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#ft. livius
naturallystupidforyou · a month ago
Bestie I am begging for more Mor or livius content
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* acotar next gen x modern!reader
*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ after waking in the blood rite, livius attempts to see you to the end
The stench of the wet mossy ground had been overwhelming. Your cheek had pressed against the cold forest floor, leaves and twigs caught in your hair. Groggily, you forced yourself into a sitting position. You'd felt as if you'd woken up after a week-long bender. The world around you tilted as you stood on bare feet.
You hadn't recognized where you were. The woods with those terrible looming mountains weren't something near where you lived. You still dressed in what you slept in — a plain grey shirt with black pants. There was nothing to protect your feet from sharp rocks and the twigs and sticks that threatened to break the skin on your feet.
You hadn't had anything with you. Your phone had been haphazardly thrown across the room before you ended up... here. Where was here? Fear bobbed in your throat.
The sun was setting soon. It would disappear behind those mountains and you'd be left in the dark. You wanted to scream, to see if anyone could hear you but every instinct in your body keeping you from doing it. Your body was tense as you slowly trudged through the woods, careful not to step on anything that would slow you down.
The first thing you noticed was the scent of the world. You lived in the city, the air clogged with machinery and the marks the inhabitants of your world left. For hours, you had been utterly alone. For hours, until you'd heard a twig snap behind you, you'd only had the trees and the singing birds.
God, you were convinced you were looking at a demon—
A man with big black wings tied together wore a smile that sent your stomach-churning. Fear had gripped you without mercy.
What is that, what is that, what is that—
He sniffed at the air, grin only widening. "How did a mortal little thing like you end up in the mountains? During the Blood Rite no less?"
You blinked at him. He took a step toward you. You mirrored his own with sloppy steps. His clothes had been smeared with blood. You had the suspicion it wasn't his own.
"Stop," You hissed at them. Your knees nearly buckled with fright. He kept his steps toward you, looking at you as if you had been his first meal in days. He was filthy, dirt and blood covering his torn clothing. You tried glancing for something to use as a weapon, something that would give you a fighting chance. "And why would I do that?" He asks. He had nearly reached you, three of your steps equalling one of his. He reached for you, his hand catching in the fabric of your shirt, pulling you toward him, a soft shout leaving your throat when he suddenly dropped. His mouth had opened, eyes widening before the fucking light had left them.
When he fell, his weight had pressed awkwardly against you, forcing you onto your back. Blood poured from his mouth and a wound on his throat. A makeshift spear had torn through it. It soaked your shirt, the material sticking to you like a second skin. A scream tore through your throat, a spasm of curses leaving you at once. You shoved the body off of you, not giving much thought that you were now left with the one who murdered him. You scrambled away, sharp rocks slicing into your palm as you tried to find purchase.
A hand clamped over your mouth from behind. They knelt, pressing their chest against your back. "Are you trying to tell everyone in the fucking mountains where we are?" Your eyes widened, frozen as you realized that the one holding you was the one who killed the one going to attack you. As if he could smell your fear, he removed his hand from your mouth. As the other one had, he sniffed the air before pulling your hair to the side. "You're human?" He asked, incredulously. You nearly snorted. What kind of question was that? In your world, anything other than human didn't exist.
The man who attacked you was definitely not human. Even bound, those big wings still twitched and flapped. "How did you get in the mountains? During the Blood Rite, no less," He stands, frowning at your state. He walks over to the corpse, rolling it over as he clicks his tongue. "Fucking barbarian," He muttered. "You killed him," You whispered.
Killing was taboo. Even in self-defense, you were still looked at a certain way. Killing someone — taking another's life — was one of the most horrific things you could do in your world. Everyone condemned it. Yet, this man did it without thought. Without remorse. He looks back at you, "Would you have preferred to let him have his way with you? You can't be naive enough to not know what he planned on taking,"
You frowned, watching as he knelt, stripping the dead man of his boots and, what looked like, a jacket. He turned, throwing it at you. The boots hit your chest, a soft grunt escaping your lips. "Answer the question," He says. "How did you get here?"
"I don't know," You, cringing as you did so, put on the boots. They were both too large. The jacket had been soaked with blood. You bit the inside of your cheek. "I woke up here," He was still crouched when he looked up at you, something turning in his eyes. "What's your name?"
"Y/n," He nodded once, standing again. "My name is Livius. Based on your scent, I know you're terrified. Rather unfortunate for me, I had been the one to find you. That makes you my responsibility, doesn't it?" He shakes his head, cutting off any protests when he raises his hand. "You're human, wounded based on the scent of blood, and you have no memory of how you have gotten here. I can't leave you to the beasts,"
You swallowed thickly, "What beasts? What are you?" Your lips parted slightly, a gasp leaving when Livius walked toward you, kneeling once again and grabbing your hands. He clenched his jaw at the bloody mess of them. "I'd forgotten how weak humans are," He muttered. You hadn't noticed until then that he had ripped up fabric from the fallen man. He tied your hands quickly, ignoring any hisses or arguments you let out.
At the tips of his ears, they looked to be shaped in rounded points. They looked more malformed rather than elvish. His features were beautiful; looked to be carved from stone, an elected king who had once ruled kingdoms and brought many to heel. "There should be caves nearby. Come, we only have a few hours at most,"
You pulled yourself into a standing position, heart thundering as you watched as Livius turned and walked in long strides, not caring if you were left behind. Clearly, his goodwill didn't extend very far.
Without much choice, you followed this murder through the woods of this foreign land.
As the sun was closer to setting, Livius had grown more frantic. He cursed under his breath, hands running over the rocks and the leaves that covered them. "It has to be near," He hissed. Your arms crossed over your chest, shivering. The jacket did little to protect you. The blood had seemed near frozen. Your teeth had threatened to chatter. The sun did little to offer light, the nearly violet sky quickly turning black.
And deep in the forests, the screams had started. The howls and roars of those beasts seemed to be all around. You turned, your back facing him. Livius had given you a makeshift weapon, face heating when you turned it around and looked at it from all angles. "It was the best I could do," He had said. You only smiled softly at him, "I couldn't do anything his good," He'd ignored you, going back to his quick pace. This killer who had taken life without remorse was the only reason you had survived this long.
You wondered if there was something symbolic of it all. That man — Livius's eyebrows had just furrowed when you said that. Male, he'd corrected — had to die so you could live. Or maybe that was your mind trying to save you from facing these horrors entirely.
Livius called your name, holding the vines that blanketed the cave open. He waited until you were inside to enter, a hand resting on your shoulder as you walked, careful not to let you trip over your oversized boots. You wanted to shrug him off, demand he didn't touch you with his hands that were stained with blood. The cave had run deep, cutting at a sharp right a few feet in.
He shrugged what he carried off of him. "Get comfortable," He says, "It's going to be a long night," You watched as he sat down, resting against the wall with his head tilted back with his eyes closed. You stood, not moving a step as you watched him. His throat bobbed with each breath. After a moment, he cracked his eyes open. His teeth shined, even in the dark, "Do you plan on watching me all night?"
It was meant to be an insulting remark. One you dismissed. He seemed to switch between keeping distance between the two of you and wanting to speak to you yet not knowing what to say. You couldn't understand him. Not in the slightest.
You bunched your shirt in your hands. "What are you? What is this?" Livius heaved a sigh, patting the rocky ground beside him. With watchful eyes, he didn't say anything until you sat. His wing brushed against your side. When you moved to touch it, Livius's hand curled around your wrist. Through clenched teeth, he says, "Do not touch an Illyrian's wings,"
You ignored the warmth of his hands. "Is that what you are? An Illyrian?"
His eyes narrowed once again. That judgment made rage worm its way into your heart. "Do I look human to you? You're in Illyria, for Cauldron's sake. Why are you so—"
A long breath left your mouth. Your voice was filled with panic and so much fear it was dripping. Underlining it was nothing but anger. "Illyria? Am I supposed to know where that is? I'm from fucking Oklahoma! We don't have men with bat wings or people that kill each other for sport," You stood hastily, emotions running high. You were terrified, desperate for food and water, and exhausted.
When you turned on your heels, Livius only yelled out, "Where are you going?" You gave an unkind gesture. Livius chuckled slightly, the sound only making your blood rush even hotter. He attempted to muffle his laughter, "Get back in the cave, Y/n. Clearly, you're rather misplaced at the moment. Do you know how cold it's going to become? Even if those beasts don't attack you, you're going to run into the others. I'm not going to run after you because you're in the middle of a temper tantrum,"
You turned sharply around. "I'm sorry that I'm not handling your bat version of The Hunger Games! Not all of us are psychotic," Livius's lips twitched, ignoring that he hadn't had the slightest idea what you were speaking of. "Is that what you think I am? A psychopath? I promise you, Y/n, I'm a thousand times better than those creatures you'll face outside," His voice was cold. There had been a tinge of exhaustion in it. "With the way they treat females, I doubt they'd take mercy on a human woman when there's nothing to witness their crimes but the souls of the fallen,"
You shifted on your feet, ignoring the dread pooling in the pits of your stomach. "How do I know this isn't some cruel game you're playing with me? How do I know you aren't like the others and you're only praying on my ignorance of—of this world to harm me?" Livius spread his arms slightly, "I have no weapons. I could've left you to that bastard back there. If I wanted to claim you as my own, I would've done so back then. As you're so keen on pointing out, I'm not afraid to kill. Why would I go this far with you if I had no intention of seeing this through? Of harming you in this cave? Even if I hadn't wanted your mortal blood on my hands, I could've left you where I found you. You may think me to be callous but neither of us will survive by being weak,"
"Is that what you think kindness is? Weakness?" Livius hands you a canteen made of weaving and leaves. He clicked his tongue when you only sip at it, tapping it upward until you drank enough to his liking. He ignored your question, "I'm not carrying you if you faint,"
You sat beside him, his warmth seeping into you. Livius shifted closer. "I have to find my brother," Livius says, explaining, "Nyx — he's out there. They separate us when they dump us. It's something about surviving on your own with enemies all around. Some have allies, of course, but, well, let's say that I've never been one to make friends in the camps,"
You snorted slightly. "You don't say," Then, curiosity now piqued, you asked, "Then why are you here? I don't think I've ever seen anyone more miserable,"
Livius dragged a hand through his hair, you thought you saw resentment flash through his eyes. It hadn't been directed at you. "It's complicated," He murmured. "I—I can't explain it here," You rested your hand on his arm. "I shouldn't have asked,"
Livius sighed, "Sleep. You'll need to rest if we want to make any grounds," You complied, lying on your side, ignoring the hard cave that seemed  When you woke, his chest had been pressed to your back, breath hitting the back of your neck with his wing curled over the two of you. And there, at the center of the cave, stood a man covered in blood.
You jerked Livius awake, your fucking guardian angel waking at the last second. His eyes snapped open just as the man barrelled toward him.
Livius is on his feet before you could blink. He and the other hadn't been attacking each other like you originally thought. No, now you could see the similarities between them through the light streaming in from the top of the cave. A hole not much bigger than yourself allowed a steady stream of morning sunlight in.
Livius's arms are thrown around the other, his face buried into his neck. "It's been days," Livius breathed out. "I was beginning to think you'd been killed," They broke apart, the other one laughing. "As if they could kill me," His eyes flickered over to you, confusion on his face. "Who is that?" You were certain you looked more than pitiful. You were near begging for a toothbrush and hairbrush. You'd have to settle for chewing on mint leaves and rinsing your mouth with water.
Compared to everything else, those things hardly seemed important. Since the moment you woke up here, you'd been tense, unable to truly think about what was happening to you for too long. "That's Y/n," Livius replied. He refused to look at you for too long. He refused to think about how he'd spent the night with you in his arms. How he slept peacefully despite knowing enemies surrounded him.
He hadn't hated it, either.
"And why do you have a human?" Nyx, presumably, asked. The set of their jaw had been the only feature they shared. The color of their eyes, too. Though, Livius's had a certain aura to his that Nyx lacked. "I found her," Nyx watches as you stand up. He was covered in more filth than either of you. Blood has stained his hair, matting it to his head. "You found her? In Illyria during the Blood Rite?"
Livius shrugged. "Mother or Father will figure out what to do with her once we return to Velaris," Nyx glances at you, taking in your form. The one that lacked any training. "Assuming she'll live that long," You felt the hair rise on the back of your neck, little bumps raising on your arm. Livius tensed, growling slightly. Nyx recoiled from surprise, looking at Livius as if he'd had three heads. "I'm getting her back to Velaris," Livius insisted.
You refused to ask the questions brandishing your tongue; What is Velaris and What the fuck is wrong with you?
Nyx cleared this throat after he and Livius looked at each other a moment too long. You wondered if they were speaking in some way you could never grasp. All of this seemed hard to grasp. You'd felt like you'd taken a bad trip — like you were floating. There was no way that you could be in a world with faeries and Illyrians. There was no way you were stuck in a world that you now had to fight for your survival because these things would torture you in ways you refused to imagine before killing you. That your only hope for survival was these two.
Nyx's full attention had turned to you. "Well, Y/n, my brother is lacking when it comes to his conversation skills. What all has he told you?" There, with the morning sun hanging over the sky and the scent of rotting flesh that made you gag, Nyx filled you in on everything Livius hadn't. He explained things the best he could, agreeing with slight hesitation when you compared it to something from your world before Livius interrupted to tell you it hadn't existed here.
God, you were in a hellscape.
A neverending hellscape.
Eventually, Livius fell in step beside you, Nyx taking his position a few feet ahead of you. "We're ahead of the others. The slaughter is still ongoing. Nyx narrowly made it out. I only had because I was one of the firsts to wake," You nodded, confused about the whole thing. He'd fallen silent. You took that opportunity to speak. "Thank you. For helping me. For continuing to help me. I know I'm not the easiest person to spend this with,"
"Neither am I. We're quite a pair," Livius's mouth twitched into a small smile. You nudged him with your arm. "That we are," You blamed the fluttering in your stomach on hunger and nerves.
It would be four days until you made it to the top of the mountain, bloody and injured with, what you assumed based on the burning pain, a broken arm. Nyx had been worse for wear, hanging onto you with little strength.
Monsters and men had both attacked. You tried to scrub the images of their corpses from your mind as your feet slipped on the rocks, the soles of your feet nothing but bloodied ribbons. You'd long since abandoned those oversized boots in favor of being able to run. You bit the inside of your cheek until you tasted blood.
Livius was fighting the last of them. You heard the grunts and the sounds of rock crushing skulls. You heard the final fighting of life, the sounds of their last breaths. The breaking of necks. Nyx bled profusely, his blood coating you, warm and slippery. You hissed, "You have to help me. I can't carry you on my own," You kept glancing back, waiting for Livius to turn around the corner. A horrifying thought crossed your mind — what if Livius was the one dying? Your heart flipped, sinking to the pits of your stomach.
You wanted to drop Nyx and see for yourself. You felt sick and desperate. You needed to see if the one you'd grown to look at fondly would survive. You didn't. Only because Nyx was hurt saving you. That if you left him, he'd bleed out on the rocks. You panted when you "Touch it," Nyx's voice was ragged.
The changing of the earth left you with a sinking sensation. It filled your blood, fused your bones, and stitched the ripped skin back together. It had been both a lifetime and seconds. You opened your eyes, Nyx lying on top of you. He groaned, skin still painfully pale. "Where is he?" You asked, licking your lips. Nyx rolled off of you, "He'll be here,"
"How do you know?"
"I do,"
You hadn't noticed the people in the room until then. You hadn't cared that they looked less human than the ones with wings. You hadn't cared about any of it — not when Livius, alive and whole, appeared in the room. You let out a choking sound, throwing your arms around him. You buried your face into his neck, laughing. Livius's arms snaked around your neck. "You're alive," You breathed. "As are you. Just as I promised,"
You had hardly managed to bathe before you passed out in the room you were given to use. Nuala had led you here, the distant voices of Livius explaining how he found you carrying down the hall.
I think they're my mate.
I think they're my mate.
You hadn't known why what you heard bothered you so. You hadn't known what it meant. Not with exhaustion making thinking difficult nor the soreness that remained. Surrounded by nothing but pitch black, Livius slept in the chair beside your bed. You watched as he slept, the trouble lining his sleeping face.
He was still beautiful.
As if he felt your watchful gaze, he woke. "I was worried. You've been sleeping for two days," He leaned forward, hand resting on your forehead. You hummed, "I'm alright. Probably,"
Livius nodded, clearing his throat, "My parents haven't had the faintest idea of how you'd gotten here. They've never heard of your world. No texts show how to get there. It's as if you appeared from nothing. As if—"
As if you were gifted to me by the Cauldron, Livius thought. He would never say those words. Never be that vulnerable. "You can stay here in Velaris. If you wish. If not, we can take you to the Mortal Lands. Or the Summer Court. I'll help you find a way home should you please," Livius took a breath, "Or you could stay with me,"
"Because I'm your mate?" You asked. Livius tensed completely, eyes widening. "I heard you earlier. I don't know what it means. I think we're stuck together after the Blood Rite. So, until I find a way home, I'll have you. If you'll have me,"
Livius nodded in confirmation. "I'll have to explain it later," He assured. "Once you've rested," He stands, squeezing your outstretched hand once. "I'll see you tomorrow, Y/n,"
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naturallystupidforyou · a month ago
PLEASE do a livius and majda granddaughter part 2 ITS SO CUTEEEEEE
。・:*:・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ acotar next gen x reader
.・゜-: ✧ :- livius and madja's granddaughter headcanons pt.2
after that meeting, livius often found himself thinking of you
it was driving him insane, truth be told
the fact that you were so close yet he couldn't bring himself to talk to you
he hated himself. how could someone like you — training to be a healer just like your grandmother — love ilk him?
leo coming home reeking of your scent hadn't helped matters
not when livius was already full of jealousy. not when he realized your presence tenfold. how your existence was suddenly undeniable. suddenly everywhere
he refused to mention it to anyone. to talk to you. to look at you
anytime you were there for leo, xavier by your side, he had to take to the skies. he had to spar until his body was bloody and numb
which, when he comes home with his nose bloody and body coated in bruises, proved to be a bad idea
you stood in the doorway, biting your lip, seemingly at conflict with yourself. "what do you want?" livius snapped, cursing at himself for not shutting the bathroom door. he leaned over the sink, staring at his purple eye in the mirror. "i felt—" you cut yourself off with a shake of your head. "it doesn't matter what i felt. i was going to see if you needed help but you seem to be taking care of it yourself,"
livius frowned, his racing mind cursing at him to push you away
instead, that weakwilled part desperate for you spoke, "could you?"
you nodded once, entering the large bathroom. you had him sit on the edge of the bath, the magic you'd been blessed with soothing away the brutalized flesh as your fingers grazed over it. you only murmured apologies as he winced, snorting at your recommendation of a healing potion. couldn't you see what you were doing to him? how weak he'd become around you? any walls he placed around himself seemed ready to fall when you were near. his fingers curled at his side, the need to touch you overwhelming. why did he have to come home that day? never meeting you seemed easier. though, he knew it was inevitable.
you finished, a crooked smile on your lips
you touched his shoulder, squeezing it slightly. you turned to leave, pausing in the doorway. "livius?" he sucked in a sharp breath at the way it sounded, desperate to hear it again. "yeah?" he couldn't move, couldn't think as you said, "harpe, malachai, and i are going to a tavern tonight. you're free to come if you'd like," he nodded once. unable to help himself, he says, "which one?"
like a fool, he agreed
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naturallystupidforyou · a month ago
Can you link your livius headcannons (any that are just livius) cause Ik you wrote them but I can’t find them.
livius x madja's granddaughter
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fifth next-gen headcanon that livius is in
livius fic
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