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heavenlyangeliq · 4 days ago
Laufey: *Turn to Odin*
Odin: *Turns to Laufey*
Laufey and Odin: *Both turn to the Grandmaster*
Gramaster: *Grinning proudly*
Laufey and Odin: *Turn to Loki*
Loki: *Shrugs* I have issues
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drachenkinder · 14 days ago
Chapters: 10/10 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Thor (Movies) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster/Loki, Loki & Thor (Marvel) Characters: Loki (Marvel), En Dwi Gast | Grandmaster, The Black Order (Marvel) Additional Tags: Not Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Compliant, not end game compliant Summary: Loki has fled to the dubious safety of Sakaar after the events of Ragnarok. The Grandmaster is intrigued with the talented young mage and after a surprising revelation decides to take him under his wing. Loki is ever so wary, and the Grandmaster is rusty at the courting game. But a game is a game, so he'll give it his all.
“You did say you would have me executed.”
“Oh, Honey, you didn’t think I was serious did you?” The Grandmaster sipped the last of his drink, wrinkled his nose at the dregs, and set down the glass.
“What was I to think?” Loki adjusted his robe and leaned back on the couch. “You are not exactly inhibited about using that melt stick.”
“Only on criminals, sweetie, and the only crime you’ve committed is being criminally cute.”
“I am not cute. Handsome, possibly. I may allow beautiful, but not cute.”
The Grandmaster chuckled and ruffled Loki’s hair. “Cute as a Kitten, Kitten.”
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powertotheweirdos · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
I can finally show the piece i had the honor of making for @drachenkinder’s story in the @lokirarepairbigbang event! Fanfic: Hope you’ll like both :)
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gaslightgallows · 18 days ago
from the September 2021 Prompt List prompt thing u posted. 8. frostmaster.
8. You are radiant and forever. (Loki/Grandmaster) (MCU) (anonymous)
Sakaar was bright, and Loki hated it.
Nothing but bright lights, bright colors, loud music, louder victims and even louder cocktails. And in the center of it all, En Dwi Gast, the Grandmaster of the planet and of everyone on it.
And unfortunately, as he’d quickly discovered, that included Loki.
Not that he didn’t enjoy the attention. Being the Grandmaster’s favorite came with certain advantages. The clothes were fantastic, and the sex. The trouble was, like every other pleasant thing in Loki’s life, it came with even greater disadvantages.
Sakaar was bright, and loud, and every which way that Loki turned, he was there. There were no corners, no poorly-lit rarely thought-of places. Nowhere to get away from him.
He was the Grandmaster. He was radiant and forever. And he shined his sickly light into the shadows where Loki most wanted to hide.
It almost made him long for the all-seeing eye of his father.
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aurorawest · 28 days ago
Stumbled on today:
Tumblr media
All troubling implications aside, this has resulted in one very important thing:
It's moved my icky, nasty Frostmaster fic way up the writing priority list. So look for me to perpetuate the narrative of Loki trading sexual favors for his survival in the coming months!
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lailyn · a month ago
Six Sentence Sunday
"Oh but he is mine," The Grandmaster said with the gleeful air of one who had never been denied anything in his life, "Shall we wake him and ask? He'll tell you."
Stephen cursed his helplessness as he watched the Elder's unearthly long fingers caress Loki's cheek.
"He belongs to no one," he growled. 
"Yet I see you have laid claim over him," Grandmaster said, his hooded eyes glinting with a sharpness that belied the merriness in his voice.
Spectral fingers wrapped  around Stephen's neck in an invisible garrotte, and he began to choke -
"No one touches what is mine."
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iamnmbr3 · a month ago
Do you know the fic where Thor and loki escape thanos with tessaract and settle on Earth new asgard? Where Loki has no choice but to share a room with thor and other rooms with korg? And then tony comes to refurbish their homes and nat becomes friends with loki? Thankyou! I couldn't find the fic or remember the name of it it would be a lovely If you know about it! Thankyou again!
hm. im not sure. do you remember if it was thorki or gen or another ship? Maybe it’s one of these fics. If not you should still check them out bc they’re good. If anyone has other suggestions for what fic this could be please comment.
Home is Not a Place by ravenbringslight (words: 7,085 | rating: M | Thorki)
Loki had spent so many years hiding in fear of Thanos that when the Mad Titan finally showed up it was almost disappointing how easy it was to kill him.
Thor and Loki build a life together on Earth.
good lord turned his back on me by Lise (words: 5,648 | rating: M | Past Frostmaster | dark themes) 
Thor and a contingent of Asgardian refugees have arrived on Earth. They brought Loki with them.
Something fishy is going on, and Natasha is determined to find out what.
sunshine by thorvaenn (rating: E | words: 18,257 | Thorki)
A post Infinity War fluffy piece.
Thor and Loki are among those who are trying to pick up the pieces, but must first fix each other.
A Den of Serpents by sadoeuphemist (words: 3,009 | rating: G | Gen | crack treated seriously)
It's a long eight months to Earth. Two weeks in, and Loki's plotting revolution.
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jaladyala · a month ago
Surely loki has sensitive skin, so he quickly burns in the sun
Tumblr media
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roleplayfinder · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello! I am a 22 year old writer who us looking for Literate to Novella NSFW writing partner for FrostMaster or FrostIron.
Tumblr media
I muse Loki and his gender fluctuates. I am fine with AU'S or Canon and Canon divergents. It'd a multiverse so I suppose it's all cannon.
Tumblr media
I love angst and dark themes! I love talking shop and making friends with my partners. I do work full time so I can't reply all the time.
Tumblr media
Please like this post if your interested.
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ask-grandmaster · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“That...sounds an awful lot like entrapment, doesn’t it Lo?”
“Can you, uh, stop looking at me like that now?”
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mal-0 · 2 months ago
I’m bored and painting today but the next couple days im gonna be making and queuing things up for @ask-grandmaster but ive only got like three left so if yall got any asks js....frostmaster too ofc
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drachenkinder · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
Title: Enrapt with Night’s Dark Galaxies Author: @drachenkinder​ Artist: @powertotheweirdos​  Rating: E Major Archive Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Loki/Grandmaster Word Count: 22041 Summary: Loki has fled to the dubious safety of Sakaar after the events of Ragnarok. The Grandmaster is intrigued with the talented young mage and after a surprising revelation decides to take him under his wing. But Loki is ever so wary, and the Grandmaster is rusty at the courting game. But a game is a game, so he'll give it his all. How does an ancient, manipulative Elder win the heart of a traumatized, frightened sorcerer with major trust issues? Love, revenge, and self discovery among the stars. Part One of two.
Betaed by yourselenite
For the @lokirarepairbigbang​
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pianopadawan · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
More 616 Grandmaster X Loki in Jötunn Form
(AKA My Favorite Villainous Power Couple)
Cover Art 1 for my Frostmaster fanfic on AO3: Pour One Out for the Outcasts.
Please click image for better resolution :)
(Please don't repost. Reblogs are appreciated though!)
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loxxxlay · 2 months ago
i think the grandmaster is immune to the tva bc nothing that happens there ever affects the rest of the universe anyway (also good luck, thoughts, and prayers to the tva if it ever does), so i headcanon that sakaar was the barren planet classic loki went to lmao bc i want to and i can and no one can stop me
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helenakey · 26 days ago
I think that the weirdest thing about S*lki is that before Sylvie came along they really went out of their way to give Loki dialogues that made him sound like such a stereotycal gay man.
"Oh, believe me, one can smell the cologne of two Tony Starks."
"ABSOLUTELY NOT, this is fine Asgardian leather!!!"
"I would have probably worn a suit, but yes, maybe."
"Authority, independence, style."
They literally made him come out of the closet at one point and then they just... paired him up with the first chick he laid his eyes on without ever even making a reference of him having a relationship or even flirting with another man. They could at least have made the flight attendant a guy, wtf
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diabeticloki · 2 months ago
[Alternate timeline in which Loki’s nexus event occurred during the events of Ragnarok while on Sakaar, but is still the “main” Loki that existed through the series. I’ll probably work out the details later!]
Mobius walks Loki down the aisle when he married Grandmaster and told them how proud that he was of them for finding someone he loves and trusts.
Bruce officiated because Thor would’ve cried the entire time.
Thor cried the entire ceremony. Gushed about how happy he was for his brother all of dinner, embarrassing Loki but how could they possibly be mad at him, this was the happiest day of their life.
The reception/after party was INCREDIBLE. Like, imagine how incredible a Sakaar-level party with Asgardians would be. We’re talking wine fountains and metric-tons of bioluminescent glitter.
Sylvie and Valkyrie disappeared at some point during the reception and were seen sneaking out back giggling together over a story about Thor with their hair disheveled.
(I want to fit Hela in but I can’t decide how 🥺)
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verystrangehuman · 2 months ago
Loki: Am I a slut?
Mobius: Uhh, derogatory or affectionate?
Grandmaster: Loki you have two sugar daddies, of course you’re a slut
Loki: Aww! Thanks En, you always know what to say.
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kaelio · 2 months ago
Bug Problems by xorabbit
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jaladyala · a month ago
I have million sketches with loki and grandmaster, damn
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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