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Tsuyu Asui Headcannons
Tumblr media
She can’t swim in chlorinated or salt water pools
She can unhinge her jaw and shove an entire hamburger in her mouth
She doesn’t do that often, though, because she has trouble swallowing it
(That’s what she said, heh)
She loves going to the hot spring and just chilling for a few hours
Soaking her skin makes her feel hydrated and refreshed
She is super conscious about skincare, and is strict about what products she uses based on the ingredients
“Nooo! That has fragrances! It can lead to problems!”
“Please tell me you’re wearing sunscreen!”
“I know it’s winter, but...”
Some people see this as annoying, but she just cares about her friends and wants their skin nice n healthy!
Bonus weird one:
So you know how in some countries, eating certain types of insects is a delicacy/ normal part of one’s diet?
I think that Tsu heard about that once and decided to try them, and she secretly LOVES them!
She’s super ashamed of it
They’re the kind you buy at specialty stores, and they’re always ethically sourced
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i think this is the most i've ever enjoyed anything
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kazedoodles · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Froggies for my senior Exhibition
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nnyxs · 5 months ago
¿por qué eres tan linde? ¿cómo te conquisto?
Tumblr media
¡muchas gracias por el cumplido! pero tu eres mas linde. ¿conquistarme? no lo sé, quizás comprándome comida o con un peluche de ranitas ¿has visto esas ranitas en internet con gorritos? son muy lindes. 
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melanimed · 7 months ago
The word Cuddle buddi made me v soft I hate it here - Echo
🥺 But we love soft things Echo. It’s okay ✌🏾
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autopsyofsociety · 7 months ago
(a TikTok Side post)
Description: Froggos, frogs and froogs galore. Any videos where the main focus is a frog/frogs. 
FrogTok: I am in love with FrogTok. Its so adorable. It can be videos of wild frogs, frog pets, drawn frogs, animated frogs, whatever, its cute. My favourite videos are the ones of animated frogs bouncing up and down to a beat. Please check out FrogTok, you will not be disappointed, (and tell me what you think! :))
Rating: 10/10, very cute, much frog, no downsides.
(note: I, in no way, have adequate data for this)
(note the second: It’s posts like these that need to be edited by other individuals, so if you wish to add/correct something, say something in the ask box and I will most likely add it!)
This has been my opinion on the FrogTok side of TikTok. Catch you later.
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0fishbait0 · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
i dont own this frog!
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manannana · 7 months ago
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jaythebi-normal · 7 months ago
@speyerboot Yo is that frug?
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cookieheylookie · 10 months ago
Just two frogs with snails on their heads vibing. Frog on the right drawn by froggletown. . . . #froggletown #frog #snails #frogandsnail #frogtiktok #frogtok #cookieheylookie #cookielookie #digitalart #film #filmmaking #instaarte #animator #tiktokvideos #myart #sketch #instaartwork #instaartist #framebyframe #aniamtionstudent #animationvideo #indieanimation #indieanimations #youtubeanimation #youtubeanimations #youtubeanimator #tiktokanimator #originalanimation #instaartworkoftheday #imagination (at Lilypad)
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