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look, we all know that Queer Stereotype ™ about the gays and frogs, but the entire meme channel on my school’s GSA discord is only frogs: 

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Strawberry frog! It looks poisonous! Very cool!

And yeah! I do my best, but im very bad at remembering to take my medicine :(

So, ill try! I have a bunch of reminders set up but. Idk I guess I’m still just bad at it lol.

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Frog Friday! This little one just hanging out on the corn in my veg garden. I’m guessing it’s a Whistling Tree Frog (Litoria verreauxii) because we’ve definitely heard them calling in our backyard, and the appearance fits.

It’s the little things - but this made my day!

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Let me check my notes…*checks notes*

Yes, you are right!

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Okay since y'all are gay and probably love frogs, have you ever seen a golden frog?

Well now you have


Don’t touch it you’ll die, I’m serious

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A frog!!!! A frog with a hat!!! Tis beautiful! I had to strike while there was less than 1000 reblogs ehehehe thank you very much

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Oh to be a frog sitting in my bathtub at 2am

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