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mischievous-thunder · 6 days ago
What if we close our eyes when we hug, bro?
What if we hold hands while hugging, bro?
What if we blatantly flirt with each other all the time, bro?
It's not gay, right bro?
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living-wissen · 2 years ago
I always like to think that when Dr. Strange strapped Loki is the never ending fall, the reason that Loki didn’t get out was because he was terrified of, you know, falling again.
It hits me right in the feels.
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Imagine your Otp
A: hey B
B: what?
A: hey B?
B: * aggressively * what?!
A: *kisses B* I love you
B: *blushing * oh
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frostironstrange · 3 years ago
Everyone would assume Loki would be the more jealous one between him, Tony and Stephen. But he really isn’t, Asgard has far better acceptance of platonic contact and while Loki is quite firm in the idea that Tony and Stephen are his it was quite rare that he felt anyone able to even come close to challenging said claim. So Loki wasn’t particularly jealous. 
Stephen was protective, he’d watched so many people die that it was hard not to be. It was easier with Loki since there was very little that could actually do the god serious harm, and Loki didn’t mind allowing Stephen to take care of him from time to time. However, sometimes it got overbearing with his fretting over Tony. It didn’t help that Tony rejected all forms of care with bared teeth. Loki would usually have to play peace maker leaving it up to him to remind Stephen that Tony was an adult and to remind Tony that it was okay to let others help him. Stephen wasn’t jealous though, he trusted his partners and would only intervene with ill-attempted flirting if he thought this partner uncomfortable enough to warrant it. 
Tony though, Tony got jealous. Stephen had magic and Loki was a prince from another world who also had magic. Neither of them were particularly interested in technology, neither had much need for money and neither had much need for his influence or power (not that Loki didn’t enjoy it sometimes anyways). There was nothing Tony could offer them that they couldn’t get for themselves, nothing but Tony himself and god if that didn’t bring up a lot of self-esteem issues. He was never outwardly jealous, never angry or violent. But when some women or man would get to close Tony would be right by his partner’s side to press an extra affectionate kiss to their cheek (or neck if someone was getting handsy). His partner’s never really minded, Loki particularly loved to tuck Tony under his arm quietly show off his smaller human. Stephen’s cloak also loved to pull Tony up against Stephen during those times, and it was always fun to explain that to new people. 
So of them, only tony usually got jealous, but it was alright since for every time his issues would rear up and tell him he wasn’t ever going to be enough one of his partners was more then happy to remind him he already was.
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mr-britishgovernment · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
In this world I can't find a place, I was looking for ways to forget myself. Probably, this is one of the reasons why I'm addicted to drugs. A new dose of heroin helps me again to find myself in another Word.
Tumblr media
Here I am the Supreme wizard of the Earth, the protector of the worlds and so it was until I met him - Loki.
Tumblr media
A capricious deity with a crippled soul, tried to capture my native planet.
Tumblr media
I fell in love with him, but I couldn't believe in his love. He turned my world around and broke it into pieces, just giving his life to Thanos in exchange for mine.
Tumblr media
From that moment on, that world became a foreign to me, I no longer touched drugs - I don't need a world without him, but even here I felt myself another, until one day on one of these boring social receptions I met him.My Loki.
Tumblr media
–You promised that you would not leave me, Loki.
– I kept my promise. I'm here, next to you.
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vincent-cipher-cosplay · 3 years ago
I stan nearly every Stephen Strange ship
There's a few exceptions, but for the most part, 👍👌
Gimme that soft ship art
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geeklikeagirlstudios · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
As if the holiday season wasn’t already stressful, we’ve fallen ill due to the flu. The upside, being on cold medicine and other doctor prescribed drugs to help tackle it has given us inspiration for some hilarious scenarios.
Such as the thought of Doctor Strange being able to practice medicine again when Loki shows up with a nasty virus. And yes, the Cloak of Levitation is attempting to keep Loki warm.
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amethyst2900 · 2 years ago
What about Stephen flirting with Loki when they first met. Like "I'VE BEEN FALLING FOR THIRTY MINUTES" "Falling for me tho ;)" Thor is just like "wut"
I hope this is what you meant anon! And sorry that it’s super short i just don’t know how to flirt at all.
Read on Ao3
“I suppose we’ll need my brother back,” Thor says as he spins his ‘umbrella’ around on his finger. “Oh yeah right,” Stephen takes a step back, spinning his hand and creating a portal.
Loki falls through it with a scream, he lands on his stomach grunting a bit as he pushes himself up with his forearms, flipping his hair out of his face.
Stephen never thought he would be saying this about a God, especially one that tried to take over New York, but Loki looked hot. Like really hot. So hot that Stephen sort of wanted to flirt with him.
“I have been falling for thirty minutes.” He yells out and Stephen sees a golden chance for a pickup line. He thinks for a moment as Loki gets up. Was he going to hell if he tried to use a pickup line on a God? Yeah probably. Did he care? No, not really.
“Yeah, you’ve been falling for me.” He says with a coy smile, staring directly at Loki. Loki looks at him, tilting his head to the side a bit, his eyes scanning Stephen.
It was like Loki was staring into his soul and slowly picking it apart piece by piece. Which, to put it frankly, scares Stephen. Loki’s eyes soften a bit and he smiles meeting Stephens’ eyes.
“Of course I was, you do look like quite the partner,” Loki says. There’s a sputtering at the other side of the room, Stephen takes a quick glance over to see Thor.
Oh, right he was there too.
Thor was looking between the two, looking at them like they were some type of creature he hadn’t seen before, which was laughable in Stephens opinion.
Stephen turned his attention back to Loki who was also looking at Thor, obviously trying to stifle his laughter, which was utterly adorable. “I really hope you have a phone unlike your brother here,” Stephen says gesturing to Thor. Loki looks at Stephen.”And if I do?”  Loki asks.
“If you do I would really like your number.”
Loki smirks and walks over to Stephen with a few brisk steps. He takes Stephens hand and turns it so his palm is facing upwards, Loki slowly rubs his thumb along Stephens’ palm as he does so a strip of paper appears where he rubbed. “Call me,” Loki whispers, sending shivers down Stephens’ spine. Loki let’s go of Stephens’ hand, taking a step back Loki turns to Thor, who is staring at them showing the whole spectrum of emotions on his face.
“Come on brother,” Loki says walking in front of the portal. “We do have to see father.” He says almost sounding bitter. Thor blinks and slowly regains the ability to express one emotion at a time. “Yes, we do,”
Thor says. He quickly walks to the portal, eyeing Stephen as he did so. “Thank you Strange,” Thor says.
“It’s no problem,” Thor nods and walks into the portal without a second glance.
Loki gives him a small smile before following his brother.
The portal closes and Stephen turns to go to the library.
He did have a few hours to kill before calling Loki after all.
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vincent-cipher-cosplay · 3 years ago
@doobler I figured this would be your Strange in a nutshell xD. (Him talking about Tony)
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nonexistenz · a year ago
Tumblr media
Drew this as part of the @marvelreversebigbang 2019
Fic on AO3 by @ao3-elle1991
Prompt - "Handle me? Who are you? You think you're some kind of sorcerer? Don't think for one minute, you second-rate…" Everyone was born with their soulmate’s first words on their skin and that nonsense was Stephen's. All his life he wondered what this meant, it was just so absurd and not even a finished sentence. Unexpectedly, after finding himself at Kamar-Taj, it suddenly made so much more sense. Now he just had to wait to meet his mate, at least he was probably in the right place already. Not that he agreed with the "second-rate" part, but maybe they were meant to be after all. 
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