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sparrtington · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Finished a sketch from....idk a couple weeks ago.
Some soft Loki multishipping uwu
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Inspiration From This Gorgeous Fanart:
I See Right Through You
Technology - Where Tony creates a set of mind-reading glasses 😎
⚠️Warnings: Language⚠️
Enjoy 💚❤
(Please Check The Pinned Post On My Tumblr Page To See If There Are More Parts To This Story)
Tony was just finishing up his latest project of the day, a large amount of excitement coursing through him. He'd never made something like this before. Usually it was weapon's for the Avengers or upgrading his Ironman suits.
But a few months ago Clint had come back from a mission with Natasha, beaten and bruised. Clint had flopped down on the couch beside Tony, whining something about 'Wishing I could have read the guys mind'.
And Tony had laughed at the time because the only mind reader he knew was Loki (and Tony's not so secret crush to everyone but Loki himself it seemed) who had become an Avenger a half a year ago after clearing up the whole misunderstanding about the New York attack.
Besides, Loki's power only extended as far as memories, not literally what a person was thinking. Tony had said so to Clint, saying there wasn't such a thing and Clint had only pouted with his arms crossed.
But then Tony started thinking more about it.
What if he could read minds?
It would definitely be handy to the team though in the wrong hands it wouldn't be good at all.
But if Tony could create something like that...
Well, he wasn't called a genius for nothing, was he?
So, Tony had gotten to work. He stayed in his lab for weeks, coming out only when Loki who had grown worried for him had actually grabbed him by the ear and dragged him out or when he ran out of coffee.
It worried the others living at the Tower but Tony didn't care. If he could make this work...
After nearly two months of work, Tony finally hit a breakthrough on his project and whooped in delight. Now, just to find an object he could add the technology into. Something nobody would suspect would be able to read minds.
Well, he always did wear sunglasses when he wasn't in the Tower (mostly because his eyes happened to express too much emotion when he talked).
Another week of work and Tony had created mind reading glasses. He only made the one pair because he really would rather no one get ahold of a bunch of them and only he would be using them for the now.
He spent another day perfecting them before deciding to test them out. That was the only way he would know that they worked for sure. He was nearly bursting with excitement as he raced to the elevator.
So, he headed up to the main floor where he was sure there would be plenty of guinea pigs to test them on.
Sure enough, he found Bruce and Clint in the kitchen, Clint attempting to cook something. Tony says attempting because it was clear whatever was in the pan was burning.
Tony walked over, trying to appear as non suspicious as possible.
Bruce looked up when he approached, smiling gently. "Hey, it's good to see you out of the lab for once. Want something to eat?"
Tony paused as a speech bubble with words appeared almost floating next to Bruce's head though Tony knew it was just displaying on the glasses screen. There weren't actually floating words next to Bruce.
Tony's heart melted a little when he saw what it read.
"I've been so worried about him. He needs more to eat. Maybe I can convince him to have something small to eat."
Tony smiled softly at his science buddy. "Yeah, I guess I have been down there a lot lately. But I thought I could use something to eat."
Bruce looked surprised though also so hopeful that it made Tony feel just a little guilty. He hadn't realized how concerned Bruce had been.
"If you wait, you can have some eggs?" Clint offered from the stove.
Bruce rolled his eyes. "Give it up, Clint. The eggs are burnt to the shithouse."
"Ooh, don't talk like that around Stevie," Tony teased. "He might have a heart attack hearing language like that."
"Look, I've got it all under control," Clint stated firmly as a bubble appeared next to him, making Tony smirk when he read the words.
"I do not have this under control. Someone better get a fire extinguisher."
"Maybe I should get a fire extinguisher just in case," Tony suggested delicately, making Clint whip his head around to stare at him.
"I was just thinking that," Clint muttered before realizing what he said and spluttered. "I mean, the opposite of that. Why would I need a fire extinguisher? Everything is fine."
The eggs suddenly burst into flames making Clint yelp in alarm. "Shit!"
"Help, help, help, help, help!"
Tony grinned to himself when he heard a voice behind him speak, making him brighten.
"Stark, I'm surprised to see you here."
"Loki!" Tony exclaimed, spinning on the spot to look at the god of Mischief.
"I thought you were working on an oh so important project?" Loki asked with a raised eyebrow. A bubble popped up.
"I missed you."
"Yeah, yeah, I missed you too," Tony said, waving a hand dismissively, making Loki stare at him with a rather stunned look. "But I finished the project!"
"Is that so?" Loki asked. "Well, whatever it is, it's going to have to wait. I have other matters to attend to since you seem to want to spend all your time working."
"Aw, come on, Lokes. I know you love me," Tony teased. "Look, see. It's the glasses. Do you like them?"
"You spent all your time working on glasses?" Loki asked, not waiting for an answer as he walked away, towards the hall.
"Not just glasses," Tony said quickly as he raced after him. "Wanna see what they can do?"
Loki rolled his eyes, stopping to turn and look at Tony. "I'm quite busy, Stark. We can test out your new toy later."
Tony went to complain when a bubble popped up.
"Gosh, Anthony looks adorable even with these ridiculous glasses on."
Tony shut his mouth with a click, swallowing hard. Well...that wasn't what he had expected.
"Stark?" Loki asked, seeming to have noticed Tony's shocked expression.
"Oh, no. Is he upset? What did I say wrong?"
"I, um..." Tony wasn't able to form a proper sentence. Loki...Loki cared? Well, Tony knew he cared. He just didn't realize he cared that much.
"Anthony?" Loki asked, switching to Tony's first name like he did when he was concerned. "What is the matter? If it's really that important to you then you can show me."
"I didn't mean to make him upset. I just wanted him to understand how it feels to want someone around like I've wanted him around. I shouldn't have said anything. He'll never love me if I keep acting like this."
Tony's mouth fell open. "What?!"
Loki blinked. "You can show me what they do. I'm...sorry for being so rude."
"No, not that. I just..." Tony huffed. "Dammit, Loki."
"I don't understand," Loki said unsurely.
"I've said something wrong, haven't I? I can't seem to ever get it right. I just keep screwing up. No wonder Anthony doesn't like me."
"Excuse you?" Tony asked, sounding annoyed and grimaced when Loki flinched. " didn't screw up, Loki. I'm just...trying to process...all of that."
"How did you...?" Loki suddenly narrowed his eyes at the glasses. "What exactly do those do?"
Tony managed a weak smile. "They, minds?"
Loki's green eyes grew wide in horror as understanding flashed through them. He then growled before he suddenly grabbed Tony's collar, shoving him hard against the hallway wall.
Tony stared up at him with wide brown eyes as he squeaked out. "I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!"
That's when Loki smirked smugly before leaning down to press his lips against Tony's whose brain short circuited.
Tony took only seconds to respond back, leaning up as much as he could but all too soon, Loki pulled himself away, Tony whining in complaint.
"If you've already seen my thoughts, I guessed there wasn't much else to lose in kissing you," Loki admitted, sounding a little breathless.
"Well, thank fuck. I was going crazy trying to figure out how to ask you out," Tony mumbled, leaning heavily against the wall since his legs felt too weak to stand.
"But if you ever read my thoughts again, I'll ensure you regret it," Loki seethed even as a bubble popped into existence.
"I love you, Anthony."
Tony grinned, leaning forward to kiss Loki's lips lightly. "Love you too, Lokes."
Loki growled, snatching the glasses off of the genius. "Insufferable mortal."
But it didn't matter what Loki called him because now Tony knew the truth.
Loki loved him.
@murdermuffinloki Yes, I am still doing oneshots for these. Don't think I've forgotten. I've got five more to go (I think) so you've got those to look forward to as well XD
Tagging @girl-with-many-fandoms because I thought you might enjoy some Frostiron ❤
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the-elle-kat · a day ago
Loki: At least they treat me like I'm somebody!
Tony: Yeah but would they love you if you were nobody?
Tony: I DID!
Loki: *eyes widened*
Tony: I did...
*looks away, wrapping his arms around himself, squeezing eyes shut*
...I do.
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not-close-to-straight · 15 hours ago
September KoFi Supporters!
Just published a brand new FROSTIRON fic ft. a cursed-to-be-human Loki and a mouthy, flirty Tony Stark. 
“I think I prefer Anthony.” Loki decided, then took a chance on Tony being so flirtatious and lowered their voice to a rumble, “Anthony.”
“Oh holy shit.” Tony straightened up with a little jerk, eyes wide as he licked at his lips, his composure ruffling for the first time during their exchange. “Wow that’s-- that’s good.”
It was the first bit of normal Loki had felt since Odin had cast them out, the first bit of themselves they recognized in a spark of confidence and self assurance and what tasted like desire at the back of their throat.
“Well um--” Tony cleared his throat, then cleared it again, two spots of color high in his cheeks. “Mx. Laufeyson if you need anything at all, just call the front desk or uh--” he raised his eyebrows pointedly. “--just wander right down and see me.”
“Wander down and see you.” Loki breathed a laugh. “And just how old are you, Anthony? You seem far too young to be quite so confident in your appeal.”
“I’m old enough for you to buy me a drink at the hotel bar.” Tony leaned over the desk and pointed at the restaurant on the other side of the lobby. “If you were so inclined and something tells me you will be inclined.”
“Cocky brat.” Loki murmured and Tony popped his sucker back in his mouth and just winked.
“Enjoy your stay, Mx. Laufeyson.”
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IronFrost 63:
Lotsa fics where Loki calls Tony 'Anthony', yes? And of course he does, 'cause he's a god, that's basically medival posh, right? And okay so Thor calls him Tony but he's a jock, what does he know? So calling him his first name is a mark of respect and affection for Loki.
Have we done the one where everytime he does that with lovey intentions, Tony gets a flashback to his dad/mom/Peggy/Jarvis being pissed at him? Like, my parents only ever use my name to yell at me, and everytime I hear it even from strangers my first thought is "I didn't do it!".
Maybe Tony asks him to please stop and Loki's like "ah, rejection" and then gets all frosty on him and Tony doesn't get it, misscommunication all around, make up, romance, done.
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kiki-shortsnout · 2 days ago
If you're still taking prompts from the intimacy prompts list. 43 with IronStrange or Frostiron please! Love your writing! 💙💙💙
Hey! I've finally finished my IronStrange Bigbang!! So I can come back to my prompts! Thank you for waiting!
Warnings: Alpha/Omega, Slight torture, Blood (nothing Graphic)
FrostIron: Head in lap.
Tony had been in this position before, more times than he was willing to admit. Hands bound behind his back, his wrists bleeding from where he’d been tugging at his restraints, his palms sealed together from the stickiness of his blood. The strain on his thighs and knees was a dull burn, a constant ache that never wavered, the grip in his hair ensuring he never sat back on his legs in a desperate reprieve.
If he could survive the torture of the Ten Rings, he could survive this. The arc reactor was already lodged in his chest, the frigid metal caressing the bone of his sternum. There wasn’t much more anyone could do to him, he was already in constant pain from the thing keeping him alive, could feel the shrapnel in his chest rattling with every gasp. Apart from taking his life, which he wasn’t sure he was fond of anyway, there wasn’t anything these kidnappers could take from him.
At least, that’s what Tony thought until they brought in Loki.
Bruises were littered over his high cheekbones, his split lip catching Tony’s attention and making him wriggle against the hand in his hair. He grit his teeth at the kick in the back of his thigh for his effort, not showing any outward pain.
Tony had seen lots of different sides to Loki over the last few months. The would be conqueror ensnared in a mind-controlling spell, a contrite younger brother, wanting to make amends with Thor but not knowing how to. There was the Loki who enjoyed pranking the Avengers, mischief, and humor dancing in his eyes, a Loki who read quietly in Tony’s workshop, finding a quiet freedom in being outside of Odin’s influence.
Recently, there had been the Loki who watched Tony when he thought no one was looking, a flirtatious lilt to his words when they talked, completely at odds with the shy Alpha who brought Tony gifts from other realms.
But, Tony had never seen this.
He could feel the livid rage in those green eyes, like fire on his skin, an intense fury that would make lesser men cower. Even Tony, who trusted Loki, tried to shuffle away from the gaze, scared he could see his weakness, his patheticness at being apprehended like this. His eyes shone bright like the magic he wielded, sweeping over Tony’s body, seeking out any injury, his teeth baring in a furious snarl.
Despite the situation, the tongue lashing he was no doubt going to receive if they managed to get out of here alive, shivers still teased over Tony’s body at the sound. He’d always fought against the idea of having a dominant Alpha, despised the thought that he needed taking care of, that he was inferior in any way, but Loki’s overprotective snarl and the dangerous look in his eyes was making Tony’s inner Omega purr and preen at the attention.
Now is not the time.
‘How the mighty have fallen,’ a silky, sensual voice wrapped around them, shaking Tony out of his fantasies about sexy, deadly alien Alphas. Breaking away from Loki’s stare, the ominous promise in it, Tony turned his head, trying to find the source of the voice. He wasn’t sure where they were, he’d already done recon as soon as he’d woken up in here, and the only information he had was that they were in some sort of castle, stone floors, stone walls, candlesticks on the walls.
Alright, not candlesticks, some sort of magical floating orb that was casting light around them, but he still doesn’t believe Thor, or Loki when they’ve tried to explain magic, so he refused to see them floating around like ghostly fireflies.
Loki didn’t answer, but Tony could tell from his expression that he recognized her, a growl thundering in his chest as he looked between whoever was behind him and Tony’s battered body.
‘My, my, what a beautiful Omega.’
Tony tried to look up, but the hand in his hair gripped hard enough to rip strands from his skull, and he understood that no eye contact was allowed. Green knee high boots entered the line of his vision, and a cool hand grasped his chin, yanking his face up. She was beautiful, all long legs and gorgeous blonde hair, looking like a medieval warrior princess or something. Tony knew that beautiful creatures were often the most dangerous ones.
He’d fallen for one after all.
‘Spirited too, I can see what he sees in you,’ she cooed down to him, nails digging into his cheeks, his blood oozing over her fingers. Tony heard Loki’s frantic struggle against his captors, the shift of leather dragging across stone.
‘No matter your beauty, you are still a pathetic, disgusting creature.’
It’s cute she thought her words will hurt him. He’d been called far worse, tortured to his breaking point before. This was nothing, his body being bruised? That was what happened when he got called to assemble. He grinned up at her, feeling a twist of delight low in his gut as the skin above her nose wrinkled at his blatant disrespect.
‘You do not understand mortals, you never have, never looked past your disdain of them,’ Loki finally said. ‘Leave him. He is worthless to you. It is me you want, Amora.’
Pretty name, Tony thought to himself, inhaling deeply as he tried to work out her secondary gender. Omega, interesting.
‘And what has changed that your view of them is now positive? I remember a time when you sought to enslave these pitiful creatures, and now you live among them, spurning my calls for help, the glory of seeing our enemies at our feet…’
Hell hath no fury like an Omega spurned, Tony chuckled, suppressing his cry as her foot connected with his ribs, sending him sprawling.
Alright, that one hurt.
‘I’ve been watching you Loki, and I do not believe your view has changed. You still see Midgardians as pitiful. It is a single mortal who has changed your outlook,’ Amora whispered, her heels clicking across the stone as she picked up Tony by the back of the neck, yanking him back to his knees.
‘You’re barking up the wrong tree, sister. Loki doesn’t think of me like that, trust me, I’ve tried to flirt with him, and he’s not interested,’ Tony laughed, running his tongue over the blood that coated his teeth.
He wasn’t lying. Tony had tried for weeks to show Loki he was interested in changing their friendship to something more. Short of pinning him down and scenting him like a crazed animal, there was nothing Tony hadn’t done to try and coax Loki into a courtship of some sort.
Loki hadn’t responded to any of it.
‘How little you understand. Loki has always had everything he’s coveted taken from him. He hides what he treasures most, even to the one he cares for. Don’t you remember, Loki? How we used to wreak havoc across the nine realms to cause your father pain due to his special treatment of Thor, his golden child,’ Amora hissed, tightening her hold on his throat.
Tony refused to react, ignoring the panic building in him as his body struggled to draw in a lungful of air, blotchy spots distorting his vision.
‘Leave him, Amora.’
There was no panic, no Alpha command in his voice. His words were concise, coated with a brittle frost. His gaze slid over to where Loki was kneeling, red bleeding into his eyes, his muscles bunched and tense, losing his grip on his magic, his Jotunn heritage blurring the edges of the Alpha he knew.
‘Careful, you’ll send him skittering away with that monster lurking beneath your skin,’ Amora taunted, moving to the side so they could look at each other, her hold on his throat never wavering. ‘This one is strong, isn’t he? I can see he’s in pain, you can smell it in his scent can’t you, the way he’s begging you to save him, the big, strong Alpha,’ she sneered.
Tugging him higher and off his knees, Tony struggled to get a foot onto the stone floor to support his weight, knowing his neck was going to snap if he didn’t.
‘What will it take to break you, hmm?’ she whispered, leaning towards him. Her sunshine blonde hair slipped over his shoulder, tickling his skin as she brought her nose to his unmarked bonding gland, scenting it. ‘What if I gave you to one of the Alphas who stole you, ruined you for him?’
He’d been threatened that in Afghanistan, one of many taunts to make him give up the Jericho missile.
‘Make sure they’re attractive, my public image will suffer if my bond mate is butt ugly,’ Tony answered, his tone considering even as he fought his restraints, the scalding agony of his lungs becoming impossible for him to ignore.
‘I will tear apart any Alpha that dares touch him,’ Loki spat from the other side of the room, his voice thick as if something was obstructing his throat.
Amora froze even as her lips brushed against Tony’s neck, her gaze flicking up to peer through long eyelashes at him, searching for something.
‘Do your worst, sweetheart,’ Tony challenged.
Pretty pink lips curved in an erotic smile. A hand splayed over his stomach, fingers walking up towards his chest. He could feel the tips of her sharp nails through his tattered shirt, and then she was tearing it aside, the azure light of the arc reactor lighting up the gloom of the room.
‘Found you,’ she taunted, finger tapping across the glass.
No matter how much he tried to keep his poker face, the sheer terror he felt when her nails plunged into his skin surrounding the arc reactor was exposed to them all through his scent, the sour scent of it pungent in the room, trapped by the stone walls and turning thicker by the second. Hating himself, Tony let out a high pitched whine, a frantic call for help.
Not there!
His body crumpled to the floor as the pressure on his neck vanished, shuddering pain coursing through his shins as he fell forward, his face taking the brunt of the fall. The memories of terror and agony he felt at Afghanistan left him deaf to the fight around him, the blurring figure of Loki ferociously attacking their captors nothing more than an afterthought as he curled in a ball to protect himself.
Tell us how to build a Jericho missile!
The hell did you do to me?
That is an electromagnet hooked up to a car battery, and it's keeping the shrapnel from entering your heart.
Hands fell on his back, and he yelled, rolling on his back to fight, succumbing to his basic instincts in his fear. His lips drew back in a snarl, ready to bite whoever touched him.
‘You are unharmed, Tony, beloved, trust me.’ A wrist was thrust in front of his nose, ignoring the way Tony latched onto it, attempting to bite chunks from his skin. ‘Breathe in, scent me, know who I am,’ the voice instructed, and he could smell crisp snow, permeating the fear gripping his brain.
I know this scent.
‘That’s it, beloved, breathe, regain control of your mind. You are safe, Amora has fled, and I will never let any harm you.’
Tony could feel a hand covering the arc reactor and instead of recoiling from it, his instincts made him lean up into it, knowing this person would protect him. He breathed the scent in deep, the primal part of him knowing he was safe. When the panic had subsided, he looked up into unfamiliar red eyes.
‘Loki?’ he rasped, his words aggravating his abused throat.
‘Do not let my appearance scare you, it is still me. I will regain control of my magic…in a moment,’ Loki conceded, dropping his gaze to look at Tony’s throat.
‘I’m not scared, not of you,’ Tony blurted.
‘Kind words. I know how I appear,’ Loki said in a clipped tone, reaching around Tony’s back and ripping apart the restraints. Tony whimpered in relief, his back sagging to the floor as he brought his hands up. Loki’s eyes blazed ruby as he gently grasped them, bringing them to his face so he could examine the damage.
‘You’re gorgeous,’ Tony argued, delirious from both the pain and the scent Loki was emitting. He wanted to drown in it, wrap it around himself like a blanket and never surface. Even with his body protesting, the tenuous link he had on his consciousness, darkness lapping at the edges of his mind, he managed to put his head in Loki’s lap, breathing a sigh of relief.
‘You, Anthony Stark are a foolish, remarkable creature. Stubborn, brave thing,’ Loki muttered, pulling off his cape to drape on Tony, his thumb smearing across the blood on Tony’s wrist.
‘I’ll take you away from this wretched place once I’ve got better control of my inst…magic,’ Loki amended. Tony liked that Loki’s instincts were going haywire around him, that this gorgeous Alpha was keeping hold of him in case any dared to attack.
‘I’m sorry, that this happened to you,’ Loki whispered at him, stroking a blue hand through his hair.
‘Don’t be, it’s not the worst thing that’s happened to-’
Loki’s growl ripped through the air, making Tony flinch at the force of it, feeling like he could be torn asunder by the noise alone.
‘Sorry, my behavior is inexcusable. My instincts are hard to control when I’m around you, they always have been,’ Loki snapped, forcing his gaze away, the hand in Tony’s hair stopping.
‘I don’t want my Alpha to control himself when he’s with me. I know this is the wrong time to be asking…but was what any of she said true?’
‘What did you call me?’
‘My Alpha,’ Tony said easily, feeling his head droop as his body began to succumb to the pain.
‘Anthony,’ Loki growled, bending over to hold him close. ‘We will speak of this once we return.’
Tony nodded, going limp in Loki’s hold, his last thoughts about how he would tell Rhodey he was going to mate an alien Alpha.
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kuro-o-o-o · 6 months ago
Fanfiction author: I know this strays from canon alot, I hope you can forgive me...
Me: *neck deep in gay fanfictions* who cares about canon!
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n0obmaster69 · 3 months ago
FrostIron shippers how we all feeling?
Tumblr media
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