts with a scoff.

“Oy nice try mate,” Sirius tells him consolingly, patting James on the back with a stifled laugh.

“How did this turn to us reassuring James that him being fit isn’t a problem?” Peter asks, dejected as all get out as he takes a sip of his concoction.

“You’d rather us coddle you wormy?” Sirius asks.

“You called me chunky!” He says again with an emphatic waving to his arm.

“Well Petey, if the shoe fits.”

“Or doesn’t fit in this case,” Marlene mutters from her perch on the armchair, casting him a wicked sort of grin and making it so everyone else dissolves into reluctant giggles. Well, everyone save for Peter.

“I hate this,” he says to no one in particular, pissy as all get out.

“Well hey, I’m out of work and need a project! Why don’t I help you out!” Lily crows excitedly.

“Oh you should take it up, Lils over here would make Jane Fonda weep with envy at her dancing prowls,” James boasts, making it so Lily tries to hide her blush and Sirius that much more annoyed at how petty he feels towards love.

“Fine, but if we put on spandex and my boobs are bigger than yours, then it’s off,” Peter grouses.

“What’s off,” Dorcas asks once walking in and sitting besides Peter, tells Sirius to bring her a non fat latte without even looking up, long, dark legs crossed imperiously.

“Yeah, sure I’m just your errand boy.” He snarks.

“You do work here pretty boy,” she leers.

“I’m still a person!” Sirius counters with admittedly more dramatics than needed. “Do I not bleed like you Meadowes.”

“You also spread a rumor that we slept together senior year so that Jessamine Whitmore wouldn’t ask you out to the winter formal, which made my girlfriend think I was cheating on her,” she retorts scathingly, not even flinching. Sirius is properly cowed, even if he thinks it’s ridiculous that she can still hold that over his head after so many years. “Now back to what being off?”

“Oh nothing, Just Peter’s already precarious self esteem,” Lily waves away. “How was your lunch with that cute park ranger?” she asks while Marlene offers Dorcas a bite from her muffin.

“Fun—“ she stilts. “I mean. Yeah… Fun, it was great.”

“He still hasn’t put out has he?” Sirius intones knowingly.

“No, not even close,” Dorcas admits, completely exasperated.

“The man’s a idiot and a coward,” Marlene tells her with such feeling that Sirius is almost afraid she’s about to bust a metaphorical nut just by looking at Dorcas. It’s actually sad how long she can wait around until Dorcas pulls her head out her ass and bothers to give Marlene the time of day as more than just a friend.

Sirius most certainly does not think of brilliant green eyes and crooked smiles and the lovely cadence to Remus’s speech that makes him sound like he’s meant to be in an Emily Bronte novel.

“I mean last time this happened with the ice skater, he came out and told you he was in love with his childhood best friend.” Sirius points out. “Maybe you’re just destined to fuck gay dick,” Okay, maybe that was a bit crass. It’s not her fault that she’s got him thinking of Remus fucking Lupin, and now Sirius is just standing here trying his hardest to runaway from those long ago strangled and put away feelings.

“That’s not a thing!” Dorcas fumes, then suddenly looks completely unsure and borderline terrified. “Wait that’s not a thing right you guys. He’s not gay? Is he?”

The remaining three reply in varying tones of reassurance.

“Ooo! Ooo! Ooo!” James suddenly leaps up, frantic as hell. “Ah um, Sirius! Quick Lily needs to read your aura!”

“My aura?” Sirius asks suspiciously, brows furrowed.

“Ah, erm Yes….” she plays along, as confused looking as Sirius. “It’s ah a new cooking technique I’m trying— You know, every aura has its favorite seasoning.”

“Lils have you gone insane?” Sirius demands, catches on someone calling to get their order filled towards the back. He pivots around only to be face to face to Remus looking like he just might get swallowed up by none other than Douchebag supreme who always ogled his ass in public— AKA his night teacher for graduates school (as if an English degree from Cambridge wasn’t enough.)

“Oh,” Sirius has decided to completely ignore the dude in the back, and opt to be a sadistic fuck staring after the way they’re pawing at each other. “That’s a bit obscene, I hope Remus doesn’t bite his tongue off.”

“My, this…. This is awkward,” Peter wheezes out with a partial laugh, tugging on his collar.

“I’m sorry Pads,” James says, scarily sympathetic.

“Hah, you guys forget it.” Sirius waves them off, turns around from the soft porno outside. “I don’t care, it’s Remus. We’re friends.”

“Friends who fucked,” Dorcas needles pointedly.

“I fuck plenty of friends, Remus’s no different.”

Everyone looks a bit put out at that, but Sirius doesn’t have time to figure out why, is instead too busy trying to school his features into his typical indifference once he hears the doorbells tinkling, queueing Remus and cos entry.

“Hiya you guys,” Remus says in his boisterous timbre before focusing his gaze on Lily, not even glancing at Sirius. But that’s fine, they’re just friends, nothing more. That’s all their history is. Sirius was never Remus’s ex, they were never each other’s anything more than bedfellows… That’s at least what Sirius tells himself so not to be hung up on such stupid, non consequential shit. “Lils do you know if my mum sent over the old dog toys in the mail yet?”

“You can’t even check your own mail Moons, tsk, tsk. Getting lazy mate.” Sirius tries for joking, but suspects it came out a bit forced.

“Oh, hah, no I’ve just been staying at Caradoc’s for the last couple days and haven’t got a chance to check it myself.”

Sirius pretends that his left eye isn’t totally fucking twitching at that. “Oh, how scandalous,” he laughs, sickeningly sweet.

“Always pleasant to speak with you mate,” Douchebag supreme— Caradoc— jibes, disgustingly pleasant.

“Yeah it came earlier love,” Lily tells Remus, probably thinking she’s defusing the tension with her stiff smile and forced giggle. “I’ve just left it in your room.”

“So what do you guys want to do with that?” James asks, stiff lipped and airy, Sirius silently thanks the gods above for such a loyal best friend.

“We’re adopting a puppy,” Caradoc preens, his grossly bright blue eyes glittering with excitement.

“We reckon he’ll live with me one week and him the other,” Remus explains, and to Sirius’s great horror, he sounds excited over the whole ordeal.

“Like divorced parents tossing around a kid?” Sirius asks with a faux congenial smile, forever a bit vindictive, and a lot bitchy, he supposes that comes from his upbringing raised by the greatest bitch in the galaxy.

“Well, if we just moved into the same place,” Caradoc prods, and Remus stiffens.

And oh, a chink in the armor.

“It’ll be fine,” Remus smoothly detaches himself from that conversation, he’s always been so good at that.
Once upon a time, when they shared the fucked up, heated, heart wrenching love affair, Remus had always sniped at how blithe Sirius was, how noncommittal he was towards every aspect of his life. But that was nothing in comparison to how Remus had this uncanny ability to compartmentalize everyone and everything in his own world. How he put people in exactly the distance he wanted, how he thought he could have it all if only he placed his chess pieces in the exact right stances.

He wonders if either of them knew how true their words stung.

“So, what are you guys up to for tonight?” Remus asks, perched on Dorcas’s armrest and smiling up at Sirius in that heart wrenchingly guileless way that makes him look so devastatingly beautiful, softening his sharp cheekbones and accentuating the golden specs to his eyes.

Sirius thinks that if he let him, Remus Lupin could quite literally wreck him. Hates the idea that he’s still doing it without Sirius’s permission.

“I’ve got a date,” Sirius blurts out before he could think about it, hates it when Remus’s face stays so passive and unaffected. “With a man.”

“You’re wearing a Queen Beyonce clip on your shirt,” Peter snorts. “I don’t think the man bit was necessary to clarify.”

“Shut it wormy,” Sirius hisses darkly, cuffing him on the back of the head for good measure.

“Enjoy yourself then,” fucking Caradoc— I save puppies and walk little old ladies across the street on my down time— Dearborn tells him, one hand clasped on Remus’s shoulder in what must be some sort of esoteric ritual of trying to tell Sirius that he’s taken. As if he isn’t painfully aware of that. “I hear good things about that new revival of Sweeney Todd off West End.”

“Gee thanks,” Sirius says caustically. “But me and my dates usually prefer something more physical than a show and drinks, isn’t that right Remus.”

Sirius may or may not get some sort of sick pleasure at how the other man begins to flush prettily, gaze averted and lips pursed.

“That’s what you tell us Sirius, just don’t wake up poor James when you stumble home drunk.”

Sirius feels the itch to counter, to continue on tossing barbs and insults and inside jokes till he and Remus are writhing on his ratty old couch, stealing moments from their slice of eternity that was never meant to last in the light of day.

But then his eyes catch on how Caradoc’s begun massaging small circles onto Remus’s shoulder and how content Remus looks from it and all the fight leaves him in an instant when he remembers how downright miserable they made each other ninety percent of the time.

Sirius was too intense, and Remus was always so fucking distant, and neither of them got what they needed.

But God does he love him, wonders if Remus still feels the sa way.

Refusing to get lost in that train of thought, Sirius turns around to ask Lily more about her aura and spices theory, as if it wasn’t just a made up ploy. And he laughs with Marlene about something stupid James had done at the detective agency they both work at. And he goads Peter into eating a freshly baked scone. And it’s all normal again.

Sirius most definitely does not talk to Remus or his live in boyfriend for the rest of the afternoon.

It’s fine.

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Ok, so in Ba Sing Se, Team Mum Katara lives across the hall from an odd pair – snarky, neurotic Zuko and happy-go-lucky Aang. (Plus Aaang’s pets Appa and Momo). Down the street is Katara’s dorky brother Sokka and her old flatmate Toph – a former wild child who ran away from home. The series kicks off when Suki – an old high school friend of Sokka, Katara and Aang’s – moves to the city and in with Katara.

Sokka is recovering from the death of his fiancée Yue, but he had a major crush on Suki back in the day and her return ignites FEELINGS. Meanwhile, Katara and Zuko have been friends forever (after a shaky start when he was Sokka’s college roommate) but…is there something more?

The gang go through life, getting up to shenanigans and hanging out in the tea shop run by Zuko’s Uncle Iroh. Aang tries to figure out his path in life jumping from job to job, Zuko deals with his abusive father who’s a high-profile politician and businessman in Caldera City, Toph struggles to reconnect with her parents, Suki pursues her dream of starting a female-led martial arts programme/centre, Sokka is a giant engineering nerd, and Katara juggles reforming the world** and keeping everyone fed.

*Clap clap clap*

(Career-wise: Sokka is an engineer, Suki is a marital artist who teaches women’s self-defense, Aang’s done everything (jewellery maker! zoo keeper! world traveller!), Katara is an activist of some kind. (Environmental lawyer? Union organiser? Doctor/nurse-turned-health care reformer??), Zuko originally studied law and business to join the family company but now works in NGO and/or government law. Toph is ??? (A professional athlete?  In construction? Security? Another martial artist? Idk, too many options!) ) 

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@darkpuppymemes Sodapop AU(as requested I write for it)

Leopold Beaumont’s quirk allows him to consume any liquid and draw power from it. This includes toxic and inedible liquids(such as liquid gallium alloys). Here is the list of substances and what powers he is given so far:

Bleach - Allows him to erase all quirks except for Mutant for a couple of minutes.

Liquid Nitrogen - Can cause a massive blizzard in a 10 mile radius, causes severe frostbite to anyone within 100ft of him. Can be caused at any time no matter the weather, if used too long he will get major frostbite.

Water - Allows for minor healing

Flavored Water - Misc. Properties, typically not very strong.

Vitamin Water - Increased healing

Coffee - Electricity

Milk - Ice

Carbonated Drinks - Bubbles.

Bubble Mix - More bubbles, likely stronger and may be used to float opponents.

Tea - Unknown. Do not consume, wild card.

The same goes for drugs. Aphrodisiacs are more powerful when he takes them and some substances, such as tea, change his behaviors. He can consume ANY type of liquid, but has a few he avoids. As long as it’s a liquid he can consume it.

His name means “The brave lion of the people’s beautiful mountain.”

His Appearance: Kinda tall, about 5'10", he has kinda like, a light golden-tan-caramel-sunkissed-ish type look, he’s not pale but he’s not super dark, just tanned. His eyes are either Hazel or Milk Chocolate colored. His eyes have a more Feline-Almond shape, his canines are slightly longer than normal, and he would be the type to wear stiletto acrylic nails. His hair is shoulder length, very elegant, and is very well taken care of. Because of how thick his hair is, it just kinda naturally looks like a mane, and there are some tiny braids within it. His voice would be deeper, and kinda rough. His voice just has a natural rumble around the edges, and he speaks with a slight accent. He sounds like a mix of Simba and Mufasa from The Lion King. His ears would be slightly enlongated but rounded at the tips, kinda cat-like. He doesn’t have any major mutations. He’s always keep small quantities of various liquids on his person.

Leopold Beaumont is American, but is fluent in Japanese and lives in Japan. He’s a minor criminal, and more just likes to baffle people instead of serious crimes. One such example is a Camel prank he pulled on Endeavor. He even removed the front door to the Pro Heros house. Nezu ends up taking a liking to the boy and asks him to join UA. Leopold is placed in class 1-A.

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Who will be who in Friends AU? I can only guess that Phoebe is still Phoebe haha and maybe Joe being Monica because she is an excellent cook

You’ll see 😏😏 There’s a lot more characters to work with, but many of the big plot points of Friends will remain!

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Her parents are called Elizabeth and Warren and I read it as Elizabeth Warren and did a good double take. Love the fic. You're awesome.

LMAO well, Beca’s dad is Warren and Stacie’s mom (she’s got it going on) is Elizabeth. Can you imagine though if Elizabeth Warren was a character in my fic? I would never be able to live up to her lol

Thank you, I’m so glad you like it :)

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My ideal Friends au/reboot:

  • Carol inherited the friend group in the divorce and Ross only shows up in a few episodes and is generally more well-liked as a result (bc the times we see him are just him being a good dad and a dork. also he marries british lady and moves to england far away from the other Friends)
  • Monica is fat in the present time instead of as a Tragic Backstory. and it’s just a physical characteristic. Not a defining character trait. She’s got her same personality. And if anything about her past as a young fat girl is brought up it’s not “being fat is tragic” but instead “people bullied her for being fat and those people are shitty and yes this includes her parents”
  • polyamorous friends? polyamorous friends. Can’t decide if monica, joey, and chandler are a throuple (thrupple?) or if they are also dating phoebe and rachel
  • either way Rachel should date with a lady. possibly Phoebe
  • no transphobia towards Chandler’s trans mom anymore. only love and support. if Chandler’s other mom is still transphobic, she gets called out and zero of the friends put up with it
  • also Rachel is trans and/or intersex
  • they still all live in gorgeous apartments in new york that no one could reasonably afford with the jobs they have bc that part’s just escapism and I mean nothing wrong with that
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*bill’s house*

eddie: richie kissed me

ben: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

eddie: it was unbelievable!

ben: oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

mike: ok, all right. we want to hear everything. bill, get the soda and unplug the phone. eddie, does this end well or do we need to get tissues?

eddie, dreamy: oh, it ended very well.

ben: oh…

bill, getting the soda: do not start without me. do not start without me!

ben: ok, all right, let’s hear about the kiss. was it, like, was it like a soft brush against your lips? or was it like a, you know, a “I gotta have you now” kind of thing?

eddie: well, at first it was really intense, you know. and then, oh, god, and then we just sort of sunk into it…

mike: ok, so, was he holding you? or was his hand like on your back?

eddie: no, actually first they started on my waist. and then, they slid up, and then, they were in my hair.

bill, mike and ben: ohhhh…

*richie’s house*

richie: and, uh, and then I kissed him

stan, reading: tongue?

richie: yeah

bev, nodding: cool

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