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Frosta from She-Ra and The Princesses of Power is autistic, submitted by anon!

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “And that’s why you don’t mess with Frosta, the Princess of the Kingdom of Snows!”

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: When you’re about to rest.

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And Day 28 for @spop-palentines

Found Family

Frosta bit down on the pillow as she startles awake. Grimacing, she spits feathers out and sits up, a hand wiping her face and coming away wet. Frosta brings her knees close, wrapping her arms around them and hides her face as she tries to calm down.

She jumps as she feels a tap. Frosta looks up into Spinnerellas’ face, who puts a finger to her lips and motions to the door. They pick their way out of the Princess pile, slipping out of the room.

“Nightmares?” Spinnerella asks.

Frosta shakes her head, looking away. “The Winters Bane never has nightmares!”

“Might be the only one, then.” Spinnerella muses. “I’m not going back to bed anytime soon, want some ice cream?”

Frosta nods. “The Winters Bane will accept ice cream.”

They creep down to the kitchen, Frosta grabbing a bowl of Rocky Road while Spinnerella has French Vanilla.

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Take My Poll!

Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that I did make a poll a few days ago for you guys to pick what She-Ra character I should do for my next aesthetic. It’s a strange set up so I’ll explain!


One way to do it is to go to my poll here!

Another way is if you see the og post of the poll, there’s a flap on the top right corner that if you click on it, it also sends you to the poll.


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Glimmer’s Found Family

Glimmer’s got a lot of people who care about her and she cares a whole lot about them. I think that’s awesome!

The Best Friend Squad

Bow, Adora, and Catra (or the Glimbow + Glitradora polycule 😏💜💖💜💖)


Her Family

Frosta (her honorary little sister 👩‍❤️‍👩)


Her Mom and Dad (Angella and Micha)


Her Aunt Casta


George and Lance (future Fathers-in-Law)


Her Friends

Mermista, Sea Hawk, Perfuma, Scorpia, Entrapta, Spinnerella and Netossa


She’s come a long way from that lonely little girl, huh?



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“I need someone for a very important job to, uh, greet the guests.”


“Oh, you need a bouncer! I’m on it! BOUNCER!”

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “And even less with those soft cheeks that you both have, Perfuma and Mermista! Of course, I don’t forget about the fact that we all need to be fine and ready to fight the Horde, too!”

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “Do you both understand that? I hope so, because I don’t want to use more severe ways to try to bring peace to this situation!”

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Today’s Frosta of the Day has been brought to you by: “Also, what if Catra and the rest of the Horde begins to attack this Coronation and at least one of our Princesses is KO? That would be so icin’ terrible!”

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Sea Hawk: My hair was catching some highlights and lets just say…some people were pretending to drown so i would rescue them,Anyway i could pull blonde

Mermista putting a poker face  : Okay ,we have a delicate but very  very promising situation here

Frosta: if we play out the next seconds right, Sea Hawk will go blonde  

Perfuma: come on guys, this is just mea…whoa,i just pictured it ,how do we do it?

Netossa: Sea Hawk responds to one thing about else,a bunch of people beggin him not to do something 

Mermista: follow my lead 

Mermista: i love you buddy but there is no way you could off pull blonde

Spinerella: it just wouldn’t look right

Frosta: yeah, don’t even think about it

Netossa: It wouldn’t fit you

Sea Hawk: …i’m going blonde! 

Mermista: oh no

Perfuma: this is not the outcome we wanted from this! 

“Lather that day after the dying”

Perfuma: guys …don’t you think that Sea Hawk´s hair is starting to look kind of good?

Mermista: thanks, i think i was the only one

Scorpia: he looks like a freaking rockstar 

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Today’s prompt for @spop-palentines is Teams and Alliances and I wrote about the Princess Alliance combining their forces to take down the Horde in a very… creative way.

“Oh dear.” Spinerella landed next to her, her delicate tone at odds with how she casually sent a breeze to smash a bot against at rock. “It seems like they’re getting wise to our tricks. Perhaps we should try something different. Something they… aren’t expecting?”

Mermista looked at the other princess out of the corner of her eye. It had been a joke, something silly they had all been talking about when they were punchy and exhausted after the last mission but there was a sneaky little spark in Spinerella’s eye Mermista had never seen before that gave her the feeling she was actually serious. Well, fine, she was game, mostly just to see if it was possible and if it was something unexpected they needed…

“Yeah, alright, Gusty. Let’s see what we can do.” She spun around to call to Frosta on the other side of the beach. “Hey, Popsicle! You may want to move back! We’re going to try something ridiculous.”

“You got it!” Frosta said cheerfully, the guts of a bot impaled on the tip of her ice spear.

“Here goes nothing…”

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