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arabskaya-devushka · a month ago
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the season of figs is starting, and in North Africa it's a special and one of the oldest fruits in the region. there are many kinds of them: بيثر، بيّوضي، سلطاني، عربي، برّوم، زيدي..
In Arabic, the fig fruit is called تين, but there are variations between the Maghrebi countries and regions. a lot call it tazart, direct loan from Amazigh. in Tunisia however, it's called karmouss. many said it comes from Greek καρπός karpos (means fruit)
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I'm tryna see something for research purposes. You can only choose one of these to eat. Which one you going with?
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do you like bananas test result
1-122/ 2-103/ 3-103/ 4- 215/ 5-235/ 6-162/ 7-1163/ 8-1444/ 9-3189/ 10-161/ 11-126/ 12-109/ 13-103/ 14-0/ 15-105
Thank you for your answers global 7237
May 7 2021
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beebeedibapbeediboop · 8 months ago
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Fruit vanities
(Also made shirts of these designs here)
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eyeheartfarms · 2 years ago
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This is Juniper erasure and I won’t stand for it (no but seriously this post talks a lot about edible berries you can grow and it’s sweet)
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genterie · a year ago
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Photo by Emily Blincoe
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freshic · 3 months ago
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by ankameowmeow
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aepex · 11 months ago
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vrnqd via instagram
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honeyrolls · a year ago
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Strawberry Jelly
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nerviovago · a year ago
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thestarsshone · 5 months ago
click on my shiny new quiz let us know what fruit you are <3
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Raspberries are starting to ripen. Funny thing is that I still cannot tell if this is the yellow or orange raspberry bush. I think I’ll have to wait until next year when the other one will hopefully produce too and compare them. They’re very flavorful nonetheless, a little different than the regular raspberries. And so pretty.
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honeyrolls · a year ago
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Strawberry Heart Donuts
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pigbee · a year ago
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my-witchy-journal · a year ago
🌱✨🌷Magical Associations of Natural Items🌷✨🌱
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Regently I have been reading ‘The Green Witch’  by  Arin Murphy-Hiscock and I have found a really good and detailed list in it about all kind of herb, flowers, plants,trees and spices’s nature and I thought it may be useful for other ones too. 
I tried to categorize all the information, but as you can see there are ones which could be placed in more than one category. So I put these in just one category. 
Allspice: prosperity, luck, healing, purification, protection, money
Cinnamon: healing, love, lust, success, purification, protection, money, psychic awareness
Clove: protection, mental abilities, attraction, purification, comfort
Coriander: healing, love, lust
Cumin: protection, antitheft, love, fidelity
Dill: protection, love, attraction, money, strength, luck, eases sleep, mental abilities, weight loss
Fennel: courage, strength, cleansing
Garlic: healing, house blessing, protection, lust, antitheft
Ginger: healing, love, money, energy
Majoram: protection, love, happiness, health, money, marriage, comfort
Nutmeg: clairvoyance, health, luck, fidelity
Oregano: peace
Parsley: healing, lust, fertility, love, passion, protection, hex breaker, prosperity, purification, eases grief
Pepper: protection, purification
Rosemary: cleansing, protection, healing, longevity, improves memory and concentration
Tarragon: cleansing, regeneration, transformation
Thyme: purification, psychic cleansing, divination, healing, enhances memory, eases sleep, courage
Vanilla: love, prosperity, lust, energy, mental abilities, creativity
Anise: psychic abilities, lust, luck, purification, love
Basil: love, trust, abundance, prosperity, courage, discipline, protection, marriage, purification, luck, mental abilities
Bay: protection, purification, endurance, fidelity, psychic powers, divination, wisdom, strength
Catnip: cats, love, beauty, happiness, tranquility, luck
Chamomile: purification, healing, soothes anxiety, gently heals bad luck, soothes children
Mint: purification, preserves health, clarity of mind, protects travelers, attracts money, health, love, success
Sage: healing, longevity, good health, psychic awareness, protection
Verbena: purification, protection, blessings, communication with nature spirits
Yarrow: marriage, courage, love and friendship, psychic abilities, hex breaking 
 Apple: love, healing, peace
Lemon: purification, love, protection, happiness
Lime: love, purification, luck, sleep
Orange: love, joy, purification, prosperity
Angelica:  protection, hex breaker, healing, psychic abilities, house blessing, purification
Bayberry: abundance, prosperity
Chickweed: animals, love, fidelity, healing, weight loss
Cinquefoil (five-finder): eloquence, cunning, money, protection, sleep, prophetic dreams, purification, love
Clover:  lust, hex breaking, prosperity, purification, love, luck, protection, success, fidelity, comfort
Comfrey: healing, prosperity, protection, travel
Daisy: nature spirits, love, children
Dangelion: longevity, enhances psychic ability, intuition, spiritual and emotional cleanser
Echinacea: healing
Elderflower: protection from lightning, beauty, divination, prosperity, purification, house blessing, healing, sleep
Eucalyptus: protection, healing
Eyebright: truth, pierces through illusion, certainty, psychic ability
Feverfew: love, fidelity, protection, healing
Gardenia: love, attraction, peace, meditation
Geranium: love, healing, protection, fertility
Hawthorn: protection, fertility, happines
Heather: protection, rain, luck
Heliotrope: clairvoyance, psychic abilities, health, money
Hibiscus: love, lust, divination, harmony, peace
Honeysuckle: abundance, luck, prosperity, eases sorrow, enhances psychic abilities (do not use the berries; they are poisonous)
Hops: healing, sleep
Hyacinth: love, comfort, protection
Hyssop: purification, protection
Jasmine: love, attraction, prosperity, tranquility
Juniper: cleansing, purification, protection against accidents, protection against illness, love, antitheft, fertility, psychic abilities
Lavender:  healing, love, happiness, heals grief and guilt, sleep, tranquility, protection, purification, peace, house blessing, wisdom, children, marriage
Licorice: love, lust, protection, fidelity
Lilac: protection, beauty, love, psychic abilities, purification, prosperity
Lily: protection, love antidote, truth
Lotus: blessing, meditation, protection
Marigold: positive energy, protection, eases legal stress, increases psychic awareness, peace
Meadowsweet: peace, love, happiness, psychic awareness
Mistletoe: healing, protection, love, fertility, sleep, luck
Mugwort: divination, protection, healing, strength, lust, psychic power, fertility, protects travelers
Nettle: cleansing, protects from danger, protects health
Patchouli: money, fertility, lust, clairvoyance, divination, love, attraction
Poppy: fertility, abundance, sleep, love
Rose: healing, love, conciliation, restoration, self-love, attracts love and good fortune, heals trouble, enhances psychic ability
Rowan: purification, house blessing, protection, healing, psychic abilities, wisdom, strengthens spells
Rue: protection, mental abilities, purification, health, comfort
St. Johnson’s Wort: courage, power of the sun, fertility, purification, healing, positive energy
Valerian: purification, protection, healing, love, sleep, attraction
Violet: tranquility, love, luck, protection, healing
Birch: protection, purification, new beginnings, children
Cedar: healing, purification, protection, prosperity
Cypress: protection, comfort, healing
Elm: love, protection
Maple: sweetness, prosperity, marriage, love, money
Oak: purification, protection, prosperity, health and healing, money, fertility, luck, strength
Pine: prosperity, healing, purification, fertility
Willow: communication, eloquence, protection, healing, love, dreams
Almond: love, money, healing, wisdom
Hazel:  mental abilities, fertility, protection, wisdom, luck
Flax: money, protection, beauty, healing
Walnut:  healing, mental abilities
Ash: protection, strength, healing, prosperity
Benzoin: purification, healing, prosperity
Onion: healing, protection, purification
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honeyrolls · a year ago
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Very Berry / Strawberry Baumkuchen
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