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lonely-achingly-lonely · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Watching The Cotton Candy Sunset.
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solarhyucks · 2 years ago
; friends to lovers!au [l.j.]
WORD COUNT: 5.0k; bulleted fic CONTAINS: drunk!jeno AUTHOR’S NOTE: this is really long, oops
Tumblr media
lee jeno and you have been best friends ever since Y'all were out of the womb
your moms are best friends and had you two during the same year
essentially, he’s seen you at your absolute worst™
he will never let you live because of it
you two are two peas in a pod, attached by the hip
ever since you were toddlers you followed each other wherever and whenever
your parents, mostly moms, always gush about how you’re going to end up together and what not
they like to think that they’re matchmakers
fskds they secretly are
anyways ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
during your middle school days, you meet a group of dorks that soon turned out to be your friends for most of your high school career and onto college
over the years you grew relatively close to jaemin, adding him to your duo
when college started
you basically lived at jeno’s and jaemin’s shared apartment
the only day you went back to your dorm was Saturdays 
their apartment had already had a lot of your belongings there so there was really no point in moving everything
it wasn’t weird for jaemin to find you curled up to jeno in the mornings
the two of you were like that since babes
he actually found that quite cute and just assumed you two were together from the get-go and never said anything
the three of you had morning classes together
it was lit having your two best friends with you 
but it was also where jeno met nancy
the first day they started talking didn’t bother you
you were legitimately happy that he finally broke out of his shell and started talking to girls
when the first month passed by, the two had gotten relatively close relatively fast
it was almost like she replaced you
your days no longer consisted of movie nights and late night drive-ins to the local ice cream parlor
it was awkward when he started to bring her over to the apartment
you would just lay in jeno’s bed and when she came over you knew to leave his room
so you slept in jaemin’s bed for the majority of the days
he didn’t care that you did
what ticked him off was that jeno decided to ditch plans made months prior just to hang out with nancy
he understood that she was his girlfriend but he didn’t need to break it off with you and the guys
but what hurt even more, was the fact that he cut you off completely after a few months with her
whenever you two passed each other in the apartment he would ignore you
once you tried saying good morning be he turned the other way
you didn’t fully realize your feelings for him until you saw them holding hands and smiling like there was only them two in the world
it felt like falling into a cactus
your heart was punctured by a million needles, it hurt but as time slowly passed, it became numb
you never tried to pull the foreign objects out, knowing that if you do, blood will come gushing out
and then, the months passed by like days and suddenly the needles were lodged deep down and you couldn’t pull them out anymore
they were so deep that the pain it caused you, became normal for you
it was as if they were never there to begin with
you don’t remember the months passing, just the memories you made
slowly throughout that, jaemin had replaced jeno’s absence
he was your rock ever since
they were no longer close like they had been growing up
it was like jeno never existed within your friend group
just like getting close to jaemin, you had gotten a lot closer to the group of boys you drifted apart from
you found solace in mark’s brotherly love, renjun’s sharp and witty comebacks, haechan’s mischievous behavior, jaemin’s beaming smile, chenle’s contagious laugh, and jisung’s caring comfort
it hit you one day, how out of reach jeno was when you were in your dorm
the box was in the corner of your closet, covered by his high school letterman jacket
going through it was like a trip down memory lane
it reminded you of all the reasons why you fell for him
“are you sure you want to go alone? i can come in if you want.”
“it’ll only take five minutes, wait for me?”
“of course.”
jaemin had brought you to jeno’s apartment that day
and when you reached his door you weren’t expecting to be greeted with a smiling nancy
despite how long they’ve been dating, you would never get used to seeing her
you noted the walls
they no longer held picture frames of old memories
instead, they were of him and her
they were his new memories and it stung to find out you were no longer going to be a part of his life after this visit
you wanted to vomit
from recollection, you made your way to his room, passing by jaemin’s old bedroom
after what happened, jaemin packed up and left
when you got jeno’s room, the artificial smell of fruits was the strongest
it was as if she was mockingly marking her territory
“he’s in the shower right now.”
you nodded in response, not daring to speak knowing your voice would crack
one by one, you pulled out the contents in the box and placed them on his bed
picking one up your voice started to wobble
“this is his sweater, he really likes this one,”
“this is his favorite shirt,”
“the idiot left his only pair of glasses at my place,”
“he also left his shoes,”
“his jacket,”
“so that’s why this was so heavy,”
you pulled out his various textbooks
“this is his most valuable leather jacket,”
you gazed fondly at it
“don’t lose it because i almost did and i almost died,”
“and also, don’t tell him i told you this but, he thinks he’s so cool because he owns one,”
she giggled your stomach churned
you didn’t want to be here anymore
you didn’t want to be here in the first place
“this is his old baseball jersey, make sure to wear it during his upcoming games, it brings him tremendous luck,”
“oh this is his cap, it also brings him luck so wearing this and that will bring him double the luck,”
she nodded thoughtfully, a smile reaching her lips when her hand grazed the old leather
you bit your lip
“and... and this is his bracelet, he really likes this one.”
your hands slightly ran over the old metal you wore for soo long
tears were starting to gather in your eyes
but it was the time to give everything back
you just wished he returned your heart
“thank you, y/n. it means a lot,” she gave you a beautiful smile
you couldn’t be mad at her
she did nothing wrong and it would be wrong of you to hate her for this
after all, it was your heart’s fault
you gave her a forced smile and blinked back the tears
“of course, anything for you and jeno. but tell him to come to visit more, the guys really miss him.”
‘i miss him too’ you refrained from saying and excused yourself out
“you took longer than 5 minutes- are you crying?”
you shook your head at jaemin but he gave a challenging stare and you finally let your tears loose
“we shouldn’t have come,” he tried to reason but you gave a strained grin 
“i had to. seeing his stuff sitting in my closet was starting to suffocate me.”
he took you in his arms, hands soothing your back and you relaxed into his chest
“let’s go, the guys are waiting for us.”
he nodded, wiped away your tears, and reversed out towards the direction of the cinema
“who was here, babe?”
jeno emerged a few minutes later from the bathroom, a towel in his hand and a toothbrush in the other
“it was just y/n. she came to drop off your stuff.”
nancy held up his things in her grubby fingers
your mocha and vanilla scent still hung in the air but it was soon overpowered by her disgusting fruity perfume
he doesn’t remember the last time he saw you or your smiling face and angelic laugh
it’s been months, almost a year without contacting you
and he’s realized how much he misses you
“jeno babe, are you alright?”
still dazed at the polaroid of you, he nodded
it was a photo of you and jeno, taken during your senior year of high school
you were under his arm, tucked into his side with your grinning face being half covered by your hands
he was smiling happy and glowing and he remembered the way his cheeks burned after it was taken
at the bottom of the polaroid, written in your handwriting was: you’re the missing piece to my life
it was a phrase you had used since you were young and stuck with you all the way until high school
seeing your words gave jeno a funny feeling in his chest
it had been happening ever since the 9th grade and it left him confused
whenever he saw you his day visibly got better and his mood instantly brightened
talking and seeing you made his days and was the only reason why he attended your school
“we’re going to be late for the movie if you don’t get dressed.”
it was her voice again but he so badly wished it was you
his mind was playing tricks on him
he didn’t understand the burning sensation in his chest when he threw the picture in the trash
it was like a piece of his left with you
“yeah, just give me five minutes and we’ll get going.”
he ignored her pointed stare and ushered her out, glancing back at his belongings that still held your scent
jisung ran towards you when he spotted your huddled figure in the dark and embraced you in a tight hug
“we missed you,” he murmured with a heavy tone and everyone else nodded along with him
the last time you saw everyone together was a month ago
chenle, renjun, mark, and lucas also made their way to you, engulfing you in their arms for brief moments
jaemin nor you had informed them about the situation with jeno and mark made a comment about where he was and you just gave a shrug while jaemin gave a side eye
“he didn’t have time today.”
the group nodded, oblivious at the situation at hand and proceeded to the doors of the theatre
you trailed slightly behind the obnoxious group that held chenle’s and mark’s laugh
jaemin saw this and matched your pace, bumping your foot with his and a laugh escaping when you missed his leg
“you sure you want to be here? we can go rent out movies.”
giving him an incredulous look
“of course. this is the only time when everyone can be together.”
he shrugged his shoulders and bit into the lollipop in his mouth
his eyes zeroed in on a group with a very familiar brown-haired couple in it and he took out the candy stick, throwing it in the trash
“look who decided to come,” he spat out venomously and inclined his head towards the group
the group was of made up of several people you had in your morning classes
they seemed like nice people despite the partying they did
you grimaced and brought his arm to your shoulder while telling him to hide you
hoping your friends wouldn’t notice jeno you told them to hurry up with the drinks and popcorn but you were stopped short when jeno yelled out mark’s name
mark and lucas whipped their heads around and bounded over to the couple’s group while the rest of you stayed behind
chenle and jisung didn’t know them, still being high schoolers
renjun knew them but distasted a particular boy in the group so he opted to stay back
jeno stated very loudly that he and nancy were dating when mark asked when he got a girlfriend
jaemin rolled his eyes, arm simultaneously tightening around your shoulders
“i thought you were busy?”
“nah, i had no class today.”
“ah, y/n told us you couldn't make it.”
“yeah, don’t listen to her. she doesn’t know anything.”
he regretted the words the instant they left his mouth
it was a low blow and the words on your tongue were suddenly in your throat
you wanted to take up jaemin’s offer but the tickets were already paid for
renjun, chenle, and jisung stayed rooted in their spots, stunned with his response
they had never heard him say anything about you like that
it offended and confused them at the same time because you were known for your friendly and easy going behavior
it especially shocked mark and lucas but they were quick to recover and laughed it out with disbelieved chuckles and awkward head tilts
they looked between the two of you but jaemin was blocking you from their peering eyes
renjun’s eyes questioned jaemin’s and he eyed back i’ll tell you later
jaemin looked down at you as you hid your face in his side, he could feel the tears through his hoodie and he turned to give jeno a cold glare
“we’re heading in, the movie starts in 5.”
jeno stared at your retreating figures
your hair had gotten longer and you seemed more tired than usual
there was no longer a smile on your pretty face and your eyes didn't have their usual sparkle to them
seeing you... was weird for him
it was normally him with his arm around your shoulder, you wearing his hoodie or jacket, it was you wearing his bracelet, and you being next to him
what happened to you’re the missing piece to my life?
still holding you by the shoulders the two of you disappear behind the movie's doors
jeno didn’t know what caused him to say those hurtful words but all he felt was the searing of his heart and the simmering in his gut
it was funny how one day you were best friends and then the next total strangers
it was longer than you anticipated
the movie was only halfway done and you couldn’t sit still
you leg was bouncing up and down and your fingers were continuously twitching
being in the same vicinity as jeno made your skin crawl
it was long since properly saw him
he had grown more handsome, and every time you glanced at him you found yourself staring at him longer
but it was nancy who caught you multiple times that caused you to merge with your seat
jaemin noticed this and took your shaking hand in his, effectively soothing you and you brought your conjoined to tuck in your front pocket
you curled into jaemin’s side, head resting on his arm and fell asleep
the movie ended and jaemin shook you awake, calling your name softly and you blinked your tired eyes towards him
you said your goodbyes to the boys and scampered towards the exit with jaemin’s hand still in yours
you were glad that the movie finally ended and you couldn’t wait to return to jaemin’s apartment and snuggle under his warm covers away from jeno and nancy
even though you saw them for one day you had enough of them
it physically and emotionally drained you
“we were invited to chenle’s place, to sleep for the night.”
well, there went your plans for the rest of the night
“we don’t have to go if you don’t want to.”
“it would look weird if we didn’t, after what happened back in there i think we should.”
jaemin gave a nod but his white knuckles told otherwise and you stared out the window at the passing trees and twinkling stars
having been to chenle’s mansion multiple times, you and jaemin effortlessly weave through the painted walls to the numerous guestrooms
though it was late and the sun was hours away from rising, the boys insisted to stay up and remained in the arcade room connected to the theatre room
renjun opted to stay with you and jaemin while the others fooled around
“what’s the tea?”
jaemin gave you a look and you gave him a grimace at his choice of words
“i don’t know honestly,” you muttered. “we were best friends and then one day he stopped talking to me.”
“that doesn’t explain why jaemin isn’t friends with him either,” renjun whispered back with furrowed brows
“he was being an asshole, saying things being y/n’s back that wasn’t true.”
the crease in your forehead deepened and jaemin smoothed it out with his fingers and continued
“i knew there was something he wasn’t telling me, so i stopped talking to him and moved out of the apartment.”
renjun gave you two shocked stares, “but you three are the closest out of the seven of us, you’re best friends.”
“best friends don’t talk behind each other’s backs,” jaemin shrugged nonchalantly, defending you and you wanted the earth to swallow you whole
“jaemin,” you called him out. “just drop it, you’re getting worked up over nothing and i don’t want him hearing.”
“over nothing? he was the one starting rumors behind your back,” he was yelling now and you tried to shush him
renjun stared with his mouth agape as he pieced together the newly found information, closing his mouth with his hand once he figured it out
“is that why you always refused to hang out at mark’s?”
you nodded, ears burning in embarrassment as there was no point in denying the truth any longer and renjun cursed under his breath
“it’s nancy,” he spoke in a hush. “she’s not what she seems, don’t trust her.”
it was then at that moment the said girl and her boyfriend entered the room
a shrewd grin made its way to her smile and her eyes brightened when she spotted you next to a blatant eyed jaemin
“y/n!” she cheered almost too willingly, “can i talk to you, alone?”
she batted her eyelashes, an insidious gleam to her smirk
the words renjun just spoke seconds before echoed in your head
“sorry no,” you cringed and went to grab jaemin’s and renjun’s hands
“we actually have some things to do, maybe next time?”
you only hoped there would be no ‘next time’
unaware of her glower and jeno’s envious eyes, you dragged the two out and into the arcade room
with every chance you got, you dodged nancy’s prying hands and eyes, an excuse floating up your throat
it was the cue to go to sleep when jisung’s yawns reverberated the walls  so you sidestepped a nancy and hooked a jaemin in your fingers and sauntered off to your shared room
“she was acting really weird,” jaemin spoke so quietly you almost didn’t hear him. “it was almost scary.”
you nodded, “i tried every excuse in the book to avoid her.”
“i know, i saw.”
it unnerved you, the scowl she gave you felt like daggers to your head and you shivered
despite jaemin’s warm body dozing off next to you, you couldn’t manage to close your eyes so you laid next to him, staring at the ceiling as the sun rose from the mountain’s peak
when he woke up, together the two of you bounded down the stairs and into the kitchen where your friends were chatting about the upcoming spring break
“we should go to a ski resort!”
“do you remember the time i almost broke my ankle? yeah, no thanks.”
“why don’t we go to chenle’s vacation home?”
“mark, that has got to be the smartest thing you said today.”
“excuse me? i-”
“you’re excused.”
“oh! y/n, are you going to come along with us?”
it was already awkward with being around jeno and you didn’t want nancy to get the wrong idea so you declined, causing chenle and jisung to pout
“i’m sorry guys, i’m visiting my family this week.”
it wasn’t an excuse this time, you really were going to visit your family
they nodded understandingly though, bright smiles erupting when you patted the two youngest heads
the day after jaemin dropped you off at your parents’ home, leaving behind one of his favorite hoodies that you liked
your parents and you bid goodbye to jaemin after telling you that he’ll pick you up next sunday night
not seeing jeno by your side for once shocked your parents though
the two of you had been irreparable ever since your childhood so when you told your parents about the situation, your mom cradled your body like she once had when you were little
she really believed that you two would eventually get together
“i thought i saw all the signs,” she whispers into your hair and you sigh
“somethings aren’t meant to be i guess.”
the week passed by faster than you anticipated and by the time you knew it, jaemin was already picking you up
the air in the car was filled with an odd but comfortable silence and no words were uttered
the two of you basked in the afterglow of the setting sun
when you entered the apartment doors of your best friend, you took notice the pair of shoes situated at the end of the rugs and peered at jaemin curiously
he pointed to the sofa where a sober-looking jeno sat and you stilled
you give a thin smile and jaemin motions with his hands ‘i’ll explain later’
jeno twists and his eyes widen fractionally when he sees you adorned in jaemin’s sweater
as you turn into jaemin’s room he notices the way your laugh warms his heart as you push at jaemin’s shoulder when he playfully trips you and he can’t help his thoughts as they go back to when you two were close
it’s then that he finally understands his mistakes and how utterly stupid he was
what he wanted, was right in front of him his whole life and he realizes that you might be far out of his grasp
you sit against the wall, your knees up to your chest and you look at the old pictures in your hands
even though he was on the other side of the wall, you never felt so distant from him
the week passes by what seems like months with jeno in the same place as you
this was the longest time you’ve seen him and you were slowly getting accustomed to him again
it was doing things to your heart and you didn’t like it
later, jaemin tells you what really happened to jeno and it surprised you when you found out that she was going behind his back for months
“but she’s such a nice girl,” you began but your words suddenly sank when you thought about renjun’s words that night
“that was probably why renjun told us not to trust her,” after scrolling through multiple pictures on his phone, jaemin stopped and showed you
“i thought she was the innocent one,” you whispered, disbelieved at what you saw on his phone
he shook his head and clicked his tongue, “you can’t be deceived by looks.”
the whole next week at college she was the talk of the campus
jeno and her broke up shortly after and it almost seemed as if he wasn’t affected by it
he had slowly started talking to the boys and they seemed much happier to have him around again
their friendship resumed and it was as if those 10 painstaking months never happened
baseball season started and the team had already won their start-off game so to kick it off, one of jeno’s teammate decided to throw a party
he had invited the guys and jaemin invited you
at first, you didn’t want to go but a friend from class somehow roped you into going
so you got a ride with them instead of jaemin
upon arriving at the party, everyone was already drunk out of their minds and you cringed when you saw a couple half-naked on the wall
you hoped that chenle and jisung hadn’t seen that yet and silently prayed for their innocent souls
your friends left you as soon as they found partners to dance with
sitting at the small bar seemed like hours until you felt a tap on your shoulder
“hey,” it was a familiar voice but it was slurred and you gripped the drink in your hand tighter
jeno never drank so when his alcohol-based breath hit your nose you almost puked
“i’ve missed you. i miss you now, even though you’re here. when i look at you, it’s like a piece of me falls off and attaches itself to my heart that you carry,” his words were like a stab to your heart and it was painful to hear it from him drunk
“i wish i realized it sooner. every time i was with her, i wished it was you. i still wish it was you. i love you.”
he whispered the last words to you and you dreamed you were little again because bruised skin was easier to heal than broken hearts
“jeno,” your voice cracks and you have to clear your throat, “you’re drunk. you don’t know what you’re saying.”
he shakes his head furiously and falls into your lap, his drink falls from his hand and makes a mess on the carpet, “drunk words are sober thoughts.”
the tears from his eyes soak into your shirt and he doesn’t budge when you try to push him off
your own tears form on their own and they’re falling onto his shoulders
his confession catches the attention of others around you and glare at them, tears still in your eyes as you look around for jaemin
he spots you first and makes his way to you two, he helps him off and carries him to a nearby couch
“i’m taking him back to his apartment,” you wrap your arms around your body, his cologne is faintly on you and you want to bury your nose into his hair
jaemin nods and points behind him, “i’ll have johnny drive you guys back.”
you give a thin-lipped tilt and your gaze filters back to the sleeping boy you once called best friend
‘he’s drunk’ you say in your head ‘he doesn’t mean it’ you repeat but deep down, buried under all those needles, you know it's true
it’s late by the time johnny drops you off and he speeds off to another party after watching to make sure you get through the apartment entrance safely
you have to fish around his pockets for his keys and soon find them in his front pants pocket
when you open his door to his apartment, the walls are bare of pictures
the glass of the picture frames are smashed through and there are dried blood drippings on the wood flooring
you move around the broken glass with jeno hanging around your shoulder and open his bedroom door
papers were thrown messily around the room and the box that you brought back was tipped over, textbooks and clothing tumbling out
you set the boy down on his untouched bed and left his room
you settled on his couch with a folded blanket as your pillow
sometimes you wish you were a tree in winter, they let everything go and then start anew during the next seasons
you wish it was just as easy
but the more you thought of it, the more your headache grew and the more your heart ached so you forced yourself to sleep, dreaming of a happy you in jeno’s arms
when you woke up, your head still hurt and when you opened your eyes you noticed pressure on your chest
a mop of brown hair was laid between your neck and shoulder, arms were tightly around your middle, and a blanket was thrown over your bodies
seeing jeno sleeping so peacefully tugged at your heartstrings and your fingers itched to run through his hair
instead, you shake him awake, a whisper flowing easily from your mouth despite what happened last night
“wake up jeno, i have to leave.”
upon hearing your voice his eyes snap open and his grip tightens, “don’t leave me,” he begs. “i can’t bear to lose you again. i know once you walk out those doors, you’ll never talk to me again.”
the familiar pain in your chest creeps back up again and you shake your head
“what i said last night was true, so please don’t leave me. i love you, i love you, i love you, i love you,” he chants and digs his head into your stomach
you tell yourself that this isn’t right, that this shouldn’t be happening but you wrap your arms around him anyways and repeat his words back to him, “i love you.”
the days after gets better and the relationship with jeno is slowly mending
and despite the rough patches between the two of you, you two return back to normal
jaemin finally forgave him and was more thrilled to see his two best friends happy again
“you’re the missing piece to my life,” jeno hums to you one night and your eyes widen with happiness
“you remember that?” you place a hand over your open mouth and jeno hugs you to his chest, kissing your forehead and you melt into his embrace
“of course i do,” he murmurs against your head and you bring your arms around his waist
“and you’re the missing piece to my life,” you repeat to him and he grins into your hair
you recognize you love jeno more than you put out
as a child, your feelings for him were there but they truly blossomed when he confessed his love for you
that was when you realized your love for him ran deeper than the soil of the earth and longer than the rivers
everything was set into place, and with jeno and your best friend by your side, everything was fine
“i threw away that picture of us.”
“you did what?”
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larryfanfiction · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
An Unbalanced Force by FullOnLarrie @fullonlarrie
Length: 110k
Harry has the rest of his life planned. Marriage. Career. Kids. Happily ever after.
But sometimes plans don’t work out.
That’s not necessarily a bad thing.
Ao3, Chaptered, Completed
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Baby Love
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
Opening the door to my best friends home im instantly greeted by the brown and white dog, Dodger. His always so happy to see me and makes me smile instantly.
"Hi bubba" i laugh as i fuss him "Hey, its just me.... you home?" I call out to Chris.
"Yeah kitchen"
"Hey" i smiled and walked over to hug him and kiss his cheek as he stood stirring a pot on the stove, it had been a couple of months since i last saw him as he'd been away filming a new movie and id missed him so much.
"Well your a sight for sore eyes" he smiled "let me get a good look at you"
"Eh i look like shit" i moaned as i rolled my eyes "you on the other hand are looking great!" His hair was longer, his beard thicker.... how was it fair he always looked so good!
"You okay?" He asked getting my attention as he removed the pot from the heat.
"Yeah why?"
"I don't know, you just seem a little preoccupied" he said shrugging "you got something on your mind?"
"Its just been a real crappy day, but im here with you now so i'll be fine.... especially when you get me a drink" i laughed shoving him playfully before going to sit on the sofa. Dodger run over and jumped up next to me resting his head in my lap like he knew i needed some comfort.
"Here you go" Chris said from behind me then handed me a large glass of wine.
"Now thats what I'm talking about" i smiled taking the glass and taking a huge mouthful as I sat stroking Dodgers head.
"Ive made chilli, you want some?"
"Yes please"
"Then maybe you'll tell me whats going on?"
"Its nothing for you to worry about Chris, i'll be fine" i shrug finishing off my wine and holding the glass out to him "l'll have more wine though" i wiggle my eyebrows at him, i can see the concern on his face but he smiles and takes my empty glass.
Tumblr media
By the time we've finished eating I've gone through almost the whole bottle of wine, i look at Chris and his looking at me with worried eyes.
"Talk to me, this isn't like you"
"I had a doctors appointment this morning...." i start to say after letting out a deep sigh.
"Your not sick are you?? Are you okay!?"
"Im fine, its not like I'm dying" i shook my head "but some of my results came back and.... my doctor told me if I'm planning on ever having kids, i need to do it sooner rather than later. This time next year my chances of ever conceiving.... well their not good"
"Shit, im sorry.... i know thats something you've always wanted"
"It is, so now i guess ive gotta go look at finding a sperm doner" i shrugged before taking another sip of wine "i thought i had more time, that id find someone to settle down with and have a family.... this isn't how i wanted to do this" i wiped my eyes when tears finally escaped "i want my kids to have a dad Chris.... what if I'm not enough? What if i can't do this by myself"
"Hey" he reached over and took my hand "you can do this, your more than enough. This kid will be lucky to have you"
"You have to say that because your my best friend"
"Im saying it because its true"
"Maybe i should wait, i can always adopt" i shrug but deep down i already know i want the chance to have my own baby.
"Well you don't need to decide right this second, take a few days to think it over" Chris said pulling me into his arms.
"It just sucks" i mumbled against his chest enjoying the comfort of my best friend.
"I know sweetheart".
Tumblr media
A week later i had an appointment at the clinic and they talked me through my options and gave me a folder of sperm doners to go through, i was supposed to pick the father of my child from this folder. I was sat on my sofa with the folder open on my lap, red vine hanging from my mouth as i read through the different candidates when my front door opened and closed, Dodgers nose was soon in my lap looking for attention.
"Hey bubba!"
"Dodger come sit buddy" Chris said walking over and sitting beside me, Dodger laid down on the floor infront of where we were sat.
"What you looking at?" Chris asked grabbing a redvine and peering at the folder.
"Potential baby daddies"
"Really?.... its that easy? Just pick someone from a file?"
"Its not easy at all! Ive read this thing three times and i haven't found a single one that sounds right"
"Hey is that my shirt?" Chris asks looking at the blue Boston t-shirt I'm wearing.
"Yeah of course is it" i shrugged "i don't know why your acting so surprised i steal your shirts all the time"
"Ive been looking for that one, thought i lost it"
"You did, to me" i laughed "its my favourite, it reminds me of you when your gone"
"Fine! Geez, we're not even dating and you steal my shit"
"Ha! You should be used to it by now Evans, whats yours is mine and all that"
I close the folder and throw it onto the coffee table with a moan "i cant look at that thing anymore its giving me a headache"
"Come here, lay down" he tapped his leg and i laid down with my head resting on his thigh, i soon felt his fingers in my hair massaging my scalp.
"Oh god that feels amazing" i moaned a little closing my eyes and enjoying the head massage.
"Why dont i do it" Chris said quietly.
"Do what?" I asked opening one eye to look at him.
"Be your sperm doner" he shrugged like it wasn't a big deal but i could tell he was worried about how id react to his suggestion, I sat up and turned to face him.
"Are you serious?..... isnt that a little weird?"
"No weirder than you choosing a stranger from a file. It makes sense if you think about it..... plus, ive always wanted kids"
"Hold on, so not only are you suggesting being the sperm doner but you want to be the dad?"
"Why not? I cant think of anyone else id rather be a mom to my kid. I know you, i trust you and i love you"
"Chris....." i couldnt help but agree with him, it sounded perfect! I love Chris and his the best guy i know but i couldnt risk loosing him if this went to shit!
"You know it makes sense"
"Im not saying it doesn't.... but what happens when it doesn't work out? I cant loose you as my friend"
"You wont! This will just bring us closer"
"And what happens when you meet someone and want kids with her?"
"Then we'd deal with it, id still be there for you and our kid"
"And say i agree to this.... how would we do this? Insemination or the old fashioned way?"
"Whatever you think is best" he shrugged blushing a little at the thought of us having sex.
"I....can i think about it?"
"Yeah of course! Take your time" he nodded with a smile.
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victuurifanficarchive · 2 years ago
Friends to Lovers Masterlist
Tax Benefits by Adrianna99
“Viktorrr,” Yuuri whispered, his fingers bunched in the front of Viktor’s shirt.
“Mmhm?” Viktor mumbled, forcing his eyes to stay open. In the dim light Yuuri’s eyelashes looked longer than ever, his eyes dark and wide.
“Viktor, I don’t want to be alone,” Yuuri whispered in Viktor’s ear, his breath hot.
“I have an idea,” Viktor whispered, eyes locked with Yuuri’s. “If we haven’t gotten married to someone by 35, we should just marry each other! And then we won’t be alone.”
Yuuri nodded seriously his eyes wide. “Pinky promise?” he whispered, lifting one hand. “If we’re still alone when we’re 35, we’ll get married?”
Viktor smiled slightly, and locked pinkies with Yuuri. “I promise,” he replied solemnly.
[In which Viktor and Yuuri get married for the "tax benefits."]
Sorry, Wrong Number by Megalohdon
(SENT) i think you have the wrong number
Yuuri was never one to count the time it took to get a response, but he was aware enough to know he had hardly closed out of the messages app before his phone buzzed again with a reply. He felt bad, really, pitied them more with how quickly they responded because he was sure they were mortified by their mistake. That was fair, it wasn’t every day you sent a stranger an article about how to take it up the ass safely, and in the sender’s defense, Yuuri was probably one of the least likely people to make a big deal out of it. It could have been worse.
(UNKNOWN) I am so sorry
The Wrong Number AU where Viktor accidentally messages Yuuri about an article regarding tips for anal sex and Yuuri comes to terms with the fact that the man who filmed his favorite movie was texting him good morning now.
When I'm No Longer Young and Beautiful by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom)
It isn't until he's in his 70s that Yuuri confesses the romantic love he's always felt for Victor, his closest friend.
Scents of home by espritneo
Maccachin's human has changed many, many times in his life.
I Ship Us by Slytherkins
The internet is a weird and wonderful place. For celebrities, it can be practically dangerous, fraught with reviews, blogs, fansites and gossip rags. Victor succeeds in ignoring it for the most part; but when Yuri calls his attention to a heretofore unexplored (by him) corner of skating fandom, the silver-haired bachelor finds what may very well be his deliverance from purgatory.
But how does one go about unobtrusively introducing the object of one's affection to 'fanfiction'?
The Lights Overhead by ClaireBlueSkies
Circus AU:
Victor plays the light-board like an instrument with practiced ease. For those who watch carefully, he speaks with meticulously designed beams of color and bright sparkling lights. Not many watch carefully.
Yuuri, as a contortionist, communicates with his body as much, if not more than with his words. How he leans into some people and not others, and tenses his knuckles when he's nervous. For those who watch carefully, his heart shines through his chest. Not many watch carefully.
Luckily, Victor and Yuuri are watching each other, and they understand.
Six Hours Ahead by alipiee
When Yuuri downloaded the harmless quiz app, he didn't expect to become best friends with the Russian boy who asked him for a rematch.
Porkcutlet: Wait, you're from Russia right?
Makka: I am, why?
Porkcutlet: I was just wondering what it feels like to walk on the same ground as a real life angel?
Makka: Umm
Makka: It just feels like walking?
(In which Yuuri unknowingly befriends Viktor online and gushes to him about the living legend himself)
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solarhyucks · 2 years ago
; friends to lovers!au [h.r.]
WORD COUNT: 4.8k; bulleted fic CONTAINS: just some kisses :D AUTHOR’S NOTE: again, i’m sorry for it being soo long :>)
Tumblr media
when the cute guy from across the complex building sat next to you in your night class, you didn’t think the two of you would end up clicking instantly
renjun and you had bonded over your guy’s love of astronomy, succulents, and moomin
and when meeting his boisterous friends (who complemented each other like milk and cookies) they were more than excited to meet a new addition to their already large group
befriending his friends were easier than you thought and they seemed more entertaining than your own group of friends
mark was the oldest and dumb as a rock (haechan’s words not yours)
jeno was an angel who had the prettiest eyes
haechan was the mischievous and funny one 
jaemin had equally pretty smiles and a caring personality though he was a massive flirt
chenle was the one with the contagious laugh that always made your smiling cheeks ache
and though jisung was the youngest, he seemed more mature than his older friends for moments at a time
spending time with renjun (and his friends) was the highlight of your day
you always had the most fun with them and the memories made with them were forever going to be in your heart
and honestly, you might have gotten too attached those loveable dorks who always managed to make you smile on your off days
and despite only being friends with renjun for a short amount of time, you didn’t think you would have fallen for him so quickly and after a couple of months, it hit you one day
after one of your night classes ended, instead of going back to your apartment like always, you two decided to stop at the library
after situating yourselves in the back of the building with the small lamp turned on the two of you wrote in comfortable silence
but as the hues of orange and tangerine vanished, twilight stars replaced the once golden light and renjun fell soundly asleep
you didn’t know why your hands nervously twitched when your eyes skimmed the ridges of his soft skin 
or the way he simply looked so unreal and ethereal under the faint ray of the lamp, his skin looking painfully perfect from the golden glow being offered
and you especially didn’t know why your words caught in your throat when the sleeping boy murmured your name while in dreamland
it left you ˢʰᵒᵒᵏ
but unfortunately, the bright sunny sky was going to replace the starry night
you wanted to keep gazing at the beautiful boy next to you but you knew better than to leave someone slouched over
so you placed an unwilling hand on his shoulder and softly whispered to him, “renjun, the library closes in 5 minutes.”
his eyes opened sleepily and when he noticed your close figure he jolted up
his lips accidentally brushed yours in the process and you shot back, your hand to your lips and the other tightly gripping your pen
your heart momentarily stopped and once again you choked on your words, “r-renjun?”
realization dawned on him and he turned various shades of red all at once
he had just kissed you
and it was on accident
“i-i... mean to! i promise!” he shouted in the empty library and clutched at the chair he sat on, his red face illuminated by the glow of the lamp
“i didn’t mean to kiss you,” he whispers again, the hues of coral turning darker by the second
“it’s okay, it was a mistake,” you don’t meet his eyes and he nods
despite what happened he helped you put away your belongings and held open the library doors for you
the car ride back to the apartments was silent, the incident at the library clearly still running through your minds
when renjun pulled up to the apartment next to his, the two of you exited his car and faced each other awkwardly, your bags on your backs and the chilling air whirling around you two
“just... just forget about what happened okay?” renjun cringes at his words, wishing he said them differently
your only response is to nod as the rest of your words die on the tip of your tongue, “bye.”
with a wave of his hand renjun is already in his building before you can blink and the words suddenly bubble up from your throat, “i don’t want to forget it.”
the trudge up the stairs to your apartment room was longer than it should have been and it was like 100 pounds was added to your bag
and when you reached your apartment door, the sudden realization came crashing down on you like a tidal wave and your stomach churned uncomfortably
huang renjun had accidentally kissed you and you liked it
despite only being friends for a couple of months, your feelings for him slowly and steadily grew more and more with each passing day
and all it took was an accidental kiss, a kiss that wasn’t even supposed to happen, for it to finally come to your senses
“i like him,” you whispered, it was unbelieving to your ears and you continued to look up at the ceiling
you didn’t even remember getting under your bed and warm duvets
and every time you tried closing your eyes, your mind went to renjun’s pillowy lips touching yours and the smell of his laundry detergent that still clung to his shirt
did he really affect you this much that you couldn’t even sleep properly? 
yes, he did
it mortified you at how quickly friendships could end and your heart almost bursted
not being friends with renjun would take a toll on you and you only hoped that in the morning it wouldn’t change
that night, you dreamt of renjun and his soft lips
when the morning sun rose from the peak of the mountains and the birds chirped your eyes flung open
despite falling asleep, you had woken up several times throughout the night, renjun and his kiss still fresh in your mind
but his words rang clearly in your mind
you got out of bed with sluggish movements, not wanting to hang out with him and his friends today, courtesy of the previous night
getting dressed was difficult for you as renjun’s lips on yours was still in your mind playing rewind, mocking you
when renjun’s car horn sounded from outside you quickly grabbed your jacket and flew out the door, locking it behind you
after sinking into his soft leather seats, he gives you a fleeting look but says nothing, opting to shift in his own seat and then pressing the acceleration towards the diner where jeno, haechan, and jaemin are at
the car ride is again silent and there are minimal words spoken but when he picks up the jisung and chenle the ride is filled with obnoxious fighting and bickering
“i already told you, strawberry milk is better!” jisung’s deep and loud voice rings in your ear and you forget that he’s only a high schooler
“what if we ask y/n? y/n, do you think regular white milk is better than strawberry milk?” chenle scoffs behind you
you don’t pay attention to chenle’s whining but when he calls your name for the fourth time you meet his eyes through the rear-view mirror and give him a faint smile, throwing him off guard
to him, it seemed distant and off
“i asked if regular milk is better than strawberry milk.”
“oh,” you return to looking at the scenery out the window and your short response leaves the two high schoolers dumbfounded. “strawberry milk is better.”
despite the petty argument that was going on, chenle had noticed how stiff you were in your seat and the way you picked at your jacket sleeve
it was a habit of yours, to pick at something while you were too far into your thoughts and it concerned him
he also didn’t miss the way renjun briefly glanced over at you with a frown and tight fist locked around the steering wheel
“see! strawberry milk is superior to white milk!” jisung cheered from his seat, pointing a victory finger to the chenle and he sulked, eyes directing away from the front seats and to jisung
“no, it’s not,” chenle pouted, crossing his arms and playfully kicked at the long limbs of his best friend
“hey! stop kicking me! you’re going to bruise my shins!”
when you guys arrived at the diner you were the first to get out, wanting to get the stuffy air out of your lungs from sitting close to renjun
but renjun watched as you exited like a fly and the already frown on his face deepened
jisung was next to follow you while chenle decided to take his time
“something happened between you two. i can smell it,” he was being dramatic and renjun gives him a look
“i don’t know what you’re talking about,” it was a white lie and he knew it, chenle knew it
“i might not know what went on between you two but i know when you’re lying. just now, your voice was shaking,” he shook his head, skimmed past, and then looked over his shoulder, “don’t mess it up.”
he said as if he knew what happened and maybe he did, the way you two were acting was obvious
renjun caught up to him and gripped his arm, “i kissed her.”
“you what!?” chenle coughed up spit
“i don’t know, our lips accidentally touched and after we got back to the apartments, i told her to forget about it.”
chenle’s eyes bug and then he sighs loudly
he likes you, you like him, it should be simple really
“you’re a real idiot huang renjun and i hope you don’t mess this up.”
“what are you talking about?”
“don’t act stupid.”
“i’m talking to someone right now.”
renjun’s unanticipated words make chenle freeze in his step, “what’s her name?”
“i’m only going to say it one last time renjun. don’t act stupid, please.”
renjun doesn’t know what caused him to say that but the just the thought of you made him bring up the girl he was talking to
when he entered the five of you were already seated and for some reason, you, jeno, and jaemin squeezed into the booth, oddly close to each other
renjun didn’t know what to feel when he saw jeno’s arm wrapped around your shoulders but when you laid your head on his chest his head almost exploded
but as he sat down in front of you he didn’t say anything, opting to look past you completely and conversed with jeno from across the table
however, the rest of your friends noticed the strange behavior you both emitted though with their inquiring looks they didn’t say anything
they disregarded the unusual tension and chenle brought up the ‘white milk vs strawberry milk’ debate again leaving you and renjun to grovel in each other’s presence
you had glimpsed at renjun and when you found that he was already staring at you, you instantly averted your stare, finding something on the table more entertaining
the suffocating air between you to was starting to take an effect on the rest of the boys and jaemin was the first to break it
“we should probably get going—”
“can i ride with you?” it was renjun’s turn to freeze at your words
“but i thought—” you cut him off again and offer a smile that read sorry
“i just want to hang out with you two, i haven’t seen you guys for a while.”
jaemin nods dumbly and looks over to jeno who then nods back to you, “sure.”
after leaving the diner with jeno and jaemin in tow, renjun can’t help the way his hands turn clammy
even after a few months you still had an effect on him and he hated it
maybe he really should take up mina’s offer, that way, he can finally forget about his feelings for you
the rest of the night you stay occupied with jeno and jaemin, temporarily forgetting about the boy who kissed you
but when jeno drops you off and jaemin says goodbye you’re reminded of the renjun when his apartment lights are still on
and you almost don’t go to your night class but when his car horn sounds for the second time that day you cringe and grab your bag
this time when you sit in the passenger seat you offer a compelled smile when he looks you over
“i’m talking to someone. i think i might ask her out.”
hearing him saying that he’s going to ask someone out makes your throat clog up but you force yourself to speak anyways
“who is?”
“a girl from our night class. her name is mina, i think you know her.”
and you do, the two of you had worked in previous projects together and she always had a smile on her face
you nod, “i do. i’ve worked with her before. i think you two would be a really cute couple.”
it was like acid was burning your tongue and you wished you hadn’t anything at all
renjun also wishes you hadn’t said that and the sound of your monotone voice had his eyes searching for a reaction and his heart stuttering
he didn’t know why he couldn't just tell you that he’s liked you ever since the first day he saw you through the windows of his complex
but it’s the thought of your rejection that has him shifting 
“i’m going to sit with her for the rest of the week. i already texted her.”
his own words left a burning sensation in his chest and you nodded, eyes unable his to meet his and the quietness in the car returns
renjun stays true to his words
upon arriving to class and he makes his way towards a smiling mina and takes a seat next to here
when her cat eyes land on you her smile widens and you avert your gaze 
you hurry to your seat, all the way on the other side, and pull out your laptop, plugging in your earphones and drowning out the lesson
two hours fly by with music playing in your ears and you internally thank mark for offering to drive you home
after getting dismissed, you ignore renjun’s call of your name and make a beeline for mark’s car as soon as you exit the college doors
you’re not surprised to see his best friend, lucas, sitting in the passenger seat sporting the same grin you have
“i haven’t seen you in forever!” his rather boisterous voice has you beaming and he reaches over to muss your hair
“i know! it’s been like years!” you match his overdramatic words and the two of you burst out laughing
you had always gotten along with lucas more than the regular group of guys
after some time in the quiet but comfortable car mark speaks up while focusing on the road ahead of him, “why didn’t renjun drive you?”
“he’s driving mina back to her dorms,” you don’t know if that’s necessarily true but you say it anyways
“isn’t that jaehyun’s ex?” lucas gaps and mark’s eyes go round
“wait, is she the one who cheated on him multiple times?” your question has both of them choking on air and lucas turns to face you
“how do you know that?”
“you’ll be surprised at how much haechan talks in the group chat.”
mark curses under his breath, “i need to stop telling him shit.”
“you probably should,” you nod along and he curses again
mark quickly forgets about his question about renjun and he and lucas go back to fighting over which of their apartment to go to
in the end, they both decide on mark’s and you groan when they finally agree on it
mark’s place was a mess when the three of you arrived, various articles of clothing were thrown about his apartment and the dishes in the sink were untouched
his various hoodies enticed you so you snagged his red one off the table
it was a common occurrence for you to take your friends sweaters so it didn’t faze mark when he saw you in his overly large hoodie
he gave you a grin when his clothing dwarfed you and enveloped you in a crushing hug
you reciprocated his actions and squeezed him equally tight
“let’s watch a movie!” lucas cheers behind you two and dives onto the couch covered with blankets
“but the guys are coming over tomorrow to watch movies, can’t we wait?” mark whines against his sweater that you’re wearing and lets you go afterward
saturday’s were the days for movie marathons and according to them, it was always a thing ever since middle school
“and? we can just watch new ones tomorrow.”
while rolling his eyes, mark goes to grab at the various movies laid out and puts one in the dvd player, making lucas smile from beneath his blanket
he then pats the spot next to him and you rush over to steal mark’s spot, grinning when mark feigns a smile but he sidles up next to you anyways
after the movie, mark makes you take his bed while he and lucas shared the blowup bed
you were ready to decline but when you saw their limbs wrapped around one another it quickly changed
though mark and lucas were on the other side of the room, you still slept with renjun in your mind
you had slept a lot later into the day, waking up around the afternoon when the sun almost set
even though the walls of mark’s apartment were thick, you could still hear the screaming of chenle and jisung and the insistent chatter of your friends
it sounded like they were still arguing over which milk was better
“strawberry milk is better!”
“no, white milk is!”
they sounded like 5-year-olds and you rubbed your aching head
“didn’t i already tell you two? strawberry milk is better.”
upon hearing your voice jisung leaps up and hugs you, “see! strawberry milk is clearly the winner!”
and chenle scoffs, crossing his arm the way he did in the car yesterday
“y/n, why can you never side with me?”
“i’m sorry, but strawberry milk is just so good,” your hand smoothing his hair down has him calms him and he lets out a smile
it’s then you notice the pink heels at the end of the doorway that has your body seizing up and heart running like the wind
chenle is the one to take account of your pale face and catches your hand in his, reassuring you like you did to him
“mina is here,” he speaks low so you can hear him but the guys already know.“she’s with renjun right now.”
hearing his name makes your hands clammy and your heart rate spiking up
you don’t like what he’s doing to you and it was only in such a short amount of time
chenle tilts his head back to the couple on the couch and you cringe when you met her piercing gaze
her face was lifted up in that cheshire grin of hers and you wanted to crawl back under mark’s covers
did renjun not know of what she did to jaehyun?
“hi,” you mumbled to the two and sat at the far end of the couch, chenle following after you and clinging to your side
even though he was younger than you, he was the one who understood your feelings the most
mark started the movie after getting popcorn and you and chenle were off in your own world, quietly gossiping about his latest high school drama
“jisung likes someone,” the boy whips his head towards you two with a set glare, “but he’s too scared to them her out.”
your affectionate giggle has renjun tensing up and mina notices the way his body becomes rigid next to her
the boy gave the younger one a hard glare, his free hand tightening on his pants and mina tries to coo at him
but he shoves her harshly away causing a small shriek to leaver her lips
everyone is startled by his sudden outburst
unknowing of what to do, you stand up but chenle’s hold around your wrist has you stuck in place
but when you glance back at chenle, he shakes his head
he’s learned to leave the raging boy alone and he pulls you back down to the couch
renjun leaves a bitter mina behind and she goes to stand up, walking close to your face with an enraged grimace
“you did this!” she screams at you, pointing towards the unclosed door
“i-i don’t know what you’re talking about,” you really don’t
the rest of the boys are to their feet, ready to defend you
“hey, i think you need to leave—” 
you don’t remember falling back and hitting your head on the table but you do remember the searing pain that went through your head
you remember the calls of your name and the mortified face of mina
and you most certainly remember mark forcefully pushing mina out of his place and shutting it on her face
“are you alright?” chenle holds your head in his lap
“i think? but it hurts,” your eyes are hazy and you try blinking it away
“we should probably get her to the hospital,” lucas speaks up with a deadly calm voice but you know the facade, he’s angry
the boyz nod and carefully haul you up, being mindful of your lulling head and they help you down the flight of stairs
luckily the boys rode in separate cars so they followed mark
upon arriving at the hospital you waited in a room where your friends anxiously awaited for your results
“your friend, to put it simply, fell and hit the lower part of her head. if she were to fall any harder, it would have caused her trauma but luckily all she only has is a mild concussion. she’s free to go.”
the breaths of relief soon sounded like an alarm and the doctor smiled softly, admiring your close friendship
“thank god,” jaemin breathed through his nose while jeno nodded, his stomach still churning even after hearing good news
“i always knew she was sketchy but not this much,” jisung’s quiet voice trembled
“guys, it was an accident,” you tried defending her
“an accident?!” chenle shouts, his voice raising octaves, “she pushed you! that is not an accident.”
they all murmur in agreement but haechan is the loudest and mark speaks up, “he’s right, y/n. it wasn’t an accident, we all saw her push you.”
“i’m not pressing charges against her.”
“you should, after all, you didn’t do anything to her.”
“no, you guys are turning this into something it shouldn’t be.”
“well it wouldn’t have been anything if she didn’t push you,” jeno and lucas speak at the same time, their voices merging
you were starting to get a headache again and you were going to sue them for it
“can we just go home now? i’m tired.”
mark nods, hands in his pockets and the rest of them follow after you, trying to convince you to drop charges against her
when you all arrive back, renjun is pacing back and forth, and he’s muttering something
when he sees you enter he bounds helplessly over to you, his eyes wide and scared
“are you alright? i heard what happened. i’m sorry that she did that to you. i’m sorry too, what i did to you wasn’t right either.”
his last words have you and his friends halting in place
“what did you do to, y/n?” chenle already knows the answer but he wants him to tell the truth
you don’t want to hear it, your head was hurting and being around renjun literally suffocated your chest
“i’m going to sleep.”
without another word, you leave for mark’s room, closing his door with a soft click
“what did you do, renjun?” mark and lucas gave an accusing glare while everyone else went silent
“i-i kissed them,” he whispers while looking to the floor, “and i told her to forget about it.”
“did you want to forget about it?” jeno is quiet and thinking
he shakes his head
“then why did you say that?”
“because i was scared.”
“scared of what?”
“i... i don’t know.”
chenle couldn’t take it anymore and so without a second thought he spoke
“it’s called liking someone, idiot.”
“do you feel anything when you’re with them? when you look at them?”
he nods this time, a faint smile coming to his lips when he thinks of your soft smile
“i... i get really happy with them and when they’re around me. their smile is like the sun, warm and soft. their hair smells of strawberries and their eyes sparkle like the stars. their hands are gentle and their hugs are always from the heart. they’re everything i’ve ever dreamed of and more.”
when he finishes, tears are gathered in his eyes and he finally understands why his heart beats so frantically in the presence of you
“i really like them,” he whispers to himself and his friends can’t help the grins that surface to their faces
“then you should tell them.”
but as he enters mark’s room his smile disappears and his heart drops when he finds you already fast asleep
he softly closes the door behind him and goes over to your side
he climbs in, being careful not to jostle your head and when his arms wrap around you your breath hitches
he hugs you tightly and brings you to his chest whispering a sweet ‘i like you’ in your ears
though you were never asleep and you heard everything through the thin door
and when he confessed his feelings for you like that, you swear your soul left your body
you weren’t the only one who harbored feelings and you were beyond ecstatic to hear him say it
renjun falls asleep and when he starts to snore lowly you turn your body in his arms and gaze at him lovingly
your eyes trace his delicate skin and the lips that touched yours just two days ago
but shortly after, you dreamt of renjun’s words with his arms around you
in the morning, you weren’t expecting renjun to be intently staring at your face and when you gently prodded at his own, he almost tumbled off, almost pulling you with him
“i’m sorry for yesterday,” he referred to the incident with mina and you shrugged
“it’s okay, she didn’t cause too much damage.”
“but you have a concussion.”
“just a small one, it won’t really affect me.”
“like i said, i’m fine.”
he stays silent for a second before slowly leaning in to kiss you, only this time it was for real and he meant it
the kiss was slow and sweet, just like renjun, and it left you feeling breathless and wanting more when he pulled away
“i like you,” he breathed, his chest rising
“i know. i heard.”
he blanched and then went red, embarrassment flooding his systems as he ducked his head into your shoulder
“how much of it?”
“everything. and i like you too, i like you a lot actually.”
his grin is hidden by your shoulder but you know he’s doing so when he pulls you close and massages your back
“take this disgusting thing off,” he tugs at the red sweater you wore and you sheepishly smile at him
taking it off, you replace his hoodie with renjun’s and it envelopes you better than mark’s ever did
you bunch up the soft material in your hands and renjun smiles at your figure donned in his clothing
“you never told me why you decided to talk to mina,” you don’t miss the way renjun cowers his head again
“it was a way to forget about my feelings for you,” he confesses and your heart leaps
“but you knew she cheated on jaehyun,” he nods dumbly
“i know, i don’t know what was going on in my head,” he whispers and closes his eyes, “but i never meant to hurt you. especially after what happened yesterday and at the library.”
“i know you renjun, and i know you never meant to do it. and now that you like me, i know it’ll all be fine.”
“i think i might love you now, after those sweet words how could i not?” he leaves you breathless just from speaking and your heart thumps erratically like a hummingbird
“i love you,” he murmurs and he draws you into his arms like he did last night
and you repeat his words back to him, “i love you.”
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[ renjun.jeno.haechan.jaemin.chenle.jisung ]
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larryfanfiction · a year ago
Tumblr media
From the Start by allwaswell16 @allwaswell16
Length: 32k
Louis has no idea that one act of kindness will cause his life to spiral out of control. But that's what happens when his new friend fake proposes to him and a video of it goes viral.
Ao3, Chaptered, Completed
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Baby Love - Part 4
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
A/N - This chapter is just fluff lol, also the song that plays on the radio is Backstreet Boys - No Place. It came on while i was writing this chapter and it just fit. Hope you enjoy this part ❤️
Tumblr media
I was sitting in the back yard with a cup of tea throwing the ball to Dodger, he was happily running laps around the yard with his ball before bringing it back to me to throw again. My phone vibrated on the table beside me drawing my attention, i smiled seeing a message from Chris.
Morning sweetheart, you awake yet? Xx
Morning 😘, yeah I'm awake. Im sitting out back playing with Dodger xx
Its a little early for you isn't it? Xx
I think i slept too much yesterday lol xx
Anything planned for today? Xx
Nope just gonna hang out with my main man, i might not even get dressed today lol xx
Please tell me your not out in my back yard naked??.... xx
Of course not! Im wearing your Boston shirt ;) xx
Just my shirt!? Xx
Wouldnt you like to know.....xx
I chuckled as i typed my reply, i was wearing his shirt but i also had on a pair of sleep shorts... he didnt need to know that though.
I would actually! Xx
"Come on Dodge lets feed you" i called to him getting up and heading inside.
I walked into the house and stopped suddenly as i saw Chris closing the front door and dropping his bags on the floor.
"Your home!" i beamed after the shock wore off that he was actually here....he wasn't due back for days yet!
"I had to see you" he was smiling just as much as me as he started to walk towards me "your wearing more than my shirt you little tease"
"I didn't know you'd catch me in my lie" i shrugged, just as Chris reached me he was bundled by a very excited Dodger. Within seconds Chris was on the floor with Dodger jumping all over him licking his face as Chris laughed happily.
"Guess i'll wait my turn" i laughed as i stood watching the two of them greet each other.... I may have recorded their reunion!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After a few minutes i left them to it and went into the kitchen to do Dodgers food, maybe then id get a chance to see Chris. I was humming along to a song on the radio swaying my hips a little as i fed Dodger, then put the kettle on and grabbed some mugs from the cupboard.
When i felt hands winding around my waist i jumped, i hadnt heard Chris come into the kitchen! His hands were soon resting over my tummy as he pressed a kiss to side of my neck.
"Hey" i heard him say quietly, his voice slightly muffled as he nuzzled his face against me, his hand stroking my stomach.
"Hey" i smiled leaning back against him, one of my hands reaching back and stroking the back of his hair as the other covered his hand on my stomach.
"I missed you so much"
"I missed you too"
"I think Dodger missed me more, i got kisses from him.... i mean he tackled me to the floor!"
"You want me to tackle you to the floor Evans?... huh?" I teased turning round in his arms seeing the huge grin on his face.
"I wouldnt say no...."
"I would, but i cant be tackling you im afraid.... ive got precious cargo on board" i shrugged my shoulder.
"Righttttt! Probably a good idea not to tackle me then.....doesnt mean you can't kiss me though" he wiggled his eyebrows pulling me closer to him.
"Fineeee if i have to! Your so demanding...." i started to tease him but was cut off by him crashing his lips to mine, one hand cupping my face lovingly, the other resting on my lower back pulling me closer to him. Being back in Chris's arms was the best feeling in the world, even before we took that step from friends to lovers i always loved being in his arms. I pulled back enough to get a good look at him and smiled lovingly up at him.
"How do you look this pretty after you've been working as much as you have and then being stuck on a plane... its just not fair" i chuckled as we slowly swayed to the song on the radio "i mean i have literally just slept for about 12 hours and i look like crap"
"You look beautiful" he smiled down at me "even with your bed hair".
I playfully slapped his chest as we both started laughing, it was soon silent except for the radio as we just enjoyed being together.
"I've been all around the world, done all there is to do
But you'll always be the home I wanna come home to
You're a wild night with a hell of a view
There ain't no place, ain't no place like you
There ain't no place, ain't no place like you"
"I like this song" Chris smiled pressing a kiss to my forehead.
"Yeah me too" i said pushing my hands under his tshirt and running them up his back "so um, as nice as this is.... you planning on taking me to bed anytime soon?"
"Yes! From the second i saw you walk in that door I've wanted you!"
"Oh god me too!" He quickly scooped me up into his arms and rushed to his bedroom.
Tumblr media
The rest of the day was spent in bed, we finally showered around 10pm when my stomach was growling so loudly that it kinda ruined the mood. Chris took Dodger out for his evening walk while i ordered Chinese, i was not cooking this late!
I was in the kitchen getting the boxes of chinese food out of the bag when Chris got back.
"Just in time" i smiled over my shoulder as he walked into the kitchen.
"Smells amazing"
"You think? i thought it smelt a little weird.... you dont think this smells funny?" I asked holding out some pork chow mein, he took the box and sniffed at them before shaking his head.
"Smells fine to me"
"Yeah" he nodded "maybe its a pregnancy thing?"
"Hmmm maybe..... god i still cant believe im pregnant. Like, im growing a human right now.... how weird is that!"
Chris laughed throwing his head back, right hand holding his chest, yes the famous Chris Evans left boob grab laugh! "Its not weird at all sweetheart, people have babies everyday"
"I know that, its just weird that im having a baby" i shook my head "still doesnt feel real i guess"
"Well it is" he said pulling me into his arms "we can make an appointment for the doctor in the morning if that will make you feel better?"
"Yeah okay"
Chris pressed a quick kiss to my lips then passed me one of the chinese food boxes "Come on, you need to eat"
"Oh god Chris please keep those away from me" i turned away from them seeing the pork chow mein and grabbed the spare ribs "mmm these smell amazing"
"You better share woman!"
"You've got that nasty chow mein leave my ribs alone Evans" i laughed as i walked through to the living room.
"Come onnnn" he whined behind me.
"But the baby wants ribs" i pouted at him as i sat on the sofa getting comfy.
"God, fine! You can have the ribs" he sighed sitting next to me.
"Im just kidding! Of course i'll share with you...."
"Awww really?"
"Yeah of can have one"
I burst out laughing as he grabbed me with one arm pulling me into his lap.
"Hey careful! Im gonna drop this all over your floor!"
"Lets just forget dinner and go back to bed, i like that idea more"
"I need food first, I'm starving! But we can go back to bed after i promise"
"I ordered extra ribs for you by the way, i knew you'd want some" i pecked his lips quickly before climbing off his lap and finally getting started on the ribs that smelt like the most amazing thing in the world.
"Hey do you have any pickles??" I turned to Chris
"What??.....pickles? Why do you want pickles... your eating chinese food"
"I really want pickles"
"Definitely a pregnancy thing" Chris muttered under his breath as he got up and headed back to the kitchen.
"Thank you!" I called out to him as i chuckled to myself, he really was the best.
Tumblr media
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larryfanfiction · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
And Then a Bit by infinitelymint @infinitelymint
Length: 158k
“We’d like to give the fans what they want.” Magee states, placing his hand on the table in front of him and leaning forward. “We want to give them Larry Stylinson.”
Or, take a parallel universe where Louis and Harry were never together, mix in a two year hiatus and an impending comeback, pour in a dash of lost fans, two tablespoons of strong friendship and a Modest! employee with a good idea. Add a squeeze of pretending to be a couple, lots of kisses and a tattoo or two. Stir. Serve: the mother of all publicity stunts.
(aka Harry and Louis fake a relationship for publicity. Eventually it becomes a lot less fake and a lot more real.)
Ao3, Chaptered, Completed, Iconic
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Baby Love - Part 2
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Warning: Badly written Smut happens in this part!
A/N - Read More wont work sorry!
Tumblr media
After much consideration it was agreed that Chris would be my sperm doner, we decided it would be best to do it through the clinic so that things didn't get weird with us. Disclaimers were signed by the clinic to protect Chris, we didn't want this getting out to the public/press. The actual procedure was over in a couple of minutes and then i just had to lay there for half hour, Chris stayed with me the whole time making me laugh and keeping me distracted, he was amazing! Then we just had to wait, they said we'd know in 6-12 days whether or not i was pregnant but advised to wait 2 weeks.
Today was day 14 and i was sat on my sofa with Chris holding my hand while we waited for the pregnancy test to tell us if we were pregnant or not.
"You know if your not its not a big deal, we can try again"
"You leave again Friday, we'd have to wait til your done. Thats gonna be another few months...."
"We'll make it work, i can fly you out and we can find another clinic...." he started to say until the alarm on his phone went off and i reached out for the test, as i flipped it over i felt my heart break a little at the negative result.
"Its negative" i told him sadly before covering my face with my hands as i cried. Chris pulled me into his arms straight away, my face pressed to his chest as i cried.
"Sshhh its okay" i could hear him saying, his voice slightly mumbled against the top of my head.
"Maybe I'm just not supposed to be a mom, i should just accept that this isn't meant to happen for me"
"Hey! Dont say that! This will happen, ok? This was just the first try, these things take time" he said moving back so he could look at me, his hands cradling my face as his thumb brushed away my tears.
"I don't have time Chris thats the problem" i replied sadly.
The next thing i know Chris is kissing me! And it doesn't feel weird.... or wrong.
I kiss him back my hands tugging his hair making him moan into my mouth. He lays me down on the sofa without breaking the kiss, his body resting between my legs like its the most natural thing for us to do. He starts rubbing his hips against me and i can feel how hard he is through his jeans and i want him, i moan at the feeling of him rubbing himself against my clothed pussy. Reaching up i grab his belt and start to unbuckle it, he finally sits back and looks at me as if checking I'm sure about this, i nod quickly and he free's himself from his jeans and boxers before reaching down and pulling off my shorts & panties. When i finally get a look at him my eyes go wide.....his cock is huge! The biggest ive ever had inside me and my stomach flips at the thought of what it will feel like. Chris leans back down and kisses me again as my hands wander under his t-shirt before tugging it off, he pulls off my shirt and bra tossing them behind him somewhere. His hands are grabbing and massaging my breasts as he rocks his hips against mine, his cock sliding through my slick pussy. I reach down taking hold of him and line him up with my entrance, i just needed him inside me. He pushes in and lets out the most beautiful moan ive ever heard in my life!!
"Mmmm oh fuck.... you feel like fucking heaven!.... so tight" he mumbles as he starts to thrust in and out of my tight wet pussy.
"Shit Chris..... ahhhhh" i moan grabbing his ass and pulling him closer if thats even possible "dont stop!"
"Does that feel good?"
"So fucking good! fuck me harder, i can take it" i moan as he kisses and sucks on my neck. He sits back and looks down at me, his eyes on my breasts and then he grabs my hips and does what i asked, he fucks me harder, faster while watching my breasts bounce with every thrust.
"Ah fuck I'm gonna cum.... your squeezing my cock so tight!" He said before i felt his thumb press agaisnt my clit and start rubbing quickly until i felt myself let go... i practically screamed as my orgasm hit and Chris was groaning as his hips kept pumping, he threw his head back as i felt him release inside me. He slowly came to a stop but i could feel his cock still twitching inside me as he rested his head against my shoulder trying to catch his breath. I run my fingers through his hair and pressed a kiss against his neck as i tried to catch my own breath.
"Wow" i heard him say quietly in my ear and started laughing "why haven't we been doing that before".
"Maybe because we're best friends"
"Right" he nodded "only i don't usually do this kinda thing with my friends"
"Me either"
"I mean I'm not sure if you've realised but my cock is still inside you right now..."
"Oh I'm well aware!" I said with a laugh that must have made me tense up because Chris gasped and bit down on my shoulder.
"Jesus christ woman!"
"Sorry my bad, we should probably get cleaned up and put some clothes on"
"If you insist" he carefully disconnected himself from me making me groan.
"This doesn't have to be a bad thing. It didn't feel wrong to me at all..... it felt right" he says already knowing that i was going to be worried about what we do now.
"Im not saying its a bad thing or that it felt wrong...."
"So you agree that it felt right, right?"
"Yeah but is now the time to be doing this?? Chris i cant loose you, i honestly don't think id be able to survive without you in my life. It was already a risk trying to get pregnant and now this.... plus your leaving again Friday"
"So how about we take some time to think about it, wait until im back, then we can give this a go if we still think its for the best" he suggested "but we promise no matter what we stay friends"
"Its not that easy once sex is involved" i said getting up and pulling his tshirt on quickly "i mean how can you say no to this now you know how heavenly it is inside me" i teased as i headed towards the bathroom.
"Oh your gonna get it woman!" He laughed running after me still naked as the day he born.
Tumblr media
Friday came around quickly and i drove Chris to the airport and went in with him to say goodbye.
"Okay be careful! And kick some ass" i smiled up at him making him laugh.
"I will, i'll call everyday. It'll be like i never left, you'll soon get sick of me"
"I could never get sick of you Evan's"
He pulled me into a hug kissing my head "we'll talk properly when i get back"
"Yeah" i nodded knowing he meant about us "dont go meeting any new guys while im gone"
"There's only one guy for me, Dodger has my heart you know that" i chuckled against Chris's chest.
"Your a dork" He laughed taking a step back to get a look at me "But your my dork"
"You bet your ass i am" i smiled up at him, he leant forward pressing his lips to mine for a quick kiss.
"Im gonna miss you"
"I'll miss you too. You better get going though your already cutting it fine and they wont wait for you"
"I know but its just so hard to say goodbye to you" he pouted like a sulking child and squeezed my hand.
"Go! We'll Skype tonight"
"Okay fine" after another quick kiss he grabbed his carry on and went through the check point.
Tumblr media
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phanfic · 2 years ago
Based off a pseudophan post- basically, what if dnp really were queerbaiting us this whole time except WHOOPS all of a sudden they realize they’re in love
Extra Tags: Friends to Lovers
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solarhyucks · 2 years ago
; friends to lovers!au [p.j.]
WORD COUNT: 4.7k; bulleted fic CONTAINS: profanity AUTHOR’S NOTE: yo, i’m almost done with this series i’m going to cry
Tumblr media
zhong chenle and park jisung were a package deal
it was a known fact that whatever inconvenience one was in, the other seemed to fall right in step with them
it was the beginning of junior year that had sparked your friendship with the chaotic pair
it was just after the bell had rung
you were minding your own business at your locker, ready to grab your folders and textbooks for your next class when you were abruptly knocked to the ground
jisung landed on you, his carton of milk that smelt of strawberries spilling all over your clothes while his best friend behind him stood with his mouth agape
you were horrified once the horde of bodies stopped to look at the scene that caused and you immediately wanted to crawl into a hole
chenle and jisung also felt the same way and once they saw your drippin’ figure
jisung was off of you, helping you to your feet as chenle ran to get something to clean the puddle of strawberry milk up
“i’m sorry- we were fighting about which milk was better- we didn’t see you and-”
he embarrassingly covered his red face, his tall form hunched over and you could see the red creeping up his neck
“jisung, it’s okay. it was an accident,” you tried to assure the boy with a tiny smile, looking around as others passed the scene
“are- are you sure? but your clothes- here.”
jisung handed you his sweater and you hesitantly took it, a smile forming when chenle almost slipped from the pool liquid
after quickly changing into his sweater you returned to the duo as a teacher impatiently scolded them, their feet quietly tapping near the splash of milk
“it won’t happen again. we promise,” chenle peeked at you secretly, giving an impish grin while jisung tried not to laugh
“it better not. this is the third time and it’s only been the first week of school.”
the two nodded and when the teacher left, they resumed wiping up the sticky residue, quietly talking amongst themselves
when jisung looked up from the ground, the tips of his nose and ears turned red
he hadn't thought about how cute you were going to look in his sweater that was two sizes too big
you stood there awkwardly, watching them rub at the already drying milk
you looked too cute to jisung, standing there with puffy cheeks as his sweater engulfed your figure almost completely
chenle had side-eyed the both of you the entire time, soaking up whatever it was that was going on between you two
in truth, jisung had always noticed you ever since the start of high school
he had always wanted to be your friend but due to his shy and timid behavior, he never took action
and the fact that he fell and spilled his drink all over you possibly ruined his chance at befriending you
“we should hang out after school,” your courageousness shocked jisung and your hands nervously twirled the drawstrings of his hoodie
he took that back, maybe there was a chance
“to treat me since you two ruined my shirt.”
the duo gave abashed grins and agreed with you
for the remaining day, you kept jisung’s sweater on causing your friends to question you and when you explained they all sighed
“that’s something they would do. i bet they were fighting about which milk is better again,” a close friend of yours, yerim spoke
you nodded at her, confirming it
park jisung’s love for strawberry milk was not unheard, in fact, rumor had it his best friend could be heard defending him from a different level of the school
though being in the same year as jisung, you rarely interacted with him
you had grown up with him in the same classes as you but due to your naturally shy behavior, you opted to stay within your friend group, only venturing as far as a quiet hello to the strawberry milk lover
“i’m hanging out with them after school.” 
you decided to bring the subject up and the three of them gave you surprised looks
“you’re finally breaking out of your shell! i’m so happy for you!”
“i bet you’re going to end up liking jisung.”
“does that mean we get to make bets on this?”
“you most certainly not. we’re just hanging out! as friends.”
“but beomgyu, haven’t you noticed, over the years, the looks jisung gives our precious y/n?”
“oh, i most positively have.”
you left the laughing trio with a hot face and on the way down the stairs you ran straight into the chest of said boy
and because you had no 7th period, he strung you along, meeting up with chenle at the front of the school and the two of them treated you to some good old fashioned ice cream
the first time properly meeting them was an absolute mess and although it happened months ago, a smile always lit your face whenever the duo mentioned
and in those budding months of your friendship with them, you had grown to have a crush on the boy who gave you his sweater
you learned that jisung did not only love strawberry milk but his friends as well
you had met them all at renjun’s birthday party
though they were very much older than he was, it didn’t change the fact that they all acted like children in the presence of each other
but it was enduring to know that he had caring people looking over him
despite them all being in college and having busy schedules (minus chenle), they had annual movie nights on saturdays
they all made it a priority to gather on that day and even invited you to tag along
of course, you almost declined though if it wasn’t for jisung’s puppy eyes, you would have definitely said no
which leads to you now
it was surprising when jisung pulled into your driveway without his best friend by his side
usually, it was always the two together but when he told you that chenle would be getting a ride from their friend jeno it didn’t concern you
after getting comfortable in the passenger side, he threw you one of his sweaters that you loved
it was always like this between you two after the milk incident, him letting you wear his sweaters or other articles of clothing
and when you popped your head through jisung’s sweater, he couldn’t fight the blush that sprang to his cheeks
he suddenly felt hot in his own sweater and when he realizes he staring, he hurriedly twists his head to the side and you smile at him, the apples of your cheeks turning the same color as his
he swears you can hear the turbulent drum of his heart over the low base music playing
he tries to ignore the fact that you’re sitting there so prettily in his clothes but when the sun illuminates your shimmery eyes he almost succumbs to your gaze
but he’s thankful when you avert your own to the matching ring around your neck
before he gave you his ring, your eyes would always narrow in on it and you always asked to play with it so he offered it to you one day
you had excitedly took it, looping your necklace through the ring that was too big for any of your fingers
and when he sees your ring finger habitually go through the hole, his breath hitched in his throat and his heart wildly ˢʰᵒᵒᵏ
he had watched you do it multiple times but being right there next to you as you did it made his heart do weird things
his chest squeezed violently and he covered his cough with the sleeve of his sweater
and when he pulled out of your driveway, his heart was still powerfully pumping and he hopes that it won’t always be like this with you
when you arrive at mark’s apartment, jisung’s friends laugh as he struggles with the large box of food
but when they open the containers filled with various assortments of food, they all thank you profusely
haechan going as far as saying keep them jisung and making you two flustered as you tried to avoid each other’s gazes
you announce that you’re going to the bathroom
and when you’re out of sight, his best friend approaches him, a grin set to his face
“i know that look,” he’s seen it with renjun and haechan before
“the lovesick look in your eyes.”
jisung’s heart doesn’t stop pounding and after what chenle said, it only hammers louder in his ears
“don’t tell anyone,” he peaks around to see if his friends are listening but they’re too busy squabbling over which movie to watch
“i won’t, but i know they like you too.”
“how do you know that?”
“i just do.”
he doesn’t know if his best friend’s words are true so he raises his brow and it doesn’t reassure him when the older boy grins when you come back into view
“what are we watching?”
your voice has jisung peering over at the older boys and he shrugs his shoulder as if the conversation about you a minute ago didn’t occur
“don’t know, i think they’re still fighting about it.”
“we’re grown men. we don’t fight.”
the two of you look at each other and then back to the clearly grown men
“whatever you say,” jisung sighs and goes to sit on the couch, placing it over you both once you’re comfortable in his side
however, the guys don’t miss the way you so casually snuggle into jisung’s shoulder and they all holler at you two
their loud and sly cheers bring you and jisung embarrassment but he doesn’t do anything to push you away, only dipping his head to the side to ignore their chants
after snickering to themselves, mark starts up the movie and you and jisung squeeze closer together as his friends start to pile up on the small couch
mark chooses to sit on the floor with a pillow
from your close proximity, he can feel your breath and his skin prickles
after months of being affectionate with one another, he knows that it shouldn’t bother him this much
but when the smell of his sweater mixes with your shampoo, he can’t help but draw you closer
half of your body is angled on his chest while your legs are touching his, his arm is around your shoulder and your head on his chest
the closeness of your body has his heating up but he doesn’t want to let you go so he decides to endure it for the time being
the movie was one that you saw before
so you knew what was going to happen and it started to bore you
after some time, your eyes were starting to droop, and jisung notices this
he shifts his body so that his back is in the crease of the couch while you still lay on his chest
after a few minutes, it becomes uncomfortable for your back so you daringly climb between his open legs and he freezes, his arms tightening around you
you give him a grin and settle again, resuming your nap while listening to the rhythmic beat of his heart
jisung doesn’t know what happens for the rest of the movie
all he can focus on is the way your body fits against his and he hopes his friends want to watch another one so he can continue holding you in his arms
unfortunately, his friends are too tired to go on and decide to call it a quits, getting up tiredly some retire to mark’s room while some turn to leave
jisung reluctantly wakes you up and you sluggish wind your arms around his neck
you laugh softly as he stills but he wraps his arm under your knees and the other under your back so that your head rested in the nape of his neck
mark and lucas bid you two a farewell and mark helps with the door, smirking when he sees you passed out in jisung’s arms
jisung struggles to get his car door open but after a good 5 minutes of fumbling he finally settles you in the passanger seat, buckling you in and he gets into the driver’s side
just before he pulls out of the parking lot, you grab his right hand in yours, causing his heart to do summersaults and he looks at you
your sleepy eyes are shinning at him and your lips hold a smile that’s equivalent to the rising sun
you let out a dreamy sigh and hold his hand closer to your chest, falling asleep with a content smile that has jisung staring at you for minutes
on the way to his house, his eyes constantly drift over to your sleeping form and he can’t stop the warm sensation that floods his chest
when he pulls in his driveway, he shakes your hand making you whine out and you tug on his sleeve
“carry me,” it was a mumble but he heard it clearly
he went around to your door and you climbed onto his hunched back
his hands locked under your thighs and he heaved your body so that your arms could wrap around his neck
once inside of the house, he travels up the fleet of stairs and to his room, setting you on his bed and you easily fall back asleep under his soft covers
he changes and goes to grab extra blankets and pillows, setting them on the floor as a makeshift bed and crawls under the covers
“jisung,” the call of his name from your sleepy lips has him perking up and he tilts his head to look at you 
“sleep with me.”
and he complies, his hands turning sweaty and he has to wipe them on his sweatpants
you make room for him and when he joins you on the bed, you give him another smile making red paint his face
you shimmy across the empty space between you two and sink into his warmth, his breath hitches but his arms involuntarily go around you again and you smile into his neck, falling asleep again
jisung barely gets a wink of sleep as you doze off, his mind reflecting on what happened at mark’s
in the morning, you’re refreshed and happy
it was the first time in a couple of days that you’ve gotten a good nights sleep
the butterflies never leave your stomach and whenever you thought about his arms around you, they increased tenfold
jisung wasn’t in bed with you when you woke up and the sound of water running indicated that he was in the shower
you look around his room
no matter how many times you have been here, seeing pictures of you and chenle always brought a goofy smile to your face
there were multiple pictures of the two of you littered around his room, some were framed, others were strung up with fairy lights, and some were in a scrapbook
the one you favored the most though was a picture of all three of you
you were on jisung’s back, sipping his carton of strawberry milk while his head was thrown back, both of you lips stretched into smiles as chenle pouted in a puddle of mud
when jisung came out of the shower in a white t-shirt and sweatpants, he didn’t know what caused his cheeks to tint
the fact that he just got out of the shower or you looking adorable with his sweater sleeves handing past your hands
he clears his throat, and rubs his head, “h-how did you sleep?”
“wonderfully,” you grin, a blush evident even from your sleepy state and jisung returns it
“that’s great.”
he didn’t know what came over and suddenly his next words have you freezing
“uh, yeah. you should probably get going.”
your forehead creased, just seconds ago he was smiling
“oh,” he can hear his heart slightly crack at your dejected tone
“okay. i’m going to need a ride- actually, my mom can pick me up.”
you exit his room in a haste and soon after the sound of the front door slamming was all that could be heard aside from the beating of his erratic heart
“what did i just do?”
his heart felt like it was writhing and he realizes how fucking dumb he was in that moment
“what the fuck did i just do?”
he runs out of his room and down the stairs, momentarily forgetting that you just left so when he sees an empty living room his stomach plummets
more curse words left his lips as he ran back to his room, grabbing his phone he calls you, pleading that you’d pick up but was immediately directed to voicemail
he tries calling you several more times, but each time it leads him to please leave a voicemail
he throws his phone on his bed, pissed at himself and at what he did
in the car, when your mom asks you what’s wrong you brush her off, giving an excuse that you're just tired
she doesn’t believe you but she knows better than to poke and prod at something that doesn’t want to be bothered so she just gives a reassuring smile
when you arrive home, you immediately run to your room, flopping onto your bed face first with a loud exhale, and still thinking of jisung’s odd behavior
you’re stuck in bed all day, clutching at your blankets when your phone goes off for what seemed like the hundredth time that day
and without needing to look, you know it reads 🍓🥛 jisung
you swipe decline again and turn your phone off, closing your eyes and going back to last night where nothing went wrong
when you wake up, it was like getting out of bed sick, only you actually were sick
you didn’t know what you came down with, but you lost your voice and were sporting a fever of 100
but that didn’t stop you as you got ready for school
chenle picked you up, jisung oddly not with him and he gives you a concerned look
“what happened to you? it looks like a train ran you over.”
“thanks, chenle. i appreciate your kind words.”
“hey, you know what i meant! and have you heard from jisung? he didn’t pick up any of my calls yesterday.”
probably because he was too busy calling me you want to say but you shake your head and chenle pouts
“oh, you two missed the carnival yesterday. i wanted to stop by but the guys were soo impatient.”
“it’s okay. i got sick so i left,” that part was partially true though you didn’t leave sick, you just left
“i hope you get better, really.”
his words melt your heart slightly and you smile at him
“thank you,” your vocal cords decide to wheeze which makes him cackle and he almost swerves off the road from how funny it sounded to him
“chenle, if i die, i’m going to haunt your ass.”
he just laughs, untreated by your tone and purposely jerks the wheel 
when your scream comes out in broken pitches, his laughter rises
the school’s parking is almost full by the time you get there and it forces chenle to park almost a mile away from the school
you try to curse him out but he just keeps on laughing at your crumbling voice
and when you get to the school entrance, he’s doubling over, shoulders shaking and out of breath
you kick at his shin and pain shoots up his legs all the way to his fingertips and he screams out dramatically
without another word, you turn and head over to your cousin, falling into his arms and he easily catches you
but when he feels your sticky and hot skin he pushes you away at arm's length
“when did you get sick?”
“just last night, i think,” you sniffle and rub your sore throat
taehyun flinches at your crackled voice and closes your mouth with his hand
“don’t talk, you’re going to strain your voice.”
you nod, complying and he wraps an arm around your shoulder
“did you take anything for it?”
you shake your head and your answer doesn’t exactly please him, “we should probably go to the nurse's office then.”
when jisung sees your hair in the crowd he pushes past the various people
but when he sees kang taehyun’s arm around you his mood instantly depletes and he turns sour
his hands shake and he has to ball them in fists, his eyes are wide and scared, and his heart feels like leaping out of his chest to follow after you
“hey- what happened to you? it looks like you’ve seen your aunt’s wig. and where’s y/n?”
“shut up, chenle. i’m fine. y/n is over there.”
he points to where you and taehyun are at
the way jisung says his name makes the part between chenle’s eyebrows crease
“you know that he’s—“
“y/n’s boyfriend? yeah.”
“what? no, that’s disgusting. he’s-“
“i don’t want to talk about it,” jisung sighs, his mood dropping even lower at the thought of you dating someone else
chenle’s eyebrows crease even further as he watches his best friend turn his back from you
he also noticed that he held no strawberry milk and jisung with no strawberry milk meant that something had happened
after school was done, chenle comes running up to you, out of breath “jisung’s been acting weird all day,” his words didn’t faze you and you give an unimpressed look
“i know.”
“but- but what happened? you two were fine on saturday night and then suddenly you two act like strangers.”
“you should ask your best friend that, not me.”
“i don’t understand, i swear you guys were fine.”
“like i said before, you should ask him. i’m sure he’ll tell you like he told me.”
“he thinks you’re dating taehyun,” he catches you off guard and you almost choke
“does he not know that he’s my cousin?!”
“apparently not! he’s been moping all day ever since he saw you two together this morning. i swear he’s an idiot.”
“yeah,” you think back to yesterday morning. “he is.”
“so are you going to tell me why he’s acting this way?”
“i’d rather not,” being petty, you left a defeated chenle behind and he sighed
“i really am the wingman.”
after that incident, jisung barely made the effort to talk to his friends for most of the week, only texting them one worded responses
his friends quickly caught on though, bombarding questions left and right
mark eventually forces gets him to the annual get together on saturday
and low and behold
you’re there, looking as cute in a sweater that resembled his
and when he sees you he almost makes it out of mark’s apartment
and if it weren’t for lucas’s big ass hands grabbing onto his shoulder, he would have been driving down the road already
and he curses when lucas shoves him down in the empty space next to you
the guys could feel the tense atmosphere and chenle purposely turned the volume up so you two could talk things through
only, you didn’t
you ignore jisung’s pleading looks, nose turned up and you scoot closer to the side of the couch, away from jisung
this action hurts jisung and he could feel his stomach churning
he wanted to apologize but when you were giving him the cold shoulder he loses the confidence to do so
the movie ended earlier than you thought and you bolted up, grabbing your bag and dashing to the door, leaving with a quick glance and goodbye
jisung sat frustrated, arms crossed and a glare set on the t.v.
“you should go after her,” chenle comments and doesn’t look up from his phone. “after all, i think she needs an explanation.”
“did something happen between you two?” jaemin quirks up and beside him, haechan rolls his eyes
“of course something happened. did you not see the way jisung was trying to get her attention?”
“i wasn’t trying to get her attention.”
“then who were those puppy eyes for? me?”
“gosh, you guys are no help.”
jisung gets up and brushes his shirt in annoyance, leaving behind his gossiping friends
he drives to your house, sitting in your driveway for minutes before he finally decides to ring your doorbell
you open it and as soon as you see him, you go to close it but he beats you to it, pushing the door with his foot
“we need to talk.”
“jisung it’s late, go home.”
“no, i need say that i’m sorry for this past week.”
your throat closes up on you when he pushes past and walks up to your room
jisung sits on your bed and you join him, your hands immediately going to the ring on your neck
he watches as you fiddle with it and then after some time, he grabs your fidgeting hands in his
“i’m sorry,” he murmurs while rubbing your knuckles
“i’m sorry that i was suddenly rude to you last sunday. i-i’ve never felt this way for anyone before but it shouldn’t be an excuse for me being mean to you.”
“i’ve figured, but that doesn’t explain why you haven’t been talking to me for the past week.”
“well, i- i was going to apologize that monday but then i saw you with your boyfriend.”
“my boyfriend? what boyfriend?”
“um, kang taehyun?”
“oh my god. that would be gross. he’s my cousin for sakes, jisung.”
“... he is?”
jisung realizes how stupid he’s been for the past week and he drops his head on your shoulder
“i’m really dumb.”
“yeah, you are but that’s okay cause we can be dumb together.”
“is that your way of asking me out?”
“if you don’t say yes i’m going to throw away all your strawberry milk.”
he sighs into your neck, arms wrapping around you and he pulls you to lay on your bed, “i’m really sorry, y/n”
“i know you are. just hold me and maybe i’ll forgive you.”
“what if i give you a kiss?”
“maybe i’ll forgive you faster.”
he kisses you softly, he tastes of popcorn and strawberry milk and you melt into him
the kiss doesn’t last long but it’s short and sweet and your raging heart calms like the ocean meeting the shoreline when he tucks you under his chin
he hugs you tighter to his chest, his nose in your hair and his heart feeling content for once
“and before you jump to conclusions, talk to me,” he nods his head at you, sinking further into your bed and you
you two lay there for some time and it’s well into the night before jisung decides to speak up again
“we should get married,” jisung whispers to you with bleary eyes as he looks at your clock that read 1:37 AM
“we’re not even finished with high school,” your voice is muffled by his shirt but he still hears you
he shrugs half-heartedly, shifting ever so slightly that his arm doesn’t fall asleep on him, “i know. it was just a suggestion.”
“is this because you see me wear your ring?”
“... yes.”
“ask me once we’re out of college and then i’ll maybe say yes.”
“really? okay, i just want you to know that i like you more than strawberry milk, y/n.”
“is this your way of confessing your love for me?” you repeat what he said to you before
“... i love you too, you idiot. now go to sleep, if we don’t end up going to that carnival tomorrow i’m really going to throw away your strawberry milk.”
“i basically confess my undying love for you, going as far as saying that i like you more than strawberry milk and this is how you repay me?”
“excuse me? i will get chenle to help me, you know that boy hates that drink.”
“... i’m just kidding, goodnight babe.”
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[ renjun.jeno.haechan.jaemin.chenle.jisung ]
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larryfanfiction · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
just call me inspiration by hereforlou @hereforlou (Deleted. But we have a copy! Send us a message here)
Length: 51k
The truth is Louis knows he’s going to hell, if there is such a thing, but it isn’t because he writes erotic fiction for a living. If anything, it’s because his muse, the reason he’s inspired to write about people shagging in increasingly creative ways everyday, is the sweetest, loveliest, most genuine (and completely oblivious) future children-book illustrator in the world.
(Or, the one where Louis is a writer, Harry is an art student, and they inspire each other in very different ways.)
Ao3, Chaptered, Completed, Must Read
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Baby Love - Part 3
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
Chris had been away filming for a little over a month now and we had spoken multiple times during the days and Skyped for hours at night. I was currently tucked up in bed with Dodger watching The Walking Dead feeling like hell. When my phone starting ringing i already knew it would be Chris with his nightly Skype call.
"Hey" i answered as i paused the TV.
"Hey sweetheart, how are you?" He asked smiling at me.
"Meh, i feel like crap so ive spent most of the day in bed watching Walking Dead with Dodger"
"You sick?" He asked frowning at me.
"Maybe, flu's going around at the moment so maybe its the start of that. Im just so tired and keep going light headed"
"You should go to the doctor, that doesnt sound good"
"I'll be fine, im sure i'll feel better once ive slept for a while" i shrugged "how's filming been?"
"Yeah good, i think we're almost there"
"Thats good, i miss you"
"I miss you too. Dodger been behaving?"
"Of course! His my boy, such a good boy for me" i turned the phone round to show him Dodger curled up against me, head resting on my lap. His Lion teddy was also next to him.... he took that thing everywhere with him.
"I feel really left out!"
"Awww well there's a spot right here with your name on it when you get home"
"I cant wait" he smiled. We sat talking for a while longer until he was being called back to set, we said goodnight and he promised to call me in the morning.
Tumblr media
When i woke up the following morning i was sweating and felt the sudden urge to vomit! I managed to make it to the toilet in time before emptying my stomach of the little food i had managed to eat yesterday.
"Great, looks like another day in bed bubba" i said to Dodger who was sat in the doorway staring at me. I stood and stripped off my tshirt id worn for bed and got in the shower. ....I felt a little better after the shower and brushing my teeth but still climbed back into bed after letting Dodger out in the garden for a while.
How you feeling today? Xx
I got a message from Chris around 10am, i smiled instantly when i saw his name.
Honestly? Like death! I woke up in a cold sweat and then i was sick, Dodger just sat there staring at me the whole time lol xx
He was being supportive! Lol xx
Yeah, yeah.
How's your morning been? Xx
Good, The Russo's said i'll probably be home by the weekend 😄 xx
Thats great news! Ive missed you Evans and Dodger misses his daddy too xx
I miss you guys too, so much! I hate knowing your sick and im not there for you xx
Its okay, im a big girl i can make soup and lay in bed feeling sorry for myself just fine lol xx
Don't yell at me for saying this but, You sure your not pregnant?? Xx
You saw me do the test it was negative xx
Yeah but then we had some mind blowing sex incase you forgot?? Xx
Shit.... maybe. I mean its possible... xx
Did you have any of those tests left over? Xx
Yeah xx
Well go check woman! What are you waiting for?? Xx
Im kinda scared! I dont want to do it on my own!! Xx
Go pee on the stick and then Skype me, we can look together xx
Okay xx
I got up from my bed and walked into the bathroom, the tests were in the cupboard under my sink so i bent down and pulled one out with shaky hands.
Once i pee'd on the stick and put the cap on i went back to bed and left the test face down beside me while i called Chris. His face appearing on my screen after the first ring, he smiled instantly and let out a laugh.
"Why are you so worried? If you are pregnant its is a good thing.... its what we wanted right?"
"Yeah i know its just.... its easier when your here with me"
"Im here"
"Its not the same and you know it"
"Im sorry, i wish i could be there you know that"
"I know" the alarm on my phone went off signalling it was time to look and my heart started racing.
"Was that time?" Chris asked leaning closer to the screen.
"Yeah" i nodded picking up the test and taking a deep breath "i cant breathe!"
"Relax sweetheart, its fine. Now tell me if im gonna be a daddy or not"
I turned the test over and started shaking my head "hey its okay, we can try again when i get back...." he started to say, i could hear how disappointed he sounded but he was being strong for me.
"Chris.... your gonna be a daddy"
"Its positive!" I smiled with tears in my eyes as i held up the test to show him.
"Your pregnant??!"
"Im pregnant!"
"Fuck! This is amazing! Oh my god i want to be there with you so bad!"
"Are you crying Evans?" I asked seeing his hands quickly wipe under his eyes.
"Of course i am!" He laughed wiping the tears away "this is what ive always wanted..."
"I know, me too" i beamed at him resting a hand on my stomach lovingly "this is really happening Chris"
"Fuck..." he shook his head and pushed his hair back before looking at me with the biggest grin "i cant wait, im so excited.... i feel like a kid on christmas morning!"
"Your such a dork" i chuckled "i cant wait for you to get home"
"Me either..... fuck! Im gonna be a dad!"
"Best daddy in the world"
"I hope so"
"You'll be amazing"
"Shit, i gotta go they need me back on set..... im gonna try and come home as soon as i can i promise! I'll call you in the morning"
"Okay" i nodded smiling at how happy he was, he really was like an excited puppy!
"Love you mama" he winked before ending the call. I locked my phone throwing it on the bed, the movement making Dodger look up at me.
"Your daddy is gonna be the death of me i swear" i chuckled to myself as i stroked Dodger, it wasnt too long after that i was sound asleep again.... i really did feel like shit, but now i knew why.... it was definately worth it.
Tumblr media
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Friends To Lovers (6) Masterlist
Links Last Checked: March 24th, 2020 
part one, part two, part three, part four, part five
7 Minutes In Heaven - interrupted-by-fireworks
Summary: Dan and Phil have to play 7 Minutes in Heaven at a party.
A Kiss Before Bed (ao3) - loveandpride1895
Summary: When the Earth is set to be dust and ash, there's no point in things being left unsaid.
Or, an asteroid may just be the catalyst for something that's been brewing for a long time.
All Because of Him (ao3) - Howellsprincess
Summary: Someone leaves a baby at Dan and Phil's flat. Dan doesn't know what to do with a baby, he can barely take care of himself.
A Midsummer Night’s Dream (to change a life)  - wavydanrises
Summary: Dan Howell is a rising star in theatre, Phil Lester is an actor acclaimed by the audience and the critique. They both get a role in the same play.
Blue Eyes and Paper Doves - pseudophan
Summary: Dan Howell doesn’t have a lot of friends. None, to be precise. This doesn’t bother him, but it does seem to bother a certain blue eyed Hufflepuff who’s made it his life’s mission to get to know him.
Blurry Strangers (ao3) – Phantropolis
Summary: Set in August of 2015, Phil is invited to his high school’s reunion. Afraid of being the only single one in attendance, he convinces Dan to accompany him as his fake ‘boyfriend’ for the week. It’s only when Phil allows his best friend into his childhood life and begins to see him in a romantic light that actual feelings start developing - but it’s highly unlikely that they’ll be reciprocated.
Celestial Architecture (ao3) - loveandpride1895
Summary: The sun and the moon were given an impossible task.
Falling in love was probably inevitable.
Coming Home To You - dxnhowell
Summary: Dan has been working for Phil as his nanny ever since his son was born. Phil travels for a living so he’s hardly ever home. However, they’ve gotten close over the past few months and Dan can’t help but want to be more than what they are.
Cute - cafephan
Summary: Bored of London and in need of new clothes for a premiere, Dan and Phil head to Manchester for an impromptu shopping trip, resulting in more than they bargained for...
Ghostly - fiction-phan
Summary: Dan Howell has been able to see ghosts his whole life. Things have gone from bad to worse now that his mother remarried and he finds himself sharing his new room with Phil, avery good looking guy. A guy, who happens to be dead.
It Happens - phananddragonsfics
Summary: Phil Lester is one of the brightest students in his class, with good friends, good grades, and a good reputation. When he gets an assignment to complete ten hours of service during a semester of class, he gets asked to tutor someone in his grade, Dan Howell. But there’s something Dan isn’t telling him: a reason for why he always shows up late (if he shows up at all), why he gets sick all the time, and why in the world he carries around a giant bottle of hand sanitizer wherever he goes.
It’s In The Eyes – clumsyphilip
Summary: Hiding that you’re in love with your best friend can be difficult at the best of times, add in the fact that every time you’re together the internet makes endless gifs of your “heart eyes” and it can be impossible.
Jealousy in a Less Obvious Form (ao3) - therealphantrash (reysxywalkers)
Summary: Phil looked at his door briefly and then back at the camera. "Also," he said, pausing for a few seconds and taking another big breath. "I'm in love with someone. Though, they don't know it." Phil looked slightly sad in this moment, glancing at the ground. "And they'd hate me forever if they found out."
oh my, my, my - lesbiandannie
Summary: dan and phil growing up together from kids to teenagers to their wedding day.
Sea Glass (ao3) - knlalla
Summary: Phil arrives on the Isle of Man to house-sit at his family's cabin while it's repaired and sold. Except the cabin's in far worse shape than expected, and Phil's got to find somewhere else to stay (Phil POV)
Secrets We Didn't Need To Keep (ao3) - Ablissa
Summary: Dan Howell. Twenty-four. In love with his best friend and flatmate, Phil Lester, for the past five years.
Dan usually gets by, he does. He won't tell Phil, obviously not. But he can't even picture seeing the man with somebody else, and it seems like this time around, there is a somebody else.
In the middle of the night, we are all suspended in a strange void. In this suspension, secrets become hard to keep.
And that's not always a bad thing.
The Great Colin Conundrum - gorgeousdan
Summary: Dan’s boyfriend breaks up with him, and Phil does his very best to get Dan to realize they’re perfect for each other. Unfortunately, Dan’s oblivious and his dog, Colin, is out to ruin Phil’s plans.
The Parent Project (ao3) - Sugahyung
Summary: Dan and Phil get paired to take care of a realistic baby doll for a few days. Feelings arise.
The Sun, The Snow, And Everything In Between - chocolatesaucelester
Summary: A lot can happen in the span of one year, or a cycle of four seasons, 8,760 hours, 525,600 minutes and 31,536,000 seconds. In that common amount of time Phil met Dan at bonfire night in the fall and over the course of a year, realizes he found a person he would’ve never guessed he’d found that night.
Wishing I Could Make This Mine - melancholymango
Summary: Phil has been recovering from his last break-up for a very long time, to the point that it’s more about not wanting to put himself out there again than it’s about wanting to go back to what he had before. His friends pick up on this and he ends up being dragged to a strip club, only to run into his childhood best friend (and lifelong crush) Dan Howell, at the bar. Dan Howell, the bashful and shy teen he’s been out of contact with for years now, who then proceeds to prance onto the stage and strip with all the confidence in the world.
132 notes · View notes
Baby Love -Part 6
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
A/N: Apologies my read more isnt working! WTF??
Tumblr media
Chris had held my hand the entire the time we walked the red carpet, where as usually my arm would casually be linked with his when i attended events with him. When he stopped for photo's he pulled me close, his hand either resting on my hip or the small of my back. The press covering the Charity Event had been all over us as soon as it was apparent that i was now more than just a friend. This news had blown up on social media and gossip columns of course!
"Will you put that down and eat" Chris mumbled as he walked into the kitchen to find me on the ipad again.
"Its been days and their still going on about it! Your fans hate me now by the way!"
"Babe we knew they'd be some hate, just stop looking at it. Remember its not good for the baby if you stress yourself out" he said sitting next to me and pulling the ipad from my hands "no more of that"
"Fine" i rolled my eyes stabbing a piece of fruit and popping it in my mouth"
"It will calm down i promise"
"Yeah eventually, then we're gonna drop the baby bombshell and all hell will break loose again"
"It will be fine, im sure theres plenty of nice things being said. Its just your only looking at the bad"
"Your lucky i love you Evans" i shook my head as i stabbed another piece of fruit, when I looked up Chris was looking at me with a huge cheesy smile "why are you smiling at me like that?"
"You just said you love me" he said smugly, i instantly felt myself start to panic..... shit, was it too soon to admit that??
"Well of course i love you...." i shrugged casually even though my heart was racing "your my best friend...."
"I love you too" he said quickly stopping my nervous ramblings as he leant forward pressing a kiss to my lips. We were soon interrupted by my cell phone ringing "ignore it" he mumbled against my lips making me laugh.
"I cant its probably your mom"
"Way to kill the mood sweetheart"
"Im sorry baby" i reached for my phone and quickly answered before it cut off.
"Hi Lisa"
"Hey sweetie, the girls and me are going to take you out for lunch today"
"You don't have to do that, I'm fine i promise"
"Shanna said she had been texting you and you seemed down so we're taking you out to take your mind off it"
"I don't even have anything to wear, I'm still at Chris's...."
"Well, we'll pick you up at your place at say 13:00? That gives you plenty of time to get home and dressed for lunch"
"Yeah okay, i guess that works"
"Okay, well i'll let you go and i'll see you at 13:00"
"See you then" i ended the call and turned to Chris "i gotta go"
"What, why?"
"Your mom and sisters are taking me to lunch to cheer me up apparently"
"So why do you have to leave now?"
"Because i haven't got anything to wear here, everything i had is dirty and i cant go to lunch in your shirt" i rolled my eyes at him "id better get my stuff together and get home. Their picking me up at 13:00" i gave him a quick kiss and walked out heading to his bedroom to get my things.
After shoving my dirty clothes back into my bag and pulling on my shorts i headed back out to find Chris sitting at the dining table staring out the window.
"You okay?" I asked running my fingers through his hair and placing a kiss to the side of his head. Chris looked up at me nodding with a smile before pulling me into his lap.
"I don't want you to go" he pouted making me chuckle.
"I gotta go baby, you know how difficult it is to tell your mom and sisters no"
"Move in with me" he suddenly said, i thought he was joking but when i leant back to look at him he was obviously being dead serious.
"It makes sense that you move in, i mean your here with me more than your at your place anyway. Plus i want you and the baby here with me"
"Your serious aren't you...."
"Of course i am, it feels right when your here"
"Okay...." i nodded with a smile "if your sure thats what you want?"
"I still gotta go now though" i laughed before kissing him quickly and jumping up "i love you!" I called as i neared the front door.
"I love you too!".
Tumblr media
Lunch was at a little place called 'Lou's' it was a small family run Italian place Chris and I found years ago and absolutely loved. We were seated in back as soon as we arrived and the four of us were soon eating lunch and chatting away.
"I still cant believe you and Chris are finally together" Carly said taking a mouthful of her wine "and... pregnant" she whispered the last part.
"Yeah i know, it came as a bit of a shock to us too but I'm glad it happened. His honestly the best man i know" i said feeling myself blush.
"I think you make a cute couple" Shanna added smiling at me, we'd always gotten along well she was one of my closest friends.
"Thanks Shan, that means alot" i picked up my glass of water and took a sip.
The waitress approached our table offering to top up the wine glasses, as she got to mine i stopped her quickly and just asked for some more water. She looked at me with raised eyebrows, her name was Debra and she was so used to serving Chris and me and me usually drinking too much wine!
"Your not drinking?"
"Jesus Debra, you say that like Ive got a drinking problem" i joke with her "no, I'm just not feeling too great today so avoiding the alcohol"
"Your not pregnant are you!?" She laughed.
"Oh god no! Im fine really"
"Okay just checking" she winked and walked off.
"When are you guys gonna announce the news?" Shanna asked quietly from beside me.
"If i had my way? Never!"
"Sweetheart you'll be fine" Lisa added trying to be supportive, the truth was there was nothing anyone could say that would make me believe it would be okay.
"Im terrified, the things ive read online since that Charity Gala.... i can only imagine what will be said about this"
"We're all here for you both, you can always come to Boston and stay with us if you need a break"
"Thank you Lisa, when do you all head back to Boston?"
"End of the month, we'll come back nearer the time of.... you know" she nodded at my stomach.
"You don't have to do that...."
"I want to, your gonna need family around you"
"Im coming too!" Shanna added taking hold of my hand.
"You guys are the best, I've always thought of you as family.... you know i don't have anything to do with my own I'm grateful for you all"
Tumblr media
While we were eating desert i got a message from Chris.
Hey sweetheart, your coming back here tonight right? Xx
"Is that brother of mine texting you already?" Shanna nudged me playfully.
"Yeah" i smiled as i replied to the message.
Hey babe, yeah i'll be back tonight after I've picked up some clean clothes and things xx
You need me to pick you up? Xx
Sure, i'll text you when I'm home. We're just finishing up desert shouldn't be much longer xx
I'll be waiting for your message, i miss you! Xx
Your so needy! :p xx
Miss you too though xx
"I'll be right back, I'm just gonna go to the bathroom" i told the girls before getting up and making my way out back.
Once i was done and was making my way back to our table i was suddenly approached by a guy holding a camera who was constantly snapping photo's of me.
"Excuse me sir you cant be in here doing that!" I heard Lou say loudly and start to lead the guy out, even then he didn't stop snapping photo's. Lisa, Shanna and Carly came rushing over hearing the commotion and got me back to our table hidden in the back.
"You okay hun?" Carly asked sitting me down in my chair.
"Yeah, just wasn't expecting that as soon as i stepped out of the bathroom"
"What an asshole" Shanna muttered making me laugh.
"Y/N I'm so sorry, i didn't see him come in" Lou said as he approached our table.
"Its fine Lou, you can't keep them away all the time" i smiled at him, once he could see we were okay he got back to work.
"Well so much for cheering you up" Lisa scoffed picking her wine glass up and drinking the rest in one gulp.
"You did cheer me up, I've had a lovely afternoon" i said truthfully even though i couldn't wait to get home to Chris.
Tumblr media
We settled the bill and got back to the cars, 30 minutes later i was home and packing my bag ready to head to Chris's.
Hey, what the hell happened at lunch? You got papped?? Xx
Yeah, guy just started taking photo's as i came out of the bathroom. It was fine Lou got him out xx
Your sure your okay? Xx
Im fine, come get me? Im Just finishing up packing my things xx
Im leaving now, wont be long xx
While i sat waiting for Chris the notifications on my social media accounts started going crazy! I opened one and saw a photo of me sitting having lunch with Chris's family, the caption stating how things must be getting serious if I'm having lunch with his family. The comments were mostly people saying how i didn't deserve to be with Chris and how much better he could do than me, that i was only with him for the fame and money.... i couldn't stop the tears that ran freely down my face.
Tumblr media
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Baby Love - Part 5
Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Tumblr media
The car was silent as i sat staring at the scan photo, i had just come out from seeing my doctor and having everything confirmed. Chris and i had both cried when we saw the image on the screen and then we heard the heart beat!
"You okay?" Chris asked reaching out and taking hold of one of my hands.
"Yeah I'm good" i smiled giving his hand a reassuring squeeze "just taking it all in you know..... this is our baby!"
"Our perfect little bean" he grinned brigig my hand up to place a kiss on the back of my hand.
"Sure is"
"So i was thinking, we should tell people"
"What.... who?"
"Well my family for starters, anyone you wanna tell?"
"You know i dont talk to my family Chris, i not telling them anything. Aint we supposed to wait for 3 months before blabbing?"
"Says who?"
"Everyone! Theres more risk of things going wrong in the first 12 weeks"
"Well your already at 8 and the doctor said everything looks great"
"That doesn't mean things cant go wrong! Chris your family don't even know we're more than friends! We cant just drop this on them"
"Ok so we'll go visit, we'll tell them we're together now and then in a few weeks we'll tell them about the baby. Sound good?"
Tumblr media
2 days later i was sat at the kitchen table in the Evans family home talking to Chris's mom Lisa, Chris had been constantly fussing over me causing Lisa to look at us suspiciously.
"Okay, whats going on with you two?"
"Christopher dont lie to me"
"im not!" he said quickly before laughing nervously, for an actor he sure wasnt being very convincing!
"oh my god Evans just tell her already, your not fooling anyone with that nervous laughter of yours" i rolled my eyes playfully.
"tell me what?? Whats going on?"
"Y/N's pregnant" he blurted out making me freeze all movements, i swear i stopped breathing for a second..... did he really just do that?!!
"What?? Oh my god sweetheart thats great news!" Lisa beamed getting up from her chair and wrapping her arms around me "congratulations"
"I cant believe you just said that....." i mumbled looking at Chris who finally realised i had meant for him to tell his mom we were dating not that i was pregnant!
"I didnt even know you were seeing anyone"
"See thats the thing Lisa...."
"Its mine mom" Chris spoke up, Lisa let go of me and turned to face her son looking very confused.
"You got Y/N pregnant?...."
"Yeah, we're together now. Have been for a while"
"But you never said anything....."
"We wanted to make sure it was gonna work out before telling anyone, then when i was away filming Y/N got sick"
"Thought it was flu, turns out im pregnant" i shrugged like it wasnt a big thing.
"When you were filming.... but that was months ago" Lisa looked at Chris with wide eyes, he was nodding with a smile plastered on his face.
"Im about 8 weeks along, we only got it confirmed with the doctor 2 days ago. I was convinced the test was wrong.... but here, this is your grandchild" i said taking the scan photo from my bag and handing it to her. Lisa held a hand over her mouth as her eyes filled with tears, i looked at Chris nervously.... were these good tears or was she upset that her son got me pregnant??
"Mom you okay?" Chris asked
"Yeah. Im just..... this is such good news. I always said you two should be together, i told your sisters and Scott hundreds of times that Y/N was perfect for you" she gushed "they said it would never happen, that Y/N already put up with you enough" she laughed.
"That is true" i nodded before laughing along with her.
"hey!" he whined pouting like a sulking child that just made me laugh even more.
"awww i didnt mean it, i love spending time with you"
"I dont believe you now"
"What, the fact i spend most of my time with you when your not away filming isnt proof enough huh?"
"Fair point" he laughed pulling me into his arms and kissing me on the forehead.
"you two are so cute"
"Oh mom please stop, dont make this weird"
"Im sorry, im just so happy for you both. You wait until the others hear about this! Your dad will be over the moon Chris and your sisters and Scott.... when are you going to tell them?"
"Um i dont know..... we kinda wanted to wait for the 3 months to pass before we anounced anything"
"You can tell your family babe, i just dont want it being public knowledge yet. Im not ready to deal with that stress, its not good for the baby and you know im gonna get hate from some of your fans"
"Oh sweetie im sure it wont be that bad..." Lisa started to say until i scoffed
"I got so much hate online when i first got spotted out with Chris, until it became public knowledge that i was just his best friend. Can you imagine the reaction me being pregnant will get?? The thought of it actually terrifies me"
"Maybe we can try to keep it under wraps, no one ever has to know"
"Thats crazy mom, how am i going to do that? We cant keep Y/N locked away for the next 7 months, she's not gonna be able to hide it for much longer and Im eventually going to be seen out with my kid"
"I know honey, its just times like this i wish you werent famous. I want you to be able to enjoy this time..... both of you"
"We're gonna do our best do that".
Tumblr media
As i walked out of the bathroom wearing one of Chris's t-shirts he smiled instantly.
"Your wearing one of my shirts again?"
"So?.... your shirts are comfy" i shrugged getting into bed beside him.
"Im not going to have any clean shirts the rate your going sweetheart"
"Maybe its part of my plan, if you don't have clean shirts then you'll have to go without"
"Oh right is that what it is?" He chuckled pulling me into his arms so that my back was to his chest.
"Maybe a little" i laughed quietly "so today went well..."
"Yeah my mom was over the moon" he agreed pressing kisses to my neck "im sorry i blurted out about the baby, i honestly thought thats what you meant"
"Its fine"
"So your not mad?"
"Of course not" i replied stroking his arm that was wrapped around my waist "now go to sleep, im exhausted" we both chuckled and kissed goodnight.
After a few moments of silence i felt Chris shifting around, he usually did this when something was on his mind.
"What is it?" I mumbled sleepily.
"Nothing, go to sleep sweetheart"
"Evans i cant sleep when you keep fidgeting, spill it.... whats on your mind?" I turned around in his arms so that i was facing him.
"You know i have that Charity Event next week?"
"Would you come with me?....not just as my best friend, i want people to know that your my girlfriend".
Tumblr media
Baby love tags:
@jennmurawski13 @mybabyboytony
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underimagines · 3 years ago
Can you hit me with that good friends to lovers shit 👌 with Underfell Grillby??? Thank you! 💘
Underfell-Grillby/Reader “Friends-to-Lovers:”
- Some people suspect you’re already a couple, months before you ever take that step. How could they not? Grillby flirts with you at every turn. Of course, you know he’s just teasing. But that doesn’t mean that anyone else does.
- Once Grillby actually realizes his feelings, the flirting lessens. He’s serious about this, after all. Yet, you never seem to understand that he actually means it. Or you do & you’re just playing dumb. Either way, it frustrates him.
- But then you’re helping him clean-up after the last call. It’s just you two, chatting casually. You tell him you have something to show him. He leans closer, expectantly. You steal a kiss & take the chance to make your escape while he’s frozen in shock.
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Baby Love - Part 9
Tumblr media
A/N: OMG its been a while!
Hope your all doing okay 💕
This is just a chapter full of fluff im not gonna lie! 💕
Waking up the day after the premiere i dreaded looking at my phone so i just left it on the side and headed to the kitchen to make some breakfast. I wasn't ready to read all the hateful comments again, as long as i didn't look i could just pretend they didn't exist and enjoy my day with Chris. I switched on the radio and hummed along to the song on the radio as i started cooking the bacon and eggs, i actually felt pretty good.
Once breakfast was ready and i had fed Dodger i headed to the bedroom to wake Chris up, he'd had a few drinks last night and had slept like the dead!
"Hey babe.... wake up i made breakfast" i said leaning against the doorframe as i admired the naked man in front of me... he was laying face down hugging my pillow with the sheets just covering his ass. He cracked one eye and looked at me, a sleepy smile spreading across his face as he reached a hand out to me.
"Come back to bed" he mumbled.
"Nope, ive cooked breakfast its getting cold" i chuckled crossing my arms and waiting for him to get up.
"At least come and give me a kiss first"
"I forget how needy you get when your hungover..." i rolled my eyes shaking my head but took the few steps forward and took his hand. Chris pulled me closer and rolled onto his back with a wicked grin. As he pulled me onto the bed with him we both laughed before i leaned forward and gave him the kiss he wanted. I suddenly pulled back with wide eyes looking down at him, i saw the worry flashing over his face.
"What is it? Did i hurt you?" He sat up suddenly trying to work out what was wrong. I slowly shook my head before a smile spread on my face.
"The baby just kicked.... like a proper kick. Not just the little flutters i've been feeling....shit! it did it again!" I laughed grabbing Chris's hand and placing it on my stomach where id been feeling movement.
"I can't feel anything..." he said sadly shaking his head.
"Just wait.... give him a minute"
When the baby kicked again Chris's eyes went wide before he started laughing, excitement in his eyes as he brought his other hand up to cup my baby bump.
"Shit..... i felt that!"
"I told you!"
"That was something else....." he muttered staring at my bump his eyes tearing up, I leant forward pressing a kiss to his lips quickly.
"God i love you"
"I love you too. But come on, your son is hungry.... and mama needs sustenance" i laughed jumping up and rushing back out to the kitchen, i heard Chris laughing behind me and i turned round to catch him following me as he finished pulling on a pair of sweats.
"We're going back to bed after though right?" He asked catching up and wrapping his arms around me from behind.
"I think that can be arranged".
Tumblr media
Scott had called around lunch time and Chris had obviously told him all about feeling the baby kicking..... half hour later Scott was at the door!
"Uncle Scott is here to feel the kicks!" He said sounding far too excited when he came bursting through the door.
"Sorry Uncle Scott but your nephew is not very active at the moment" i frowned rubbing a hand over my stomach.
"Thats fine i can wait..... i brought chinese" he smiled holding up the bag of take out, my eyes lit up instantly!
"Ooh did you get..."
"Yes! Of course i got you ribs! Do you take me for a fool??" He asked looking insulted that i would even consider he forgot the ribs.
"Your the best!" I beamed over at Scott suddenly overcome with hunger at the mention of ribs! "Hey babe?...."
"I'll get the pickles" Chris called back before i even asked making me laugh, i could just imagine the looks being exchanged between the brothers but i didn't care. Weird pregnancy cravings were the norm by now. A few seconds later Chris walked in with a plate of ribs, a few pickles on the side.... as soon as the smell reached me i felt the baby kick.
"Hey Scott.... your nephew is kicking!" I called out to Scott who was still plating up his food, be came running out and dramatically dived into the empty seat next to me.
"Hey! Be careful!" Chris scolded his brother shaking his head as he handed me the plate.
"Sorry but i didn't want to miss it again!"
"Give me your hand" i held my hand out for Scotts hand and placed it where i was feeling movement "okay just wait a minute......" i said casually as i tucked in to my food, a moan escaping at how good this food was!
"Jesus, you really like those ribs don't you?" Scott laughed.
"You cant even begin to imagine the satisfaction i get from this right now" i pointed to my plate "its even better than sex!"
"Hey!" Chris moaned looking at me like i spat in his food.
"Im not saying the sex is bad.... because wow i cant get enough of you..."
"Ewww" Scott grumbled making me and Chris laugh.
"Sorry Scotty! But its true!" I took a bite of my pickle and moaned again "honestly, you have no idea how good this is right now".
As if the baby was agreeing he gave a kick right where Scotts hand was resting, his eyes went wide for a few seconds then he was leaning closer talking to my bump, introducing himself as Uncle Scott promising to be the best uncle ever!
"Scott you do know the baby cant hear you" Chris rolled his eyes at his brother as he sat the other side of me.
"Of course he can! Babies can hear in the womb Chris and this baby is gonna know his Uncle Scotts voice!"
I looked at Chris smiling and shaking my head "his right, the baby can hear some stuff.... don't worry" i grabbed Chris's hand "he already knows your voice"
"You don't know that...."
"Sure i do, he moves more when you talk" i smiled "he knows his daddy's voice".
We eventually finished eating and Scott was happy enough that he had felt the baby kicking. We were halfway through some movie the two of them chose when Scott looked up from his cell phone.
"How was your social media this morning after last night?"
"Not a clue.... i refused to look. I was in a good mood this morning , i didn't need to read all of those shitty stresses me out and thats no good for the baby....."
"You may be surprised, i've seen nothing but nice things being said. Obviously theres still the odd comment.... but most are saying how their happy for you both"
"Seriously....?" I looked over with raised eyebrows.
"Wow..... i didn't expect that after the last time i was seen in public with you"
"Anything about the baby?" Chris asked his brother who shook his head.
"Funnily enough no one has mentioned it! Im surprised to be honest i thought they'd be all over that, you weren't exactly hiding that bump of yours"
"Maybe you should make an announcement before it gets out some other way...." i looked at Chris and ran a hand over my swollen belly.
"We can do that if your comfortable with it?...."
"Honestly i just want to be able to leave the house without worrying what i'm wearing, worrying that someone will see that i'm pregnant before we've had the chance to break the news ourselves....."
"Okay..... we'll sort something out".
Tumblr media
At some point in the evening i must have fallen asleep because one minute i was watching the movie with Chris and Scott and the next i woke up in bed. The room was dim the only light coming from a lamp on Chris's side of the bed. He was laying close i could tell from his body heat, i was just about to turn to see if he was awake or not when he spoke, but he wasn't talking to me..... he was talking to the baby.
"Hey buddy..... i'm your dad....." he said quietly and i felt him gently stroke my stomach "god i suck at this...." he sighed "i just.... i guess i just wanna make sure you know me and that i love you and your mama so much. I promise i'm gonna take real good care of you both....."
"You already do take care of us" i said quietly reaching a hand up to run through his hair....he looked up at me looking a little embarrassed.
"You wasn't supposed to hear that"
"Are you really worried that the baby won't know who are?" I asked looking into those gorgeous blue eyes of his that i get lost in way too easy!
"Well i wasn't until Scott opened his big mouth but now its all i can think about"
"Chris i promise you your son knows your voice already......"
"How can you be sure?"
"He goes crazy whenever your around especially when your talking"
"He does?...."
"Yep" i smiled moving his hand over to the other side so he could feel the constant kicking currently going on.
"Thats kinda crazy"
"I know right?..... so can you please turn off the light and come to bed im exhausted" i chuckled, Chris quickly kissed me and bent to drop a kiss on my baby bump before switching off the lamp. He got into bed pulling me against his chest, his hand spread on the bump and mumbled a goodnight.
"Goodnight.... we love you"
"I love you both too".
I fell asleep with a smile on my face thinking about how god damn sweet this man was and i couldn't help but think about what a great dad he was gonna be.
Tumblr media
Baby Love tags: @jennmurawski13 @mybabyboytony @ms-betsy-fangirl @vampgirl1997 @ajosieface @afuckingshituniverse @chmedic @esoltis280 @southerngracela @bethabear12 @letsdisneythings @sellulii @patzammit @katiew1973 @princess-evans-addict @deidrahouseofpain @siren-queen03 @shipatheart @little-dark-empress @barnesandrogersworld @dumblani @xxloki81xx @jesseswartzwelder @lizzyclifford13-blog @booktease21
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phanfictioncatalogue · 3 years ago
I’m looking for a hogwarts fic that was 7th year syltherin dan and hufflepuff phil. Dan didn’t have any friends and phil started trying to talk to him. The first chapter ended with phil sending dan a note in the shape of a bird that said “friends?” or something like that. I just read this yesterday but it’s a new wip and I forgot to bookmark it! Thanks for the help!
Blue Eyes and Paper Doves - pseudophan
Summary: Dan Howell doesn’t have a lot of friends. None, to be precise. This doesn’t bother him, but it does seem to bother a certain blue eyed Hufflepuff who’s made it his life’s mission to get to know him.
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