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I have been in love few times, but have had sex with a good number of men. I fell in love and had an LDR with someone I met online, and then he cheated on me. I thought it was the end of the world—but that’s your first heartbreak for you. I’ve heard that you can actually die from a broken heart if it’s intense enough. The flings never matter, unless you want long-term ones. I had a guy I met on Tinder show up to my house after I told him that I didn’t want to see him anymore. I had a thing with a guy I met at a bar occurring for a while, but that ended when he left the city. On and on and on. And then I met him.

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Ask and ye shall receive.


‘Excuse me, Weiss?’ A voice chirruped by Whitley’s shoulder. ‘Have you seen Ruby at all?’

Weiss’ eyes travelled to the right, Whitley’s following a moment later. A short boy in a green and red jacket stood nearby, an embarrassed smile on his face.

‘Uhm, no, not that I can recall,’ Weiss sighed, pressing a hand to her head. ‘Please don’t tell me she wandered off?’

‘I’m afraid so.’ The boy scratched his hair, awkwardly glancing at Whitley then back to his sister. ‘She said she was looking for the girl’s bathroom, but she didn’t think to ask for directions.’

‘Oh for the love of…’ Weiss looked as though she was struggling to keep her composure. Whitley couldn’t help but grin, especially when the other boy grinned with him. ‘I’ll go find her. Oscar just…please stay with Whitley. I don’t want to look for you as well.’

‘Not to worry, dear sister,’ Whitley said with a slight bow. ‘I shall be a perfect host for your friend.’

‘I’m sure.’ Weiss turned her back on him without a second thought. Whitley stared at her back for a moment as she departed, slightly miffed by her reaction. But he’d meant it. He really had…

Shaking off his funk, Whitley turned to greet his newest guest. He was a common enough looking sort, much like the rest of his sister’s friends. But he wasn’t wearing a military uniform, which put him a step or two above the rest of Ironwood’s lackeys.

‘Oscar Pine,’ the other boy extended his hand. ‘Glad to meet you.’

‘Quite.’ Whitley shook his hand without great enthusiasm. ‘I take it you’re one of General Ironwood’s party. Aren’t you a little young to be a huntsman?’

‘Would you believe me if I said that I was General Ironwood’s nephew?’

Whitley cocked his head. ‘I might, if it weren’t for the General being an only child and you looking nothing like him.’

He’d expected defensiveness. Outrage. Some attempt at bluster or bluffing. What he hadn’t expected was for the other boy to start laughing. The adults around them glanced their way, saw two boys standing together and then returned to their drinks. Whitley’s irritation flared. This was meant to be as much his night as Father’s. Part of Father’s speech included the official confirmation of Whitley as the family heir. Instead the rich and powerful of Atlas were looking at him like he was just another one of the children.

He swallowed the shame as he always did, keeping his lips even and his eyes mild until the roiling of his stomach eased. A little disrespect from these fat and happy imbeciles was easy enough to look past. Compared to Mother after Winter or Father after Weiss this was…nothing at all.

‘I’m sorry,’ the boy sounded genuine in his apology, at least. ‘It’s just that the General prepared me a whole cover story, complete with a briefing packet, but he never told me that he was an only child.’

‘That would be because Ironwood is a fool.’

The boy arched an eyebrow. ‘Oh? Do you know him?’

‘I’ve met him once or twice.’

‘Oh…that just sounded like a very personal opinion.’

‘It is,’ Whitley said shortly. ‘My father’s.’

This had gone on for quite a bit too long in Whitley’s opinion. ‘Look, Mr. Pine.’

‘It’s just Oscar.’

‘Oscar,’ Whitley continued with far more patience than the boy deserved. ‘Whilst this might be a party to you, this is a very important night for me. My father is relying on me to represent the Schnee family name tonight, and I can’t do it if I’m blathering away with you.’

Oscar stared at him for a moment, his brow knitting together as if he was confused by something. ‘Then…why aren’t you doing it?’

‘I beg your pardon?’

‘Well, I mean…you just seemed very eager to talk to Weiss, not the guests.’

Whitley scowled suddenly, the rush of anger coming far too quickly for him to stifle. ‘I beg your pardon? I am perfectly entitled to want to talk with my sister if I so desire.’

‘I know. But…was anyone here really vying for your attention? You almost seemed bored.’

‘I wouldn’t expect some Mistral boy to understand the intricacies of Atlas high society,’ Whitley said stiffly.

‘Sorry, but it seems like your father just has you running around doing, well…’ Oscar glanced away. ‘…servant’s work.’

Whitley spluttered helplessly. ‘Excuse me? How dare you…what would you even know about that?’

Oscar held up his hands. ‘Whoah, I used to work on a farm, alright? I just know what chores look like when I see them.’

Whitley paused in his tirade. A farm boy? Well, that would explain the servant’s hands and the rustic accent…but still…chores? Him? The grandson of Nicholas Schnee doing…chores? His eyes travelled toward the dining room, where even now Father would working his words, spinning his webs. That was where the important decisions were being made.

And here he was. Performing for the crowd. As much of a wind-up doll as Weiss had ever been. Except Father wasn’t even here to watch the act.

‘It just seems a little boring, that’s all.’ Oscar interrupted his thoughts once again. ‘Have you got any video games?’

‘Video…video games?’ Whitley could feel his eyes bulging. ‘This is the political event of the century and you want to play video games?’


Whitley took another look at it all. The string quartet. The lights. The decorations. The expensive clothing.

Oscar was right. It was boring. If Father wanted these vacuous people charmed he could…he could…he could bloody well do it himself!

‘Sure. Let’s go.’

‘And could we get some food as well?’ Oscar followed him up the stairs, both boys taking them two at a time.

‘There’s heaps of food down here.’

‘Yeah, but it’s all so sweet.’ Oscar’s face screwed up. ‘Can we get some toasted cheese sandwiches?’

‘I…don’t know what that is.’

Oscar’s eyes lit up. ‘Whitley, you’re in for a treat. Get us some ice cream and lemonade as well, I’ll show you how to make a spider.’


And so Whitley and Oscar feasted on toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches and chocolate ice cream spiders. They played Call of Honour: Atlas Warfare until the early hours of the morning, missed out on any and all dramatic occurrences and neither were shot off a cliff.

Neo spent a very long time wandering around Atlas Academy, completely unable to find Oscar to steal the relic off him.

Stay tuned for further youthful hijinks.

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What does Cappie want in a future partner?
Cancer fren: so Cappie, what kind of guy are you looking for?
Cappie: uhhhh, hmmm, I-
Cancer: Yes? :)
Cappie: Q////////Q *knows exactly who she's crushing on but can't say cause too embarrassing*
Cancer: I bet its someone nice and handsome and-
Cancer: *jawdrop*
Cappie: *blushing*
Cancer: *dies laughing*
Cappie: q////q staph!
Cancer: I hope you find a guy who is like you but with a dicc haha
Cappie: ;///; yes...
2 weeks later: Cappie shows everyone the boi she crushing on.
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hello. I been upset about some things for a while and shutdown. Make me not any energy to do anything.
I not have friend offline and very lonely. I want know people but hard make friendship.
people say online thing like zoom make more accessible for them. It not for me. I not be include those things. I can’t understand many speaking and I not fast using communication device and sound communication device make bad. If not I can use device typing and time make message I not part the group.
too many thing make me not have friend and I upset about it. I don’t understand why people bad with me. I never be understand many thing. It shouldn’t be so hard accept person disabilities autistic non-binary queer trans and many more thing.
sometimes I meet person then never see or talk me again but never tell why. What I do so bad that never want know me?
I tired.
if want be friend talk me or come Facebook group or discord chat.
good night

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Hi. It’s me. You probably won’t read this, and that’s fine! I’m not gonna mention you by name, because I don’t really think I want you to find this. I want other people to see it, though. I want people to learn from the mistake I made in losing you.

We first met six years ago. Isn’t that crazy? I was TEN! We had so much fun together. You were there for me. You made me feel safe.

But I betrayed you. I threw everything you meant to me away, because I wanted other, disgusting people to like me. I let them convince me that I had to be an asshole, and that it was worth losing you to be stubborn, and stand by my shittiness.

Jack died soon after things ended, actually. It’s like I had to lose both of you at the same time. I went numb, for a little bit. Then loads happened, you’d have been great for that.

I thought I was transgender for like, five months. Still confused about that, actually.

I’ve been trying to be better. I’ve been trying to hold myself to a standard you’d approve of, and I’m still going to. I don’t do this for you, though. I do this for the people around me. I don’t want to hurt them like I hurt you.

I tried to reconnect, because I thought everything could go back to normal. But… it can’t. It was wrong of me to ask Max to hit you up, but I understand why you told him you wouldn’t want to reconnect with you. I was such an asshole, and it’s natural that I can’t undo the damage I did.

Admitedly, I’ve snooped on your profiles a couple times. I know, I’m creepy, but I wanted to know that you’re okay. And at the very least, you seem to be!

Thank you, I actually started using the app because I wanted to figure out what you like about it. Too late, though.

Now, you. The person reading this, not the friend I addressed it to.

You CAN’T be a coward like I was. I think about my friend almost every day. I’m crying because I don’t think I’ll ever talk to them again. I don’t think I can, but god knows I’d do anything if I could.

The people you care for need to know that you care about them, and you can’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t. Take a step back, try to examine things from an outside perspective. For the love of fucking god, treasure your friends. Don’t be cruel, or vindictive. Don’t break off the best friendship you’ve ever had because that asshole Troy was trying to slowly turn you against anyone he didn’t like.

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