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Hello trainers! Have you been enjoying your adventure in the Crown Tundra? We sure have been! 👑

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The Worm Pokémon
Type: Ice/Bug
Official Registration #: 872
Entry: A caterpillar-like pokémon native to the snowy fields of Galar. It possesses an intricate and fascinating lifecycle, as well as a precise level of control over ice and snow that can be considered formidable to a larval pokémon, yet it’s best known to the internet as being “a precious gummy bean, a must-squish.”

The Frost Moth Pokémon
Type: Ice/Bug
Official Registration #: 873
Entry: The evolved form of snom, in a heightened state of happiness. One of the most common questions with regards to frosmoth care is whether or not they would make excellent partners to volcarona. The answer is no, this would not at all be recommended, as frosmoth is an ice/bug moth pokémon … with wings made of ice so cold it can cause instant frostbite and an inherent temper towards anything that slightly disrupts its environment. Volcarona wouldn’t stand a chance.

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Snom are the most helpless creatures in the world and they are a constant danger magnet. It’s almost cartoonish and the stress levels of the parents of young Snom are thru the roof.

The only way parents have found to combat this is to just…..bundle them up to the point of being immoble. If they can’t fucking move, they can’t get in trouble.

Snoms are big foodies. If it’s delicious, they want to eat it. Their metabolism is whacked out beyond belief and while what they put in their bodies should make them morbidly and fataly obeses, they’re at best soft and chubby.

Frosmoth are elusive and private people. They keep mostly to themselves and are known for making beautiful clothing-each piece decorated with the embordiered story of their people. They are known for being very beautiful and very well dressed to people who are lucky to meet them or come across a colony of them.

Frosmoth lose their appetites after evolution. While most people need 3 meals a day-plus snacks, Frosmoth only eat once a day and even at that, it’s very small portions. This doesn’t seem to hinder them in anyway.

They are some of the few people who worship the God Kyurem, the embodiment of true neutrality and absolute zero, made from the primordial essence of the before universe before the balanced Gods came into being. Worship of this god is unheard of and not a very popular god in Galar; but it makes sense since Frosmoth are very emotionally flat people at times who seem to live a very neutral ‘grey’ life.

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Yoo this was such a blast make!  A buddy in a discord server created a collab with his pokesona (old ver. since it’s been a minute) to interact with other sonas/trainers. Guess who had made a new oc before this hehe
Meet Eirlys! She hails from the sleepy town of Snowpoint City, having gone on her own pokemon journey with her starter a piplup! She is an ice-type specialist if ya couldn’t tell. She’s hanging out with her adorable Galar baby Moonpie the Frosmoth!
I have another wip of Eirlys to finish, which will reveal more info bout her
I love her already

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