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I can’t pick just one!!! There’s too many!

In Wicked Games, the silk suspension scene is probably my favorite. I’m also really partial to the rescue scene in The Scars We Carry.

In my older fics, I remember being really proud of the “final battle” scene in Spellbound and some of the quieter scenes in Spellbreaker (both FrostIron stories). And the entirety of Covered in Blood and Dust (we watched the world burn) — I really, really love how that scene/part of the Aftermath series turned out, and I’m sad I’m probably never going to finish it. There’s a lot of good moments in that series, honestly. I just had no idea where I was going with it.

Thank you for the ask! 💖

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it’s my lockdown and i’ll write gratuitously tropey 2012-era lokitony with a richard siken poem title if i want to

here is chapter 1 of “that one last tender place” aka the fic i spent the last month working on, to the detriment of all my other responsibilities. it’s got everything: a soul bond, pining, pining while soul bonded, increasingly dire pop culture nicknames, a thrilling twist on the ‘there was only one bed’ trope, and a whole host of mental health issues. enjoy!

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Warriors Three and Lady Sif: *appears from the Bi-Frost*

Sif: Greetings, Thor and Thor’s Midgardian friends!

Thor: Friends! To what do I owe your visit?

Fandral: We came to see you, friend!

Volstagg: And the All-Mother wanted to check on how Loki is in his redemption.

Loki: *not happy to see Sif and the Warriors Three* Oh, I was doing SO well without any of you.

Tony: Aren’t those Thor’s friends from Asgard? You know, the ones who mock you for using magic in battle?

Loki: *nods sadly* Yes. *leans head on Tony’s shoulder* Unfortunately.

Tony: Should have said something! *ready to put on his suit*

Mikey: *pops out from kitchen* Hey, Lokes! Why the long face?

Loki: *points to Sif and the Warriors Three*


Mikey: OKAY, Imma get Jack and Ezra! *runs off*

Nat: *to Sif and the Warriors Three* Why would you dislike someone for using magic in battle?

Sif: A dishonorable move in Asgard. Besides, he uses Seidr, magic of the women.

Nat: That’s coming from you, a woman using the art of men to battle with no magic whatsoever?


Clint: *grins* Nice one, Nat.

Sif: *turns to Thor* I dislike your friends, Thor.

Bruce: *rolls eyes* You know, on Earth, those who fight are considered as normal people because anyone and everyone can fight, but those with magic are either considered as witches or just extraordinary beings because magic is rare on Earth.

Hogun: And the point is…?

Ezra: *enters with Jack* The POINT is that Loki’s magic is freaking AMAZING, and you retards don’t get the right to judge it!

Jack: Or are you four just cowards because you don’t understand the power and amazement that Loki’s magic has?

Thor: *crosses arms* Watch your tone on my friends.

Loki: Pah-lease, Thor. If your friends can mock me as they wish then my friends can reverse it and mock them as they wish as well.

Steve: I rather not let anyone mock anyone, but if you put it that way, it DOES sound fair…

Peter: *appears from kitchen* Huh? What sounds fair?

Mikey: *appears behind Peter* Sif and the Warriors Three over here say that Loki’s magic is bad.

Fandral: Not really ‘bad’, per se…

Peter: *gasps in horror* WHAT?! But Mother’s magic is AMAZING!

Sif and Warriors Three:


Youngest Cinnamon Rolls:


Peter: *blushes bright red* Uhm…

Loki: *tears up* R-Really…?

Ezra: Woah… Loki’s a mom already…

Jack: He’s always been, but coming from Peter? Okay… I did NOT expect that…

Tony: *tears up and runs off* PEPPER, GET THE LEGAL PAPERS! I’M GETTING MARRIED!

Thor: *fumes and runs after Tony* NO, STARK! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY!


Sif: I’m not even going to question…

Fandral: *stares at Jack, Ezra and Mikey* Uh, who are you, exactly?

Mikey: I’m Mikey! And this is Jack, and this is Ezra! We’re Loki’s friends!

Volstagg: *turns to Loki* You have friends?

Clint: That’s what I asked!

Loki: *frowns*

Ezra: *takes out lightsaber* You have five seconds to take back that question.

Jack: *twirls staff and aims it at the Warriors Three* And three seconds to ask a better one.

Sif: Calm yourselves! It is a good question!

Loki: *tears up* Are you saying… I cannot have anyone to love…?

Peter: *hugs Loki* No, no, Mom! You’re lovable!

Mikey: *takes out and spins nunchucks* YoU hAvE ONE SeCoNd To ReThInK yOuR aNsWeR!

Nat: *takes out guns* And another second to get out of this tower.

Bruce: Yeah… you guys are mean…


Tony: *bursts in wearing Iron Man suit* WHO CALLED MY BELOVED UNLOVABLE?!

Thor: *bursts in with Mjolnir* WHO DARES HURT MY BABY BROTHER?!


Fandral: *swallows*

Volstagg: *stiffens*

Hogun: *grimaces* It was Sif and Volstagg.

Sif: Traitor!

Jack: Might wanna run. *grins*

Sif and Volstagg: *flees*

Tony and Thor: *goes after them*

Ezra: Well, *sits down on couch* this was an interesting morning…

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Tony *nudges Stephen and Loki awake at 4am* : Do you like me?

Loki : Anthony, we married you.

Tony : Yeah but did you marry me as friends or, as husbands? Unclear.

Stephen : Tony, it’s the fourth time this week, I sWEAR TO VISHANTI-

Alternative :

Stephen : *just groans and hits Tony with a pillow* shut the fuck up and sleep for once

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Steve: Wait, Jack, you’re engaged, right?

Jack: To Aster? Yes, I am. Why?

Ezra: Spill! Spill! How?!

Jack: How… what?

Nat: How did the proposal go?

Jack: Oh! We went on a date by the cliff, and when it was sunset, we stood up to admire it. Once I was distracted, he got onto one knee and made such a romantic speech about wanting to marry me, and it was SO good that I said yes!

Mikey: Aww! So romantic!

Loki: It’s nice, but I like how Garazeb proposed to Ezra better.

Tony: And how DID that go?

Ezra: *chuckles* We were on our ship and were in the middle of a fight when he suddenly asked me to marry him. I was in the adrenaline of the battle and said yes then when we knocked the Imperials off the ship, he gave me the ring.

Loki: See? #BestProposalEver

Peter: *le gasp* YoU kNoW hOw To UsE hAsHtAgS, mR. LoKi?!

Tony: OH NO

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Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: *are on a hangout*


Thor: *flies to them* Loki, if I may interrupt—

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: NO


Tony: *walks towards them* Hey, Lokes—

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: NO


Zeb: *appears* Ezra, do you have a—

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: NO


Aster Bunnymund: *hops out of rabbit hole* Jack, there’s an emergency—

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: NO


Random villain: *shows up* I will destroy the Earth

Youngest Cinnamon Rolls: *flings villain into portal* NO!

Ezra: Seriously, can’t we have ONE hangout without being interrupted?!

Loki: Just ONE?! Is it SO hard?!

Jack: Apparently so… *groans*

Mikey: *slams head on table*

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Ezra: *introduces Zeb to Avengers* Everyone, this is my husband, Garazeb Orrelios. Zeb, these are my friends, the Avengers.

Tony: Hi, there—

Zeb: *snarls and pulls Ezra close to him, causing everyone to jump*

Steve: uhm… *holds out shield*

Clint: *move to the back of the room* GET YOUR FREAKING HUSBAND

Ezra: *shrugs* Eh, it don’t bite

Tony: *holding onto Loki for dear life* YES, IT DO

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