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thegunslingerstragedy8 months ago
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lobotomycas8 months ago
sorry i keep thinking about your accent posts and i have read pjo as a child disease (terminal) so uhhh thoughts about annabeth hiding her accent/trying to get rid of it? <3
OHH... OH.............. OHHH....... I'm torn between her erasing it when she gets to chb because none of her siblings share her southern accent and one of the older more dickish ones make a comment about how it makes her sound stupid (and she doesn't want them to think she's stupid, she wants them to think that she's their little sister, she wants a home) and so she gets rid of it. OR. because she's stubborn and angry and rebellious (and thalia liked it, but she's gone now) she leans into it. it's her fucking accent and it doesn't define anything about her other than where she's from, what the fuck. it's just her accent.
and also percy with his new york accent plus annabeth and her southern accent.. the power they would hold
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whatisnovadoinga year ago
Sorry that the video is really short!
Anyway, hope y'all enjoy the short moment!
@itsabsurd-and-terrifying @virgillity @mari-the-apprentice-anxiety it won't let me tag your main Moni @tffc-discord-ooc
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