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Elsa is a very curious case, because she’s a queen who desperately wants her people NOT to fear her.

But, i mean, that’s how the modern State works, right? The State must hold a monopoly on violence (the military, the police force). Any form of violence outside of the State is not constitutional (everything from mafias to guerrillas and terrorist groups). The State uses violence to excersize it’s power. Without violence to excersize power, society would fall into chaos because there’s nothing to uphold the law.

Now I love anarchism as much as any other leftist don’t get me wrong and I love those social contracts i love those comunes without goverments it’s all super cool but we haven’t seen that happen in Arendelle so it doesn’t count lmao.

And not only that but Elsa is the Queen. Which means the State is concentrated in HER. Sure you could argue Arendelle is a liberal constitutional monarchy with a parliament full of bourgeois liberal pigs like Oaken who drink the blood of the proletarians but again have YOU seen the parliament? No? Well me neither. My headcanon is that Arendelle is soooo small and it’s bourgeois class is soooo small the king can have regular meetings with the most important capitalist lords who are like, maybe 10 and solve things much quicker and with less bureaucracy also i’m 80% sure Arendelle is NOT a liberal state for many reasons BUT HEADCANON ASIDE Elsa is the State of Arendelle between F1 and F2 and I think it would be… very interesting to explore this. Monarchies are already violent and barbaric and rely on unregulated violence and terror to keep the masses in line, usually with the help of the christian church to do some brainwashing (not bashing on christianity as a belief here just talking about how horrible the institution can be).

How does a queen excersize a monopoly on violence to keep her people in line, when she’s basically, as the kids of today say, a cinnamon roll? I’m serious! If Elsa is so determined to make her people NOT FEAR HER how does she impart justice? Because anything her soldiers and her guard or whatever do is reflected on her. She’s giving the order. If she’s not feared for her magic she’ll be feared for being a tyrant. And look after everything she went through i dont think Elsa would want to be feared FOR ANYTHING. She wants her people TO LIKE HER AND FEEL COMFORTABLE WITH HER. She’s right there organizing holidays with everyone and being a fucking toy factory for the kids like Santa Claus and singing and offering feasts and making a free ice rink for everyone in her front yard come on this woman can’t hold the monopoly of violence if you put a gun to her head. She felt horrified for acting in self defense in the ice castle and befriends everything and everyone that wants to kill her in the enchanted forest. She’s not gonna be doing any state violence.

This would be a very interesting source of conflict. Because being of hurting people/not wanting people to be scared of her are Elsa’s greatest flaws and her greatest strenghts. She’s often paralyzed by fear and won’t do anything until someone (usually Anna) snaps her back into reality and forces her to act and fix this mess, and she has a tendency to run away. She pushes people away, has a self esteem 2,000 leagues below the nautilus and can’t seem to come up with a logical plan to save her life. Following a magic voice no one else can hear? Running away into the mountains to live in an ice palace without food or furniture? Uh sure elsa if you say so. But this also means she’s much more compassionate than any other monarch. She was told she was dangerous and that her job was to protect her people from herself. Once she gains control over her powers, it’s only reasonable her desire to PROTECT will stay. Which means she would be very focused on everyone’s safety, wellbeing and life quality. She would never use violence to keep her people in line and her goverment would be as democratic as a monarchy can possibly be because she doesn’t want to be a monster. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. But maybe, in order to protect her kingdom she will have to have a stronger hand. But who is she protecting them? What is the kingdom? Isn’t she hurting part of the kingdom by repressing Arendellian citizens? But they’re threatening the stability of the State, and how can we protect the citizens without a State? It’s a very neat political debate you know? I would love to read or write a fic about it some day.

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“Chess Piece Trailer”

“Do you ever feel like a chess piece yourself, in a game being played against your will?”
“Do you?”

I made this video back on July 2019 for the first book of my ‘Chess Trilogy’ even though back then the book was already finished as well, after I learn how to edit videos in class, and figured why not post it here too

Anyway, I should probably make a trailer for “White Queen” and perhaps even “Black Pawns” as well and continue to neglect the actual writing

Music by the amazing “Frostudio Chambersonic” in Youtube, which I already asked permission for using this, mind you, so don’t freak out by saying I stole it, kay?

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  • the slow, meditative pace at points that allows audiences to reflect and go on their own inward journeys in a way akin to what the characters go through
  • placing the evils of colonialism and prejudice at the forefront of the narrative. Even if I feel these themes could have been handled better, I respect that the film chose to say something about the murder and exploitation of people, about the abuse of the natural world.
  • Elsa confronting Runeard in memory - the strength and confidence, the defiance in her voice, it’s beautiful and genuinely shows growth.
  • The pain in Elsa’s eyes when she sees the memory of Runeard killing the Northuldra leader.
  • The Next Right Thing - maybe the best song in the film. Everything about it. There are shots in the scene that look stark and beautiful as paintings. Kristen Bell’s voice is raw and beautiful and holds so much. I love it and hate it at the same time because it feels too real to me, it hurts to much - but it’s magnificent.
  • Show Yourself - just the relief it brings, the affirmation.
  • Really, while I’ve criticized the Voice as a plot element before, one thing that I do at least find conceptually neat about it gives Elsa an affirmation that she’s allowed to want something for herself, and touching on that repression and denial and the relief that comes from letting that repression go is beautiful. (It’s muddied by the destiny elements that kind of shift the focus from Elsa’s own wants and personal journey to a preordained path, which kind of contradicts the whole inner journey aspect of Elsa’s arc, but oh well. In spite of the muddiness, there’s a beautiful concept touched upon that I don’t see touched upon often.)
  • The fact it allows for situations where everyone is partly in the right, in the wrong.
  • Olaf - I felt his humor still works and there’s an innocent wisdom in it, as before.
  • Lost in the Woods is dazzling.
  • Anna’s determination to destroy the dam, wash away the castle - her home - built on lies. God, I love Anna.
  • Elsa, Kristoff, and Anna all working in common goal at the end. Well, not quite in common goal because they don’t clarify how much, say, Elsa knows about what’s going on but still, it gives me what I want - Frohana being supportive of one another and that carries over into later scenes beautifully.
  • Elsa’s assurance to Anna that Arendelle did not fall. There’s a true loving warmth in Elsa’s voice there and you see the relief shining in Anna’s eyes with the tears. After so much pain, Anna does get some reprieve. 
  • The group hug - gah, I love Frohana so much.
  • Kristoff’s comforting of Anna
  • The group hug - oh gosh, after all the pain, what I relief. i just love Frohana so much, guys.
  • The use of Vuelie within the film. others have discussed this, but it’s a stunning moment.
  • Mattias, I love you and wish there was more of you.
  • Honeymaren and Ryder and Yelena, same.
  • The animation of Anna’s face as she cries - it’s just too real, it’s raw, it’s too much for me to take but I respect the filmmakers for it.
  • Any tender Snow Sisters moment.
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。✧*  STATS

Name : Elsa Àrnadalr
Origin : Frozen
Age : Up-to-player
Gender : Up-to-player
Sexuality : Up-to-player
Faceclaim : Up-to-player
Availability : Open

  • The eldest daughter of a very prominent and wealthy family from Norway.
  • Born with ice powers that no one could explain.
  • Elsa accidentally struck her sister with an icy blast to the head when they were young that almost killed her if not for the healing efforts of a nearby tribe of mages.
  • She isolated herself from the world after day and began suppressing her magic. 
  • Her powers have become more difficult to control. Uses magic-infused gloves to help.
  • When she was 18 her parents died. She inherited their company and has only recently taken over as CEO.
  • Has come to Porthaven to explore new business ventures.

✓ compassionate, protective, elegant
✖ anxious, insecure, lonely


Mage : Creation and control of the winter elements.
Fifth Spirit : A bridge between people and nature. Unknown.


Anna Àrnadalr : Her younger sister. Elsa would do anything to protect her.

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So Destiny Kingdom is known to every world as Destiny Kingdom, but it’s a mystery of who rules it and who the prince is (as if it were a myth) so every world has their own variation of who may rule Destiny Kingdom and who the prince is but everyone believes the the King, Queen and prince to be some amazing, benevolent, wise and fair people and Sora doesn’t want people to know that’s him so they don’t label him or see he’s not what they expected

Hi Elsa

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