xiarshreviviscent · 18 hours ago
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incorrectfmaquotes · 18 days ago
Fu: You're late.
Ling: Would you believe me if I said it's because I made a healthy breakfast and then went for a jog?
Fu: No.
Ling: Fine, my pop tart got stuck in the toaster.
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akwardpossum · a month ago
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Look at him
He is a pretty lad
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edwardelricsrightarm · 6 months ago
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zoe-oneesama · 5 months ago
Hello there. I don't know if you had this question earlier, but what are your thoughts on Master Fu? As a character and as a so-called 'mentor' figure, in the canon version? His methods when he had chosen Marinette and Adrien, and everything else that he had done in the canon series? What are your thoughts about him?
Master Fu was a character in which my opinion was constantly changing. He was supposed to be a support character and I liked him best as the mouthpiece for lore and more information on the Miraculous.
So it was kind of disappointing to find out he didn't learn much about the Miraculous. It also put him enforcing such strict rules into question, especially when the show started being really inconsistent with the rules when it came to other heroes. He came across as such an authority but there kinda wasn't much weight behind it once we found out his backstory. It's fine if the reason Marinette and Adrien respect him is because he's an adult, but for me as a viewer I just felt my respect for him dropping. Like, don't tell me what to do, you barely know more than me! I could easily surpass you! But I'm an adult, so maybe that's my adult perspective coming in.
And his backstory...with all the build up I was expecting something really bad, like, him betraying the location to the temple because of his naivete or him trying out miraculouses for fun and it getting out of hand: you know, something where you could see how people might be willing to put blame on him - maybe he was a brat, maybe he was selfish for no reason. But really? They stole a reluctant kid from his family and life, put him in a room to test him unsupervised (seriously even college students don't get tested unsupervised), leaving him alone, hungry and upset, with miraculouses, and the only thing he wanted was some food?
Set Up and Let Down. At this point, I just feel sad for Fu. A long life blaming himself and living on the run all for a purpose he never cared about and making several mistakes along the way...It's almost a kindness that he had his memory erased and he can live a normal ass life. It would be better for him if all this Miraculous stuff could just leave him alone!
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vidusaur · 3 months ago
My 2 personalities :)
me : i don't have trust issues because i don't trust anyone
also me : even my trust issues have trust issues
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inafieldofwhitelilies · 4 months ago
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Took me a few years but I have finished playing The 25th Ward, just in time for NMH3. Now Fu can take over the world!
Long live Grasshopper Manufacture and happy release day!
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casualavocados · 10 months ago
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sadtirist · 11 months ago
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was attempting some fma practice doodles as a warm-up and had a spontaneous thought about ling trading his sword for food and the culprit behind the deal being none other than edward elric, the little scammer
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legalizeact · 7 months ago
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icebreaker-memesdaily · 5 months ago
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Follow @icebreaker_memes for more 🔥 meme and check out our social mobile game! . . . . . . posted on Instagram - https://instagr.am/p/CS9oxDoFSc6/
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eirian · 3 months ago
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no offense but im popping OFF tonight
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incorrectfmaquotes · 5 months ago
Fu: Did you preheat the oven like I asked you to?
Ling: You bet!
Fu: At what temperature?
Ling: 535.
Fu: . . . That’s the clock.
Ling: 536.
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ap-kinda-lit · 2 months ago
Fu: Don't worry, I'm not trying to steal your boyfriend.
Tenten: He's not my boyfriend!
Neji: I'm not?
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kankuroplease · 6 months ago
Fu, she’s the seven tail jinchūriki. 🧚🏽
Tumblr media
I love her and she deserved better 🤧
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gale-gentlepenguin · 3 months ago
ML What if
(What if Fu did pass his final test?)
-Fu was still young when the guardians pushed him for his final test.
-He was inexperienced and the celestial dragon Su-Han was a down right jerk to him. Constantly insulting him and disparaging him.
-The amount of push ups was insane, the training was intense, and he never got to see his family.
-And now he was being starved for a whole day without food, sleep or water, instructed to watch the miracle box.
-Fu was starving... he wanted some rice balls more than life itself.
-But Fu tempered his fixation. He held it in. He focused on his anger. His anger kept the hunger at bay.
-And sure enough his hatred for Su Han and the jerkish Guardians had festered as those hours passed.
-Fu had passed.
-Su Han was surprised. He was not expecting Fu to actually pass. No guardian had passed the test at his age. In fact, he was expecting to chicken legs to fail. It was tradition. But... Fu succeeded.
-Fu had become a full fledged guardian. But internally Fu LOATHED THEM.
-Now that he was guardian, those that belittled him had eased. Most were oddly reverent of him now. But to Fu, he couldnt care less. He wasnt happy now. He saw the order with contempt, they had taken him away from the life he knew, robbed him of his childhood.
-Fu had decided on that day, that he would change the order, he would make it much better. He would take control.
-Fu dedicated himself wholeheartedly to this cause. His mirakung fu had improved at an alarming rate. He studied for hours longer than normal. He ate and slept little. He was a guardian among guardians.
-15 years past and Fu was an adult. He had been a guardian for over a decade. He was the strongest in his mirakungfu by far. He knew everything about each miraculous. He memorized each rule of the order.
-Su han had invited Fu to have tea with him. Su han had told Fu that he was amazed at his progress. Sure he had doubts about him, but he sees the amazing guardian he was now.
-"You are no longer Chicken Legs." He chuckled.
-Su Han was older now, and Fu could tell. He was weakening.
-Fu decided to strike.
-Su han the celestial dragon had fallen. Fu took Su Han's staff and used the miraculous to send Su Han's body were no one would find it. The guardians would NEVER use the miraculous, so they would never know.
-Fu had gotten revenge for the years he lost. And now he would start his plan to take over.
-The order was shocked to hear that Su Han had named Fu the new head of the order. But Fu held his staff. Su Han had been advanced in years, so his leaving was not surprising. Fu explained his plans for change.
-Many were receptive to Fu's changes, but there were some critics. Fu was getting TOO involved with the main world.
-It resulted in a clash between the guardians of old and Fu's new order. But the old order was outmatched. Fu and his new order were willing to use miraculous.
-"Feast, Devour the traitors!"
-One guardian took the mother box and fled. Loosing a few miraculous, but knew he needed to escape from the Mad Fu.
-Fu swore that his order would track it down!
-And The FU-rious order would spend centuries searching.
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sam-spills-alot · a month ago
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noxdivina · a year ago
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At odds with the times in wards with no lords, a freelancer. A battle cry of a hawk make a dove fly and a tear dry. Wonder why a lone wolf don't run with a clan. Only trust your instincts and be one with the plan.
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casualavocados · 10 months ago
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sscelia · a month ago
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some other nmh3 pieces I did last year-
(I posted on Twitter earlier, and all of a sudden I remembered my tumblr password∠( ᐛ 」∠)
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