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(holding his stomach in the mirror) I'm so ugly look at how fat I am
His Lizard Bf
No you're not babe and even if you were I would like it because then it would giving more of you to cuddle with *places a kiss on the frog's nose
*Dies of love overload
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today’s funky frog of the day is: platymantis polillensis! commonly known as the polillo forest frog, they are endemic to the philippines, where they are found on polillo island and in the aurora province. their natural habitats include dry forest, moist lowland forest, and and moist montane forest. unfortunately, they are threatened by habitat loss. they are usually small and white or cream in color, and they were first described in 1922. they most likely feed on a variety of insects, and their lifespan is unknown.

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Member Introduction: Remi


Full Name: Katsuno Rise (勝野莉世)

Position: Main Dancer, vocalist

Date of Birth: 26th April 2001

Concept Specialty: Rocket Punch

Representative Animal: Frog 🐸

Our powerhouse dancer Remi is known for her 4D personality and love for Disney - she resembles her favourite Disney Princess, Rapunzel! She often does VLives titled ‘Remiland’, where she shows fans short dance covers, and draws cute pictures for her members to celebrate events like birthdays. While she is quiet, she has slowly been coming out of her shell, and her Korean has been improving greatly, meaning Lullets have been able to hear her sweet voice more in Cherry Bullet’s music.

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hey to anyone who sees this if you have pictures of cute animals can you send them to me? or maybe reblog this with the pictures? my best friend gets really depressed and it helps when i send them pictures of animals. their favorite animal is a frog. thank you to anyone who shares their pictures:)

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Going to modify a meme and declare this Flat Frog Friday


[British Library, Harley MS 3244 fol.67v]

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The montane large-eyed litter frog  [Leptobrachium montanum] is a species complex endemic to Borneo. These small frogs reach a maximum of 2.5 inches in length, with their tadpoles often exceeding their adult form at 2.8 inches in length or more. These frogs are native to submontane and montane forests at high elevations. Images by Yoyo Freelance.

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I wonder how many people hate me. Oh well. At least I can continue eating flies.

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It’s a good day to think about blaine Anderson having a frog addiction and 2 pet froggys called strepsil and jam.

So here’s some random ideas about the froggys:

  • They are both glass tree frogs.
  • Blaine usually just sits them on the desk when he’s doing work but then ends up just looking at them instead of working.
  • They like to sit in Blaines hair when it’s curly, they don’t like Blaine’s hair when it’s got gel in it.
  • Blaine has a terrarium for them built in to his shelving unit.
  • The reason Blaine has them is because he had a frog phase as a child and his mum eventually got him some.
  • Due to this frog addiction as a child Blaine has alot of frog based things in his room such as an army of frog teddys and a frog beret.
  • As a child Blaine used to wear a frog bucket hat everywhere.
  • Idk why they r named that but that’s what I feel young blaine would call them.
  • Jam and strepsils biggest fan is Jeff, who comes round to see then as much as possible.
  • They also have an Instagram with many followers, more than Blaine has, cause come on, they r frogs.
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Say hello to Tomatoad!  

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