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France encounters England on the eve of Brexit and it goes about as well as you would expect. However, is there an opportunity here for them tonight? Is there hope that they might understand one another?


“You know, some of the other nations were asking after you,” France mentions. “I’m not exactly sure why they chose to ask me, but… Apparently, they thought you might turn up to bid them farewell on your last day.” England offers no comment and merely continues to glare. “Italy especially! ‘France, won’t England at least wish us good-bye? I made him some fresh linguini to show how much I value his friendship!’” France puts forth his worst impression of Feliciano in a last-ditch attempt to get England to play along. After all, banter is no fun without a receptive partner.

“Your lying needs a bit of work,” England scowls. Success!

“…You’re right, they didn’t care at all,” France admits with a smile. “I think perhaps most of them did not even notice your absence.” At that, England’s demeanour goes from mildly annoyed to offended. His shoulders tense up and his expression appears almost pained. Strange. It isn’t quite what France expects.

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Whole story found on AO3 and FFnet (It’s a long boi, I warn you)

‘Please, take a seat.’

England and France looked at each other, before back at the gun in Jean’s hand. His hand was still and focused, pointed directly at England.

Jean gave a small smile. In any other situation, it would have been kind.

'Please. Don’t make me ask again.’

He motioned his head towards the chairs again and England cautiously lowered himself into one, seeing France out of the corner or his eye do the same.

Jean nodded. 'Thank you. This will be so much easier if you comply.’ He looked over their shoulders and nodded. Suddenly, England felt his hands being grabbed and forced behind him, rough cable ties being forced over them and tying them together. Then, pushed down further; they were attached to a pole in the back of his chair. Deciding not to put up a fight he allowed it, as he did when the same was done to each of his legs, and as the footsteps of whomever was behind him backed away again, he gently tested their give. They were tight, each slight movement dug into his skin. He could break out of them, but not without damage to his wrists or doing it inconspicuously.

He maintained eye contact with Jean and sat straight with shoulders back watching him slowly settle more comfortably on the bed. Behind him, an electrical generator, hooked up to the lamps, whirred gently.

Jean nodded to whomever was behind them and they stepped out of the room, shutting the door as they left. He then clapped his hands together and beamed at the both of them.

‘Well. I expected something but certainly not this.’

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In a high school AU

France: [stands under Scotland’s window with a “PROM?” sign]

England, leaning out of the window: OH MY GOD, FRANCIS! YES!

France: Non! Tell Alasdair!


[Loud brawl breaks out between England and Scotland inside the house]

France: Merde.

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and they lived happily ever after :)

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England: If we weren’t surrounded by all these people, you know what I would like to do?

France: Kiss me?

England: Bust a chair across your teeth. And after that… 

France: Kiss me?

England: Bust a second chair across your teeth.

France: Close enough.

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they can beg, and they can plead

but they can’t see the light

‘cause the boy with the cold hard cash

is always mr right

au where marianne uses her charms to scam rich men for money that her and her girlfriend use to buy whatever expensive shit they want

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Dont know how to translate this funny shit so I just leave it here and run

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I’m sure he likes to think we do

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Me: :(

Me: *thinks about fan art (or that one canon scene) where England or France is doing the other’s hair*

Me: :)

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Hi so this is for my sake and because i have a mighty mighty need to write these out so

What the couples call each other (aka nicknames/pet names) [pt. 1]

These are going to be my otps along with oc ships, so please be kind. Also, if you send an ask abt any of these ships, whether it’s love or hate, I’m legally obligated to acknowledge it so. Also, gonna be super ramble-y so just bear with it pls.

On with the show!


  • Francis definitely 100% started jokingly calling Arthur his little british scone and so Arthur had to retaliate
  • So Arthur comes up with absolutely anything he can just to rile Francis up
  • That’s how Francis started from Love, Dearest, Sweetheart, to Baguette, Crumpet, Love Troll, Snookums, and finally just gibberish.
  • Like he looks Francis in the eyes and says “I love you, my little fagroolby.” And Francis has to stand there in the store, holding a bag of oysters in one hand and strawberries in the other, and just nod along and be okay with it.
  • Francis goes home and cries in the bathroom, faced with their sins, it’s fine


  • So. Farm boy Lovino, right? He has a patch of land for Lars and his tulips because he wanted even more Tulips. Lovino walked up to him one day, in awe of the garden, watching as Lars worked away, and “You’re like a tulip mama or somethin’?” Slipped out.
  • Lars retaliates and says “That must make you the tulip papa then.”
  • The two have never been the same since.
  • Lars rarely calls him by any other pet name because he just. Stops. His brain stops working. He stutters the first 2-3 letters then holds the syllable until Lovino stops him.
  • The man somehow has children yet is like a bumpy road (Not Smooth).
  • Speaking of those kids, Lovino calls them the Tulip Babes and Lars just. Picks him up and takes him away.


  • Feliciano has just about every pet name for Ivan. He hits him with the baby and amore all the time.
  • Ivan didn’t start with the pet names until, like, six months into the relationship.
  • He groggily called Feliciano “pet”, and Feliciano jumped him.
  • Feliciano’s favorite nicknames from Ivan are pet and little minx. Like, he knows other people would be like “huh 🤨” but he’s that fucker thats like “yeah, I’m his little pet 🥰”
  • He does make up for it though by asking Ivan how the weather is up there and other tall jokes.


  • Berwald calls Tino Fernando. After the ABBA song. So yeah.
  • Tino (after they officially got married) calls him husband. Like, “I love you, my husband.” It seems off-putting to other people, but Berwald sobbed the first time he heard it.
  • Peter and Hugo do the fake barf thing kids do every time they hear it, Matthias laughs at them each time.
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I’m just thinking about fruk today it’s all that’s in my brain rn good bye

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aw thats rly cute !!

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u havw no idea how much i love that song anon

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Other times it’s just ‘buy milk’ or something that should be mean but it’s not because it’s them. And imagine them grading student papers together, ‘you’re giving them a B, frog? That’s an A at least’ ‘Imbecile, may I remind you who has the degree in this subject?’ ‘Not you that’s for sure shitbeard’ I just - brain empty only fruk, you know?


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