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pratchettquotes · 2 days ago
And that was fine, except that she didn't have any old friends anymore. Kids back home who'd been friendly were now...respectful, because of the hat. There was a kind of wall, as if she'd grown up and they hadn't. What could they talk about? She'd been to places they couldn't even imagine. Most of them hadn't even been to Twoshirts, which was only half a day away. And this didn't worry them at all. They were going to do the jobs their fathers did, or raise children like their mothers did. And that was fine, Tiffany added hurriedly to herself. But they hadn't decided. It was just happening to them, and they didn't notice.
Terry Pratchett, Wintersmith
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heywriters · 7 hours ago
Hiii! I would like to ask if you have some resources/ideas on how to establish a close friendship between a female student and a male teacher? I'd like to prevent the readers to assume a possible student-teacher relationship in my story. Thank you!
You cannot prevent anyone from "headcanoning" these two romantically. However, to keep canon from seeming iffy, the devil is in the details. Avoid flirtatious behavior or dialogue, and don't venture into romantic territory. Here is a post describing various kinds of flirting. Strong emotions in literature tend to be viewed as grounds for romance, so avoid grand gestures, heavy relationship angst or compassion, and too much affection. He especially should be aware of how an innocent pat on the shoulder could be viewed let alone a warm embrace. A responsible teacher also knows better than to publicly display favoritism of one student over others. She too should know that rumors can spread fast among her peers, and be careful how much interest she shows in him. I don't advise you to radically alter your story, unless it suits you, but you can introduce factors outside of the relationship that help explain it. For example, perhaps he has younger female family members and treats her similarly to how he treats them. Or, perhaps he has healthy friendships with women his age or did when he was her age. Perhaps she too has always gotten along well with boys or older men. These factors are not required for this friendship to work. He can simply be a friendly and responsible adult, and she happy to have a reliable friend. When the opposite of these factors is true and they are both experiencing this kind of friendship for the first time therefore making it "special," is where a lot of romantic subtext can weasel its way in. Still, there's nothing wrong with having or writing a relationship this way, as long as you avoid flirting and romance. These types of healthy friendships do exist irl after all.
Write them however you feel is best then come back with fresh eyes. Try to see the relationship from both his and her perspectives. If you feel you would think there's a romance there, then something might need changing. If not, perhaps ask a trusted source or a beta for a second opinion. Truly though, it's easy not to create romantic tension if you're already looking out for it. Just remember, you can't convince everyone! --- + Please review my Ask Policy before sending in your ask. Thank you. + If you benefit from my updates and replies, please consider sending a little thank you and Buy Me A Coffee!
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mr-nauseam · 2 days ago
In my long experience reading Sherlock Holmes fanfictions I will always love that in most works there is a beautiful moment of
Holmes: * complaining of some nonsense *
Watson: Say that again and I'll leave you alone.
Holmes: You wouldn't dare
Watson: Try me bitch
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heroineoftwilight · a day ago
You’ll Never Know, Dear, How Much I Love You… Chapter 6
Seagull AU: ~Read from the beginning~ . ~Previous Chapter~
Happy St. Nicholas Day! <3
I can’t not post chapter 6 on the 6th, now, can I? Since all of you were so good this year, the dear Nikolaus left another chapter in your boots. ;)
Frohen Nikolaus! (außer für Warriors)
Goddesses he had been so stupid. Legend had never felt so ashamed in his life. All of them, goddesses, amongst all of the Hylians in the world, all of them should have been the first ones to see the signs. And yet, all they had done was push Wars away, accuse him of bullying and ignore the hurt that was so blatantly obvious in his behavior.
Fanfiction Masterpost
The night was cold, but no one felt like lighting a fire.
The smell of smoke still hung in the air, suffocating and heavy.
The group had split up earlier in the evening, half of them accompanying the surviving villagers to the nearest stable while the other half remained behind, waiting for possible stray survivors to leave the village.
Legend knew the possibility of anyone still being in there, especially alive, was close to zero. Afterall Twilight had looked for survivors they had missed and found no one. Still, it had eased Wind and Wild’s minds to have someone stay behind just in case. After the girl, they hadn’t wanted to take any chances.
And Legend had to agree, even if the putrid smell of smoke would be burned into his memory for the next few weeks. Better safe than sorry.
Now Sky and Four were curled up in their bedrolls, tucked tightly together to stave off the cold of the night.
Legend sat a few meters away keeping watch. His lantern rested next to him, providing some light in the pitch-black night. It kept away Stalfos and other monsters that lurked in darkness, but it was hardly enough to see much at all.
Warriors had been assigned on watch with Legend, but he had run off for a lap around the village some time ago. He’d said he wanted to clear his head. Legend was glad for it.
Warriors had been stalking around like a rowdy cat ever since he came back from accompanying the young girl. He seemed restless, and it was grating on Legend’s nerves. And he’ be happy if he didn’t need to deal with his nervous habits tonight. He was tired enough as it was.
Ever since their talk, things were weird between them. He was still mad at Warriors for how he had treated Wind, but something had changed. The deep hurt and loneliness in Warriors’ eyes didn’t align with his behavior of pushing them all away. Something just didn’t fit right.
A piece of the puzzle was missing. A piece Legend needed to see the full picture.
For now, he was left pondering what it was.
Time ticked by, minute upon minute, hour upon hour. Warriors didn’t return to camp. It made Legend’s stomach feel queasy. Even if he needed distance, it wasn’t like Warriors to completely ditch his turn on watch.
Eventually, he decided enough was enough. He turned to the others to wake them. He’d set out to go find the Captain, he decided. Figures he’d be irresponsible enough to get lost in the dark by himself.
Four and Sky woke sluggishly, but neither complained that it wasn’t their time for watch yet. Quite the opposite. Four rubbed his eyes tiredly but sat up to get his gear. Sky was more difficult to wake, but a deep, concerned frown made its way onto his face the second he saw Warriors was missing.
Legend knew the look and had grown to respect Sky’s sixth sense: Something was wrong.
 Legend wandered around the smoking remains of the town for a long time. The cold night air made him shiver, and the smell of burnt wood made his nose itch. The shallow light of his lantern made it hard to see anything, but he kept trotting through the mud anyway. The Captain had to be here somewhere.
He had almost given up when a faint sob caught his attention.
He froze.
Warriors was kneeling on the ground, seemingly uncaring if he got dusted in soot or his trousers soaked in mud. His face was lowered, long bangs hiding his expression. In his hands, he clutched a dirtied, pink plush octorok, torn and singed.
That unusual display from the proper knight wasn’t what made Legend’s heart stutter, however.
It was the heart-wrenching sobs the Captain muffled with his scarf. Almost like a pained animal, Warriors let out low howls of distress. His whole body shook, trembling fingers clutching the octorok tight enough to choke the poor thing.
He approached him, but Warriors gave no sign that he noticed him. No move that he was ready to defend himself against a threat.
Legend bit his lip in concern. Something was deeply, deeply wrong.
His voice seemed to startle the Captain. He flinched violently, hand slipping from his mouth. Without the scarf to obscure his cries, the loud whimpers echoed eerily in the night.
He lifted his head and deep, red-rimmed eyes met Legend’s.
 No matter what had happened in the past weeks, no matter how Warriors had drawn away from them – Legend could not stand to see his suffering.
His lantern had hit the ground with a bang and rolled off into the distance.
The Veteran rushed forward faster than should have been possible, falling to his knees next to the Captain. He pulled him into his arms, carefully cradling the back of his head against his shoulder.
The lantern’s dim light was just bright enough to see the way Warriors curled in on himself, see the way he latched onto Legend’s tunic and held on. His tears soaked through the fabric and Legend felt overwhelming helplessness.
 What on earth had happened to make one of their strongest fall?
 Legend pressed his cheek to the top of the Captain’s head and shushed him. This was what got to him the most in the hero-ing business: Being helpless to other people’s suffering.
It took long, long moments until Warriors finally caught himself.
He stayed slumped over, but his sobs eventually died down. The shaking in his bones remained.
The Captain sniffed, then shifted. For a second it seemed like he was about to push Legend off, but then he only loosened his grip on Legend’s tunic to wrap his arms around him instead. He rested his head on Legend’s shoulder. He leaned his full weight on Legend, trusting him to hold him up.
“Thank you.”
His voice sounded scratchy, sounded like cracks in a mirror.
Somewhat egoistically, Legend was glad he didn’t need to look into the Captain’s face in this moment. His brain tried to catch up to what was happening, but his heart already knew he needed to hold Warriors for as long as he’d need.
“Don’t mention it…”
The Captain was silent again. His chest rose and fell rapidly against his, heart beating fast enough for Legend to feel it.
 Legend squeezed his eyes shut.
Sympathy overcame him. No, empathy.
He knew this.
It had many names: breakdown, trauma, shutdown.
For Legend, it had only ever been pain and darkness.
And he knew that he couldn’t ask questions now. He would have to move at Warriors’ pace.
 So he pulled Warriors closer, holding onto him tighter.
“Tell me how I can help.”
Warriors smudged his cheek against his shoulder. “It hurts.” He pressed out, low and broken.
Legend ran his hand through his hair, untangling the soot-stained locks.
“I know, tell me what you need.”
Warriors lifted his head, leaning back. His hands unwrapped from Legend, but he let them wander down his arms. He took his hands, almost crushing Legend’s fingers in his tight grip.
Taking a deep breath, Warriors glanced to the heavens as if Hylia could send help.
“She’s dead, Leg. Dead.”
 Vertigo invaded Legend’s mind and he was grateful he was sitting down. What? That couldn’t be right…
The Captain searched his face, before he quickly shook his head. Realization dawned on him and his eyes looked even more horrified than before.
“Not the girl.” He was quick to assure, even though it sounded quiet and weak.
Letting out a low sigh of relief, Legend ran his thumbs over Warriors’ knuckles. “Then who…”
His face fell again, and like little pieces of broken glass, more tears spilled over his cheeks. Warriors’ eyes were shattered, misery and suffering pooling in their depth once more.
“Her mommy, Vet. Her mom is dead and…”
He broke down into another fit of tears, tilting forward again until his forehead hit the Vet’s chest. “Her mom didn’t make it. She inhaled too much smoke and… She was dead before her daughter made it to the Med Tent.”
He didn’t lift his head, but he gestured lifelessly to the plush toy that had fallen onto the ground next to them. Its beady, plastic eyes stared up into the night sky.
“You know why she inhaled the smoke? She tried to get her daughter’s stuffed toy. Her daughter was crying and she wanted to… and she fell and…” The Captain hiccupped miserably. “She fell and couldn’t get out. By the time her wife pulled her from the house, she’d already inhaled too much…”
Smoothing a gentle hand across Warriors’ back, Legend swayed from left to right to soothe him. Now he was just as confused as worried.
Yes. The story was horrible. Incredibly heart-breaking. But Warriors hadn’t been there to witness it. He knew all of them had seen worse, and he knew the Captain had experienced far worse things in his career.
So why did this make him cry in such a horrible way? Why did this make him launch into a full-on shutdown?
 Wars shook in his arms like they were the only thing holding him together.
Legend’s mind worked overtime to connect the pieces without making Warriors suffer through questions. He came up empty.
“You went back into the village to get the octorok.”
It wasn’t a question. But it still just didn’t make any sense.
“Why? She’s gone Wars. Risking your life by going into a burned down home, alone, at night, won’t bring her back.”
A deep sound of pain filled Warriors’ lungs, but this time Legend was certain that it wasn’t sympathy for the girl or the dead woman Warriors felt. This was something personal.
Legend’s heart gave a painful throb.
“It’s the… Her mommy wanted to get it for her. It’s important. It… it will be the only thing reminding her of… of her mom.”
Warriors bit his lip and shifted back again, staring into the cloudless sky to hold back another breakdown.
Legend just continued to stroke his hands. He still didn’t understand why that was Warriors’ business at all.
A gust of wind blew across the open plain, stoking the still burning embers of what had once been the village. Warriors’ soot-stained scarf flattered in the wind, its ends stroking across Legend’s face when a particularly harsh blow of wind came.
For now, he could do nothing but listen, unsure how else to help Warriors with his inner turmoil.
“That’s kind of you. I’m sure she will appreciate it.”
Warriors laughed, the sound horrible in the dead of night. He let his hands drop from the Vet’s and the sudden distance between them felt punishing and cold.
“I don’t know about kindness.” He shook his head, and his whole body trembled with it. “You were right, it won’t bring her mother back. It won’t help with that aching emptiness inside. It won’t help that she will look at it every day, wondering if it’s her fault her mother died. It won’t help all the birthdays and celebrations she will miss. It won’t help the guilt of surviving. It won’t help with waking up at night and screaming, but no matter how loud you scream you can’t bring them back. It won’t let her mommy give her one final hug. It won’t help the loss and the hurt and this yearning to…”
He broke off, hands reaching out and grasping onto thin air.
Then his head crashed down into his hands. This time, his painfilled wails were worse, so unspeakably painful that Legend felt goosebumps rise across his skin.
 Wind’s question from earlier that day rose up in his mind.
Like a bucket of ice water being emptied over his head, Legend finally saw sense. The puzzle pieces clicked into place.
No, Warriors didn’t have a little sister, he realized. He had something far, far more painful.
Yet, Legend didn’t want to ask. He didn’t want to confirm the suspicion that was dawning on him. That had been dawning on him the longer he watched Warriors. He just had been blind to see it, even when the hints had been so obvious.
 The way his first day in their group had gone. The way he had attacked Twi and Time for having a bunch of kids that were clearly not theirs. How he had looked shell-shocked when he had seen Wind and Four enter camp, two children barely old enough to be called teenagers. The way he had protected the younger heroes with his own life. The way he had made sure Four got enough sleep, Hyrule didn’t wander off alone, Wind ate and drank enough. The way he had been hit by Wind’s demand to leave him be. The way he had drawn back from them all when all he had tried to do was care for them.
The way he had fought Time to help a little girl who had lost her mothers.
The way he had gone into a burned down house to retrieve one final token, one last piece of comfort for a heartbroken little girl.
 The way his own pain and misery had been steadily rising since he’d fought with Wind and no one of them had seen it.
 Legend averted his eyes. Tears of shame brimmed in them, hot and unmerciful.
Goddesses he had been so stupid.
They all had been. They hadn’t known, but there amongst there middle had been a man who suffered so greatly from trauma that was unspeakable to even name.
Legend had never felt so ashamed in his life. All of them, goddesses, amongst all of the Hylians in the world, all of them should have been the first ones to see the signs.
And yet, all they had done was push Wars away, accuse him of bullying and ignore the hurt that was so blatantly obvious in his behavior.
 Carefully, like the Captain was a startled animal, Legend reached out a hand. He rested it on his shoulder, squeezing gently. He hoped it would ground him in reality, prevent him from falling into a flashback of times he didn’t wish to remember.
Warriors’ eyes snapped back up to Legend, and it was the best he could do to not sway from the intense feelings he saw inside.
His throat felt dry and he tried one, two, three times before he could make any sound leave his lips.
“Warr-… Link. I have to… Link, did you…”
In the most awful turn of events, all of the emotions bled from Warriors’ form. A resigned look entered his face. Like a man kneeling for his own beheading, he sighed and closed his eyes. Braced himself for the question he knew was inevitable now.
“Ask. Ask it, Legend.”
 “Did you lose a child?”
 Warriors flinched like he had been shot through his heart. All misery and suffering rushed back tenfold. There simply wasn’t any preparing for the words to be spoken out loud, it seemed.
Legend reached for him again, pulling the Captain down against his chest to wrap him in the tightest hug he could manage.
He wished he didn’t have to hear the answer. Even when Warriors said exactly what Legend had anticipated.
 The next moments felt like hours as Warriors broke down on him again.
All Legend could do was hold him together, rock him back and forth when he sobbed and cried for an experience he hadn’t gotten to share with anyone, hadn’t gotten to mourn, hadn’t gotten process. An experience he’d been reminded of little by little for the past few weeks, but had slapped him in the face today.
Legend couldn’t tell how much time passed while Warriors just wept and wept. He buried his own face in his scarf, hiding from Legend while leaning on him so fully, Legend knew he was the only thing keeping him upright.
The Vet let him cry, didn’t shush or console him. There was no comfort to offer. He couldn’t empathize with the unbelievable suffering his companion must be going through. What horror he must be reliving in the moment.
Horrors he had been too afraid to share with them all. Because they had reacted badly to Wars trying to cope.
There is no pain like missing your child, he’d said to Time.
Legend pressed his eyes shut and tried to shove the guilt away to be dealt with later. Now Warriors needed him.
 When Warriors’ onslaught of pain subsided, he slumped against Legend. All strength left his body.
“He was a baby.” He started. He sounded oddly detached. “Barely two weeks old. I… His mother hadn’t given him a name yet.”
His voice sounded dead, like he had cried out all of his emotions and was left hollow and empty.
“He… He was so small Legend. So tiny. His smile was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and from the day he was born, I loved him with all my heart.” He swallowed thickly. “I still love him with all my heart.”
Legend wanted to intervene, to tell him that he didn’t need to torture himself like this. He didn’t owe Legend an explanation. It was Legend who owed Warriors an apology.
But Wars clung onto him tighter when Legend took a deep breath to speak. All intervention left Legend. By the tight grip alone, he could tell that Warriors was desperate, needed a soul to share this with.
And hell would be paid if Legend wouldn’t be that person.
So he hummed, urging him to keep going. It took a moment before Wars found the strength to do so.
“But he wasn’t safe. Do you understand? My little baby, my happy little seagull…” Warriors drew in a shaking breath. “He had a price on his head. One day, an assassin made it into his nursery. They wanted to end his life because he was my son. Because he was Zelda’s son. They wanted to hurt my sunshine boy because of us.”
Squeezing his eyes against the tears that now ran down his cheeks, Legend pulled Warriors more fully onto his lap. The Captain let himself be manhandled, too tired to care.
“A guard stopped the assassin at the last second. But… But Zelda… She did nothing to protect my child. She didn’t want to ‘waste men’ on protecting a baby. She didn’t allow me to protect him either. All that mattered to her was the war. So… So I had to make sure no one would hurt my baby again, Legend.”
A sudden, terrible coldness overcame him. Oh no. Warriors couldn’t mean. He hadn’t…
“I had to send him away, Legend. My baby, my heart, my tiny seagull. I… I sent him away and I didn’t know if he would be safe, if he would survive, if someone would find him and help him…”
He clutched Legend’s tunic tightly, almost ripping the fabric. Legend felt horrible for feeling the tiniest bit of relief – and for thinking the worst of Warriors again.
He’d just send him away, not… Goddess what was he thinking. Warriors would never.
Warriors was none the wiser to his inner turmoil.
“It’s the most horrible thing I have ever done, Vet. I’ve regretted it every day since. I should have… Done something. Anything. How could I send my baby away? What kind of horrible, heartless father…”
This time Legend did intervene. He grabbed Warriors’ chin and lifted it, forcing him to look into his eyes.
“Don’t speak like that. You love him. You wanted to save his life, Warriors. And you probably did. You’re not heartless, you are selfless. I know it hurts, but don’t get hung up on the what-ifs… Trust me, they don’t help you.”
Warriors averted his eyes, and Legend knew he didn’t believe him. He dropped his hand from the Captain’s chin, instead smoothing it back to cradle his neck.
Warriors looked wrecked. Exhaustion, tears and soot stained his face. It was terrible to see the prideful Captain this way.
Legend swallowed, before he tried to divert the topic a bit. Anything to rid Wars of that haunted look.
“Is that why… why you wanted to help the girl?”
Warriors closed his eyes and sighed. “Yes. I know… I know how it feels. When I saw her I…”
“Time was a jerk for getting mad at you. We all were jerks. I’m sorry we never...”
Warriors shook his head. He lifted a hand to wipe at his tear stains, but it only smudged the greasy soot.
“You couldn’t have known. I… goddesses I wasn’t much better, was I? When I saw you guys, especially Wind and… and Hyrule and Four. So young… So alone… I…”
“You thought of him. You saw him in us. In Hyrule and Four and Wind.” Legend realized.
Warriors made a choked sound. “Yeah…” He let his head sink, his bangs hiding his face again. “I couldn’t help it. I didn’t even consider it might hurt their feelings. I never meant to hurt Wind. You have to believe me. When he yelled at me I…” Legend squeezed his neck again. “It hurt Legend. I didn’t know what to do. I… oh Hylia I didn’t mean to hurt him. All I wanted was to disappear, to not cause him any more distress. And when you said that me drawing back hurt him too, I… Dammit how fucking useless as a father can I be, huh? My seagull was better off without me.”
He laughed, but the sound was like icy rain to Legend’s heart.
He pulled Warriors forward by his neck and placed a soft kiss against his forehead. When he leant down, he rested their foreheads together. Warriors only stared at him.
“Never say that, Wars. Never. You were hurt and you were trau… You were trying you best and didn’t know how to deal with Wind’s reaction. It’s fine. Wind has a big, forgiving heart. The kid is a freaking ray of sunshine. He will forgive you if you explain this to him. So don’t say shit like this, okay?”
Warriors sniffed and Legend got the feeling that he would start sobbing again. Tragically, there were no tears left to cry. So Warriors only sagged down against Legend, this time dragging them both down to lie in the mud.
“You can’t tell him, Legend. Him or the others. Promise me.”
Legend stared into the starry night. Then he carefully readjusted Warriors’ scarf so it wouldn’t hang in the mud.
“It’s your secret to tell. But you should know that none of them will judge you. It will be easier to carry the burden if you share it. Believe me.”
Warriors shook his head against his chest. “I’m not… I’m not ready for them to know. There… no, they can’t know. It’s my cross to bear.”
Legend scoffed. “Stubborn idiot.”
That, at least, got a startled chuckle from the Captain. Thank Hylia, the Golden Three and anyone who was listening.
“But Sky and Wind will want to know something. They are the ones who… wanted me to get to the bottom of why you… well the situation with Wind.” Warriors tensed. “But I understand this is far beyond anything I or even them expected from this. If it’s okay with you, I can just… tell the others you lost someone. And that Wind’s words hurt you. That’s all the details they need. I don’t want this to continue and for them to think you meant harm. It might get Time off your case, too.”
Warriors pondered over his words for a few moments.
“Alright.” He decided. “But please don’t say more than that. No more details about… about Zelda or what I did… And I really need to apologize to Wind. God, hurting the kid… it was never my intention.”
Legend shushed him gently. The light from his lantern had dimmed enough that only a sliver of light remained. The plush octorok lay forgotten in the mud, staring at Legend with accusatory, beady eyes.
“Don’t worry about that now. I promise it will be fine. You will patch things up. Tomorrow, we can go to the stables and bring the girl her toy. And then I can talk with the guys while you get some rest. It will all be fine, Wars. I’m here now, and I will help you.” He tightened his embrace on the Captain.
“I understand the… burdens and pains we bear, as heroes and as people. And I will not leave you alone with yours. We’ll figure this out and everything will be fine.”
Warriors sniffed, before turning his head to rest against Legend more comfortably.
“I hope you are right.”
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irenekohstudio · a day ago
Tumblr media
Cheers to our friends who always got our back no matter what, friends who chose to stick around when things get crazy! What's your message about your bestfriend? They could be a person or your furry companion. Let your besties know how much you appreciate them! Happy Mondays!🥰
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gaitwae · 2 days ago
People need to stop making me want to hold their hand I swear I'm just gonna say "I love you" and never elaborate if it's romantic or not and then it'll get weird again
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vibezzonerrythang · a day ago
Tumblr media
17 years to the day, Lita and Trish Stratus put on an absolute classic and helped elevate the women’s wrestling division to another level. The two competed on Monday Night Raw for the WWE Women’s Championship where Lita defeated Trish to become champion. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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arlenianchronicles · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Whelp the recent installment of the @allthatglittersisnotgoldrush AU really intensified my feels for Finrod and Beren.
So here’s a practice sketch of them! I wanted it to look like an old photograph (which may become a running theme with my future fanarts XDD). I also wasn’t sure what Beren’s canon look is, only that his tribe in-story originated from the Pacific NW. So I thought I’d go a bit vague for now until I can cement his design.
Part of me likes the initial sketch more (especially Finrod’s face loll), so here it is as a bonus:
Tumblr media
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hymnsandhearses · 18 hours ago
Five years ago I got a vasectomy. In one month I will be in Los Angeles visiting the person who made me these pancakes to celebrate the fact I would no longer have the ability to reproduce. The world is better for it. Team vasectomy!
Tumblr media
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made-by-jade-222 · 2 days ago
Hi I just wanted to say your work is amazing and I wanna request something before asks close!
Just a lil thing with platonic KamiKiri with lee Kaminari (it helps my soul), maybe sentence starter "Let me see your smile!"
Again, you're amazing and ily!
“Let me see your smile!” Kirishima said, pushing the corners of his mouth up. “Like this!”
Kaminari pouted, scowling darkly.
The two of them were currently having some down time, watching youtube. They’d come across a try not to laugh or smile challenge by one of their favorite youtubers, and the two of them failed miserably.
“You’re so easy man,” Kirishima chuckled. “You laugh at everything.”
“I do not!” Kaminari argued.
The redhead raised an eyebrow. “A puppy wearing sunglasses.”
Kaminari pressed his lips together.
“A german shepherd wearing shoes.”
“Pffft! Hahahaha!”
Kirishima grinned. “See? I told you!”
Kaminari huffed. “Okay, well, that’s not fair. We just watched a funny video,” he said. “Not everything makes me laugh,” he whined.
“Alright, alright,” Kirishima conceded, ruffling his hair. “How about this: I’ll admit that you don’t laugh at everything when you pass a try not to laugh challenge. But, I’m the one who has to make you laugh.”
His friend scoffed. “Please,” he said. “That’ll be too easy.”
“Oh, so you think I’m unfunny? Hmmm. Well, because you said that, you can’t smile either.”
“What!?!?! Oh come on!”
“Hey, you’re the one who wanted to prove yourself.”
“Oh alright, fine. Do your worst.”
Kirishima closed the laptop and set it aside on his bedside table, then he jumped up and grabbed Kaminari’s hairbrush and began to use it as a microphone.
“Hello, hello, hello, gentles and ladymen! So, you ever been to france? I haven’t. Some people there eat snails. I guess they don’t like fast food!”
Kaminari rolled his eyes.
“Wanna hear a roof joke? The first one’s on the house!”
Kaminari shook his head.
Seeing he was getting nowhere, Kirishima said, “Well, yesterday I tripped and landed face first in my chocolate cake. Remember that? Thankfully I didn’t get any on my clothes. Iida would have had a cow.”
The corners of Kaminari’s mouth twitched.
“Ooh, I know!” Kirishima said. He cleared his throat and began to sing.
“On top of spaghetti all covered with cheese
I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed
It rolled off the table, it rolled on the floor
And then my poor meatball rolled out of the door
It rolled in the garden and under a bush
And then my poor meatball was nothing but mush.
And later that summer it grew to a tree.
All covered with meatballs, too yucky to eat.
So when you spaghetti all covered with cheese,
Hold on to your meatball and don't, eeeever sneeeeeeze! AAAACHOO!”
Kaminari was pressing his lips as hard as he could and kicking his feet, trying desperately not to smile, or giggle. The song was goofy and silly, but also Kirishima, bless him, wasn’t the best singer in the world. (Though he wasn’t the worst singer either, to be fair.)
Kirishima blinked a few times. “Still?” he asked. “Man!” He put the brush away and sat next to him on the bed. “Valiant effort my friend, valiant effort.”
Kaminari let out a breath. “Whew!”
“You good?” Kirishima asked with a chuckle.
Kaminari nodded and gave a thumbs up, showing he was ready to continue.
“Let me see your smile!” Kirishima said, pushing the corners of his mouth up. “Like this!”
Kaminari pouted, scowling darkly.
Kirishima made a silly face.
Kaminari looked away.
“Nuh-uh!” Kirishima said. “You have to look at me!”
“Come on!”
Kirishima grinned, preparing to surprise his friend. “You sure you don’t wanna turn around man? Last chaaaaance~” he said. “Fine by me,” he said, starting to poke his side repeatedly. “Have it your way!”
Kaminari flinched and tried to wiggle away from the tickly pokes. “H-hey! Not f-air!” he complained, grimacing to compensate for how desperately he wanted to smile.
“We never said no tickling!” Kirishima said. “And to be fair I tried a buuuuncha other stuff before I resorted to this. Ehehe! Come oooon~” he sang. “Show me that smiiiiile~”
Kaminari grunted, barely keeping it together as he unintentionally fell back onto the bed.
“You give up?” Kirishima asked, pausing as he towered over him with an evil grin.
Kaminari pouted and folded his arms.
Kirishima laughed and started fully tickling his friend's tummy.
Kaminari couldn’t hold back anymore. He smiled. And then he giggled.
“Aha! Gotcha! Tickletickletickletickle!”
“No? What do you mean no?” Kirishima asked as he kneaded his hips. “You put up a valiant effort! And I think you deserve some sort of consolation prize, don’t you?”
“Ahahahahahaha!” Kaminari was too busy giggling to respond.
“And what better consolation than a few laughs and giggles between friends, huh? Laughter is the best medicine after all!” his friend said as he pinned an arm above his head.
“Ahahahahahaha! No! Nahahahat theeeehehehehere!” Kaminari begged.
“A ticklish armpit? Ooh, good for me!” Kirishima said, and his goofiness along with his scribbling fingers in the ticklish hollow made Kaminari’s laughter go up a notch.
“Tickle, tickle, tickle! There’s that smile!”
“Nahahahahaha! Dohohohon’t tehehehease!”
“But why?” Kirishima asked, working on his other armpit. “It makes this so much more fun! And watch those legs of yours, or I’ll tickle ‘em!”
“Nahahahahat for mehehehehehe!” Kaminari whined, continuing to kick and squirm as much as he could, gasping with ticklish horror when he saw his tickler move towards his worst spot. “Waitwaitwaitnononono! GAH! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!”
“Ehehehehe!” Kirishima giggled with him as he squeezed his knee and tickled underneath it. “So, do I win?”
Kirishima smiled and stopped tickling, offering a hug once his friend had caught his breath and sat up.
“Ehehe…hehe…he…” Kaminari panted, leaning on him heavily.
Kirishima massaged his scalp. “You did good,” he said. “You lasted way longer than you did with any of our videos.”
“Thanks. It was really hard,” he said, turning and giving him a full on hug.
“Now will you admit that you laugh at everything?” Kirishima asked.
Kaminari grinned. “Never.”
Kirishima gasped, then tackled him onto the bed and started tickling him again. “How dare you! Also, I’m assuming green, but, color check?”
Good thing it was Saturday!
xD Hope you enjoyed! xD I had a lot of fun with this one loooooooooool xDDDD 💕 Also tysm!!! x3 💕
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witchysolfan · a day ago
Ok but in the Shopping Spree episode in Batman the Animated series, what if Bruce Wayne, not Batman, Bruce Wayne managed to friendship Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn?
Like the effects Ivy put him on wire off as he developed some immunity to her plant effects. Not completely but some, and surprise both women by just asking if they have eaten anything yet. Of course Ivy is ready to put him back under her spell, not expecting him to be out of it yet but Harley is loudly saying “Oh yeah! I’m starving! I haven’t had good food in like forever!”
And Bruce Wayne just takes them out to dinner, actually treats them both to a platonic date, and it just starts a weird friendship between the girls and rich playboy Bruce Wayne.
All the while expecting Batman to show up but he doesn’t. At least not traditionally.
And it just ends with them all becoming friends.
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the-widow-sisters · 2 days ago
Could you possibly do a fic where Natasha and yelena stumble across the fics that u wrote and write about their reactions? Like maybe yelena points out how even other people think Natasha is a poser? Thanks!
A/N: This one is absolutely hilarious 😂 I had way too much fun writing this 🤣💖 I didn't write specifically about my fics, and I made it generic so that it could be anyone's, but I hope you still enjoy! 🥰💕
Word Count: 1860
Natasha came in through the door, having headed out to go and fetch the mail. When she had been out there, she had spotted Steve and Sam on a run and she had stopped them to talk for a little while.
She was honestly surprised Yelena had not come out to see what was taking her so long with the mail. Yelena always stuck to Natasha’s side remarkably closely, and she never left Natasha alone for too long unless she absolutely had to or unless it was because she had lost track of time. Which told Natasha that Yelena must have been extremely distracted while she had been outside.
“What’re you doing in here?” Natasha called, feeling a bit of trepidation as she considered the many possibilities of what Yelena could be up to that would distract her that much. Natasha was strongly afraid of the possibility of Yelena setting up some sort of elaborate prank while she was outside.
However, to her surprise, Yelena was in the big armchair in the living room. She was slumped into the armchair with a laptop perched on her knees. As soon as Natasha approached the doorway, Yelena looked over at her. Her eyes immediately lit up with pure excitement, and Natasha felt a bit of nervousness creeping upon her. However, the expression was too adorable for her heart not to melt a little.
“Natashka! Come and check this out!” Yelena cried, and Natasha felt the nervousness disappearing as she realized she was most likely safe from pranks at least for that moment. Natasha came over, an eyebrow quirked as she looked down at the blonde.
“Bend down and look, poser! No time for waiting around!” Yelena scolded, reaching up and grabbing Natasha’s shirt collar and dragging her downward. Natasha grunted a little as she kneeled next to the chair, but she chuckled nevertheless as she squinted her eyes just a bit to read the writing on the screen.
To her pure and unadulterated shock, she found that the words before her were a narrative that seemed to star Peter and Tony as the main characters. Natasha furrowed her brow, reaching out and grabbing the side of the screen firmly as she adjusted it so that she could see it better.
“Yelena, what is this?” Natasha asked, and Yelena just shrugged with a slight laugh.
“I have no idea. But you should see some of the other stuff I found, though,” Yelena informed her, and changed tabs quickly with a wicked cackle.
Natasha squinted, reading the words quickly before her eyes widened and she looked over at Yelena with horror, her stomach flipping over as she felt a bit like vomiting.
“What the—”
“I know, right?! Some people think that Stark and the Star Spangled Speedo want to suck face,” Yelena cackled, and Natasha just gaped at the screen with horror as she tried to erase that utterly terrifying image from her mind. She knew both of them would definitely never ever do that with each other.
“They obviously don’t know about Pepper, do they?” Natasha inquired finally after collecting her thoughts well enough to control her shocked reaction.
“Or they don’t care,” Yelena declared before just laughing even harder, holding her stomach as she tried to hold herself together long enough to tell Natasha her next words.
“I’m going to send the link to her,” Yelena just barely managed to get out before the laughs overtook her completely. Natasha shook her head, rubbing at her eyes with a hand as she tried to literally wipe what she had just read from her vision.
“What is this website anyway?” Natasha asked, and Yelena scrolled up in the midst of giggles to point to the top left corner. Natasha furrowed her brow.
“Archive of Our Own?” Natasha questioned, and Yelena nodded, hardly managing to hold herself together in the midst of her mirth. Natasha put her hand on the mousepad and directed the cursor over the “About” listed below the website name. A dropdown menu appeared and there was an “About Us” section. Natasha then clicked that option and started to read quietly to herself.
“So… It’s a website for fans of the Avengers to write stuff about us?” Natasha asked, furrowing her brow as she considered the thought with some disgust.
“Yeah. And they write stuff about all sort of movies and TV shows, too,” Yelena explained, and Natasha swallowed a bit, trying to process the entire thing.
“But that’s a little more acceptable… I mean, we’re real. Shouldn’t there be something against writing about real people?” Natasha pondered aloud, her eyes still a bit wide as she considered the whole thing with immense horror in her eyes.
“Honestly, I think it’s hilarious that they write about real people. Imagine how awkward the team is going to feel when I find some of the nastier, steamier stories from this website and send it to them when they’re the stars of it,” Yelena laughed joyfully, and Natasha shook her head.
“No. You are not doing that,” Natasha informed her, and Yelena just poked her lip out a bit.
“C’mon, Natashka… It could be so funny! I mean… America the Brave as a porn star in an online story,” Yelena told her with giggles wracking her entire form, and Natasha shot her a disapproving glare, trying to resist the urge to from a less mature side of her to find the whole thing funny as well.
“You don’t want to give Steve a heart attack, do you?” Natasha asked, her voice not as firm as she meant for it to be, and Yelena just scoffed.
“He probably wouldn’t have heart attack! Just… mini-stroke,” Yelena assured her, an evil smirk spreading across her face. However, Natasha could easily see that the younger woman knew that she was right. Natasha sighed deeply before noticing the search bar. She narrowed her eyes.
“You don’t think,” Natasha trailed off, and Yelena raised her eyebrows as she seemed to catch on to what Natasha meant as Natasha moved the cursor to the search bar. Yelena reached out and took over control of the laptop, clicking the search bar and typing their names into it.
To their absolute shock, there were a ton of listings for stories featuring the two, and Natasha and Yelena shared a slight glance, their eyebrows raised nearly to their hairline. They then turned their attentions back to the screen as Yelena scrolled through.
Yelena randomly clicked one, not taking time to read the description as she scrolled down a little.
They started to read, and not too far in the story, they both froze in surprise, and Natasha squinted, trying to make absolute sure that she had read the words correctly.
“They… We… What?!” Natasha yelped, and Yelena quickly pressed the back button and returned to the search as she wrinkled her nose. Natasha covered her mouth, her eyes wide as she took in the whole thing with horror.
“Eww… It is like they have not heard the term inbreeding,” Yelena declared, and Natasha felt her stomach twisting uncomfortably with the thought of people picturing her and her sweet baby sister in a romantic relationship together. That was the farthest from what they were to each other. True, they were exceedingly physical with each other, but absolutely none of it was anywhere near romantically intended.
The two grew quiet for a moment, and there were several beats of silence before Yelena started to hum and sing softly under her breath, browsing the options listed.
“Sweet home Alabama…”
Immediately, Natasha snorted hard in spite of herself, and Yelena began to cackle gleefully as they both relieved all of the tenseness and disgust of the last story that they had looked at together. Yelena put her hands up in a position like she was playing guitar as she made guitar noises out of her mouth.
“Rooskaya, you’re insane,” Natasha told her, chuckles affecting her voice as she looked at the younger woman fondly. Yelena moved her head over, bumping it against Natasha’s from where the redhead was crouched next to the chair.
“Well, you’re a poser. Oh, wait, look! Here’s another one!” Yelena pointed out and clicked the link to take them to the story. Natasha shook her head with a deep sigh, somewhat dreading what was going to come next.
They started to read and to their surprise, it was not a romantic story at all. It was a tale of sisterly love and platonic interaction, and Natasha found it somewhat adorable in its ability to pinpoint Yelena’s personality perfectly. Even if it did portray Natasha a bit too soft in her own mind.
“Ugh… Can you believe this crap? They try to make me out like I’m some kind of cuddle monster.”
“You are,” Natasha informed her, and Yelena narrowed her eyes at Natasha. Natasha smirked a little, raising an eyebrow as she chuckled. She then leaned in and kissed Yelena’s head. Yelena leaned into the affection in spite of herself, and Natasha grinned widely as Yelena just proved her point.
As soon as Yelena fully realized it, she narrowed her eyes at Natasha, moving away slowly and hesitantly.
However, as she continued reading the story before her, her face suddenly lit up in a giant smirk as she looked at Natasha and pointed to a word on the screen.
“Huh. Look at that. You’re such a poser that even these story-writer people say that you are,” Yelena declared with a mischievous laugh, and Natasha just huffed, rolling her eyes as she took in the word. It was used as a nickname for Natasha ironically from a piece of dialogue uttered by Yelena.
“Looks like they’re just characterizing you perfectly. Y’know. Capturing your innately irritating nature,” Natasha informed her, and Yelena grumbled something under her breath.
“These people must watch a lot of those videos you post on Instagram for them to figure out that you call me that,” Natasha pointed out, and Yelena shrugged a little as she looked at the redhead.
“These people are pretty obsessive. But at least this one got the most important thing right,” Yelena spoke, and Natasha sighed slightly with the barest hints of a smile as she knew exactly what was coming next from the blonde beside her.
“What’s that?” Natasha questioned somewhat begrudgingly, knowing that Yelena was just looking for another opportunity to bring up the poser thing.
“They know just how I love you,” Yelena expressed with a soft expression in her eyes as she gazed at Natasha with an adoration that took the redhead’s breath away. Natasha felt her heart swelling with the affection, and she extended her hand to touch the side of Yelena’s neck and pull her nearer. Natasha pressed her forehead against Yelena’s, and Yelena melted against her immediately. They both closed their eyes, enjoying the feel of each other.
There was a beat of silence, and Natasha could practically feel Yelena’s need to say something. Natasha. Natasha opened her eyes to meet Yelena’s who were sparkling with mischief.
“Plus, they also know you’re a total poser.”
“And there it is…”
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janejocaro · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The evolution of Jugenea chemistry
from adorable to hot to ... I don't even know what to call that.
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sunshineysprinkles · 3 months ago
idk who needs to hear this today, but don't go lurking on ex friends and partners. nothing you see or read will make you feel better there. all you're doing is hurting your own feelings. leave them in the past and do your best to move on with your own life, to make what you have now happier rather than dwelling on things that used to be (:
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noburden · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“In my friend, I find a second self.”
c.s. lewis / my best friend by the coral / @slugspoon (alivia horsley) / @billypotts / hanya yanagihara / ‘after party ll’ salman toor / the kids aren’t alright by fall out boy / a summer’s tale / lorde / hanya yanagihara / abed and troy (community) with a winnie the pooh quote @weelezzer / isabel norton
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I lost every friendship I ever had and it still hurts.
1. Finneas O’Connell / 2. Ocean Vuong / 3. adampvrrish / 4. Otessa Moshfegh / 5. Fairycosmos / 6. Richard Siken / 7. frenchtoastlesbian
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arosuggestions · 4 months ago
We’re not “just friends,” we’re friends. 
Stop defining friendship as less than romance. Stop defining romance as better than friendship. 
Friendship is enough, friendship is beautiful and fulfilling and good. Friendship isn’t less than. No type of relationship is better than another. 
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hannibalgirlpower · 11 months ago
the intimacy of knowing where everything is in a friend’s kitchen........
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