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March Disneybound Challenge Day 31: Elsa (Frozen 2)

The theme for the final day of the challenge was “characters you relate to.” I always loved Elsa, but after seeing Frozen 2, I realized just how much I GET her, as she learns the nature of her unique powers and why she has them. I had a much longer paragraph planned for this, which I wrote on my Instagram post, but right now I’m afraid I just don’t have the strength.

I will be taking a break from my blogs and Insta for a while. I’m not doing okay because of the quarantine and I said and did some very regrettable things, and it’s plain to see that I need time away from my socials to heal and to get my shit together. I may or may not post my daily OOTDs this week (no Disney Friday this week after a month of Disneybounding) but idk. I’ll still be shitposting on Tiktok but that’s about it. 

Either way, I’m really glad to have completed my 5th year of the March Disneybound Challenge. I’ll see you all next week. 

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Hold the phone, Elsa can go back to Arendelle for charades night* but not for a dedication of a statue of her parents?

* Presuming Anna’s letter is to be taken at face value and Elsa will actually come. Versus one of those depressing scenarios where Person A gets an event all prepared and tells the guest(s) not to be late in the vain hope they’ll finally show up this time even though they never have before and most likely won’t again.

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Ok so am I the only one who still watches the teaser just to remember how it felt when it came out for the first time?

I will never forget the feeling. I got on YouTube and this video came up on my recommended videos. It had been posted just a few minutes after I got on YouTube. As soon as I saw it, I let out a gasp and eyes were wide open with shock and excitement.

I had to go in another room away from my family because I knew that I was going to need a moment after watching it… and I was right. After I watched it the first time, I couldn’t say or do anything. I just sat there. Then after about a minute, I finally said “whoa.” It was such a feeling that I don’t know if I can actually describe it.

Then I showed it to my family, and they said the same thing I did, but not with as much enthusiasm as I had. See, when the first Frozen came out, I was what you would call and Frozen Addict. And I was proud of it. But after 4 years, I was thinking that maybe it was time for me to let it go. But then the teaser came, and now it’s like I’m back to that Frozen Addict from all those years ago. But you know what? It’s okay. I’m not ashamed. If people want to hate me for loving something so much, they can go right ahead.

Because Frozen is the most amazing thing in the world. Everything about it is beautiful, especially my favorite sisters, Elsa and Anna. I could go on about how much I love them, but that’s another story.

But anyway, I still watch this because I love the feeling that I had back then, and I still get it every single time I watch it.

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A cute lil project I’m working on with #disneycouples that I love

I just a few more I wanna do before I finish them and put them on my wall somewhere lol

#painting #canvas #disney #art #disneyart #theprincessandthefrog #tangled #thelittlemermaid #frozen

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