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I’ve always liked the idea of tsu having frog skin or a more frog-like appearance

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Don’t mind the caption, but uh…


The size difference between his hand and his glove, I-

Why he got Mickey Mouse hands?

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i somehow started getting into the mha fandom

dw Im not gonna be some toxic shipper i just like the characters and think its neat. don’t ask me how I got into this, idek I never even watched the show

but i saw a clip of sad tsuyu so

b a m

draw her

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I wouldn’t necessarily say there is precedent, as we only have a faint idea of what the police’ chief might Quirk be. It may even be that he is an example of an extreme Aesthetic Mutation given some of the other examples we see. However, I do think that cases like that could happen. That people with similar Quirks could have different ways of them manifesting physically. Not sure if they would be their own Quirks though, just having the same abilities with a new look. A better example of this would be something like Tsuyu’s family, who are all implied to have frog Quirks but still look different. The only real farfetched thing is that they all meet and had the right disposition to form a gang.

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Mina Ashido


Originally posted by nanjou

• This girl is the literal tickle monster of 1-A, no joke

• she attacks when you least expect it and studies all of her peers’ reactions meaning she knows exactly how to wreck them

• her favourite targets are the rest of the bakusquad, but those boys outnumber her and can retaliate big time

• she’s pretty ticklish herself and isn’t embarrassed to admit it. If anything, she thinks tickle fights can be fun

• Mina’s worst spots are her thighs and feet and she’ll scream if you tickle the right spot with the right amount of pressure

Toru Hagakure


Originally posted by chimera-798

• I read somewhere that she’s canonically ticklish in one of the BNHA books!

• since she’s invisible, people are accidentally bumping into or touching her all the time, which can sometimes elicit a ticklish reaction

• once during training, Ojiro’s tail brushed up against her stomach and she squealed before nervously admitting: “don’t t-that tickles”

• after that incident, some of her classmates (mostly Mina and Ojiro) like to grab her sides while pretending that they were “just looking for her”

• worst spots are her stomach/sides

Tsuyu Asui


Originally posted by nanjou

• not too ticklish, but the right spots can really get her laughing

• as a ler, she can be teasy without knowing it since she’s used to speaking her mind (”Ochako-chan how can you be this sensitive? I’m barely touching you”)

• she feels awkward about the escalating tickle fights in 1-A at first, but eventually gets comfortable enough to join when the other girls tickle attack her one night in the common room

• after that, she feels more confident engaging in them with her friends, and will poke them in the sides when least expected

• when she gets really serious, she might use her tongue to restrain the lee

• her worst spots are her back and armpits, but only the girls know about this one spot on her lower back that’s hypersensitive to touch

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I feel that if these two got more development it would be a interesting pair. But I like the idea of these 2 characters because you have Bakugou who’s more hot head and tempermentive and then you have Tsuyu who’s cool and calm so having their personalities clash could actually work in the long run. It’s probably one of the rare pairs that I have taken an interest into.

I’m unsure if Bakugou is even having an endgame considering his lack of interactions with the female cast but back to your point this ship is a good one (I have no issues with it)

I’m very indifferent to the pairing (maybe if I had some recommendation or seen more content of it my thoughts can change 🤔)

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froppy supremacy !! froppy supremacy !! froppy supremacy !!

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reasons to not like tsuyu asui 

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