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I’m starting to think that I spend a lot of my time @disneyanimation animating water drops😂💧😂 This sequence of shots was ultimately cut from #frozen2 , but I had a blast and learnt a ton experimenting with using our rig from #drop and doing my best Dan Lund effects impersonation😊 I hand animated everything in these shots…everything…every leaf…every snowflake…every water drop…e-v-e-r-y thing😳😂 TRIVIA: Which part of #frozen2 do you think this was from? Go stream it now on @disneyplus 😁🤗
#water #waterdrops #rain #disney #disneyanimator #cganimation #computeranimation #2danimation #effects #effectsanimation #2deffects #animation #animated #frozen #snow #snowflake #movie #video #videooftheday #follow #art #artistsoninstagram #drawing #movie #film #gale #shortcircuit #disneyplus #artist (at Los Feliz, Los Angeles)

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ITA: Ciao! Siamo in un periodo abbastanza difficile, periodo in cui è necessario che ci diamo tutti un po’ una mano e collaboriamo per ritornare al più presto alla normalità. Per questa ragione ho pensato di fare qualcosa anch'io, anche se poco purtroppo, e  ho deciso di fare alcuni tutorial per imparare a disegnare i personaggi Disney per i bambini, per supportare le famiglie che hanno i piccoli a casa.  

I tutorial partono da Anna e da Elsa di Frozen ^_^

Potete trovare i tutorial GRATUITI disponibili sul mio Gumroad a questo indirizzo:

All'interno dei tutorial troverete anche disegni da colorare e già colorati, come questo qui sopra.

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Frozen 2 - Deleted scene: “The Nokk Test”

The water spirit in Frozen II is a water horse called a Nokk. Originally, the filmmakers intended for the Nokk to read people’s honesty; if you had truth in your heart, the Nokk would let you ride it; if not, it would try to drown you. In this scene, Kristoff, who’s hiding his romantic feelings from Anna, struggles to say what he feels as the Nokk continually submerges him in water. It’s funny and just dark enough. 

This reminds me Honest woodcutter

Also known as the golden axe and the silver axe, it is a story in Aesop’s fable, which tells that one must be honest even at the cost of one’s own interests.

Story outline
The Greek version of the story tells of a woodcutter who accidentally dropped his axe into a river and, because this was his only means of livelihood, sat down and wept. Taking pity on him, the god Hermes (also known as Mercury) dived into the water and returned with a golden axe. “Was this what you had lost?”, Hermes asked, but the woodcutter said it was not, and returned the same answer when a silver axe was brought to the surface. Only when his own tool is produced does he claim it. Impressed by his honesty, the god allows him to keep all three

Hearing of the man’s good fortune, an envious neighbor threw his own axe into the river and wailed for its return. When Hermes appeared and offered him a golden axe, the man greedily claimed it but was denied both that and the return of his own axe.


Though the tale’s moral is that ‘Honesty is the best policy’
But it also has another moral: “there is not always a golden axe in the river”, which means “opportunities are not for everyone”.
This comes from the fact that the neighbors ignored the importance of honesty without knowing the whole picture of things, so they had a wrong imagination of the river.

My important is here
My important is here
My important is here
It’s important to talk about it three time

If I throw the frozen II into the river
Can I get the full version of the added the deleted scene segments?

Disney can make a frozen II director’s cut?
Can Disney fulfill the little wishes of its fans
If you reading the article
Haven’t you ever imagined this?

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Canadian check in call during covid. #canadian #canada #yyc #tiktok #duet #frozen #frozen2 #disney #lipsync #covid19 #coronavirus #quarantine #emo #egirl #alternative #punk #cosplay #cosplayer (at Northeast Calgary, Calgary, Alberta)

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