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#friendship campaign
thesnadger · 4 months ago
*My wizard reads an NPC's mind*
Me: Ah, what a good strategic move to help us get more information about the situation.
*An NPC reads my wizard's mind*
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scribefindegil · 7 months ago
thinking about . . . Him. (my terrible NPC dragon patriarch whose name translates to “Perfection Gold-Lover” and whose human form canonically looks like Lin-Manuel Miranda)
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spacecapart · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
I had a lot of fun working on this commission for @astriiformes (which was a gift for @scribefindegil) of three NPCs from their DnD campaign! Left to right, this is Palava Natsendil, Alembic Doomfist and Hubris Steelfingers, who all have marvellous names and posed various interesting challenges when it came to drawing them. I’m especially proud of how Hubris turned out, because I’ve never drawn a tabaxi before. (Fun fact: I based her fur patterns loosely on my mum’s cat Luna.)
If you’re interested in getting a commission of characters from your own campaign (or from any other media for that matter), then check out the sidebar links on my blog for a post with prices and other info!
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amaranthbirate · 10 days ago
I was listening to random music and Bones in the Ocean by The Longest Johns came up—somehow I'd missed this one, I don't remember hearing it before—and the whole time I was thinking "is this Amaranth?" Love your girl, and thought I should say. 💜
oh gosh ;___; That is amazingly spot on because that song holds particularly a lot of emotions for me for that reason! @astriiformes was the one who originally showed me it because there are definitely Amaranth vibes from it and it destroyed me!! I tear up pretty much every time i listen to it lol ;v; Thank you for the ask! <3
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pj-was-here · 7 months ago
Vanny and The Parr family
Am I the only one that thinks that the interactions between Vanellope and the Parr family are super wholesome I mean during the Prank Spree friendship campaign Vanellope and Dash have a Terrible twosome sibling relationship heck you can mistake them for siblings by just looking at them and during the Sweet Revenge friendship campaign Violet was concerned for Vanellope’s safety after she heard the villains were plotting to hurt her but ended up having fun with her by messing with them and turning the tables on em and during the Mum's the Word Elastigirl LITERALLY wanted to adopt Vanellope but decided to just be her mentor (Vanny really just thought mentee ment minty) what I want to know is where is the friendship campaigns with Vanellope and Mr. Incredible and Vanellope and Jack-Jack seriously that would make my day
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isi7140 · a year ago
Well, I had to do this, because the @friendshipcampaign​ is the best and I am Invested. Took a little longer this time because I had to write more. Recorded in one take again because otherwise it’d never get done, I hope it’s okay. @astriiformes​, feel free to yell?
Lyrics under the cut:
O’er the land the dark is falling ‘Midst fading light As the night-birds start their calling ‘Midst fading light Stranger sights the evening conjures Shadows growing ever longer Night becoming even stronger ‘Midst fading light
As the nightfall ever deepens ‘Midst fading light Grasp the fortune that you’re seeking ‘Midst fading light When the shadows burn and blind you Though the frost and fire may bind you Hope and home will always find you ‘Midst fading light
See your path stretch ever onward ‘Midst fading light Though far afield you wander ‘Midst fading light Moon and sun shine ever clear Truly, brighter days are near Know your journey does not end here ‘Midst fading light
Original version and first verse, as well as the art, from the campaign blog. I’d add a link but tumblr apparently doesn’t like that.
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friendshipcampaign · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Our party had to defend themselves to a bunch of judgy celestials, and it quickly turned into everyone defending their friends by talking about what good people they were. Ditto got very emotional. 
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anglerfish · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Commission of @friendshipcampaign for @astriiformes​! 
[commission info | redbubble]
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the-lord-of-the-things · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I drew @astriiformes fluffiest glasses boy which Skype almost Devoured but now Here He Is
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astriiformes · 5 months ago
Last night during D&D our party rescued a very sweet drow ranger who’s far enough from home (and in a tricky enough situation) that they’ll probably need to stick with us for a little bit, only for us to discover that they only speak Elvish and Undercommon and Erwyn is the only member of the party who can translate for them (and their dialects of Elvish are pretty different, at that!)
Anyways, it’s reminding me just how much I love when speculative fiction settings play around some with languages. Common is a nice plot device to make sure all your player characters can talk to each other and most people they run into, but it adds a lot of depth to a setting for even normal, mundane language fluencies to have relevance from time to time. I love it
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thesnadger · 4 months ago
Sometimes you scam the wizard, sometimes the wizard scams you.
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scribefindegil · 6 months ago
introduced a REALLY stupid tabaxi npc last session and i think that’s an important untapped resource. just gonna scatter a bunch of characters based on all the stupidest cats i’ve known throughout our campaign world.
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sun-critrole · 3 months ago
Okay I know we all know this but Veth? Took her sixteenth level in wizard because she has a wizard she loves a whole lot? This pulls at my heartstrings just as much as Vax taking a level in Druid with Keyleth.
Because the root of the multiclass is that same, right. It's admiration of skill, sure. But it's love - mechanical, mathematical proof of love. Look, I changed the way I operate because of you. I wanted you to have permanent fingerprints on my story, and I did it with numbers - like how we do everything in this game, except the parts we make up. But now there's a paper that has numbers on it and the numbers mean I love you.
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amaranthbirate · 11 months ago
To anyone following our campaign and is interested in how queer agenda and drama-filled last night’s session was:
Quick summary, our group was being celebrated as heroes for saving the city from demons earlier that morning at a very fancy party.
Amaranth had Nora as her date, and then quickly acquired her other date, Sparrow,a buff orc lady, in which the three of them disappeared from the party for a bit.
Ditto got to flirt with Pebble, another gnome (who had helped us previously and has her own underground villain lair, with mechanical spiders), in the form of cultural gnome flirting when a relationship is built around being nemesis with each other (but in a romantic way).
Kasia and her ex gf Tress got to spend time some time together, and actually expressed earnest feelings about their previous lovers spat.
Basically all the PC wlws had their wlw moments, it was great.
Kriv sympathizing with Molgan about ace-ness, after their mom tried to set them up with Kriv, and made it weird.
Crispian asking Erwyn to dance, and then the two of them going to the library together, where Crispian shyly expressed liking Erwyn, and Erwyn gently let him down, letting him know about his aro-aceness. the two of them still had a nice conversation together where they bonded about their not-great families.
Special shout-out to Creed the trickster domain cleric tiefling, who was a able to woo a GOLD DRAGON, (Scribe rolled a natural twenty, and we all collectively lost our minds for ten minutes)
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justalittlebluetiefling · 9 months ago
"Essek morality and Jester morality line up a lot for me" dude I had not considered that. like it's this almost complimentary inverse where Jester is "it's okay if you're evil. just don't be evil to me" and Essek is "it's okay if I'm evil, but I won't be evil to them." sorry that's just absolutely fascinating.
No, I love it! It’s one of the reasons that I find the friendship between the two of them to be so compelling. I feel like I want to ramble and write extensive meta on this, but I’m also tired, so I’m just going to post this and say YES. 1000% this. 
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funnywings · 14 days ago
i do find it funny that most normal people would have been fine with dean getting a romance arc with jo, but the show still was like. idk. doesn't feel right. and then little sister zoned her.
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isi7140 · a year ago
if it makes u feel any better amaranth is fine now and had a nice bubble bath after!
Bubble baths are very good! I just Worry, lol. More bubble baths, no more dying, k?
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acentrics · a month ago
Tumblr media
essek and jester as long distance friends in a modern au (essek is studying and jester is telling him about the bread bug) ft. sprinkle
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