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There is something that’s been bothering me for a while. How come that Iduna was tan as a child and then so pale as an adult? also she looks nothing like Northuldra people as an adult.

I know that she wasn’t meant to be a Northuldra since the very beggining and that plot was made up later, but they could make it much better and with more logic. It’s very confusing. 🤷🏼‍♀️

I remember when we first got the pictures of little Iduna, nobody thought that was her. We thought it’s some new character.

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Each of them has known pain.

Elsa, the pain of loneliness – of self-hatred – of guilt – of fear – of self-annihilation in the name of selflessness.

Anna, a mirror of that – for loneliness, self-hatred, guilt, and fear fester all the worse when one cannot give their source a name. Even now, she can hardly give it name – for she loves her parents and the trolls but hates what they set in motion for her and for her sister. The gates losing oppressively – the shutting of Elsa’s door – the desperate pain of her sister’s face in childhood – childhood – a mirror of her own, so lost –

Kristoff – the loneliness, the lack. Like Anna, he could not give it name, did not even think it a lack – because he had Sven, at least, in childhood – and then his family. He hardly knew the mournfulness of the mountains until he came down from them, felt the warmth of Anna’s hand in his.

And he is a mirror to Elsa as Elsa is a mirror to Anna – all their hands reach out and grasp one another’s – and Olaf’s twiggy hand stretches out.

Olaf is innocence personified – but he, even he has known helplessness – has seen a friend’s eyes mist with tears and could do nothing but watch her weep as he – lost himself –

And Honeymaren – Honeymaren has known the void of a sky without stars, of a night without the rich velvet of the sky for all the heavens hold is ash – not night’s darkness but the twisting hues of things unknown beyond the veil – the veil whose wonders she finds in time, but still it is a prison.


The world’s gates closed to her.

She finds her mirror in Elsa, finds her peace with her – a love that mirrors Anna’s love for Kristoff (the king and queen of Arendelle come to the Forest on pleasant days, kissing beneath the sun – and Elsa kisses Maren as deeply and as lovingly.)

But she also finds a mirror in Anna’s loneliness and strength. They are fast friends, Honeymaren and Arendelle’s new queen – laughing lightly, gathering Elsa up into group hugs which Kristoff and Olaf inevitably join…

They have found each other.

The lost people.

The broken people – or rather, the ones who think themselves broken but are not, and they need the warmth of others to make them realize their own… lack of brokenness.


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Aww! thank you for saying that! I think of Frozen 24/7 so this message got me really excited. :D

Okay so… 

Kristoff: useless and absolutely clueless. He’s the last person to notice.
Olaf: starts to wonder why Anna has to go to the bathroom to vomit. He doesn’t know what “vomit” means, so he looks it up. He asks her if she’s been eating Kristoff’s Flemmy stew and suggests that she stays away from it. 
Elsa: She’s usually hypersensitive to Anna’s moods, and she’s super worried because Anna tires easily nowadays and she’s been crying over the smallest things (Anna, it was an accident. Sven doesn’t hate you for stepping on his hoof - nonono Anna please stop crying - SVEN, COME HERE AND TELL HER YOU DON’T HATE HER. NOW.) Elsa also notices the spirits gravitating to Anna more than usual - Gale is hovering over her, the Nokk follows her around the moment she stands up to go somewhere, Bruni seems to find warmth laying on her tummy, and the earth giants are now surrounding Arendelle’s seaport as some sort of…. protective wall? 
Kai: suspicious but doesn’t voice out his thoughts. He’s seen this kind of behavior before …. how nostalgic and eerily familiar. He mentally takes note of cleaning the nursery room.
Gerda: immediately knows way before Anna figures it out herself. The obsessive need to eat three plates of Krumkake, sneaking out of her chambers to find more chocolates late at night, shoooort temper, warding Kristoff off because he smells like wet reindeer (even though he showers daily)  - yah, classic Iduna behavior when she was pregnant with the girls. Agnar didn’t smell like reindeer, though. He just smelled undignified, according to Iduna. 


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Frozen + Star Wars


My third crossover sketch!! Hope you guys like it!! It’s a quick one though 😅

I thought it’d be cute to see Fohana in the shoes of these guys!😂❤️

Elsa in the guise of Luke, Anna as her beloved sister Leia and Kristoff as Han (well, these last two names don’t sound good together, you know what I mean LOL).

Actually I’m not very satisfied with their faces but I’m so so obsessed with Olaf and Sven as R2-D2 and Chewbecca!!😂

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I just love when post-Frozen 2 fanfics go like 

Anna / Honeymaren / Kristoff / anyone really, might as well be Olaf: Hey I did this for you 

Elsa: What? But why?

All: Because you deserve it…?

Elsa, a goddess without even trying, paradoxically now looking sad like a bashful child: But I’m not worth it…

All: ELSA.

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I want to pause to take a moment to appreciate Frohana in all of its facets - Snow Sisters, Ice Bros, Kristanna, Olaf and Anna, Kristoff and Sven, all the beautiful bonds that make this family Stronger Together.


How the sisters bring out the brightness in each other.


How Elsa would do anything to protect Anna.


How Elsa loves and cares for Anna, cares about her emotional well-being and helping her to heal from the pain of the past.


How Anna cares for Elsa in the same way.


How deeply Kristoff loves Anna.


And how deeply Anna loves Kristoff.


How Elsa loves Kristoff.


How Olaf loves Anna.


And Anna loves Olaf.


How Kristoff and Sven have been each other’s family forever.


And Olaf and Sven care about each other.


They’re a family…


… and families can grow.


And I love them all, and how they all are connected by love. Whatever my misgivings about parts of Frozen 2, the beauty of this familial warmth shines in my heart.

Connected by love.

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