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#friends oc
thecipherlegacy2 hours ago
F. and I. for the vices and virtues ask, for Mavasha? :D
F. Forgive: How good is your OC at apologizing? Do they own up to it when they鈥檝e made a mistake? How easily does your OC forgive other people?
Tumblr media
Mavasha is terrible with apologies, especially early in her travels. She gets a little better about admitting her faults after she has her family, but it's still rare. She hates being wrong.
As for forgiveness, that really depends on circumstances. Due to her past with betrayal, she doesn't take kindly to it (I don't think anyone would). Malavai got lucky that she loved him so much, but he was kept far away from her for a long time before she finally was able to forgive him.
I. Individuality: Is your OC鈥檚 morality more influenced by the society they live in, or their own critical thinking?
She bases all of her decisions on whats best for her family, herself, and the Empire, in that order. The Empire is important to her to a point since it's her home, but her family will always come first.
A-Z Vices and Virtues ask meme
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emerald-echeveria-plant5 hours ago
The many conversations of Elinor and Silver (Pt. 20)
I love you
Elinor, walking down to the long boats: Now what do you think the two of you are doing? *crosses her arms*
Silver: oh, uh, Elli, darling! Me and Jimbo were just uh tying up the long boats.
Elinor: uh huh... then tell me why you tied it completely wrong?
Silver, chuckles nervously: what? I did? Why that's a simple mistake!
Jim, chuckles: here let me fix it for you *ties the rope to the longboat correctly* that should hold it
Silver, surprised: heh, heh, I taught you too well..
Elinor walks towards them: you taught him perfectly hon' *gives Silver a kiss on the cheek*
Silver, blushes: oh yeah right, heh... You're still not upset about what I called you, right..?
Elinor: you can make it up to me in kisses 鉂わ笍
Silver, smirks: oh I certainly well~! How's about I do it right now..
Jim, jokingly: ew, don't do that in front of me
Silver: hehe, says the boy who's always up on his little girlfriend... Oh Jimbo, what say you ship out with us, lad? You, me, and Elli. Hawkins, Silver, and Dyer. Full of ourselves and no ties to anyone!
Jim: you know when I got on this boat... I would've taken you up on that offer in a second... But, uh, I met this old cyborg and he taught me that I could share my own courses... That's what I'm gonna do.
Silver: and what do you see of that pal of yours?
Jim: a future
Silver, chuckles: why... Look at ya, glowing like a solar flare. You're something special, Jim. You're gonna rattle the stars, you are..
*Jim and Silver hug*
Silver, cries a little and quickly dries them; got a bit of grease in thks cyborg eye of mine..
*Morph sobs loudly*
Jim: oh, hey, Morph. I'll see ya around, ok?
*morph sniffles*
Silver: Morphy, I got a job for ya. I needs you to keep an eye on this here pup... Will ya do me that little favor?
Morph: aye-aye captain!
*Silver getting into the long boats and Elinor joins him*
Silver: wait, Elli, you're gonna join me?
Elinor: of course I am! Why wouldn't I go with the love of my life..?
Silver: but don't you wanna go back to your dimension?
Elinor: I doubt anybody would miss me there and I wouldn't forgive myself if I wasn't with you.. I love you too much to ever leave you behind.. besides, I don't want you to be left alone.
Silver, smiles softly: i appreciate you for doing this for me darlin'... I love you so much..
Elinor, turns to Jim: Jim, honey, you don't mind breaking it to the others that I left with Silver right?
Jim: I'll make sure to break it to them the best I can... I'm gonna miss you a lot Elli..
Elinor, tearing up a little: I'm going to miss you too and the others as well.. this entire voyage was an amazing experience for me.. it made me love again.. *looks over to silver and dries her tears* but hey, we'll see you around.
*long boat starts to gets lowered down*
Silver: oh and one more thing! *Chuckles* this is for your dear mother, to rebuild that inn of hers! *Grabs some treasure from his pocket and hrows towards Jim*
Jim, catches the Treasure: Stay out of trouble, ya old scalawag!
Silver, laughs: Why, Jimbo, lad... When have I ever done otherwise?
Elinor: don't worry Jim, I'll make sure he doesn't!
Silver: pfft, more like you'll end up joining me!
Elinor, sighs: you know me too well my love..
*the two wave goodbye to Jim and morph. Elinor and Silver kissed as they settled down into their long boat. They sailed off to wherever their adventure led them next*
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sleeqygutzz8 hours ago
Tumblr media
iv,,, ivemade another one
uh this is Candi and she goes my she/he
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papergirlverse9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Harry Potter OCs + Toxic Men
all the girls that you鈥檝e run dry have tired lifeless eyes cause you鈥檝e burned them out
for: @materialkii and @booty-boggins
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tttehumaniations10 hours ago
Introducing Eddie
Tumblr media
Name : Eddie Doncaster
Age : eh-unsure
Birthday : March 5th
Nationality : British
Height : 5'10
Eyes and Hair : Bright blue
Clothing : dark green flying Scotsman hoodie, black ripped jeans and brown trainers
Personality : It's me! So.. However you interpret me
Edin Doncaster : Husband. Over heels in love with him. Super happy they're together but sometimes disobey what he says because he doesn't like listening to people
Gordon Doncaster : Brother in Law. Calls him big bro, loves him to pieces and always gives hugs. Is afraid Gordon always cries when he calls him brother.
Jaydon Furness : Son. Would die for Jaydon. Protects him with his life. Finds him. Super adorable and always calls him his baby boy even though he's not his baby boy.
Lucius Fletcher-Furness : Son In Law. Baby. Nothing else expect baby.
This is alot shorter because I don't really know how to describe myself.. But! Here's me in TTTEHumaniations. The controller and owner of the Sodor railway :)
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ask-detective-gizmo11 hours ago
Are you willing to talk about past cases? Or are those classified?
鈥渉mmm.....I鈥檓 not too sure about that buddy. My clients鈥 info is very important to me y鈥檏now? I don鈥檛 trust too easily, especially when it comes to some stranger trying to peek at valuable information鈥
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ivyprism11 hours ago
Reminder that I made the first chapter of "Swap Love".
Swap Love (Multiverse Traveler Ivy x Underswap Papyrus)
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atu-and-zuni11 hours ago
BC jambala lore because its a bit more solid now :D
he was literally just Some Guy before the whole fel-corruption thing. he was a field researcher for the horde in outland, for a decent amount of time too. he enchanted stuff and studied the alien herbs/plants and did inscriptions n stuff. he barely focused on the magic there, since he was far more comfortable w/ the stuff he used and was way too cautius to try any of that funky fel stuff. he mostly just did cantrips and small spells like "make the room temp more comfy" or "make a ball of light to read in th dark" or "detect stuff" or maybe even "make knife hot" if he felt daring. nothing big.
he usually went out to get his Own materials since "other people sucked ass at it" so he was not new to demons or wild animals. at some point, as the horde moved further inland, so he went with as well. he mostly kept to himself, since he was pretty interested in all these cool new plants nd shit nd "didnt have time to make friends" (he did anyways, begrudgingly of course)
still undecided When this exactpy happened, but at some point, he was sent out w/ a group of scouts into The WildsTM. unfortunetly, SOMEONE fucked up and they went to a very bad area (full of demons and demonfriends) and had a bit of a scuffle that ended up w/ a lot of them dead, and the rest of them captured (jambala included).
next many months entails a bunch of Evil Warlocks doing Evil Warlock things which causes a lot of the captured scouts to become demon-ified. corrupted w/ the fel juice. traumtized beyond belief. not fun OR cool. jambala barely remembers the events (other than traumatic recollections during Legion), but he came back changed.
ive mentioned what happens afterwords b4 and all that is still canon so im gunna leave it at that 4 now!! ty for reading uwu
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oneshotolive12 hours ago
Thank you for your support! <3
I really appreciate my followers and mutuals. Thank you for supporting this blog and seeing amazing content. I read your replies and messages. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You can keep supporting me through donations since I鈥檓 going through some tough times. I really appreciate the help! Cashapp $oneshotolive
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ask-detective-gizmo12 hours ago
Are the two raccoons the only ones giving you trouble?
鈥渁bsolutely not! This town is a cesspool of corruption, you just gotta look in the right places鈥
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mossychaos12 hours ago
馃枈 another so you can ramble more :>
Witch technically isn't human anymore ;)
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mossychaos12 hours ago
馃枈 :3
Dr. Lover is a zoologist actually :D, they're still a mad scientist but they study animals :) which is why you mostly see them with those 2 subjects I've drawn before! He hates when they start fighting specifically because they fight like toddlers but HEY! ONE DOES WHAT ONE MUST FOR SCIENCE!
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artsy-hijabi14 hours ago
Anyway if you still follow or interact with bakukjho or their oc blog jhoudie please unfollow me right now I don't wanna see hypocrites in my notifs :)
Yes you can reblog this cause people don't really understand how much the attention probably got to her to try and come across as some good "ally"
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vinnybox-artblog14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Icons I鈥檝e made!! putting these up for other available commission soon for sure :) The ones in the middle are mine! The center is an adopt I bought from @ashimadu
order from Left to right!
@jamie-jinx, @color-crown-studios @stutteryprince-difficulties,聽@exlimixiart @allseeingportrait, @ashimadu
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theminiartblog17 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈥淒on鈥檛 make me break out the Calming Ears(tm)...鈥
A collab with @author-does-art with HTS kid Angel and her emotional support Catboy, Simon, as they hide out from the Sleeper, Lucids, and Club Activities--or at least as they watch them from afar 馃憖
Vic did the sketch and I finished it off with lines and colors~!
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pokemon2255118 hours ago
Commission for @zosonils
Tumblr media
Y'all go check out their work Clover is just one of many cute oc's.
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