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anyway shoutout to transhet people, especially transhet men who thought they were lesbians before, you’re amazing and you’re welcome in this community <3 <3 we love you and we want to support you
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lotsoforangesoutside · 2 months ago
msr | Fight the Future | words: 790
No, he does not want to let go. If he can, he will never let go. Scully’s body fits so, so perfectly with his, and his exhausted, silly brain is replaying the past hour again and again in his head.
They must have taken turns falling asleep. The last thing Mulder remembers is seeing the spaceship taking off. He wonders if Scully saw it too. When he opens his eyes again, she is asleep.
“Scully,” he says softly, “Scully, I love you.”
His mind brings him to before. Before she got here in this icy, white world-- in his hallway, when he poured his heart out, begged her to stay, to stay with him and to never go, before the kiss and the bee and the gunshot...
Mulder feels like he’s said so much, yet...
He’s told her that he loves her many times, many, many times already. He starts telling her after her trip to Philadelphia. She’s always known, he is sure, but it’s different to hear it.
Mulder just doesn’t know how the story will end, their story. He remembers less than a year ago, when they investigated a case in Indiana, the one with the Great Mutato and the crazy scientist and his farmer father...he told Scully that he wanted to see the writer. He wishes that he can see the writer to the story of his life right now.
He has no idea how they’ll get back to civilization. After the spaceship has taken off, the sky becomes dark, so dark, and Mulder wonders if this is the real Antarctica. He remembers learning in grade school or middle school that it’s perpetual night, perpetual darkness in the summer months at the South Pole.
Yet, he doesn’t remember it being so dark earlier.
Maybe he’s died and heaven is just a big block of ice. But he doesn’t seem to mind, because in the place of his afterlife, he’s found her, he’s found Scully, and they’re together. Despite seeing the other alien in the incubator, injecting her with the vaccine, breaking out of the all seems too much like a dream.
“Scully?” He tries calling her again and she stirs. He is still holding her tightly, molding her body to his.
“Mulder,” her voice is so raspy, it’s barely recognizable. “Mulder....”
“Shh, Baby.” He kicks away his panicked brain at the term of affection that rolled so naturally off his tongue. “Don’t try to talk. I think we might need to get up, it’s too cold to be lying on the snow.”
He looks around, wondering how the hell will he get out of this one. God? he wants to call. Writer? Maybe that’s the right one to call in this situation.
Mulder knows he should be sitting up, he knows he should be thinking, but it’s just so nice to be holding her. She’s warm, and her face is close to his.
She’s staring at his lips and licking hers. Without thinking, he leans forward and presses his icy lips onto hers. Tenderly, sweetly, lovingly, passionately, they kiss, and Mulder suddenly finds the woman in his arms to be laughing with faint sounds.
“Scully?” He licks his own lips; they taste like her. 
Mulder studies the lovely face inches from his. Her pale, frostbitten cheeks. Her chapped lips and sunken eyes. She’s laughing with tears in her eyes, her voice strange from the damaged vocal cords. The tenderness he’s been holding for her burst and he wants to cry.
But he finds himself to be laughing too, at the absurdity of it all. Scully’s wearing his clothes, there are icicles on their hair, their skin ache from the harsh wind, it’s just dark everywhere, and they have no way to get home-- but the two of them just made out in a world that resembles his frosted-over freezer.
And Mulder cannot wait to do it again, because he knows not a soul, living or dead or from out of space, will bother them here. There are no bees, no Skinner, no Bill Jr., no FBI, no X-Files. Snow will not stop him; even if there is an Yeti walking by, he will not be letting her out of his embrace.
“Scully,” he says after he catches his breath from laughing so much. He’s been saying her name and nothing else--there is nothing else. He whispers into her ear, “This might be the end of the world and I love you.”
She smiles and closes her eyes again, and he sees, far, far away, a star is twinkling. No, it looks like someone’s...headlight?
And sure enough, when Mulder wakes up in the back of a good Samaritan’s truck, and again when he wakes up in a warm bed in a medical facility, his first word is, as always, Scully.
There is nothing else.
Tagging @today-in-fic. Thank you.
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enigmaticxbee · 6 months ago
You know, it finally makes sense to me that the most significant fact Mulder could come up to convince Scully that it was really him in Dreamland was her bee pollen eating habit. Post FTF Mulder I’m sure never specifically brought up what happened in that hallway but he just became performatively anti-bee: steering Scully away from bees flying around minding their own business, mumbling dire thoughts under his breath at decorative uses of bees, refusing to use honey... He probably tried to convince her not to eat that bee pollen on her yogurt every day at lunch! Honestly she should have known it was him, no one else would have found that significant in any way.
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edjerse · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I know you're bored in this assignment, Mulder, but unconventional thinking is only gonna get you in trouble now.
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cryptidsbian · 5 months ago
Alternative fight the future plot in which the bone fragments that Scully looks at are porous for a reason unrelated to alien viruses
Tumblr media
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freckleslikestars · 4 months ago
Y’know what fucks me up about the ftf kisses? They did it twice. If it were just one kiss you could somewhat easily blow it off as a funny joke to piss your boss off. I mean I know when I’ve had a long day of rehearsals I tend to fuck around too. Whilst I haven’t kissed a *colleague, I have kissed friends. Maybe not as passionately. And without so much tongue. But as a joke on a long day.
*or at least a colleague/peer who isn’t first and foremost a friend
But two kisses? On camera? No. NO! Once is a joke; twice and you’re told to lock the door of the changing room shower when you’re fucking in there.
I dunno. Maybe I’m a prude.
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jan-hen · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Body Swap 003 - D.Va and Sombra
Sombra's nefarious scheme has worked! She managed to swap bodies with Dva, and plans to use her body to steal some tech from MEKA and Overwatch.
Posted early last month on my Patreon. Feel free to check out the full resolution version:
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scullys-baggy-suits · a month ago
I’m about to watch Fight The Future again and I’m already screaming
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myassbrokethefall · 5 months ago
"You big weird movie" - god, so true, isn't it? I love it beyond reason yet when I try to apply reason to it, it's like, wait, the plot is about WHAT? An epically weird beautiful summer blockbuster masterpiece of vaguely incoherent perfection.
FTF is precious to me because it has "WE'RE MAKING A MOVIE! WE HAD A TV SHOW BUT NOW THE TV SHOW IS ALSO A MOVIE! A MOVIE!!!" flop sweat all over it, and I mean this affectionately. I'm not saying it's not well-made or technically assured — it looks terrific, moves snappily and honestly I feel it actually hangs together pretty decently for XF — but there is a certain endearingly (to me) self-conscious deer-in-the-headlights feel about it in some ways. The M&S banter in the beginning — "Had you big time," Scully answering "Somethin' sweet" to Mulder asking what she wants from the vending machine. Since when?? And the opener that says "North Texas" over a howling snow field and then cheekily adds "one million years BC" or whatever it is. Eons of time! The ends of the earth! This movie came to town to be a summer blockbuster, and a summer blockbuster IT (sort of) WAS. Explosions! Helicopter shots! Shots OF helicopters! A new fancier kind of product-placement car! Pointed desert (different from painted desert) locations that are definitely not Vancouver! A zillion bees! An actual self-conscious literal dick-measuring reference to Independence Day, which I'm sure was extremely I don't think about you at all don draper dot gif in return! Upgraded Scully suit/heels! Full-ass orchestral score that they then saved money by reusing for the rest of the series! All the climates (snow AND the desert)! New conspiracy guys who are From The Movies! Not just sexual tension but CINEMATIC sexual tension — and with CALLBACK ONE-LINERS as "had you big time" RETURNS!! I'm sorry, is this DIE HARD? Yippee-ki-yay, Mothman! (withdrawn)
Honestly the movie is mostly weird in how not weird it is. It has some bog-standard XF weirdness (black oil, gooey guy, mysterious conspiracy explosion) (and it must be said, some truly great and XF-y imagery — the playground on the eerily verdant patch of grass in the middle of the desert, the searchlights on the cornfield, the crater), but it's almost like a cheese sampler, a charcuterie board if you will, of XF mytharc, ONLY SUPERSIZED! You see the alien! You see the spaceship! Mulder and Scully almost kiss! EONS! The ENDS of the earth! Such helicopter! It's very gleeful and the gleefulness feels, to me, inclusive of the audience. Like we all went to the movies with XF, them and us, all together. And we ate popcorn! And it was fun! The movies! What happened in the plot again? I don't know, let's erase it all in the Season 6 premiere. It's fine.
Also it is like a tenth as weird as IWTB. Hahaha
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lotsoforangesoutside · 4 months ago
3x -9
msr | s5 + s6 | words: 1,380
“Mulder, stop it.” She says through a smile.
“Stop what?” He appears to be clueless.
“Stop looking at me like that.”
Mulder smiles like a chipmunk. “What can I say, Scully, I’m glad to see you.”
“Mulder, I was only gone for a weekend. You’ve spent weekends without me before, haven’t you?”
His reply is another grin.
“So, who’s this Jack guy that you want to send my poster to?” Mulder’s been wanting to ask that question so that he can decide whether to take her to the head shop on M Street during their lunch hour. They can also stop by that new soup place he’s been wanting to go with her. Of course, this is all riding on who the hell is this Jack guy.
He hates the fact that when Scully ventures out on her own, she unwittingly becomes a man-magnet.
Scully chooses to be kind to him. “Jack’s the captain of the PD where I was up in Maine.”
Mulder gives her his tell-me-more face.
“We had lobsters together. He’s friendly.”
“Did you kiss him?” He tries his damnedest to not sound jealous. Lobsters?
“Of course not, Mulder!” She chides.
Mulder smiles apologetically, “I just didn’t want it to become a new tradition that when I take a vacation, you get to kiss some-”
He isn’t sure if this is the best time to bring up her tattoo trip, but it’s seemingly too late to take back his words.
“It wouldn’t be a bad tradition.” She mutters under her breath and laughs when his eyebrow shoots up.
“If that’s the case, I didn’t take a vacation last weekend. No vacation, so no kiss for you.” He quickly declares.
“That’s too bad, Mulder,” Scully tries to hide her smile and fails miserably. “I was thinking that since I took a vacation while you stayed at the office, it’d only be fair that you’d get a kiss. But I guess not.”
A pencil chooses to detach itself from the ceiling and hits Mulder on the head.
“Damn.” Mulder picks up the pencil and tosses it into a corner. “Hey Scully?”
“What constitutes as a vacation now?” He asks.
“Um, time spent away from work for rest or pleasure?”
‘Well,” Mulder glances at his watch, “wanna take a mini-vacation with me at say, 11:30, for a trip to M Street?”
Scully bites her lower lip and wants to smack him silly when she hears him add, “I think I see a lot of mini-vacations coming our way.”
Scully is working on her computer when he calls her from behind her desk. She can very well turn around and talk to him, or he can equally well get up from his seat and come talk to her, but Mulder loves calling Scully on her extension and she welcomes the distraction from her menial task on hand.
Despite that she has a desk now, somehow Mulder’s things have taken residence on it. She scoffs and focuses on what he is saying on the phone.
“So, I think that was a vacation.”
“Mulder,” She controls her urges of turning around in her chair, “I’m sorry?”
“I just got our expense report back and our little trip to Antarctica was a no-go. The flights, the rentals, the rooms, the Sno-Cat. Good thing my father left me a rich boy.”
“Oh, no.” She sighs. Skinner has predicted just as such. “Surely there’s a way to...”
“But I figured, since the FBI is calling this a vacation, then our tradition calls for a kiss.” Scully can sense his leering smile behind her. She wonders if it will be absurd to set up a mirror on her desk so she can see Mulder without turning around. 
“What, the CPR doesn’t count?” She teases.
“Only if I’m 16 years old and you’re the cute redhead girl sitting next to me in Health class.” Mulder deadpans.
“My class did it on a doll.” She chuckles, “But maybe that was college.”
“Don’t change the subject, Agent Scully. Whaddya say?”
She licks her lips absentmindedly. Mulder’s lips... “Nope, it wasn’t a vacation, Mulder. Yes, it was time off from work but it was neither for rest nor pleasure. Sorry, it doesn’t count.”
She looks around the bullpen, trying to see if people are listening, “plus, didn’t the.... where you...” 
Surely he remembers? Scully feels annoyed and a speck of disappointed rises up from her stomach. She is almost certain that Mulder was aware when they...
“Yes, Dana. I remember.” Mulder confesses in a low voice. “I’m just thinking that since we took a vacation... you know how I like to maintain the traditions.”
“Mulder, take a real vacation and then we’ll talk.”
She hangs up the phone and feels glad that he cannot see her smirk right now
Fox Mulder is grinning. Yes, he is grinning like a fool, and there is no amount of drug in this hospital that can make him feel as delirious as having a dose of Scully telling him that she loves him--in a public setting.
“Mulder,” she pulls herself away from his embrace and takes his hand again. “Remember our tradition for when one of us takes a vacation?”
Man, they better tie me down before I float away from this room! Mulder is grinning so much that he feels like he’s discovered a new muscle on his face. It’s making that bruise ache even more, but he is determined to keep on grinning.
“Would you say that your little...trip to Bermuda constitute as a vacation?” Scully asks in a cautious voice. He loves how shy she can still be after all they’ve gone through together.
“Sure.” Mulder answers with a pair of very hopeful eyes. Now that Skinner and the Gunmen have left and most likely won’t return for the night, no one will bother them, not even the nurses, as hospital staff typically don’t like to deal with Special Agent Dana I’m-a-medical-doctor Scully when it comes to the treatment options of a very lucky bastard named Fox Mulder. “What’s on your mind?”
“Well, I’d rather tell you on my own than for you to hear it in the men’s urinals.”
Wait, what?
“Mulder, you took a vacation, and I kissed Skinner.” She continues to hold his hand despite his smile froze into something akin to horror.
“You what?”
Scully says nothing and he feels, he feels, he feels...
“I was so grateful that he got me those data to locate you, and I kissed him to show him how grateful I was. It wasn’t...”
It wasn’t what? He waits. It wasn’t romantic? It wasn’t meaningful? It wasn’t good? It wasn’t what, dammit!
“It wasn’t something I’d typically do to show my gratitude. But at that moment, I guess it was.” Finishing her confession, she looks at him with tender eyes. “You should rest.”
“Hey, Scully,” Mulder feels like he needs to come clean, too. “I kissed that lady who turned the ship around. She looked exactly like you. I did it because I wanted to have a goodbye kiss, in case I never make it back to you.”
“Mulder, you were dreaming.” She pats his face, her palm lands exactly on his bruise. “I can’t expect you to be faithful in your dreams.”
“But I am.” He quickly adds. “I-I have been. I don’t dream about kissing or doing anything with anyone else but you.”
Mulder feels like he just put his entire foot in his mouth. Gauging from Scully’s expression, it’s more like his whole right leg. She turns her head away from his gaze to hide her embarrassment but her smile is evident. 
“It’s been a long day, Mulder, so I want you to close your eyes...” Her voice is soothing and sweet, like the banana slices and vanilla pudding he had for dessert.
Mulder follows her words and closes his eyes. He waits for her to say and think ‘there’s no place like home’. Instead, he feels something soft and warm pressing on his lips. 
The rush he experiences from her kiss is more exhilarating than the gravity pulling him into the ocean as he jumped off from the ship, but the medication must have kicked in, as Mulder falls blissfully asleep with a smile on his face.
Other 3X’s…. one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight /
related story: The Joker & Perpetual
Tagging @today-in-fic. Thank you!
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