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fieriframes · 56 minutes ago
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[Image: A close up of a sandwich on a plate. Caption: Why not?]
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purplenerdnightmare · an hour ago
There are three kinds of French Fries:
1. The perfect ones, also known as the average fry.
2. The kinda bad not good but not awful ones. These taste slightly worse and come with the added bonus of completely drying up your mouth somehow.
3. These fuckers you pray you don't get. They taste like a body that has been buried under ground somehow started growing potatoes and the people harvesting them didn't clean off the dead juices.
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swearsheisanangel · 3 hours ago
another trend i wish to start! find your underlying motif quiz!
tag atleast 5 of your mates
the bread
whether it’s your ability to rise against the odds, provide comfort, or be a staple in lives, your undercurrent is bread. you’re made from love and you carry it your whole life, to give on to others in any way you can. you’re delicate and it doesn’t take a lot to break you, but still you rise up and that is more important than what took you down. be careful with your heart, it’s so full of love that it needs to be treated delicately. you’re a staple in lives, a necessity, but not always as appreciated as you should be. so here is a thanks to you. m.f.k fisher said “ the smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight” and that my friend, that is you
tagging : @scintillatea @foressttt124 @zephyr-thefwoggy-likes-sandwich @veryfrackinflabbergasted @poetrybyn @viiviiv @elle-from-stranger-things @sofragile @whythefuckdoiexist @anyone else who wishes to do this!
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dinnerchickenrecipes · 3 hours ago
Punjabi style french fries... Enough said ...
Punjabi style french fries… Enough said …
Punjabi style french fries… Enough said
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saviourtype · 7 hours ago
no more “quizzes” 😡 no more types of “men” 🔫 only which louie zhong album is your favourite 😤
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fairyshampoo · 8 hours ago
when kate started talking about all the things she missed in the months she was kidnapped and the first thing she said was whataburger 😭✋🏼
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big-bad-bhardwaj · 9 hours ago
Ok listen Katie can choke on a dick and die. Imagine being so evil you tell someone they’re a burden to their friends and family. Imagine telling that to someone with a history of mental illness.
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beardedmenparadise · 11 hours ago
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Jens De Fries
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nermalina · 11 hours ago
why do i have something in my to-do list for today named “analyze fries”
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