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I may have been working on something


There are more roles than this, like “Hans simp” “Santino Fontana Fan”

If anyone’s interested (friends, mutuals, or followers) let me know your Discord name and # and I’ll message you via Discord.

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Jack Frost is more powerful than Elsa, get over it.

The reason I’m finally ranting about this is because I’ve been trying to watch some gacha on YouTube where Elsa reacts to Jack or just Jack in general and all I find (even when I just search ‘Jack Frost gacha’) is “The Guardians react to Elsa/Frozen” or “Jack reacts to Elsa (Jelsa)” and it’s finally made me snap.

For one, because I hate jelsa as I’ve mentioned in another post already. Second, because of this stupid idea that Elsa is more powerful than Jack.


Originally posted by lillpon

Bruh, since WHEN?!

I understand there was a message of girl power that people got off of Elsa but that doesn’t mean she’s more powerful! So, I’m finally gonna go into an analysis of how Elsa is clearly not even in the same league as Jack and wouldn’t even impress the other Guardians.

Elsa’s Case: she has control over…

  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Frost
  • Wind (to an extent)

She can freeze the kingdom of Arendelle. That’s the given plot of the movie. But it’s never been said that the freeze goes outside of the kingdom and it’s a proven point because the land that the rock trolls live is not frozen.

I have actually managed to pinpointed just how big of a storm she can make.

Near the end of the movie, when Elsa breaks out of the dungeon, she ends up creating a storm over the kingdom alone.


She has no control over her magic so this is spreading as far as it can go from where she stands. Meaning that the kingdom is how much land she can cover with her shear emotion alone. The only reason snow had spread any further than that was because the dragged the snow with her when she ran to the north mountain.

Like a paintbrush smearing paint on a canvas, Elsa smeared snow on the land. That’s the only reason she managed to cover the country.

You may not have noticed but when it showed Arendelle –as well as throughout the entire adventure with Anna– it never physically snowed. It only snowed when Elsa ran away and when she made the blizzard. Both were moments where Elsa was within distance of the events taking place.

Her powers did not grow from any point in the sequel either. If there was any indication of such, the movie would’ve pointed it out. When Elsa’s dress changes in Ahtohallan, it is signifying her full power, meaning she has reached her full potential and her powers have no more room to grow. Her powers are fully realized and so is she.

Jack’s Case: he has control over…

  • Ice
  • Frost
  • Snow
  • Wind
  • Emotions

I don’t understand why so many people think Jack can’t control ice. HE’S THE EMBODIMENT OF WINTER! He makes ice in Antarctica when he fights Pitch, he makes ice when Jamie + guardians are sledding down the streets. He controls all. Things. Winter.

In every lore of Jack Frost there is, he has the ability to freeze the planet within minutes if not seconds. In the book series that inspired rotg, Jack was a being of the golden age named Nightlight. The man in the moon states that “within every Nightlight is the energy of a star. No other being has more power.”

And even if the movie doesn’t follow how powerful he is in the books, it is clear by the Guardians reactions to his outburst that he’s on a level that they’ve never seen. There is a layer of his powers that he himself hasn’t tapped into, purely because he never thought to.

Not to mention the fact that Jack can focus the wind so precisely that he can fly without blowing the others he’s around, back. That takes a lot of precision and power to control it to that extent.

And we can’t leave out the fact that he can manipulate people’s freaking emotions! He does it with Jamie and Cupcake during the snowball fight and with Bunny when they make eggs for easter.

It’s a whole nother level of magic that they don’t even talk about in the film.


Jack is one of (if not) the most powerful beings in his universe while Elsa was never said to be the most powerful spirit of her’s. It’s clearly stated that the fifth spirit is special because they are the bridge between magic and nature; spirits and people. Meaning she is special because she can talk to humans, not because of her power. Why would the spirits make her more powerful than them anyway? They gave her the power, it doesn’t make any sense for her to be the most powerful of them. She doesn’t even beat the other spirits in battle anyway.

She pushes Gale [wind spirit] off and then it likes her for it because it realizes that she’s the bridge they chose, so they stop fighting.
She corners Bruni [fire spirit] and then befriends him.
She outwits (because she was clearly losing to) Nokk [water spirit] by managing to ride him.
And she doesn’t even interact with the earth giants.

So let’s compare between scenes. Jack vs Pitch and Elsa vs Bruni


These are both moments where both characters use so much magic that it drains them of their energy. But the entities they are fighting have an obvious power scale difference.

Elsa is winded after putting out a bunch of fires while Jack is freezing over an ancient darkness created by the embodiment of fear himself.

You can argue that the fire is magic but like Elsa, Bruni can only spread the fire to a certain distance, aka; wherever he crawls/shoots. While Pitch is completely covering an ENTIRE city (if not further because we can’t see where it ends) in nightmare sand during the final battle.

And once again, Elsa doesn’t even defeat Bruni, she befriends him. Meanwhile Jack has the ability to finish off Pitch but he decides to let Pitch’s nightmares do the work. And once again, you could argue that Elsa could’ve finished off Bruni if she wanted but he would’ve most likely just melted through the ice she made like Zuko in ATLA.

Pitch had no way out of his predicament, unlike Bruni.

And you can’t try to give the excuse of “Jack can’t do anything without is staff.” It is clear in the scene where Jack fixes his staff that it is not the source of his power but a conductor. Like Thor and his hammer, Mjolnir. Plus, it’s described that Jack creates snowflakes just by his mere presence.

And let’s not forget how Elsa completely relies on her powers (quote: Anna, no. I have my powers to protect me, you don’t) and she is never shown throwing hands. So it’s fairly certain to say that she has no clue how to do so.

Meanwhile, as it states in Jack’s official bio, he is a master of parkour and martial arts (idk which form, possibly some taekwondo from what I can tell.) Adding to the fact that Jack has had over 300 years to practice these forms and his powers.

So if they were to fight –with or especially without magic– Jack wins hands down.

Elsa’s not that impressive

  • Elsa can create life = so does Jack in Jamie’s bedroom.
  • She has an ice castle = so does North at the north pole, and Tooth’s palace, and Bunny’s whole warren, and Sandy’s island of dream sand. All of which are much more impressive/cooler than a simple castle of ice that isn’t even nearly as big as any of the guardians homes.
  • She can play back moments in time = Tooth can excess EVERYONE’S memories. Not to mention that the idea of water having memory, literally comes out of nowhere.
  • She protects a forest of spirits = the guardians protect the children of the WORLD! A much grander scale of importance. Compared to them, Elsa’s contribution doesn’t effect people at all.

Also not to mention the fact that Elsa was never confirmed to be immortal by anyone but the fan base (low-key because people are desperate for jelsa to work.) I can’t be 100% sure but I’ve heard that the creators actually debunked this idea. Not only because it completely contradicts both movies being about sisterly love and Elsa would outlive Anna if she were immortal, but the creators love Elsa too much (and have stated so in interviews) to put her through that.

So if Elsa conventionally dying by being frozen and brought back, makes her immortal, then Anna would be immortal too. They were both frozen by Ahtohallan ice (Elsa’s powers come from there.) But Anna’s not immortal because Anna has clearly aged by the sequel, so if she ages then so will Elsa.

In Conclusion

So this whole idea that the guardians would be so impressed or that Elsa is so much more powerful than Jack is just all false and it irritates the fuck out of me when people ignore the clear facts for the sake of “girl power.”

I’m all for girl power, trust me, I am. But I’m not gonna create falsehoods for the sake of it. Elsa just isn’t impressive in any way compared to the Jack, let alone the other guardians.

I’m a simple girl with simple desires, just give me some accurate gacha damn it!

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There is somthing we need to discus and that is my problem with Hans from frozen in the first quater of that movie.

1. He literall went out of his way to find her. Like everyone else was going the other way and the big boats were further down the dock thing so the whole thing was pre planned. Anna and Elsa were obviously well known so did he know she was gonna be lonely the whole time and take advantage of that or…..

2. The lyric “I’ve been searching my whole life to find my own place” In love is an open door. like why is that somthing he says. He basically that he wants Arendelle to be his “new place” and that pisses me off.

3. The Lyric “The pain of the past” this line is sung by both Anna and Hana. We know why Anna sings it but Hans what was painful about his past. He had a ton of brothers and was over shadowed like was that his pain and he’s saying goodbye to being overlooked once he gets the kingdom or somthing.

4. The lyric “I found my place” -Hans directly followed by “I see your face” -Anna. like Anna was so sure she was in love with him exctera but Hans literally only thinks about what he is getting from being with her He found his place like he found his place with Anna or he found Anna’s castle and whole town city kingdom thing. Anna sees him he sees Anna’s stuff.

5. He spends the rest of the song agreeing with her about everyting like the whole sandwiches line he just agrees with her. So for one if he did actually like thats an i healthy realationship two he probably knows how naive she is and again takes advan of that by just agreeing with everything she says.

6.During the actual coronation ball he doesn’t come up to her until she needs help. He had the whole ball but he chose to do it at that specific moment, why? probably because he knew that stepping into n when she needed him would turn him into some sort of night I shining armor and that’s what he needs to make her fall for him. Same goes for when they first meet.

I don’t know if anyone wanted to see this but here it is.

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AU: Iduna and Valka new each other when they were young. Here is young Iduna and how I imagined Valka looked like when she was younger. It was Iduna and Valka’s friendship that lead to Hiccup and Elsa meeting

* if you have any questions about my AU, Iduna and Valkas Friendship and the Hiccelsa children feel free to ask

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A Sven trash can I’ve started and have yet to finish. I had to get these photos from my Instagram and Instagram story because I didn’t have any on my phone.😂 The first photo is the photo I referenced. @thesvenqueen I know you love Sven very much so I hope you enjoy my attempt at trying to draw the best reindeer cinnamon roll out there. 😂😂😂

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Let it go is a coming out song

A kingdom of isolation, and it looks like I’m the queen (this could refer to the loneliness of being on the closet, of having your true self isolated from the world)

The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside, couldn’t keep it in, heaven knows I tried. Don’t let them in, don’t let them see

Be the good girl you always have to be, conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know (most of this verse would be connected to repression and ones being in the closet. Also seeing as it’s set past tense, Elsa has recently come out or is about to)

Well now they know (Elsa came out, the final line of this verse breaks away from the rather depressive imagery from the earlier parts of the song, as it becomes a ballad towards freedom and acceptance of self)

Let it go, let it go

Can’t hold it back anymore

Let it go, let it go

Turn away and slam the door

I don’t care what they’re going to say (Elsa is done hiding, and she doesn’t give a damn about anyone’s opinions. The turn away and slam the door portion alludes to the idea that she isn’t even going to give anyone else the chance to voice their (potentially) harmful opinions)

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway (she’s going to be herself, and cold could be taken less literally in this analysis, to mean she doesn’t care if the people in her life hate her or leave her behind, she’s used to being alone now.)

Let it go (she’s letting go of her shame, her pain, her need to appear ‘normal’ and is therefore becoming a freer happier version of herself)

It’s funny how some distance makes everything seem small

And the fears that once controlled me can’t get to me at all (Elsa is out, she doesn’t give a damn for anyone else’s opinion, and she’s happy, a happiness that eluded her before, now she’s thinking she should have done this long ago, also in context of the movie, she literally ran away so physically she’s free of having to present herself with decorum or having to hide her true self.)

It’s time to see what I can do

To test the limits and break through

No right, no wrong, no rules for me

I’m free (elsa’s free (duh) she’s going to do what she wants, maybe go to a pride parade, or buy a pride flag, or get a girlfriend and nobody’s going to stop her)

You’ll never see me cry

Here I stand and here I stay

Let the storm rage on (she isn’t weak or vulnerable anymore, she feels powerful, and she isn’t going to let herself be forced back into the closet.)

My power flurries through the air into the ground

My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around

And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast

I’m never going back, the past is in the past

(This verse is very literal to the movie, and not very simple for me to connect, however it is just another example of Elsa being free and showing this part of herself that she has locked away, the final line has the same sentiments from the prior verse.)

Let it go, let it go

And I’ll rise like the break of dawn

(I thought this line created Phoenix imagery, she’s rising up, reborn as if she is her true self for the first time.)

Let it go, let it go

That perfect girl is gone

(She’s done repressing and pretending)

Here I stand in the light of day

(She’s out and she’s proud)

Let the storm rage on

The cold never bothered me anyway

(Fuck anything anyone else has to say)

My analysis of let it go from frozen being a song about coming out

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Elsamaren Coffee Shop AU


[Base image Source 1 + Source 2]

  • Modern Elsamaren AU where Honeymaren owns a coffee shop or runs an aesthetic food Instagram. And the gimmick of their channel/page would be cooking with cats in the background (like JunsKitchen on YT), except instead of cats they’re reindeer 🦌🦌
  • Ryder also definitely works with her because he loves reindeer and could probably keep the reindeer calm and still during videos/photo shoots. Plus I’m sure he’d love to help out with the general aesthetic since he was so eager to help Kristoff during his proposal. He caught all those butterflies after all 🦋🦋
  • Maybe they film their videos on their farm? ranch? What do modern sami call their herding property? Oh well. They take all their photos and such outside of course!!! And they get awesome backgrounds of the wilderness and mountains. This AU takes place in modern day Norway of course 🗻🗻
  • ELSAMAREN PART: Ok so Elsa decides to move to the modern version of the Enchanted Forest (maybe it’s like a groups of town or a village or something) because that’s where her mother was from. And she gets welcomed by the townspeople because they love her uwu. And Honeymaren takes her on a tour of the town and to her little coffee shop and they have coffee shop dates and such☆•°~
  • And Elsa just keeps coming back because ~~she has a crush~~ the coffee shop is like a really popular spot in town, since IRL Sami people really love coffee!! And Honeymaren gets to know her and gives her Iced Coffee and Affogato (coffee with ice cream) for free sometime because they’re girlfriends ♡♡♡

Here is an Elsamaren coffee date edit I made a while ago ☕🖤☕🖤☕🖤

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