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#frodo baggins
greetingsdr · 2 days ago
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Passing of the Elves
“The quest stands upon the edge of a knife. Stray but a little, and it will fail, to the ruin of all. Yet hope remains, while all the company is true.”
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woodsjpeg · 5 hours ago
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homoqueerjewhobbit · 2 days ago
Watching a bootleg of the Lord of the Rings musical (sry, I can't point you to a copy) but like, you're condensing the trilogy down to three hours including song and dance numbers and you add EXTRA Rosie? Home of phobic.
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sys-garden · 22 hours ago
I hc frodo as a sleepy head who if you leave him alone for 15 minutes he will be sleeping. sam has some drawings of frodo sleeping, sometimes to admire his beauty, some times just to record the funny places and postions he falls asleep in based on how elijah woods was on the set of the ring.
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random-jot · 2 days ago
Behold! 'Tis here! My latest video in which I combine two of my biggest passions. As always, likes, shares, comments etc. much appreciated ^_^
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paper-rose-doodles · 3 months ago
honestly frodo’s journey is so wild
like, imagine your uncle goes missing after his birthday party, and his old stoner friend from out of town tells you the souvenir he brought back from a vegas trip 80 years ago is actually satan’s mood ring and now zombie assassins are coming to burn down your town unless you and your lawn guy meet up with medieval hozier in a dark gastropub...
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prokopetz · 2 months ago
Okay, so.
In the film adaptation of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo gets stabbed by a troll’s spear, and there’s this big dramatic scene where he reveals that he’s been wearing Bilbo’s old mithril corslet under his shirt the whole time.
In the book, Frodo doesn’t tell anyone about the mithril corslet until much later, as the Fellowship is busy running for their lives at the time, and the orcs aren’t kind enough to pause their assault for long enough for the Fellowship to have a mid-battle bonding moment:
Aragorn picked up Frodo where he lay by the wall and made for the stair, pushing Merry and Pippin in front of him. The others followed; but Gimli had to be dragged away by Legolas: in spite of the peril he lingered by Balin’s tomb with his head bowed. Boromir hauled the eastern door to, grinding upon its hinges: it had great iron rings on either side, but could not be fastened.
“I am all right,” gasped Frodo. “I can walk. Put me down!”
Aragorn nearly dropped him in amazement. “I thought you were dead!” he cried.
“Not yet!” said Gandalf. “But there is no time to wonder.”
Meaning that in the book version, for most of the span between the battle at Balin’s tomb and reaching Lothlórien, apart from Gandalf – who obviously figures it out straight away – the Fellowship have no idea how Frodo survived a troll-spear to the guts with nothing but bruised ribs to show for it. What did they think was going on?
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curioscurio · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Catboy Gollum staring at Force Ghost Boromir the same way my own cat stares at the corner of my room
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lovely-v · 6 months ago
I could actually write an essay defending Frodo Baggins as a character and why he’s an exceptional and profound protagonist, but nothing can sum up my feelings better than this person on pinterest who said, “he is a hero and a polite little dude, what more could you want?”
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fuckyeahseanastin · 9 months ago
Sean Astin thinks Sam and Frodo might have kissed!
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