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truckloadoffrogs · an hour ago
Random question time!
Let’s say you have to spend a week out in the wilderness (but in a cabin- I’m not mean). You have no internet access. What three items are you bringing to keep you entertained? If it’s a book, each book would count as one item and you have to give the title. (Therefore you can’t simply say “books”- that’s cheating.)
ooh this is hard! I’d say Pride and Prejudice (because it’s long and i can read it over and over), a camera, and my hiking boots! i’d go on long hikes and take lots of pretty pictures, and then relax inside and read
(now I want to go on this trip!)
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yourfavouriteplushie · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hang on a sec!
I haven’t posted anything on here in ages! Time to change that!
Here’s more artwork of my cute Cottagecore kitty and friends series, as a bonus I’ll tell you their names (the kitty is called Echo and the froggy is called Lou)
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ravenfrogs · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
strawberry frog, you do not know how much i love you lol
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truckloadoffrogs · 6 hours ago
Smutty prompts u say?? Sam and Steve grinding in the living room @ 2am and Sam trying to convince Steve to Stop Moaning So Loud
“Hnn, fuck..!”
“Steve! Shut the fuck up!" Sam whispered furiously, biting back a whine that wanted to escape. Steve ignored Sam, and ground down a little harder with a shit eating grin on his face. He let out a filthy moan through his smile, and Sam reached up and slapped his hand over Steve's mouth.
"Barnes is sleeping, Steve!"
"Yeah, so?" Steve responded from around Sam's palm.
"Oh my god--" Sam groaned, mostly out of frustration and partially because Steve had changed the angle of his thrusts and Sam could now feel the entire hot length of his cock rubbing up against his through their boxers.
This had all started when Sam and Steve fell asleep while watching a movie, and woke up groggy and disoriented at two in the morning with the title loop of the movie still playing. Sam had fallen sideways in sleep, Steve laying on top of him, and when they had woken up Steve's annoying Super Soldier Dick was up too, and raring to go. Steve had whined, saying, "Y'know how it aches, Sammy, can I please...?", and of course Sam was no match for Steve's wide and pleading blue eyes, so he only grumbled a little before spreading his legs, letting Steve fit himself between them.
As soon as Steve started his dirty little grind with a big grin spreading on his face, Sam knew he had made a mistake. One, he was stupid to have assumed he himself wouldn't have been affected by Steve's big, beautiful body thrusting so perfect, and two, he was stupid to have assumed that Steve was going to stay quiet.
Steve was never quiet during sex. Never. Whether they were kissing, or Steve had his mouth full of Sam's cock, or he was pushing into Sam with his mouth on the back of Sam's neck, he made noise. Soft little whines, filthy moans, deep rumbling groans. He was loud. So it was ridiculous to assume he wouldn't make noise when they were grinding on the couch and his mouth wasn't otherwise occupied.
So now Steve was moaning like a whore on top of Sam, and Sam couldn't even lie to himself anymore. This was hot as fuck. Sloppy grinding was one of his favorite things to do, it was dirty and intimate, and it built the tension so good, making the eventual release all the sweeter.
Sam spread his legs wider unconsciously, trying to get Steve even closer. Steve let out a noisy, appreciative groan, because of course.
"Steve, stop being so fucking loud," Sam tried again.
But this time Steve seemed to not actually hear him. His eyebrows were starting to furrow, and the blush on his cheeks was beginning to spread down his neck. He was letting out little "ah, ah, ah"s with every roll of his hips, and the arms on either side of Sam's head were beginning to tremble.
He started to grind harder, pressing Sam deeper into the couch, his moans growing in volume and frequency, punctuated by breathy gasps for air. Resigned to his fate of probably being caught, Sam reached for Steve's hips, pulling him closer and tighter and harder--
With a low sigh, Steve came. He dropped his head next to Sam's, mouthing desperately at Sam's neck as his cock twitched and his release soaked through his boxers and into Sam's. Ironically, the only time Steve was quiet during sex was when he came. He just shuddered, hips jerking, thigh muscles twitching in pleasure.
The rolls of Steve's hips began to slow. Sam threw back his head as he felt his orgasm beginning to build, his thighs tensing and an ache building in his balls.
"Steve--" Sam gasped desperately.
"Whatchu need, baby?" Steve mumbled into his neck, not stopping the lazy roll of his hips.
"Touch-- touch me please...!"
Steve lifted his body, now kneeling over Sam, and reached for Sam's cock, starting to jerk him off through his boxers. Steve's release soaking through Sam's boxers made every movement slick and sticky, and Steve's big warm hand wrapped around him so nice, even through a layer of cloth, and Steve's mouth was so soft and wet under his ear--
With a loud cry, Sam's back arched off the couch, his eyes rolling back. Pleasure tingled up his legs and up his spine like sparklers as Steve kept rubbing him through it, murmuring praise in his ear. Steve let go once Sam's body relaxed back on the couch with a sigh, and he ran his clean palm up Sam's side.
"Well if Barnes didn't hear us before he definitely heard us now," Sam said in embarrassment.
"Oh wait, you were serious?" Steve let out an incredulous laugh.
At Sam's confused look, Steve explained. "Bucky's at Clint's tonight. He left at, like, eight."
Sam gaped. Laughing again, Steve said, "I thought you were just playing around! I didn't know you thought Bucky was actually here!"
Sam groaned, covering his face.
"We're never speaking of this again," Sam grumbled.
Letting out a little giggle, Steve kissed Sam's neck sweetly. "Whatever you say, baby."
hi i wrote this during math class lmk what you think!
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truckloadoffrogs · 8 hours ago
hi send me some simple smutty prompts?
(i can’t guarantee i’ll write it bc i’m super low on energy but I also want to write and I can’t think of anything)
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truckloadoffrogs · 9 hours ago
Pssst. Hey. Bucky hugging Sam from behind and saying “hey honey”
yes 😫 bucky resting his head on sam’s shoulder and wrapping his arms around his waist while sam cooks or fixes redwing !! i’m in love
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mushroom-for-art · 11 hours ago
Remember everyone in Bugsnaxs has their own issues and my ocs are not immune to that.
Tumblr media
I agree with the idea that Grumplings spend a lot of time clinging to a parent as they develop before learning to walk because why give up being carried, unfortunately Namawie was getting a bit big for that so decided to try to walk.
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truckloadoffrogs · 12 hours ago
All of these thotty asks are making me think of a golden scenario: virgin or shy Bucky with daddy or experienced Sam where they’ll be like, making out a little after dating for a while, and Sam can tell buckys getting a little overwhelmed so he just pulls back and goes “we can go however slow you want baby, I’m here for whatever you want” and Bucky just damn near passes out from the Care and Love that Sam has to always respect his boundaries but also be open to more whenever buckys ready 🥺😪
yeesssss! sam is such a good partner 🥺🥺 this makes me so soft I love it so much
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truckloadoffrogs · 12 hours ago
if we’re mutuals and you no longer like the things I reblog (because it has changed a little!) do not feel bad about unfollowing me! I will still consider us friends 💗
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truckloadoffrogs · 22 hours ago
Not me thinking about Sam talking Bucky through a blowjob or riding him for the first time 😳😳 Bucky would get so whinyyy and sweet while Sam is Mr. cool calm and collected, Mr. “I’ll take care of you sweetheart don’t you worry”
and sam being all unaffected makes bucky even more flustered because even though sam tells him a good job it makes him feel even more naked. because sam is telling him how to take his dick with his hands on bucky’s hips, a fond little smile on his face, while bucky is shivering and his cock is drooling and he feels like he’s about to come just from sinking down for the first time.... I feel like the plates of bucky’s metal arm will move around a bit when he’s feeling really good, kinda like goosebumps on his flesh arm, so the plates would be clicking, and bucky would be whining, and sam would be lying there, head on the pillow, telling bucky that he’s “doing such a good job, baby, you feel so good, just a little more”.....
thanks for this fantastic thought anon 🥴
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truckloadoffrogs · 23 hours ago
Okay but like. Sam calling Bucky “pretty baby” and “sweetheart” when theyre getting it on like 🥴 whether it’s just kissing in the hallway or Bucky riding Sam, Bucky loses it every time Sam starts dirty talk bc that man has a MOUTH on him
oh my GOD yes!
bucky considers himself to be a charmer, a flirt, a smooth talker, but then sam brings out the “are you getting cock drunk already, sweetheart?” and bucky is GONE because he’s so surprised such a goody like sam would be so dirty but he loves it
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truckloadoffrogs · 23 hours ago
Do u have any sambucky or samsteve headcanons u would like to share with us this fine evening? 💕
head empty just slutty thots :-/
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truckloadoffrogs · 23 hours ago
This is a thotty ask but I feel like you’d appreciate the idea: smol Bucky sitting on thicc daddy!sam’s lap making out. That’s it. Lazy making out and enjoying each other. Bucky just falling into Sam’s lap with one look and Sam holding him there as long as Bucky wants.
yeah 🥴 huge fan of this
them making out for long minutes, just sharing air and warmth, until bucky starts lazily grinding into sam’s stomach because he can’t help himself, and sam letting him, and bucky getting more and more desperate, sam’s big hands on bucky’s hips helping him along, until bucky comes into his boxers, whining into sam’s mouth as he shudders, and sam flipping them over so he’s lying on top of bucky because wants to come too goddamnit, and bucky crying a little from overstimulation, and sam mouthing at bucky’s neck as he ruts against bucky’s still hard cock,,,,,, yeah 😌
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truckloadoffrogs · a day ago
Steve and Bucky try winning Sam over with these wild romantic gestures when all Sam really wanted was to be wooed in quiet ways: walks in the park, making dinner for him, giving him random hugs, snuggling at movie nights. What Sam wasn’t prepared for is for Nat to tell them all of that so now he has to deal with two super soldiers head-over-heels for him
yes yes yes yes i’m in love
and that also opens up opportunities for ot3..... bucky and steve are jealous of each other until they realize they would all be really happy together.... and then they tag team sam and sam really didn’t stand a chance...... I love
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truckloadoffrogs · a day ago
I’m a different anon than the paperback one (although holy shit that is the BEST idea!!!) but omg ur fics are so comforting and lovely and I love how u write 🥺💕
I didn’t see this ask until just now, i’m so sorry!
yes it is a super super neat idea! i’ve seen some people use a website that will make a hardcover book of anything you send in (I think?) so some people have made books of fics they love, and I think that’s such a wonderful idea!
and thank youuuu 🥺 i’m so glad you like my fics!
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truckloadoffrogs · a day ago
That make so much sense to me that Bucky want to be take care of like of course he want to be praise and touched of course he wanted to know that he's safe and don't have to fight all the time but when he does it's because he wants to and because he cares
He deserves it so much and Sam OMG your beautiful human of course he deserves the world too
Your writing make me cry I'm so sad and happy at the same time thank you
I'm feeding myself with their love
i’m responding to this so late i’m sorry 😭
sam and bucky both deserve the world, and they will both give the world to each other 🥺
omg! i’m so glad you like my writing!!! 💗💗
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truckloadoffrogs · a day ago
Bucky is such a soft Himbo boyfriend. He flirts with Sam all day like and pulls lines that make Sam wonder how they’re still dating, but the Moment Sam is like “okay. Do it. Kiss me til I’m as red as your shirt in the kitchen. I bet you won’t” and Bucky just starts mumbling all shy and stuff cause he’s never (1) had a partner be into PDA and (2) had a partner that WANTS to show him off so like. Of course Sam is the one to make Bucky as red as his shirt to prove him wrong. Duh
now i’m all soft 🥺
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iix-nekochan · a day ago
Tumblr media
Me but like... froggi
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truckloadoffrogs · a day ago
hi froggie babie 💛 i kinda binge read your stucky stuff today and i just wanna tell you how much i love you and how much i love your writing
thank you 🥺🥺
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