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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.
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~ I put this on my Instagram already but it’s so cute I just want to show everyone ~

When the bags went on sale I had literally no money. I worked odd jobs and was able to make enough in the last week so I’m just super happy to have it!!

~Decorated Froggy bag~

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🤘🏻💀He was a sk8r boy💀🤘🏻

🤘🏻💀She said see you l8r boy💀🤘🏻

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Froggy chair is trans

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Sammy and sebastian like to sit together and discuss bugs :)

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Calm, endearing, nurturing.
we can learn something from 
these gentle creatures.

I wish that I could take some time away
to enjoy the little things,
I know that we can be  the same 


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GTFO = get that frog out

Used when someone is afraid or annoyed at a frog being welcomed into their home.

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Sammy and Phineas on a date :) I usually dont do this much for frog requests, but I remember seeing this one a long while ago and thinking it was so so cute! Then it got buried in my ask box and forgotten. So thank you for your very sweet ask, and im sorry you waited so long! I

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This user is accepting any and all submissions about toads and even frogs.

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I made another frog, this one’s bigger than the last, and he’s made of old couch cushion fabric. He’s got a stitch line across the bottom because I didn’t have a whole piece of the fabric that was big enough, so I just connected two pieces. 

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