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#ftm mlm
tranz4tranz-mlm · 2 days ago
I love opening my phone and being able to stare at his face. He is so handsome and he doesn't even realize it.
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an-ftms-horny-jail · 10 days ago
Whoever said a trans man cant breed you has obviously never had my 8 inch squirting strap rearranging their insides for hours at a time while I leisurely pump them full whenever I wanna see my cum leak out of their fucked little hole. Theyve never had my hand press against their lower belly as I fuck my previous loads back into them, never had me murmur praise from behind them as they watch my cock slide in and out in the mirror. And I think this stigma should be immediately rectified.
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shobe-sandwitch · a year ago
idk who needs to hear this, but your wants are not outrageous. you want love? you want attention? you want peace? you want comfort? you deserve it. you're not asking for too much.
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philandrist-mlm · 25 days ago
trans people are biologically predisposed to sexiness that's an actual fact look it up
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hauntedvoid · a month ago
when he says “behave”, “because i said so” or “i wasn’t asking” 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵
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v4mpireluver · 7 days ago
currently yearning, here’s a meme i made:
Tumblr media
art by: @kephenstart
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tranz4tranz-mlm · a day ago
There are so many ways he says "baby." I instantly know exactly what he wants, or what's up, his voice is so telling. It's so adorable
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dangergays · a month ago
Tumblr media
so i may have had a revelation yesterday
[Image ID: the meme of Antoni Porowski "something that can actually be so personal" meme, edited to say "calling your tiddies 'the boys' is something that can actually be so euphoric. /End ID]
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doubledare-mlm · 2 months ago
reminder that you are allowed to be gay and trans and express it! your love for men isn't weird or gross and you're not "just a straight girl" you're gay and it's valid, accepted, and celebrated here!!
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mlm-apollo · 3 months ago
boy 1: i really want a bf
boy 2: me too
boy 1: *has a crush on boy 2*
boy 2: *has a crush on boy 1*
Tumblr media
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gay-lil-sh1t · 5 months ago
gay yearning? in my brain? more likely than you’d think
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imfindingsolace · 3 months ago
Why are pretty boy and lover boy considered insults sometimes? If a guy called me either of them I’d simply pass away.
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