#friends break hearts too
screaming--agony · 7 months ago
Dear Diary,
The amount of disrespect from people I deeply care about is so overwhelming I cry. I’m not mad anymore, it makes me sad.
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lapoutretkt · a year ago
hello x,
je pense pas que tes messages/interventions m’aient causé du tort donc t’en fais pas. ça a plus été un tremplin pour clarifier mon positionnement par rapport aux intuitions que j’avais sur le fait que tu puisses être fuyant. j’ai préféré agir en fonction de mes besoins et de mes ressentis que je pense t’avoir signifié. ça n’engage que moi et c’est là où je me situe pour le moment.
pour revenir sur les derniers échanges qu’on a eus dans le réel et les mots que tu m’as écris, il m’a paru difficile d’accéder au fond de ce que tu vis/ressens et de savoir où tu te situes. j’ai l’impression que c’était difficile pour toi d’accepter/comprendre mes remarques/ressentis. ça fait parti des choses que je peux comprendre et je t’en veux pas pour ça. pour autant, ça m’a perdue, j’ai eu l’impression de me faire gaslight et je peux plus me mentir à moi-même. je pense que ça n’a fait que confirmer mes intuitions et de ce fait je n’ai pas eu plus le besoin de m’étaler. à ça je ne pense rien pouvoir ajouter si ce n’est que je chéris les moments où j’ai pu me sentir connectée à toi, que j’apprécie tes gestes et l’intérêt que tu me portes et que j’espère que tu prends soin de toi.
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abadpoem · 2 years ago
You broke my heart and never even apologized
fuck you, man
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okaybutdoicare · 3 years ago
Idgaf a friend breaking your heart is absolutely real and it fucking hurts
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manixc · 3 years ago
I have finally accepted that I've got to let go of friendships that I cared for so dearly because I came to realize that things aren't going to change; that you don't want things to be how they used to, and that's okay as long as you’re happy, right?
It's just sad that a friendship that was built since we were kids, is now ruined because of one person who’s intentions were no good... I get it. I know I wasn't the best person or friend a lot of the time, but know I cared for you all more than anyone or anything in my life. I hope she was worth the ruins of our friendship.
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messycurls6 · 3 years ago
Friends can break up with you too.
We’re used to romantic relationship breakups, and they hurt, they really hurt. But I’ve come to realization, that friendship breakups are way more heart breaking.
You meet this person out of nowhere and you match. You tell them your secrets and dreams, and talk about everything (maybe not all the time) but when you talk after a long period of time, it seems like the time gap never really existed.
3 a.m. talks about “What if” scenarios; about what unanimated object would you be if you had the chance; the significance of life and existence; long talks about what’s out there in outer space; lypsinc in the car, even if you don’t live any close to each other; broken hearts venting and so much more.
And one day, without any explanation, you’re erased from their lives, as if you you never existed, like if those long 14 years of friendship never happened.
It might have been my fault when I got so sick that I couldn’t talk about anything else, because I was (still am) dealing with so much, that few people understand, or understand nothing, but still, they are there willing to listen or read you, or just tell you to keep on fighting.
I was there for you. I was so happy for your achievements. I never envied you. I admired you. I was always there when that Spaniard girl broke your heart into tiny little pieces and help you to lift up, and walked with you for your recovery.
You ran away when I needed you. When things got so overwhelming for you to deal with someone else’s shit. Silly me when I thought I wasn’t just “someone else”.
I really thought we’ll be friends forever, that I will attend to your wedding, and you will attend to mine; I thought when we were old and cranky, we’ll be fooling around in our wheelchairs at the retirement home.
And without any explanation, you stopped talking to me, to texting me and went to ignore me. I tried to reach you, but you never responded back. You were always that guy who replied once in a blue moon, and didn’t take it as a big issue.
And then you blocked me from every social media, and didn’t even had the guts to tell me that that you didn’t wanted to be friends anymore with me, and I still wonder why.
Where did I went wrong?
Maybe I became too toxic for you, and you didn’t wanted to speak to me because your life was going up and stabilizing, and you were feeling better to deal with my endless bullshit.
But isn’t what real friends are for?
To support each other in their darkest times.
I know I will forever miss you. But I also know you won’t miss me at all.
You broke my heart. You really did.
You just ditched me like if all these years meant nothing. Like if I was just a random person, or a thing that needed to be thrown at the garbage bin.
Despite of all, I don’t wish you bad, and I never will. On the opposite, I wish you the best life. I hope your dreams come true and became the person you always wanted to be.
I would just have liked to be there to celebrate with you.
But I guess it was not meant to be.
I really wish you the best from the bottom of my heart.
I will forever miss you, and I will forever love you.
Have a beautiful life, my old friend.
The time has come to become strangers again.
You might forget me, but I will never do.
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khalepatekala · 4 months ago
That sickening feeling when you can tell a friendship is about to end but you can’t do anything about it. My heart is hurting, like I can actually feel it hurting me and I hate it. I hate how everything has to end.
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sunmoonkunoichi · 10 months ago
Marichat/Reverse Crush AU/How-stupidly-complex-can-we-make-the-love-square-until-its-incomprehensible AU/Or whatever the fuck you call this
It starts because Chat remembers Ladybug's voicemail asking if Marinette was "cute" way back with Evillustrator and snowballs with every dodged request for Multimouse on the grounds of "keeping her safe" since her "identity was known".
And Chat, as he's want to do, puts 2+2 together and gets fucking 23.
Now Chat thinks Ladybug is not only in love with Marinette, but has been secretly pretending to be in love with the famous oTheR BOy maybe to throw Chat off her scent, or maybe because she thinks he won't accept her, oh my god does she think he's homophobic??? What should he do???
Be a good friend and support her, that's what!
Meanwhile, Ladybug has been going through the 5-stages of grief thinking Chat has been scorned by Adrien Agreste at some point since every time she mentions the model Chat's response is increasingly hostile. At first she thought Chat hated Adrien, but all his comments seem to be critical of his inability to face conflict?? Or show his true feelings?? "Pretty boy" is said with such scorn that Ladybug (who is also the Anxiety-Catastrophic-inclining Marinette who regularly declares her own death at minor inconveniences and whenever she gets hit with her long list of secondhand embarrassments) has made up a whole backstory of how Chat is secretly bisexual and is using Ladybug to get over his horrific attempt at trying to express his feelings towards Adrien oh poor Chat she totally understands where you're coming from you poor kitty.
Cue Chat trying to wheedle out Ladybug's secret relationship with Marinette by making more comments about Multimous and how nice it was to do that mission with Marinette! Can he do it again? While also making more visits to her balcony to figure out why LB fell in love with his shy, awkward, yet brilliant classmate and oh god oh no she's actually really funny and sassy and way too cool for Chat or Adrien LB has fucking TASTE!!
(he also has been really emphasising his support for gay rights every time he hangs out with Ladybug (which isn't helping his 'secret pining bi' angle LB is frothing over) to the point where even local news outlets and the LadyBlog are debating whether Chat is queer af (which has always been a pretty firm belief in Paris, what with the leather outfit and hand gestures like ✨you know✨) or just pro-LGBT+)
On the other hand, Marinette has being trying to suss out this ""secret mean side"" of Adrien's that has made Chat into such a scorned lover, resulting in her being a little cooler to Adrien, which in turn has made her actually capable of speaking to him now he isn't some perfect figure on a pedestal.
("Plagg! Marinette frowned at me when I accidentally bumped into her today and told me to 'watch it, pretty boy' before leaving!!! She didn't stutter like usual, which I thought she did because she hated me, but what does this mean now????"
"That I'm not paid enough for this")
Except Chat has also been sniffing around her balcony a lot and she can't help but feel sorry for a fellow Adrien-Lover, so now she's been spending a lot of free nights with him and wow he's actually so sweet and shy beneath the flirty attitude and oh no he's actually kind of hot, and if Ladybug was the rebound from Adrien does that make Marinette a viable love interest??? W H A T???
This got away from me, but honestly we're at the point that it'd be so much funnier to make the lovesquare even more complex like yeah fuck it up you two dumbasses.
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dirtybrokebeautifulfree · 9 months ago
i wasn‘t even really surprised when you ghosted me. i‘ve seen you end friendships before.
i guess i kind of knew one day it would be me.
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obiwanobi · 11 months ago
Obidala but it's Arthurian legend
👀👀 I'm listening, friend
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bottlesandbuttons · 3 months ago
there is literally nothing scarier than subjecting yourself to the mortifying ordeal of being known to people you're close with but have never seen these hidden parts of you
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screaming--agony · 10 months ago
Dear Diary,
If you make me feel like I’m the last person you want to interact with, I’ll step back and not bother you.
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pennielane · a month ago
ok actual CRISIS i need your guys’ opinions so please help
this guy that did me dirty literally ‼️6‼️ years ago just texted me completely out of the blue finally apologizing for his actions and saying he was “not a good person back then”
(for context: we were kind of seeing each other and then he randomly got a girlfriend out of seemingly nowhere and became aggressively public with her (constantly making annoying posts all over facebook and instagram etc) and it was super confusing and very tumultuous for lil ol me!! i was only 21 at the time so it was like, the end of my world back then)
anyway. should i respond to him? or just leave him on read?
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koroart · 7 months ago
Deity Au TobiMina starts off as a sort of unrequited love ( on account of Tobirama , he is unaware of Minato's own feelings for him ) and because Tobirama knew for a fact that Minato wasn't meant to be his.
Because I like to torture Tobs ✌💕
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stinkrascal · 3 days ago
if you guys are going to donate, i highly encourage you look up the states with trigger laws and donate to those states specifically as they’re going to be the first to ban abortion. typically these states are also some of the poorest deep-red states in america, so they’re going to need your support now more than ever
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manixc · 3 years ago
Do you ever just lay there and realize how fucking alone you truly are? When you’re at your lowest, there is no one there. It’s like they all just, vanished. Gone. Like you meant nothing. Like you are nothing...
But if they are at their lowest, you’d be the first to help...
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h00f · 9 months ago
hello everyone!! hope youre all doing well!
i’m back in college! and making art again sometimes! i’d like to post some stuff ive made since feb 2020, and if i get the nerve i just might! have a good night & go eat some fish
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kdramacrybaby · 8 months ago
I honestly feel so fucking bad for Yeo Hwa-jung and Yoo Cho-hee. All because of a douchebag like Jang Young-guk, two women are put against each other like that. Cho-hee just wants her friends back, but the hurt Hwa-jung feels after being betrayed by her ex-husband is too strong and it’s too easy to make Cho-hee another bad guy. And all that for an absolute moron
Also, Young-guk really went and fucking said “I married you cause you wanted me to, and I divorced you because you wanted me to, now why are you ruining my life” to the MOTHER OF HIS CHILD! Like he does not care at all that she actually has real fucking feelings for him 🤬
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ijsng · a month ago
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drumsandwaves · 10 months ago
i normally really like bittersweet endings that require a final sacrifice, even if they make me sad—my first canon playthrough of DA:O had a self-sacrifice, and i was at peace with that, even if sad
but for some reason i can't seem to let shepard go.
there's just something in me that cannot stand the idea of this person who went through all the possible shit thrown at them, alway the one in harm's way, always the one saving the galaxy so that they all could fight one day more, always hindered by everyone in power until the last possible moment—
only to die without even the comfort of knowing if they took the right decision for the whole galaxy.
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