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i feel really big today all of a sudden, so im trying to remind myself i have lost weight even though it feels like i havent.

even when i wasnt at my highest, i had this blue denim skirt (those button up ones). it pulled at the buttons and was so tight around my thighs and bum that it was often too short. that was about 2 years ago, the last time i wore it. i was at my highest just over a year ago.

i tried it on again the other day and it was LOOSE. i was honestly in shock. i just kinda assumed it would be way too small still.

its nice to feel the progress. but im not seeing it :(( my next goal is to fit into this tiny brandy Melville skirt i have which is so tightfitting and small that my ass basically bursts out of it. i hate womens sizing.

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stop shitting on biden. stop shitting on biden. stop shitting on biden. stop shitting on biden. stop shitting on biden.

i love bernie with my entire bleeding liberal heart but he DROPPED OUT. he endorsed biden. there is no realistic way in hell any other human beings will have a chance of winning the presidency of the united states besides biden or trump

now that that’s settled, is there any blue/democrat/liberal/neo-liberal/moral-fucking-human-being who doesn’t think trump is a worse candidate than biden in every way imaginable???

worse mental state? trump. worse politics? trump. worse experience? trump. worse criminal accusations? trump. worse prosecutions? trump.

i SWEAR TO GOD if we have another 4 years of this sexist, fascist, ableist, homophobic, transphobic, islamaphobic, xenophobic, internment-camp-building, piss-poor-excuse-of-a-person because y'all are too butt hurt about our nominee not being bernie, you don’t even get to think about the word “activist” falling off your tongue to describe you

should our election be choosing the lesser of two evils? fuck no, and let’s demolish the system that created that. but, if while we’re fighting to get the humane treatment of everyone who isn’t white, cis, straight, male, and christian and you’re actively bashing the alternative and seriously hurting his chance to get elected?? you’re effectively the same as the people who vote for trump. idgaf what party you’re in

be the change, suck it up, and let’s do what what has to be done

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I want,,,I want to do animatics but,,, I have no time :( 

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Si dice che il “Vaffanculo” sia un atto di maleducazione. Io credo che maleducazione sia mentire spudoratamente a chi si fida di voi. Inventare storie assurde per pararsi il posteriore di fronte all'evidenza. Giocare con le persone, con i loro cuori, con la loro buona fede. Maleducato è colui che con arroganza ed egoismo estremo pretende ragione. Colui che ti guarda dall'alto in basso e con superbia ti giudica senza sapere cosa vivi e cosa provi. Questa è maleducazione e difronte a tutto questo io credo che il “Vaffanculo” sia un atto dovuto! Una risposta chiara e schietta a chi crede di essere “Perfetto” quando l'unica cosa perfetta che ha è un diploma in “Recitazione” e una medaglia “All'ipocrisia”!

Silvia Nelli

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I feel so fucking disgusting. I feel so fucking vile. Im a fucking monster jesus fuck I. I just. Hahaaaaa Im so fucking. I dont. Why am I so triggered jesus fuck I feel like Him i feel like Him i want to scrub my skin off and scream how could i be so digusting why did i do that to you im so sorry im so sorry im so sorry please im so sorry

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