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#fuck I need to sleep I have class in like 7 hours rip
sukirichi · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
— there’s always a price to pay when you get your hands on a work of art.
PAIRING: tattoo! artist megumi x reader
REQUEST. tattoo artist au + mutual pining + size kink, praise kink, thigh riding + reader is shorter than megumi and isn’t shy 
WARNINGS: feral megumi, scratching, vaginal sex, size kink, praise kink, mature content, slight overstimulation, sexual tension lol, unedited story
NOTES: ah thank you so much for this request, I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Here is my third contribution for FERAL MEGUMI FRIDAYS! and oh wow tattoo artist megumi uh no thoughts head empty
WC: 5.4k+
Tumblr media
The tattoo saloon loomed over you, the neon signs almost blinding in the darkness. You could feel your heart pick up its pace in your chest as you hitched your bag up higher, the excitement settling in your toes. Mustering up the brightest smile you could have, you cleared your throat and pushed the door open, the tiny bell on top jingling to signal your arrival.
Your eyes roamed around the walls covered with intricate drawings, the leather seats dark and kept in pristine. Now that was rare – your leather couches always wore out in just a few weeks.
Making your way inside, grip on your sling bag still tight, you bit your lip as you peaked behind the counter. Empty. No one was there, and the nearby opened rooms were empty as well. Scratching your head, you scrunched your nose in confusion. You were sure you got the right place.
With a heavy sigh, you turned to leave, then stopped in your tracks when a dark-haired man exited a door you hadn’t even noticed at first.
He was tall – taller than you; his arms stretched until the sleeves of his black hoodie were pulled down, revealing a sliver of black tattoos that marked his skin. Upon hearing your awed gasp, his cold blue eyes fluttered to yours, the man – who was absolutely handsome despite his frown – froze in his spot.
You waved a hand to him, your smile bigger than ever. “Hi!” So you would be working with this cute guy? Maybe job-hunting wasn’t such a bad experience, after all.
“Hey,” he drawled out hesitantly, approaching you with his ink stained fingers pointed at you. He was still frowning, which was a damn shame, since you were sure he’d look even hotter if he smiled. “’re Y/N.”
“And you...” he tilted his head to the side, inquisitive eyes studying your form. You would’ve felt conscious with the way his brows furrowed, eyes unreadable and lips pressed into a thin line, but you were sure you dressed to impress on your first interview. You admitted, however, that maybe wearing a white collared shirt with a pink tennis skirt made you stand out like a sore thumb in the heaviness of the studio. “...want to be a front desk man here?”
“What makes you think you’re qualified for this?” he crossed his arms on his chest, and you didn’t miss the slight bite of his voice. So he was handsome – but cranky. Great. “You don’t look like you fit in here.”
“Judging someone’s appearance and inferring that it has any relation to their credentials isn’t such a professional thing to do, you know,” you raised your chin proudly, jutting a pointer finger to his chest. He clearly didn’t expect this because he scowled and took a step back, while you fought the grin that threatened to paint your face. “Would you like it if people told you that you’re not qualified to be a lawyer because of your tattoos and piercings?”
He scoffed, “I don’t want to be a lawyer. As you can see, I’m a tattoo artist. And to answer your question, no, I don’t give a fuck what people think about me.”
“I can tell,” you muttered to yourself before smiling back up at him. He was too easy to read; his brow quivering and lips firm at your faux enthusiasm. “But yes, I do believe I’m qualified! I’m a fast learner and I’m even quick on my feet! I’m really good at talking to people too so I believe I can help schedule client appointments really well and guide them with this whole process.”
“Being front desk man doesn’t mean serving the clients tea and biscuits.”
“I know.”
“You know?” he snorted with a roll of his eyes. He then gestured you to follow him all the way back to the front desk. You expected he’d teach you about how to handle the appointment books or pick up phone calls, but instead he plopped down on the leather couch of the waiting area, his legs crossed on top of the other.
Your eyes followed the patch of pale skin exposed from his ripped jeans before you looked away, not wanting him to see that you found him attractive despite his less than welcoming personality.
“What exactly do you know about this industry?”
“Nothing, to be honest, but I’m not here to be a tattoo artist or anything. I just really need a job and I assure you I’ve got plenty of experience and knowledge when it comes to manning front desks or counters,” you stated confidently, “I know I look out of place, but I really need this job.”
The man only narrowed his eyes at you. Contemplation was written all over his face, probably wondering why you couldn’t just work somewhere else. “Why come here, of all places?”
“Because it’s the only one that has a flexible schedule,” you sighed, “I can’t work shifts anymore because I’m too busy at university. From when I talked to your boss – Geto, was it? – he said that the salon was open 24/7 and I could work until before my classes start. He’s not really strict about that kind of thing.”
“So you mean to tell me,” he leaned forwards, looping his fingers with one another while his ice cold gaze slithered over your desperate ones. “You’ll be at university for half the day, sleep until midnight, and then come here to work and attend class a few hours later? Isn’t your schedule a little irregular?”
“Oh no, it’s not like that! I also have mock classes after uni and it lasts until late at night, then I help clean at the local shelter. They’re running out of volunteers and the dogs are really adorable and take my stress away so...I make sure to come by when I have time.”
“You are one odd creature,” he noted loudly, almost as if he wasn’t completely aware he vocalized his thoughts. Well, at least now you knew he wasn’t the type to think his words over, which either made him more entertaining – or insufferable the longer you worked with him – if you began working anyway. “You could’ve used your spare time to rest. Do you even eat?”
“Yeah, I have a granola bar right now with me! I actually brought two,” you pulled out the snack from your bag, “You want some? I only got the oats, though.”
“Keep it to yourself,” he rolled his eyes, slapping his hands over his knees before rummaging over something behind the counter. “Fine. If Geto said he’s okay with you, then you’re hired.”
“Really, that easy?” your eyes widened, but then you chuckled when this strange man glared at you in response. He sighed as he pulled out a piece of paper, a pen on top of it. The papers read something about application forms and credentials, and you beamed, happily writing your information away with a slight bounce in your toes.
Unable to keep your happiness to yourself, you looked back at the bored man, wiggling your eyebrows playfully. “Huh. I was kind of expecting you would grill me – you’ve got that scary look in your eye. Let me guess, you often scare clients off?”
It seemed he could never get tired of glaring at you, because his eyes fuelled with heat as he leaned against the wall.
You hated to admit that he looked ridiculously handsome like that – the guy wasn’t even doing anything remotely attractive in the first place!
“I’m the most booked artist here, and I ask that you don’t get too comfortable with me. You haven’t even started working here and you’re already riling up on my train,” he groaned when you merely laughed in response. He made quick work of signing something in your form before handing you a key. “Here’s for your locker. Come to work tomorrow. Geto won’t be around for a week so I’ll be the one judging your performance. If you fuck up in the slightest – I won’t hesitate to fire you, you understand? We always have Yuuji coming around anyway, you’re really not that needed for the front desk.”
“Oh,” you nodded at his harshness, unsure whether to feel threatened or amused. “O-okay. I’ll do my best then. I look forward to you – ah, wait, what’s your name?”
“Fushiguro Megumi.”
“Oh, that’s a pretty name,” you muttered to yourself, uttering his name over and over again until it rolled smoothly on your tongue. “Shame you have a shitty attitude along with that handsome face, though.”
“You trying to say something?”
You faced him, about to laugh when he scowled at your not-so-subtle comments. Waving your hands to him, you made your way out the door, your smile only irritating him further. “No, I wasn’t. I’ll be taking my leave then – see you tomorrow!”
Seems like working in a tattoo studio wouldn’t be so bad.
Tumblr media
You came to work the next day early and pumped with adrenaline. The idea of meeting the moody tattoo artist caused you to be giggly and happy the whole day, not even feeling the exhaustion of a long day of hard work as you made your way inside the shop.
Clocking in at exactly two in the morning, you proudly tugged your name badge on top of your left breast, patting it for good luck.
The bells jingled, making you look away from your tag. “Good morning – oh, where’s Megumi?” The man standing in front of you was taller than Megumi, his head nearly knocking over the doorframe if it wasn’t for his poor, slouched lanky frame.
He had white hair that brushed atop his cerulean blue eyes, and your eyes widened because wow, he was beautiful.
“Hey, you must be Y/N! Megumi told me you came around yesterday but he didn’t tell me the counter girl was this pretty,” He was in front of you the next second, his nose nearly grazing over yours that had you leaning back into the wall for space. “Hmm...he didn’t tell me that at all.”
“Oh, thank you. You are...?”
“I’m Gojo Satoru, one of the senior artists here. Since Megumi isn’t here yet, let me give you a tour!” Before you could react, Satoru already had an arm wrapped around your shoulder, his other arm waving and pointing to all the hung paintings and labels on each door. You found it odd that he treated you like you were an old friend, but you weren’t going to complain. Nice co-workers were always welcomed.
“Here is the holding area where clients wait to get their session done. This is Geto’s studio and right next to that is his office where he does all the finances and all that jazz, while this is my studio. Cool, isn’t it?”
Your mouth fell ajar as Satoru led you inside his studio, the walls painted the same aquatic shade of his eyes, but what caught your attention was the galaxy themed tattoo designs he made. They came in different shapes – a volcano head, a dragon, a worm, a four-armed monster – but inside them were all galaxies with sparkling and burning stars. You could see everything and nothing all at the same time.
“Whoa, you made all this?!”
Satoru’s chest puffed out proudly, “Yeah, I did. I’m flattered by your reaction, I really am, but you haven’t seen Megumi’s yet. There’s a reason our salon boomed even though he’s only been working here for two years.”
At the mention of his name, your interest was piqued, all ears and curious smiles directed to Satoru. “Oh, can I see Megumi’s studio?”
“You can – if you book an appointment.”
“But I don’t plan on getting any tattoos,” you frowned.
“You’ll never get to see his work then,” he chuckled to himself, the sound growing louder when you visibly deflated. What was the point of getting your hopes up like that then? “Megumi doesn’t like letting others in his studio without permission or an appointment.”
“Why not?”
“He’s just iffy about it,” he shrugged, “Don’t bother trying to decode his personality anymore, Megumi’s very hard to understand. Though if I were to make sense of it...” he rubbed his chin, eyes looking out into the distance. “I guess you could say Megumi’s not the type to be showy when it comes to his work of art. Did that clear it up?”
You blinked back blankly. “No, not really. But it’s fine – I don’t plan on getting to know him anyway.”
That was the biggest lie of your life.
The moment Megumi came around a few minutes later, a loud groan upon your animated greeting over his arrival, your chest bloomed with a different kind of fluttery warmth. He rarely came out after that, clients swarming in to both his and Satoru’s studios, but each faint glimpse of his door cracking open that allowed you to see him focused as he worked, you could no longer deny the heat burning down your legs.
You crushed on the grumpy tattoo artist.
And the more you came around work, greeting him zealously and teasing him to no end that he’d look hotter if he smiled, your crush only intensified for him – completely unaware that he too, couldn’t get his thoughts off of you even with his door closed.
In fact, he kept his door closed all the time because your voice distracted him too much.
Tumblr media
“Hey, Y/N, you free?”
You looked up from the textbook you were reviewing, slamming it shut when Satoru’s head peeked out from his studio. He was still wearing gloves with a pen between his fingers, most likely still in the middle of a session.
“Yep! We don’t have appointments yet and I’ve already closed it for non-appointees. Did you need me to get you something?”
“Yeah, could you get Megumi for me? He isn’t picking his phone up and one of our special clients are coming soon. I’m packed right now so I can’t fetch him. I’ll send you the address and you get him, yeah? Just open the counter if you need money for a cab.”
You blinked owlishly at him. On one side, you’d be more than glad to see Megumi again. He hadn’t arrived despite it being four in the morning already, and you were worried, but you also didn’t have his number to ask how he was doing. Progress with Megumi was...slow, to say the least.
He still holed himself up in his studio, coming out only for bathroom breaks, although you noticed a drastic improvement when he finally began to mutter an almost shy “good morning” under his breath for the past few weeks.
It wasn’t much, but you’d have to make do.
“Uhm, when is this client of his coming? Should I run...?”
“Yeah, you need to fucking run. They’re coming in an hour and a half!” Satoru exclaimed, flailing his hands around like a madman.
Even after working with him for some time, you still couldn’t believe the older man was practically a man child, even asking for head pats sometimes. He would lean down with a pout, using a squeaky voice to call your attention, which always succeeded in Megumi fake gagging before he locked himself inside his studio.
“Forwarded you his address. Really sorry for the inconvenience, Y/N!”
“It’s okay!” you jumped out of your seat in an instant, not bothering to take your name tag off anymore as you left the salon, hailing the nearest cab.
Megumi lived quite far from the salon, which had you wondering why he chose to work there when there were plenty of salons in his area too. His place looked shady, as well, his apartment in a high-rise building with endless graffiti and several drunk stragglers hooting for you.
You ignored them all, taking two steps at a time from his staircase, your hands on your knees as you panted for air. Why did he have to live on the tenth floor?
“Megumi! Megumi!” you banged your fist on the door, throat parched from your sudden cardio session. You were sure you burned ten calories just from that sprint, and you sighed in relief when Megumi swung the door open, still looking handsome – and sleep-deprived – as ever in his black shirt and black skinny jeans.
“What?” he demanded. After seeing that it was you, he quickly snatched a water bottle and passed it your way, closing his door behind him. “Y/N? What are you doing here? How’d you know where I live?”
“Satoru said you had a really important client. You weren’t picking your phone up so he sent me to come get you.”
“It’s my day off,” he grumbled, answering your silent questions, your worries dissipating into thin air. Once you’d satisfied yourself by basically dunking the entire bottle, Megumi rolled his eyes, his hands flat on the small of your back while he guided you downstairs. The sudden touch flamed your cheeks; a stupid smile on your face. You were shameless, though, leaning back closer to him in the darkness of the early morning. “Why does he send a girl out of all people?”
“Something wrong with that?”
“It’s unsafe. My neighbourhood isn’t the best and who knows what would’ve happened to you if some goons came out?” Megumi hailed for a back, surprising you when he let you get in first and paid for the fee despite your outstretched hand prepared with the bills. “I can’t believe Sukuna chose this day to come of all times. I can never get a damn break.”
“A special client. He’s a really huge tipper and comes on odd schedules – I didn’t think he’d come now.”
“Yeah, I checked the papers and he wasn’t there,” you frowned to yourself.
Megumi pressed his head against the window, eyes closed as his chest heaved up and down rhythmically. With the sun slowly shining from behind you, the golden stretches of it outlined his sharp features you adored, and you rested your chin on your palms, eyelashes fluttering at his beauty. “You know, Megumi, you’re really pissy sometimes – but you’re quite nice, aren’t you? I’d say you were even worried for me.”
He cracked one eye open, those blue eyes still shining with irritation, but make no mistake since his ears were flushed red. “I’m not. I just don’t want to be involved in a police investigation if they find your body near here.”
“How sweet of you.”
“Shut up.”
Tumblr media
You and Megumi were beginning to get closer. You couldn’t pinpoint where he started to grow more comfortable with you, but it was definitely there and it was painfully evident that even someone stupid like Satoru noticed the sexual between you two.
He would always sniff the air whenever you and Megumi sat next to each other during lunch breaks, a wide grin on your face while Megumi buried his face in his hands, groaning because he knew the moment Satoru opened his mouth, nothing but dumb comments would come out. And dumb comments they were; the white-haired man merciless as he teased Megumi for acting like a cute little kid around you.
You never took it to heart, though. It was Megumi you were talking about; he was hot and cold; sweet then distant from one moment then an entire person the next.
Not that you minded, it only added to your fuelling crush on him, but you couldn’t control the way your heart fluttered every time Satoru whispered that he did like you, excusing that Megumi just wasn’t the best with words. Apparently, Megumi had spent too much time holed up in his apartment and studio that he had zero to little knowledge on how to talk to pretty girls – especially one that was clearly attracted to him as well.
Satoru encouraged you to go for it – that you should confess or break the ice first otherwise Megumi would never do anything about his raging boner every time you came around.
You only flushed at his statement, but you couldn’t deny that you too felt the same way.
One morning where Satoru and Geto were out restocking supplies, you and Megumi were left alone in the salon. Of course, he still resorted in the comfort of his studio, muttering under his breath that he wanted to try some designs before disappearing. Only this time, he left the door slightly open, the lights peeking through the slight crack.
Walking up to him with muted footsteps, you leaned over his shoulder, glancing over a sketch “Are you drawing me?”
Megumi yelped at your voice right next to his ear, throwing the paper away on the other side of the room before glaring at you. You laughed at his reaction, because how was it possible he was both so criminally sexy yet adorable? He looked terribly gorgeous today, as well, wearing a short sleeved black hoodie and black sweatpants, looking so comfortable and boyfriend like – and you couldn’t even begin to express your appreciation over his new lip piercing.
“Why do you always sneak up on me?” he snapped, “Didn’t I tell you I wanted privacy?”
“Then why aren’t you pushing me away?”
Megumi sighed exasperatedly, turning back to organize his pencils before glaring at you. “What do you want? Got no one else to bother since Satoru isn’t around?”
“I just wanted to see your art,” you mentioned, but kept your eyes directed on him instead of the plethora of sketches and designs hanging from his wall as to not offend him. “Satoru told me to never come inside. He said you’re really...private when it comes to your works,” you furrowed your brows at the last part, feeling your heart beat pulse at your tongue.
It was now or never.
“Can I see your tattoos too?”
“Why do you want to see them?”
“A work of art on a canvas who’s also a work of art himself?” you finally gained confidence to tease him again, getting riled up further when Megumi stiffened at your curious hands travelling under his shirt. His breath sharpened as his glare only deepened, though he didn’t make a move to stop you. “Why wouldn’t I want to see that?”
“Being flirty doesn’t work on you. It’s not cute.”
“You’re blushing though,” you remarked. Megumi groaned and pushed your face away until your buttocks landed on his recliner. Satisfied with Megumi not completely kicking you out, you swung your legs back and forth, still staring at his hoodie as if it was an offensive material.
“Can I...see?” Megumi rolled his eyes before he lifted his shirt up, revealing to you intricate patches of black ink splattered over ripples of muscles. Your mouth salivated, and somewhere down there, you drooled too. Tentatively, your hands reached out to finger the image of canines, Megumi shuddering over your cold touch on his warm skin. “It’s beautiful. What does it mean?”
Megumi pursed his lips before whispering, “These are the dogs I had as a child. My father got me them so I wouldn’t be too lonely when he’s away from work.”
“They’re very pretty. They look like black and white wolves,” you smiled, elated that he was opening up in more ways than one. Your touch flitted over to a winged creature under his left collarbone, small letters beside the image. “And this bird? Nue? He’s so majestic,” Your hands never stopped in trailing over his skin like a lost wanderer, sweeping over ink ink until Megumi completely discarded his hoodie to the side, his back faced to you.
A white viper tattoo stood large on his broad back, crawling until over his shoulder with the fangs ending just above his pecs. Megumi swallowed at each slivering touch, your fingers dipping and caressing every dent and curve of his body.
You couldn’t get your eyes off of him, your breath hitching in your throat as one of your hands gripped his biceps subconsciously. “You’re so beautiful.”
Megumi stiffened when your thumbs grazed over his nipple right next to the viper’s fang. Almost as if a switch was triggered inside him, Megumi growled, ducking to capture your lips with his in a sloppy, heated kiss. His hands tugged at the ends of your hair to arch your neck to him, his knees slapping your legs open before he settled comfortably between you, his low groans mixing with your breath moans.
“Don’t think I don’t know what you’re doing. From the moment I met you,” he nibbled your lips, hands trailing down to thumb at your hipbones. “I knew that innocent good girl look was nothing but an act.”
You smiled through the kiss, a tiny gasp falling from your lips when Megumi pulled you closer until your heat grinded against the hardness inside his pants. Laughing at his harsh movements, you let Megumi tilt your head back, his lips sucking and teeth gently nipping at the sensitive flesh of your neck.
“Innocent girl?” you echoed, legs now wrapped around his waist to pull him closer. “What makes you think I am?”
“White lace panties? Short tennis skirts and sunshine smiles?” Megumi clenched his teeth, his hands eager as he tugged the white lace down until it looped to your ankles. You gasped, back arching when he thrusted two fingers inside you, curling and fingering against your bumpy walls. “You’re not fooling anyone, baby, especially not me.”
“Took you long enough to understand I wanted you though,” you chuckled through broken moans, eyes shut tight while your legs opened wider, heels digging into the hard cushion of his seats. “I was wondering when I’d get to break you from that tough guy act of yours and have you fuck me good,” Megumi growled at your words. You leaned forward to scratch at his chest, your tongue licking the shell of your ear as you rasped, “And on a side note, I am a good girl – only to those who can make me feel good, of course.”
Megumi cupped his palm to collect your arousal dripping of his, finally shutting you up when his fingers grazed over your sweet spot that had you clenching around him. And those were just his fingers. “You’re something else, aren’t you?”
“Yeah, I know,” you nodded smugly, hands coming up to tug harshly at his hair. Megumi hissed at the sharp pain, prompting him to fuck his fingers in and out of you faster until you leaked down to his chair, thighs trembling and your high-pitched moans coating the walls of his stupid. “Megumi, ah! Just shut up and fuck me already – been wanting you long enough.”
“Needy little girl,” He pressed you down on the reclining seat, settling between your legs before he spread your lips open with two thumbs. At the sight of your bare cunt clenching around nothing, Megumi groaned, teeth biting his lip because he could cum right then and there. “Fuck, look at you. So wet already,” he ran a hand over your slit to collect your arousal, eyes dark with lust as your juices webbed between his fingers. “All this for me? You’re so good.”
“Fuck – yeah, yeah I am,” you leaned back harder into the seat, groping at your own breasts while you nodded dumbly, too fucked out to even form a coherent response. “Going to be good for you, Megumi, gonna make you feel good.”
“Sorry, babe, maybe next time. I’m too impatient to not feel your pussy around me,” he pushed away at your hands that planned to pump his cock, his hand coming down to push you hard against the seat until his weight loomed over you.
You felt Megumi begin to align his tip at your center, dampening his mushroom head with your arousal first that had you both moaning left and right.
Hands scratching down his back as your teeth dug into your lips, Megumi pushed into you with one thrust, the sudden stretch making your legs shake and your body writhe underneath him. “Shit, why are you so tight? So fucking warm and perfect,” he rasped next to your ear, and you could hear how hard he was breathing as he thrusted into you, his cock hitting all the right places.  “Could fuck this pretty pussy all day, baby, shit.”
“Me-Megumi – t-too big!”
“Shh, you’ll be fine. You’ll take it like a good girl, won’t you?” he cupped your cheek, grinning sinisterly as he watched the way your greedy walls sucked him in. “See how you take me so well? You’re so small and pretty wrapped around my cock. I could break you if I wanted you,” he growled, his hands gripping hard at your hips when you clenched around him, enticing the man above you to quicken his pace.
Megumi watched with a lust filled gaze as your breasts bounced at the relentless pace he started, his balls slapping at your ass. “Oh, you’d want that, wouldn’t you? You want to be stuffed with my fat cock in you? Fuck you until you’re a drooling mess? You’re so gorgeous when I fuck you stupid.”
“Yes, Megumi, agh. Keep going, keep going, I’m so close!”
“Oh, you feel like heaven around me,” he praised at your neck, his cock stretching you wide and pushing into you. Megumi groaned lowly at your ear as his palms flattened over your stomach that bulged every time he thrusted in, his balls tightening at the sight. “Look at how big I am for you, baby, but you’re doing so well. You were made for me – made to take my cock, shit, you’re so perfect around me. Gonna make you feel good, yeah? You’re such a good girl for me. Cum, baby, that’s right – I’m allowing you to cum.”
“Gumi, Gumi, fuckkk,” your legs tightened around him as Megumi panted with each harsh thrust, the black marks over his skin expanding and stretch when his forearm rested beside your head. His muscles clenched as he fucked into you deep, over and over again until he pushed you over the edge.
A silent sob left your lips when you came around him, your juices creaming around his cock. A few thrusts later, Megumi fell on top of you as you felt him spill his seed inside you.
He had too much that you felt both your cum dripping down your ass; Megumi pulling out with a slight wince from the oversensitivity. You struggled to catch your breath as you laid there, legs wide open and the cool air hitting your bare pussy. The door was still open, and Satoru and Geto could walk in on you both looking like this, but you couldn’t care, not when you could barely feel your legs.
You dropped your arm over your face, hearing Megumi pull his pants back up. “That was...”
“Yeah,” you chuckled, wincing as you sat up. Your hair stuck to your forehead in sweaty clumps, dawning on you now that you were still very much covered in your sticky cum. You recoiled from the seats as you realized Megumi hadn’t even put on a towel underneath.
“Shit. Is this chair even clean?”
“I sanitize it every after session. Don’t worry about it,” he rolled his eyes, his tattoos covered and hidden from your sight once more when he pulled his hoodie over his head. Megumi retrieved a clean towel from his drawers and wiped at your sensitive pussy, your legs immediately closing around his hands when the towel accidentally grazed your clit.
Megumi gripped your knees with a silent glare. “Stay still. I’m cleaning you up.”
“I didn’t peg you as an aftercare guy. Thought you would leave me hanging here,” you teased, but really, you were feeling warm all over again as you watched Megumi wipe you all the way down to your other hole, your legs still tensing up.
Once he left to wash his hands, you could relax, tugging your panties back up with immense struggle. He wasn’t kidding when he said he’d fuck you good – you could barely feel your legs now.
“And have you make a mess by ruining my seat?” he sighed as he returned, helping you seady yourself while he snapped the slightly soaked panty back to your core. “No thanks.”
“You’re so mean, Megumi. I’m hurt.”
He rolled his eyes at your pout, leaning down to kiss you square on the lips. This time around, the kiss wasn’t rushed; it was slow and sensual, firm yet gentle, and his hands carefully massaged your sore hips that would soon bruise from his grip before.
“No, you’re not,” he mumbled through your lips, mimicking that lovesick smile on your face as he pulled away. “But babe, you know the rules. Now that you’ve seen my work of art – what tattoo would you like me to give you? My name on your inner thigh?”
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agustavenue · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
WC: Unknown
TW: Swearing, mentions of murder, a bit of angst, I think that’s it!
This is heavily unedited because it’s my Levi simp hours and I need Dad!Levi headcanons. Also your kid and Eren’s kid are gender neutral
Levi as a father 
-I honestly don’t picture Levi as someone who planned on having kids but rather someone who ends up having kids by complete accident. Living in the walls during a war is absolute hell and he doesn’t want his kids to suffer the same way he did growing up.
-Whether or not the kid is adopted or his biological kid- it doesn’t matter to him, he couldn’t give less of a shit about the parentage of his kid...if he raises the kid then you better believe it’s his kid.
If your kid is adopted then here’s how I picture you guys becoming their parents
- During one of your expeditions beyond the walls you find (what you think is) an abandoned cabin in the woods. When you point it out Levi just tells you to ignore it and focus on the task Erwin gave you, but you have this weird gut feeling that someone is in there. While Levi is distracted you go off to the cabin and peek inside and to your horror- there is a small child, no older than a few months crying in it’s deceased mothers arms. You run over and pry the crying baby from the mother’s hands and immediately start trying to hush it’s cries
-Levi notices the fact that you’ve left his side after a few minutes of silence and he pinches his nose in frustration- of course you went to check out the cabin he told you to ignore. He flies away from the tree he was perched on and makes his way to the cabin to look for you- upon reaching the cabin his eyes widen from pure shock. Where the hell did you get a crying baby from? he can’t help but be filled with sorrow when he notice’s the child’s dead parents on the ground behind you- bandits had probably murdered them.
-The two of you have a huge argument about what you should do with the orphan child and this results in the two of you not speaking for over a week. But as the week goes on, he realizes that him and that baby are more similar than he thinks. Levi never had a father- the closest father figure in his life being Kenny who abandoned him at a young age, and his dear mother Kuchel who died of sickness when he was just a boy. Both Levi and the child didn’t have parents in their lives, fate cruelly ripping that away from them. He see’s himself in that baby.
-After a week of silence Levi storms into your office only to catch you asleep with the baby on your chest, his heart softens just the slightest bit at the image. He sits next to you and gently shakes you awake- careful to not wake the sleeping baby. Before you can even say anything he quietly states:
-”we’re not abandoning the baby, we can raise them together”
-All the worry and stress you carried melted away after hearing his words.
If your kid was biologically his, this is how I picture it turning out:
-The day Hanji informed you that you were pregnant was quite possibly one of the worst days of your life (sorry to be angsty) how the hell could you have gotten pregnant? the amount of stress, physical strain on your body and sleepless nights is not ideal for fertility- so how the hell did this happen?
-How the hell would you even tell Levi? The topic of children has never once come up and you’re sure he would never want to raise a child in the walls while titans destroy and kill everyone in sight. Besides- the two of you already have enough on your plates as it is.
- You’d tell him straight out that you were pregnant during your nightly tea time before bed, just straight up dropping the news on him. It takes a few seconds for him to fully register what you just told him but once he finally understands he drops his teacup, the boiling hot tea staining his jacket. All he can do is sputter like a fish out of water and aggressively try to clean the stain.
- I’m going to be realistic here- the last thing he would do is jump for joy and kiss you. I hate to be angsty again but realistically he’d probably storm off and go for a walk around the town while he tries to take in the news. I see him unintentionally ignoring you for a few days while he tries to accept the fact that the two of you are bringing a child into this world.
-After about a week he’s finally calmed himself enough to talk to you about the situation and what the best thing for the two of you is. Again, he isn’t happy that you guys are bringing a kid into this- but who the hell would be? but he sure as hell won’t take that out on the kid, he thinks that’s the most pathetic thing you can do as a parent.
-”look, our situation is shitty but I’m not leaving you to raise the brat on your own”
How he is as a father
- I’m not going to lie to you, he is not the type to coddle his kid or show them a lot of affection. To be honest he doesn’t know a single thing about parenting, the only “parent” he had taught him violence and then left Levi to fend for himself- but he does know that most children don’t grow up around violence so he refuses to be even the slightest bit like his uncle Kenny.
- 100% calls his kid brat, ankle-biter, name it- but he doesn’t mean it in a derogatory way because deep down inside he still has a soft spot for the kid. 
-He rarely ever shows physical affection to the kid because he just doesn’t know how, he never knew the affectionate touch of another human until you came along. That’s not to say that he doesn’t love his kid- he would sacrifice his life without second thought to protect them.
-He doesn’t realize how distant and cold he can be to his kid until he overhears them crying to you about how “daddy doesn’t love me” and his heart just shatters into a million pieces because he DOES love them but for the life of him he just can’t find a way to show it.
-Levi ends up sitting down with the kid and having a conversation that was long overdue (for reference the kid is now 7 years old) and he admits that he loves them more than anything for the first time.
-Your kid just stares at him for a second and blinks because this is the VERY FIRST TIME they’re hearing their dad say I love you- Levi nearly has a heart attack when the kid launches themselves into his chest and starts sobbing.
-For the very first time in 7 years this kid is finally experiencing the love from their father (besides awkward headpats) and the feeling is just so foreign to both of them that even Levi sniffles a little bit
-Levi silently rocks them back and forth while he rubs their back, the child’s sobs turning into soft sniffles. But what Levi says next shocks all three of you.
“I’m sorry for being a terrible father. forgive me little one?”
-You don’t know what shocks you more- the fact he apologized or that he called your child “little one” instead of the usual “brat”. The kid looks at him while wiping their tears away.
“you’re not a bad daddy. I love you papa”
-To this day Levi swears he just had watery eyes because of the dust but you know damn well they were fat tears rolling down his face
-After this incident Levi swears to himself that he’ll be a more affectionate father, a father who tells his kid that he’s proud of them, a father who their kid can rely on.
-He’s tough on his kid and never lets them slack off, he scolds them whenever they make bad choices and sometimes your kid says he’s got a stick up his ass (you lightly scold them but the two of you always end up laughing because it’s true) but your husband deeply cares for your child and does it so they can grow into the best version of themselves.
-Did I mention that he absolutely flips the fuck out when your kid brings home Eren’s kid to introduce you to them? You have to sit on him to make sure that he doesn’t strangle the poor bastard. 
“If that son of a bitch is anything like his father then they’re going home in a bodybag!” “Levi you can’t threaten them just because they’re Eren’s kid!” “Like hell I can’t! nobody is good enough for our child”
-Your kid quickly learns that they can’t bring their significant other home while Levi is there- unless they have a death wish. The two of you team up to keep Levi distracted for a few hours while the couple chills in your living room
-Your kid swears like a sailor (just like their dad) and Levi swears on his life that he’s not the one that taught them that.
“What the hell do you mean? I didn’t do shit! I don’t fucking know where they picked that up from!” *cue you looking into the camera*
-He’s so damn proud when he see’s his kid graduate at the top of their class. He doesn’t scream at the top of his lungs when your kid walks across the stage but he pulls them to the side after and congratulates them with a small smile on his face
“Good job. I’m proud of you, damn brat”
-Gives them one of his rare Levi hugs and the kid nearly drops the diploma in shock because “wtf dad never hugs me”
-You have to pinch his side multiple times during your kid and Eren’s kids wedding because he won’t shut the hell up with snarky remarks
“Say no goddamnit!” *you pinch him* 
“Ow son of a bitch! what the fuck Y/n?”
 “Would you shut the hell up and be happy for our child on their wedding day?!” 
“I would if our child had taste and picked someone el- OW FUCK!” 
“Shut the fuck up already and behave, Levi!”
-He grumbles while the rest of the former cadets and captains laugh at his sour look
Silly headcanons
-God could you imagine Levi and your kid sitting at the dinner table, it’s almost midnight and they’re arguing over a homework question neither of them understand. This is the night both of you hear your kid swear
“What the hell is this shit? Improper fractions are made-up bullshit”
“If you don’t know then how the fuck am I suppose to know?”
-It’s so silent you can hear a pin drop
“Levi come here for a second”
“Shit...finish this while I’m gone, brat”
-Your kid laughs their ass off while you pull Levi’s ear and drag him to your shared room
‘Yeah keep fucking laughing at your dad, brat!”
-An absolute nightmare when it comes to cleaning oh my god both you and your kid wanna kill him sometimes
“This shit isn’t clean, you wipe it down six times and then place it at an angle”
“Levi it’s a fucking T.V. Remote”
-The war ended years ago now and he tells your kid about all the titans he killed and the ass he kicked
“And then I sliced that ugly bastard titan’s head clean off!”
“Levi for someone who’s a clean freak your stories sure are gross”
-The noise the toaster makes when it’s done scares the shit out of him. He’ll be in the middle of scolding your kid and then he jumps because the toaster is done and your kid just thinks it’s comedic gold
“I fucking told you not to do that shit but you went and did it anyways, do you know how irresponsi-FUCK! damn toaster- Hey stop laughing brat I’m not done yet!”
That’s all I’ve got for now- stay tuned
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full-of-jams · a year ago
Tangsuyuk Love
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
Summary: College student Jungkook passes cute notes with a customer who always orders take-out tangsuyuk at his part-time job. Meanwhile he’s trying not to miserably fail his Math class, while hiding his ever-growing crush on you.
Genre: college au, f2l, fluff, smut, one shot, did I mention FLUFF?
Warnings: mild swearing, sexual content, hold your heart palpitations!
Word Count: 11.5k
A/N: I wanted to write something light and sweet before I continued with Good Riddance. It will be easy, she said. It will be fun, she said. It will be quick, she said. Ha. haha. ha. ha. Ignore my pain. Enjoy!
Tumblr media
[09/04 18:34 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY] 1 Tangsuyuk (large) 1 Jjamppong 2 Kimchi Mandu ---------------- Note: Without pineapple! Please make the jjamppong extra spicy, my boyfriend just broke up with me T-T
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 1 Jjamppong -- 5,000 2 Kimchi Mandu -- 6,000 1 Soju -- 0
Total: 31,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: Service! Nothing’s better than the fresh taste of soju to lighten a heavy heart :) Cheer up LatteIsHorse-Nim!
Tumblr media
Paper Note: JK-nim, thanks for the soju. It sweetened my bitter night. This is Tokki, please give him a loving new home! TT-TT
Tumblr media
Jungkook was fucking terrified of you. If it weren’t for the fact that he was close to failing Statistical Analysis, he would’ve considered faking a stomach flu and making a beeline straight out of the library.
“If you have a box containing 3 white, 4 red and 5 black balls what is the probability that you will draw a white ball on your first draw and a black ball on your second draw?” you asked again through gritted teeth.
You looked up at Jungkook and were met by an empty stare. Usually you enjoyed tutoring your fellow classmate. He was a smart and funny guy, maybe a bit awkward at times, but always trying his best. Today every little thing grated on your nerves. It took you every ounce of energy to get out of bed and look like a presentable human being this morning. You really didn’t want to sit here for another hour if the boy was just going to stare at you like a petrified statue. “It’s really not that difficult. You just have to apply conditional probability.”
Jungkook let out a frustrated huff and pulled at his hair, “I really don’t know, this doesn’t make any sense! Why do I even need this stuff for my major? Who cares if I pull out a white ball or a black ball first? It’s not like I’m planning on becoming Houdini!”
Sometimes you pitied him, but who on Earth had an irrational fear of Gauss distributions and probability?! They were beautiful, harmless, abstract concepts of life. Your sympathy was muffled by a thrumming headache. All the late-night crying already had you chugging water and slapping ice cubes on your face at breakfast. Right now you just wanted to go home, change into your pjs, order some tangsuyuk and binge watch Boys Over Flowers. The cringy acting and Go Jun Pyo’s luscious locks were the only things that made your miserable life feel a bit less pathetic at the moment. “Jungkook, we went over this last time. Just apply the damn formula,” you snapped.
“Why are you being so scary today?” he asked wide-eyed and apprehensive.
You took a deep breath, rubbed your temples and tried to calm your inner turmoil. It wasn’t his fault; you were just in a really shitty mood. “I’m sorry. It’s not my day today. Is it okay if we rain check? I promise I’ll make it up to you next week.”
Jungkook wasn’t used to seeing you this distraught. He wracked his brain on how to lift your spirit. “Hey, do you want to hear this math joke my friend Jin told me the other day? What do you call an angle that is adorable?”
The boy scrunched his nose adorably and waited for your response. He was really handsome, you noticed that back when you two first met. Back then you just didn’t have a reason to care. Back then you still had a boyfriend.
“I don’t know, tell me,” you answered.
“Acute angle!” he said with a timid smile.
Despite your foul mood you had to snort at his joke.
Jungkook’s smile grew wider. It wasn’t a full laugh, but at least your frown disappeared. He discovered early on that you had a soft spot for bad math puns.
Although he absolutely detested Statistical Analysis, he has come to enjoy your study sessions over the past couple of weeks. The TA of his class, Namjoon, was a close friend of Jungkook’s and a sunbae of yours. Once he discovered that his favorite dongsaeng was abysmal at reading a z-score table, he immediately referred him to you.
At first Jungkook was very reluctant to accept any help. He was a mechanical engineer for fuck’s sake! He calculated distributed load across uneven surfaces and directional derivatives all the time!
His inner protests died down during your first session when you unwittingly asked him if he was constipated while he tried to calculate the standard deviation. During your second session he noticed you liked to doodle small geometric and fractal comics on his work sheets whenever he was solving a problem.
‘What did the triangle say to the circle?’ ‘You’re pointless!’
By the time your third session rolled around he still hated statistics, but it was too late and he’d developed a hopeless crush on you. Your monologues about dead mathematicians and the beauty of an infinite series were oddly captivating. He didn’t think he’d ever met anyone who was so passionate and animated about anything in all his life.
“Is everything okay?” Jungkook asked carefully. You seemed tired and a bit wary. “I-I mean, you don’t have to tell me if you don’t feel like it. Sorry, it’s none of my business,” he immediately added.
You smiled at his flustered state. Jungkook’s heart stumbled when your smile turned sad and you said, “No not really, but I’m sure I’ll be fine sooner or later.”
Tumblr media
[13/04 19:12 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (large) 1 Jjajangmyeon 1 Jjajangbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim! Omg your tangsuyuk is the best! I could drown in that sauce! How is Tokki doing?
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 1 Jjajangmyeon -- 4,500 1 Jjajangbap -- 5,500
Total: 30,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Little Tokki is doing well and bravely guarding our store! Don’t drown, but here’s some extra sauce for you to enjoy. I asked for it to be without pineapple. Hwaiting!
Tumblr media
“Yah! Why does it smell like rotten take-out in your bedroom?” Jisoo asked.
Scowling has become your new go-to expression. “Too soon. Just let me wallow in my self-pity and sorrow.”
If you didn’t know any better you would’ve thought your friend was playing ‘The Floor Is Lava’ considering how gingerly she walked across your room. Safely on the other side, she ripped open a window to let some much needed fresh air in. 
“I think you’re going to be wallowing in mold and fungus instead,” Jisoo commented with disgust. “Wallow all you want, I’m here to support you, girl. But I can’t allow you to turn your place into a biohazard zone. Isn’t your sister bothered by this?”
“My sister doesn’t care; our rooms are off limits to each other. As long as we both keep the common area clean, she won’t complain,” you said.
Jisoo sat down on your bed and patted the empty spot next to her. She immediately retracted her hand. “Eww, is that tangsuyuk sauce on your sheets?” she asked, completely appalled.
You shrugged and thumped onto your bed.
“So what are your plans for tonight?” she asked, trying to suppress a shudder.
“It’s Monday night. What plans could I possibly have?”
“We’re in college! Weekdays, weekends, they’re all the same!” your friend exclaimed. She looked at your sprawled-out figure. “I told you from the very beginning he wasn’t good for you. I know it doesn’t feel like this right now, but you’re lucky he’s out of your life. I really can’t watch you torture yourself over a jerk like him. Let’s go out to Hongdae!”
“I can’t go out. I already have plans.”
“Didn’t you just say you didn’t have any plans?”
“I lied. I have a date.”
Jisoo paused for a second, unsure how to respond. “Really? With whom?”
“Gong Yoo. We promised to kiss each other on first snowfall,” you responded listlessly.
“Yah!” Jisoo yelled and smacked your butt.
“Oww! What was that for?” you cried in surprise, rubbing the tender spot.
“Re-watching Goblin is not a date! You scared me for a second,” Jisoo said.
“How is it not a date? I meet a hot oppa, multiple hot oppas, we have dinner together, I giggle and blush and at the end of the night I get kissed to sleep.” You sat up and gave your friend a weary look. “I really don’t want to go out right now, but also don’t want to be on my own. Can’t we just stay in and watch a drama?” you asked with the saddest face you could muster.
Jisoo wanted to argue, but she couldn’t resist your pout. “Fine. But first you change your bedsheets, I’m not gonna sit in moldy tangsuyuk sauce all night. And I get to choose the drama.”
Tumblr media
[16/04 17:58 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Kimchi Kimbap 1 Beef Kimbap  ---------------- Note: JK-nim thanks for the extra sauce! It was delicious. Are you a dipper or a pourer?
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Kimchi Kimbap -- 2,500 1 Beef Kimbap -- 2,500 1 Soup -- 0
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Personally, I’m a dipper, but I don’t discriminate! I added some broth as service for you. It’s chilly tonight. Don’t catch a cold!
Tumblr media
Paper Note: JK-nim, let’s be friends? I’m also a dipper! Did you know that butterflies can’t fly when they’re cold? Here is one that I folded, sending back my warmest thoughts to you on this frosty spring night.
Tumblr media
The first thing that caught your eye was Jungkook who was patiently waiting at the library entrance. Despite the steaming goods in his hands, his entire body was shivering. The temperature suddenly dropped last night, but he couldn’t be bothered to dig up his padded jacket when he left the house this morning.
Before you could even greet him, he shoved a hot milk tea towards you and mumbled, “Here, it’s cold today so I thought you could use something warm.”
You were surprised by this sweet gesture. “Thanks,” you reached for it and examined the drink in your hand, ”How did you know I like black milk tea?”
He ducked his head and mumbled something into himself.
“Sorry, what did you say?”
Jungkook lifted his head. His cheeks and nose were a lovely wash of pink from the cold. “You mentioned once that you’re an OG milk tea drinker, so I just guessed” he repeated again, louder. “I saw this bungeoppang cart on the way here. We can share them while studying?” he said, holding up a small paper bag.
Your heart warmed and for the first time in weeks your face split into big smile, “Sure, I love bungeoppang! We’re not allowed to eat inside the library. So how about we eat everything first before they get cold and then go in?”
The both of you took a seat on a bench. By now Jungkook definitely regretted being too lazy to find his jacket this morning, but he was determined not to let it show. He passed the bag full of bungeoppangs to you.
You happily reached for one of the fish-shaped pastries and started munching on it. Your face crinkled, steam came out of your mouth. Jungkook’s heart skipped as he watched you in fascination. Your cheeks were flushed. A sudden instinct to stroke your rosy skin overcame him. Instead he reached for a bungeoppang and took a careful bite. “Are you feeling better today?”
“A little bit,” you said between bites, “I’m really sorry about last time. I feel bad now. I ditched you and now you’re treating me to snacks.” You went on and stabbed your straw through your milk tea. “I should be the one treating you instead.”
“I like to treat you,” Jungkook said, mesmerized by the way your lips moved against the straw. He suddenly realized what he was doing and cleared his throat, “A happy teacher is a good teacher! You’re already spending your time tutoring me.”
A laugh slipped out of you, “Jungkook, you’re paying me for your lessons. But it’s okay, this bungeoppang and tea definitely hits the spot, so I’ll accept it with a grateful heart. What are you drinking?”
Jungkook looked down on his drink and gave it a shake, the black pearls swirled around buoyantly. “Banana milk tea, I prefer sweet drinks.”
You leaned back against the bench and looked up at the clear blue sky. “Sweet things are the best combat against the bitter taste of life,” you sighed. You closed your eyes and soaked in the crisp air. Jungkook felt your melancholy, he could warm your body, but he didn’t know how to warm your heart.  
“Sorry that I’m bothering you with my personal stuff. It’s just that I had a really bad breakup recently. I shouldn’t let it affect our lessons,” you said with a wistful smile as you lifted your head again.
The boy next to you remained silent. You turned and saw a contemplative look on his face. “It’s alright, everyone can have a bad day,” he finally said, “You don’t have to pretend to be okay when you’re not. If you’re never angry or sad, you won’t know when you’re happy.”
His words stunned you. Has Jungkook always been this thoughtful? You turned away from his gaze and looked down at the pastry in your hand. “They’re rhombus shaped,” you muttered in an attempt of distraction and showed your bungeoppang to Jungkook. “The fish scales,” you added when he looked confused.
“Ah yeah, the scales. It’s actually erroneous since most of the bungeoppangs depict a ganoid scale structure when in fact carps have cycloid scales to allow for a greater flexibility,” Jungkook explained.
A blank look appeared on your face. Probably the same blank look he had whenever you tried to explain the Bayes’ theorem to him. He let out an awkward laugh, “We studied the mechanics of fish scale structures in Material Science. You can correlate the flexibility of a scaled surface depending on its underlying geometric structure and material. It’s pretty cool stuff.”
“I can’t believe you can geek out about the geometry of fish scales, but don’t know how to define your probability population,” you snorted in disbelief. 
“Hey, when will I ever need to calculate the probability of two people with the same birthday in a room? I just have a hard time learning stuff I never have to apply,” he said defensively.
Then you suddenly had an idea. “Tell you what, how about this? If you pass your statistics final, I’ll treat you to the best Chinese take-out in town! You can order whatever you want!”
Jungkook didn’t want to dampen your excitement by telling you that his part-time job already allowed him to eat as much Chinese take-out as he wanted. “Okay, but don’t complain when you go broke. My record was five jjajangmyeon and two tangsuyuk in one sitting.”
You batted away his challenge. “First you have to pass your finals,” you teased.
“I’ll pass,” Jungkook said.
You smiled at his cute determination. “Then it’s a date.”
Jungkook beamed back at you. “It’s a date.”
Tumblr media
[05/05 18:21 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (large) 2 Pork Mandu 1 Tteokkguk 1 Jjajangmyeon 1 Tteokkbokki ---------------- Note: No pineapple plz. JK-nim! Happy Children’s Day! For this special occasion I’ve decided to order all of my childhood favorites. Life is too short to eat bad food. I hope today you treat yourself to something delicious as well!
Tumblr media
“Yah! JK! Your girlfriend placed an order again!” Yugyeom yelled across the store.
A mop of black hair peaked out from the back of the shop. “She’s not my girlfriend, she’s just a regular,” Jungkook yelled back.
“A regular you flirt with,” Yugyeom snickered, “I saw all the notes you left her in the system. ‘Don’t catch a cold!’, ‘Hwaiting!’ Don’t tell me that’s not your lame attempt at flirting.”
Suddenly an angry Yoongi stomped out of the kitchen. “Keep it down boys, we have guests here.”
Jungkook went up to the register and printed out the online order. “Hyung, can you make a large tangsuyuk without pineapple?”
“It’s a national holiday, there’s like two people here tonight,” Yugyeom muttered under his breath.
“What did you say, Yugyeom?”
“Nothing, hyung!”
Yoongi snatched the order out of Jungkook’s hand and gave both boys another irritated glance before he headed back into the kitchen.
“Hey JK,” Yugyeom said in a lower voice as he moved next to his friend, “aren’t you ever curious how LatteIsHorse is like? I mean, she must have some sense of humor judging by her username.”
“Sometimes. Don’t you ever wonder how our regulars are like? But it’s not like I’m ever gonna meet them or know it’s them when they come into the store,” Jungkook said with a shrug.
“You could though. Mingyu’s out on delivery, Eunwoo’s off so we have a free bike. The store is dead tonight. You could go deliver the order and have a look,” Yugyeom spurred him on.
Jungkook considered his friend’s suggestion. Every time he opened his locker a little origami bunny and butterfly stared back at him and brightened his day. It was true, he was curious how LatteIsHorse was like. “Okay I’ll go, but don’t pretend you’re doing me a favor. You just don’t want to do delivery tonight.”
<Ding Dong>
A pretty girl in a Yonsei hoodie and shorts opened the door. She somehow looked familiar, but Jungkook couldn’t place from where. Maybe he met her on campus before.
“Delivery from Golden Bang,” Jungkook said, holding up his metal box.
“Ah great! I’m starving!” the girl said.
Jungkook started unloading the box and handed the dishes to the girl. Once he was done, he lingered awkwardly in the doorway. The girl gave him a curious look, clearly wondering why he wasn’t leaving. Jungkook gathered his courage and said, “I’m JK by the way.”
What followed was a beat of silence. Jungkook could feel his ears burn.
“Err, it’s nice to meet you, I guess? Is there anything else you need?” the girl asked after the painful pause. “Ah got it! Just a sec!” She ran into the apartment and came back with her wallet. “Here’s a tip, we’ll put the dishes back outside for pick up,” she said as she scrunched a bill into Jungkook’s hand, “Thanks for your hard work. Happy holiday!” And then she shut the door right into his face.
What just happened? Jungkook was stupefied. After an eternity he finally moved and mechanically pulled out his phone. He checked the delivery order on his app. LatteIsHorse – this was the address. She didn’t recognize him. Why was he so naive to believe that she would remember him? All he wanted in that moment was for the ground to open and swallow him up.
“Dinner’s here,” your sister said as you came out of the shower. “Did you order banana milk?”
“No? Why?” you joined her at the dinner table and started rummaging through the dishes. “Where’s the receipt?”
“I threw it in the trash,” she said. When she saw you opening up the trash can and fishing for it, she added, “Gross! What are you doing? Why do you need it?”
Tumblr media
Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (large) -- 20,000 2 Pork Mandu -- 6,000 1 Tteokkguk -- 4,500 1 Jjajangmyeon -- 4,500 1 Tteokkbokki -- 3,000
Total: 38,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! Happy Children’s Day to you too! I added my favorite childhood drink, banana milk! I hope it brings back as many happy childhood memories for you as it does for me.
Tumblr media
There, sitting on the table, was a small bottle of banana milk. A smile spread across your face. “I need to file it away for tax purposes.”
Your sister looked at you like you were crazy. “Let’s eat already, I’m starving. Wash your hands.”
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[14/05 16:55 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [TAKE AWAY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Jjajangbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim, hope you’re doing well. I’m in the area today, so I thought I’d stop by and say hello in person! Is it weird that I feel a bit nervous?
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The restaurant door wasn’t going to open itself. The past 15 minutes of you standing in front of it has proven that. You had some errands to run in Hongdae after school and decided on a whim to place a pickup order at your favorite take-out place. 
Why was it so difficult to enter a restaurant? If you steeled your nerves any more, they’d probably break from how brittle they’ve become. You just had to open that damn door.
Sometimes you wondered if you liked that place more because of its great tangsuyuk or because of JK’s little notes which always managed to put a smile on your face.
One thing was for sure, you weren’t stalling because of the tangsuyuk.
“Welcome to Golden Bang!” a bright male voice rang across the restaurant as you passed through the door.
You walked up to the register and sneaked a peek at the boy’s name tag, ‘Yugyeom’. You felt a slight twinge of disappointment.
“I’m here to pick up my order? LatteIsHorse?” you asked tentatively.
A sign of recognition flashed across Yugyeom’s face. “Of course, your order’s ready! I’ll just bag it up for you,” he said cheerfully. He walked away and quickly came back with a white plastic bag full of food. Then he printed out your receipt and handed both to you.
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Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: YG ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Jjajangbap -- 5,500
Total: 18,500 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
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You looked around the restaurant, it was empty since dinnertime was still a while away. You wondered if Yugyeom was managing the store alone right now. At least the cook must be in. “Your tangsuyuk is really delicious. It’s probably my favorite.”
Yugyeom gave you a big smile, “Happy to hear that you enjoy our food so much. The tangsuyuk is our chef’s family recipe. It’s one of our most popular menu items!”
You wringed your hands and finally decided to bite the bullet and straight out ask, “Is JK here? He usually takes my orders when I order delivery, so I just wanted to say hi.”
“JK’s shift doesn’t start until 6, so he should be here in about half an hour. If you want, I can relay a message,” he said with a knowing smile, “Or you can also take a seat and wait for him. I’m sure he’d be thrilled to meet you.”
No way you were going to sit here for half an hour and wait up for a stranger. “Ah no, that’s alright. If you could just say hi from me, that’d be great,” you quickly replied with a flush. JK would probably think you’re a creepy stalker.
“Sure, can do! Enjoy your day!” Yugyeom said merrily as you walked out the store.
A feeling of both relief and sadness passed through you. You slowly walked down the busy streets of Hongdae as you reprimanded yourself for being so stupid. What were you going to say to JK anyway if you met him? Thanks for being nice to me? You’re the reason I don’t burst into tears every single night? You’re the reason why I don’t feel completely alone when I’m sobbing into my food over Song Joong Ki’s acting? Thanks for making me gain 3 kilos in the last month?
Whatever you said, it would’ve only made you sound pathetic.
A crippling wave of desperation suddenly washed over you and rooted you in your tracks. A single tear rolled down your face. Then another. You dropped down into a crouch and started to bawl. You couldn’t fathom how you’ve reached this all-time low in your life. Why did you feel so incredibly sad about being stood up by a stranger? Especially when that stranger didn’t even know you were coming?
“Y/N?” an alarmed voice asked. You looked up when you felt a soft shake against your shoulder.
Through your tear-blurred eyes you recognized Jungkook’s face. He crouched down next to you and asked, “Is everything okay? Are you hurt?”
You shook your head and tried to wipe away your tears. It was a useless attempt as they kept on streaming down your face.
Jungkook hesitantly pushed your hair out of your face and asked, “Do you want to go somewhere else so you can tell me what happened?”
You gave him an imperceptible nod.
His hand gently moved down to your arm, afraid that you were going to push him away. With a steady grip he slowly helped you back onto your feet. Then he slid his hand through yours and led you down the hustle and bustle of Hongdae until you ended up in front of a convenience store located in one of the quieter residential side streets. He sat you down in a plastic chair and told you to wait. After a while he came back with a packet of tissues, a bottle of water and two red bean popsicles.
You gratefully took the tissues and loudly blew your nose. A small part of your brain told you to act more ladylike, especially in front of Jungkook, but the bigger part didn’t really care and just wanted to drag you back down into the pits of loneliness. A strangled sound came out of your mouth as you started to hiccup, making you sound like a drowning cat.
You expected Jungkook to laugh at your weird orchestra of emotions. Even you found it absurd and would’ve laughed if you weren’t already crying and hiccupping at the same time. But all he did was quietly open the water bottle and hand it to you.  
As soon as you lifted the bottle to your mouth another hiccup made you almost spill the water on yourself. You held your breath for a few seconds and then took a careful sip. It seemed to work. You took a bigger sip, when another hiccup racked your body and you squeezed water all over your face.
There was a bewildering moment of shock, then you started to laugh deliriously. Forget before, this was your lowest point in life. This was so pathetic that it was hilarious again. Your laughter garbled whenever you hiccupped, only causing you to laugh even harder. You would’ve continued laughing for another long minute if you weren’t choking for air.
A small smile played around Jungkook’s mouth. He took another tissue and started wiping down your face. You hiccupped under his touch. He must think you’re a nutcase.
“I have a question. We have to do some statistical testing in my Quality Management class. What would a hypothesis look like if I wanted to analyze any deviation in a spare parts production line due to temperature conditions?” Jungkook asked.
Did he really forget hypothesis testing already? He finally managed to get it after four sessions! You frowned slightly. “You could set up a null hypothesis stating that a variation in temperature does not significantly impact the parameter of measurement in your production line. Jungkook did you seriously forget this?!” you said indignantly.
Jungkook gave you a playful laugh, “No, I think you drilled it so hard into my brain, I could probably recite all variables of the standard deviation formula if you woke me up in the middle of the night. Your hiccups stopped though.”
They did.
Embarrassment set in as you realized your predicament. Maybe your hormones were going crazy, maybe you were going crazy. You were getting whiplash from the emotional roller coaster you were on. In an attempt to hide your disgrace, you picked up another tissue and wiped away the remaining water, snot and tears.
There was tangible awkwardness in the air.
“I hope you like red bean,” Jungkook said shyly as he unwrapped a popsicle, “Red bean is my favorite. My friends keep on calling me old fashioned, but it just reminds me of the time when my mom used to buy me these after taekwondo class. I think I liked the popsicles more than I liked going to class.” He sighed in reverie and held up the popsicle for you.
You stared at his hand. You remembered how it felt against yours just a few moments ago. Firm, warm and steady. Then you looked up at Jungkook. He hid it well, but you could tell that there was concern behind his encouraging smile.
“This is so embarrassing,” you said as you accepted the popsicle and turned your head away from him, “I don’t know what is wrong with me right now. I’m usually not like this.”
“Did something happen earlier?” Jungkook asked cautiously as he unwrapped his own popsicle and took a bite out of it.
Did something happen earlier? Why did you cry? Where you really crying just because you didn’t meet JK?
“No,” you said and slowly shook your head, “I don’t know. I just suddenly felt overwhelmed.”
Jungkook hesitated before he asked, “Are you sad because of your breakup?”
Were you sad because of your ex-boyfriend?
“I don’t think so. In the beginning when we broke up I was devastated, but I don’t think that’s the case anymore,” you said more to yourself than to Jungkook. “Everyone told me I was lucky to be rid of him. I really didn’t understand why. But I think it’s becoming clearer now. Maybe it’s not sadness. Maybe it’s fear. I think I just feel lost. I don’t know who I am anymore. Maybe it scares me to know that I was able to lose myself and I don’t know if I can find a way back.”
Before you knew it, you spilled your heart, your deepest and darkest fears to Jungkook. You barely knew this boy, yet it still felt oddly comforting. He remained quiet and listened.
“I wanted to meet someone today, but they weren’t there,” you continued, “I think in that moment I just realized how utterly lost I was on my own.”
Jungkook searched for the appropriate words. How do you respond to someone’s most vulnerable thoughts? “I mean you know what they say. It’s not about how much you’ve lost, it’s about how much you have left.”
He peeked at you to check if it worked.
“Jungkook, did you just quote Iron Man at me?” you asked incredulously before a giggle slipped from your lips.
You noticed how his cheeks dimpled when he gave you an embarrassed laugh, “Sorry, I was trying to say something that would cheer you up. I’m probably not doing a very good job.”
In that second you realized how kind-hearted Jungkook actually was. Your heart squeezed. “Don’t say that. Thanks for listening to my problems. And thanks for the red bean popsicle. I also ate this a lot in my childhood. Mainly because my sister hated them. She always used to steal my ice cream out of the freezer so at some point I asked my parents to only buy me red bean popsicles. She never touched those,” you reminisced.
Jungkook laughed at your story, “Your sister sounds like a piece of work.”
“We used to fight a lot, we used to never get along,” you became thoughtful, “At some point that stopped. I think we just grew up and grew to understand and accept our differences. She doesn’t steal my food anymore. I don’t steal her clothes anymore. We may not always agree, but we respect each other’s decisions.”
“You know, for someone who just said she feels lost, you sound pretty self-reflected right now,” Jungkook mused, “Maybe you need to do the same as you did with your sister. Understand yourself and accept the differences of your past and present.”
You paused at this. He was right. You were so desperately trying to fend off these negative emotions that you never took the time to actually think. You were chasing an image that never existed. Not in the past nor in the present.
“You’re surprisingly good at giving advice. Thanks, Jungkook,” you said.
“Surprisingly? What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked, offended. The glint in his eyes gave his teasing away.
Laughter pealed from you. Jungkook was captivated by the sound. He drank in the way your eyes creased with mirth and followed your fingers as they brushed back your hair.
Jungkook’s phone vibrated. “Oh shit!”
“Is everything alright?”
“Yeah, don’t worry. I was actually on my way to work and my boss is asking me where I am,” he said as he stuffed his phone back in his pocket.
Jungkook startled when you suddenly jumped up. “Then you should get to work! You should’ve said something sooner. I’m so sorry for keeping you here!”
“No, it’s really fine. I’ve done enough overtime. He won’t complain if I’m a few minutes late,” he said, “Are you feeling better?”
You ignored his question and pushed against his shoulders to get him out of the chair. “Go to work, Jungkook. I’ll be fine, your red bean popsicle did wonders,” you responded placatively.
When he still didn’t move, you grabbed his arm and pulled him back onto the main street. Jungkook’s skin scorched under your touch. “Go to work, Jungkook,” you said again with more emphasis.
“Are you sure…?” he asked, unwilling to let you out of his sight before he knew you weren’t just going cry again at the next street corner.
“I won’t burst into tears,” you said as if reading his mind. “You were right, I need to reconcile with myself. So I’ll go home, enjoy my dinner and think about who I am and who I want to be. And you,” you said giving him another gentle shove, “need to go to work.”
Jungkook saw the stubborn look on your face. He wondered if you realized you were using your teaching voice right now. You weren’t going to take no for an answer. “Okay fine, text me when you get home?”
You waved away his concerns. “Sure. Go already,” you said with a big reassuring smile. “See you tomorrow at school!” you added before you turned around and walked away.
“You’re late,” Yugyeom said as soon as Jungkook entered the store.
Jungkook gave Yugyeom a sheepish look and only muttered, “Yeah sorry, something came up on my way here.” Then he rushed past him to the back of the restaurant and changed into his uniform.
Once he came back out he noticed Yugyeom throwing him strange looks.
“Your girlfriend says hi,” Yugyeom said with a hint of amusement.
Yugyeom gave Jungkook a meaningful look, “LatteIsHorse. She ordered pick up. I think she was hoping to meet you. She’s cute. She looks like she’s probably a college student around here.”
“I know,” was all Jungkook replied.
Yugyeom’s eyes bulged in curiosity, “You know? You know she’s cute or you know she’s a student? You never told me what actually happened that night!”
Jungkook gave him a tired look and said, “She didn’t recognize me. She wore a Yonsei hoodie, so I guess she goes there. Nothing else happened.”
“Hmm, that’s weird. She was asking for you today, so she definitely knows your name,” Yugyeom said.
“Who knows, maybe she was having a lot on her plate that day,” Jungkook said with a shrug. He wondered where you lived and if you already got home safely. “Why are you obsessing over this so much?”
“Man, do you know how painful it is to watch your sorry attempts at flirting? I’m just trying to help you out, mate,” Yugyeom quipped.
“I wasn’t flirting! I was just trying cheer someone up who was obviously feeling down! It’s called being a decent human being,” Jungkook exclaimed.
Yugyeom gave him the side eye, “Yeah, that’s still not gonna get you laid.”
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[19/05 18:47 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Bibimbap ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I visited you at the store last week, but you weren’t there. TT-TT I hope you don’t think I’m weird, I just really like talking to you. You always manage to put a smile on my face when I’m having a hard day. We’re still friends, right?
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Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Bibimbap -- 5,000
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! I’m sad that I missed your visit to our store. I’ll try harder the next time! I added some extra bulgogi to make up for it. :) Of course we’re still friends. I don’t wish any hard days upon you, but I’m glad to hear that my words have a healing effect. In case you ever need a friend to talk to, feel free to talk to me. 010-1234-5678.
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The study sessions with Jungkook continued per usual. He still struggled and had frustrated outbursts from time to time, especially when you forced him to revise probability distributions. When you finally reached regression analysis, things became easier.
Although your sessions remained the same, something in your dynamic changed. The both of you became looser and more playful around each other. He wouldn’t clamp up anymore and you felt more at ease around him. You became friends. He never once mentioned that disasterous afternoon.
At home, on the evening of the incident, you shot Jungkook a text and slumped down on the couch. Your sister was out that night, so it was just you in the apartment. Normally, the eerie quiet would’ve unsettled you and you would’ve distracted yourself from your deafening thoughts. But that night you just let them scream, yell and tear at you.
It was an excruciating process, but in the end your head was clearer, your heart calmer. You still weren’t quite there yet, but at least you made a first step out of the endless pit of desperation.
There were other things you noticed about yourself. Gradually you realized you didn’t mind being on your own anymore. You rediscovered your love for drawing and created you own mandala art. You also learned to code your own website and now had a clickable version of your cv on the go. Although you made time for yourself, you weren’t a hermit. You went out for drinks with Jisoo and soon asked Namjoon to take you along to your university’s Math Club. There you met a lot of familiar faces that you’ve encountered in class but never talked to. With them you spent animated evenings discussing stimulating math problems and exchanging incredibly bad math puns.
You also started noticing things about Jungkook. He wasn’t as timid and shy as you initially thought. Once he got over his awkwardness, he turned out to be quite a cheeky and goofy guy. He teased you or told you silly jokes whenever you were on a break. Despite his obvious aversion for statistics, he still took your lessons very seriously. Diligently listening to your explanations and trying to solve the problems to the best of his abilities. His study-mode showed you other sides of him. The cute pout he had whenever he tried to hide his confusion. Or the two little ridges which formed between his eyes whenever he was concentrated and deep in thought. More often than not you fought the urge to smooth them out with your touch or even better, with a kiss.
“Is something wrong?” Jungkook asked when he caught you staring.
“No,” you quickly said, “I was just thinking that you don’t seem to have much trouble with regression analysis.”
“I don’t know, the relationship between the variables just makes much more sense,” Jungkook said.
You looked at him and considered, “Hmm, maybe you don’t need my tutoring anymore?”
Brief dismay crossed Jungkook’s face. “My finals are in three weeks. I think I’d still prefer if you helped me revise the earlier chapters,” he said, “Unless you need more time to study for your own finals.”
Being in college meant that you were always in dire need of more time. That constant nagging voice in the back of your head telling you to study was an occupational disease. But you didn’t have to kid yourself, those four hours a week spent on Jungkook weren’t going to make or break your grade. Besides, you enjoyed spending time with him. You wondered if he felt the same.
“It’s alright, I’ll help you revise. Just don’t embarrass me on your finals. I don’t want Namjoon to tell me afterwards that you didn’t manage to calculate the mean of the population or worse, read the scoring table upside down,” you teased him light-heartedly.
Jungkook’s ears turned bright red. “That happened once!” he said, “How long are you going to hold that over my head?”
You laughed at his indignation. “Don’t forget, you’ll get endless tangsuyuk if you pass.”
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[26/05 20:09 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
1 Tangsuyuk (small) 1 Jjamppong ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I’d like to get the advice of a friend. There’s this kind, sweet boy that I really like. I would like to tell him how I feel, but he’s seen me in my lowest and ugliest moments. Maybe he’ll think I’m just baggage? I guess I’m afraid of his rejection.
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Golden Bang 7 Wausan-ro 29-gil, Seogyo-dong
Server: JK ------------------- TO GO
1 Tangsuyuk (small) -- 13,000 1 Jjamppong -- 5,000 1 Soju -- 0
Total: 18,000 -------------------- Thanks for ordering at Golden Bang! Have a golden day!
Note: LatteIsHorse-nim! It’s only human to fear rejection. I can completely understand. I also have someone I really like. She’s really pretty, smart and funny. Spending time with her makes me really happy, but I never managed to tell her. Maybe we should both gather our courage and cheer each other on? I’m not saying that drunken confessions are the way to go but consider this soju a symbolism for (liquid) courage.
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Paper Note: This is a flexagon. Whenever you need a word of encouragement give it a flip!
Tumblr media
Jungkook examined the hexagonal origami in his hands. On the outside it read ‘Flip Me!’
He gave the flexagon a flip. ‘JK you’re the best!’ And another. ‘The world needs more people like you!’ And another. ‘Don’t forget that LatteIsHorse is always rooting for you!’ And another. ‘Aja, aja, hwaiting!’ And another. ‘Thank you for being my friend!’
Jisoo barged into you room and flopped onto your bed. ‘Ahhh! I’m so glad you finally cleaned in here. Seriously, if I find another rancid noodle stuck to my clothes, I’ll call in a hazmat team.”
“I don’t know why you’re complaining so much. It’s not even your room,” you said.
“Hey, where are you ever going to find a friend like me?”
Your friend sacrificed many a night away from college parties to binge watch handsome oppas sweep equally beautiful unnies off their feet with you. And she wasn’t shy telling you that.
“Let’s go out tonight,” Jisoo suggested. She rolled back onto her feet and started walking around, inspecting your cleaning job.
“Our finals start in two weeks; I really don’t want to spend my weekend nursing a hangover.”
“I’m not saying you have to get wasted. Tonight is the Pre-Game Night. We have to go!” Jisoo demanded.
The Final’s Pre-Game Night was a campus-wide tradition. Every semester on the Friday a week before finals huge parties were thrown to signal the beginning of the end. It was like a dare – were you confident enough to get completely drunk and still hope to pass your finals? Naturally everybody on campus joined in and drank.
“Not getting wasted at a Pre-Game party? That’s like saying you’ve decided you don’t need to breathe. I really don’t think…”
“What’s this?” Jisoo suddenly interrupted. “LatteIsHorse-nim! Personally, I’m a dipper, but I don’t discriminate! I added some broth as service for you. It’s chilly tonight. Don’t catch a cold!” she read aloud, “LatteIsHorse-nim! Happy Children’s Day to you too! I added my favorite childhood drink, banana milk! I hope it brings back as many happy childhood memories for you as it does for me.”
You flung yourself across the room and almost tripped over your own feet trying to rip the receipts out of Jisoo’s hands.
“Oh. My. God. Is your take-out guy flirting with you?!” she asked.
“No! He’s just a friend. We send encouraging notes to each other,” you tried to explain.
Jisoo threw her hands in the air. “Okay that’s it! We’re going to the Pre-Game party, whether you want or not. You can’t tell me that the only flirting interaction you have is with a stranger who delivers you tangsuyuk!”
The place Jisoo picked out was ram packed and buzzing with energy. It was an open dorm party; all the common rooms were transformed into dancefloors. Different types of music played from each corner of the building. Crates of alcohol were stacked against the walls.
The both of you grabbed a beer and made your way through the crowd.
“You’re going to have fun tonight, alright?”
“I don’t think this works that way,” you laughed.
“Then put some effort into it. We look way too cute for it to go to waste,” she said as you roamed around the floors and explored the different areas. You looked down on your dress. It was a pretty warm night; you had opted for a flowy summer dress with a blush pink floral pattern. Jisoo was right, it was cute.
You discovered a familiar face at the edge of the crowd. “Sunbae!” you said.
Namjoon turned around gave you a surprised smile. “Y/N! Out of all the places on campus, we meet each other here tonight. What are the chances?”
He was surrounded by a group of friends, you spotted Jungkook right behind him. The boy gave you an excited wave. A slow smile spread across your face. “I don’t know, but why don’t we ask Jungkook to calculate it for you?”
Namjoon let out a hearty laugh while Jungkook groaned in exasperation.
“Do you see what I have to put up with every week, hyung?”
“Didn’t you just say it’s the best thing that happened to you?” Namjoon taunted, “You have some nerve showing up in front of me tonight. You better ace your SA finals. Do you know how many favors I had to pull to get Y/N to tutor you?”
“What do you expect me to do?” Jungkook sputtered, “Go home and lock myself up on Pre-Game Night?”
If it weren’t for Jisoo you would’ve done just that. Speaking of Jisoo, your friend cleared her throat and gave you a painful nudge in the side.
“Ah yes, uhm, Jisoo you already know Namjoon. This is Jungkook. You know, the guy I’m tutoring.”
Jungkook gave her a small wave.
Jisoo didn’t even try to hide her amazement. “This is Jungkook? But you’re like wayyy cute!” She turned to you and added still loud enough for everyone to hear, “Why didn’t you tell me he was cute?!”
The embarrassment was obvious on Jungkook’s face. You could tell that Namjoon was getting a rush out of his dongsaeng’s reaction and before he could provoke him any further you decided to jump in.
“Who wants to go dance?” you asked loudly. You turned around and headed to the dancefloor without waiting for any of them to respond.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were tutoring a hunk?” Jisoo muttered under her breath.
“He’s not a hunk. Don’t call him that.”
“Yeah but he’s hot. You made him sound like he was a nerd.”
“He is a nerd.”
Your friend gave you a glare, “Why are we arguing about this? I know you’re not that oblivious.”
Of course you weren’t oblivious to Jungkook, but you weren’t going to tell Jisoo that.
“Let’s dance.” You grabbed Jisoo’s hand and twirled her around.
Namjoon and his friends joined you on the dancefloor. The mood of the crowd was electric. Music pulsed through your veins. Drinks flowed, shots were downed, people pulled out their best, lamest, craziest dance moves. Everyone celebrated like the world was going to end.
After a while you became hot and needed a new drink. You looked around for Jisoo and saw her grinding up against one of Namjoon’s friends. She’d be busy for a while. You inconspicuously moved away from the group and decided to go get some fresh air.  
“Wait up,” Jungkook said as he appeared next to you, “are you getting something to drink? I’ll join you.”
His dark curls were slightly matted with sweat. His baggy t-shirt clung to his body. You weren’t sure if it was the alcohol or Jisoo’s damn voice whispering into your ear. He was hot.
You circled your arm through his and pulled him through the crowd. His muscles shifted under your touch. You grabbed two drinks from a crate and handed one to Jungkook, your nerves tingled when his hand brushed against yours. The both of you remained in comfortable silence, leisurely walking through the dorm, neither of you in a hurry to get back to your friends. You explored the facility areas, weaving through pounding and quiet parts of the building.
“You look really nice tonight,” he said after a while.
The heels of your shoes echoed against marble floor of the dark hallway. “Thanks, Jisoo raided my closet.”
“She’s really something isn’t she?”
“She’s the best. I’m grateful to have her as my friend.”
Somewhere further down the hallway you made out two figures pressed against the wall, probably trying to find a quiet place of their own.
“You also look nice,” you said to Jungkook.
“I’m wearing the same things I always do,” Jungkook said, his voice turning shy.
You were getting closer to the couple. You could see how the guy was sticking his tongue down the girl’s throat. She seemed to enjoy it from the sounds she was making. Lucky them.
Your next words were definitely fuelled by your tipsy state, “I guess that means you always look nice.” Jungkook missed a step. You had to laugh at his blunder.
The couple in front of you broke apart and looked in your direction. More annoyed about being interrupted rather than embarrassed being caught. You were about to make a funny comment to Jungkook when your heart stopped and you froze.
A string of saliva still clung to the guy’s lips. His eyes widened when he recognized your face in the darkness. “Y/N?”
Your breath hitched and your grip tightened around Jungkook’s arm. He glanced between you and the guy, the situation slowly dawning on him.
“Why did you stop? Who’s that?”, the girl whined.
“No one,” the guy responded as he returned his attention to her and they started making out again.
Jungkook didn’t know if he wanted to puke or punch that guy. A sharp pain in his arm brought him back to his senses. Your nails dug into his skin. He put his hand around yours and loosened your iron grip.
“Let’s go,” he said and quickly pulled you past the couple. You followed him in a daze. He stopped once you were outside of the building, hidden away in a quiet corner.
His hands reached for your face and he lifted your eyes to his. “Breathe.”
You closed your eyes, let out a long breath and let your head fall against the wall behind you. The horrible encounter replayed in your mind. You had to open your eyes again.
There he was right in front of you. Worried Jungkook, kind Jungkook, beautiful Jungkook.
Your hands reached behind his neck and you pulled him a bit closer. You tried to decipher his gaze, it was dark and yearning. Everything was a haze, the alcohol in your blood made you daring.
“Kiss me,” you whispered.
His mouth crashed against yours. Your hands slipped up into his hair and your bodies entwined. You opened your lips and sucked in his hot breath. Your tongues found each other; he groaned at your taste.
He moved one of his hands down your side until he found purchase on your leg and hitched it up against his waist, pressing his body further into you. You let out a moan when his hips ground into yours.
All your senses drowned in Jungkook. You drowned in his scent, you drowned in his touch, you drowned in his heat. You tried to use Jungkook to drown out the grotesque image from before. Suddenly the heat of the moment disappeared, and a cold shower ran down your spine.
You broke away from your breathless kiss and put your hands against Jungkook’s chest to put some distance between you. He gave you a disoriented look.
“I’m sorry. We shouldn’t have kissed.”
Jungkook’s eyes grew wide and alarmed. “Did I do something wrong?”
His lips were swollen, his hair was mussed. You wanted nothing more than to pull him back in, but you couldn’t. Not here. Not like this. He deserved better.
You pushed yourself off the wall and gave him a small shove. He immediately let go of you and stepped back. “I shouldn’t have kissed you like this,” was all you said before you ran back into the building.
The next day you woke up to a splitting headache and a heart full of regret. You really needed to talk to Jungkook and explain to him why you ran away the previous night, but you were too much of a coward to pick up your phone and contact him. You decided it was better to talk to him in person at school.
The following week at school you waited for him in the library. Your heart was in your throat. Your prepared speech played in an endless loop in your head.
‘I’m sorry I ran away. I shouldn’t have kissed you in that state. It wasn’t fair to you. You deserve better than that.’
You looked down on your phone to check the time. A message blinked. You opened and read through it. Your heart sank. He wasn’t coming. He wanted to study the last week before finals on his own. He thanked you for your time.
Slowly you got up and packed your bag. You blew it. You wanted to do him right, but you only caused him pain. Thinking back, you realized he gave and gave and gave and all you did was take. He was right to stay away from you. There was no way he’d be happy with someone like you.
The week passed and finals week commenced. You immersed yourself in your exams and tried to get over your heavy heart. You were pretty sure you aced Geometry II, but the Numerical Analysis exam was nothing but a blur.
Although your heart ached, you didn’t fall back into the same dark pit of the past. You didn’t feel lost, you got on with your life. Nobody noticed the Jungkook-sized hole in your heart except for you. You wanted to talk about your feelings, but you didn’t think Jisoo or your sister would understand. They’d probably just tell you to get out there and find a new guy.
Another week passed. You were walking out of your professor’s office, finalizing the details of your summer internship, when you bumped into Namjoon.
“Y/N! What are you doing here? Aren’t you off for summer break yet?” he asked.
“I was just discussing my internship with Prof. Kim,” you said.
“Ah you’re participating in his research program?” Namjoon said, “I heard it’s really interesting, he’s intense though.”
“I think intense is fine for me, I need something to do with my brain. Otherwise I’ll just go crazy,” you said with a smile.
“Speaking of intense, what did you do to that kid?” Namjoon suddenly asked.
You tensed. Did something happen to Jungkook? “What do you mean?”
“Did you brainwash him or something? He got a 98 on his SA final! When I handed him over to you, he was still asking me why the positive and negative z-scores tables had different values,” Namjoon said in awe.
Relief washed through you and your chest filled with pride. “Watch out sunbae, I might be coming for your TA position,” you said with a wink.
At home you sprawled out on the couch. Your sister’s classes ended earlier than yours so now she was away with her friends travelling the countryside. Your mind wandered as you stared up at the ceiling of your quiet apartment. You really wanted to call Jungkook and congratulate him, but you didn’t think you should. He clearly didn’t want to be in contact with you, you hadn’t heard anything from him since his text canceling your study sessions.
A pang of sadness washed through you. It should have been a happy moment for the both of you, you should be eating tangsuyuk together right now. You really wanted to tell someone about your joy and your grief.
Then you suddenly remembered your friend. Your friend who never judged and always had something wise to say. Maybe he would understand the conflicts of your heart. You got up and dug through the receipts on your desk until you found the one with his phone number on it.
You hoped he wouldn’t think you were crazy, but then again, he was the one who offered himself to talk to you any time. You typed in the number and hit call. Your phone dialed when suddenly the number displayed switched to a name. Jungkook.
You quickly hit the cancel button and stared at your phone. Did you accidentally hit Jungkook’s contact? Was your phone broken? This time you typed in the number more carefully and hit call. Again, the display switched to Jungkook’s name. You hit cancel.
Your heart began to race. You opened up Jungkook’s contact and compared it with the number on the receipt.
Holy shit.
JK was Jungkook. Jungkook was JK.
The stranger who cheered you on and made you smile whenever you felt down was Jungkook. You combed through all your receipts and reread them one by one. What was the probability for this to happen? This was so bizarre, but it made so much sense. Jungkook was the kindest person you knew. Why wouldn’t he be kind to a stranger who needed some uplifting words and comforting tangsuyuk?
Tumblr media
[13/06 18:20 PM] User: LatteIsHorse ---------------- ORDER [DELIVERY]
3 Tangsuyuk (large) 6 Jjajangmyeon ---------------- Note: JK-nim, I hope you’re doing well! Can I ask you for a strange favor? Would you mind delivering today’s order to me? I would really like to meet you and thank you in person for always being by my side! <3
Tumblr media
<Ding Dong>
The doorbell rang. Your heart pounded painfully in your chest. You slowly walked up to the door and opened it.
“Delivery from Golden…,” Jungkook’s voice faltered.
“Hi JK-nim,” you said quietly. You opened the door wider. “Thanks for coming today.”
“Y/N? What are you doing here?” he asked.
You had to smile at his look of utter confusion. “I live here. Come in, you can put the food on the dining table.” You turned around and walked back into the apartment.
Jungkook hesitated before he followed you inside. He moved up to the table and unloaded his box. He tried to steady himself. “You’re LatteIsHorse-nim?” he asked skeptically, “I’ve been here before. Last time someone else opened the door.”
He has visited you before? “Oh, that was probably my sister. I live here with her. She’s out travelling right now.”
“So you’re on your own right now? Why did you order so much food?” he asked. A giant mountain of neatly stacked dishes graced the table.
You came up and pried the metal box out of his hand. Then you moved in front of him and unclasped his bike helmet. He flinched at your sudden closeness.
“To celebrate. Congratulations on passing your Statistical Analysis exam. Namjoon told me you passed in flying colors,” you said in a gentle voice. “I promised you the best Chinese take-out in town, didn’t I?”
Jungkook still looked shell-shocked and simply stared at you.
“I’m sorry about that night at the Pre-Game party. I’m sorry I ran away. I owe you an explanation.”
Jungkook regained his wits and swallowed. “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain yourself. I get it, we were drunk. It was a mistake.” He looked down and tried to turn back around.
You grabbed onto his hands before he could move away. “Jungkook, look at me.”
He stopped turning, but his eyes remained on the floor.
You took a deep breath and squeezed his hands. “I really like you. I’ve really liked you for a while now.”
His eyes shot up to your face.
“The reason why I ran away that night was because I felt guilty. I probably would’ve ended up kissing you anyway, but in that moment, I kissed you because I wanted to forget. I didn’t want our first kiss to be like that. I wanted it to be the me who liked you and not the me who tried to drown out her shitty ex-boyfriend. I’m sorry if I hurt you.”
There was an unreadable look in his eyes. Your heart fluttered in nervousness. “How long have you known I was JK? How long did you know I had a crush on you?” he asked.
You could feel your blood rushing through your ears, the butterflies in your stomach beat like crazy. “Since today. I was sad because I thought I couldn’t share the promised meal with you. I wanted a friend to talk to, so I thought to call you. You who was always kind to me, even when I wasn’t kind to myself. Isn’t fate strange? We cheered each other on to find each other.” You had to laugh at the irony of it all.
Your hand hesitantly moved up to his face and stroked across his cheek, “I’m sorry I hurt you. I’m sorry I made you sad.”
Jungkook melted against your touch. “If I’m never sad, I won’t know when I’m happy.” Then he closed the gap and pressed his lips against yours.
It was a sweet but sad kiss. Filled with happiness and sorrow. Every touch was filled with an ‘I missed you’ or an ‘I’m sorry’.
Jungkook pressed you against the edge of your dining table, he lifted you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. You both deepened your kiss. Your hands snaked through his hair and pulled him closer into you. Jungkook braced his hands against the table and instinctively ground his hips against your core. You moaned his name at the sensation. The both of you broke apart to catch your breaths, you pulled at his jacket and removed his layers of clothing.
You stilled at the sight of his bare chest. He was truly beautiful. Your fingers traced along his skin and marvelled at its silkiness. Jungkook shuddered under your touch. His hands moved under your shirt and you both lifted it off your head. Then you gripped his hands and slowly led them around your back, urging him to take off your bra. You wriggled out of your jeans and laid yourself completely bare in front of him. Jungkook stopped and stared at you, equally amazed.
“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered.
Your heart swelled and you pulled him back into a kiss. Both his kisses and his hands left a burning trail down your body. His mouth sucked on the soft skin of your neck while his hands moved across your breast, across your stomach, lower and lower. Wetness gathered between your legs.
“Jungkook,” you sighed. The muscles of his back shifted under your touch.
He released your neck with a loud smack and looked at the artwork he created. He still couldn’t get over how overwhelmingly beautiful you were. Your cheeks flushed, eyes bright and his name at the tip of your tongue. He felt himself strain against his confines.
“Please,” you whimpered. You looked down at his hand and tried to silently command him to touch you.
He kept his eyes trained on your face when his fingers moved lower and slid through your folds. Another moan left your lovely lips. He teased you with his touches, gathering your wetness until he finally pushed down where you wanted him most. Your hands dug into his back, your hips bucked, and you threw your head back in pleasure. He steadied your hips with his other hand and slowly pushed a finger inside of you. Another loud moan echoed through the room.
Jungkook was transfixed by you. He added a second finger and started pushing in and out. Your eyes squeezed shut in pleasure and small breathless pants left your mouth. Jungkook increased the speed of his movement and marvelled at the way you reacted under his touch. Then he moved his mouth to your breast and closed his lips around your nipple. You raked your hands through his hair and arched into him. Your core tightened around his fingers. All your nerves were on fire.
You pulled him away from your breast and guided his mouth back to yours. Your tongue traced his lips and you swallowed his moan. You wanted more, you wanted him closer. His fingers curled and his thumb pressed down on you. Jungkook held you tight as you shuddered and fell apart around him.
He rested his forehead against yours, your breath mingled as you both panted into each other. He slowly removed his hand from you and traced his mouth with his slicked fingers, then he moved them to your lips. Your tongue licked the tips of his fingers. His grip tightened around your waist.
“I want to feel you,” you said.
Jungkook shuddered at your words. “Where is your room?”
“The door behind you.”
Jungkook lifted you off the table, you tightened your legs around him and gave him another kiss. He walked you both to your room and gently laid you down on your bed. He took off his pants, then slowly moved onto the bed and hovered above you.
“Tell me what you want,” he said.
Your fingers caressed his face. “I want you to be happy.”
Another shudder ran through him. “I am happy. What else?”
You traced his eyes, his nose, his lips. “I want to be the one making you happy.”
Jungkook couldn’t contain himself anymore. His heart felt like it was about to explode. He covered your body with his and pressed himself into you. Your eyes rolled back as he entered you slowly. You felt so full you wanted to burst out of your skin. You could feel how the Jungkook-sized whole in your heart filled up again.
He rocked into you and took your breath away. Your nails raked across his back and left red lines against his smooth skin. Jungkook ducked his head into the crook of your neck and moaned against your skin. Every pull dragged pleasure out of you, every push brought you closer together.
You wanted more. Jungkook gave you more.
You wanted him closer. Jungkook pushed deeper into you.
With every moan, Jungkook pushed harder, pushed deeper. He wanted to melt into you. He wanted the lines between you and him to disappear. Your desire was his desire. His pleasure was your pleasure.  
Jungkook could feel you tightening around him. He moved his mouth over yours and gave you an ardent kiss. The light of your desire turned brighter and brighter until it burst apart into a thousand little flames. You cried against his lips and let the heat consume you. Your body pulsed around his and the overwhelming sensation brought him right over the edge with you.
The both of you laid on your bed and clung to each other. Neither of you willing to let the other go. Your pounding chests beat in tandem. Jungkook stroked his hand across your hair and kissed your head.
“I want you to be happy too,” he said.
“I know,” you said as you smiled against his chest, “You make me happy.”
Jungkook pulled you tighter into him and you remained silent for a while. His hand traced lazy patterns against your skin. Your breathing evened out.
“Are you allergic to pineapple?” he suddenly asked.
You looked up at him in surprise. “No. Why?”
“Because you always order tangsuyuk without pineapple.”
“Oh. That’s because my sister hates pineapple.”
Jungkook frowned, you pulled yourself up and kissed the little ridges between his eyes.
“What?” you asked.
“I think the jjajangmyeon is all soggy by now,” he said.
You had to laugh. “Probably, but the tangsuyuk should still taste great.”
Jungkook kissed you with a smile. “You’re right, tangsuyuk always tastes great.”
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who’s your daddy?; h.s | part two
Tumblr media
a/n: hello everyone! this is the long awaited part two that actually makes me want to rip my hair out. i did my very best to tie up each loose end, but if you have any questions, hit my inbox! i wasn’t given the utmost time to edit, so it’s kind of edited, kinda not. bare w me, please! i wanna hear all the thoughts and feelings!!
an official plug for my fic rec account @inablumoon​ bc i b reading and i read.
wc: 17.3k
Olivia was radiant.
Her smile was shiny, it gleamed off silverware and sparkled when the sun hit her just right. Everyone wanted her, and Harry was so lucky to have her. She may not have been his girlfriend, but she found great comfort in treating him as though he were her boyfriend. It felt so easy, as if being hers came naturally to him, as if he were born to take care of her and make her happy. They had assumed their position in bed, innocently.
Her head would start on his chest before slowly falling into his lap, and he would massage her scalp so she would fall asleep there, and he could sleep peacefully knowing her head was in his heads, and she was protected. He felt like his head and his heart could peacefully rest knowing she was right there.
The mornings were their favorite parts of spending the night with one another. In Harry’s opinion—his favorite part of their sleepovers was every moment he spent with her. He could not get enough of her, and as soon as she allowed him to, he was loving up on her every moment he could get. He felt as though his heart beat for her—as if everything in his life had added up and became equal to him finding her. His soul felt complete when he held her hand, and he knew from their first date that Olivia was the woman he wanted to marry. The problem? When Harry fell, he fell hard. And when he fell, he tended to lose sight of anything or anyone else in his life, only able to gush over who had swiped up pieces of his heart. In turn, he was terrified of confiding in her. Speaking his truth when it had been two months of spending countless hours on the phone until the other fell asleep, napping on Friday afternoons after class and taking her coffee in the Library after she had finished a grueling lab for her upper division requirements. Two months of helping her figure out what type of law was calling her name, and two months of Harry falling deeply, helplessly and endlessly in love with her.
Thea had known Olivia since they were in the beginning stages of being a teenager and knowing every inch of her like the back of her hand, it took being cornered in the kitchen for Olivia to fess up that the rumor mill had been true—she was seeing someone and she was in love. Not shocking, Olivia had been in love with her high school boyfriend, and her middle school boyfriend, and the girl who made out with her the summer before they left for college, and she never saw again. To put it simply, Olivia loved. She was made from the hands of Aphrodite herself, plagued with a curse of not just beauty, but love.
Harry, however, the romantic, found himself in serial situations over the course of his college experience. Woman after woman, drink after drink, he found someone to take home. He’d learned after getting his heart crushed in high school that this era of his life was simply meant to be lived. He never did not anticipate Olivia, or the way his heart picks up speed when he saw her the first time. Harry never had an interest in being that guy for the women he surrounded himself with. But for Olivia, he would be anything. Her handsome prince in shining armor, a lovesick puppy she dragged around on a leash. Harry didn’t fight it. Didn’t question it but allowed himself to indulge in every feeling she brought. And while she brought him new overwhelming senses of adoration every day, Harry did not know what it felt like to love until he met Olivia.
“I’m not sure you understand what I’m saying, H.” Olivia giggled. “You put the Tapatio on the popcorn!” Harry shrunk up his face in playful disgust.
“it’s yummy, I promise! Just try it.” She urged, picking up the popcorn bowl and nudging it towards him so he would simply try a bite. It was the way her cousins ate it, and ever since, it had been one of her favorite snacks of all time. Harry decided he would take one for the team, the glowing smile on her face urging him to get over himself, because he would do anything to keep that smile on her face for just a moment longer. He mumbled in agreement, taking a kernel well doused in the spice, and took his chances. As expected, it was disgusting. But nevertheless, Harry persisted only for Olivia’s curiosity to grow. “So? What do you think?”
“It’s disgusting.” Harry stated, happily taking another handful as he plopped down on the couch, kicking his feet onto his coffee table in search of the agreed movie from earlier. If dirt were Olivia’s preferred method of seasoning; Harry would eat spoonful after spoonful if it meant she got her way and kept that dopey grin on her face.
Harry shot up in bed. The white sheets stuck to his abdomen which was stickied by a layer of sweat from the events of last night, along with the June sun beating down into the master bedroom from the opened curtains he didn’t even bother with the night before. It was the fourth time this week, and it was only Wednesday. He could not help himself; he was made to be miserable after all he had done. He was forced to sit and wallow in an empty house that he kept on telling himself was time to sell, but had rejected offers from a multitude of happy families, itching to fill the walls with joyous laughter and boisterous children. For Harry, it had become a crime scene. A hollow shell of everything it once was, with every trace of Liv gone. He wasn’t supposed to be staying there in the first place—his therapist had warned against it, as was the source of the dreams he had been having, and a hinderance in his ability to move on. But he continued to return, because replaying the happy memories of the past felt better than recognizing the truth that came from his present.
A presence on the other side of the bed broke his thoughts, and he was left looking over to the blonde woman who had made herself feel at home. He was sure to never bring his visitors to the house, but he assumed he had been extra pathetic last night and begged the cab driver to take him home, not his placeholder home that he was renting in the hopes that one day, Olivia would wake up and change her mind.
“Good morning, handsome.”
He had extremely vague memories of last night, and in fact, dreaded this interaction the most. He favored going to someone else’s—they never asked questions about the woman in each of the photos around his house, or the children’s drawings hung up on the fridge. Harry looked over at the analog clock on his bedside table, seeing it was only 7:29 in the morning. He had an hour and a half to get ready for work if he planned on being on time, but he figured it was as good of an excuse as any to get the mystery woman out of his house, his heart clamoring at the possibility of Olivia seeing him as he was now. The mess he had become, a man she could no longer recognize. Not that she would have minded, he was free now to do as he pleased.
“Do you mind? I’ve—uh. I’ve got to get ready for work.” He muttered, throwing the sheet over the bed and sliding on clothing, gathering everything as quickly as he could because he did not want to stomach this moment. He did not want to think about how this moment would be filed away with many other instances that filled him to the brim with guilt, and made him question what the fuck broke in his brain that made him act out the way he was. The young woman grumbled in understanding, slipping her dress back on and hitching out the door with her shoes in one hand and purse in the other.
She made her walk of shame quickly and effectively, much to Harry’s pleasure. He did not enjoy the conversations that were to come afterward, as it only reminded him of Olivia, and the hours of pillow talk that would ensue after a long night’s rump. Harry blew hair out of his face, noting the time as he knew he needed to go to back to his apartment in order to prepare for work and hopefully, write something that was not too pathetic.
Niall Horan had known Harry for years. He was new to the scene when Harry started working as a writer with Sony, and together, they had written a handful of billboard hits that made it onto each pop radio station around the world. Niall was well-known, and Harry was highly requested as a songwriter. Harry used to be the guy that walked in every morning with a smile on his face. That man grew and withered away as two months became six, and six months became eight, and before anyone in the office had known, it had been a year since Olivia and Harry had separated, and their divorce had been finalized a little over six months ago, when Harry fell down a bender. His work friends were careful when it came to inviting him out for drinks, because he was eager to accept and be the first one there and the last one to leave. Everyone was worried, to say the least. And Harry could not be bothered. The only person in the world who had an opinion he cared about was long since done with him and everything he had put her through.
“G’mornin’ mate, how are you feeling?” Harry slumped his bag off his shoulder in the studio. He shrugged his shoulders, pulling out his notepad of ideas. Niall was understanding of the type of day today would be. The type where he beat himself up harder and harder each day, brainstorming ways he could alleviate himself of the dumbbells that weighed down his heart, day by day, growing more numb to the sad truths that would loom over him until he faced them. Today, Harry was unwilling to even try to tackle any of his demons. Opting for a short and sweet response.
“M’okay.” Harry stated plainly. Niall knew better than to press the subject any father, so he accepted and allowed Harry to move on. “Now, I’ve got some ideas for a new number one.”
Struggle was not something new to Olivia.
Since quitting her position at the firm, she had all hands-on deck. She was doing everything she could in order to be there for her kids when nobody else could be. She took the odd job here and there—but six months since her divorce from Harry, and she was still relying on those odd jobs to help her pay her bills. Olivia was struggling to stay afloat as she grew used to life as a co-parent, but she was proud of herself for finding her footing after spending such a long time figuring out what the fuck she was going to do.
Elliot was a month old, and she had heard Harry beg countless times to come home, to bring their baby home and just…see. As much as her gut told her not to, she still found herself in the home she and Harry had bought after they got engaged, sitting at the dining table Anne had found for them when she went antiquing with Olivia in the states.
“I think,” Olivia started. “I think this is the best thing for both of us.” She slid the folder across the table and into his hands, where he opened them and his eyes widened in shock, and what seemed to be sadness.
“Divorce?” He questioned, dumbly. Harry could not sit and say he was shocked, nor did he feel he had the right to be hurt, but his right to be hurt did not stop the pit in his chest to grow another inch when he realized that he had dug himself right into a hole that was impossible to find a way out of, and now, it was starting to collapse, and before he knew it, he was struggling to breathe, swallowing the debris around him as he struggled to find his way back up to safety. “Liv, baby, I-”
“Please, H.” She begged, hands folded in her lap and clearly trying to avoid his eyes.
“Can you look at me? Can you please look at me?” And those big brown eyes made him weak at the knees, even all these years down the line, she had all the power over him and didn’t even know it. “Can…Can I ask you something?” Their eye contact was intense, Olivia nodding her head, trying to hold back the clear tears threatening to spill out from the rims of her eyes. “Do you think we could try? One last time?”
One last time was a loaded question. One last time could mean a lot of different things, but it could also allow for a multitude of possibilities. Was she giving up on him too easily? Would she be able to rest at night knowing she did not try to save her marriage—for the sake of her kids? “What are you asking of me, Harry?”
Harry bit his lip, nervously. “I know I’m an asshole, but I promised you that I would fight until my lungs gave out, and I won’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t try.” He began, adjusting his position in his seat next to her, grabbing her neatly tucked hands out of her lap, holding her delicate hands in his. “One last time. To prove I can do this right. That I can love you the way you deserve.”
Olivia gave it heavy though, her brain squeezing out every excuse that she could before finally siding with her heart, rather than her head. She could not speak—too overcome with the fear of letting him in for what could possibly be the last time, only to open herself back up to the heartbreak she had already began sorting through. One last chance, however, could be the difference in their children growing u in two different homes. One last chance could be the difference in having to dip back into dating, one last chance could mean saving the bits and pieces of what they had had left after falling apart. She closed her eyes lightly, trying to be mindful of her mascara despite it being waterproof.
“Olivia?” Harry whispered, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Don’t cry, baby. No crying, c’mon.” Harry readjusted himself in his seat facing her so he could pull her into a hug. Her sniffles could be heard over his quiet mumbles of love before pulling back and continuing to wipe the tears out of her eyes and they fell. “I love you. I love the life we built together, and I love the two babies you gave me. I love you. And you don’t owe me another chance after what I did.” His voice cracked. “But I—I’m fuckin’ stupid. And- “
Olivia began shaking her head, trying to even her breaths before speaking. “Yes.”
Harry’s eyebrow lifted. “Yes?”
Olivia nodded profusely, gripping his hands as tight as she could. “One last chance.”
Arrangements were made for Olivia to come home shortly thereafter. The first step was enrolling in marriage counselling, and the second step was finding their boundaries after such a life changing event. The final step, however, was the most dreaded. Amidst trying to tie up each loose end that would allow for everyone to properly move on and start anew, there was Thea.
Thea had been around. Of course she had. Lydia was her daughter’s best friend and Olivia knew better than to hold Lydia accountable for something she had no control over. As easy as it would be to resent that little girl, Olivia watched her grow up. Saw the smiles on her face when “Ampie Liv” showed up with Lottie swaddled in her arms. Lydia never asked to be born, never asked to be conceived, and most certainly had no hand in the decisions her parents made leading to the mess her life was today. No. Olivia couldn’t.
Nevertheless, Thea was patient. She waited for Olivia to approach her, knowing that she had no right to come to her first. She mulled over what she would say when –if—the time ever came, and she could explain herself. What happened those two times between her and Harry that made every interaction they’d had before that so different. And to Thea; no answer would ever be good enough. Nothing would ever justify what she did, and she knew there weren’t any apology cards that said she was sorry for fucking her best friend’s fiancé, and current husband.
When Thea was around, Olivia was always there, and Harry awkwardly worked through a short conversation, which left Olivia bitter every single time. She knew he meant well, but it hurt her heart to even see that he could stomach being in the same room as her, that he could act so nonchalant about the entire thing.
The luckiest part of the entire thing for Thea, was how busy Dylan had become with work. Three months into knowing, Dylan was still left in the dark of the entire situation. And while it was none of her business, she knew how much it fucking killed her to be the last one who knew of what was going on. So, Olivia minded her business. Because while Thea made a habit of opening her legs in marriages that were not her own, Olivia did not.
The day was like any other. Harry had kissed his girl’s cheeks, and his son’s head before making his way to work. The kids were dropped off with Liv’s parents, and Olivia sat outside of the house, waiting for Dylan to make his way to the car for work, Lydia in tow with the matching princess backpacks Thea and Liv had bought for the girls during back to school shopping.
Liv saw the pair make off down the street, and she knew that the clock had begun. Her nerves were suddenly shot, and she began wondering why she wanted to do this at all. She swallowed the lump in er throat, making her way out of the car and onto their stoop, her stomach flipped when she saw the house warming gift she and Harry had bought for them, custom made, sitting on the porch. A welcome mat, with the worn last name Nguyen caked with dirt and debris that accumulates from coming and going.
The doorbell could be heard through the house, and Oliva could hear it echo the walls from her place on the porch. A figure approached through the glass, and she was correct to assume it to be Thea as it swung open and she was standing in front of her before she could even think to run back to her car.
“Hi.” Olivia breathed out. The shock over Thea’s face spoke for itself.
“Hi.” She opened the door further, allowing Olivia a path to come inside. They both knew why she was here—but Thea felt awkward nonetheless, unsure of where this was headed. Olivia could approach her in a calm manor, or she could go completely off the rails. Both completely valid, Thea reconsidered. She deserved whatever reaction Olivia decided was right. Olivia followed Thea into the dining room. The same one where she was sat over three months ago—the evening she found out. Everything seemed to be in its place, yet lived in, as though her life hadn’t changed at all in the very same spot she was sitting in next to Thea. “…How are things?” Olivia shrugged, continuing to look around the room. She just couldn’t find it in her heart to look Thea in the eye, because she promised herself, she wouldn’t cry. She allowed her mind to wander, looking over each piece of furniture. If she traced her fingertips over each surface, would she feel Harry’s phantom touch? Where, the banister? The sofa? God forbid—the master bedroom? Olivia had visited the scene of their crime many times, she just couldn’t pinpoint the place of interest. Does she make him feel whole? For all she knew—their affair could have extended to a lot more than just two times. For all she knew—when she would send Lottie and Harry for playdates while she was sick, they wouldn’t busy the girls so they could have their way with one another. Surely, not. Olivia gulped, not fully able to convince herself of anything quite yet.
“I came here for a reason.” She finally spoke, much to Thea’s relief. She came here for a reason; and while it was one of the tougher pills to swallow, Olivia knew it was necessary. She wouldn’t be able to stomach something like this from Harry. So, she needed to hear it from the other woman herself, no matter how much it hurt. For Olivia to ever make peace with things, if she ever wanted to fix her marriage, this moment needed to come to fruition.
Thea nodded in understanding, twiddling her thumbs. She waited, waited for Olivia to lug whatever insults came to mind first. To be told she was worthless, nothing more than the whore who ruined everything. The twisted part of her wanted Olivia could say that, simply so she could alleviate herself of partial weights on her chest, to affirm that she was just as bad of a person as she felt she was.
 “I’ve wanted to talk to you, but I wanted to allow you the space you needed to digest everything.” Everything? The cheating? You mean the cheating, Thea? Olivia was determined not to hurl low blows. That wasn’t the person she wanted to be, or the one she was taught to be. Although, her immaturity would be justified. Nobody will blame her if she spit in Thea’s face and vandalized the house or hated the little girl who occupied it. Olivia just had to remind herself that she wasn’t that person, no matter how easy it would make things if she were.
“Okay,” Olivia deadpanned. “Maybe start with the beginning.”
“I was on the phone with Dylan after I left your hotel room. It was two days before the wedding, I think. He had just got the results back from our fertility specialist and he found out that he has a low sperm count.” Olivia nodded along. “He wanted a kid, and we weren’t eligible for adoption because we didn’t make enough money, and neither of us had turned thirty yet, and I would have been fine without them. But Dylan wanted one so badly.” She sniffled, preemptively wiping her eyes. “It was really putting a strain on us. And you know how Dylan wasn’t going to make it out to Jamaica until the night before the ceremony, and I wasn’t sure what the hell to expect. But I wasn’t thinking clearly. So I did what everyone does when they don’t know what to do, and tried to go to the hotel bar, and when I found out it was closed, I walked to the one closet to where we were staying. I had no idea that’s where Harry was having his party.” Olivia nodded along, showing that she was paying attention but she was beginning to feel sick, having a feeling she knew where this was going.
“He saw me. Crying at the bar. It was fucking humiliating, and he tried to be there for me.” Thea wasn’t sobbing, but there were genuine tears in her eyes as she recalled the event. “I-I, uh. Can’t remember too much after that. But Dylan still doesn’t know, and even though I have no right to ask you this, I would appreciate you not telling him.” She figured it would be in both of their best interest to save Olivia the nitty gritty details. Olivia could be cruel, she could call her names, air out the dirty laundry of the two families but Thea could be cruel too, and repeat the drunken and filthy dialogue of the night, reenact the sounds exchanged, or the aftermath. But she wouldn’t—because while it would hit Olivia where it hurts, she deserved every word she would hurl at her. Honestly, Thea wasn’t proud of the conception of her daughter. In fact, it was one of the biggest mistakes of her life. But it brought her a girl, a girl so precious that she owes so much to, and Lydia had no idea her importance in her mother’s life. But Olivia understood, being a mother herself.
Olivia figured Thea quit while she was ahead, and found herself speechless. That was it? “So, you had sex with my fiancé, two nights before my wedding, as the maid of honor because…because you were fucking sad?”
“I’m not fucking proud of it, Liv. Neither of us are, and we have killed ourselves trying to protect you and—”
“So you’re a ‘we’ now?!” Olivia looked at her with wild eyes, lump in her throat growing larger and larger before it would eventually burst. But she held back, in the fear of looking weak in front of the very person who made her feel so powerless, so incredibly stupid.
“Livvy, you know that’s not how I meant it!”
“How am I supposed to know anything about you anymore?” Olivia snapped. “We were supposed to be best friends. Our daughters were supposed to be like sisters, Thea. Not actual fucking sisters.” It was then, Olivia decided she could not hold on to it anymore. The lump that had grown over the last ten minutes had burst, and her face was wet with fresh, hot, salty tears. “How could you do this to me? How-How were you able to look me in the eye, afterwards?”
Thea’s bottom lip trembled, because she was right. Every fake smile, every assuring word had been rendered useless now. It all meant nothing, and while friendship was important to Thea, she ended up putting herself first, in a way that she felt she had not done in a long time. It was selfish for Thea to keep Lydia, and put her best friend through the torment of not being Harry’s only—and being the woman to make him a father. But, Thea felt it was too much to sacrifice for another person. Her relationship with Dylan was different, and while they loved each other more than anything, Dylan and Thea both ended up getting what they wanted, and Thea found self-preservation to be a much better way to see the situation, rather than what it was. It made it easier for her to live with herself.
“I’m so sorry, Liv.” Thea moved her hand to cover her friends. “Nothing will ever right these wrongs, but I just need you to know that I’m sorry. It’s hard to sleep, it’s hard to eat. It’s hard to look in the mirror because I feel so fucking sick with myself.” Olivia moved her hand from Thea’s, placing it in her lap.
“Do you love him?” Thea furrowed her brow in confusion, and a bit of frustration. She thought she was clear in all that had been established.
“No.” Thea stated, shaking her head furiously. She locked eyes with Olivia, stern in her words. “You will never, ever have to worry about anything between us ever again, okay?” Thea grabbed her hand once more, rubbing her thumb into her palm for comfort.
Olivia shook her head. “I want to believe that. I want to believe you so badly,” She muttered. “But I can’t have you both, and I have to choose.” Thea sadly nodded in understanding, sitting back in her chair, trying not to cry. “And as much as I want to, I can’t choose you over the father of my kids.”
The coming of waterworks between the two women was to be expected. They stood and locked each other in a hug. Years of torment aside, there was so much to be said in one hug. A nod towards all of the good times, an acknowledgement of broken trust, and most importantly, a mutual understanding that this was the end.
“I-love-you.” Thea hiccupped. “I’m so sorry, Livvy. I’m so sorry, I love you.” Olivia swallowed the words sitting on her tongue, not wanting to ruin the moment. It was deeply personal, and incredibly bittersweet.
“I know. I love you too, Thes.” Olivia closed her eyes as Thea held her tighter, knowing that it was all about to end. The years of love, of jokes, of understanding were about to be erased, and Thea wanted to hold on to it all just a moment longer. Against her better judgement, Olivia squeezed her eyes tighter while listening to Thea’s cries of anguish, before speaking up once more. “I forgive you.” Pulling away, Thea wiped her nose with the back of her hand, holding Olivia’s with her other. Thea felt properly weak. How could she cry on the shoulder after such a betrayal, and then accept that she was offered forgiveness. But she continued to cry, and mutter “thank you’s” into Olivia’s shoulder.
Olivia was truly too good for everyone involved. Thea always knew this—but it finally hit her how incredible of a person she had to let go because of her own selfishness. Olivia was always there for her, and how was she repaid? Learning that her daughter was not Harry’s first born. Learning that another woman and child existed out there, one with his nose, and the same eyes she fell in love with. Olivia set Thea free, dropping her hand to her side as she watched her leave.
“Thea?” Olivia questioned, turning her head over her shoulder. Olivia looked at the ground, then back at her former friend. Thea gave Olivia her full attention, before she opened her mouth once more to speak. “Don’t let Dylan find out the way that I did.”
Things were looking up.
Harry felt like he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, letting Olivia gradually work her way back into things, at her pace. That morning, Olivia kissed him before heading off to the grocery store. It was short, it was chaste, and it was one of the first moments in months where Harry felt whole again, walking into work that day with a smile on his face. That day, Olivia thought she was ready for the next step. She thought she was doing well. She had pushed thoughts of Harry and Thea out of her mind, and her fixation on the two of them had not been acknowledged in one month. She felt so proud of herself. Proud that she was fixing her marriage, proud that she was giving her kids a chance at having two parents who loved one another. Her pride, however, would dwindle. The more Olivia thought about her choice to give her husband another chance—she felt dirty. Dirty for being the woman who chose a man over her best friend. Dirty for allowing him the privilege to walk around with the ring he so pridefully showed off when other women were around. Other women who were not Thea. And then, Olivia felt shame.
Shame for the way she would tiptoe around Harry and check his phone when he was in the shower. Shame when she would dig through the pockets of his laundry to see if there were a clue that perhaps he had lied about his whereabouts that night. Remembering each story, he told to a T when he told her he was going out—just in case the details were to change later.
Things going well was bittersweet. Counselling was going well, their communication skills left something to be desired, but more importantly, Harry was living up to his promise. Pulling out the tricks he did when they were in college together. Their fourteenth anniversary was spent under the stars, on the lawn of their college campus where their therapist had told them to read to one another each thing they loved about one another. The night was perfect, and it meant the world to her to see that Harry was serious about proving himself to her.
Harry and Olivia were supposed to be set. However, Olivia’s improvement was miscalculated.
It was supposed to be their night. She kissed him that morning and swore to him that she was ready. That she missed him and made it clear when she dropped Lottie off at school that morning, and Elliot with her mother—who had become especially skeptical of her daughter’s judgement since moving back home. She trusted Olivia, but she tried so hard to see the good in everyone, she did not know how to tell her that not every relationship was meant to last.
Olivia made the first move, at her request to Harry who was almost always in control when it came to their intimacy. But things were different now, and while she knew he would never hurt her, she didn’t trust him in the way she used to.
It was fine.
It was supposed to be fine. But the moment Harry’s hand grazed her shoulder, hand slipping down her back in pursuit of her bra, Olivia flinched, her brain immediately beginning to flick through made-up images, a million miles per second. What this moment had been like to her, if Harry traced his thumb over Thea’s shoulder blade? Did he whisper the same sweet nothings into Thea’s ear? – the same words that gave Olivia such comfort? The ones that made Liv weak at the knees.  A gesture so familiar, now tainted. Forever changed in the fraction of a second.
She wanted him so badly.
She wanted to trust him so badly.
Olivia’s heart sank as she a sob tore through her, falling limp into Harry in front of her, who had no other choice than to hold her while she wept into his bare chest. She tried to catch her breath, but each romance over the last six months seemed to feel like a sham. Nobody was around—she was free to cry as loud as she wanted. And she wailed, and huffed, and cried into Harry, who felt useless the entire time.
Harry, however useless he felt, knew what this meant. Olivia was never the one to shy away from his touch, because he had never given her a reason to until now. He was afraid, terrified this would happen, and because of it, he knew what was to come, and he could feel his heart fall into his stomach while he heard Olivia try to console herself. Harry wrapped her up in his arms, and held her close to his chest while they rocked back and forth.
The thought alone still sends chills down her spine, they both considered it to be, ironically, one of the most tender moments they shared in their entire marriage. There was no way to salvage what had been lost, and they both needed to simply let go. Harry kissed her head softly, rubbing her back in an effort to calm her down, tears streaming down his own face.
He wanted to be wrong.
And then Olivia lifted her head, hiccupping as she pressed her cheek against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. “I’ll call my lawyer in the morning.”
Harry left for work that next morning the same way he had for the last six months. He kissed his son’s head, his daughter on the cheek, and held his wife’s cheeks and gave her one last—real—kiss, because just as he suspected, any sign of her was gone the moment he returned home, and Olivia was in the tender, loving care of her mother once more, promising he would see the kids that weekend. Harry spent the remainder of his night drinking tequila out of the bottle, crying himself to sleep on the kitchen floor.
Harry returned from work absolutely drained. It included writing more painful songs about being the loser who only had himself to blame—and Niall begging him to stop feeling sorry for himself, which Harry did not oblige. He knew better than to try to take a nap, as Olivia had his schedule memorized from the years they spent together. She had everything perfectly timed out, a school 15 minutes from both of their houses, and homes 30 minutes away from one another because while Harry just wanted their kids to be close, Liv just wanted to give them a sense of normalcy, and stability.
Just like clockwork, the doorbell rang at exactly ten minutes after he got home. He groaned, all the while excited to see his little girl, who got bigger every time he saw her. The door swung open to reveal his little one, who had undoubtedly grew like a little sprout in since he saw her a few days before. She was growing, changing right before his eyes, but all at the same time, he felt like he was missing it.
“Hello, beautiful girl!” He mumbled into her hair as she hugged him tightly. She was a daddy’s girl at heart, and Olivia found it to be especially endearing because even though it killed her when Lottie threw tantrums, or had a bad day and she could only call Harry, the moments where they finally did have one another were extra special. They could go hours without seeing one another, and Liv theorized that Lottie would still run  into her father’s arms as though he just returned home from war. “And my little man!” He turned to the little boy holding onto his mother’s hand, perplexed by the entire affair.
Elliot was also growing like a sprout. It felt like just yesterday when he was born, now, here he was. A year old and walking into his dad’s apartment like he owned the place. Harry pressed a kiss to Lottie’s head as he went in for Elliot, picking him up and tossing him high in the air only to press a kiss to his head, and doting on him.
“You guys have a good time with Daddy. I’ll see you tomorrow night.” Olivia smiled as both of her kids weren’t even paying her any mind, their focus set on their father.
“Alright guys, give Mummy goodbye kisses and tell her you love her.” Lottie—being the only one who could fully understand what Harry was saying, pressed a kiss to Olivia’s cheek and twirled her fingers in her mother’s hair.
“I love you, Mummy. I’ll miss you.”
The worst part of co-parenting was always having to say goodbye. Nobody wants to leave their kids for however long it may or may not be. For Olivia at least, she dreaded drop-off each week. Not because Harry was a bad father. She knew he gave them every ounce of his energy, and every drop of attention they could ever wish for, but because she wished this wasn’t something they had to do. As much as she understands the divorce was her idea, she wished she could have done more. Tried harder for them, not herself.
Olivia lifted her eyebrows, letting Harry know they needed a moment together, and Harry was quick to send Lottie off to the kitchen, where she last left her coloring book.
“If you’re free this Saturday, do you think you’d be able to take them?” Liv tried to give Harry extra time with the kids where he could get it, and she was well aware he would cancel any and all plans that he had and readjust them accordingly. In short, Harry may have been a shitty partner, but he was an incredible parent.
“Absolutely. What are you getting up to?” Olivia ignored his question, muttering thanks as she turned on her heel, bringing her phone out quickly to send a text.
Olivia dropped the kids off at Harry’s around 6’oclock, when she promised she would. The problem, however, was her arrival in a new dress. One Harry certainly had never seen before, meaning it was new, and the white strappy heels she wore to match was a dead give away for him. Olivia was going on a date, and it wasn’t with him.
He remembered those heels; he remembered their power. But it was not only a date, but Olivia was intending on getting laid? She held their sons’ hand in a pink floral printed milk maid midi dress, with a slit on the side that still made it tasteful. Her hair was perfectly pinned out of her face, with two curls dangling on the sides of her head to frame her angular face, and the baby pink complimented her brown skin made her angelic. In the way where Harry wished he could simply pick her up, and kiss and dote on her all night. Tell her how much of an idiot he is, how much he missed her, how his heart ached at night because every moment he was awake, was spent missing her.
“Hey.” She handed him an overnight bag, despite the kids having their own clothes at Harry’s. “This is all of their overnight stuff, and I made sure to remember Obo.” Obo—the stuffed rabbit that Andy—Harry’s former best friend, and best man in his wedding—had gotten for Lottie the day she was born.  “Oh! And I called in the cake already for Lottie’s birthday, so you don’t have to worry about that.”
Harry wanted to speak, but she left him breathless when she did things he didn’t expect. He simply nodded, trying to pick his jaw up off the floor. “Yeah, sounds great. Lydia will be over tonight too. So, Lottie may come back to you slumped.” There was a beat of silence before Harry spoke up. “You look really beautiful, Livvy.” Olivia sent a tight-lipped smile, kissing her baby’s goodbye, and leaving Harry without so much as a word in his direction.
Olivia never intended on being cold towards him. She did her best to remain civil, no matter how much she still loved him, one of his smile’s made her weak. That was the problem—she still loved him, and he still loved her, as far as she knew. Their relationship, however, was too far broken to be repaired. Therefore, Liv made a deliberate choice in not sharing her dating life with her ex-husband, because Harry was charming, and he would always find a way to get in her head without even knowing he was doing it.
Harry hated himself for remembering every inch of Olivia’s body, and those insane legs that she loved to show off every second she had the chance to do so. He couldn’t blame her—she was beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, every other word in a thesaurus one could think to come up with, her picture is right there as an example. He hated himself for having the audacity to miss her and hated himself for not being able to be happy for her.
She was moving on, the thing you’re supposed to do after a divorce. He couldn’t be mad, but he could certainly be jealous.
Harry was beginning to plate dinner when Thea knocked on the door, and Lottie dropped everything to stand behind her father, (just like he taught her to do when someone answers the door) and the moment Lottie and Lydia locked eyes, they were off, running around to do whatever it is they wanted.
“Girls! Dinner is ready, get back here.” Harry used what Thea and Olivia had coined as his “dad” voice, when he went one octave lower than his natural one in order to show his authority. It caused a ripple of laughter to sound throughout Thea’s chest.
“I should get going.” She smiled, waving goodbye to Elliot, at the end of the table, with his bib on, ready to eat once his sisters returned.
“Are you sure you don’t want to stay? There’s plenty of pasta and garlic bread to go around?” Thea looked at the table, and the girls who were at the top of the loft.
“Please, Mum!” Lydia whined, to which Thea realized she couldn’t say no, and dropped her purse and cardigan over the couch, where she always left it on their visits to one another.
They all sat around the table, and they had each learned to they needed to talk about their favorite part of the day before everyone could eat. Elliot garbled, while Lottie and Lydia talked about how seeing one another was their favorite part of the day, while Thea said her favorite part was sleeping in. Harry was left for last, speaking lowly. “M’favorite part was seeing mummy.”
After dinner was finished, the five of them had decided to sit down for a movie, and after the girls fought over which movie was better, Brave or Coco –Coco—they were finally able to settle and watch until the girls fell asleep 25 minutes into it, and Elliot, who had long since been knocked out, was asleep on Harry’s chest. And after three and a half glasses of wine, it was safe to say both were a bit tipsy.
“Do you need help putting these guys to bed?” Harry nodded, eyes full of thankfulness as he traded Thea, placing Elliot in her arms to remain peacefully asleep, and picked up Lydia and Lottie—much to his difficulty. Thea laid Elliot in his crib, and Harry laid Lottie and Lydia in the full-size bed he had set up in her bedroom, because nights like these were common. Since everything coming to light, it wasn’t uncommon for Harry to spend time one on one with Lydia so long as Dylan was out of town, and because of his job, he seemed to only be home two weekends a month, always allowing the two best friends and sisters to spend time with one another.
Thea and Harry were complicated to pin down. They called one another friend’s but tried to avoid one another unless it involved one of the kids, but all at the same time, they were each other’s shoulder to cry on. They sat back on the couch, the kids each tucked cozily in their beds.
“So,” Thea started. “How’s Liv?” She knew Harry didn’t want to talk about it. Olivia put him in a bad mood. Not her, but there was a time when the topic of her didn’t hurt his heart. He missed not feeling like a hollow shell when it came to her. Harry felt hopeless now, especially. She was on a date with a man who wasn’t him, while he watched the kids they had together. It hurt.
Harry shrugged, trying to play off his hurt, but it becomes incredibly clear to the woman sitting next to him, even now that she was four glasses deep. “She had a date tonight.”
Thea sat up, looking at him incredulously. “Olivia? A date? You guys have been divorced for two months!” Harry once again shrugged, taking another long drink of the red wine he had left in his glass.
“Might as well be eight, dragged my feet long enough to sign those papers.” A silence fell over them before Thea spoke.
“M’sorry she’s dating again. That’s gotta hurt.” Harry sighed, trying not to make this moment any more desperate than it was to begin with.
“What can I do, other than sit here and feel sorry for myself?” He partially joked. Thea grabbed his hand, her eyebrows lifting as she smiled at him sadly. It was kind, and a way to let him know that she was there for him, even though Liv wanted nothing to do with her. Harry looked down at her hand, then at her mouth, painted with a layer of chapstick, and remembered how delicious she once tasted, and found his mind wandering back to that incredibly dangerous place that landed him where he was in the first place. They had been here twice before, and when Thea leaped into his lap, kissing him hard, with an amount of passion he hadn’t felt in a while, he kissed her back. Harry and Thea had learned their lesson the first time, but as it would turn out, Harry was no longer married, meaning he no longer had to think about Olivia, or what she would say if she knew this were happening again.
While kissing Thea, Harry’s mind still landed on Olivia. How late it was, how she could be giving herself to someone who may not even appreciate her in the ways that she deserved.
What if he makes her cum?
Anger bubbled in Harry’s stomach as he grabbed the sides of Thea’s face, kissing down her neck before sliding her shirt over her head, and trying to suppress the animalistic growl he was begging to release at the thought of one of his girls with someone who wasn’t him.
Over the course of two hours, Harry had found himself watching Thea brush her hair in his bathroom mirror at three in the morning. He remembered exactly how he ended up here, and he pushed any amount of guilt he had over the situation down. He had no reason to feel guilty because he wasn’t married. And Thea’s business was her business, and he would refuse any more information on the matter.
Harry had sex with plenty of women. In fact, his body count was embarrassing if you counted the women who would line up outside his door for another night with him, but Thea always managed to be different. He wasn’t sure why because he was certain he was not in love with her. No, he was attracted to her. But what he felt towards Thea was nowhere near as strong as the love in his heart for Olivia. And while he was so good for so long, he knew he tended to self-sabotage. To take good things and make them bad because part of him felt like he deserved bad things. He knew for a fact that when it came to Olivia, his brain told him everything that it could in order to get him to fuck things up. And here they were, roughly fourteen years after they started dating, and they were divorced. Things just weren’t meant to work out for him, he reasoned. And in that moment, he decided he would no longer give his heart to anyone other than his kids, because at the end of the day, they are the only ones he will ever have to answer to, and while he knows it’s best to lead by example, he won’t do anything in front of his kids that could jeopardize how they see him—or anyone else.
Thea leaned against the bathroom doorway, far off look in her eyes.
“Harry?” No response. “Harry?” Still nothing. “Harry.” Thea snapped, his eyes coming to hers and breaking the trance he had from staring down at his lap. “We need to talk about this.”
Harry rolled his eyes, jumping out of bed in the nude to walk over to her.
“Seriously? Put your pants on.” She said seriously but broke with a giggle as he kept coming closer to her, pushing her back into the bathroom and on top of the bathroom counter. He stood between her legs, hands trailing down until her reached the waistband of her panties. She watched as he pressed wet kisses down her neck and into her clavicle, her breathing labored.
He kissed his way back up her neck before finally, speaking lowly. “Tell me to stop.” Thea felt her heartbeat pick up significant speed when Harry began to move again. She looked down at him, her legs spread out over his shoulders, he waited patiently for anything from her, a nod, a shake of her head. Thea’s throat went dry before nodding erratically, and Harry made a home between her thighs, his best attempt to wipe any trace of Olivia from his mind.
 Olivia forgot how good it felt to be wanted.
In her worst moments after her separation, she felt like she would never be able to find her way back to who she was before. For starters, she never thought she would get divorced in the first place, but it all faded when she met Ian.
Ian was an old co-worker. Someone she admittedly didn’t pay much attention to, but he watched her closely. Had been nursing a crush on her since she started shortly after him and caught wind that she was a newlywed. His dreams were dashed, but it didn’t stop him from flirting with her every so often or avoiding her like the plague when he found out she was married to an absolute dreamboat of a man. But Ian and Olivia ran into each other one day at the grocery store, shortly after she and Harry had officially separated, and he chatted her up and asked her to go to dinner with him. Olivia was sweet, politely declining before he wrote his cell phone number on the back of a napkin she kept in her bag, and told her to call him in case she ever changed her mind.
That was in January, and Olivia stumbled across his number in her purse a month or so ago, and in a moment of feeling particularly bold, she texted him. And the days that followed were full of flowers. Flowers every day. Ian sent her flowers every day until she agreed to go out with him, and she wasn’t one to turn down someone who was willing to woo her.
The date was nice, and while she was severely out of practice, she almost missed the feeling that came with it. The nerves, the compliments, the free dinner, all of it. Olivia had truly missed feeling beautiful, feeling seen by someone who she felt only had eyes for her and showed it by only ever making eye contact with her the entire night. It felt a bit wrong to be so intimate with another person—holding hands, and kissing—she found herself taking several deep breaths and reminding herself that after everything, she is allowed to have fun, and she is most certainly allowed to have romantic feelings towards Ian, no matter how much her brain told her it felt like cheating because her heart still belonged to Harry, in the least official ways possible.
Ian was ever the gentleman. He dropped her off, walked her to her porch and kissed her cheek. He promised to text her and sent her inside with little more to go from. Ian was honest with her; told her he was looking for something real, and he knows she’s just gotten divorced, but he was willing to wait for her and have fun with her in the meantime because he had been pining after her for long enough. When Olivia did get home, she cried. Because she liked Ian, and part of her felt guilty for moving on. And she spent the night progressively trying to hype herself up, reminding herself that she could do this dating thing again, and she would be able to find someone who made her feel just as loved as Harry did—before he broke her heart.
The next morning, Olivia made her wait up the elevator, knowing she was early, but figuring it could be nice for the kids to wake up to her there. She thought the kids would like if they sat and had breakfast together as a family. Olivia knocked on the door, expecting an answer shortly after, only to be met with more silence.
Another knock. Silence.
Another knock. Silence.
Eventually, she grew tired. Pulling out her phone and dialing Harry’s number only for it to be sent to voicemail. She furrowed her eyebrows in confusion, dialing Harry one more time until her stomach grew numb, full of worry. Harry always parked in the apartment garage, but he had a car in his guest spot. She knew Harry wouldn’t bring anyone new around—so dialed him one last time before deciding to do the unthinkable and use the spare key he had given her in the case of emergencies.
Using her key, she knocked on the door once more, announcing her arrival.
“H? It’s Liv.” She called, to no answer. She noticed the familiar purse and cardigan hung over the sofa, just as she had before. She continued down the corridor, heading into the kitchen to find four eyes staring back at her like a deer does to headlights.
She tried to take in the entire scene before she said a word, but the evidence was there. Thea in his t-shirt, the pair of women’s underwear thrown on the floor, and the guilty look on both of their faces was enough for Olivia to gather; this was most certainly, exactly what it looked like. She knew that look; she’d worn it herself. She was extremely familiar with the look of Harry with sex hair.
While their kids were asleep upstairs. When it could have been any one of them who walked down the stairs to witness this, it had to be her. The universe, and the funny tricks it would play on her. Olivia didn’t react. She simply looked away, swallowed and headed for the door to wait outside. It was less than ten minutes later when Thea had stumbled out of the front door, Olivia refusing to make eye contact with her. And Harry was hot on her tail, inviting her inside once more because the kids always tried to sleep in on Sunday’s.
“What the fuck is going on, Harry?” Olivia chastised. Harry looked around the apartment, his hands in the air.
“Clearly nothing, do you see something going on?” Olivia scoffed, crossing her arms over her chest.
“Are you and Thea seeing each other now?” Harry rolled his eyes, crossing his arms back at her.
“What I do is none of your business. Who I see is none of your business.”
“It does when Thea is married!” Olivia shot back. Harry let out a sarcastic laugh before shaking his head.
“Yeah? Well, we aren’t. Get the fuck out.” Harry taunted her, and Olivia’s arms fell from where they were on her chest. He had never ordered her to get out before. In fact, Harry had never yelled at her.
“Get out. I’ll drop the kids off tonight.” Olivia once again found herself trying not to cry in front of Harry, because whoever he was right now, was not that person she had known for so long. He wasn’t who she married or dated for that matter. Olivia could not recognize him at all. She picked up the bag she had dropped on the ground in the middle of their argument, making her way towards the door. “Oh, and Liv?” She stopped, not fully turning around, but hanging on to the door, awaiting whatever he had to say. “I hope you had a good date last night.”
Her body swung back around, eyes narrowed in anger. “What the fuck is wrong with you?” She started. “You think you can take your shit out on me because I left you? Because you  and Thea have had countless nights together, some unreadable fucking connection, and because we aren’t married anymore, makes it okay?!” Harry stood there, no readable expression on his face. “Our kids were here, Harry. And if you weren’t as shitty as a father as you were a husband, I would make sure you never saw either of them again. But, in the meantime, you can go fuck yourself. I won’t be treated like this, regardless of when or when they aren’t around.” Olivia huffed, turning towards the door once more. “I’ll see you at Lottie’s party.”
And then, the door slammed, and Elliot woke up with a shrill cry.
That night, Harry watched Olivia open the door in order to let the kids in, only to slam it in his face directly afterwards. No goodbye kisses for their dad, no hugs, and certainly no telling him they loved him.
Harry felt like shit, because how could he not? He had sex with Thea again out of jealousy—spite. That wasn’t something he could take back, and while he missed his love, her certainly had a funny way of showing it. Every move he had made, made things worse. So Harry figured there was no use in making the right moves anymore if everything was wrong. Without a word, he stuffed his hands in his pockets and decided to drop Lydia off last.
Thea answered the door, not to his shock, kissing her daughter on the head and asking her if she had a good sleepover. Lydia gave her uncle a hug and a kiss, thanking him for everything and retreated to her room to sort herself for bedtime, leaving the two adults alone at last.
“Harry…” The door opened further, inviting him inside. When he walked in, nothing had changed from the last time he was there. In fact, Dylan had put more work into it, and reckoned they had repainted their living room.
“What? Looking for more?” He smirked. Thea stared him down in utter disgust.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Harry looks at her blankly, and she chooses to continue. “This can’t keep happening, Harry. I’m married. We have to confront why this keeps happening.” There’s silence, and Harry scratches his head, letting out a long-awaited sigh. 
“When I’m upset about Liv, it’s easy to come to you because you are the closest to her that I can get that isn’t her. Is that what you want to hear? That I use you because I can’t have who I want?” Thea opened her mouth to speak, biting her lip as she was interrupted by Dylan’s voice, bellowing through the walls as it came through the front door. What Harry had said struck a nerve.
“Honey, I’m home!” He pulls a suitcase behind him, and when he closes the door behind him, he is finally able to get a read on the tensity of the room.
“Daddy!” Lydia hollered, jumping from the staircase and into his awaiting arms. A pang of jealousy seethes through Harry’s veins at the scene, and while he is jealous, he needs to remain as neutral as possible in order to make it out of this.
He holds Lydia on his hip as he looked between his wife, and his friend.
“What’s going on?” Harry reluctantly replied with a short ‘nothing’ while Thea immediately answered with what everyone in the room except for Lydia had already known.
“Olivia is dating again.” Thea interjected, earning a glare from Harry. Dylan shook his head, feeling bad for him. He knew how much that had to hurt for him. Everyone knew he wasn't over her.
“Shit, I’m sorry. Come sit and have a drink, we can catch up.” Harry nods in agreement, allowing Lydia to run back upstairs so she could do as she pleased. Dylan went into the top of the cupboard, and pulled out a bottle of whiskey, cracking it open and pouring some into two glasses for the two men to share. Thea popping her head in before either of them could get in a word.
“I’m going to head to bed.” She smiled at her husband, planting a kiss on his lips and mumbling a goodnight to Harry as she made her way upstairs, wanting to chew off her fingernails if she had to listen to whatever conversation was about to take place.
Dylan brought a glass to Harry, and plopped down next to him on the sofa.
“So, how has work been?” Harry asked curiously, sipping at his whiskey.
“Eh, It’s business. You make some deals, you fly home. Typical deal.” Harry shrugged, not quite sure what that was like. He went on few business trips, if any. He always wondered what it would have been like if he toured the world and saw everything there was to see, much like Dylan had. He was incredibly well traveled. He remembered one of the very first conversations they had together was about Cambodia, and Dylan’s time abroad.
The two talked about everything and nothing, and Harry had more than enough of his share to drink, but that didn’t stop him from asking Dylan for more, and Dylan indulging when Harry asked him to fill up his glass. As it naturally did, the topic fell onto Olivia, as expected.
“I still don’t understand why she left you. You guys had it all, and one day she just…woke up and didn’t want to do it anymore? Thea wouldn’t give me all of the details.” Dylan leaned back onto the sofa, looking over to Harry for answers, who was doing his best to come up with something on the spot.
“I, uh. I cheated on her.” That was the first time Harry had said it out loud. The first time he had verbalized the cruelty he had inflicted upon a woman he loved so much, and honestly? He adored Dylan-yet couldn’t stop fucking his wife every time he felt his life was gearing up to implode. Dylan muttered a quiet ‘fuck’ under his breath as he tried to wrap his head around the situation.
“That doesn’t even make sense, you’ve been crazy about her since you met her. Seriously, never shut up about her.” Harry smiled kindly, knowing he was drunk when he wanted to sock him in the face and leave him with even more questions. Harry was trying to hold his tongue, not wanting to let the truth slip out because Thea had begged for her to be the one who got to tell him. An uncomfortable silence fell over the pair of men, as they each had their own internal, drunken debate they weren’t sure was the time to bring up. When Dylan finally spoke, Harry felt nothing. Not even an inkling of jealousy, which confirmed for him that his feelings for Thea didn’t extend anywhere beyond physical attraction, a breath of fresh air for him. “Me and Thea were talking about having another baby.”
Harry looked over at him, shock written all over his face. “Really?”
Dylan nodded, his finger circling the rim of the glass. “We were thinking about adoption.”
Harry chuckled, raising his drink up to his mouth. “Wouldn’t be the first time you raised someone else’s kid.”
Dylan looked at the man with confusion written all over his face, and hints of anger. “What did you just say?”
Harry shrugged, nonchalant, to play it off. “Liv told me about Lydia.” Dylan’s suspicions didn’t wear off, and the rest of the night was spent tip toeing around one another, until Harry finally did his best to sober up and drive a few blocks home.
Charlotte was turning six.
And since school was over, she had the pleasure of celebrating over the summer.
The party was in full swing, and she was glad to see not only her father, but her Nanna and Aunt Gemma, who she saw every now again, but it wasn’t too often. She liked them because they always told her how cute she was, but that was intercepted because of her baby brother, who she won’t lie; is cute, but it was her birthday! She wanted the attention.
Olivia was well aware that she was playing with fire by inviting Ian and Harry, to be in the same general area. But things with Ian were truly going well, she was falling for him more and more, every day. He was everything she ever could have asked for, and more.
He reminded her a lot of Harry, in unconventional ways. It led her to believe she most certainly had a type, but she was training her brain to stop thinking about her ex-husband when her current boyfriend was around, giving her kids all of the attention in the world, acting as though nobody else in the room existed when Lottie came downstairs in her princess dress, and Ian fawned over her, calling her the prettiest princess in the room—just as pretty as her mum.
Surprisingly, Harry was playing nice. Only for the sake that another man was holding his daughter on her birthday, when Ian answered the door for Olivia. He is playing his role rather well. Harry however was not a big fan of stand-in’s and much preferred the original. So much to his pleasure, his daughter’s excitement when seeing him made him forget all about Ian. Today was about her, and it was incredibly important to him that he not be selfish and pick any fights with his ex-wife.
They were all gathered in the backyard, Lottie sitting in her princess chair while Harry held Elliot, and Olivia excused herself to get the cake so she wouldn’t have to be around her ex any longer.
Harry felt bad. His guilt ate at him, and he couldn’t believe he said the things he had said to her. His jealousy was a disease, and it claimed the lives of anyone who got too close when he was hurt. Liv knew he was a creature prone to jealousy, there had been few times in their marriage where Harry was utterly confident in himself, but felt like he wasn’t good enough for her, and it was expressed in an entirely different way than what she was exposed to the other night. He wanted to apologize more than anything else, but he didn’t want to apologize while she had her new boyfriend glued to her at the hip, who offered to help her with the cake, Harry and Ian knowing well enough that she didn’t need that.
The situation felt helpless in an entirely different way than Harry was used to. They did not have to be on good terms in order to be parents, but difficulty was faced when it came to moments like these, where their daughter was turning six and they both wanted to cry over her, but after their last conversation, Harry was keeping his distance because he was sure Liv was still mad. He would be correct.
Another problem: Liv looked beautiful. It was hard for Harry to ever find a time where she didn’t, because she was Olivia and she always looked beautiful to him. She emerged from the sliding glass door, large cake in hand as she began to sing happy birthday to their little girl.
“Happy birthday to you,” They began, and Lottie turned a deep shade of red as the cake was placed in front of her, while she sat on her makeshift throne. The song finished, and she blew out her candles. Harry handed Elliot off to Olivia, and began cutting the cake, giving the smallest piece to his son. He passed it to Ian, who then showed Elliot, who made faces at the little boy for him to laugh.
Everyone heard it, but not everyone chose to pay attention to it, but it was clear who it was directed for. Harry turned his head ever so slightly to look behind him, and he could imagine the thick swallow lump in his throat that he was beginning to swallow became clear to Olivia he had heard him. Ian looked between the parents before scratching his head and excusing himself inside to get more utensils for the partygoers, knowing there were more than enough. Harry turned back around, continuing to cut the cake and look at his daughter, clad in her little costume and making his heart soar into another galaxy.
These were his kids, and he was losing them.
Was he a good father? Olivia made his status as a partner clear---but was he not clear enough in his role? Was he not enough?
Harry had felt this before; knowing Lydia called Dylan her dad eventually stopped bothering him too much because he never had the opportunity to be a dad to her. But his son? An entirely different story.
Olivia had called, but Harry did not answer.
His ego was severely damaged, and he couldn’t stomach whatever she would tell him to ease his worry that he was not a present enough father, and apparently, the boyfriend she had been toting around, staying at the house was.
He did not mean to ignore her, but he knew that when the time came, he owed Olivia a lot more than an apology, and she owed him some sort of explanation.
In the meantime, he was trying to swallow his pride. He went to Thea’s with every intention to apologize. He knew Dylan was home, but truly thought nothing of it. Dylan was kind of the type to trust others for no reason—other than the fact that Harry was Harry, and they had been friends with one another for years before any of this mess had come to pass.
Harry stood on the porch, hands in his pockets as he waited for someone to answer the door. He heard oncoming footsteps, heavy ones, and figured it was Dylan. What he did not figure was the man swinging the door open and punching him square in the face.
Harry held his nose as it bled, nodding in understanding. “Okay,” He pulled his hand back to see it covered in blood. “Guess I deserve that.”
It was safe to say; Dylan was angry. He wasn’t sure at who yet, but Harry certainly seemed to be the common thread in all that seemed to go wrong. “You have nerve showing your face around here, Harry.”
Harry cocked his head to the side, weighing the words on his tongue before he said them. Maybe it was a mix of feeling like he had nothing to lose, or simply the satisfaction of knowing he could get under someone’s skin instead of the other way around. But he said it, and he knew the moment the words fell out of his mouth, they were ruthless.
 “I can’t tell if you’re angrier I fucked your wife or if I gave her the baby that you couldn’t.”
Dylan clenched his jaw before rolling up his sleeves and closing the door behind him, knowing his daughter was upstairs playing with dolls, and he would wrap his hands around Harry’s neck if Lydia heard any of the garbage that came out of his mouth. “I should kick your ass.” Dylan punctuated with a grunt, wanting more than anything than to just start an all-out brawl, like he would in high school. But Dylan and Thea knew each other well, and she had talked him off a ledge two nights prior, when she finally sat Dylan down and divulged the truth of the matter. The events that occurred leading them to where they are now, with a happy couple now divorced and another in talks of another baby.
“Y’know Dylan, if I didn’t know any better, I think you like knowing I took her better than you ever could.”
Dylan was left with a moment of thought before he spoke, looking down at the man who was walking around, calling himself Harry when the man Dylan knew, would never stoop that low. Would never cheat in the first place, and most certainly wouldn’t use two of the most important women in his life as if they meant nothing to him. Dylan could tell he was hurt, and Dylan knows that finding out the way Olivia had would have destroyed him, and while he was coming to terms with the truth, he could see that Harry was struggling to accept his fate. Struggling to accept that for the first time in his life, he had come to a point in his relationship with Liv that could not be saved. He wanted Dylan to hurt—hurt like he was.
“Harry, are you even sorry? Do you even fucking feel bad?” The smile is wiped off of his face when he realizes, nothing he says will get a rise out of Dylan. Harry is left feeling small, on a door stoop in the middle of a suburb, his nose bleeding profusely. He shakes his head.
“You don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about.” And Dylan may have had a point in calling him out. He was losing sight of everything that mattered to him, and getting caught up in the things that didn’t matter. He potentially ruined Thea and Dylan’s marriage—and his little girl’s chance at a stable home. But none of that occurred to him when he allowed Thea to have sex with him, and now, he was faced with the facts, to look at the man in the mirror; and he hated who stared back at him.
“Don’t I, though?” Dylan stepped onto the porch, both men puffing out their chests. “Olivia and Thea defend you when you don’t fucking deserve it. You ruined your wife. Made her move to a brand new city, just to get away from you, treated her like a doormat, took her for granted and slept with my wife, and now, you have the audacity to be mad at the world because there is a long line of men who were waiting for their chance to treat her how she deserves.”
Harry stared ahead, looking blankly at the address of the house, digesting each word that was just hurled at him.
“Harry, you ruined a friendship between two women that was completely unbreakable. The only person to blame for where you are is yourself. And you can feel bad for yourself all you want. Everyone will move on, if you want them to or not.”
Harry didn’t say another word. He swallowed what little pride he had left and made his way back to his car, knowing that his apology to Thea could wait, he needed to make things right, without the expectation of Olivia to come back to him. Without Thea there to distract his heart, and without convincing himself the world was against him, when he had constructed each of the chips to fall where the did.
Olivia’s relationship with Gemma and Anne was complicated, to say the least. While they knew, Harry had sworn them to secrecy, and they knew it was too big of a bombshell to be dropped on anyone from someone who wasn’t the source. But Anne and Gemma had a place in her children’s lives, therefore, they would have a place in hers, despite her immense discomfort. They both heard about Elliot’s little mistake and understood the confusion that it could spring it both parents and children, and they tried their hardest to correct it. Olivia sat down to have a conversation with her son who was just over a year old about who Dad was. She thinks he understood, because when she showed him a picture of Harry, and asked who it was, he said ‘daddy’ and when she showed him Ian, he tried his best to pronounce Ian, but it came out more like ‘In’
They were in the middle of bath time when Liv got the call, quickly excusing herself as Lottie and Elliot splashed around mindlessly in the bath.
“Liv? Are you home?”
“Yeah, what’s up?”
“I just. I need someone.” Olivia braced herself, having a feeling she knew what was coming.
Dylan showed up on her doorstep with a red, tear stained face and a look of defeat that she knew all too well. She opened the screen door, allowing him entrance and asked Anne to finish up bath time, as someone else was just effected by Harry and Thea’s recklessness. She was understanding, offering help wherever it was needed. Lottie liked spending time with her Nan too, considering she didn’t get to see her unless it was the holidays.
Olivia was quick to open her arms to her longtime friend, him immediately collapsing into them. After Harry’s visit, Dylan had a wake-up call of his own. He didn’t know what the hell he was going to do, and he felt absolutely lost in his life, and where he stood with his daughter. He didn’t know where to go from there, and it felt like all he had ever known was ripped from underneath him, and the difficulty to swallow the truth became palpable. Olivia led him to the sofa, allowing him to sit so they could talk.
“Thea told me everything.” Olivia bit her lip, understanding that meant Dylan now knew everything.
“Up to you walking in on them a few weeks ago.” He stared down at his hands, blankly. Olivia knew he had about a thousand things running through his mind now. “I don’t blame you. For not saying something.”
He should. He should blame her because she knew how it felt, and he should have been the first call she made when she learned everything however long ago it was. She felt an immense amount of guilt, knowing they could have dealt with this together, at the same time, rather than months apart. It almost felt like the wound of finding out about the affair was being ripped open once more when it was beginning to heal. Olivia shook her head in disagreement, only for Dylan to remain still.
“How did you do it, Liv?” He mumbled, rubbing his hands over his face. “It feels like,” Dylan let out a long sigh. “It feels like the woman I’ve been in love with since I was sixteen ripped my heart out of my chest, jumped up and down, and put it back.” Oh, Olivia knew how that felt. To feel like you’d been trampled by a heard of elephants on their way to a watering hole. It felt like your heart was nothing more than a pawn in a game that she never asked to play.
“It was really hard, D.” She thought it would be easy to be honest with him, rather than sugarcoat how the entire ordeal had affected her. “I forgave Thea, I forgave Harry. But I will never be able to forget what happened, and no matter how much I love Harry…I can’t be with him.”
Dylan shook his head. “It feels like I lost Lydia too.”
Olivia’s heart broke for him. She had her kids to hold on to; the two beautiful children she knew belonged to her because she carried them for nine months and saw them in their most vulnerable moments since. Dylan—he was there. He saw Lydia, in her first moments, and was a participant while Thea carried her for nine months. Dylan knew all along that she was not his, biologically. But she had his last name, and his manners. His excitement, she felt like his. And his world suddenly fell apart upon realizing that Harry and Lydia had a bond that he could never compare to, that there would come a time when Harry would surpass Harry in the rankings in Lydia’s heart, and eventually, Dylan would just be her mother’s husband. Losing the title of ‘dad’ was what he felt hurt the most.
“What if she finds out and then calls him Dad?” Olivia’s soft expression fell apart, and he was left with her lips in a thin line as she thought methodically about her next move.
“No.” She stated, plainly. Dylan looked at her in confusion before she continued. “Dylan, you are her dad.”
Dylan shrugged, feeling useless. “But—”
“Who cares about ‘but’? Listen to me,” She started, grabbing his hand and holding it tightly. “You are her dad. No matter what, you were the one who was there. When she scraped her knee, when she was hungry, when she cried, when she broke her arm in gymnastics. Every time she needed her dad, you were right there to pick up the pieces, D.” This made Dylan’s eyes water, and eventually, cry. It was a silly sight. To see such a small woman next to a man twice her size, crying on a sofa.
“Is that how she’ll see it, though? I’m just a placeholder for Harry and—” Olivia squeezed his hands, understanding his confusion, his uncertainty concerning his relationship with his family, but she knew her job right now was to reassure him.
“Harry will never be able to make up for that. Harry may be her father, but Lydia knows you are her dad.” Dylan looked over at her, squeezing her hand back in a reassuring way, letting her know that he understood. That she was right; he and Lydia had something that Harry and Lydia would never be able to have. It brought him a sense of comfort that he could not even begin to describe.
“You’re a good person, Liv. A good mom, an amazing friend.” Olivia sent him a tight-lipped smile, unsure of those titles, but she took them, nevertheless. Dylan takes his hand back and begins picking at his fingernails, finding great interest in them. “Thea and I were talking about having another baby.” Olivia shrugged, not sure of what to tell him. It wasn’t a bombshell. Everyone knew Dylan wanted kids, and it was a shock to see he wanted to wait this long in order to have another one. “The fertility specialist we were talking to, she said that she thinks it’s possible. But we have to do it now.”
Olivia rubbed his back, letting him know that he was heard, and she understood how hard the call must truly be; much harder than her own. She wished she found out before she was pregnant with Elliot and Lottie. Maybe then she would have saved herself the years of discomfort, doubt and uncertainty, of writing herself off. “That’s a decision you’ll have to make, D.”
Dylan returned home after a week in a hotel room that felt so cold; he had no idea what to do. But, being cold and alone gave him the time he needed to think about what he was going to do when it came down to his family. When he arrived, he set his suitcase by the door and noted that Lydia was not rushing down the stairs to greet him. Thea appeared at the top of the staircase, tears in her eyes as she hugged him in a way she never had before, knowing that this was it. The final call.
With much to consider, Dylan decided a long time ago when it came to his wife. They were high school sweethearts; and he knew that despite her shortcomings, Thea was human, no matter how often he tried to tell himself she was a goddess. The pedestal he placed her on had certainly been knocked down a few pegs, but one thing was certain: He was not giving up on her.
It was a long conversation that Thea had prepared herself for, leaving Lydia with her grandparents for the night and allowing her and Dylan the time and space necessary in order to sort things out.
Their marriage was safe, on account of Dylan’s incredibly forgiving nature. He knew this, and Thea knew this, but she decided herself she would never question it again or give him a reason to stand up for himself. She was never going to stray ever again. And they were going to try to bring home another little one once they both felt that things were stable enough to do so.
Harry was given ample time to reflect. Months actually.
He knew his mother was staying with Olivia to help with the kids. His mother was helping with the kids as much as she could because Liv was overwhelmed and feeling exceptionally awful for what happened at Lottie’s birthday party. Gemma did her best to explain to Harry that it was an accident, a simple cause for confusion because at a year old, the only person Elliot could remember his mother with was her now-boyfriend, Ian. It was nothing personal, Harry just needed to realize that.
But it felt personal, and Harry was hurt, as Liv well knew from their argument in June, and as they were coming up on the holidays, everyone involved realized this was going on far too long.
He felt sick, thinking about the way things had panned out since. It was the middle of an exceptionally rainy, November evening when Harry figured he needed to stop relying on his mother and Gemma to be the middle man for them, and he needed to face Olivia, who made it clear in each of her voicemails she understood how he felt, but they couldn’t live like this forever.
Harry saw his kids multiple times a week, however, they were always escorted to his apartment by his mother, and Anna was always the one who answered Olivia’s door, because she knew Harry didn’t want to see her, and the fact was she couldn’t speak to him without remembering the indifference of his tone when he told her she had no right to ask about his life since they were no longer married.
Olivia didn’t miss him, but she found herself missing how gentle things used to be between them. How Harry treated her like a piece of glass, and was incredibly sweet, but had now recognized a much nastier side of him that she had never seen before. Things weren’t pretty, but they needed to be fixed.
Harry pulled up to the outside of the house, looking the same as it always did, except this time, it was raining and he could tell there was a light on inside. When it came time to get out of the car, his nerves came and kicked into high gear. He had not seen her, heard from her, or talked to her in nearly five months 
He found himself biting his lip, ad cranking the heat up in his car, despite the layer of sweat that was running down his back.
He got out, part of him excited to see the kids again, part of him excited to see Olivia again, because no matter how long the went without seeing each other, the sight of her always made him feel whole again. He knocked, just as he always had, and waited for his mother to open the door so he could ask for Liv, but much to his surprise, he saw her messy head of curly hair, gray sweatpants and college sweatshirt that used to be his. She stole it a long time ago, and while it used to be a treasure that reminded them of when it was just the two of them, lounging about on a rainy day, it became a reminder of spit-up, and Lottie’s favorite article of clothing to snuggle either of her parents in. It made him smile to see that even though they weren’t together, they would always have piece of each other.
“Hi.” He eventually blurted out.
“Hi.” She muttered. “Come in.” She opened the door a bit wider to invite him in, however things looked different. The sofa she’d purchased was gone, and all of the photos that decorated the walls were taken down. She took notice in his confusion and addressed it before he could wonder any further. “I’m moving in with Ian.”
Harry stuffed his hands in his pockets, feeling the green monster latched to his back dig it’s claws into him further. “Oh?” Liv nodded, pulling down the sleeve of the sweatshirt to show off her new accessory.
A diamond ring, on her left hand. Much more pronounced than the one he had proposed with; they were finishing school and paying off their college loans when he decided it was time for him to propose. But his ego certainly took a hit when he looked at the rock on her finger. “Ian proposed.”
Harry smiled, but Olivia could tell It was partially genuine. “I just. Isn’t it a bit soon?”
They hadn’t been together in a year and a half, to be fair. He felt that wasn’t quite long enough to be apart from someone you spent fifteen years being in love with, so he felt a bit hurt. How couldn’t he? Even after all he had done—how could he find it in his heart to make an engagement to a new man about him? Apparently, when you’re Harry, it was hard to learn anything and not make it about yourself.
Liv shrugged, smiling down at the ring. “I think some people would see it that way, but I know in my heart that this is real. We’ve been together almost a year now, and I’ve known him since I was working at my old firm.” It was true, Olivia never thought she would feel something akin to what she felt for Harry ever again, and every day was a new battle for her. But Ian was patient, understanding and took the time out of his day to reassure her, even if it may have been an inconvenience to him.
In the beginning, she was incredibly weary. But Lottie and Elliot got along with him perfectly, and they adored him and all of the gifts he brought too. Liv tried not to let her insecurities show, but Ian had already heard the story of how her marriage ended, and took every step he could to prove his worthiness to her.
She never asked him to send his location, but he always did. May it be when he was going out with his friends, and then heading home. She felt like she never had to wonder what he was doing, he always opened and told her. He was patient, he waited until Olivia was ready to introduce him to her kids as her boyfriend, rather than just a friend. It was two months into their relationship that they had truly begun to see one another and fall for one another. It felt like Harry all over again, but instead, she was falling with a safety net. Because she had her kids, she knew she never had to suffer from heartbreak ever again. Not with them. In her separation, she learned so much about herself and what she was capable of. And she learned how to let things go, a practice she was working on perfecting.
Harry didn’t know it was almost a year of them being together. He knew she had a date over the summer, and she was seeing someone seriously enough to invite them to their daughters birthday, but he had no idea how far deep they truly were with one another. It was a testament for how replaceable Harry learned he really was. There was a mutual silence that sat between the two.
“I came by a little early because I needed to tell you how sorry I am.” Liv crossed her arms, curious to see where this would go. “Sorry for everything. Apologize without…expecting something from you.”
“So?” She questioned. Harry got down on his knees, looking up at the woman he had so much love for, so much respect.
“Olivia, nothing I ever say or do could ever, ever, change how I treated you. And I’m sorry for breaking your heart and sleeping with Thea, multiple times. I’m sorry for asking you to try again with me. I’m sorry for lying to you. And I…I am so fucking sorry for ever making it seem like you don’t have a place in my life. Because married or not, kids or not, you’ll always have a place. Right here.” He tapped on his chest, in the general direction of his heart. “I’m sorry, and I don’t need you to forgive me. I just need you to know that I’m sorry.” He said one last time, before standing up once more and smiling sadly at her.
“I’m sorry too.” She began. “Sorry I ignored what Elliot said, I’m sorry I didn’t correct him until much later. I’m sorry that I called you a shitty partner, and a shitty father. You aren’t, and Lottie and Elliot couldn’t have asked for a better dad. I couldn’t have asked for a better husband, because you did everything right. Y’know, except… that one thing but still. I’m sorry. If you and Thea decide to give things a try, it isn’t my business.” They paused before enveloping one another in a tight hug, only to hear Lottie run down the hallway, happy to see her parents in the same room together once more.
May 2030
The night before the wedding, Olivia was panicked and did the only thing she knew to in a stressful situation. Call Harry. Call Harry, who had a life of his own and tried his best to keep his knowledge of the wedding to a minimum. He knew the date, the time and the dress code: but the temptation to swing by into Olivia’s dressing room and have one more conversation nagged at him. So he left things be. His mother however, gave him small updates here and there.
Since Olivia had put water under the bridge, things had changed.
Anne was a phone-call away, Harry was the ex-husband who treated her with respect, and Thea had been able to reemerge into her life, in a way that didn’t make too much noise.
Nobody forgot what happened; and while it was one of those things that would never be in bounds to joke about, it was something each of them could avoid in a room without it becoming awkward. Thea and Dylan had a new baby, adopted three months prior, to which Lottie and Elliot both begged for “one more sibling, please! Please, Mum?” – she was far from ever wanting another.
Stress was getting to her, making her break out in a small rash on her thigh, and while Harry made it clear he didn’t have interest in the wedding because he needed to move on, Olivia still called and Harry still answered.
He showed up just when he was supposed to, looking like he had not changed even a bit. Olivia doesn’t say a word before she’s in his arms, crying. He had seen her cry in an assortment of different scenarios, but he never imagined this would be one. When she calls her ex-husband, and cries on his shoulder in lieu of her wedding to the man everyone had told her was perfect for her, that she herself evaluated in each kiss they shared. Harry cooed in her ear, begging her to calm down before eventually pulling her away and petting the top of her head.
“Liv, sweetheart,” He coos once more. “What’s wrong?” Her bottom lip trembles as she takes into consideration why she called Harry—the confrontation she needed to make.
“What if…what if I marry Ian, and the same thing happens all over again?” Harry shakes his head, bringing her head to his chest as a way to comfort her.
“No.” He begins, pulling her away and tucking her hair behind her ear. “I…I’m an asshole. The things I did to you were fucking stupid. I never deserved you, Liv. Ian? Ian does,” The words scratched his throat, the thought of anyone taking the place he once held in her life. “I never deserved you. Your kindness, your thoughtfulness or any ounce of beauty you have showed me. You have no reason to doubt yourself when you are, without doubt, one of the most beautiful, kind women in the world. You have no reason to show me any of those things, but you do, Liv. You know why? Because you’re an amazing person and it’s why I fell in love with you.”
Harry nods as she stares at him, a thousand different emotions flashing across her face.
“I’m such a piss poor example of what a husband should have been. You have nothing to fear, love.” Olivia looked down into her lap, at her engagement ring and nodded in understanding. She built up a lot of strength over the years. A lot of telling herself that it was Harry—not her, no matter how at fault she felt. And she wished, none of it ever happened.
“I wanted to be with you forever, Harry.” She whispered, hugging him tightly.
“I know.” He gulped. “But, Ian is going to marry you. And he’s going to make you so happy, honey. You’re going to be so happy.” Olivia began to cry harder, because he was right. Ian does make her happy. He was everything she could have asked for in a man. “Look at me, Livvy.” Harry held the sides of her face, snot  running out of her nose and red tear stained cheeks. She was still everything Harry ever could have wanted and more. “Do you love him, Liv?” She nodded, and as much as it hurt Harry to have the confirmation to a fact he already knew, he hugged her a little bit harder. “Then marry him, okay?”
He wanted her to be happy, he wanted her to fall in love. He wanted her to have it all, and he wanted to be happy for her. But he couldn’t. Harry couldn’t let her, couldn’t let her have those things because he was selfish, and in his head, all he did was run different scenarios of how things could be, because he knew now that he could be everything to her. He wanted to be the one to bring her flowers when she was sad, to kiss her when he comes home. He still wanted it all with her, with everything left inside of him, he wanted her. But for the first time in his life, he needed to be selfless.
“Olivia, if there is anything I could tell you right now that would change your mind, and make you come back to me, tell me.” He whispered. She pulled away from him, furrowing her eyebrows before shaking her head. Harry smiled sadly, “then you’re doing the right thing.”
They sat there, on the ground of the living room in silence before Harry spoke up once more.
“I never sold the house.” Olivia looked up at him, shock and confusion. “I always thought you would change your mind, but tonight, I know it’s time.”
Olivia frowned at him, unsure of her words. “I never knew you weren’t over me.” she wished she knew this, before going into things with Ian. As much as he spent begging for Liv to take him back, she had assumed there was more going on with Thea than what met the eye, but she should have known considering Thea and Dylan’s new baby.
Harry looked at her from the corner of his eye, leaning his head against the door with a slight chuckle. “There is no getting over you.” Harry looked over at her, a slight grin on his face. “You sure there’s nothing I can say to change your mind?” Liv nudged is shoulder. “It’s going to be hard to watch you rebuild when I’m over herre, watching you be ahppy with someone else.” He muttered, looking down at his hands.
Olivia pulled his face in her hand, so he was forced to look her in the eye. “You need to let me go.” They no longer belonged to one another anymore, and they both knew it was time for everything to be laid to rest, to start fresh in the arms of another. Harry nodded, biting his lip before they turned away from another, getting up from the ground. Olivia thanked him for coming, for talking her down, and Harry grabbed her hand, placing a kiss on her palm.
“Always going to love you, Liv. And I’ll always be here when you call.”
And before she knew it, he was gone, her palm squeezing the kiss he had left behind, just for her. She looked to the mirror closest to the door, smiling as she pressed her palm to her cheek, knowing that the worst was now over, and she was allowed the sanctity that would come on her wedding day.
So, Harry sat at in the front row, next to his daughter, only to see the woman he loved dressed in white took him back to when he was at the other end of the aisle, how happy he was that day, and how he had to hold onto her the entire night because he was afraid she would fly away.
Lottie reached over, holding onto her father’s hand as tears pooled in his eyes the moment she said “I do.” Leaving himself to realize that no matter where he would go, at least he could say he had her, and he loved her as much as he knew how, and would treasure her, and all she gave him for the rest of his life.
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Golden God: Chapter 2
Part 1
Series Masterlist
Characters: Cowboy!Angel x black!reader
Summary: Angel is one big ole grouch.
Warnings: asshole Angel
A/N: Again shoutout @starrynite7114 whose been with me every step of the way. Thanks babe 😘
Here’s my masterlist & taglist
Tumblr media
After your embarrassing first encounter with Angel everything was cool. Just like his brother, he’s a natural jokester with a soft spirit. He even convinced you to come out with them again on Saturday. He joked that it was part of your job description to endure those motherfuckers just like him.
So, Monday morning was like a bucket of ice-cold water in the face with how fast he switched up on you. Friday night through Sunday night, you had taken up the nickname Golden God for Angel and he was amused with it, but when you called him that Monday morning he looked at you sternly and told you gruffly, “It’s Mr. Reyes.”
Naturally, you assumed he wanted to keep it professional during business hours, but not even five minutes later he was calling Coco fuckface. You don’t know what you did wrong, but you would keep your distance. It was better that way. You could see yourself getting closer to Angel and Nestor advised you not to get closer to anyone.
Angel felt bad when he saw the hurt flash across your face. Sunday night he went to bed knowing he was really feeling you, but his feelings changed when he had a dream turned nightmare. In his dream, he was having a picnic feeding you strawberries, letting the juice drip down your chin until he went to lick it up and when he opened his eyes it wasn’t you, but the ex that broke his heart. Angel took that as a sign to leave you alone and he put his walls up the next morning.
By the end of the week, you surmised Angel was bipolar. One minute he was joking with you and the next he acted like he couldn’t stand to share the same space as you like Edward did with Bella when he first met her. (And you definitely ain’t no basic ass Bella Swan).  
Like right now he just asked you to join him and the guys for a drink as if he didn’t pretend you didn’t exist all day.
“No thank you, Mr. Reyes. I’m tired. I’m just gonna go to bed.”
Coco outstretched his hand to stop your retreat. “Hold up, hold up, hold up. This fucker has you calling him Mr. Reyes?” Coco couldn’t believe his ears. The only time someone called Angel Mr. Reyes was when they met him for the first time for business.
“He’s my boss, I should address him as such. And Mr. Reyes would prefer I call him that.”
Felipe walked in just as you explained yourself to Coco. Just like the others he was stunned that Angel would allow this. Unlike the others he was able to have a quick fix to that. “Preciosa, I don’t even like being called that. So, if he makes you call him that again just point him my way and I’ll straighten him out.” Felipe kept his gaze on you while he talked to you but kept a firm grip on his son’s shoulder.
This was too much tension for you, time to dip. You gratefully accepted Felipe’s help and left the room. You sensed that there wasn’t going to be a pleasant conversation.
As soon as you left the room, both Felipe and EZ slapped Angel on the back of the head. “What the fuck did you do to that girl, Angel?”
“Ouch!” Angel rubbed the back of his head and shoulder. His father and brother really were trying to hurt him. “I didn’t do shit!”
“Oh really? Then why is Nat calling you Mr. Reyes? Is it some type of kinky shit or something?” Gilly knew the two of you weren’t together, but he had a gut feeling on Angel’s feelings.
Quickly Angel denied all claims of being in a relationship with you. “No. I just think maybe we should class it up some more. Be more professional and shit.”
“You? You want to be more professional? The guy who started a water balloon fight in the middle of work?” EZ had to make sure he heard his brother correctly. Angel was big on treating his employees less like employees and more like family, and their family was wild as fuck.
“And you know this a ranch, right? This ain’t exactly corporate America.” Coco looked at his friend a little worried. Maybe he was sick or something.
Why wouldn’t they just get with the program? Or better yet drop the subject. It wasn’t as big of a deal as they made it seem.
“Wait a minute!” EZ began to tap the table excitedly. “You like her!” As soon as EZ said that, it made sense to everyone and they all started to jump in agreement. “Like, like her like her.”
“Real articulate, Boy Scout.”
“Fuck you!”
“Would you two stop?” Gilly interrupted EZ and Coco’s mini argument. “We need answers, and we won’t get them with you two arguing.” EZ and Coco settled down, staring at Angel waiting for answers.
“What?!” Angel felt like he was in an interrogation room with that hot ass lamp shining down on him. “I, I II-III-I mean I like her, bu-but-bu-but not like that. Natasha’s a nice girl.” Angel began scratching his head, stumbling over every other word, and his face reddened.
Despite what he said, they knew the truth. All the signs are right there in their fucking faces.
“Well son, when you finally decide to get your head out of ass, we’ll be here. But until then you owe Natasha an apology.”
“Yeah, because if we lose our best cook because of you I’m killing you.” Coco threatened him 
“Alright, I will.” Angel’s been thinking of apologizing to you all day. That was why he invited you to drink. It was supposed to be his way of offering an olive branch. Now he could see he would have to take a much more direct approach.
Despite Angel’s wish-washy ways, you decided to treat him kindly. He was stressing out over something. You noticed he spent more and more time in his office and less and less on the ranch. Even EZ spent more time tending to the animals and he was the CFO.
To brighten up Angel’s day, you decided to leave little notes on his lunch when he was in the office. Somedays he would be grateful and others he would be indifferent. No matter what, you kept on giving him the notes. Angel’s behavior wasn’t gonna change who you were.
“Why don’t I get a note with my lunch?” EZ asked when you returned from giving Angel his food.
Pinching his cheeks, you mocked the man. “Aww, look at the baby. He’s jealous.”
“I know its because you don’t like me as much as your golden god.”
Not this again. “Don’t start, Ezekiel.” EZ insisted that you liked Angel more than a boss, more than a friend. Maybe you did, but you weren’t going to acknowledge it.
“I just find it funny how…” EZ couldn’t finish that sentence because Angel came ripping through the kitchen. “Where is it?!” He didn’t even wait for an answer, he just rummaged through the kitchen.
“Where’s what?” You asked your now insane boss. “The note! Where’s the note?”
Why was he stressing over it so hard? When you just gave him his lunch, he seemed like he could barely tolerate you, much less worry about a sticky note.
EZ found the note awhile ago, but he kept it to himself to enjoy watching his brother make a fool of himself. Angel and you might be able to verbally deny the attraction between the two of you, but when it gets down to the nitty gritty, your actions speak a whole lot louder than your words. 
“Oh, this note?” EZ pretended to pick the sticky note up from the ground. “Thanks.” Angel snatched it out of his hand and ran back into his office.
Once he was secured in his office, Angel read the note. “Somewhere someone is silently loving you.  Probably just your dad, but still.” Just like all the other times, Angel got a big smile as he read the note.
Opening his drawer, he paperclipped that note with the rest. Whenever his day was going rough, he would come back to those notes and reread them. Some of them were funny like the one he just added, some reminded him to take care of his body, and others were like daily encouragement messages. No matter what it was he loved all of them.
As he sat back and thought of all of the things you’ve done for him, he started to beat himself up. You were being a sweetheart to him while he was still being a jerk. He promised his dad, he would apologize to you and he has yet to do it, but that all was about to change now.
Saturdays were your chance to sleep in, but somehow you still woke up early. Well sleeping til 7 might be sleeping in considering you woke up at 4:30 five days a week to start cooking breakfast. Since you couldn’t sleep anymore, you got up to go make yourself a cup of coffee. To your surprise, Angel was in the kitchen with his head deep in his laptop, but more importantly he had a bag with Cecilia’s symbol on it.
“Please tell me that there are polvorones de canelé in that bag?” Since you moved to Santo Padre, you’ve been obsessed with Cecilia’s bakery. She had the best sweets in town.
Angel took his eyes off his laptop to look at you and he wasn’t disappointed. The pure joy on your face reminded him of Bubbles making him swear to himself that he only wants to make you happy. “Yup and they’re all yours.”
Yes! At least Angel’s not a complete asshole. You reached out for the bag, but Angel snatched it back. “But only on one condition.” Never mind, scratch that. “You have to accept my apology.”
Oh, you weren’t expecting that. Angel struck you as the type of man who was too stubborn to apologize. “I can’t accept an apology if I haven’t heard it yet.”
Angel smiled at your feistiness. He wasn’t used to a woman snapping back at him, but he liked it. “Yeah, I’m missing that, ain’t I?” Angel got out of his seat and stood right in front of you. He had to fight the urge to hold your hand, so he put one of his in his pocket and held the bag of cookies in his other hand. “I’m sorry for being a dick. You didn’t deserve to be treated like that. Forgive me?” To pile it on he pouted and gave you puppy dog eyes. Any person who could resist this man must have some strong resolve, but you weren’t any of them.
“I forgive you, Mr. Reyes.” You took the bag of goodies and were about to go make some coffee, but Angel stopped you by grabbing you by the wrist. “Woah, woah, woah. You don’t have to call me Mr. Reyes anymore.”
Ignoring the butterflies in your stomach, you chose to focus on Angel’s douchey behavior. “Oh, so who am I getting today? Angel or Golden God? You know sometimes it’s hard to keep up with you.” You didn’t mean to come out so snippy, but Angel did kinda hurt your feelings.
“I deserve that, but Nat, I’m serious. There is no excuse for the way I treated you, but I really am sorry.”
“I forgive you, Angel. So, what do I call you now?”
Angel released you in satisfaction and began to make you a cup of coffee. “Angel, Golden God, Your Excellency, O Most High One.”
“What about dumbass?” You interrupted his high praises of himself.
“That one’s already taken.” Angel set your coffee in front of you and you immediately took a sip. It tasted exactly how you liked it. How did he know that?
Taking a cookie, you dipped it in your coffee. “Mmm, I’ll go with golden god then.”
Angel pretended not to hear your moan. He pretended that the sound didn’t go straight to his dick. To get it go down, Angel focused on the flowers in the middle of the island. That did the trick because now he was genuinely interested in them. “Hey, you change these? They didn’t look like this the other day.”
Angel shocked you. No one ever notices when you have the flowers change. “Yeah, I did,” smiling, you began to fix the flowers. “The kitchen is my favorite place to be so I gotta make it as beautiful as I can.”
Angel’s focus was no longer on the flowers, but you instead. There was something about how you brightened up when you talked about the flowers. Man, you were beautiful all the time, but you were undeniable beautiful when you smiled. Angel vowed to do whatever he could to keep that smile on your face.
“Hey, you like games?” Angel asked out of the blue.
“Umm, what kind are we talking? Because sadly its been awhile since I’ve played on a game console, so I’m rusty.” 
“Okay, I’m keeping that tidbit for later, but boardgames. Its game night with my dad and brother, and we could really use a fourth person.” 
You really shouldn’t go. Lately, you’ve been spending too much time with them, but the loneliness was getting to you. “Mmm, I don’t know, Angel. It sounds like a family thing. Ask one of the guys.”
Angel reached across the counter to grab your hand. “First of all, you’re family and second of all, those fuckers aren’t as smart as you.”
You opened your mouth to decline, but Angel held up a finger as he got a call. Covering the mouthpiece, he whispered, “See you there,” and walked out of the room to go finish taking the call.
Well, it looked like you were going to Reyes Family Game Night.
“Not the same universe. Captain America’s counterpart.”
“Princess Jasmine.”
“Dick Van Dyke swept them in Mary Poppins.”
“Ying Yang Twins did this during a whole song. Its really nasty.”
“Where the real cowboys are from.”
“No. Everything is bigger there.”
Angel rolled his eyes as he said the answer. “Texas.”
“Yes!” You jumped as Angel got it right at the last second.
EZ groaned as he looked at you and Angel’s points. “You’re not invited to game night anymore.”
Angel slung his arm around his brother. “Oh, don’t be a sore loser.”
“Whatever. I’m going to Three Kings. You guys wanna come?” Both of you declined, choosing to stay inside instead for a night out.
Soon, it was just you and Angel left. “Hey, on that last one, I thought you were from Louisiana.”
Oh shit, this was exactly why you were supposed to keep to yourself. Little slipups like this could cost you everything. “I am. I just visited Texas a lot.”
“See I would think it was the opposite since you have the delusional idea that real cowboys come from there.” Angel pretended to be a tad bit offended, but he really wanted to know if you personally knew if everything was bigger down there.
“Nope. Not delusional. They have real cowboys. Here there is pretty boy cowboys.” Your Texan was showing through, but you couldn’t help it. The Texas California beef was strong. Hovering over Angel, you trapped him between your arms. “Plus, when I say everything is bigger there, I mean everything.”
Angel stared up at you, licking his lips, contemplating if he could get away with kissing you. “I could definitely show you that everything ain’t bigger over there.” Angel may have intentionally spread his legs a little wider to back up his claim.
He wasn’t lying. On more than one occasion you saw the heat that Angel was packing. The man had to walk with a damn limp, because of the monster in between his legs. More than you cared to admit, you dreamed about Angel’s third leg, but he wasn’t about to know that. “I sincerely doubt that.” You pushed off the chair and walked towards your room before you make a bad decision. “Good night, Angel.”
“Good night, sweetheart.” Angel watched you walk away, pretending that you didn’t set every fiber in his body ablaze. Yeah, you were definitely trouble for him.
Part 3
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atlafan · a year ago
The Tutor - Part Three
a/n: alright, I think I have these two out of my system now. hope you enjoy! feedback is always appreciated, as well as reblogs! 
Part One Part Two
Warnings: fluff, SMUT, slight angst, slight spitting, partying, alcohol consumption.
Words: 18.6K
Tumblr media
After spending like what felt a week in bed together, the spring semester officially began. Y/N was in a stage of just feeling giddy from how good Harry made her feel. Now that they had been together for a few months, she felt totally comfortable with him. She would often sleep naked, or lounge around in just her underwear she knew they would be alone for a while. Harry didn’t mind one bit. He liked how cute and sweet Y/N was, and he loved being loved on by her.
When she walks into their Art of Film class she scoffs when she sees him sitting in the second row. She walks right up to him and rolls her eyes.
“We are not sitting this close up.” She shakes her head.
“I like sitting closer, Y/N.”
“But if we’re going to be watching movies, then we should sit in the back.”
“This isn’t even a stadium style classroom, so that doesn’t make any sense. If you wanna sit in the back then be my guest, but this is where I like to sit.”
Y/N sighs heavily and sits down next to him. She didn’t like sitting up front in class, it just meant she would be called on more and she didn’t much feel like participating to the extreme in just a gen ed. She liked to save her energy for her major courses.
“You’re a little too studious sometimes, you know that?”
“Y/N.” He hums warningly and side eyes her. “Are you going to be able to handle sitting next to me? Or is this going to be an issue?”
“Golly gee, professor, I don’t know, maybe I should come to your office hours later to discuss it.” She smirks at him and he rolls his eyes.
“Don’t be mean.” He pouts. “I have a tough time concentrating in the back sometimes, so sitting up front is better for me. We’re in the second row at least.”
“I suppose that’s true.” She sighs.
Other students fill in. Billy from senate is in the class as well, and sits behind Harry. Y/N gives him a smile as well. The professor walks in, and sets his bag down on the desk. He gets his computer hooked up to the tech station so he can use the projector.
“God, please don’t tell me we’re going to watch Fight Club and Pulp Fiction.” Y/N groans.
“I didn’t see those on the syllabus.” Harry says, taking a few papers out. “Actually, a lot of the films we’re going to watch were directed by women, or have strong female casts.”
“You…already printed the syllabus?”
“Yeah, it’s what I did after I sent you home last night. I did it for all of my classes.”
“Good morning everyone, I’m Professor Robinson, feel free to call me Eric.” He smiles. “I’m really excited about this course, it’s one of my favorites to teach. We’re going to watch some great films, and learn about what goes into making them. I hope you all will get the book needed for class. It’s a little dense, but I promise I’ll be able to explain it in ways for you to understand.” He starts to go over the syllabus a bit. “One of the first films we’re going to be watching is Baby Face, it came out in 1933, and is considered a drama and a noir. This came out right at the beginning of when the Hays Code was being introduced, so we’ll be comparing this to Double Indemnity, which came out in 1944, another Barbara Stanwyck film. You’ll be able to see how differently the films were made, and even the difference in how female characters were treated. We’ll go over the Hays Code as well, but these two films will be great starting points. Now, you may have noticed that Wednesday evenings were put on your schedules from 7-9PM. These are optional meeting times. I will be showing the films here during this time, or you can watch them on your own. Whatever’s easier.” He smiles and continues on.
Y/N was captivated. She wasn’t sure what to expect from the course, and even though they would be watching a few black and white films in the beginning, the subject matter actually interested her.
“Alright, now, I hate doing the normal ice breakers where we all state our names, our majors, and a fun fact, and I know you all have made claim to your seats, so, turn to the person next to you, introduce yourself and talk about what you look for in a film when you go to the theater.”
Harry and Y/N look at each other and smile. Harry extends his hand out to her and she giggles as he shakes it.
“You’re so silly! Okay, when I go to the movies, like, if I’m going to pay to see a movie, I want to know that I’m going to laugh and not be bored. Like, I know it’s a good movie if I don’t check my phone the entire time. I like when the beginning is easy to follow along so I’m not confused.”
“Same here. I sort of like being sucked into another world, like, escape for a little bit. I feel like when I go to the movies, it’s one of the few times I don’t need to think too much about anything. It’s when I feel my least anxious.”
“Okay!” Eric says. “Glad you all could get to know each other a bit. I think we can end class a little early. Please make sure to check out the moodle page, there is a forum post do before Wednesday, and make sure you have Baby Face watched by next Monday. Thanks everyone!”
“This is going to be a fun class.” Y/N says to Harry as they walk out together.
“I think so too.” He kisses her cheek. “Where are you headed next? I have stats.”
“I’m heading to my Macroeconomics class, and then I have Organizational Communication, then I’m done for the day.”
“Alright, and then I’ll assume you have lifting?”
“Mhm.” She grins at him and pulls him aside.
“Your birthday is this Friday.”
“Is it?” He pretends. “Had no idea.”
“Well, I hope you know I have a lot planned.”
“Is that so?”
“Yup, you’re going to be spoiled rotten, babe.” She gets on her tip toes to kiss him. “I gotta go, I’ll see you later.”
“Bye.” He chuckles as he heads upstairs to his stats class.
Y/N and Harry decide to be good sports Wednesday night and go to the formal viewing of Baby Face for their class. Most of the class actually showed up, so it made it more fun to watch. There was a scene where a man put his hand on Barbara’s knee, and she poured hot coffee on him without skipping a beat. Y/N loved her. She climbed her way up to the top by manipulating men, just as the men her life when she was younger had tried to manipulate her.
“I loved that movie!” Y/N exclaims as they leave the academic building. “She was so badass, taking no one’s shit.”
“Yeah, I really liked it too.” He yawns. “Christ, I’m tired.” He leads her in the direction of her apartment.
“Did I tell you me, Gina, Amanda, and Becca all signed a lease for an off campus place next year? We’re really excited.”
“That’s great! We’re all staying in the same apartment, which I’m happy about. It’s the perfect spot.” Harry walks Y/N up to her door and she looks confused when he stays outside. “M’gonna go back to my place, it’s late and I have an 8AM tomorrow…”
“Oh…alright.” She wraps her arms around his neck, and his go around her waist. “Thanks for walking me home.”
“Anytime, baby.”
They stand outside kissing for a while before he detaches himself from her. They both giggle and say goodnight before she goes inside. Louis and Niall were in the living room when Harry gets back, and he flops down onto the couch with them.
“Hey, mate, how was the movie?” Louis asks.
“Not too bad, actually. We both enjoyed it. I don’t think I’ll have the energy to go every Wednesday night, though. I’m pooped.”
“Did you go to the gym this morning?” Niall asks.
“Yeah, went for my usual run. Forgot how tiring going to classes all day were. Sort of miss just working in the law office.”
“I’m surprised Y/N isn’t with you.” Louis says.
“Nah, I walked her home and told her I wanted to come back here. I can’t get into the habit of having a lot of sleepovers during the week.” He hoists himself to his feet. “Well, I’m off to bed, goodnight.”
“Night, mate.” Niall and Louis say.
Harry gets cozy in bed, and then groans to himself when his boxers become uncomfortably tight. He rolls his eyes at himself. Did he have to press up against Y/N while they were making out earlier? Of course he was fucking did, and now he was too riled up to fall asleep. He wondered if the same thing ever happened to her.
Harry: can’t sleep
Y/N: thought you were exhausted
Harry: I was, but now I can’t stop thinking about you
Y/N: me or my parts, lmao
Harry: YOU
Y/N: not much I can do to help you from all the way over here…
Harry: picture???
Y/N: Harry!
Harry: you sent a ton over break!
Y/N: that was different
Harry: please??
Y/N: fine, I’ll send you a snap, gimme a minute
Y/N rips her blankets off her body, unsure of what sort of picture he was hoping for. She gets up and strips herself of her bed-shirt, and takes a mirror selfie, careful to hide most of her face, just in case, and sends it to him on snapchat. Harry was already stroking himself in anticipation. He grins ear to ear when he sees the notification pop up on his phone, and opens it immediately.
“Oh, fuck me.” He groans when he sees her naked body on display for him. She had squeezed one of her breasts, and he could just make out her biting her bottom lip. He knew she didn’t really like receiving nudes, even if it was from him, so he sends her back a pouty selfie telling her how fucking beautiful she was.
Y/N: you did this to yourself, you could have come up
Harry: I was trying to be good
Y/N: look at you now, giving yourself a hand job
Harry: don’t be mean…would you send another?
Y/N: yeah, hold on
She sends him a snap of her breasts pushed together, and that does it for him. He bites down on his knuckle while come gets on his other fist and lower belly. He gives himself a minute before cleaning himself up and laying back in bed.
Harry: thank you baby
Y/N: you realize you owe me
Harry: I’ll give you anything you want, you know that
Y/N: love you, goodnight
Harry: love you too, sweet dreams
He sighs happily as his eyes flutter closed. Y/N rolls her eyes and smirks to herself. Sometimes these moments were gentle reminders that even though Harry was a little more “woke” than most guys, he was still your average college guy. He wanted nudes from his girlfriend, and he wanted to sext even though he easily could have just come inside. She wasn’t annoyed her anything, and she didn’t want to be with his birthday so close. However, now she was left there, aroused at the idea of him simply getting off to a couple of pictures of her. She figures if he could do that, then she could do the same. She told him about most of her winter break, but what she hadn’t told him was about her new little friend. The girls had all gone to a sex shop, and she bought a little bullet vibrator. Y/N gets up and goes into her closet to use it. If he didn’t want to come in to satisfy her, she had other ways of getting around it.
Thursdays were days Y/N could meet up with Harry for lunch, so she happily goes to see him at the dining hall. She smiles and sits down with her food. He had his laptop out, typing away at something.
“How could you possibly already have something so important to do?” She sighs.
“Student senate stuff.” He says and then closes his laptop. “Thanks for your help last night.” He smirks and then kisses her cheek.
“You’re welcome.” She sips on his drink.
“Are you excited for your game tonight?”
“Are you upset with me?”
“No, why would I be?”
“You seem a little annoyed with me…”
“Not at all, Har.” She shrugs. “I just think that if you wanted to fuck me, you could have come inside.”
“I didn’t feel like spending the night.”
“I’ve told you before that you don’t need to.”
“You say that, but then you give me this look, and then I feel guilty…so I just don’t come in at all. It’s easier.”
“Mm, and then you get to conveniently rub one out.”
“Are you upset that I asked you to send me pictures?”
“No, I suppose it’s flattering. I just think I make things a little too easy for you sometimes. It’s not exactly easy for me to get off on my own, you know?”
“Aw, did I leave you hanging?” He genuinely felt bad.
“Nope, took care of it myself. Don’t exactly need you, do I?” She grins. “Made my back arch off the bed all by myself, no help from you whatsoever.” She bites into her sandwich, and looks innocently as his grimacing face. “What’s wrong?”
“You’re being mean. What are you saying, I don’t make you feel good anymore?”
“No, you make me feel plenty good. But I know a thing or two now, so don’t you worry about not wanting to come up and fuck me because I can handle it all on my own. In fact, let’s be like an old married couple who have sex nights and just do it once a week. That could be fun.”
“You are annoyed with me.”
“I’m not.” She leans closer to him so no one around can hear. “I just don’t want to be your personal porn star when you can’t fall asleep at night.”
“That’s not what I…” He sucks his teeth. “Okay.”
“Yeah, you’re right. It was a little selfish, I’m sorry.” He pouts at her and hides his face in her neck. “Love you so much.” He kisses on her neck slowly, and she sighs.
“It’s okay.” She rubs his back. She really couldn’t stay upset with him when he was like this. He was just too cute. “I love you too.”
He sits up straight and pecks her lips before eating more of his food.
“I can hang out tonight if you want, no Friday classes this semester.”
“Me neither! Although, I’ll still have practice tomorrow morning. I’ll think about it. Maybe you could come to dinner after the game?”
“I’d love to.”
The girls ended up losing, so there was no community dinner down town, and Y/N was in too sour of a mood to have alone time with Harry, which he understood. Tomorrow was his birthday, so she’d rather start fresh with him when she was in a better mood.
Harry’s eyes flutter open around nine. He usually never sleeps this “late”, but his alarm didn’t go off for some reason. His eyes snap open when he sees, Y/N, Niall, and Louis all creeping into his room. They were holding balloons and streamers and confetti.
“Happy birthday!” They all scream and dog pile on Harry. He laughs hysterically.
“Okay, okay!” He yelps. “Can’t breathe!”
The boys both get off the bed, but Y/N stays straddling him.
“Right, well, we’ll be whipping up some brekkie downstairs.” Louis says with a wink as he and Niall leave the room.
Y/N gets up quickly to lock the door and then she gets right back on top of Harry. His hands grip her hips tightly.
“What a nice surprise.” He smiles up at her. “Do you mind if I go brush my teeth and all that? Just woke up, you know.”
“You know what’s funny? With all of the excitement this morning, I forgot to take a shower.” Harry’s eyes grow wide at her. “What do you say, Har?” She says lowly.
“They’re home…”
“They’ll be busy making what I asked them to, and they’ve been told not to come upstairs. They just want you to have a good birthday, and so do I.”
“Do you even have anything with you?”
“Yeah, my bag’s right over there.” She points to it. “So…”
“Alright, yeah, let’s go take a shower.” He says excitedly.
Harry brushes his teeth while Y/N gets her hair up in a bun so it won’t get wet.
“Did you shower after practice?”
“I rinsed very quickly, not the same thing.” She takes her clothes off and presses her body against Harry’s. “This is much better.”
“I agree.”
He pulls the curtain back and helps her in. They both giggle as the water hits his back, and she wraps her arms around his neck. His hands slide down to her ass and he squeezes her. He licks into her mouth, and she happily glides her tongue along his. She bites his bottom lip and steps back, grabbing at his body wash.
“Which scrubbie is yours?”
“Oh, I just use these.” He holds up two gloves that are made from exfoliating rags. “They work much better and they’re more sanitary.”
“Learn something new about you every day, Har.” She grabs the gloves and puts them on, and squeezes the body wash onto them. “Turn around, gonna getcha all clean.”
“Wow, I’m really being spoiled today.”
He turns around and nearly purrs at the feeling of her scrubbing his back. She turns him around so she can do the same to his front and arms. She peels the gloves off and rinses them out.
“Thanks, baby.” He smiles as the soap rinses off him.
“Want me to wash your hair too?” She asks shyly. “Grew my nails out for you.” She holds them up to show him and he his mouth forms in an “O”.
“Yes, please.”
She giggles and get his shampoo lathered into her hands, and he bends down a bit so she can properly scrub at his head. He moans softly as her nails scratch at his head. She massages his scalp a bit as well before helping him rinse it out. Once he’s all clean, she gets on her knees in front of him, and starts stroking him up and down.
“Is this what you wanted the other night?”
“Yes.” He grunts. “Are you sure you feel like doing this right now?”
“Mhm.” She hums before swirling her tongue around his tip.
Harry mindlessly grips at the tile on the wall while she bobs her head up and down on him. She swallows around him and plays with his balls, doing everything she knows he really likes.
“Baby, please, let me touch you.”
She looks up at him and he nearly loses it. He helps her stand up and he pushes her up against the wall, and she gasps with surprise at his abrupt forcefulness. His lips sponge at her neck and across her chest. One of his hands slides between her legs and her head rolls back against the tile.
“We’re wasting water.” She groans. “Let’s get out, and then we can play a little more.”
“You’re not just teasing?”
“No, babe.”
They both get out, and get wrapped in towels. Harry smells the food from downstairs, and his stomach growls, but he soon forgets he’s hungry when he sees Y/N drop her towel and shake out her hair.
“Come and get me, birthday boy.”
He drops his towel and nearly tackles her onto his bed. He nips at her lips and works his way down her body, biting and sucking where he pleases. He just wanted his head between her legs. He spreads her apart, and licks a flat stripe up her center.
“Jesus.” She shivers from that alone, and slots her fingers through his hair.
He sucks harshly on her clit, and swirls his tongue around it, nibbling a little before sucking on it again. She moans out a little too loudly and she covers her mouth with her hand. She didn’t exactly want to put on a show for the boys downstairs. That all goes to hell when he licks into her. She props herself up on her elbows to watch him. He looks up at her while he fucks her with his tongue, and the eye contact is too much for the both of them, but they continue through any embarrassment they may feel.
“Oh my god.” She pants as her head rolls back. His mouth moves back to her clit, and two of his fingers slide inside her, twisting around as he pumps them in and out. “Harry, fuck, oh my god.”
He curls his fingers up as he gets in knuckle deep, and rubs them against her g-spot, as he continues to suck on her clit. He groans against her when he feels her tighten around him.
“Gonna come?”
“Yes, oh my fucking god, shit!” She cries out as she pulses and vibrates around him. He takes his fingers out and laps away at her as she comes down from her high.
“Ready for my cock?”
“Please.” She breathes and nods.
He gets up and grabs a condom to roll on. He gets back on the bed, but she pins him down, pinning his hands on either side of his head.
“Let me take care of it, baby, just want you to feel good and relax.”
She lines herself up and sinks down on him. He moans out at the tight feeling. She brings her hands back down to his and intertwines their fingers as she keeps them pinned on his pillow. She rocks back and forth on him slowly, just getting adjusted, and then she starts to get a good pace going, moving up and down on him.
“Fuck, Y/N.” He grits his teeth and squeezes her hands. “You feel so good.” He was panting, watching her above him like this was really doing something to him, and he sort of speaks before he thinks. “Would you spit in my mouth?”
Y/N kept moving on him, but she looked down at him deeply concerned.
“You want me to what?!”
“Never mind!”
“No, I’ll do it!”
“Forget I said anything! I don’t even know why I-“
“Harry, you want me to spit? I’ll spit!”
“It’s weird, it’s too weird, I went too far!”
“Open your mouth!”
Harry’s mouth falls open, his tongue peeking out. Y/N wells up some spit in her mouth and leans down so her mouth was close to Harry’s. She didn’t want to spit harshly. She sort of just wanted her saliva to drip from her tongue to his. Maybe that could be sensual? So she does just that. She opens her mouth and lets the spit in her mouth roll from her tongue to his. She was moving on him in slow circles as she did this. He swallows it and looks up at her. He uses the power from his legs to thrust up into her since his hands were busy squeezing hers.
“Do it again.” He breathes.
She happily obliges and does it again for him. It was his birthday, she’d do anything he wanted…within reason of course. She supposed it wasn’t the weirdest thing he could have asked for. His tongue had been so far up her cunt, swapping spit was probably the least odd bodily fluid they could have shared.
She stays close to him, sucking on his tongue while they move in sync with each other. She starts squeezing and tightening around him. She was rubbing up against him in the perfect way, and he was about ready to lose it himself.
“M’gonna come, Y/N.” He groans.
“Me too, fuck, me too.”
She sits up straight and her back arches as she comes, and his release wasn’t too far behind. He feels like he explodes inside of the condom. She lets go of his hands slowly and he helps her off of him. He runs a hand through his hair as he watches her wobble around to get some pants and a t-shirt on.
“Just gonna go pee.” She kisses his cheek and slips out of his room.
He disposes of the condom, and puts his boxers and sweatpants on, not much feeling like a shirt at the moment. He was sitting on his bed, twiddling his thumbs, when she came back into the room. She sits down next to him and smiles.
“Are you alright?”
“Yeah…I just, um, was that weird?”
“When I asked you to spit in my mouth?”
“Um…” She blushes. “It took me a little off guard, but it’s really not that weird.”
“I don’t even know why I wanted you to do that, it just sort of slipped out.”
“It’s really not that different from kissing, I mean, we technically spit on each other all the time.”
“Guess that’s true.” He smirks and grabs his glasses. “It’s been quite the morning.”
“It’s not over yet.” She stands up and reached for his hand. “Come on.”
They both come downstairs, and Harry gasps.
“Yorkshire pudding?!”
“Got the recipe of Delia Smith’s website.” Louis laughs. “Hope it tasted good. We made eggs, beans, and bacon too.”
“Thanks guys.”
It was a nice breakfast for the four of them. Y/N hangs out with Harry all day. They paint each other’s nails, watch a movie, cuddle, and just enjoy each other’s company. He had gotten a little sleepy, so he was peacefully napping with his head resting in her chest. Y/N noticed that Harry was a stomach sleeper, but he liked having something to hold on to. It was really cute. She was playing with his hair while reading on her phone. It was a really nice lazy day, and a perfect way to make sure everything was getting set up for his surprise party at Ashley’s. She hears his phone start to buzz and sees it a FaceTime request from Gemma.
“Babe, it’s your sister.”
“Okay.” He mumbles and sits up. “Hello!”
“Happy birthday!” Gemma and Anne say together.
“Harry, are you still in bed?” Anne asks.
“Was taking a nap, Mum. It’s my birthday, I’m allowed to catch up on some sleep.”
“Are you doing anything fun?”
“Y/N and the guys made me breakfast, and then we watched a movie, and I think we’re going out tonight.”
“Is she with you now?” Gemma asks.
“Yeah.” He flips the camera.
“Hi, Y/N!” Gemma says.
“Hello.” She says shyly and waves. Harry flips the camera back to himself.
“I love you both, but m’all groggy.”
“Alright, honey, I sent you a nice package so hopefully you’ll get it soon. We love you!”
“Thanks!” He tosses his phone elsewhere, and pushes Y/N back down so he can put his head back on her chest. “So comfy.”
“We should probably get up soon…”
“Why? What else you got planned?”
“Just dinner with friends. We should be there around seven.”
“S’only four now, plenty of time to keep chilling out. I never get to do this, it’s nice.”
“Okay, babe.” She goes back to playing with his hair and reading on her phone.
When it was time to get ready, Y/N put on some black tights that had a pattern on them, her black mini pencil skirt, and a long sleeve red crop top. Harry had a long sleeve blue button up on paired with his black jeans. He was putting his boots one when he watched Y/N zip up her own boots.
“You look so fucking sexy.” He says as he gets up and wraps his arms around her. “Are you sure we have somewhere to be, and I can’t just take this all off you?”
“Sorry.” Y/N giggles. “But dinner’s waiting.”
“But I’m only hungry for one thing.” He pecks at her lips.
“Didn’t you have enough of that earlier?”
“Never enough, babe.”
“Oh, Harry.” She swats a hand at his chest. “Come on.”
They both get their coats on and head out. She loops her arm around his, and leads the way. He realizes they’re headed towards Ashley’s apartment, but he doesn’t question it. She opens the door and everyone yells surprise. Harry laughs and walks in. They put their coats away and he’s amazed at the spread of appetizers there was.
“Thank you all so much, this is great.” He smiles.
All of his friends from senate were there, Louis, Niall, some other people from the soccer team, and other friends. And of course the entire women’s hockey team, but that was a given. A cake is brought out and everyone sings happy birthday to him. After settling down from the food, all of the drinks come out. Everyone takes shots of tequila, and then Y/N makes Harry a vodka cranberry, his favorite. That’s what he stuck with all night. He didn’t want to throw up from mixing drinks.
Y/N was off talking to her friends, but when the music starts to get good, Harry finds her, and yanks her towards him. She wraps her arms around his neck as they start to slow grind.
“Can’t believe you put all of this together for me.”
“Well, it wasn’t all me, the guys helped.”
“Doesn’t matter.” He presses his forehead to hers. “Love you so much.”
“Love you too.”
Harry was really drunk, like, more drunk than Y/N had ever seen him, so she was taking it easy on her own drinks. He stayed attached to her while they danced for the rest of the night. She indulged in making out with him, but there was no way they were having sex again when they got back to his place. Louis and Niall had to help walk him back because there was no way she could carry him. They help him up the stairs in and into his room.
“I’ve got it from here, boys, thanks.”
“Night, Y/N.” Niall says as he and Louis leave.
“Okay, let’s…Harry…” She giggles as he sloppily kisses her neck. “Come on, I wanna get you into bed.”
“Mm, me too. Let’s get you into bed.”
“No, baby, for sleep. Gotta get you out of these clothes for sleep.” He bites down on her neck and squeezes her ass and she groans for a moment before pushing him off. She puts her hands on her hips and looks at him. “We can do that in the morning, you’re really drunk.”
She steps forward and unbuttons his shirt, and gets his pants off. She sits him down on the bed while she gets her own clothes off. She throws on one of his t-shirts and flips the lights off. She climbs into bed with him, and he spoons her, pressing his bulge against her ass.
“M’so hard.” He whines.
“I know, but there’s nothing I can do about that right now.”
“You gave me such a nice birthday.” He holds her closer and nestles into her hair.
“I’m glad you had a nice day, babe.” She chuckles.
“It was the best.” He yawns, and not too long after…he’s out.
Y/N was grateful he didn’t get sick. She didn’t do well with throw up. She drifts off slowly after him. She wakes up a couple of hours later to the sound of his door opening and closing. She sits up immediately, hoping he wasn’t getting up because he was sick. He comes back moment later chugging water from his water bottle.
“Oh, thank god.” She breathes.
“Need some?”
“Yeah.” She smiles and takes the bottle from him.
“Sorry I woke you. I was fucking parched.” He crawls back into bed and takes the bottle from her. “Think I’m still a little drunk.”
“Wouldn’t be surprised, I let you drink too much.” She runs a hand through his hair.
“Oh, but I had so much fun. I’ll just sleep it off.” He gives her a few pecks before settling back down. She rests her head on his chest and he holds her close. This was the life.
The team made it to the first round of playoffs, but nothing further, so their season ended at the end of February. It was sad for the seniors on the team, but mostly everyone was happy for their break. No more early morning practices. They just needed to keep up with lifts in the late afternoons. This also meant that Y/N could stay out later most nights. Ashley and Megan had people over almost every night to drink. They weren’t raging, but Y/N was loving not having to worry about getting up at the crack of dawn. Harry didn’t always go with her, which was fine. He had 8AM’s on Tuesdays and Thursdays, after all.
There was one Tuesday night Harry was already asleep in bed when his phone started ringing. He saw Y/N’s name, and swiped to take the call.
“Baby?” He says groggily.
“Hey sunshine!”
“Amanda?” He sits up. “Why do you have Y/N’s phone?”
“Well, her head’s in the toilet at the moment. She really wants to go home, but it would look bad if one of us carried her. UPD would question us for sure.”
“She’s sick?” He sighs, already pulling some sweats on.
“Yeah, so is Gina. It’s no Bueno.”
“What the hell happened? Where are you?”
“At Ashley’s…we did shots, and then played slap the bag. Not a great mix.”
“Okay, I’ll be there soon.”
He rubs his eyes, grabs his glasses and heads out. He walks right into Ashley’s. Her apartment was filled with smoke and people. Harry partied like anyone else, but not so much on a Tuesday night. He walks to where he knows the bathroom is and doesn’t see anyone.
“Harry!” Amanda says. “She’s over here.” She tugs him over to the living room where Y/N was basically passed out on the couch.
“Christ, where’s Gina?”
“She’s crashing in Megan’s room. Come on, Y/N, Harry’s here.” She nudges her.
“Hm?” Her eyes open slightly and then they grow wide. “No! I don’t want him to see me like this!” She hides her face in her hands.
“It’s okay, babe, let’s get you home.” Harry says, lifting her up bridal styles. “I can’t carry her likes across campus, we’ll get stopped. Help me get her on my back, that’s less weird looking.”
Amanda nods and helps Y/N get situated so Harry could give her a piggy back ride. She was complete dead weight.
“She’s gonna kill me for calling you, but she didn’t want to stay…I’m sorry, I know you were sleeping.”
“It’s alright, Amanda. I’d rather her be safe. You guys have been going a little nuts lately, yeah?”
“We can’t help it. We’re not allowed to get crazy during the week during the season. Things will settle down soon. Spring break is coming up, you know? Last year we all went home and detoxed essentially.”
Amanda gets the apartment door open, and lets Harry take Y/N upstairs.
“Are you gonna spew again?”
“No.” She mumbles.
“Alright, well, I’m gonna put this bucket here.” He brings her barrel over. “Let’s get you out of these clothes, yeah?”
“Go home, you need to sleep.”
“I’m gonna take care of you.”
“No, you’re gonna be mad at me in the morning.”
“I won’t be.”
“Yes you will.” She pouts and her eyes start to tear up.
“Nope, none of that, come on.”
“I can take my own clothes off.”
“Okay, I’ll get your pj’s then.” He goes into her dresses and she lunges towards him, tackling him down. “Y/N! What the fuck?!”
“Don’t go in there! I have things in there you can’t see!”
“You could have just said that! You’re not on the fucking ice!” He gets them both up. “What’s in there that I can’t see?”
“Personal things.”
“Babe.” He pinches the bridge of her nose. “Get your clothes off, now, and I will get your pj’s.”
He goes back into where he knows she keeps her larger t-shirts.
“Harry!” His eyes grow wide after grabbing a shirt off the top. There were two different vibrators and a dildo. “I’ve only ever used the little one…”
“Put this on.” He hands her the t-shirt and closes the drawer.
She strips out of her clothes and he looks the other way to give her some privacy. She gets stuck when she tries to get her shirt on and he helps her.
“Fuck, I have to pee so bad.” She says, sprinting out of the room. He sits down on her bed and waits for her. She brushes her teeth while she’s in the bathroom too. “You’re still here?” She asks, shocked.
“Where the fuck am I going? I’m not leaving you like this.”
“But…you saw the things.”
“We can talk about it tomorrow, or never, I don’t really care.” She sits on his thighs, straddling his lap. “Y/N.” He sighs.
“I just…I don’t want you to think…I mean…I got them over winter break, and-“
“I don’t care, you don’t need to tell me, okay? Can we go to sleep?”
“You’re gonna stay?”
“I just said I was going to! Come on.”
“You’re angry.”
“I’m a little cranky, yeah. Your friend called me drunk to tell me your head was in a toilet while I was sleeping. At least tomorrow we don’t have class until 10:30, so I’ll have to get back and grab my shit beforehand. Now, lay down on the edge so you’re closer to the bucket.” He rids himself of his sweats, leaving himself in his boxers, and gets in with her. She turns to face him while he’s facing her. “You need to turn over.”
“But you’re so pretty.” She whispers and it makes him crack a smile as she pokes his dimple. “I’m sorry she called you.”
“I’m not, I’d come get you any time. I’ll carry you home whenever you need.” He strokes the side of her face. “You’ve done the same for me, it’s fine. Just lay on your stomach for me, okay? I’ll rub your back how you like.”
“Okay.” She smiles and does as he says. She falls asleep with him softly petting on her and it feels amazing.
His alarm goes off at 8AM and she groans.
“Up, let’s go.” He says, rummaging through her closet for her spare towels. “We’re showering quickly and then going to my place, and then we’re getting greasy breakfast sandwiches so you’re not hungover for class.”
“Eric won’t care, he likes me.” Y/N mumbles.
“A little too much if you ask me.”
“Oh stop. I could say the same about that freshman you’re tutoring.”
“How about neither of us play the jealous game?”
“Deal.” She stands and nearly vomits. “Ugh, I feel like shit.”
“You’ll feel better soon.”
“You came to my rescue last night?”
“Yup, that’s me, prince charming.” He rolls his eyes and tugs her out of her room.
She puts her hair up and they both get into the shower. Harry gets them both clean, and dressed. He makes sure she has everything for class, and then they head to his place. Once he has all of his things, and has new sweats on, they head to the coffee shop on campus for breakfast sandwiches.
“Harry…you’re wearing sweatpants to class.”
“I’m aware.”
“But you never wear sweatpants to class.”
“I’m a little fucking tired, Y/N, is that alright?”
“Please don’t be mad at me.”
“I’m not…” He sighs and looks at her. “I just…I’m feeling anxious from things happening so abruptly. My entire routine got messed up and-“ He could feel his breathing quickening so he takes a deep breath. “It’s fine, I’m fine, we’re fine, let’s just go eat.”
They both get coffees and breakfast sandwiches and grab a table to sit. They had about thirty minutes before class, so they could take their time eating.
“Fuck, this was a good idea.” She moans as she eats.
“Yeah.” He agrees as he bites into his own. “Can you do me a favor?”
“Maybe go a little less hard at the parties during the week?”
“You got it. I hate throwing up, I’m not dealing with that again, nor am I going to do that to you again.”
“I wouldn’t care…it’s just…it was a school night is all.”
Y/N nods her head and continues eating her breakfast sandwich. Once they’re done, they head to class and sit down. Eric was there a little earlier than usual.
“Ah, Y/N, I’m glad you’re here. I wanna talk to you about your paper on your Bond comparative essay.”
“Oh…okay.” Y/N walks up to him and he takes her paper out. Harry can’t help but watch the conversation as other students come into class. “I know I’m not a very good writer…”
“No! You’re brilliant, actually. This is one of the better papers I’ve seen. You made a lot of incredible points. You got an A, see?” He shows her and her eyes grow wide. “I was wondering if I could if I could hang onto this and scan it to save as a copy. Students are always asking me for example papers, and I think this is a great paper to use.”
“Are you serious? Yeah, that’s fine with me.”
“Great, thanks.” He smiles. “Well done.”
“Thank you…” She blinks and sits back down. She looks at Harry in shock. “He wants to keep my paper to use as an example.”
“That’s great! You worked really hard on that one, Y/N, you deserve a little praise.”
Eric passes out the rest of the papers, and gives Y/N hers so she could look at any notes he may have made. Harry also got an A, not that Y/N was surprised, but she was happy for him nonetheless.
“H, what did you get?” Billy whispers from behind him. Harry turns to look at him.
“An A, what about you?”
“B+, not too bad.”
“Alright everyone, today, as a treat, we’re going to watch Austin Powers since we’ve just finished our Bond unit. Since we’ve watched a few films, you’ll see that this movie takes a lot from Gold Finger and Golden Eye.” He says as he starts the movie and turns the lights.
“Ugh, thank god. If there was ever a day to just chill in class, it’s today.” Y/N whispers to Harry.
“Agreed.” He whispers.
Eric clears his throat to get their attention, and they both sit back in their seats. There were plenty of laughs throughout class as the movie continued. Y/N stretches as she stands once class ends, revealing a little bit of her stomach. Harry catches Eric looking briefly, and puts his arm around her shoulders.
“Have a good stats class.” She puckers lips and kisses him.
“Thanks, have a good rest of your day. I won’t be able to meet up tonight, I’m doing a group tutoring session, and then I have an 8AM tomorrow…”
“Okay, well…thanks again for last night. I really owe you.”
“No you don’t.” He smiles and gives her a lingering kiss before they part ways.
Spring break was definitely the detox Y/N needed from all of the drinking she had been doing with the hockey team, although, she really didn’t want to go home. Harry would be staying on campus with any other students who couldn’t go home. He had projects he needed to work on, but he also thought it would be a nice time break to spend with Y/N. She couldn’t stay on campus, though, because she needed to work at the bar. She also needed to bring up going to Italy this summer to her mom.
“Great work tonight, honey.” Angie says to her as they wipe down the tables.
“Thanks…um…can I talk to you about something?”
“Of course!” She stops what she’s doing to look at her daughter. “Everything alright?”
“Yeah, everything’s fine, I just…well, I’ve been invited somewhere this summer, and I’d really like to go.”
“Alright, where have you been invited to?”
“Italy.” She mumbles.
“Come again?”
“Italy.” She says a little louder. “See, Harry-“
“Oh, here we go.” Angie rolls her eyes.
“Mum, please, let me just explain.”
“Okay.” She crosses her arms and sits down.
“He and his friends spend three weeks in Italy every summer, one of their dad’s has a house by the water or something. They go end of July through early August, so it’s not like I’d be missing the holiday rush…I’d like to go the whole time, but I’d be willing to compromise, and I’ll pay my own way.”
“You expect me to let you take an international flight alone? What if you get abducted?”
“Three weeks alone with your boyfriend is a long time…”
“Well, we won’t be alone, his friends will be there.”
“You know what I mean.” She sighs. “I really hate this whole you being an adult thing. I can’t really say no, you’re almost twenty years old, and it will be summer so you should take advantage and travel…” She takes a moment and looks at Y/N. “Could you go for two weeks instead of three? I think that’s plenty of time to spend together.”
“Yeah! I can definitely do that.” She smiles.
“And I’ll pay for half the ticket, that’ll be your birthday present. Your passport should still be good from high school.”
“Mum!” She squeals and hugs Angie. “Thank you so much, Harry’s going to be so excited!” She kisses her cheek. “I’m excited too, of course.”
“Well, I should hope so.” She chuckles, and they continue to close down the bar.
Y/N convinced Angie to drive her back to campus on Friday instead of Sunday. She dropped off all her things, and walked to Harry’s. She knocks on the door, and he opens it confused, but happy to see her.
“Hey!” He wraps his arms around her. “You’re back early.”
“Wanted to surprise you, can I come in?”
“Of course! Yeah, come on in.”
“Are you busy?”
“I was just working on a paper, but I can definitely take a break.” Hey both go up to his room, and he moves his things away from the bed so they can both sit. “Got a lot done this week, I’m feeling good.”
“That’s great! Okay, so, I have really good news that I’ve been keeping to myself because I wanted to tell you in person.”
“Oh? Please, do tell.” He grins.
“My mom said I could come to Italy this summer! Only for two weeks instead of three, but still.”
“That’s great!” He cups her jaw and pulls her in for a kiss. “We’re gonna have so much fun. I can show you what website to go on for the plane ticket, there’s this site that sells them for really cheap. I use it when I go home and stuff.”
“Sounds good, thanks. I think two weeks will be plenty, don’t you?”
“I mean, sure.” He shrugs.
“I wouldn’t want us getting on each other’s nerves being together 24/7.”
“We’ll be too busy to get on each other’s nerves, trust me. I can’t wait to tell my friends you’re coming, they’re dying to meet you.”
“Aw, that’s sweet. What are their names?”
“Well, Lou and Niall will be there, they came last year and are coming again. They go right from there to here for soccer. Then there’s my friend Adam, his dad is the one who owns the house, and Mike, Ben, and Clark.”
“Are any of them seeing someone?”
“Um, Adam brought a guy with him last summer, but they’re not dating anymore, so he may be going stag.” He shrugs. “When we were in high school we used to bring a lot of girls with us because we thought we were cool.” He laughs. “But Ben might bring someone, I’m not sure exactly. Sometimes we would just meet people in Italy to hang out with.”
“Hang out with.” She rolls her eyes. “Any Italian chicks I need to worry about.”
“Not that I can think of.” He taps his chin playfully. “You know me, I’m a real sexual deviant.” He says sarcastically and she nudges him. “Come here.”
He pulls her down to lay with him, and they both sigh. He rubs her back and she lays her leg over both of his, pressing into the bulge that’s growing in his pants. He tilts her chin up to look at him and she removes his glasses. He presses his lips to hers and she moves the rest of the way on top of him. He licks at her bottom lip, and she opens up for him. He has one arm wrapped around her back, and the other one around her ass, keeping her nice and close. Her fingers slot through his soft hair and she moans softly when she rolls hips her hips slowly on his.
“Missed you.” He says against her lips, taking her bottom lip between his teeth.
“Missed you too.” She whimpers as he presses his hips harder up towards hers.
Things started to get a little more heated from there, Y/N could feel her lips getting swollen from how hard her and Harry were kissing each other, and she was about ready to lose it in her pants from the way they were grinding on each other.
“Harry.” She groans. “Please.”
“Please what?” He moves her hair away from her neck and starts sucking on her soft skin.
“Can we please fuck?”
He flips them over so she’s on her back, and he yanks her leggings and panties off in one swoop. She gets her shirt and bra off while he gets naked himself. He climbs back onto the bed and he wraps her legs around his waist. She slides her hands up and down his torso and chest.
“Have I ever told you how much I love your tattoos? Because I do, they’re so cool.” Her hands trace over the ferns on his hips.
“Thanks baby.” His hands knead her breasts.
Harry slides his hard dick over her folds and against her clit, causing her hips to buck up. He dips his head down to kiss on her neck and her hand wrap around his back, nails digging in.
“Do you wanna…put it in?”
She feels him nod his head yes, and before she knows it he’s pushing inside her. Her gasp turns into a moan. She bites down on his shoulder as he rocks in and out of her. He sucks on one of her nipples as he thrusts in and out.
“Feels so fucking good.” Her head rolls back into the pillows.
He pulls out and grins at her. She raises an eyebrow at him, and then he flips her over, pulls her up to her knees. She looks back at him as he slides in again. He gets an even pace going, and then he tugs her back to him, his chest flush with her back. He’s got one arm snaked around her, and the other rubbing slow circles on her clit.
“Fuck, oh my god.” Her head rolls back to his shoulder and she looks up at him. He slots his mouth over hers, and the both moan into each other.
“This why you wanted to come back early? Just really needed my cock?” He says into her ear and it has her pushing her ass against him.
“Thought about you every night.” She groans.
“Yeah? Did you bring home your little toys to help you out?”
“H-Harry, don’t-“
“Maybe I should use one on you sometime, would you like that?”
She was dripping all around his cock, she loved when he would just say whatever he wanted into her ear.
“Only wanna feel you.” She admits. It was true, she didn’t like having to use her vibrator, as good as it felt. She really just preferred Harry’s hands on her.
She feels him smile into her neck, knowing that was exactly what he wanted to hear. He picks up the pace on the way he’s rubbing her clit and he feels her squeeze around him. She hooks an arm up around his head to tug at his hair.
“Shit, Harry!” She cries out as she comes to her release.
He gently lets go of her so she can press her front to the mattress. He keeps his hands on her hips as he drives into her hard and fast. He had her panting, and he was panting too. He pulls out and comes on her ass and back before collapsing next to her.
“Fuck.” He breathes and then looks at her. “You have the most perfect ass I’ve ever fucking seen.”
“Shut up.” She giggles.
“Let me clean you up.” He kisses her forehead and then gets up to grab a rag to wipe her clean.
“Thank you.”
He gets back onto the bed and pulls her close to him. They lay there naked for a bit, just enjoying the time skin to skin.
“Do you feel like having a little date night tonight since you’re here? We could go downtown for dinner and then come back to watch a movie in the living room.”
“I’d like that. I’d just wanna go home and change first.”
“Oh cute, then I can come pick you up.”
“Always the romantic.” She kisses his cheek and gets up to grab her clothes. “Give me, like, an hour to get ready, yeah?”
“Sounds good to me, see you soon.” He smiles and kisses her as she leaves his room.
Harry was really happy that Y/N came back a couple of days early. He was trying to play it a little more cool, but she was such a source of comfort for him. He had incorporated her into his routine, so when she wasn’t around he would get a little anxious, which he knew wasn’t healthy, but there wasn’t much he could do about it right now.
He puts on a green sweater with the black jeans he knows she likes, and puts his contacts in. He runs his hand through his hair a few times, getting his curls to sit just right. He knew he needed a haircut, but he also liked when Y/N would really tug on his hair. His logic was the longer his hair the better the grip she could get on him. He left the bit of scruff he had grown out and put on some cologne. He heads down the stairs to put his boots on and goes into the living room.
“Going on a date with my girl, mind if we have the living room when we get back? We’re gonna watch a movie. You can join if you want-“
“And watch the two of you make out?” Louis scoffs. “I’ll pass, mate.”
“Same here.” Niall chuckles. “But we can definitely clear out of here.”
“Thanks, I just get sick of watching stuff on my little laptop screen. Are you guys doing anything tonight?”
“Might go see some of the girls from the other international house. I don’t see myself staying out too late, I went a little too hard last night.” Louis says.
“Yeah, I spewed in the bushes, so I won’t be drinking tonight.” Niall says.
“Alright.” Harry chuckles. “Well, see you later.”
Harry makes the walk to Y/N’s apartment, and he knocks on the door when he gets there. His cheeks immediately blush when he sees her. She had a dark blue thing sweater dress on, showing off all her curves. She paired with some black boots and black tights, looking cuter than ever.
“You look so pretty.” He pouts at her and takes her hand.
“Thanks, thought I’d dress up a little It’s rare that we get to go on a real date.”
“I know! I’m really glad you came back a couple days early. Meant it when I said I missed you.”
“I meant it too.” She loops her arm through his so she can cling to him a little tighter.
The end up at the local bistro, even though Y/N told Harry it would be too expensive, but he assured her it was fine. She talks about her week working at the bar, and he talks about what he might do for work this summer.
“I could always go back to the bakery, but I really want to take the rest of the semester to figure out what I actually want to do. I might go see my advisor next week. I literally have zero idea what I want to do with my life.” He sighs and pops a fry into his mouth.
“Does anyone?” She laughs.
“Well, you sort of do. You’ve got a job lined up right away after graduation.”
“Yeah, working for my mom until she decides to retire really sounds great.” She rolls her eyes. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, I wanna take over the bar, but I wanna do it more in a way where like I could open up multiple locations, you know? I could oversee multiple businesses across the country.”
“Wow…that would be really cool.”
“It’s just an idea, I don’t know if it’ll ever happen. People like small town bars with good food, and that’s what my mom has, I think opening up multiple locations could work, it would just take a lot of marketing and PR. I may pick up a PR minor, the classes double count in my major and I think that may be what I’m a little more interested in these days.”
Harry loved listening to Y/N talk about her aspirations. She really was smart, and he didn’t think she gave herself enough credit.
“Are you not interested in the law stuff anymore?”
“I don’t know…” He sighs. “It’s just such a big commitment, you know? It’s more school, and then you basically have to study and pass the bar where you want to live, and I have no idea where I want to live. I don’t know if I wanna stay in the U.K. forever. I’ve barely been able to explore America while I’ve been here, and there are parts of Europe I’d like to go to. I don’t know, maybe I’ll become a travel blogger or something.” He jokes.
“You laugh, but you’d hit it big.”
“What makes you say that?”
“Well…” She blushes. “You’re insanely hot, Harry, so you have that going for you. People would follow you on a superficial level, and then there’s the fact that you’re smart and nice. You could talk about the country or town you’re in and say what you really liked and what you discovered.”
“Not a very sustainable job though.”
“Have you ever thought about becoming a teacher? You’re really good at explaining things. You never once made me feel stupid last semester.”
“I think I’m better one on one. I feel like whenever I have to give a presentation I just word vomit. I’m also not on an education track, so again, more school. I ‘d need my master’s, and you need to take whatever tests there are in the state you want to work in, and that’s if I wanna stay in America. I don’t even know what I’d want to teach…”
“You could find a job like in a tutoring office like we have here. It takes someone really important to run those types of offices and-“
“Um…do you mind if we change the subject a little?” His leg wouldn’t stop bouncing. “I know this stuff is important to talk through and figure out, but it’s making me anxious.”
“Oh!” She reaches across the table and puts her hand over his. “I’m so sorry, of course we can talk about something else, anything else.” She smiles. “What movie do you feel like watching later?”
They settled on The Devil Wears Prada. It was something they had both seen, so it didn’t matter if they paid attention or not.  His arm was around her and they were lounging comfortably.
“I really like this dress you’re wearing.”
“Yeah? Thought you preferred me in sweats.” She raises an eyebrow at him.
“You could wear a paper sack and I’d like it on you.” This makes her burst out laughing and he smiles down at her.
They both adjust so they can lay down, and he pulls her body on top of his. She sucks on his bottom lip, and his hands slide down to her ass. His tongue drags of hers and she moans into his mouth.
“You’ll stay tonight?” He whispers. “Missed having you to hold onto at night.”
“Of course I’ll stay.” She stays. “No one else I’d rather have cuddles with.” She kisses on his jaw and moves to his neck.
“Leave a good one on me babe, mark me up.”
Y/N bites down decently hard on Harry’s neck and it makes him grit his teeth and squeeze at her harder, but god did it feel good. Truth be told one of his regular tutees flirted with him a lot, and even though he had mentioned Y/N over and over, she would still flirt with him. A nice new hickey may help her get the picture. Also, Harry just really liked getting them. He liked giving them too, but they just felt so fucking good.
“Did you have a nice break, Harry?”
“Yeah, Bri, thanks, did you?”
“Mhm, I got caught up on some things, but I’m definitely still struggling with Intro to Gen Psych…”
“Alright, well, let’s look at your notes from class.”
She reaches into her bag, and when she gets everything out, she notices Harry taking his jacket and scarf off. Her eyes bug out when she sees the giant welt on Harry’s neck. Now, normally he would want to be more professional, but at the end of the day, he was twenty and didn’t give a fuck.
“Everything alright?”
“Um…y-yeah, everything’s fine? Did you, um, go out over the weekend?”
“I did, yeah. Went to a party with some friends Saturday night. My girlfriend came back a couple days early too, that was nice.” He smiles and grabs her notes. “See, I think if you highlighted within your notes, like we’ve talked about, you would have an easier time finding things.”
“Right, um, sorry, Harry.”
“Don’t apologize to me.” He furrows his brows at her. “I already passed this class, it’s you who still needs to finish it. Tutoring can help a lot, but if you don’t take what we do here and apply it elsewhere, you’re not going to see any improvements.”
He was close to her, showing her what she should highlight, and it made her nervous, but in the best possible way. All of a sudden they hear some giggling, and it was a giggle Harry knew all too well. They both look up and see a good chunk of the hockey team. Many of the girls still got together to study like they would during the season.
“Oh, shit, is that Harry?!” Megan says. “Ow ow! Look at him on the clock.” She teases.
“Leave him alone.” Y/N swats a hand at her, and looks over to Harry, mouthing I’m sorry. He waves at them and gives them a half smile.
“Damn, Y//N, I would have tried to fuck my tutor too if it were him.” Another girl teases her and they all start laughing.
“Hey, uh,” Harry turns around in his chair and smirks, “we’re in a library, ladies.”
“Is that so?” Y/N struts over to him and looks at Bri. “Careful with him, he’s a little too good at his job.” She kisses Harry’s cheek and then goes off with the girls to the back of the library.
“Sorry about that, Bri.” Harry chuckles.
“So…that was your girlfriend?”
“Mhm.” He smiles proudly. “Now then,” he clears his throat, “let’s talk more about your note taking, shall we?”
It was hard enough saying goodbye to Ashley, Megan, and some of the other seniors on the team, but it was just about move out day, and Y/N cried every time she thought about not being able to just walk down a couple of streets to see Harry.
“We’ll see each other before you know it, and when we do we’ll have two weeks of perfect weather in Italy together.” He says as he holds her close to him in bed.
“I know, I’m just really sad.” She cries into his chest and he tries his best to soothe her.
“Please don’t cry, Y/N, you’re killing me.”
“I’m sorry.” She sniffles. “I don’t mean to be like this. The time difference just sucks, Harry.”
“I know.” He sighs.
“And you won’t even get to see me for my birthday.” It was in a couple of weeks.
“But we already sort of celebrated, remember the big party we had here last weekend?”
“How could I forget? You made me margaritas all night, and then fucked my brains out.” She chuckles and so does he. “Couldn’t walk right for two days.”
“Cause I know you like it like that.” He kisses the top of her head. “Look, I’m gonna miss you too. It’s not easy being away from your favorite person, but we’ll make it work. It’ll just make things better when we see each other again. I do have one favor, though?”
“What?” She looks up at him.
“You’ll have to leave lots of marks on me, really good ones, so that they’ll just barely have faded by the time I see you. The only thing is, my mum will be pissed if she sees my neck like that, you’ll have to be creative about where you put them.”
“Challenge accepted.” She gives him a devious smile and sinks down under his covers. Thank god Harry had an a/c in his room.
“What are you…oh!” He starts laughing when he feels her suck on his inner thigh, like he would normally do to her. “Why did you tell me this tickled so much?!” He rips the blanket away to look down at her.
“It doesn’t tickle when you do it to me.” She pouts up at him. She moves to kiss on his hip and then things feel less funny.
“Yeah, I like it when you do it there.”
She kisses up his chest and sucks a nice, dark mark on one of his pecs and then smiles up at him. Her eyes start to water again and she hides her face in his neck.
“What happened?”
“We’re not going to be able to do this whenever we want soon, and it just…” She cries into him again.
“Baby.” He coos. “Let’s just enjoy right now, yeah?” He rubs her back. “Want me to make love to you? Be all sweet and slow?”
“Mhm.” She says, muffled from the way she’s pressing further into him.
“Alright.” He rolls them both over and runs his fingers over her folds. Yes, they were both already naked.
He slides his middle finger inside her slowly, working his way in and out, sucking on her nipple as he does so. This helps her to calm down just like he was hoping. He sucks his finger into his mouth when he’s done and then rubs his hard dick against her clit. She groans and then he slips inside. He hides his face in her neck so he can kiss on her while he rocks in and out. They both just wanted to be as close as possible right now.
“Yeah?” He moves to look at her and she puts her hands on his shoulders.
“When you get close, will you please come inside me?” She looks so innocent right now.
“If I say yes will you promise to tell me when you get your period?”
“Okay, baby, I’ll come inside you when the time comes.”
She pulls his face down to hers to kiss him. Things are slow and sloppy and just perfect. He rubs her clit to help her along and she cries out as she comes. She nearly comes again when she feels him fill her up. It was the first time he had ever come inside her without a condom, and it felt so fucking good.
“I love you so much.” He says to her as he pulls out.
“I love you too.” She clamps her legs together to try not to make a mess on his bed, and she stands up. She throws on one of his shirts before heading to the bathroom.
They snuggle all night, and most of the morning. Harry helps her pack up her apartment, and he waits with her for Angie to come pick her up. It was a really difficult goodbye, but Harry tried to stay strong for the both of them. Of course the second the car pulled away he started crying. He calmed himself down, though. They would call, text, and FaceTime. Thank god she was coming to Italy.
“Shit.” Y/N says to herself.
“What?” Julie asks coming into her room.
“According to my pills, I’m going to have my period when I’m in Italy.” She groans.
“So?! I’m gonna be swimming and stuff.”
“Just use a tampon.”
“I’m going to be with mostly boys, and I have zero idea if it’s a fancy boat with a bathroom on it. I’ll only have it a few days, but still. Fuck, and I’ll probably have it right when I first see Harry.”
“Do you guys not…do it when you have your period?”
“Don’t be gross.”
“It’s a valid question!”
“We did, like, once in the shower, but it sort of hurts, so it I didn’t like it and we didn’t do it again.” She sighs. “I miss him so much, I don’t think I’ll care when I finally see him.”
“Show me the new bathing suits you got.”
“Hey.” Cooper comes into the room as well and just stands there, munching on some chips.
“What?” Y/N asks.
“Wanna look at my new bathing suits?”
“Alright, yeah.”
“You have WhatsApp?”
“Already downloaded.”
“And you’ll text me updates, and you will take a picture of you and Harry together so I know you’re really with him?”
“Yes, mum! Please, I need to go get through security. I love you, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.”
“I love you too, have a great time.”
Y/N gets through security, and texts Harry and her mom updates. She had the window seat so she was able to get comfortable for her long flight. She wanted to look cute and refreshed, so she gets up to change in the bathroom of the plane. She puts on a pair of high-waist jean shorts, and a black crop top. Her hair is down, but she ties a bandana he had given to her in it, and touched up her makeup. She was feeling really good, despite being in the middle of her period. At least it would end in a day or so.
The flight lands on time, and Y/N texts Harry and her mom that she’s landed. She gets her backpack on, and manages to follow the signs to baggage. Luckily there were a lot of signs in English. Harry had “tutored” her a bit in Italian this summer, so she wasn’t totally lost. As she approaches baggage she squints when she sees three guys who look very familiar.
“Oi! There she is!” Louis says and Harry turns around, beaming at Y/N.
She runs towards him and jumps into his arms, wrapping all of her limbs around him. He looked so fucking good in his little shorts and t-shirt and tanned skin. Their lips collide and they almost forget their in the airport.
“I hate to break this up, but which bags are yours, pet?” Niall asks.
“Oh! The floral ones!” She points to them as they come off the belt. Harry sets her down and he grabs her bags. She gives Niall and Louis a hug as well. “Now, if we let you two sit in the back of the car together, do you promise to hold off on the groping?” He teases them as they walk out to the parked cars.
“Think I can behave myself for a bit, yeah, Y/N?”
“I’ll do my best.” She giggles. “How far away are we form the house?”
“Bout an hour, not too far.” Harry says. “We’re having dinner on the boat tonight, you’ll love it. Fresh steamers, you like those, right?”
“Love ‘em.” She smiles.
He puts his arm around her and keeps her close as Louis drives back to the house. She switches her gaze from Harry to out the window, unsure of what she preferred to soak up in the moment. Harry had a lovely tan, his hair was a tad shorter, but not by much, and he had definitely been trying to grow out his scruff. He was handsome as ever.
“You look really cute.” He whispers in her ear and it sends a shiver up her spine. “Is that the bandana I gave you?”
“Mhm.” She smiles up at him. “I wear it all the time at work.”
“Good, it suits you.”
They pull up to the house in what feels like no time at all, and Y/N’s jaw drops as she gets out of the car. It was beautiful, and private. There was a path to a private dock where the boat was, and there were a couple of other guys outside.
“I’m just gonna show Y/N to our room, and then we’ll come down for dinner.” Harry tells Niall and Louis as they make their way to the boat.
“Our room, huh?” Y/N smirks up at Harry as he carries her bags in. He stops short and looks at her.
“Shit, uh, did…fuck, did you not want to stay with me? I think we can-“
“Harry!” She laughs. “Jesus, I was kidding, why would I come all this way and not sleep in a bed with you?”
“I…don’t do that.” He side eyes her as they both go inside. She shakes her head at.
“Wow…even more beautiful on the inside.” She looks around.
He hums his response and gestures to follow him upstairs. There were a lot of bedrooms, both on the main level and second level of the home. Harry was the only one to bring a date this summer, so his friends granted him the privilege of the bedroom with the en suite bath.
“Here we are, love.” He puts her bags down and closes the door behind them. He lets her look around for a moment. She peeps her head into the bathroom and then she smiles at him.
“This is amazing. I can’t believe I’m really here.
“Me neither.” He cups her jaw and kisses her. She wraps her arms around his waist as he licks into her mouth. “Missed you, baby.”
“Missed you too.” He bites down on her bottom lip, and his hands start to slide farther south, but she stops him. “We can’t.”
“Dinner can wait.”
“No, I mean…I need two more days.”
“I have my period, but it should be done soon. I’m sorry…”
“It’s alright.” He sighs. “Better to have it now than later when we’re camping, right?”
“Mhm.” She smiles and kisses him again.
“Besides, we’ve got that nice big shower.” He winks at her, and then leads her out of the bedroom.
He keeps his hand on the small of her back as they walk down the dock to the boat. She could already smell the seafood.
“Shit!” She stops short. “We have to take a selfie to send to my mom, she wanted proof I wasn’t kidnapped.”
“Alright.” He chuckles. She takes her phone out to snap the quick photo, and then they continue onto the boat. “Oi! Can I get everyone’s attention, thank you.” All of the boys look at Harry and Y/N. “Clark, Adam, Ben, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”
“Hi.” She says shyly.
“Don’t look like a hockey player to me.” Ben says, jokingly. “Nice to meet you, finally.” He extends his hand and she shakes it.
“Don’t be fooled, she can really pack a punch.” Harry says, sitting down.
“It’s great to meet you, Y/N.” Adam says, giving her a hug. “Hope you don’t mind being with a bunch of guys for the next couple of weeks.”
“It’s not a problem.” She smiles.
“Harry’s told us a lot about you.” Clark says, shaking her hand. “Nice to actually see you in person. Harry’s always sending us pictures of you.”
Y/N turns to look at Harry, giving him a face.
“All tasteful, I promise. Come here.” He pulls her to sit on his lap. “How’s dinner coming along?”
“The steamers have just about popped.” Adam says. “We’ve also got crab legs. Do you like all that, Y/N?”
“Yeah, I love seafood, thank you.”
“Alright, now that we don’t need to drive anywhere else,” Niall starts. “can we get to drinking?”
“Read my mind.” Ben says, getting up to pull the cooler of beer over. “Do you like beer, Y/N? We have other drinks if you don’t.”
“Beer’s great, thanks.” She smiles and leans forward to grab one for her and Harry. “I guess this is my first legal drink, that’s sorta cool.”
“That’s right! You don’t have to second guess a thing here.” Harry says, cracking his beer open. They all clink their cans together and take a sip.
Adam brings the pig pot of steamers up from below deck, and Clark brings out the crab legs and butter. Louis helps with the cocktail sauce and plates. Everyone takes what they want and dig in.
“Mm, these are delicious.” Y/N says. “Thanks so much for making all this.”
“We thought your arrival would be the perfect night to do this, so thank you.” Adam says.
“So, you three have known Harry since high school?”
“Well, we call it secondary school.” Ben says. “But yeah, think you and Adam have known each other the longest though.” Harry nods his head. “We became pretty good mates after a school camping trip.”
“I think we started coming here when we were sixteen?” Clark looks at Adam.
“I’d say so, yeah. My dad’s had this house a while. I think sixteen is when he trusted us enough to come here a lone. Lotta good summers here.”
“How did you two meet again? You had a class together?” Ben asks.
“Nope, she needed a tutor.” Harry says.
“Mhm, and lucky me, I got paired up with the most studious one of them all.”
“H really is a bit serious, isn’t he?” Clark teases.
“Gotta be serious to get good grades.”
“So, how did Harry get all these tattoos, I’m not seeing many on you.” She says to three of them.
“That would be me, love.” Louis says. “You didn’t get them all with me, but I feel like freshman year we were constantly driving out to the tattoo shop.”
“Once I got one I couldn’t stop.” Harry says. “I went with these guys to get a few more, the ones on my arms. My mum was pissed.”
“Didn’t you say she nearly fainted when she saw the butterfly?” Clark asks with a laugh.
“Yeah, that’s why I got so many on my stomach in the first place so she wouldn’t see, but it was inevitable.” He shrugs. “Think I’m due for a new one while we’re here, I’d say.” He looks at his right arm. “Not sure where though.” He laughs.
“You should get a mate for your mermaid.” Niall jokes.
“She’s an independent woman, she’s all set.”
Everyone laughs and continues to enjoy their food. They all help clean up and enjoy more drinks by the fire pit after the sun goes down fully. Y/N was having difficulty staying awake. She was up early, had that long flight, and she really just wanted to shower and go to bed.
“Would you care if I went in?” She says to him. “Think I’m ready to for a shower, and I wanna unpack a bit.”
“Sure! Yeah, I’ll head in with you in a minute.”
“Okay.” She stands up. “Night everyone, thanks for a great first say.” She smiles and then heads inside.
“She’s really nice, H.” Adam says. “I like her a lot already.”
“Thanks.” Harry smiles. “I like her a lot too.” He stands up and heads up to their shared bedroom.
“You could have stayed outside if you wanted, I’m just getting my things settled.”
“I know…I thought you might need help with the shower.” He rubs the back of his neck.
“I probably could have figure it out.” She smirks at him.
“Well, maybe I need a shower too. Been outside all day, after all.” He steps closer to her and she can feel her cheeks heating up.
“Harry…I…I want to, but…” She bites her bottom lip. “Last time we tried to do it on my period it really hurt, and I didn’t like it as much as I may have led on.”
“You didn’t fake it did you?”
“No! I came, but…it just wasn’t super comfortable. I really wanna be close with you, I just need a couple more days, and then you can pound me into the mattress for all I care.” Harry chuckles at her statement and he nods.
“Well, can we still shower together without the funny business? I just really missed you.”
“Yeah, just give me a minute in there alone, you know the drill.”
He nods and watches her walk into the en suite with her toiletry bag. She gets the water going, and steps in, opting to get her hair wet to give it a good wash. She calls for him once she feels secure enough, and he comes in right away. They look at each other for a moment, and then he crashes his mouth to hers, pushing her against the wall. Her hands fly to his hair and she moans into his mouth at the feeling of his hard dick pressed against her hip. His tongue glides against her as he gropes her breast with one hand and her ass with the other. He detaches his lips from hers to get some air, and immediately starts sucking on her neck.
“Th-thought you said no funny business.” She manages to get out.
“I don’t find any of this funny, do you?” He says lowly into her ear.
“No.” She breathes and he continues his attack on her neck.
“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna do anything you don’t wanna do.” He pulls away from her slightly. “I just couldn’t help myself when I walked in here, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be.” She pulls him back, pressing their fronts together. “I really missed you too.”
After some more passionate kisses, they clean themselves up and get out of the shower. Harry leaves her so she has some privacy putting her underwear on. She runs the blow dryer through her quickly so it’s not sopping wet before coming to bed. She throws on a large t-shirt, and Harry can’t help but smile as he watches his cute girlfriend crawl into the large bed with him.
“So, are you not able to swim? We were hoping to take the boat out tomorrow.”
“Does the boat have a bathroom?”
“It does! It’s small, but functional.”
“Then I can definitely go swimming.” She smiles and cozies up to him. She sighs happily. “I really missed this.”
“Me too.” He looks down at her. “I think I sleep better when you’re next to me.”
She pouts up at him and slots her mouth over his. It felt so good to just be able to kiss and touch how they pleased. FaceTiming was great and all, but always left them with a sense of wanting and yearning. The physical touch was something they both craved from the other.
The morning sun creeps into the bedroom, causing Y/N’s eyes to flutter open. She feels like she’s in a dream, but things become real when she feels Harry’s arms around her and his pelvis pressing into her ass. She thinks to maybe take care of him, offer up a hand job or something, but before she can he’s peppering kisses to the back of her neck and then getting out of bed.
“Ready to start the day?” He yawns. “We gotta pack up everything we wanna eat for the day. There’s a mini kitchen below deck, which is nice. I stalked up on some things I know you like from the store.”
“Thank you.” She smiles as he walks into the bathroom. Y/N gets up and stretches a bit. She scowls when she feels a cramp roll through her lower body. She grabs her pills and swallows. She was on the first week of her new pack. “One more day and you’re gone.” She says to herself.
“Are you talking to your period?” Harry chuckles as he comes out of the bathroom.
“Maybe.” She raises an eyebrow at him. “Just started my new pack of pills, should definitely be over by tomorrow.”
“No worries.” He kisses her cheek and goes into the drawer for his swim trunks and a white t-shirt.
“Should I pack other clothes to change into?”
“Nah, we’ll come back here and get cleaned up. I think we’re gonnna go to a bar tonight, should be fun.”
Y/N nods and searches for one of her new bathing suits. She snatches and goes into the bathroom. She hated using tampons, especially this late in her period because things just felt uncomfortably dry, but it wasn’t like she could wear a pad with her bottoms, so this is what she needs to do. Once that’s all situated, she puts her hair up into a messy bun, and slides her bottoms on. They were navy blue, not super high waist, but not super low cut either, mid-rise. She grabs her top, and struggles with getting the back tied. It was a really cute floral string top that matched perfectly with the bottoms.
“Har?” She calls from the bathroom.
“Yeah?” He peeps his head in carefully.
“Could you tie the back of this for me please?”
“Um…sure.” He swallows as he steps closer to her and ties the back of the top. “Is that good?”
She looks in the mirror and adjusts her breasts.
“Yeah, should be alright, thank you.”
“That’s a really nice bathing suit.”
“Thanks.” She smiles. “I just got it, I wanted to have some cute ones for the trip.” Her breasts giggle as she lets them go, and he can’t help but watch.
“Thought you might wear a one piece or something.” He says as he follows her out of the bathroom.
“I can’t really wear those, my torso is long, and they make them way too high cut, it’s not cute on me.” She puts on a pair of jean shorts and a tank top over her bathing suit and smiles at him. “You’ve got sunscreen and all that?”
Harry knew he didn’t need to worry about Louis, Niall, or Adam really looking at Y/N. It was Ben and Clark. As good of friends as they were, and they were just as respectful as Harry was, he knew they would still look and gawk at her. He had zero control over it, and that’s the part he hated.
The kitchen smells like fresh coffee, and Harry can hear Y/N giggling as Ben pours her a cup and gives her some creamer. Here we go, Harry thinks to himself.
“Here, Harry.” Louis says, handing him a cup of black coffee.
“Thanks.” He smiles and takes it from him.
“Sleep well, Y/N?” Clark asks.
“Better than I have in weeks, yeah.” She looks at Harry and he looks at her.
“Alrighty then.” Adam says. “Well, I’ve got most of the coolers packed, got all the sunscreen we could need. I figure we could grill on the boat for lunch later. Sound good with everyone?” Everyone hums in agreement. “Perfect, let’s head out.”
Y/N puts her sunglasses on and goes outside with everyone. She sits down on the boat and watches all the boys while they work to get going. It was quite a sight to see Harry maneuvering the different ropes. Adam drives the boat out, and Harry plops down next to Y/N.
“He’s gonna take us out to this sand bar where other boats anchor. It’s a lot of fun, just swimming around, doing nothing. You can lay out on the other end too, work on your tan.”
“Is that what you’ve been doing?”
“Mhm.” He smiles. “I love sitting out in the sun.”
“Me too. It’s been great working at the bar because I can go to the beach during the day with my friends and stuff, and then just go in at night.”
“How’s the gang doing?”
“Oh, they’re great. Max has a girlfriend, and she’s really nice. She came to visit for a weekend to meet all of us.”
Harry felt slightly relieved knowing that Max was seeing someone. He never brought his uneasiness about him to Y/N, and right now he was especially glad he didn’t.
“That’s nice.” He kisses her cheek.
Once the boat is anchored at the sandbar, Y/N takes her cover up off along with the boys. Having basically grown up in a locker room, Y/N wasn’t really nervous to be so exposed around friends. If they hadn’t seen a boob or a butt cheek by now then that was on them. She takes a few photos on her phone. The view was incredible, and she felt so lucky to be there. Harry comes up from behind her and gives her a squeeze.
“Would you help me with the sunscreen?” He asks.
“Of course!” She sprays it all over him and rubs it in on his back and shoulders. “Do me?”
He nods and does the same for her, making sure to get under her straps so she wouldn’t be splotchy. They hear a few splashes. Louis, Niall, and Clark all jumping in.
“The water’s so warm!” Niall shouts to everyone still aboard.
“I’m not quite ready to go in yet.” Y/N whispers to Harry.
“You don’t have to…here.” He grabs a towel from a bag. “Lay out on this, I’m just gonna go in for a quick dip and then I’ll join you.” He smiles and kisses the tip of her nose.
“M’surprised she’s not right in here with you.” Louis says as Harry swims over to them.
“She…uh…well, she’s got her period.” He whispers. “So I think she’s trying to hold off on going in for a bit.”
“Ah, say no more.” Louis says.
“That’s gotta be so annoying.” Niall says. “Did it just start?”
“No, she said it should end tomorrow, so she just needs to tough it out today.”
“We should have gone to the shops then…” Louis says.
“It’s alright, she can still swim, she just doesn’t want to have to deal with, uh, changing yet I think.”
“Changing what?” Clark asks.
“Her…you know.” Harry says, blushing. “Ugh, can we not talk about this actually?”
“Talk about what?” Ben asks as he swims towards them.
“Nothing.” Harry, Niall, and Louis all say at the same time.
They all hear Y/N laughing from the boat. Adam is sitting next to her on the deck.
“Look, Adam has someone to have girl talk with, this’ll be perfect.” Ben says.
“Oi.” Harry splashes him. “Don’t say shit like that. Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s girly. We all paint our nails and wear jewelry for Christ’s sake, we’re not all exactly following gender norms here.”
“Okay, okay, fuck.” Ben laughs and splashes Harry back.
After his quick dip, Harry joins Y/N on the deck to lay out. She looked perfect to him. Laying on her stomach, he could see the cute curve of her bum. He lays down on a towel next to her, and boops her nose as she turns to look at him.
“How was the water?”
“Nice and warm, ready whenever you are.”
“Sun feels good.” She yawns.
“Good.” He smiles at her. “I’m so happy you’re here.”
“Me too.”
Y/N ends up falling asleep for a bit, which Harry thinks is the cutest thing in the world. He nudges her awake, though, and hands her a bottle of water. She shits up and happily takes it.
“Think I’m ready to go in now, I’m hot.”
He leads her down to where the latter is, and helps her in by giving her a piggy back ride. She warned him that she wasn’t the strongest swimmer before the trip. Luckily, she could easily stand about belly button deep.
“Y/N, catch!” Niall tosses her a tennis ball, and she catches it.
Adam was hanging out on a float nearby with Ben, and Clark was talking with Louis about some soccer player. Y/N, Harry, and Niall get into a game of catch with the tennis ball. Once noon hits, someone has the brilliant idea to start drinking. Y/N goes up on deck with Harry and she pulls him aside.
“Would you come to the bathroom with me?” She whispers as she grabs her beach bag.
He leads her below deck and shows her the bathroom. She asks him to just wait outside and guard the door while she’s in there. He hears her grunt painfully before hearing the sink. She comes out with sigh.
“Yeah…it just…ugh, it’s just annoying. It’s fine.” She takes a moment to look around. “It’s like a little apartment down here, it’s nice.”
“Yeah, the couch turns into a pull out, it’s pretty cool. We’ve all slept out on the boat before. One summer when there was a lot of us someone just used it as a spare room.”
“Who wants vodka?” Adam asks.
“Me!” Y/N says as her and Harry come back up. “Any soda or anything to go with it?”
“Cranberry juice.” Harry says with a grin and Y/N smiles wider.
Ben fires up the grill while everyone starts to drink. It was a delicious lunch that Y/N was grateful for. Everyone was getting a little tipsy, which resulted in Harry (and others) doing a backflip off the deck and into the water. Y/N had no idea Harry would even do that. He must really be letting loose.
Once everyone sobered up a bit, Adam drives the boat back to the house. It was the perfect day in the sun, but Y/N couldn’t wait to shower off all the sunscreen.
“Do you guys wanna, like, chill for a little while? I could use a nap, honestly.” Clark says. “We won’t be heading to the club until midnight so I’d rather sleep and then have a late dinner.”
“Agreed.” Niall says. “I’m exhausted.”
“Midnight?” Y/N says to Harry as they go up to their room.
“Yeah, things are open later here so we go out later. We’ll pregame and stuff like normal, but it’s sort of lame to be the first ones at a club.”
“Right.” She chuckles. “Well, I am in desperate need of a shower.”
“Alright, I suppose I’ll be a gentleman and let you go first.” He rolls his eyes playfully.
“You can come in with me.”
“If I do that I’m gonna need to fuck you, Y/N.”
“You’ve looked so sexy all day.” He plays with the strap on the top of her bathing suit. “Don’t have much self-control left.”
“I’ll just, um, go in alone then.” She swallows.
She really wanted to have sex with Harry, but it just wasn’t time yet. She takes a quick shower, and he follows in shortly after her. She didn’t seem to be bleeding anymore, but she put a pad on anyways and a large t-shirt. She sinks into the pillows on the bed and waits for Harry.
“Think I need a nap too.” He yawns. “Swimming and day drinking really tires you out.”
“Yeah.” She laughs and opens her arms for him. He rests his head on her chest and gets comfy.
“This is the best.”
“Absolutely.” She plays with his damp hair and he feels like he’s going to melt into her.
“Oh!” He sits up abruptly and looks at her. “I had an epiphany the other night with the guys.”
“About what?”
“What I might like to do after graduation. We were sitting smoking and it just came to me.”
“I’m sorry, did you just say you were smoking?” She sits up with a surprised look on her face.
“I don’t do it during the school year because sometimes I wig out, but I was fine the other night. Anyways, do you wanna hear what I wanna do?”
“Of course, lay it on me.”
“Human Resources.”
“What about it?”
“That’s what I want to do, Y/N! I all of these ethics classes would really prepare me for that field, and I could literally work anywhere. I’d probably have to start out doing some customer service work and then slowly work my way up, but I think I could be good at it.”
“You wanna deal with sexual harassment stuff?”
“That’s not the only thing that HR reps do, there’s payroll, workplace compliance with dress code and safety. I’d be like Toby from The Office, only cool.”
Y/N smiles and giggle for a moment.
“Well, you’re clearly excited about it, so I think it’s great. Course, I think you’d be good at anything you set your mind to.”
“Thanks, babe. I know it sounds like a boring job, but I don’t think it has to be. Plus, you can make a fuck ton of money.”
“Is that the most important thing to you?”
“No, I suppose being happy is, but a decent salary would be nice too.”
“You’d probably have to wear a suit every day.” She bites her bottom lip.
“Mhm, probably.”
“Sexiest HR rep in the history of HR reps.”
He smiles as he leans in to kiss her. She pulls him on top of her, but keeps her legs closed. After a quick make out session, they decide just to cuddle and snooze for a bit. Harry wakes up to a lack of warmth. He sits up when he doesn’t feel Y/N next to him. She comes out of the bathroom and looks at him.
“What time is it?” He knuckles at his eyes.
“A little after six. What do you think we’re doing for dinner?”
“Ben said he’d make fresh pasta.” Harry yawns and stretches. “It’s his turn to cook.” He gives her a kiss on the cheek before looking for some clothes.
“What should I wear tonight? I have this cute red dress…” She pulls it out of the closet and his eyes grow wide. He puts his glasses on so he can see better.
“That’s…wow, yeah, that’ll look great on you.”
“I really like the cut out on the front. I’ll just put some shorts and a t-shirt on for now. No use in getting ready yet.”
Harry just throws on a pair of shorts and looks at her.
“Must be nice to just walk around shirtless all the time. Wish I could do the same.”
“Well, you could, but I wouldn’t feel terribly comfortable with all of the guys ogling you.” He smirks and she nudges him out of the room.
“Something smells good!” She says as she sees Ben over the stove. “You really made fresh pasta?”
“Yup, and meatballs. Mum’s recipe.”
Y/N was amazed at seeing so many guys just being domestic. Her freshman year of college she had made friends with a few guys on the men’s hockey team and their apartment was always gross. They never did their laundry and always ordered takeout. This was one of the things Y/N really liked about Harry. He was clean and respectful, and it was nice to see he surrounded himself with similar people.
“Oh my fucking god.” She moans as she takes a bit of the food. “That’s delicious.”
“Thanks.” Ben beams. “Hear that, mate, she likes my cooking.”
“Don’t get too cocky, she likes mine plenty, right?” Harry says to her.
“Of course, babe.”
“Babe.” Adam and Clark say together lovingly.
“Enough teasing.” Harry points his knife at them. “Get enough of it from these two at school.”
“Please, we hardly tease you.” Louis scoffs.
“You did when we first started going out, it was so annoying.” Harry rolls his eyes.
“You teased him?” Y/N looks at Louis and Niall. “Not very nice boys.” She shakes her head as she takes another bite.
“It was all in good fun.” Niall says.
After cleaning up dinner, the drinks come back out and everyone does shots of tequila. This was what Y/N had been missing. Just hanging out with people her own age without any parents around.
“Wait, so I need to ask.” Clark starts. “Why hockey?”
“I was too aggressive for soccer and lacrosse. No padding.” She takes another shot and sucks on a lime.
“Jesus.” Adam says. “Why were you so aggressive?”
“I had a lot of, um, pent up anger from my parent’s split…we had to see, um, well it was suggested to me that I try hockey. I already knew how to skate, so it wasn’t difficult for me to pick up.”
“She’s brilliant on the ice.” Harry says, putting an arm around her. “I bet you’ll be captain senior year.”
“Do you have siblings, do they play sports?” Ben asks.
“My younger sister does theater, she’s going to this school…um…AMDA in New York this fall, I’m really excited for her, she’s very talented. My little brother plays hockey too…for the same reasons. At least the boys get to hit each other.” She scoffs. “If there had been a female football league I think I would have done that, but it didn’t exist so hockey it was. Besides, I really do just love it. My mom was able to send me to hockey camp a couple times, and I got to meet some nice people that I still stay in touch with. It’s just a great sport.”
Pregaming was good, but it was getting to be time to change. Y/N takes her hair out of its bun and shakes it out. She had some nice beach waves from earlier. She touches up her makeup, and slips into her dress. It was tight, red, and had a cutout just below her breasts. It wasn’t something she wore often, but she thought a club in Italy would be a perfect occasion. She slips her white tennis shoes on, ever the practical person. Harry feels the wind get knocked out of him when she steps out of the bathroom.
He didn’t look too shabby himself. A white, silk short-sleeve shirt with the first few buttons undone, and a pair of black shorts. He looks her up and down after putting his contacts in.
“Isn’t it cute?” She spins around for him.
“Very.” He puts his hands on her hips. “Do we need to leave?”
“Harry.” She giggles. “We can get frisky when we get back.”
“Does that mean-“
“Mhm.” She winks at him.
The boys were all dressed and ready, and a few paid some compliments to Y/N. Harry keeps his arm around her as they walk to the downtown area. They’re able to get into the club with ease, and they all go up to the bar. The bartender gives Y/N’s hers on the house and she smiles.
The music was good, they all dance as a group, but Harry dances behind Y/N with his hands on her hips, which she didn’t mind one bit. His friends had seen him dance with plenty of girls, it wasn’t awkward or anything. They all drank a fuck ton as the night went on. Y/N was loving having her dance partner back. Her head was rolled back onto Harry’s chest while they grind together. He turns her around and pulls her close so he can kiss her, tongue immediately going into her mouth. She wraps her arms around his neck and tugs him as close as they could possibly be. This kiss is hot and forceful. Her fingers lace through his hair.
“Fuck.” He breathes. “Need to get you out of here.” He nearly growls. Y/N nods her head, too frazzled to speak.
Harry finds Adam and lets him know they’re leaving. They both walk quickly, hand in hand, out of the club. The walk back to the house felt like any other time they left a party to go get busy. They giggle and stop to steal kisses until they get to where they need to be. He gets her inside and lifts her over his shoulder.
“Harry!” She squeals.
“Shh, some of the boys could have brought people back.” He gives her bum a little smack as he carries her up the stairs. She laughs, but does as he says to try to stay quiet.
He gets them both on the bed, and she straddles him immediately, her hair falling into her face as she sucks on his bottom lip. He helps move it out of the way, and this his hand slide down her body to grope and squeeze at her ass. She rocks her lips against his, and at this point it just feels torturous for them both. He grabs her hips and gets her on her back.
“You’re really all good?”
He lifts the hem of her dress and bunches it up by her hips. His mouth falls open when he sees the red thong she had paired with the dress.
“You’re the devil.” He says, kissing her lips as he pets over her. “You’re good, you’re okay with this?”
“Yes, so okay with it, please.” She nearly whines.
He moves the thin material to the side, and slides two of his fingers inside her. They swallow each other’s moans. He uses his other hand to yank her breasts out of the top of her dress, something she wasn’t expecting, and then he sucks on one of her nipples while he fingers her. Her back arches when his fingers curl up against her g-spot.
“There we are.” He smirks. “Like that, baby girl?”
“Yeah, just like that, Harry.” Her head rolls back into the pillow. “Oh my god, oh my fucking god.” She moans.
“That’s it, let it all out for me.”
He was knuckle deep, and she couldn’t control any of the noises leaving her mouth. She cries out when she comes to her release. He gives her moment before pulling his fingers out. She looks up at him.
“Get your clothes off, now.” She demands.
“Yes ma’am.” He says, saluting her and getting up.
She helps him get his shirt off, attaching her lips to his stomach and sucking on his special spots. His hips buck forward. He tugs her dress off, and his pants drop to the ground at the same time. She wiggles out of her thong, and Harry rids himself of his boxers.
“Really wanna feel you, can we do that?” She pouts at him.
She pins him down and straddles him, lining herself up with him and sinking down. They both let out throaty moans at the contact.
“You’re so fucking tight.” He groans as he rocks her back and forth on him.
“Been too long without you.” She starts bouncing up and down on him slowly, and he rubs her clit. “Fuck, Harry.” She squeezes around him.
“Come as many times as you want, don’t hold back.” He says, rubbing her faster.
Her body falls on his and she cries out into his neck. He helps her move back and forth on him as she comes to. She knew she was overly sensitive from having not been touched by him in two months. He looks at her and opens his mouth. Her eyebrows raise, but then she remembers what he wants her to do. She wells up some spit and lets it drip slowly from her tongue to his. He swallows it and smiles up at her. A hand goes to the back of her head, and he yanks her face down to his so he can kiss her. Their tongue move around each other as he thrusts up into her.
“Need it from behind.” He says against her mouth.
She gets off him and gets in position for him. He gives her a gentle smack before sliding back in. His hands grip at her hips as he thrusts in and out.
“Gonna fuck you every day for the next two weeks, as many times as you want. You just say the word, and it’ll be just like this.”
“Fuck, Harry.” His words alone were going to make her lose it again.
“Don’t care where we are, if you want my cock, my mouth, my fingers, you’ve got it.”
She moans out as she comes again, and he loves the way she tightens around him, but he’s trying to hold on a little longer. He hadn’t fucked her in so long, and even though he knew they could do it again, he just wanted to enjoy the initial moment a little longer. He pulls out of her and gets her on her back, and in he goes once against. He takes her hands and pins them on either side of her head. He kisses her as he rocks in and out.
“I love you.”
“Oh, baby, I love you too.” He kisses her.
Things had turned from rushed and frantic to loving and sweet. She rocks her hips along with his, and it feels amazing. He slows down the pace to really just take her all in.
“Love you so much.” He whispers in her ear. He picks up the pace a little, and he can feel himself getting closer.
“Please, come inside me, Harry.” She whimpers. “Wanna feel all of you.”
He bites down on her neck while he comes and she moans out at the feeling of him filling her up. He kisses her cheeks and nips at her lips before slowly pulling out. She gasps at the loss of him at first. She gets up to use the bathroom quickly, and then gets into bed with him. He tugs her to lay fully on top of him. She nuzzles into his chest, leaving kisses every few moments. He rubs her back and moves some hair away from her face so she’ll look up at him. He opens his mouth to say something, but he feels good about the comfortable silence. He opts to just kiss her forehead instead. They both sigh with happiness.
As they fell asleep in each other’s arms, neither had a care in the world. They both knew this was the only time in their lives that they could be so carefree, and they weren’t going to waste it or worry. They wanted to be with each other right now, and that was good enough for the both of them.
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dizzydancingdreamer · 7 months ago
Men who I think would be soft for their baby for no other reasons than because I want them to be, in no particular order but still numbered ten to one because I like countdowns...
I really do be out here exposing myself for a few of these men but I don’t care I don’t need “proof” or “common sense” or “just plain survival instincts” I just need men who are uncharacteristically soft for their babies
Don’t come at me this is for FUN
Part two
10. Gally
Tumblr media
Did some bad things, some were his fault and some weren’t, who is rough around the edges, has superiority issues, and needs a therapist more than a girl
Higher up in a revolutionary movement and still goes to bed early to cuddle his baby
She sits on his lap during meals and he fights everyone who says anything
Fights anyone who even looks at her wrong 
Tells her he loves her at least three times before he leaves on missions without her
When she goes with him he’s literally next to her the entire time
Does not let her go for hours when they finally get back to base  
So fucking soft for her and only her
9. Finnick Odair
Tumblr media
Good guy who feels like he has to be bad in order to stay alive but falls a little bit in love with it for a little too long
Begged her to move in with him after his games
Let her decorate the entire house however she wanted 
Writes her love notes before every time he goes to the capital 
Cries to her when he comes home every single time 
When she has to go into the games he volunteers immediately even though he technically isn’t allowed and pulls strings with President Snow to be able to fight 
So he literally kills for her 
And makes sure she never has to fight 
Marries her and tells Coin he won’t fight, stays alive for his baby
10/10 soft as fuck
8. Stephen Strange
Tumblr media
Narcissistic doctor Avenger who uses the phone while driving
This is the one I have the least proof for but I’m 110% sure when he isn’t wearing the cape he has his baby wrapped around him like a backpack
Crumbles for his baby, I’m talking to his knees, overwhelmed by how pretty and beautiful and wonderful she is, hugging her around the waist
Loves the feeling of her fingers through his hair 
Brings her to every Avengers Gala and practically begs her to leave early so they can go cuddle and eat pizza
Gets so scared whenever he has to do something dangerous
Drops what he’s doing when she calls him, has told off Steve and Tony (don’t start with me) and everyone else 
Peter called him a simp once and after he googled it he looked him dead in the eyes and agreed and then packaged one of the donuts Bucky brought in for his baby and then took it and left
Man is SOFT
7. Vincent Griffith
Tumblr media
Reformed witch who frequently gets addicted to dark sacrificial magic and makes choices that are just this side of morally corrupt
Has skipped so many meetings as regent that he probably shouldn’t even be regent anymore 
The king of date night, dancing, fine dining, jazz music, picnics, midnight rituals
Plans every little detail and gets Josh and Davina to help him 
Uses magic to close down entire restaurants for the perfect night
Always holds her hand and sits her in the front row of his coven meetings and pauses the meetings accidentally when he glances over to her and she gives him a thumbs up and he has to literally stop and smile 
Holds her purse without her having to ask, will go to seven different restaurants when she changes her mind on where to eat, hexes people who harm her
Big softie
6. Indiana Jones
Tumblr media
Literally a womanizing grave robber with very few morals 
Has filled museums with all the things he has STOLEN 
Would still protect his baby from booby traps though
Dresses her up and takes her out everywhere
Cancels class whenever she asks and more often than not when she doesn’t
Would be closer to the snakes so that she won’t have to be
Wouldn’t even think about yelling even when in mortal danger, even when it’s her fault for putting them in that situation 
Answers every question even though she’s asked the same question a thousand times 
Can’t sleep without her at all 
I’m not sorry, he’s soft
5. Will Turner
Tumblr media
Most feared and ruthless pirate on the sea
Torched a town once because his baby was treated a little too cold by a few too many people
Literally would and has fought a life altering curse for her and won
Kills so many people and still goes to bed early to cuddle in the captain’s quarters
Lets her walk all over the ship in his shirt and watches from behind the wheel, has thrown a man or two overboard when they stare too long
She didn’t even notice
Plays with her on the beach whenever she wants even if it hinders the plans of the crew
Softie alert
4. Elijah Mikaelson
Tumblr media
A one thousand year old+ elitist vampire with slight anger issues who has zero reason to fall in love with a plain mortal woman 
But there is no way that is going to stop me
Would rip literal hearts out for his baby until he is soaked with blood
Oh, she stubbed her toe at the bar? 
The bar is now torched to the ground along with everyone inside
It’s for his baby
Rebuilds the bar for her, puts it in her name, now it’s her bar and she’s making a shit ton of money
Buys her so many things, even when she says no, especially when she says no
All she has to do is pout and it’s game over 
Has left so many business meetings for her that it is insane
Once bought her a chair seat at Disney because she said she liked Tangled one time and now she makes important decisions she is not qualified to make 
He’s soft, soft, soft
3. Eric Coulter
Tumblr media
A leader of a terrorist radical government who has outright anger issues and hates people who are different from him
BUUUUUT wouldn’t yell at his baby who is probably from Amity and probably got tricked into being in Dauntless
Lets her sleep in his room because fuck the training quarters that’s sus as hell (even though he’s the one who arranged the training quarters)
Lets her skip all the fighting and does not give a fuck when he gets called out for it, will literally abuse all special privileges 
Would probably do the training simulation for her and tell her how to beat it 
Trails behind her wherever she goes, holds her hand in the cafeteria, has her on his lap when he gets tattoos
Lets her visit home whenever she wants and threatens anyone who says other wise 
2. Kylo Ren
Tumblr media
Kinda evil Supreme leader of the galaxy who has killed many people, including his dad, some who deserved it and some who did not
But wouldn’t even yell at his baby-- would cry if she cried
She sleeps in his bed and when Hux calls him out on it he breaks a desk and then almost kills him
She walks around the ship and he follows her like a puppy and chokes people out when he hears them call him a puppy in their heads
Gives her everything she wants and more, surprises her all the time
Surprise trips to beach planets and fancy events 
Once he gave her a whole ass planet
Always hugging her no matter who is around and what is going on, 
The softest supreme leader in the galaxy
1. Thomas Shelby
Tumblr media
A literal deadly mob boss who shoots first and asks questions never
Would 110% kill for his lady (and has killed for his lady)
Sexy as fuck, looks good covered head to toe in blood 
Yes, that deserved a point
Soft as fuck for his baby, would shoot a gun and then turn around and listen to her talk about what she wants to knit for their baby
Has paused important mob meetings because his baby wanted to gossip about what Dolly said to her at church four Sundays ago that she forgot to tell him
Keeps her as far removed from the lifestyle as possible even when that means he has to remove himself from it at points to be with her
Has skipped so many poker games without being asked purely because he wants to go home and hug his wife
He is the MOST SOFT
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clairdelunelove · 8 months ago
Closer Than We Seem
kyoutani kentarou x f!reader
genre: slight angst, fluff, comfort, romance, mutual pining 
warnings: cursing, implied past physical abuse, mentions of physical/verbal harassment 
synopsis: college!kyoutani demanded to know the source of the obnoxious arguing that kept him awake throughout the night. The thin walls barely filtered out the yelling and he had a 7:00 a.m. class in the morning. Venturing out to immediately put an end to it, kyou stumbles upon a person with a past that changes both their lives- and romance ensues. 
a.n: 5.0k words of some kyoutani content! enjoy!
He was sick of it.
Amber eyes, bloodshot around the edges, shifted to glance at the digital clock seated on the nightstand. The dark plastic is well worn as the illuminated screen is covered in cracks. Undoubtedly, the piece of technology was victim to his annoyed clobbering whenever the alarm went off.
Smothering a plush pillow over his ears, the blonde fervently attempts to block the commotion. His fingers press tightly against the only source of comfort that keeps his sanity at bay. A raised vein etched across his jawline as his teeth grind together and he forces out a grunt. 
“It’s been two damn hours.” 
Kyoutani’s gravelly voice is barely heard over the yelling in the next room. Disgruntled, he removes the pillow from his face and tosses it beside him with a roll of his eyes. The part-time college student is openly miffed by the lack of peaceful sleep he could be getting. He, quite honestly, didn’t appreciate showing up to morning classes with eye-bags as dark as the eyeliner that he meticulously lined his eyes with. Over the past four months, adequate rest is a miracle for him to discover each day. 
“And they’re still arguing,” Kyoutani rambles on while using the bottom of his hand to hammer the pillow onto the mattress, “who the fuck argues that long?” 
Scrunching his thin eyebrows, he tries to comprehend the mere logic behind quarrelling in the middle of the night, especially on a school night. By all means, Kyoutani isn’t a saint amongst sinners but in a couple hours the blond has a chemistry quiz, a subject he’s gloriously failing, and sleep was needed. 
Another frustrated shout rips through the popcorn textured walls which doesn’t muffle the noise due to the poor insulation covering. The voice is distinctly a male’s and it takes all of Kyoutani’s willpower not to roar back to assert his dominance. Instead, his fingertips rake through his cropped hair while letting out a grumble. 
His eyelids feel like weights are strapped to them, progressively drooping shut, as his vision becomes blurry. A rare silence drifts through his cramped dorm room. The place resembles a battle zone with clothes tossed to the bed, papers scattered over the desk, and empty protein bar wrappers cascaded on the floor. Yet, Kyoutani adored the small freedom he finally had at the university dorms. 
The silence lulls him to close his bloodshot eyes, a deep exhale flares out his pointed nose, and a relief floods through him. He might actually get some rest for once. 
“Get out!” 
At the obnoxious yell from the neighboring room, the blond is far too annoyed to logically comprehend his actions before his bruised knuckles are knocking at the wall. The numbness of rapping at the wall is barely registered over how livid Kyoutani is at the intrusion to his sleep. 
“Shut up!” 
He throws in the bellow for good measure and stops his onslaught of assault on the wall. It seems awkward scolding the wall and his hand slowly drops to his lap. His sharp eyes track the movement of his fingers, dimly noting that he needs to trim the cracked edges. Perhaps his unpolished fingertips are the reason for his missed spikes on the volleyball court lately. 
A solid thump resonates back to him, to which Kyoutani dumbly blinks at. Hairs at the back of his neck stand and he can literally feel the heat leave his ears as his blood boils. The college student’s temper has simmered down since high school but hearing the other person’s unperturbed knock ticked him off. It was almost like they were taunting him. 
“Oh that’s it,” he mumbles and kicks away the blanket that interlaced his figure. 
Stretching across the small room, his legs move on its own accord and he reaches to twist the knob of the door. Using the expanse of his muscular shoulder, he pushes the wooden structure open in hopes of confronting the rowdy student that resided next to his dorm room. 
Permanent frown plastered on his pale lips, the blond urges to dramatize the expression. He crosses his arms after knocking on the neighboring door and the action displays his athletic build as a result of years of sports. The irate appearance was perfected as a scare tactic that he used to his advantage in varying situations. Petrifying the student next door wasn’t excluded out of the list.
“Could you shut your mouth? You’re being too damn loud, man--”
Kyoutani allowed himself to commit a double take before hastily shutting his own mouth, only for it to part as a sharp inhale almost made him sputter. His onslaught of vulgarity, a script he’d previously rehearsed plenty of times, fell lost on his tongue as he eyes the female in front of him. 
You’re unfairly pretty. 
It pains him that the first thought that races within his mind is a compliment when your mascara is smudged at the edges. Your frizzy hair is at a disarray, strands sticking up even when it’s pulled into a ponytail. The hoodie that you’re wearing is far too large as the end hits above your midthigh and his thoughts short circuit when he drags his gaze upward to see that you’re already giving him a sheepish smile. 
“Sorry,” your voice pitches higher at the sudden appearance of the male, “were we being too loud?” 
“N-no? I mean yes,” Kyoutani sputters the first words and finishes his reasoning with a pathetic remark, “chemistry.” 
Your face lights up, visibly amused with his lack of speech at the moment while understandingly nodding, “you have a chemistry test?” 
“And you need to get some sleep before it?”
His responses are pitiful- even he knew- but there was only so much he could verbally say when focusing on the way your lips curved up when smiling. Plus, perhaps he was delusional with the lack of sleep, but your curiosity seemed to dip to his lean physique.
“I’m so sorry,” your eyes follow the blond’s movement of leaning against the doorframe, “we’ll try to keep it down so you can get some rest.” 
His brain disconnects with the small ounce of logic he carries when your sleeve sweeps across your nose to sniffle and he recognizes the dried tears that stain your face. Kyoutani isn't the best at handling emotions or being touchy-feely but he’s not ignorant.
“You good?” He asks while cautiously taking a step forward.
His defensive instincts, honed by years of avoiding other people, raise at the wary glint in your eyes. The blond’s inquisition is answered with a meek nod of your head and your nose scrunches to halt your sobs. Upon closer inspection, the sleeves on your hoodie is drenched in what he infers are tears.
Your feet remain rooted to the ground, neither welcoming him or pushing his intrusiveness away. He’s aware of the slight shake of your body and his golden eyes widen at how unnerved you were behaving. 
“My bad,” Kyoutani falters as his own doubts consume him, “I didn’t mean to make you cry-” 
“Who’s at the door, (Y/n)?”
The new voice, startling you with the sudden shout, comes from within the room. Distinctly, it’s the same tone that was hollering while Kyoutani was trying to sleep. The blond’s keen on how you were shifting your weight to each foot and the fidgeting only increased when footsteps resounded on the creaking floorboards. 
“Oh,” you squeak as your evasive gaze connects with his, “my dorm room neighbor.” 
Pulling your hands away from your face, a naive expression is plastered on when a male comes up behind you. The stranger is shorter and less lean than Kyoutani is. Yet, when the male captures your stare, you’re reeling back by fiddling with your fingers behind your back. 
The unpleasant male, brunet but his darker roots were peeking out, regards Kyoutani with a sniff, “can we help you?” 
Something about the male irked the blond and a frown tugs at his lips. He predicted that the guy was your boyfriend or had some type of connection with you. Being in university led to freedoms such as relationships. Although Kyoutani was a stranger to such involvement, he knew the attachment or void others were attempting to fill during these years.
“Yeah, you can,” the blond responds with a miffed scowl, “noise complaint.” 
There’s an uncomfortable silence when the brunet eyes Kyoutani with an agitated glower. It’s painstakingly silent. He’s surely showcasing his superiority within the uneasy situation. Though, the volleyball player is grateful for his decision of wearing a tattered, sleeveless shirt because the other male loosened into an apprehensive gaze. 
“She wasn’t listening to me, so,” the other male jut a thumb towards you and shrugs his shoulders, “sorry, dude.”
Raising a sharp brow, Kyoutani’s expression is dubious when noting how the blame is placed on you when the other male was clearly the only one hollering beforehand. It clicks that the uneasy flickering within your eyes is due to the other male and disgust engulfs him. 
His fist clenches, displeasure rolling off of him in waves before speaking up, “I’m pretty sure I just heard your loudass screeching. Just keep it down.” 
The brunet clams up at the jest, forehead wrinkling just enough to cause worry that lines would permanently stay there. Kyoutani watches the way the other male’s jaw tightens before he’s storming off. The blond regards the other’s lack of positivity with a roll of his eyes and mutters an insult under his breath. 
A whisper, faint but lingering in the silent air, leaves your lips, “thanks.” 
“Nah,” his amber eyes flicker to yours, “don’t need to thank me. ‘Ts about time someone put him in his place.” 
“Tell me about it.” 
“I could,” Kyoutani pauses to toe at the floorboards and the cheap tile chips at the touch, “if you’d let me.” 
The words tumble out of his mouth before it can be filtered and the result has him reeling back. His cheeks are warm, probably matching with his reddened ears. The invitation is annoyingly corny and the staleness makes him want to hurl. 
“Sounds like a deal.” 
Your response has his attention locked onto you again and he’s internally thankful that he’s not the only one embarrassed by his impromptu. Thumbing at the sleeves of your sweater, a lopsided grin etches across your face and the blond freezes up. His mind is functioning as quickly as a bullet train but his expression only stares back at you with a stupidly blank look. 
Your giggle snaps him out of his stupor before putting him into a daze over how charming the noise sounds. An entertained peek casts over him as you tuck your hair away from your face.
“I guess I’ll see you around-”
“Kentarou,” he discloses with a respectful yet hurried bow of his head, “Kyoutani Kentarou.” 
“(Y/n)(L/n). Call me (Y/n),” you mention before begrudgingly edging the door closed, “and good luck on your chemistry test, Kentarou.”
The next day, it irritates him that he can only conjure up an image of your smile when he should be solving for Planck’s constant.
“Whatcha doing there?” 
Keys dangling in his grasp, he halts at the front of his dorm room door. It’s unwelcomely cold today and the brisk wind has his fingers alike to popsicles. The blond’s tried to fight off the chill with his customary varsity jacket and black beanie. Ideally he didn’t toss on the hat because he couldn’t bother with styling his hair- of course not. 
You’re situated on the floor with your knees pulled up to your chest while balancing a notebook atop of your makeshift desk. The lined paper has quick notes jotted down, highlighted words, and doodled diagrams that Kyoutani is able to discreetly peer at. A twinge of satisfaction tugs at him when your study habits are exactly what he’d picture they would be. 
“Studying,” your eyes never leave your paper as you respond to him. 
Uncapping a pastel highlighter, you exaggerate the action by underlining a phrase written in your notebook and raising a brow at him. The incredulous look on your face only comes off as sarcastic as Kyoutani rolls his dark eyes at your mockery. A grin curls on your lips while raising your shoe to nudge the side of his boot. He’s recognized each one of quirks, including your friendly banter.
“No shit Sherlock,” the blond pulls his hand away from the door and tucks the keys into his pocket, “coulda sworn you were sleeping.”
Crouching on par with you, he extends a finger to poke at your cheek and indicates the dark bags underneath your eyes. It’s lighthearted payback for the attitude he received just a second ago yet there’s a concerned glint in his stare. The darkness that surrounds your eyes is apparent even with the dab of concealer you managed to slap on in the morning and an embarrassed hand covers half of your face. 
The threat isn’t laced with malice but the jab at his shoulder sure proves that humiliation is a strong consequence of emotion. He lets out a groan while gingerly rubbing the ache that emits from the bundle of muscle you punched. 
Childishly sticking out your tongue at his dramatics, you declare, “that’s what you get.” 
“Yeah, yeah.” 
He pauses and then recognizes that the position you’re in is one that seemed too familiar. Your gaze flutters back to the flimsy notebook, aware of how perceptive Kyoutani was when it involved the wellbeing of yours. 
Inviting the blond to warm up to you was certainly a gradual process but you did not regret it. Shy smiles transformed into late night talks over the phone. The two of you had a special yet uncharted compassion for each other that had bloomed over the last two months. 
“What,” the words taste like venom in his mouth and he desperately wants to spit it out, “he locked you out again?” 
You feign interest in your notes, physiology facts are sprawled onto the margins, while avoiding Kyoutani’s heated gaze. His hand balls into a fist, dull fingernails digging into the soft flesh of his palm. He knows that you won’t answer the seemingly obvious question even when you’re slumped on the floor in a feeble heap and it tugs at his heart.
Unfortunately, when Kyoutani faces displeasure he’s only adept to outwardly show his emotions. Ever since he was born, it was a rule to allow oneself to be impassioned about hobbies, beliefs, and avocations. The blond applied the rule to showcasing his appreciation to the people he deemed as special, as per usual. Except, he didn’t have the best grasp on handling his intense emotions. 
“He’s always treating you like shit,” the next part comes out like a scoff that rages within him, “and you’re always falling for it.” 
The weight of the words felt like a blow to your face, leaving a stinging sensation that resonated within you. The confrontation shook you to the core. Not once has the male ever blamed you for your boyfriend’s inconsideration. 
Kyoutani’s chapped lips form around the syllables of the offense and he automatically knows that he just messed up. Curses sling together within his mind as he pitifully watches your reaction. A silent wince morphs upon your delicate face. You’re recoiling away from him, shrinking yourself into the crevice of the wall. His fingertips reach for you, the action is subconscious, and the next words spill out of his mouth like an off brand remedy. 
“Listen, (Y/n), I didn’t mean it like that-” 
“No,” you speak up with newfound acrimony, “that’s exactly what you meant.” 
Lifting your head up, your narrowed eyes connect with Kyoutani’s wide ones. A part of you desperately wishes to become agitated with the blond. Envy grips a hold of you at the thought that he’s able to live his life freely without the burden of an overbearing significant other. By all means, he had all the attributes to attest your relationship- or lack thereof. 
Your furrowed expression mellows.
Yet, his comment awakens a self reflection that you’ve casted away to maintain some dignity. Your boyfriend’s attitude toward you equated to virtually nothing. Countless nights of arguing, getting locked out, and being pushed aside were bouts of normalcy to you. It was your responsibility to get the respect that you deserved. Cutting out toxicity, even if the future frightened you, was an initial step. 
The golden hue outlining Kyoutani’s eyes, intense in many cases, recast into a softened stare. He’s mindful of the gears shifting in your head and the tremble of your bottom lip settles it. Unknowingly, you just received a life changing message with his chiding. The doors of independence and freedom swing open. An exhale passes through your lips. 
Crouching closer to you, the blond compels your attention with a tilt of his head, “sorry.” 
The apology is gruff, likely the result of his avoidance toward wrongdoings, but the intent is clearly there. Chewing on his bottom lip, he gestures toward your fragile stance with a shifty gaze. Your cowering behavior scared him immensely. It wasn’t often someone else was willing to interact with his loner self. He can’t mess this up even when his pride is screaming at him to bicker.
“It’s not your fault,” you shake your head in reassurance, “I know that it’s mine.” 
Unintentionally, your demeanor frees open with his genuine apology and you can’t help but be soothed at the gentle prod in his scrutiny. He appreciates that you’re able to acknowledge his opposition because the male wasn’t planning on taking his comment back. The truth may hurt but it’ll ultimately improve your mentality in the long run. 
Perching on the heels of his feet, he repositions himself to improve comfort. His arms are draped over his knees and the jacket bunches at the ends due to his movement. The blond is close, alarmingly near your face, and an aromatic whiff of dry cedar invades your senses. 
“You’re just,” his confession smoothly slips out, “too good for him.”
The side of his face rests against his forearm while he awaits your response. He’s content when your eyes light up, gleaming in reverence, at his blunt compliment. Lips tugging upward, your lopsided grin is all he has to witness as he hops to his feet. His palm pats at the faded denim of his jeans before offering his free hand to you. 
“C’mon,” he easily pulls you to your feet in a quick motion, “you can hangout in my dorm room, I guess.” 
“What do you mean, ‘you guess’?” 
Kyoutani catches your teasing eye roll while organizing your school materials that are cluttered on the floor. He’s nimble, stacking your books into a pile and swinging your backpack over his wiry shoulder. 
“I mean, let’s go.” 
With the grace of a dancer, the blond balances the items while fetching his keys and unlocking the door. He nudges it open and steps aside to let you enter first. Certainly the male must’ve picked up the chivalrous acts in a sappy movie or television show because your heart thumps against your chest. It’s absurd in reality. A person helping another is ordinariness yet you feel like you’re flying when he looks at you expectantly.
“Thank you,” the gratitude is a whisper as you tug your sweater tighter to your body and eagerly slide past him.
“Don’t mention it.” 
The room is comfortably warm, easing away the shivers that racked throughout you while seated in the middle of the dorm hallway. Its surprisingly tidy, which also comes across as a shock to Kyoutani because the scrunch of his nose indicates that he’s accustomed to a messy room. However, upon closer inspection, you note that the blond is the one readily cleaning because he scoots aside a stray snack bag with his elbow. An embarrassed pout conforms to his face when he hears your amused giggle.
Gently placing your stuff on the desk, he notices your awkward stance in the middle of the room and gestures to either his bed or desk chair. You respectfully, minus the internal debate you had, settle on the chair and only then does Kyoutani move over to lounge on his bed. It’s eerily silent despite how comfortable you both are with each other. 
Indefinitely, he flops onto the mattress, much like a child would, and folds his hands behind his head to stare up at the popcorn ceiling. A couple months beforehand he would’ve despised being locked up in his dorm room without having anything to do. Now, however, his nerves were bouncing off the walls.
Peering over to your rigid position, he takes your fiddling fingers and shy demeanor with scrutiny. Not once in his life did he think he’d actually invite a person into his sacred place. Yet, when his gaze locks with yours and you return a coy smile- he’s praying that this won’t be the last time.
“So, I only let you in because I don’t get this chemistry problem-”
Treading backward, a sense of urgency rushes through you as you narrowly avoid the aggressive hands. It’s bewildering that he’s willing to physically confront you in public. The dorm hallway was bound to have university students frequent the place and prying eyes were not on your current wishlist. 
“What are you doing? I told you that we’re over!” 
The incredulous question goes over his head as he refuses to outrightly answer or perhaps he just didn’t wish to. Before this incident, you attempted to just force in a power nap before your next class that was situated across campus. Your ex boyfriend, however, had other plans as he lingered by your dorm room while you were unaware of the unwanted surprise. 
The unruly male is clearly tipsy and his wandering hands are not in your favor as he lunges for you once more. Thankfully, you sidestep away while your shoulder bumps against the wooden frame of a door. Your blood turns to ice.
“Come here and give me a kiss, babe,” your ex boyfriend garbles. 
The stench of alcohol overwhelms your sobriety and a part of you yearns for the familiar scent of dry cedar musk. You longed for the latter of the aromas to engulf you in a reassuring embrace but grabby hands motioned for you again. A slight tug at your cardigan fuels the hatred that ignites within you. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes, inwardly loathing how you managed to date such a pathetic excuse of a person. 
Your hands defensively jab at your ex boyfriend’s chest, “get away from me!” 
The sudden force propels him backward, giving you an inch of breathing room, before he’s barreling towards you again. His furrowed brows and snarl illustrate that you’ve unlocked danger. Sweat trickled down your temples, gathering at your hairline and your tongue sweeps across your chapped lips. The thrashing of your heart is the only sensation you’re aware of at the moment. Eyes fixated on his response, you don’t dare to blink. Your ex boyfriend raises a hand, a sign you’ve been introduced to before, and you instinctively flinch at the action.
A lean figure abruptly steps in front of you to provide protection from the physical onslaught. Dry cedar breaches your uneven inhales but you’re holding onto that scent like it was a lifeline. He was your salvation. 
Landing a hit on Kyoutani’s sturdy chest, your ex boyfriend promptly pulls away with a confused glance, “get outta the way, man-” 
“Didn’t you hear her,” the blond barks out and shoves him, “get the fuck away.” 
Waves of animosity radiate off of Kyoutani, a scene that you’ve never witnessed in your encounters with him. He’s absolutely livid. His teeth gnash together while his hands are clenched at his sides. The veins on his brow protrude as a result of his creased forehead. Kyoutani’s damp in perspiration from his hurried movement, a deduction you’ve assumed. 
The male is clad in exercise attire, probably coming back from a run, and his dri fit shirt conforms to his physique. His pullover and snug joggers were clear indicators that Kyoutani was in excellent physical shape, causing a wary stare from your ex boyfriend. 
If the muscles rippling off of Kyoutani’s body isn’t a fright factor then his black, rimmed eyes are intimidatingly adequate. Yet, your ex boyfriend has intelligence compared to a newborn so he still lurches forward to attack Kyoutani. The blond dodges, grasps your ex boyfriend’s wrist, and twists it behind the other’s back. His defensive response is swift- almost alarmingly so that you wonder if Kyoutani ever brawled before. 
“Seriously, cut the shit,” the blond warns, “leave (Y/n) alone.”
When your ex boyfriend utters a curse embedded within your name, the blond pulls the seized wrist tighter and a sickening crack echoes. Your hand flies up to your lips. Yowling in pain, your ex boyfriend’s mouth instinctively shuts to avoid further punishment. 
“‘Ts alright,” Kyoutani rolls his eyes at the other’s dramatic behavior, “I didn’t break it. Yet.” 
Your ex boyfriend’s eyes widen, irises dilated at the gruesome image conjured up in his mind, and pitifully begs, “I-I’ll leave you alone! Please. I’ll do anything! Jesus Christ, (Y/n), who is this guy?” 
Turning his cheek, your ex-boyfriend gets a glimpse of Kyoutani’s face and the recognition dawns on him. He’s seen the aggressive blond before. Months ago, when your ex boyfriend was hollering at your lack of intimacy and the other’s lined eyes glared at him to surrender. One side of the blond’s lips raise, a snarky smirk directed towards the other male. Triumphant reigns within Kyoutani. 
“Her new boyfriend.” 
Raising a freshly cut eyebrow, Kyoutani incites a victorious expression as your ex boyfriend’s eyes are downcast at the message. The blond sneers. A sense of satisfaction, you suppose that’s the rare emotion, floods within you at your offender’s misfortune. You toss Kyoutani a grateful smile and he’s left faltering. He blinks- once, twice, three times- before regaining his intimidating demeanor.
“Get the fuck outta here,” Kyoutani shoves the other male forward when acknowledging the lack of resistance, “or I swear I’ll invert your ribcage.” 
Your ex boyfriend doesn’t need to be reminded, sprinting off with his tail tucked between his legs and stumbling on his uncoordinated strides. You and Kyoutani regard the pathetic male with a deplorable frown. Then, the blond is tugging you close while burying his face into the crook of your neck. You don’t mind the sweat that gathers onto him and instead delve into comfort. A giggle resounds to reach him and he lets in a shaky inhale. He was indebted to the pure luck of running back to you. The thought of you getting injured or reliving the trauma you’ve initially faced was heartbreaking. 
“Kyou,” your nickname to him was like a secret prayer you voiced, “I love you.”
He’s steadfast, a physique of strength and warmth, giving you a perfect invitation to cling onto. Respect, loyalty, and adoration were qualities that you didn’t have to force out of him. Violence, in any form, were taboos that he never crossed. The blond is undoubtedly the beginning of your journey towards self-love. 
“I love you too.” 
The genuine moment lingers on when your teasing nature resumes upon hearing Kyoutani’s forthright confession. Your hand comes up to trace his jawline, collecting perspiration that hasn’t dried up quite yet. He’s still cradling you, fingers protectively pressed against your waist. The sentiment is seldom, yet welcomed, and Kyoutani’s drawing you closer. He’s earnest. Scrunching up your nose, you jokingly flick at his forehead and he’s grumbling at your childishness. 
“You didn’t tell me you’d gone out running,” you motion toward his frazzled state. 
“Phone died.” 
He fishes out his phone from his back pocket. Sure enough, your reflection is illuminated on the dark screen and you nod in acknowledgement. Your head dips to lay on the junction of Kyoutani’s chest. Allowing yourself to get swept up in his embrace is habitual, the addiction smothering an unmistakable itch inside you. 
He’s silent before remarking, “I got us takeout though.” 
Golden eyes don’t miss your gleaming ones and you’re beaming at the mention of food. Raising your head, the narrow stare he’s given causes him to motion to the forgotten bag that’s placed on the floor. Boxed cuisine was cast aside when Kyoutani saw the trouble you were caught up in. 
“What’d you get?” 
“Pizza,” he pauses, “and mozzarella sticks since you liked that stuff.” 
“You’re the best.”
Lifting on your tiptoes, you press a gentle kiss on his cheek and you emit a carefree giggle. His ears burn crimson yet the presumptuous grin on his face brings butterflies in your stomach. Fingers pressing into the sides of your cheeks, he responds with a chaste, insistent kiss on your lips and hums in covert satisfaction. 
It’s dizzying. Your mind is flooded with images of Kyoutani- his appeal in usual clothing, each line of muscle on his physique, and the carnal desire that swirls in his gaze when he pulls away. Your knees are putty as you’re rooted to your spot. The observant fixation is all you need to recognize when he’s aware of his effect on you and he raises a smug brow. 
“Your room or mine?” 
His question is in the form of a drawl, mostly uttered to raise impatience, but it only adds to the adoration you have for him. Your rooms are, quite literally, twenty feet apart. 
Taking a step forward, the blond grasps the large takeout bag while slipping your hand into his free one. His thumb drags across your skin and you’re shivering at his tenderness. Kyoutani proudly rakes his gaze over you, openly compliant and completely in love, before slowly chuckling. 
“Not that it matters, I guess.”
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joonthighs · 9 months ago
Episode 3 - Christmas Wish
Tumblr media
Christmas Chronicles Masterlist
Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Established Relationship | Long-Distance Relationship | Fluff | Smut |
Words: 4k
Summary: It’s the first Christmas that you are spending alone since meeting your boyfriend Yoongi. But it’s said that if you whisper your wish on Christmas’ Eve, it might come true.
Tumblr media
Holiday time was always special for you. And ever since you have Yoongi in your life, he seems to make it even more special. So, you are heartbroken when he is overseas with work this time around.
You have been moping around the apartment for the last few days, tired of hearing cheery carols in the streets and seeing lovely couples together.
You wanted to be one of the lovely couples again, and you were slightly jealous of the PDA. Okay, you were a lot jealous of the PDA. He has been gone for 6 months now, you were having Yoongi withdrawals.
You were getting wet when you were face timing him and he was just a sleepy bean. It’s getting worse.
“I miss youuuu,” you whine into the phone, pouting to display your sadness.
You get a deep chuckle as an answer and you feel your insides quivering at the sound. The power that Min Yoongi has over you.
“I miss you too, baby girl,” fuck, you love his rumble.
“Then you better make it so you come back home soon.”
“I am, I am, I'm working on it at the moment.”
You become serious for a moment.
“Will you be coming home this year?”
He purses his lips as he thinks about it, and you already know that you will not enjoy the answer.
“Hopefully,” he sounds exhausted himself.
You take a second to trace the lines of his face with your finger, suddenly feeling too small in the King-size bed.
“I love you,” you feel the need to tell him once again.
He flashes you that wide smile that you adore before he answers back. “I love you too.”
“I bought you your Christmas present.”
“You did? What did you get me?”
You gasp in fake offend, “Like I would tell you, Sir, one more reason for you to hurry home.”
He laughs at your words but the laugh turns into a yawn that he covers with his hand. It’s something that you guys started doing religiously. You would facetime in the morning after waking up. Due to the time difference, it is always before he goes to bed. One of you always has to sacrifice sleep time so you guys can see each other.
“I should let you sleep. You have that meeting in the morning,” you say in a small voice.
“No, no, I’m not that sleepy-” he is interrupted by another yawn and you use that as an example of why he should go to bed. “I don’t want to stop chatting with you.”
The perfect man ladies and gentlemen. And he is all yours.
“I’ll be here when you wake up. You should also dream of me.”
“I always dream of you,” he winks at you before you guys tell your goodbyes.
It takes you a second afterwards to gather the will to get out of bed. You always try to sound cheery when you talk to him, not show how much his absence affects you. You are dependent on him, and this long without him is draining.
You were tempted recently to dip into your savings and buy a ticket to Europe. Christmas present for Yoongi? But you backed out as soon as you saw the prices this time of year. Everyone is going home for the holidays. You only wanted to do the same.
Crawling out of the bed, you find your laptop and set yourself at the desk. You decided earlier that if you were alone and didn’t have any distractions, you would spend the holiday break studying for the 14 exams coming up in January. You gotta love university, don’t you?
Stealing Yoongi’s blanket with sleeves, you get to work on the boring courses you have.
An hour later, probably, you give up on this class, your head too cloudy to make sense of the nonsense you wrote down in classes. Heading into the kitchen, you make yourself breakfast and eat it on the ledge of the window.
Fat snowflakes are falling slowly to the ground. It seems that you are going to have a White Christmas. Pity that he’s not here to see it.
Goddammit, it’s like Yoongi is gone to war and you worry for his wellbeing. You know that he is coming home, but the waiting is horrible. Wasn’t it the saying that “the absence makes the heart grow fonder”?
Well, you expect a declaration of undying love when Yoongles is back. You’ll probably end up being the one making that declaration.
You see grandparents with their grandchildren outside, the little ones captivated by the snowflakes. The holiday spirit seemed to have captivated everyone around, and as you stare down at them, you realize that you might have become the Grinch.
Dejected by your discovery, you return to the bedroom after you wash your dishes. While you try to study again, you are distracted by your wallpaper. It’s one photo of the 2 of you that you took in the early days of dating. Yoongi has this adoring look in his eyes, and on your 1st anniversary, he told you that that was the moment he knew that he fell in love with you. That made you adore the photo even more.
Giving up on studying you instead open up the folder that contains all your photos.
You slowly pass through your whole relationship. The first dates, officially becoming a couple, meeting each other’s friends, meeting the parents, moving in together, long nights spent just talking about your future. You always liked to take a picture of the ceiling when you had them. It’s refreshing to see that instead of a black photo there are sometimes specks of light, stars, in them.
And then you reach the present. And all the newer photos are screenshots of your face times. You relive some of the conversations when you are interrupted by the doorbell. You frown as you get up to answer it since that isn’t anybody looking for you on Christmas Eve.
Opening the door, you are met with a delivery boy on the other side.
“Can I help you?” you ask even more confused.
“Yes, I have a delivery for ______.”
“This is she.”
“Could you sign this, please?” you wordlessly do after he shoves the paper in your face. “Merry Christmas,” he wishes you after he hands you the small box he had in his hands.
You take it and shut the door after you. Looking down at it you notice that is a wrapped box, not like one that you would get when you made an order. Thinking about it now… you didn’t order anything.
You sit on the couch, unwrapping the surprise delivery. Inside you find a keychain of a pair of pufferfish. Staring at it blankly for a good minute it finally hits you. On your first date at the aquarium, you melted over a pair of pufferfish that were swimming together. You jokingly added that they might be the perfect couple to which Yoongles retorted that you are going to be them in the future.
Your fingers itch to pull out your phone and text him about it, but the reminder that he went to sleep not even an hour ago makes you stop.
You will wait… at least 7 hours before you start pestering him about his extravagant surprise. I mean, a reminder of your early days with a delivery on the 24th, it must have cost him some money. He’s such a sucker for grand gestures.
Holding the keychain close to your chest, you return to the bedroom and crawl under the covers this time. You let a few stray tears hit the pillowcase. They are to never be mentioned again. Especially to Yoongi.
You must have fallen asleep because you are awakened by the doorbell again. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you open the door again. It’s the same boy as before.
He just flashes you a smile before extending towards you the same paper as before. As you sign it, he slides the big box he had at his feet into the apartment. You look at it blankly for a second before you shut the door and get to unwrap it. This one is a beautiful dark green color, well that is until you rip it to shreds to expose the blanket underneath.
Unraveling it you see that is another blanket with sleeves. This one instead is a deep red, compared to Yoongi’s light lilac one. You chuckle at the present. Searching for your phone you decide to send him a voice message.
“Is this a silent, ‘stop stealing my blanket?’” you laugh before sending the message.
While this one is softer to the touch, the material not used yet, you still decide to use Yoongi’s. It used to still smell like him in the early days, but after many uses, and sadly, a wash, it stopped.
You resorted to spraying his cologne on it, but you can never replicate the real thing. His real smell.
Wrapping yourself up in his blanket, and with the newer one in your lap, you have the energy to return to your dreaded notes. In one hour since the last present, you receive another one, and another one, and another. Each with a one-hour interval between them.
You have already started piling up the gifts and waiting for Yoongi to wake up so you can open them with him. You already have 6 in total, 4 unopened ones, and you have a sneaking suspicion that there are going to be 12 in total.
You are now wasting time in between the hours, eyes glued to the clock in hopes of it turning 00 and the new package arriving.
Your messages are still going through but he has yet to see or listen to any of them. You keep calculating what time it’s for him. Currently, it's 8 am for him and you keep checking what time he last logged on.
Your eyes almost bug out of your head when the read receipt shows up, and you have to wait patiently for him to listen to the 10 audios you sent earlier before you call him. Watching as all of them turn blue one by one, you count the seconds of the last one before you press call.
“I knew you would do that,” he answers the call with this.
You can't help yourself from giggling at his morning voice. It always seems to get lower than possible and you would be a liar if you didn’t admit that it turns you on. Especially when he has his head buried into your chest.
“I couldn’t wait anymore. You know how bad I am at waiting.”
“So, did you like them?”
“As I said, I only unpacked 2, the other 4 are waiting for you.”
He groans as he stretches and you hear the sheets shuffling in the background.
“While I love the idea baby girl, I have to get ready and leave in about 20 minutes. If you have patience till…” he pauses to look at his clock, “midnight for you I might have some free time them. Otherwise, you know that I won't mind if you opened them yourself.”
You pout at the idea, even though he can't see you, but you agree to wait till midnight.
“Okay, good luck with your presentation.”
“Thank you, baby. I love you,” you hear him rumble and your heart skips a beat at his words. He always makes you feel like it’s the first time he says the words to you.
“I love you too. See you in a few hours.”
“See you in a few.”
And so, the waiting begins. You keep answering the door for the gifts, and keep waiting in the meantime.
You even have a movie started on Netflix and you pause it to open the door. One movie turns into two, then three.
You receive the 11th present at 11 pm, and you almost want to send Yoongi a message complimenting him on how he managed to line up the presents with the time he had freed up.
It’s a surprise that the delivery boy still makes his deliveries. Is he returning at midnight?
Letting out a yawn as you think about this, you twiddle with the keychain.
And to think that you didn’t even want to go to the date you had set up with Yoongi. You were newly arrived here and one of your new friends kept bothering you with the fact that she apparently knows a guy perfect for you.
After a month of hearing about Hei-Ran's brother's best friend you finally gave up and let her arrange a blind date. Your first blind date. That’s what almost gave you cold feet 2 hours before you met.
You have never almost regrated a decision in your life so much. You had the time of your life. Sure, it was slightly awkward in the beginning, but that was only because you were practical strangers. But he made you feel so comfortable around him that it wasn’t a problem by the time you guys arrived at the aquarium.
You held hands to not get lost in the dim light, and you guys made little stories to yourself about the fishes. Afterward, you guys went drinking, which resulted in you displaying your alcohol resistance. Which resulted in Yoongi having to carry you home.
He still teases you till today about that. You learned later in your relationship that this man can sip 50% alcohol without flinching. Hot, and scary at the same time.
You fall asleep with the keychain clutched tightly in your hand, dreaming about your lover, mumbling his name in your sleep.
You are jolted in the middle of the night before you feel Yoongi’s arms around you and you melt into his embrace. You sigh in peace as you bury your face into his chest, feeling at home.
You almost fall back asleep when you realize what just happened. Standing up, you narrowly avoid hitting his chin with your head and you turn to find a displeased Yoongi staring back at you.
“What-” you trail off, still confused.  To be honest, you are even afraid to believe that this is true.
“I was trying to be romantic, but jet-lag is kicking my ass at the moment, so can we please go to sleep?”
You can't help from laughing at his words.
“Okay, but first…” you return to your earlier position, and steal a peck at the same time. He hums under your lips, one of his hands going to the back of your head and he keeps you there. “You said we should sleep?” you pull away to ask just for him to pull you back. He deepens the kiss, his tongue sliding through your parted lips, making you moan.
“I missed you more than I miss sleep.”
“The love declaration of the century.”
He tugs on your hair in warning. You stop him by placing your hand against his lips. He throws you a challenging look before he starts to kiss your palm and going lower.
“Stop it, you horndog, you are going to be grumpy in the morning if you have less than 5 hours of sleep, and…” you look at the clock on the nightstand, “and it’s 4 in the morning, so chop-chop, get to sleep.”
You shove your head into his chest and you wrap one arm around his middle to stop any temptations. He huffs in displeasure but settles, his arms wrapping around you.
After a few minutes of just enjoying his touch, you feel his breathing slow down and you know that he is a goner.
Soon, you follow in his footsteps.
Surprisingly you are the first one to wake up. It takes you a second after you do so to remember what happened in the middle of the night. You carefully scoot back and look up at Yoongi’s peaceful face.
His lips are slightly parted, yet his eyebrows are furrowed like something displeases him. Your little sleepy bean.
You gently trace the lines of his face, for real this time, and you feel your heart squeeze at how much you missed doing this.
As you cradle his face into your palm, he nuzzles his face into your touch, laying a kiss on the tip of your fingers.
“Did I wake you up?” you rasp.
“I was waiting for you to wake up,” he replies in that voice that you love, which also makes your tummy flutter.
“Liar,” you place your head on the pillow next to him, noses brushing against one another. “Are you my 12th present?”
“Something along those lines.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“You’ll find out.”
You open your mouth to retort to his reply, but you don’t get any words out because he shuts you up with his lips.
“I love and missed you so much that I can't even put it in words,” you get to reply after he pulls away.
He smiles at you, a sympathetic smile, a reply that he feels the same way. Sitting up, you pull the shirt you wore to bed over your head and quickly slide the pants off too.
“But I can show you,” you giggle as you return under the covers to keep away the freezing air. He stares at you for a second before he joins you in chuckling, moving closer to you.
You slide your hands under his shirt and up his torso, taking his shirt along. You pull it over his head before you work on the laces of his pants. Sliding them down, you palm his already half-erect cock.
“You don’t seem that excited to see me,” you tease him as you stroke him to fullness. He settles between your legs, bending over you. He takes your lips in a heated kiss.
“It’s cold,” he grins into the kiss, grunting when you give him a sharp thug. “Be gentler baby girl.”
“I should punish you for making me wait for you for so long,” you threaten him, but you already know that they don’t hold any true meaning. “But now, I just want to feel you.”
His callous hands cup your bare tits, fingers pinching the puckered nipples that stand out from the cold. Of course, he knows your weakness, one tug on them and he has a direct connection to your pussy.
If you weren’t already soak just from his presence, you are now. You feel your wetness stuck to your inner thighs, with another tug on your nipples you turn into a puddle right this moment.
With one hand you rub the tip of his dick between your folds, coating him in your wetness, then you position him at your entrance. With the other hand you cup one of his butt cheeks, pulling him closer.
He huffs as he slides inside of you.
“Fuck, you feel tighter.”
He has to work his length inside of you before he is fully seated inside of you.
“This pussy has been dried for some good months now,” you joke, biting his shoulder. Your legs are wrapped around his back, keeping him close to you. The covers have slid down the 2 of you, but you are both too heated and too busy to notice it.
He retreats and trusts back in harshly, stealing your breath with it. Your fingers hook into his back as he lazily pumps inside of you but he accentuates them with the right rotation of his hips that makes his cock hit just right.
You squeeze your walls around him and you are pleased as you feel him tremble above you, his pace faltering before he returns with a vengeance. Your kisses turn into rush ones with teeth and biting, while his rhythm picks up. He also drops one arm between the two of you, his fingers rubbing against your clit in a circular motion.
You inhale at that before a loud moan escapes your mouth.
“Fuck, Yoongi, baby, if you don’t stop that-” your own moan interrupts you as he presses harder, “I’ll cum.”
“Good,” he almost growls, “I want you to milk my cock dry, until every last drop of my cum fills you up.”
You gasp at his words, but also at the increasing pleasure in your lower belly, ready to erupt. Another hard thrust is all that it needs to explode. You scream your release into his skin, while you also feel him following close behind.
You feel ropes of cum filling you up until it starts spilling outside of you and dripping onto the bedsheets.
You are both left breathing hard, yet you can't hide your smile.
“I can’t believe that you make me cum so fast,” he almost whines, so you flash him a winning smile.
It’s a little game between the 2 of you, Yoongi likes to make love slowly and for a long period of time, you decided that you were going to undermine him at every step and play against his game. This is your first win after many, many losses.
“Are you losing your touch Yoongles?”
The looks in his eyes are all you need as a warning before you slide from under him and on the other side of the room. That looks promised a second round and you already knew that was waiting for you.
“I need to clean up and also pee, can you please make coffee?”
He snorts before he replies with a yes.
You finish quickly in the bathroom and you pull your cozy robe on. You join Yoongi in the kitchen a moment later, eyes already glued on the coffee that waits for you on the bar. You inhale half a cup in a gulp, Yoongi already used to your habits.
“I see that there is where all my careful planning ended up,” he points to the coffee table that has the rest of the presents stacked on it.
“They are waiting for you, the 12th one to join them,” you bounce into the living room and sit on the couch in front of them. You pat the seat next to you, signaling that he should join you.
“Ah, I do believe that you are waiting for the last one.”
“What?” you look up from the present that you started unwrapping to see his extended hand towards you, with a small velvety box in the middle of it. “Yoongi… is that,” you can't find the words to express your true feelings.
“Open it,” he gently nudges you, plucking the other present from your hands and replacing it with the one your eyes are fixed upon.
You see your hands tremble as you clumsily open the lid to it. Inside it, nestled prettily in the cushion is a sparkling imperfect diamond that is the prettiest thing you have ever seen. What he meant earlier about the 12th present.
“Will you-”
“Yes, you doofus,” you throw your arms around his neck and pull him closer. “You don’t even have to ask it, yes.”
“You just gave me the best Christmas present that there is darling. I love you.” He kisses you gently, plucking the ring from the box and sliding it onto your finger. A perfect fit, of course, he would know. He raises your hand to his mouth and kisses it. “Merry Christmas, my lovely fiancée.”
“Merry Christmas, my beloved fiancé.”
Tumblr media
Copyright 2020 © by joonthighs. All rights reserved.
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bakugotrashpanda · a year ago
College AU
Bakugou x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3288
!!: Alcohol
Tumblr media
It’s move in day and your new neighbor is rude as fuck. The only way to beat him at his own game is with spite, right?
Tumblr media
“I don’t understand, how can his voice be that fucking loud?” you say and stare at the wall separating you and Mina’s dorm room from your noisy neighbors. Bass from their music pulses against the wall. The few pieces of art you have hung up vibrate in their spots.
“Maybe he doesn’t know?” Mina suggests. You shoot her a look as if to say ‘yeah right’. A picture falls off the wall and you slam your hands down on your desk.
“That’s it!” you growl and storm out of the room. Warm fall air flows through the open hallway. One of the benefits of outdoor hallways. Two names on the door you storm up to read E. Kirishima and K. Bakugou. One of those assholes needs to learn how to be a decent neighbor. You pound on the door and wait impatiently for it to open.
The door opens and a scowling man with unruly ash blond hair and ruby red eyes answers. If you saw him on the street, you might think he was cute, but the fact that he is either responsible for the noise or is doing nothing to stop it made you irritated as all hell. 
“What?” he scowls and looks you up and down. You feel grimy from moving in so you can only imagine what you look like.
“Hey I live next door and-” you start.
“Not interested.” The door closes and you’re left standing there, mouth agape. Oh hell no. He did not just close the door in your face.
“YOU’RE BEING LOUD!” you shout through the closed door. There’s a soft click and the door opens again. The blond man smirks at you and raises an eyebrow.
“And look who’s loud now?” he says. The door shuts in your face again. Stomping back to your room, you slam the door.
“He’s a dick,” you announce to Mina. The music from before seems louder. You pause and listen closely. Instead of just bass, you can now make out the lyrics. “He’s doing that on purpose! Well two can play at that game.”
“What are you going to do?” Mina sighs, “It hasn’t been one day. We have to live here for a whole year!”
“Right now, I’m not going to do anything,” you say, “I want to figure out what his schedule is and fuck with him.” Mina shakes her head and continues unpacking a box. 
It takes some time, but over the following weeks, you learn that Bakugou, the hot headed blond responsible for your misery, is the early to bed and late to rise type of person. He also has shitty taste in music, and is a chemistry major.
His roommate, Kirishima, is a well-natured man studying physical therapy. You came back from class one day to find him and Mina in the bathroom covered in pink and red hair dye. He isn’t that bad. The one downside to Kirishima, though, is that since he’s so likable, he’s attracted a motley crew of friends who like to hang out at odd hours. For the most part, it’s been fine, but on Friday nights, they can get a little… over the top with their competitive video games.
“What are you doing?” Mina asks. Both of you are already in pajamas, even though it’s only 8:30.
“Listening,” you say absentmindedly. A door slams. Right on time. The voices on the other side of the wall are getting louder.
“I can see that, but why?” she laughs. Mina has been an observer throughout the whole feud. Whether it’s banging on the wall, playing loud music, or leaving passive aggressive notes, she’s seen you and Bakugou do everything except confront each other.
“I want to know if they’re going to leave or stay,” you say. With your ear flat against the wall, you can make out some of the conversation.
“Come on, Bakugou, it’s Mario Kart!” a quiet voice says.
“No,” an irritated voice says close to your ear. You jerk back in surprise. His area is right next to yours? All that separates him from you is the thin wall of the dorm?
“We need a fourth to make it interesting!”
“Plus, then all four corners of the screen will be in use.”
“I said no.” Bakugou replies. There’s a soft whump followed by laughter. You can only assume that something was thrown at your wall mate. “OI! I’m busy! I don’t want-”
This is what you’ve been waiting for. The perfect opportunity to express your displeasure. You found this song a couple days ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it.
“Mina, I’m sorry but plug your ears or something,” you say quickly.
“Wha-” Before she can even finish the question, you press play on the song you’ve had queued for days. You crank the volume and turn your speaker towards the wall. When the chorus comes up, you nearly blow out the speakers with how loud it gets.
So shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't wanna hear it! Get out, get out, get out! Get out of my way!
Your phone buzzes in your lap.
 Mina: Simple Plan??? really? this is your way of getting back?
 Mina laughs at you from her bed, hands pressed firmly over her ears. You grin and send her a quick response.
 Y/N: just wait
 When the song is over, you turn off the volume and listen. Besides the slight ringing in your ear, there’s no other sound. A victory on your part.
“See? Silence,” you say and return to your paper.
“Immature,” Mina rolls her eyes. She’s right, but being petty feels so good.
Unfortunately, the win for the evening goes to Bakugou. Eventually, you do hear him join in for game night. Swears and shouting are heavily well into the night. Mina swears she can’t hear it from her half of the room. For you, though, it’s like he’s right next to you cursing up a storm.
The guys finally call it a night sometime after two in the morning. You do the math once the noise dies down and you have to be up in five hours and nineteen minutes. That’s fine. If Bakugou is going to be an ass and keep you up until the wee hours of the morning, he can wake up with you.
At 7:30 on the dot, your alarm starts going off. You and Mina sluggishly get out of bed and change. By 7:45, you’re both ready to go. At 7:45, a second alarm you set goes off. Mina is already out the door and you follow her out, leaving the alarm blaring. 
“Are you going to turn that off before we leave?”
“No,” you shrug, “He keeps me up, he gets to wake up when I do.” You shut the door and walk down the hallway with your roommate. Part of you is giddy to see what will happen. This could be chalked up to forgetting if anyone complains, but there’s nothing he can do about it until you get back.
Breakfast is uneventful, and you zone out in the dining hall until you spot a head of ash blond hair enter. Your heart nearly skips a beat as you watch him. His that seems to be permanent from the few times you’ve seen him on campus is deeper, and is it your imagination, or are there darker bags under his eyes?
Ruby eyes lock with your own. You can’t help the smirk on your lips as he makes his way over.
“Your goddamn alarm is going off,” he says through gritted teeth. His eyes blaze with irritation.
“Oh, is it?” you say. False sincerity drips off your voice like honey. “Sorry, I couldn’t remember if I turned it off or not, something kept me up last night and I was just so tired.”
Bakugou’s eyes narrow, but he walks away. Dropping his tray on a table a couple feet away, he keeps his back to you. His roommate laughs at him. How those two ended up living together and not killed each other is a mystery.
The rest of your day goes by without incident. You meet up with your study group, work on a paper, and hang out with a couple friends in the university coffee shop after. Nothing can ruin your two days off, not even Bakugou.
When you get back to your dorm, Mina is out so it’s just you. Faintly, the sound of more video games floats through the wall. I had a great day; I won’t let that bother me.
Just this once, you wear headphones to drown out the sound. They’re enough to drown out the noise of gaming. What it’s not enough to do is drown out steady thumping against your wall an hour later. 
At first, you think it’s Bakugou, being a dick like he usually is. But when you rip your headphones off to respond with a knocking of your own, you can make out the huffing sound. Your hand is poised inches from the wall, but you’re frozen.
A soft creaking accompanies the thump, and it’s then you realize what’s happening on the other side of the wall. Oh my god, he’s banging someone.
Not knowing what to do in this situation, and knowing what sounds are coming through, you slip on your shoes and flee out of your room. The evening air cools your inflamed cheeks. With nowhere else to go, you wander around the campus and follow the lights lining the walkway. 
Prickly ass Bakugou is getting laid. It shouldn’t bother you. He’s not doing this out of spite. Maybe he has a girlfriend? No, if he did, he would spend time with her, and all he does is go to class and the gym.
It’s not like you’re going to bring someone over and do the exact same thing. Besides, you don’t have anyone right now.
Still, knowing what’s happening not even feet from your bed… It feels wrong to listen, and it makes your chest hurt more than it should.
“Where’d you go last night?” Mina asks as you both leave for breakfast. You clear your throat and mumble about what you heard. “No way. Bakugou was getting some?”
“Yeah, and I didn’t want to listen to it so I just… left,” you say awkwardly. “I-”
“Hey, Mina!” Kirishima calls from behind you. You stiffen and turn to see your neighbors walking towards you. Both of them.
“Kirishima!” Mina smiles and stops. No, no, no, Mina please don’t stop to talk.
“How’s it going?” Kirishima asks.
“Not bad, you?” Mina replies. They make small talk and it takes everything in you to not look at Bakugou. He’s sizing you up, and you crack.
“Enjoy the show last night?” he whispers. You face erupts in a blaze of heat. He knows. Of course he knows that I could hear him. He sleeps less than a foot away from me.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” you stammer. Bakugou studies you for a minute. Your face goes from hot enough to fry an egg on to molten under his attention. 
“Sure,” Bakugou smirks, “Glad no one was listening then. They would have heard some nasty stuff.” That’s all you can take from him.
“Mina, are you ready to go?” You pull on her arm abruptly. “Please say you’re ready to go. We’re going.”
“What was that about?” Mina frowns when the guys are out of earshot.
“He knows!” you hiss, “He knows I heard him last night.”
“And??” Mina laughs.
“I can’t be around him right now,” you say quickly. Golden eyes narrow.
“You like him,” Mina states.
“What?!” you sputter, “Like? I cannot stand the man! Like him? No, no. I do not like him. He drives me up a fucking wall!” There’s a glint in Mina’s eyes, and the sinking feeling in your stomach gets deeper.
“There’s a party tonight because we have Monday off. Come with me,” Mina says, “We’ll find someone there for you.”
“Mina, I don’t want to hook up with anyone,” you groan. That’s not the solution to this.
“Not for hooking up,” Mina shakes her head, “Just to look around, see who’s available, maybe find someone else to crush on.”
“I’m not crushing on anyone.” I don’t think…
“Good, then there’s no reason to not go,” Mina says, “Plus safety in numbers and I trust you to have my back if anything goes wrong.” The appeal to your friend-group parental instincts wins.
The party sucks. There’s no getting around it. Mina and Ochako pre-gamed in the dorms, and their bubbly personalities amplified tenfold. Mina was set on helping Ochako talk to her crush, so you left them to it and spent most of the night in the kitchen.
Bright red spikes catch your eye, and Kirishima’s infectious smile spreads to your own lips. The absolute last person you want to see walks in slowly behind him, frowning as usual.
“What the fuck are you doing here?” you exclaim. Three drinks in and you’re already talking louder than normal. Great.
“I could ask you the same thing,” Bakugou grunts and takes a sip of beer.
“Mina brought me,” you say. And I went to help get my mind off of you.
“Kirishima dragged me along,” Bakugou says. The kitchen is too crowded for your liking, so you drift off to another room. Interestingly enough, Bakugou follows.
“What, no special friend with you?” you tease with only a hint of malice in your voice. Damn, jealousy, be gone.
“The fuck are you yammering about?” Bakugou asks. You sink onto a step on the stairs, the energy, balance, and will to explore the second story now gone.
“The chick you were fucking last night,” you huff, “I lied. I heard everything.”
“I wasn’t fucking anyone last night,” Bakugou says quickly.
“Then who-”
“The guys were over and they decided to have some fun. They know we keep pissing each other off,” Bakugou sighs, “The blond one with the weird dyed patch and soy sauce face got wasted and shook my bed. Tried to sell it as the real deal.” 
“So…” you ask slowly, trying to make sense of everything in your drunken haze.
“It was a show, but I wasn’t the actor.” Bakugou settles on the steps below you. There’s a peaceful lull in the conversation as you both figure out what to do now.
“You know if you weren’t such a douche, I think we could have been friends,” you say.
“If you weren’t so uptight, living next to you would be tolerable,” Bakugou snorts.
“Except for the yelling, you’re not that bad,” you laugh.
“I only did that because it got a reaction out of you,” Bakugou rolls his eyes.
“I only did the shit I did because you’re like an angry Pomeranian dog!”
“Oh, calm down,” you laugh. Wiping away a tear, you study Bakugou. On his own he’s calmer, despite his previous outburst.
“You never came over again,” Bakugou muttered. Is that… jealousy?
“Didn’t want a door slammed in my face. Why would you want me to come over?” you shrug.
“To see you again, dumbass.” Your mouth hangs open at his words. To… see me again? He wanted to see me?
“There you are!” Mina says, a pink tint to her cheeks, “Kirishima’s coming over, so like… Can you two get along for one evening?”
“What? Oh. Oh. Uh…” you turn to Bakugou, “Mind if I crash at your place?”
“If you fucking have to,” Bakugou snorts and stands. He offers you his hand. You stare at it dumbly.
“It’s either that or I see if anyone else is single and willing to put up with me,” you halfheartedly joke.
“Just come over,” Bakugou sighs. You take his hand and he pulls you up. “Neither of us wanted to be here so we’re leaving.”
Five minutes and one hill later, you're in front of Bakugou’s door. Crazy to think that we spend so much time bothering each other, and all he wanted was for me to come over and yell at him again.
Bakugou flops onto his own bed and watches you stand in the middle of the room. His half is neat and orderly. You can tell where Kirishima’s half starts by the way textbooks gradually morph from chemistry to human anatomy. 
“Kirishima’s bed is over there,” Bakugou says after a moment. 
“I’d rather sleep on the ground than use his bed,” you say.
“You’re so fucking difficult,” Bakugou grunts, “Get over here.” He scoots closer to the wall and throws the comforter back to reveal more space.
“Get in bed,” Bakugou says tiredly.
“I-” you flounder around for words. Bakugou seems to sense your hesitation and clarifies immediately.
“We’re not having sex, just sharing the bed. My bed. You’re not sleeping on the floor.” You gingerly ease yourself onto his bed. Covering yourself with the comforter, you settle in. Bakugou turns the lights off and buries himself in blankets.
“Thank you, Bakugou,” you whisper. His face is inches from yours. You can make out his silhouette, and as your eyes adjust, his features become more prominent. He could have been a model if he wanted – cheekbones to die for, lips that curve just right… almost like yours would fit perfectly against them.
Stretching towards him, your lips meet… his chin. You missed. You fucking missed the one thing you were aiming for. Gently, you pull back from the kiss and try to figure out how to make it seem like an accident. I was shifting? No, he wouldn’t buy it. I was cold or falling off the bed? I-
“You missed,” Bakugou says. Blankets shift as his arm comes up to cradle your face. Heart beating fast, you’re simultaneously excited and nervous. His lips meet yours and everything melts away. The feud, the roar of your heart, the memories of last night, all gone and replaced with soft and warm lips. 
“Let me try again,” you say when he pulls back.
“We can practice as much as you want,” Bakugou smirks.
“I KNEW IT!!” Mina screams. You groan and burrow deeper under the covers. An arm around your waist pulls you closer, and an exhale ruffles your hair. Forcing one eye open, you see Bakugou’s peaceful face. 
Secretly, you’re glad Mina woke you up; you’ve never seen the hot head this calm before. Of course, the moment doesn’t last long and an angry red eye flashes open. You can hear a hard whump and Kirishima and Mina’s laughter.
You muzzle into Bakugou’s neck and inhale the remnants of his spicy cologne. “If we don’t get out of bed, the day can’t start,” you sigh. Bakugou grunts in agreement and kisses your forehead.
Tumblr media
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auroracalisto · 2 months ago
fifty sentence prompts from things i’ve actually said
DISCLAIMER: death/dying jokes are said a lot so please don’t read all of these if you’re uncomfortable with them.  but these are free to use, no credit needed.  these are either things i remember saying or things that i say often.
Tumblr media
1. “if you don’t stop, i will cry.”
2. “i think i’m depressed but who knows.”
3. “home girl i’m about to die.”
4. “i don’t like him. his vibe just throws me off.”
5. “she a bitch but it’s whatever.”
6. “rip i guess.”
7. “i’m about to fail my classes but you know what i’m gonna do? nothing.”
8. “hold your horses or i’ll hold them for you.”
9. “middle school was NOT the time for me.”
10. “if i misspell something else i will seriously kms.”
11. “now we both know you can’t die.” (talking about overdosing on melatonin)
12. “what are you on about?”
13. “who pissed in your cheerios? like seriously, what’s wrong?”
14. “you bet your ass i waited that long, i am bringing it.”
15. “good deal banana peel.”
16. “see you later, alligator!” and a follow up with, “alright, don’t say it. i’ll do it myself. after while crocodile.”
17. “what sucks is that drake was my favorite. josh for the fucking win, bitches.”
18. “why would you think i’m mad, sweet pea?”
19. “alright, literally, someone’s been using my body wash and i’m about to fight them because that shits expensive.”
20. “wendy’s guy must’ve got the whole fucking menu. shit.”
21. “can we get sushi?”
22. “shut up! i’m gonna punch you!”
23. “i’m gonna kill myself.”
24. “that’s a lot to unpack and we don’t have the time for that.”
25. “alright, i’m just gonna head out.”
26. “i might cry. i might seriously fucking cry.”
27. “oh my god, you are a lifesaver!”
28. “i’m running purely off of caffeine and spite.”
29. “you know what? maybe i should just accept the fact that i’m not smart and go with it.”
30. “nah, nope. not about that life.”
31. “i’d have to get rid of the whole kid.”
32. “if you don’t stop, i’ll make you stop.”
33. “we lost our laundry. wait… no, we washed. we washed our laundry.” to my grandmother after a full day running off of three hours of sleep. safe to say she probably thinks i’m stupid now.
34. “if i see one more person looking at me i might have a meltdown.”
35. “you’re a dork.”
36. “hey bitch.”
37. “i could sleep for three days. that might be a coma but it would still be nice.”
38. “i am going to combust.”
39. “hi, yeah, uh, did i ask?”
40. “i can’t believe i just got fat-shamed by a kid.”
41. “if i was skinny and hot, it’d be all over for you bitches.”
42. “i’m going to drop out.”
43. “if she asked me to marry her, that’d be it. she can have me.” or with any pronouns. i’ve said this in regards to so many people.
44. “if i died, it would solve so many of my problems.”
45. “i might have to fight/kill you.” either one depending on the situation
46. “if i was allergic to peanut butter, i’d literally just have to die.”
47. “oh my god, i don’t know, please just pick for me.”
48. “what’s up, cutie?”
49. “i may or may not have slept until three in the afternoon.”
50. “if i stare at my screen long enough, do you think it will write itself?”
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julemmaes · 7 months ago
Honey extra - The Sex Playlist + a little scene
Elide Lochan x Lorcan Salvaterre roommates au
A/N: I posted part five on the same day acosf was released, so if you didn’t see it, go read it, cause it’s.. long and it took me years to finish and I saw it didn’t get the same attention the previous parts did, and yeah
Tumblr media
fic masterlist
this takes place somewhere between part five and six
Elide was one of the few lucky girls whose period was never too bothersome. The pain was always very bearable and only lasted a few hours, and most of the time, it wasn't even a real pain, just a slight pressure in the lower abdomen. She could go about her day without having to stop every few minutes because of a cramp - unlike Aelin, who died every month as if someone was stabbing her in the guts.
She also didn't have a heavy flow, which she would always thank the gods for, if they existed. She couldn't understand how her friends could put up with such misfortune.
Not that they could do otherwise, of course, but she was always in awe when they told her about their period-catastrophes. She knew that if it were her turn to suffer like that every time, she would rip her uterus out of her belly.
And at that moment, lying in a fetal position on Lorcan's bed, she wasn't entirely sure she'd be able to keep from doing it herself before the cramping stopped. Because for some strange reason, her body had decided to turn against her this month.
The last two weeks had gone by in the blink of an eye, she and Lorcan had fucked on every surface in the house and between work and classes and studying, Elide had gotten very little sleep. Considering also that every time she lay down, her boyfriend would slip in behind her and she couldn't say no to herself, to that pleasure so exhaustive and ecstatic, it made her forget that her body needed rest.
It had taken Lorcan to remind her that they couldn't go on like this.
So when she'd found a bloodstain in her underwear the previous night, just before going to bed after her shift at the diner, she hadn't worried so much and had thought that they'd finally take a few days off and maybe her body would calm down.
Elide wasn't a fan of period sex and the few times she'd done it she'd been so grossed out that she'd risked barfing in the middle of it. It simply wasn't for her.
What she hadn't expected though, had been cramps so strong they had pulled her from sleep in the middle of the night. Elide had gotten up and gone to the bathroom because she'd started moving around too much and didn't want to wake up the boy sleeping blissfully next to her. She had started pacing the living room, trying to figure out what the fuck she was in such pain for.
When it felt like someone had stuck both hands in her uterus and was digging their nails into her ovaries, Elide had knelt on the floor by the couch, leaning forward with her fists pressed against her stomach.
Lorcan had found her in that position around half past four.
To say he'd been scared out of his wits would be an understatement.
He'd thrown himself to the floor beside her almost immediately, all traces of weariness gone the second he'd heard her whimper in pain and seen that Elide was biting her lower lip so hard it was drawing blood.
When they had established that it was just her cycle, Lorcan had taken her back to his bed and now they were both lying between the soft blankets she had given him.
They had both been puzzled by this new symptom. After all, Lorcan had never seen her suffer from her period in all the years they had lived together and neither of them had expected it to be any different this time.
Elide had had to joke that it was the fault of his huge cock that had literally stabbed her in the uterus, and Lorcan had apologised in earnest, looking at her with wide eyes and pulling away a little, as if he really felt guilty. She had burst out laughing and then pulled him to her again, taking one of his arms and putting it around her body so that his big hand covered her belly.
He'd started moving his fingers over her lower abdomen, applying pressure from time to time when she seemed to tense up due to a cramp. It helped, somehow, to have him there to massage her. To hold her to his chest as they cuddled.
Now, Elide kept her eyes closed, his head resting on top of hers as they both dozed. Or at least she thought so, because Lorcan spoke, his rough, low voice too close to her ear, "How do you feel?"
She sighed, pulling her knees up slightly. His legs immediately followed her, as if they couldn't bear to be away from her body. She smiled, "A little better." then yawned, "I guess it's the fact that I was already tired as it is, what with university and all."
Lorcan hummed behing her, "I see," then he moved, pulling away only briefly, "maybe we should take it slower, with everything I mean."
Elide nodded slowly. She turned her head towards him, still with her eyes closed, but pursed her lips forward, silently inviting him to kiss her. He chuckled, but a second later their mouths clashed in a simple peck on the lips.
The music playing from the speakers suddenly changed from the sweet melody of a love song to something quite different.
"Cause I eat up for a while, let me through. The shake, the screaming aloud, I'ma fool. In my face you shake, leaking everywhere."
Elide's eyes went wide, "Lorcan!" she let go a surprised chuckle, "What is this?" she turned to him fully and could finally see the satisfied smirk on his face.
"It's a playlist I made yesterday," he then lowered his voice an octave, looking at her lips, "For when we can take the time to think about music instead of jumping right into it," he murmured.
Elide swallowed, nodding slowly, continuing to listen to the song.
Definitely very different from what he normally provided her with.
"I like it," she continued, then draped her arms underneath his, resting her head against his chest as he pulled her close to him and lay on his back, making her lie completely on top of him, "our sex playlist." she smiled, playing with the ends of his hair.
Lorcan hummed again and Elide felt it throughout her whole body when he said, "I called it 'elide'."
She had to force herself to calm the hot spirits that that new information had triggered in her body, but she was glad to know that he wouldn't be able to use that playlist with other people, considering it bore her name.
"I like it even more now," she confessed under her breath.
His arms tightened around her back and then his hands began to rub her lower back, where he knew she was feeling the most pain. Elide fell silent, enjoying his warm hands on her skin, and only had time to thank him before sleep beckoned her again.
The playlists
1. The Fixer – Brent Morgan
2. Why iii Love The Moon – PHONY PPL
3. Couch Potato – Jakubi
4. Anyway – Noah Kahan
5. comethru – Jeremy Zucker
6. Why Not Me – Forrest.
7. Loving – Surfaces
8. always, i’ll care – Jeremy Zucker
9. Like Strangers Do – AJ Mitchell
10. Yellow Lights – Harry Hudson
11. Glue Myself Shut – Noah Kahan
12. Colour Me – Juke Ross  
13. Lovesong (The Way) – Charlie Burg
14. Lucky Love – Michael Seyer
15. Freak In Me – Mild Orange
1. Skin – Rihanna
2. Do It For Me – Rosefield
3. Body Party – Ciara
4. When We – Tank
5. Rockstar – Rihanna
6. F***in Wit Me – Tank
7. On Top – Trey Songz
8. Acquainted – The Weeknd
9. Freaky – Gemaine
10. Make You Feel – Alina Baraz
11. First Fuck - 6LACK & Jhené Aiko
12. Young God - Halsey
13. How Many Times – DJ Khaled
14. Fuck You All The Time – Jeremih
1. I Don't Know Me Like You Do – Low Hum
2. I Don't Wanna Be Okay Without You – Charlie Burg
3. Why Can't I Have You – Gloria Laing
4. If I Go, I'm Goin – Gregory Alan Isakov
5. Let Me In – Skinny Living
6. Reason To Hate You – Rhys Lewis
7. Be Your Man – Rhys Lewis
8. Yours – Jake Scott
9. Loved Us More – Munn
tog tag list (if you wanna be removed or added just send an ask or dm me)
@maastrash​ @ireallyshouldsleeprn​ @sleeping-and-books​ @ladywitchling​ @thegoddessofyou​ @ghostlyrose2​ @claralady​ @anne-reads​ @sayosdreams​ @perseusannabeth​ @letstakethedawn​ @simping4bookboisngrls​ @post-it-notes33​ @booksstorm​ @nalgenewhore​ @queen-of-demons-and-hell​ @miserablemusings​ @lanyjoy-13 @vasudharaghavan​ @cupcakey00​ @bri-loves-sunflowers​ @queen-of-glass​ @thewayshedreamed​ @the-regal-warrior​ @fangirlprincess09​ @januarystears​ @rowaelinismyotp​
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queen-swagzilla · 7 months ago
Deku Enchanted, Chapter 1 (BakuDeku)
By 8 am, and Izuku already knew that today was gonna be complete and utter bullshit. He had decided to visit his mother for the weekend, so that meant he would need to wake up by 6 am in order to make it back to campus on time for class.
He woke up at 7:30. Then missed his train at 8. Then he crashed into someone so hard that his bag split and his books went flying.
By 10 am, he knew the entire week was gonna suck.
On the bright side, Yaomomo was kind enough to make him a new backpack when he stumbled into class an hour late clutching his stacks of loose-leaf nonsense and the ripped bag.
On the downside, he hadn't realized that the asshole who had slammed into him on the train had also hit him with his quirk without warning him about the effects. He packed up his new bag quickly—he wanted to use the lunch hour to run back to the dorms for a change of clothes. His uniform had gotten dirty during the fall, and he had landed in something that smelled kinda weird. He just wanted clean clothes. He practically sprinted from the room in his attempt to make it to the dorms and back in time for his afternoon classes.
"Deku, wait!" He heard Uraraka yell after him, and he jolted to a stop so suddenly that he nearly fell over. "Woah, are you okay?"
"Yeah, I'm fine. I just wanted to run and grab a change of clothes. I when I fell and split my bag this morning I think I landed in something gross." He replied, wrinkling his nose. She paused, then her nose scrunched up.
"I think you're right. You'll miss lunch though."
"I'll grab a protein bar on my way back." He shrugged. "But if I wanna have time I gotta go now."
"Yeah, okay. Go get changed." She smiled at him. His body sprang into action almost too fast, and he raced away from her.
"Later!" He yelled over his shoulder.
Honestly, it was a testament to how poorly his day was going that he hadn't realized what was happening yet.
It hit him like a freight train in his first class of the afternoon. Fundamental Hero Studies was his favorite class (obviously), and as such he tended to...well, you know. Mutter the entire time. It's not like he meant to do it, but his "nerd brain" couldn't contain the "sheer fucking volume of thoughts without shutting down his verbal filter in the process". Katsuki's words, not his.
So, just like every other day, Izuku mumbled up a storm and about fifteen minutes later (a drastic increase from the measly three minutes he would have gotten in their first year), Katsuki turned to him and snapped. "Shut the fuck up nerd! I can barely hear myself think!"
And Izuku's jaw practically sealed itself shut. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't open his mouth to speak. Thankfully, he wasn't called on during the lesson, but that didn't mean he hadn't tried to participate. He just couldn't.
'What the hell?' He pondered as he tried to open his mouth to produce words—or even just a sound. But he couldn't. He had been hit with some kind of quirk. As he ran through his day, he realized just what type of quirk he was dealing with.
If his slightly panicked analysis was accurate, he was currently under the influence of an obedience quirk.
He packed slowly after classes let out for the day, waving his friends ahead when they paused to wait for him. He gestured to Aizawa and they nodded, disappearing out the door. When the last of the stragglers left he practically threw himself on Aizawa's desk, much to the alarm of the sleeping bag clad teacher.
"What do you need Midoriya?" Aizawa asked, eyeing him warily.
Izuku gestured at his throat frantically. Aizawa lifted an impatient eyebrow. "Spit it out, problem child. I have places to be."
Izuku gasped in relief. "Oh thank god. I was in a quirk accident this morning and didn't realize until like two hours ago."
Aizawa was immediately on alert. "What kind of quirk accident? Are you hurt?"
"No, but I am a security risk at the moment. When I was coming back from my mom's I crashed into someone on the train and I think they hit me with an obedience quirk. Kacchan told me to shut up and I couldn't even open my mouth."
Aizawa stiffened, then let his forehead drop to his desk. "It's always you. Why is it always you? Or Bakugo I guess, but honestly, this is getting ridiculous Midoriya."
"Your guess is as good as mine, sir." He replied. He supposed it could have something to do with being All Might's successor, but that typically didn't factor into the lesser bullshit like Gentle Criminal or the fartknocker who quirked him on the train.
Aizawa paused to collect himself. "First you should see Recovery Girl. While you're there, I'll look for people who used their train pass on your line this morning who have mental quirks so that we can figure out the conditions of the quirk. I would...avoid telling the class unless absolutely necessary. Ashido would have a field day wringing gossip out of you," he sighed. Izuku paled dramatically. He hadn't even considered that.
"Excellent point. No one can know."
"Unless?" Aizawa prodded. Izuku stared at him blankly and he sighed tiredly. "Unless it is a direct threat to your health or mental wellbeing. And this goes without saying, but you are forbidden from leaving campus until the quirk is released. The amount of information about heroes you hold in that thick skull is your most easily weaponized asset, followed closely by your freakishly overpowered quirk. You could obliterate cities with your fists and society itself with your knowledge, so you will not take a single step outside of school grounds until you can't be weaponized by a villain with a simple verbal command.
And that in itself was a verbal command, so Izuku would undoubtedly obey. "Yes, sir."
"Good. Now go see Recovery Girl. I'll contact you when I have more information."
Izuku sincerely hoped that he'd have more information soon.
Read the rest on AO3!
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Feral Fatality
(Part 1)
Tumblr media
So this has been in my works for a week now. You see, it was a typical day for me scrolling through Tumblr and visiting some....tags, and then a short drabble inspired me to write about a feral reader totally not because I was craving violence and murder no, which reached more than 4k words on the first draft so here we are! Shitty title, I know. The proofread work went over 7k, and it's not even finished yet. Once I'm done posting this and my main orc fic, I will get into the requests so please be patient!
Pairing: Jason Voorhees x Fem!Reader
Word count: 3k
Warnings: Brief blood and violence at the end of the first part
Contains: Swearing, mentions of neglect and abuse (not graphic)
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Screams slit through the twilight as the frigid autumn wind blew harshly through the trees of Camp Crystal Lake. The rustling of bushes and cracking of twigs echoed as foolish teenagers attempted to escape, running for their lives when they were the ones who dared step foot in the place, tarnishing it with their sins.
Jason Voorhees, the innocent kid who died several years ago; pushed to the lake by his bullies and left to drown for being different and unsightly— all because the counselors were busy with their fucking business—, returned as an undead killing machine right after his mother murdered them and died. His sole purpose: to protect the land and purge the people who had no right to be here, sentencing them to a horrendous death.
One by one, they struck the ground, lifeless, either chopped into pieces, beheaded, or stabbed countless times by his trusty machete.
Limbs...ripped off with his bare hands.
Tumblr media
The muffled snapping of branches reached your ears as the vehicle's wheels ran over them, stirring you from your nap. You rubbed your chilled skin under your clothes as you looked out of the window, thumping your forehead on the glass when you leaned forward the moment you saw the scenery. Trees, both ancient and young, their leaves varying in hues of green, orange and red, filled your line of sight. It was still early in autumn, your favorite time of the year, not hot but not too cold either. You watched in awe as the warm-colored leaves cascaded down from the branches and down to the ground, some carried by the wind farther from their origin.
The view did its best to distract you from a couple in session a seat before yours. They always seem to do that all the time, regardless of place or occasion.
This was a week-long getaway after graduation, they said.
Nothing but a white lie.
An excuse for the girls to hook up with their campus crushes, a week of fucking and smoking drugs.
You, however, just got invited —forced— by your "friend" Eloiza, the self-proclaimed hottest girl in the entire school, typical captain of the cheerleading squad; blonde and curvy. Her words were much too sugar-coated that even a deaf person could tell she had ulterior motives.
She only planned to use you as a tool to raise her fame. A stepping stone for her own gain.
That wasn't the only reason though.
Everyone knew who you were, but only by your name. News and rumors alike spread like wildfire through gossipy mouths. Your deeds were known throughout campus.
(Y/N)(L/N), top academic competitor and multiple-award winner, a straight-A student for five years in succession. Some believed you were a genius, the rest called you insane.
You wouldn't call yourself a genius though, you did not possess the obsessive need to acquire eternal knowledge and discover the secrets of the universe as most of them do, to effortlessly solve every problem that comes their way.
If that were the case, then you wouldn't be here in the first place.
You only love learning and indulging in the beauty of Mother Nature, plus a handful of hyper-fixations.
Fine, a buttload of hyper-fixations. And such came in handy in various situations.
You were unrivaled, not one of your peers could come close to your level of wit. Many people wished to have a brain like yours, and just as many hated you for even having one, praised you just as much as slandered your name and judged you.
Despite your reputation, the poor school didn't broadcast it, at least every time. The staff probably got tired of repeating the same phrase over and over again. Which caused more than half of the whole campus to never believe you to be the one behind all of that, laughing at your face when you said your name.
"You? The (Y/N) (L/N)? Ha! As if I'd fall for that! Everyone knows how she looks. You're the absolute opposite!"
"You got to be kidding me."
"You're a joker, aren't you? Is this a prank? If so please stop it, don't pretend like you're her."
Yep, and it goes on and on and on. They were right, you didn't look like someone who would win contests or excel in class.
You constantly wore clothes that hid your form, silent unless spoken to or asked to answer, distant and reserved, you preferred the company of books and nature to the rowdiness and prying hands of humans. A sociopath they deemed you. Quite an extreme word to use when you simply wanted to enjoy the only things that made you happy in this living hell.
You only know a handful of people who approached you first-hand and praised you genuinely, even asking for an autograph, which really surprised you.
Yet, they would never understand you even if you explained, because you can't, words evade you when it comes down to voice out what you feel. Even if you can, no one would care. And even if they did? You doubt it was real. Everyone wants to use you, and they seem to believe you'd let them. You didn't trust anyone. The last time you did only left you sobbing on the dirt.
You wanted to be left alone.
To connect with nature and get as far away as possible from your parents. Parents who kept shouting profanities at each other, the main cause for your depression and anxiety levels to skyrocket, the shaking turning into trembling, 7 hours of sleep to barely a blink.
That's why you agreed to go in the first place.
You hated your household—despised it— a mess of broken shards of bottles and ceramics littered your kitchen floor more often than not. You didn't bother cleaning it up anymore, your mother would just waste away her money on more things to break and throw them at your joke of a father when they fought anyway.
Not only that, you thought...No, you believed if you worked hard to be the best and win countless competitions, your parents would give you recognition and reconcile for your sake, but no, no, no. They didn't care one bit about you or your medals, it was as if you were never even included in their lives at all. Even birthday celebrations ceased to exist in everyone's books after your 13th.
So you gave up.
Down into the void, your wishful thinking went, that they'll become better people over time, that the attention and love you deserve will be given one day. Instead, you wallowed yourself in your studies, besting everyone in everything academic. Oh, but you weren't athletic. Far from it. Damn, you were getting thin and sleep-deprived from being neglected, dark circles under your eyes every time you looked at your reflection. People hating your existence wasn't helping, some teachers even suspected you of cheating.
There's no way in hell you'd let yourself get dragged down to end up like them! You were of legal age now, a fresh graduate from high school, you doubt your parents even knew that since they didn't fucking show up on your graduation day. You were moving out of that shithole of a town. Anywhere is better than where they breathed and spat their poison.
And so here you are. Standing in this breath-taking and mysterious place. Camp Crystal Lake, it is named, secluded, barely touched by modernization as it is hidden between mountains and trees as far as the eye could see. Not to mention its namesake, the lake, you imagined it would mirror the sky, be it day or night. You loved it, you adored the fresh, breathable air that went through you the moment you stepped out of the van.
You also knew about him.
Resolved to never go back to that goddamned house, you took everything you had and needed; the special little trinkets you've collected through the years shoved into a box, the few clothes you had, art materials, and your precious books carefully packed inside a big travel bag, along with your stocked up canned goods, convenience food, snacks, and toiletries.
And other, important things.
You hauled your baggage out of the van and got off, immediately moving to the side and away from everyone.
You got used to people ignoring you that you didn't care anymore.
Why waste your time with them when you can have all of it to yourself?
Eloiza led the group into the larger cabins, the others went straight into the lake for a swim. You even notice some teens disappear into the trees, most likely for a quickie.
In return, you stayed out of their way, fully satisfied being invisible and with your own company as you trudged to a cabin, the one you caught a glimpse of earlier in the van. It was a long way's separated from the rest, closest to the forest and hidden behind a few trees.
You were panting when you finally stopped in front of it, clearly not used to walking long distances and carrying stuff near as heavy as your weight.
Upon closer inspection, you found yourself gaping at its appearance. The wooden walls lost their color as they aged, white and brown mushrooms grew on the ground along with green moss sticking to the beams, and a few vines crawling their way up and on the roof. Despite all of that, the cabin looked sturdy still.
There's this "one with nature" vibe that drew you to it, like a string pulling you closer and inviting you. Ominous most would say, but you almost cried when the rich scent of earth and oxygen filled your lungs as you took one big inhale, sighing in content for once. It was a lot smaller compared to the others, but you didn't care. As long as you were left alone with your stuff you were a-okay.
You turned the knob and peeked inside, letting out a small gasp and opening the door wider to see the whole thing.
Old as it is, it was proper and neat, regardless of the tiny cobwebs on the upper corners. A small, square dining table sat in the middle of the first part of the place, two wooden stools placed underneath. There were cupboards on the wall and a simple sink with an empty space to the side. You went to the next room, doorless and separated with but a wall of thick plywood. It had a single bed in the corner, off-white cotton sheets sitting atop, not a wrinkle in sight. No pillow though. There's a decent-sized closet along with a small table on one side of the bed. One of the windows had a hole in the middle, a ray of sunlight streaming in through the cracks. It was too big for the size of a gunshot, so maybe a rock.
A bit hesitant, your fingers traced the wood, feeling the inconsistent texture. When you went through the back door, your smile reached your ears when trunks of trees and bushes greeted you...
Wait, is that what you think it is?
Stepping closer to the treeline, your jaw dropped when you spotted a thicket of fruit-bearing plants past them, gathered in a tiny clearing.
Purple little cuties poked out of the green shrubs, sporting a vibrant hue that caught your eye. The sun shone overhead and providing the energy they needed. Blueberries managed to grow in the area despite the trees fencing them.
Tempted and suspicious, you crouched down, inspecting the shrub if it really was a blueberry plant and not a deadly doppelganger. Once you were sure it was, (it would be hilarious if you simply died from nighshade poisoning), you plucked one and brought it to your mouth. It was sweeter than you expected, with a slightly bitter aftertaste. You hummed in delight, wiping the juice with your thumb when it dribbled out, staining your finger and lips.
You didn't want to anger anybody. Hell, coming here was already trespassing, so you didn't push your luck and left it alone, hoping they'd forgive you for picking one. They surely didn't look wild with the way they lined up.
You scanned the rest of the area, eventually going back inside to unpack after your little evaluation.
The sun was a hand's away from setting when you finished. Pride swelled in your chest at the work you did, your things stocked and organized with care inside the cabinets and drawers. You won't have to worry about your food for now as cupboards were filled to the brim with them. You also had a decent amount of money left from your savings account that your parents weren't aware of. Prize money, allowance, and the salary you got from doing online jobs all went into it. The camp was a few miles off the road, and a couple more to the nearest gas station with a convenience store. Very far yes, but it's better than living with the people who made you do this in the first place.
You just hoped you wouldn't die walking.
Everything was worth it, anyways. You were free now, at least that's what you think.
You trudged to the bed, eyeing the cushions, wary and a little scared to touch the sheets that appeared to be cleaned just recently, you didn't even lay a finger on them ever since you got inside. Oh, but your tired muscles were screaming to just flump down and relax.
So you did.
You dumped yourself face first and inhaled. It wasn't smelly nor fragrant, just the simple freshness on the cotton fabric. You felt beat but ain't sleepy, yet, so you reached to the drawer beside the bed and pulled out a book to pass the time as you waited for the sun to go down and give way for the moon. Its spine and pages had creases, worn out and yellow-stained from age and use. It was a horror-mystery novel told through a first-person narrative, a story of a middle-aged detective and her Maine coon in their attempts to solve a murder case of a young European lady named Cassandra Chase.
You dozed off in the middle of chapter 21, the part where Dinnie, the cat, discovers a valuable clue to the crime, a rotten limb in the dried basement well.
Jason settled down on the stairs of his porch; shoulders relaxed and hunched as he leisurely sharpened his machete with a small whetstone. Lines of sunlight kissed him through the leaves of trees, the birds in the area chirped on their perches, and the grass swayed, gentle, as a cool wind passed by.
His day be so fine. No troublemakers to deal wi—
The alarm rang, announcing unwelcomed arrival. As if a switch flipped inside, he's already on his feet, making his way swiftly to their location.
A new batch of wretched youngsters, another day ruined. Hunting them down makes his blood thrum in his veins, yes, but they soured his mood, just when he was at peace. He's dead set on slaughtering them in the most gruesome ways possible, only then he could go back and enjoy the serenity the nature around him brings.
He surveyed the area, camouflaging with the wilderness, silent as he watched and counted the soon-to-be corpses, his mother's voice at the back of his mind, guiding him.
They decided to go either to the main cabins, or the lake...even into the trees.
All but one.
Jason already planned to cut down the couple later as they lose themselves in the forest, doing nasty, dirty things to his camp. The killer shifted his attention to you, curious as to why you didn't join the lot. Instead, you walked back down the road. He followed and saw you approach the small cabin, separated from the rest, your eyes widened...
You were quiet— except for the little gasps of awe you let out in between pants—as you looked around and over the place. The ones you came with were rowdy and destructive, a complete opposite. He hid as he observed you from afar, moving around to adjust his vision on you. You smiled every time you looked to the trees, he noticed.
Why were you smiling like that? Why did you pick this cabin? Were you planning on defiling it?
The last question in his mind made his blood boil. He'll kill you first if that was the case. That cabin you chose was special, it was where he and his mother used to stay. He occasionally visits that one to keep it clean and free of dust. If you even think of—
Jason, sweetie...look closer. She does not have such intentions.
His mother's words rang in his head. Even from where he stood, he could see what you did inside. You looked a little hesitant, touching and drawing back your hand before letting your fingers feel the wood as if it was something delicate. Despite the initial...shyness? You proceeded to make it your home, somewhat, dropping the large duffel bags you carried on your front and back, and a similarly large roller case on your left. It was as if you planned to stay for a long time.
Jason hears you take a long breath and sigh as you went out the backdoor. You grinned wider when you saw the nature around you. You stepped forward, straight in his direction...
For a moment he thought you saw him, seeing your jaw drop. You moved closer, and he just froze there, until you crouched down.
Oh, his plants.
He watched you as you gently picked a fruit, your gaze...soft. You brought it to your mouth, some of the juice spilling on the side and you wiped it with your thumb.
You went back inside and continued to unpack your things, carefully maneuvering around the cabin.
Maybe he'll spare you if you continue to be good. You didn't do anything dirty, yet. It's only a matter of time before the camp is shrouded in darkness and his hunt will begin.
Let's see what you'll do before that happens.
Jason tracked down the three that went into the forest. He knew the place like the back of his hand, and it was easier to pinpoint them as he heard moans.
What he saw was utmost disgusting, two girls pleasuring a male with their mouths in broad daylight.
Kill them, my boy! Such foul beings need to die! Kill them, kill!
He circled them, steps soundless. Jason gripped his machete and brought it down the guy's neck, embedding the weapon into the bark, the head rolled down, oozing with blood, and fell against the women, drenching them in red. Not a single cry left from their mouths as he sliced both with one swing, blood pouring out of their throats and staining the ground. Jason dragged their bodies and tossed them into a pit he dug beforehand, making quick work in burying them.
A swift end. Now he waits.
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hopeshoodie · 7 months ago
I can’t believe it took me until part 8 to do my favorite boy but
Tumblr media
 Here are the pros and cons of dating
Noah is really non confrontational, so he tends to let issues fester. It’s not that he’s trying to let things build up, it’s just that he doesn’t think they’re important enough to bring up. He won’t start a fight about them when they’ve built up, but if MC is angry about something he’ll mention that there’s a bunch of things he’s let go but not have specifics. It ends up coming out like ‘yeah well what about all the other things?!’ ‘what other things!?’ ‘I don’t remember!!’. He’s not actively keeping track of all her mistakes, he genuinely does forgive and forget, but then when tensions come to a boil he needs to point out that there has been conflict that he just ignored. He’s not trying to guilt or gaslight MC, but sometimes it feels like it. If she thinks especially little of his intentions, it feels like he’s just pulling things out of thin air to be mad instead of focusing on the issue. That’s not what he’s doing- he just doesn’t address little things until they feel like big things. But of course he hasn’t done the introspection to truly understand how doing this is hurtful or articulate that he doesn’t mean it to be. 
When he and MC disagree, he lets things go wayyy too easily. This is fine if MC is a really mature, self-reflective person who can see that she’s crossed a line after the fact. But if MC is a little more selfish/immature, like Lottie, this is a huge con because he doesn’t give her accountability that would help her grow. We saw this with Hope- she wasn’t able to recognize how harmful her temper was when she was dating Noah because he never pointed it out, he just rolled over. If there’s a genuine problem- financial, emotional, logistically, he’ll ‘let it go’ until it’s a way bigger problem (and much harder to solve). 
Sorry that most of these cons are about how he fights with people, but that’s what we saw in-game lol. I’d love to know more about how Lucas or Rahim fight with their partners. But when you’re arguing, Noah tends to focus on really little details of what you said instead of listening to the whole thing and getting a sense of the bigger picture. So let’s say the issue is ‘Noah, I need you to tell me when you’re borrowing my car because you took it to the gym and then it went from having enough gas to get me to work in the morning to being on empty. This morning I had to stop for gas and that made me late.” The issue there is actually ‘please tell me when you’re using my car”, but he fixates on the gas part and says “well fine I can fill up your tank”. So he focuses on little details that he can fix instead of acknowledging the actual problem.
He internalizes things so fucking hard. Yes he intellectually knows that when MC gives him feedback on things she’s talking about his BEHAVIOR and not him as a person, but he definitely feels like shit about himself if he makes a mistake and MC calls him on it. He’ll definitely beat himself up about things for weeks after it happens, and his internal dialogue in general is pretty toxic. 
I can see him being a bit of a workaholic. Not in the same sense that Camilo is in Boat Party, but Noah definitely will go into the library on a day he’s scheduled to be off if he has projects to work on or will stay late because he got engrossed in research. Same thing now that the library’s closed because of COVID- it takes him two times as long to put everyone online and work from home, so he’s spending more time working than ever. He views it through the lens of the ‘greater good’- getting that display set up for the patrons is more important that seeing his wife two hours earlier because many members of the community outnumber one person. Plus he just cares so much about his work that he has a hard time seeing it as an inconvenience to other people.
He loves his family so much. Even when MC and he get married and have kids, he struggles to prioritize them over his siblings and parents. So if his little brother Arlo needs money, Noah won’t hesitate to give him a loan even if he and MC are struggling financially. If his aging mom or dad can’t live alone anymore, Noah will invite them to move in with his family, even if their house isn’t big enough to accommodate more people. I can see this being a huge point of contention, especially in that second scenario where MC would have to take on a caretaker role as well. Noah just wants to help people so bad and has a hard time saying no, so that can sometimes impede his partner.
He’s really used to living on low income, and so he has a lot of frugal habits and concessions that he thinks are normal that someone more middle or upper class might find irritating. These are all coming from my experience and things partners have complained about- but think things like only eating out once a month or refusing to turn the heat on until it’s dangerous or making his own laundry detergent. He grew up doing them out of necessity (and still does, student debt on a public librarian’s budget? I couldn’t do it), so he doesn’t realize how strange or frustrating his habits might be to someone who isn’t used to it. He also has a really hard time justifying spending excessive amounts of money, so if MC has lavish taste there’s going to be some conflict.
He doesn’t like initiating anything. Conversations, activities… you know *smirk emoji*. He will, but the ratio of when Noah suggests something to when MC does is like 1:8
My boy is beautiful, and his clothes look lovely, but he has 7 outfits that he rewears all the time. The closest thing to fashion is him putting a different button up shirt underneath his vest. It’s definitely a joke at work that he wears the same sweater, button up, and quarter length shirt just in different colors. You know that vine where the teacher walks into the room wearing the same shirt in different colors, saying the same ‘hello’ for like a million days. Noah’s coworkers remake that with him, because that’s exactly what he does. 
He’s a bit of a homebody, and loves routine. For me, massive plus, I love that. But for someone who wants to party regularly or be spontaneous, I can see constantly changing plans and going out with people being really draining to Noah. He has a small group of close friends, so he’d struggle to remember MC’s friends' names if she has more than five. Don’t get me wrong, Noah will take MC to galleries and dates at least three times a month, but it has to be discussed and scheduled in advance. 
Honestly, what isn’t a pro about him? Noah is a steadfast, thoughtful, and kind person. His politics are about taking care of people, providing them dignity and respect, and building community. He loves his family and is incredibly patient. He’s incredibly smart but not at all classist or condescending about it. I know this is supposed to be about how the islanders affect the person they’re dating, but oh my god he’s such a good person I love him. Let’s just say the pro for this is his positive aura. 
He’s really good at group dynamics and listening, so he goes out of his way to make everyone feel heard and valued. If someone says something and no one acknowledges it, he’ll specifically engage with them so they’re not left hanging. If someone’s trying to get a word in but can’t, he’ll get everyone’s attention then say ‘so and so had an idea’. He’s not one to boisterously laugh in group settings, but he always makes eye contact and smiles if you make a joke that flops or say something he agrees with. If people are teasing about something, he picks up if it’s gone too far really easily and will gracefully change the subject/tell them to knock it off. 
He’s super conscientious about respecting boundaries and ensuring the people around him are taking care of himself. If MC and him are long distance and texting after 10pm, he’ll be like “I love you, but we’ve both got to sleep. I’ll talk to you tomorrow”. He’ll always check and make sure people have eaten when meeting up with them, and if they haven’t he’ll insist they get food from somewhere. 100% gives you his jacket, brings you water bottles, in general just wants you to take care of yourself. 
Above all else, Noah just always ensures the people around him feel safe. The last thing he’d want to do is make people uncomfortable, so safe driving, safe spaces, safe sex are all musts. He’s really good in crisis situations because he can calm people down and encourage them to think critically.  
Building off of that, he’s really aware of how much of the housework is being done by who and always tries to ensure he’s doing his part. I bet that was a big thing he ripped on Rahim for- Rahim expects his woman to clean up after him and do the bulk of the domestic work, and Noah knows that’s bullshit. I think Noah likes cleaning, anyways, and will usually take laundry/disinfecting bathrooms/cleaning dishes over cooking or running errands. But the mental load of keeping track of recipes/groceries that need replenishing and keeping up with kids needs, he’s aware of the imbalance and does his part. Obvious plus, because it sounds fucking exhausting to date a man. He fucking hates vaccuming though, and will splurge on a roomba. 
He has a dry sense of humor that’s very based in puns and hyperbole. Sometimes it’s hard to know when he’s joking or not, but he never makes you feel bad for missing a joke or dwells on something for too long. He absolutely subscribes to the Mcelroys’ No Bummers rule, there are some things you don’t joke about and he’s happy to shut down inappropriate comments or ‘jokes’. He definitely prefers physical gaffs and dumb ways of saying things, so his favorite comedians are John Mulaney and Chris Fleming. While humor isn’t an important part of how he relates to other people, Noah enjoys being around funny people and won’t shut down their energy like Rahim, Marisol, or Hope. 
This is just me projecting again but Noah is generoussss. Even though he doesn’t make a lot of money at the library, he still has a ‘mutual aid’ budget each month (and goes over it often). He’s the first one to give money to panhandlers, donate to gofundmes, and give friends/family personal loans. That definitely gets him into sticky situations sometimes, because he has a hard time saying no and can get taken advantage of, but ultimately I think it’s a pro because he’ll never forget where he came from and always prioritize helping other people. 
He has a really pretty, deep singing voice and this is a pro to me because fuck I meltttttt.
The shit he says to his partner or spouse? THE most romantic thing in the world. You think Mr. “you’re made of stardust” doesn’t shower his lover with the most meaningful lines at random times? You think he’s not quoting sappho and jane austen when he’s at a loss for words? You think he’s NOT going to turn over in bed on a lazy Saturday and say ‘this is the most perfect my life will ever be’? It’s not even prompted either, yes he’ll compliment Bobby or MC when they get all dressed up for date night, but more often he’ll profess his adoration in the middle of dinner, then take another forkful of food. 
Fantastic with kids, and this is a huge pro because people who can work with kids and be patient/positive with them make me so fuckim soft. But if/when (hopefully when because if MC didn’t want kids I don’t think it’d last) they had kids, Noah is happy to be on bottle duty, wake up early to the baby, and generally be a really involved parent. He’ll take a big chunk of paternity leave, and generally be there as much as humanly possible. Even when they have multiple little tyrants running around, he always makes time to be alone with MC and make sure she’s not taking on too much.
He’s basically a lesbian, which is definitely a reason I love him so much. Hear me out- loves milfs, loves 80s music, communicates affection through meaningful glances and playing with hair but will die before explicitly saying any of it, crushes on his best friend for the longest time but never makes the first move, puts way too much emotional meaning and personal metaphors into objects and then presents them as gifts, is into fandoms and actively collects pop figures, is attracted to assertive/powerful women, wears beige skinny jeans, wears VESTS….. That’s a lesbian. He’s a bisexual man, but he’s also an honorary lesbian.
A really good confidant. Noah’s an amazing listener and never judges people harshly- his life philosophy is as long as you’re not hurting anymore or yourself, everything else is details. So you can definitely tell him secrets and confess regrets to him and he’ll listen with those soft eyes and gentle nods. Talking to him about mistakes always feels like unburdening yourself. And he’d never tell your secret to anyone. Doesn’t matter if you cheat on him, lie to him, or die, he’s never going to tell anyone your secrets. 
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we-are-inevitable · 11 months ago
Javid with angst 7 and fluff 30
THIS WAS SO CUTE I LOVE IT !!!!!!! modern au bc i said so, also these boys are dumb
Prompt: “I love you.” “No, you don’t.” / “I’ve been in love with you since we were kids.”
Word Count: 1537
The front door opens to reveal a frazzled David Jacobs with a single black coffee, one bag of groceries, and an overstuffed satchel crossed over his torso.
The groceries were the first to drop to the floor. Jack knew that nothing in the bag was damaged; if something inside was fragile, then David surely would have brought the bag to the apartment’s small kitchen rather than discarding it onto the floor. As he watched the taller man set his coffee on the small table next to the front door, Jack couldn’t help but smile.
“Rough day, Davey?”
“You. Have. No. Idea,” David crosses the room and inelegantly drops his school bag into the chair against the wall, heading straight for the kitchen. “I’m convinced that Professor Snyder is incompetent. There is no fucking way I got less than a 90 on my midterm report, Jack, there’s no way! But no! Apparently he gave me a goddamn 86 on the paper--”
“I’m sorry, but is there somethin’ wrong with an 86? Seems pretty good to me,” Jack says as he stands up off of the couch, following David to the kitchen. “Don’t stress about it. You have, like, two months until the end of the semester, you’re gonna bring your grade up.”
“Oh, no, I have a high A in the class,” David says nonchalantly as he reaches up to grab a bottle from on top of the fridge-- tequila. Oh. David was in one of those moods. “It’s just-- He has the audacity to give me an 86, yet he gives Morris fucking Delancey a 98? There’s no way his paper was better than mine! I just--”
“Davey, I love ya, man, and I feel for ya, but if you get any more pissed you’re gonna break the bottle and you’re gonna owe me, like, $40. That’s my good tequila.”
“Get the shot glasses, Kelly.”
“On it.”
Jack had a painting he could have been doing. Not classwork, he was pretty much caught up with everything so far, but he had a commission that needed to be sent off by the end of the week and he was still in the sketching phase. But, really, what was the point of working on a commission when he could get drunk with his best friend?
After all of these years, it was still weird to call David a ‘friend.’ They had met in the 8th grade, when Jack was adopted by Medda, who happened to teach drama at the school David attended. On the first day, David had told Jack to shut up in their science class, and the two had been inseparable ever since. They had been 13 when they met.
Now, they were both nearing 23, living in an apartment together, both in their last year of college.
And Jack still hadn’t told David that he was completely, totally, irrevocably in love with him.
Jack brought the shot glasses to the living room, while David brought the bottle and a container of orange juice to chase it. They both sat on the couch for the next thirty minutes, ranting about their days and the horrible people they dealt with  in town or at work or in class or wherever they had over the course of that week.
Thirty minutes turned into an hour, and an hour turned into two. By that time, the sun was setting, casting a glow straight into the window of the apartment. Jack tilted his head and looked over at David with a chuckle at something he had said, but all laughter was lost as he caught David’s gaze.
God, those blue eyes made him weak. And with the way that the light was directly on them… Jack can’t take the silence.
He turns his body to face David, leaning his head against the back of the couch as his arms cross over his torso. “You ever been in love, Davey?” He asks with that signature Kelly grin. There’s no doubt in his mind that he looks like an idiot. Big smile, scrunched-up nose, squinty eyes- he had been told by plenty of girls that that look was something out of a romcom, and God, he had never wanted that to be truer than right now.
The question seemed to sober David up a little bit. He gulpes and glances away, cheeks flushed- though Jack can’t tell if he’s blushing, or if it’s the alcohol. “I-... Jackie, c’mon. You’ve known me for ten years, you would know--”
“Ah, ah, ah, I think you have a bunch of shit you ain’t tellin’ me,” Jack says with a smirk, though his eyes soften up a bit. All he wants is for David to say yes. If David tells him, then Jack will be able to move on. If David is in love with someone else, then Jack can finally muster up the courage to finally stop telling himself he has a chance. “What about that boy you was with last year? What was his name? Lance?”
“Luke,” David corrects him with a grimace, “And no. I didn’t love him. I… I figured out a few months into it that I… loved someone else,” He admits with a shrug, then scratches the back of his neck. “...Love. Present tense. I love someone else.”
What a kick in the teeth.
Jack sits up a little straighter, then raises a brow. “...Damn, you must’a had feelings for this fella for a while. It’s been, what, near a year since you and Luke broke it off?”
“I’ve liked this guy way longer than I’ve even known Luke,” David says simply, shooting Jack a smile that made his stomach flip.
“What’s he like?”
“Well,” David thinks for a moment, then grins. “He’s really sweet. Stupid, but in a good way,” He chuckles, and Jack can’t help but let out a little laugh as well. “He’s been through a lot, but he’s the most caring guy I’ve ever met. He’d give the shirt off his back for any one of his friends, and trust me, he has a lot.”
“Lots’a friends? Is he a frat guy?”
“Oh, hell no. Far from it. He’s just… really charismatic. He’s… He’s great,” David says with a sad grin, avoiding Jack’s gaze as he takes a slow sip of tequila straight from the bottle.
Something about the way that David is acting has Jack on edge. He seems so close to saying something, but Jack has no idea what it is. “...Tell me more. Does he go here?”
“Mhm. He’s an art student,” David admits nonchalantly, and Jack’s heart feels like it rips in two. An art student… No. There’s no way David is talking about him, but the fact that he’s into another art student that isn’t Jack makes him regret ever asking in the first place. “He’s good, too. Really good. He likes music, too, and he’s a great singer, even if he doesn’t think so. He’s a horrible driver, but he can navigate the subway system in his sleep. He… He’s a pretty good--...”
David hesitates. Jack watches.
The silence between them is so heavy that Jack feels like he’s being crushed. “...David?”
David takes a deep breath. Closes his eyes. “He’s a pretty good roommate, too. Even if he cares more about a $40 bottle of tequila than he cares about me.”
Jack is silent for a few long moments. He’s frozen in place, trying desperately to connect the dots, and deep down he knows what David is saying, but he can’t do this and he doesn’t want to assume and-- “Davey, what- what are you sayin’?”
David turns to face him, a sad smile on his face. The look makes Jack’s breath catch in his throat. “I love you. Jack Kelly, I love you.”
“No, you don’t,” Jack responds instantly, his eyes widening just slightly. “No, because- because I-- Fuck, I’ve loved you for so long, but you- you don’t love me. Is this real? Are you-- Are you real?”
The smile that breaks out onto David’s face stuns Jack into silence. “I’ve been in love with you since we were kids,” David whispers, before letting out a laugh. “I just-- Jack, how could I not love you? You’re so--”
“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted you to say that,” Jack cut in, letting out a giddy giggle. “I-- Davey, oh my Good, you’re so fuckin’ perfect. You’re smart, and nice, and stubborn as a mule in the best way possible, and I- I ain’t good with words, you know that, but you--... All of my best paintings, all of my best sketches, are all because you were my muse. You were… Perfect. You’ve always been perfect… David?”
“Yeah, Jack?”
“Kiss me.”
The feeling of David dragging him into his lap would forever be one of the best feelings Jack had ever experienced. He straddles David’s thighs, wraps his arms around David’s neck, and melts as soon as David pulls him into the best kiss he had ever had.
David’s hand is in his hair. Caressing him. Grounding him.
They kiss for what feels like hours, but Jack eventually pulls back for breath, forehead gently pressed against David’s.
Something tells him they should’ve done this a long time ago, but at least they had the rest of forever.
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buckyscrystalqueen · 8 months ago
Too Smart for Your Own Good: Part 8
Pairings: (Past) Machine Gun Kelly x Reader, (Past) Henry Cavill x Reader, Chibs x Reader
Warnings: Swearing, PTSD, abandonment, another dick move on Henry’s part.
Word Count: 6,114
A/N: Doesn’t have a completed end yet, but just giving you more content to try to get myself out of a writing funk.
A/N 2: Yea, I had fun with this one. Sorry, not sorry.
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7
Negan had seen you pissed before, hell, he’d seen you down right livid. But he had never, ever seen you so furious you refused to even talk to him. He looked over at you with a small, tight smile as you walked into your messy kitchen, but you didn’t even glance at him as you bee lined past him to grab two coffee mugs from the cabinet.
“Morning, princess.” He dared, but he instantly shut up when you shot him a look that spoke volumes. “(Y/N)...”
“Save it.” You grumbled as you grabbed two K cups from the box on the counter and picked up the entire Keurig as silent punishment. He sighed loudly as you walked back out of the room past Simon, who took one look at the coffee maker in your arms and over at the spot it lived in on your counter, before shaking his head.
“Does the other house have a coffee pot still, or did she take that, too?” He asked with a glance to his boss, who was watching you walk up the stairs back to your room without a second glance.
“I fucked up with her, didn’t I?” You heard Negan ask his second in command before you stepped into the room and closed the door behind you.
“Ye took the whole damn thing?” Chibs whisper yelled as you headed into the bathroom to set the Keurig down.
“There’s a pot in the carriage house.” You said back with a shrug as you plugged your machine in. “I don’t feel sorry for them.”
“Cold hearted.” He chuckled as he made sure the pillows were all around the co sleeper and that Celeste was OK before coming into the bathroom. “No cream?”
“You get it black, or you can go down and deal with my father to get it, your call.”
“Yea, I’m no’ goin’ down ta flaunt the fact tha’ I stayed ‘ere over nigh’ to ‘im anytime soon.” He sighed as he partially closed the water closet door to use the bathroom.
“If it helps at all, he now knows better than to lay so much as a finger on you.”
“It does not.”
“Well you don’t have to see him for a week anyways, so it’s fine.” You said as you stepped over to turn on the shower while the first cup was brewing. “Besides, I need an escort through IRA territory and I’m not trusting my daughter’s life to a prospect. I have a lot of errands to do in the next couple days...”
“Luv...” You looked over at him with your eyebrow raised before following his gaze down to the tattoo on your rib cage that no one but him would know the true meaning of just by looking at it. He smirked as you moved your arm out of the way, and shook his head. “Ye did say ye’d never let me live it down...”
“You tore apart my garden for those lilacs, Filip.” You giggled as you looked at the bouquet of purple flowers in a metal milk can with a tartan patterned bow around it that represented his last name.
“Couldn’t show up empty ‘anded now, could I?”
“No, that wouldn’t have been right.” You whispered even softer as he stepped forward to brush his thumb across the bow.
“Does yer da’...”
“No one knows what it means.” You said with a shake of your head as you shivered from the goosebumps racing across your skin. “Negan asked if it was for my mom when he first saw it because lilacs were her favorite too, and I just nodded and walked away.”
“It’s beautiful.” He said with a glance up at you. “Much more elegant than mine.”
“You got a tattoo for me?”
“Subtle.” He said as he held up his left hand and stuck out his ring finger. “Black band, but your name wore off the side.”
“You’re so cute.” You giggled as you ran your fingertip across what was left of your name. “Who did it? Because that would have gotten back to Negan...”
“I did.” He said as he looked at the left over ink. “Did a stint in prison for possession seven or eight years back. Anniversary’a the last time I saw ye. Took all nigh’ bu’ I needed the pain.”
“We’ll get it re done soon if you want.” You promised as you turned on the water and stepped inside. “Coming? We have a lot of things to do today.”
“So no time for a quickie?” He teased before taking a sip of his coffee, starting yours, and stepping out of his boxers.
“What kinda girl do you think I am?” You teased as you shook an old, nearly empty bottle of shampoo to finish it off. “I wasn’t that easy back then, and as a mother and a woman of class...”
“Oh, shut it.” He laughed as he wrapped his arms your waist and pulled you into his chest. He kissed you gently as you went from washing your hair to washing his, just appreciating being together again. You couldn’t stop your mind from racing in a thousand different directions as he gently lifted you up and pinned you against the wall to slide into you, but by the time you both came, you realized that for the first in twelve years you truly felt safe. You felt at home.
“I still love you.” You said softly as you laid your head down on his chest. “I never stopped…”
“Was I supposed ta stop lovin’ ye?” He asked as he ran his fingers through your hair. “‘Cause even after all the shite I went through, I’d do it all over ‘gain to ‘ave ye in m’life.”
“You can protect me from the big bad world.” You said with a smile as you looked up at him. “I’ll protect you from Negan.”
“I may actually let ye do tha’, lass.” He said as he quickly washed his body off and stepped out of the way for you. “Yer da’s terrifyin’ when it comes ta ye.”
“My dad may think he’s a hard ass, but that man knows that I’m the one in charge no matter how much he doesn’t want to admit it. And he also knows at this point, now that he knows I know what he did, if he so much as lays a finger on you, I’m done... permanently. So being with me is as safe as you’ll ever be when it comes to my dad.”
“Tha’s somethin’ I’m really nervous ta test.”
“I can solve it today.” You said with a bob of your head as you turned off the water. “Because while I know he will never, ever admit it to anyone, possibly including me, he regrets what he did now that he’s been busted for it. And he didn’t feel shame for it until he saw the look in my eyes. Because it’s a look that instantly reminded him of my mom, and I know he can hear her freaking out at him in his memories.”
“It’s so strange ta see ‘im through yer eyes, my luv.” He huffed as he grabbed his coffee and went out to throw his clothes on from the day before. “Instead of as m’President.”
“Yea, it’s still entertaining to see him try to be ‘big bad Negan’ all these years later when I know the softie he can be since I actually remember it from when I was a kid… shit, I really don’t wanna wake her up…”
“Rip off the bandaid.”
“But she’s so cute…”
“Rip off the bandaid.” He repeated as he fastened his belt. “Ye said ye had a lot ta do, an’ tha’ ye wan’ed ‘er on Belfast time.”
“Son of a bitch.” You grumbled as you threw on a nursing tank, and a big, loose sweater over your leggings. You grabbed something cute for Celeste, that would keep her warm through out the day, and pouted at her as you kneeled on the bed and simply picked her up. “Oh, Mommy’s sorry.” You cooed as she instantly started to whine in sheer exhaustion. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know.”
“She’s cute until she screams.” Chibs teased as he sat down on the bed to put his boots on. “Then she just reminds me of you.”
“Fuck you.” You said in a sing song voice. He chuckled and threw on his kutte before putting her car seat on the bed for you. “Yes, I know, Mommy’s mean. But you can sleep in the car, baby girl.”
“I’m guessin’ yer kidnappin’ me like old times?” He asked as he took the dirty diaper from you and got up to toss it in the diaper genie you had put in your bathroom the night before.
“Well obviously, I’m a defenseless first time Mommy that needs a big strong man to protect her and her adorable little girl.”
“Well now I jus’ ‘ave ta protect such a beautiful woman, and this cute little screamin’ bundle’a joy.”
“Oh, we are as much of a morning person as Mommy is.” You said as you grabbed his hand and put it on her stomach so you could pack your diaper bag for what you needed for the day.
“Oh, we’re jus’ no’ ‘avin’ a good mornin’.” He said as he picked her up and walked over to your bedroom window. He talked to her like he had known her throughout your whole pregnancy and her whole, short existence, instead of only a few hours. He got her to sniffle her way to a comfortable spot on his shoulder as you took out what you didn’t need and replaced what you needed to. You silently glared at him as his humming put her right back to sleep, and he moved at nearly a glacial pace to lay her down in the carseat. “I’m good wit’ kids.”
“Fuck outta here.” You huffed as you threw on your boots and grabbed your diaper bag and coffee. “Alright, you carry her. He’s less likely to hit you if you’re holding her.”
“No’ reassuring.” He muttered as he checked his pockets to make sure he had everything, before putting the car seat down just long enough to put his gun in the holder under his kutte. “Safety’s on, don’ worry.” With a roll of your head, you threw your bag on your shoulder, and lead him out the room with a sigh.
“Telford!” Negan yelled the moment you walked out the door, but you could see the flash of fear in his eyes when he realized you were headed straight for him.
“You have two choices here.” You said where only he could hear you as you stopped directly beside him, but looking out at the lake behind him. “You have the choice to try to take him out of my life for whatever fucking reason you could come up with. Or you have the choice to be my fucking father and fight for me to be happy with someone with as good of heart as he has to step up and protect my daughter the same way you protected me after everything I’ve been through. And we both know he wouldn’t have patched if he wasn’t a good person.” You glanced up at him with tears in your eyes, and you could see your dad, the man that only you really got to see looking back at you. 
“Just know, I won’t stop fighting for him this time. You got lucky with Henry falling in my lap at just the right time and my research taking off the way it did. But you won’t be this time. And keep in mind, he and I both have to live with the physical proof of what you’ve done to us for the rest of our lives which is exactly why I can honestly say that if you try, you will lose everything. So you make the choice.” You looked back out at the lake with a sniff as you put your sunglasses on, while Negan took barely a half second to weight the options of loosing you, or seeing you with Chibs before he straightened beside you.
“Telford, get that baby outta the fucking cold. The fuck you standing there for, huh? And make sure my kid doesn’t get lost in some Goddamn throw pillows or whatever shit she’s got planned in that fucking head of hers for this place. Or better yet, make sure that she doesn’t lose her damn kid in throw pillows.” You nodded your head and went to walk away, but Negan quickly grabbed your arm and held you in one spot. You met his eyes for a few moments, letting him apologize ten times over in a simple look, and you choose to partially let him off the hook.
“Get the fucking prospects to return those vans before you get charged another day’s rental. We’ll talk later.” He nodded his head and leaned over to kiss your forehead, before letting you go to yell at the prospects and regain his control of his men.
“Wha’ did ye say ta ‘im?” Chibs asked softly as you set your diaper bag on the floor board and peeked in the back to make sure the only thing that was back there was your stroller frame.
“I told him to make a choice.” You said as you carefully shut the back door, and pulled open the passenger door. “And he made the right one.”
“This place looks like it fucking threw up Christmas.” Your dad grumbled to you with a shake of his head as you walked through your professionally decorated house after spending a week on the road dealing with some club shit you didn’t even care to ask about.
“It’s Celeste’s first Christmas.” You started as you looked at the sparkling entry way proudly. “And our first one not spent in a portable in years. And you know I love Christmas. Oh, and I finally got confirmation that Colson, Casie, and Emma are coming for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, so it had to be even more perfect. Ash and Ashton, too.”
“You got the fucking prospects to do all this shit?”
“Fuck no.” You laughed with a shake of your head. “I hired a company. The prospects are wrapping gifts in the carriage house because fuck knows I hate doing that shit. Paper cuts.” You said with a smirk as you looked over at him. “Not pleasant. They can do the bitch work.”
“Where’s Telford?”
“Why?” You asked as the smile fell from your face.
“Need to talk to him... and you, since I know you will never trust me in a room with him again.”
“With good reason.” You said as you gestured to the stairs. “Setting up my baby monitors in the nursery while Celeste tries out her new crib for nap time. Oh, Ash is heading over to the house later today to send me some shit I need to hang out here a while longer. Do you need anything?”
“I’m heading back day after New Years.” He said with a shake of his head and a heartbroken sigh. “I lost you because of this, didn’t I?” You hesitated for a moment and sighed loudly with a small nod of your head.
“You changed my whole life with your actions, Daddy. And his even more so. You may be the president of an MC, but you are still my father. And whether you liked it or not, you had no right to do what you did, no matter what the reason. Whether it be to keep ahold of your image, or to keep me closer to home, it doesn’t matter. You had no right. So yes, in a sense, you lost me- my trust is gone. But you are still my father, and I will always love you. So in that sense, I will still be here. You’ll see me, and Celeste, and I will always be here if you need me... but we will never have the same relationship we did because of this.” You looked over at him as a few tears fell from his eyes, and his sighed as his whole body sank with the weight of his actions.
“Your mother would be so proud of you.” He started as he looked over at you with a shake of his head. “But I would have lost her over this, too, so I understand.” As gently as he could, he reached out to pull you into a hug. “I’m sorry, princess. I’m so, so sorry.”
“I know, Daddy.” You whispered back as you started to tear up as well. You both stood there for a moment, completely ignoring Simon, and the Belfast charter’s president, Jax when they walked in to talk to him, but they turned right back around to give you your space as Negan pulled away and nodded his head.
“Can I go talk to him?” He asked as he wiped off his face. “I’ll leave my gun with you, if that makes you more comfortable.”
“I’ll come up with you.” You said as you wiped off your own face with your fingertips. “You can use my room while I get Celeste up from her nap so we can go find a caterer last minute for Christmas Eve. And the gun can stay in the hall.”
“Sounds like a plan.” He agreed before gesturing you toward the stairs. You headed through the new baby gate, and up the right side of the split staircase toward the only two rooms on that end of the house, before telling Negan to wait in the hall so you could pre-warn Chibs.
“Hey, my dad wants to talk to you.” His head whipped away from his phone where he was adjusting the views of the cameras, but you nodded at him, reassuringly. “It’s OK. His gun’s staying in the hall. It’s not a bad talk, I promise.”
“‘S’more the knives tha’ got my concern.” He said as he picked up a piece of paper with the app information. “Username is yer email, password’s Celeste123107.”
“You think you’re slick.” You laughed, since the date was the day you two met.
“I thought so.” He said with a small smile as he headed out of the room, stepping over the hand gun that was laying just outside the doorway. You added the app to your phone and signed into your account to check the cameras yourself while the two men went into your room to talk, before walking over to the bed to wake up your baby girl.
“Hello, punk-a-pie.” You cooed as you gently rubbed her back. “Hi, good morning. It’s time to join the world of the living so we can go for another fun adventure. Yea.” She actually grunted at you in protest when you picked her up, and you smiled at just how adorable she was. “Oh, I know it. It’s just so hard to be a baby with such a mean Mommy. Waking you up from naps, and feeding you, and changing you all the time. How could I be so thoughtless, hmm? But that means I get to eat these chunky little thighs. And theses cute little toes-ies.” You smiled as she burst into a fit of giggles on the changing pad when you playfully ‘bit’ her toes. “Oh, I could just eat you up! Yes I could. Fuck, I’m glad you got Mommy’s chunky thighs. They are just so damn cute.”
“I second that.” Chibs said as he walked back into the room a lot faster than you expected, while Negan simply headed down stairs to find out what Simon and Jax wanted. You looked over at him questioningly as you pushed the dirty diaper into the diaper pail, but he shook his head. “Nothin’ bad. Apologized for everythin’, gave me direct permission ta go Nomad a’while ta be wit’ you. Told me ta take care of his girls.”
“He knows he lost me.” You said with a nod as you re-buttoned the long sleeve onesie and put your daughter’s jeans back on. “He knows there’s no coming back from this now. He made his bed, and he has to sleep in it and what are you doing?!”
“I bought this for ye 12 years ago.” He said as he stood beside you at the changing table where you were now frozen half way of putting Celeste in her jacket to look at a gorgeous ring in a black box. “An’ the day aft’a ye came back, when I knew ye still luved me, too, I ‘ad the prospect start puttin’ t’get’a the legal paperwork for the courts. Because I lost ye once, an’ I’d rath’a die then lose ye ‘gain. So on New Years Eve, at the exact stroke of midnight, 12 long fuckin’ years aft’a it shoulda ‘appended in the first place, will ye please, please make me the luckiest son’ov’a bitch in the entire world an’ marry...”
“Can I fuckin’ finish the...”
“No.” You laughed as you leaned over and kissed him roughly. He smiled against your lips and held you in place for a moment, before pulling back with a shake of his head.
“I was gon’ wait until the day of.” He said as he pulled the ring free while you finished dressing your now impatient daughter. “But wit’ yer dad’s blessin’... shockin’, I know.” He laughed as he took your left hand and slid the ring in place. “But we ‘ave it. An’ I wasn’t waitin’ another moment.”
“I don’t blame you.” You laughed as you looked at the ring that felt so much more right than the last one that was placed there, before showing Celeste with a smile. “Look at that, baby girl. Mommy’s getting married. And if he wants to, Chibs can become Daddy all in the same swing.”
“I’d be honored.” You nodded over at him with a laugh as you put on Celeste’s ear warmer headband bow.
“We’re just gunna wait until after Christmas to let her birth father know that all the same.”
“Aye. Don’ feel like havin’ ta fight for both m’girls in the same month.”
“What would you have done if he had said no?” Your fiancé smirked as he checked your diaper bag for you and put it on his shoulder.
“We would’a eloped. But now, ‘e can bear witness, ‘long wit’ Jackie boy, an’ this little chubby thighed cutie.”
“Well now you’ve just sent me into overdrive.” You laughed as you buckled Celeste in her car seat, and wrapped her in the car seat blanket you had. “Because now, after the caterer, I need to find a dress, and a location...”
“I’ve it all figured out.” He interrupted as he took the car seat from you. “Except the dress. My club may be loyal ta Negan, but I’ve broth’a’s a’ the table tha’ want ta see a broth’a happy ‘a the end’a the day.”
“Well then you can come with me to the caterer, then I’ll drop you and Celeste back off so you don’t see me in the dress. We’ve finally got some good luck going for us here.”
“Sounds like a plan ta me, my luv. Sounds like a plan to me.”
You had always imagined that you would be nervous on your wedding day, but as you stood in a private room in a church of all places that meant a lot to your future husband, you didn’t feel anything but excited. You tried to keep everything simple, but still put the prospects and your decorating company through the ringer to pull off a dream shared across cotton sheets that Chibs insisted you deserved, and had already been planning as long as he had the paperwork to pull off, even if it was for the ranks of the Sanctuary’s unwashed heathens.
“You know, I never thought you’d actually get to this point.” Ashleigh said as she adjusted her silver dress around her hips. “I figured when you got engaged to Henry, you were gunna get to the actual planning of the wedding and just… not. And I definitely didn’t think you’d do it this fast.”
“Henry isn’t my Filip.” You said with a look over at her as you finished a braid of your updo and pinned it on to place. 
“Yea, but don’t you think this is a little fast?”
“Ash, I really wish I could explain this… Look, I loved Henry. I did. He was smart, and, funny, and kind. He supported my work, and didn’t mind my eccentricities… but he tried to change me. He tried to pull me away from my dad, to get me away from my club. He wanted us to move to England… and all of those things I would have considered because he made me feel comfortable. But then he took it upon himself to join the Army without a single word until the day he left, and he made that choice because he needed space to think things with me through. Yea, the things you learn after the fact. That was a nice ‘good to see ya after six years’ message.
But Filip, my Filip, the one that got away… He makes me feel safe. He makes me feel safe to let my guard down, and to not be this… always put together Nobel prize winning, Ph. D. three times over doctor all the time. He brings out an innocence that I’ve never gotten to experience because I was looking out for my dad, or drowning myself in my work, or because I was more focused on being the best astrophysicist this world had ever seen. He makes me laugh harder than anyone ever has in my life. He doesn’t just mind my eccentricities, he embraces them, and shows them off like a badge of honor. He doesn’t just make excuses for those times I have my ‘moments’ as Henry called them in public. He sacrificed being truly happy in life to make sure that I had the best life that I could. And I can’t lose that man from my life again. I can live without Henry. I can’t live without Filip.” You smiled as you picked up your silver and ice blue snowflake hair piece and turned in the mirror to see what you were doing to put it on. “And besides the fact, he hasn’t batted an eye over Celeste. Henry literally ran, and put her in the NICU for a month.”
“OK, he didn’t put her in the NICU.”
“He put me in a position that put her in the NICU.” You said as you glanced over at the clock. “But it doesn’t matter. None of that matters anymore. What matters is that the man that I was meant to be with years ago, is somewhere in this church, putting on a tie for me, and a suit that he wouldn’t be caught dead in otherwise for me, and has me excited to get married in a church of all places, without even questioning ‘God’ and all that entails. What matters is he is the love of my life… and after today, he will be mine.” Ash nodded her head slowly as she fixed your hair the slightest bit and tried to avoid eye contact in the mirror.
“(Y/N), I think...”
“Hey, Princess. You’re runnin’…” Negan interrupted as he knocked on the door while he pushed it open, and he stopped and smiled as he looked at you. “Well Goddamn.”
“You’re in a church, mister.” You reminded him, teasingly as you turned and pulled the mostly white, with a double layer of light blue tulle skirt around so it was straighter behind you. “Not supposed to swear in a church.”
“Yea, yea.” He grumbled. “Old, new, borrowed, blue, right?”
“I’ve got ‘em all covered, Daddy.” You said as you watched him walk over with something in his hand.
“Well I’m still replacing your old with mine.” He said as he held out his hand to you. Your brow furrowed until you saw the glimpse of a silver heart locket on a chain. “I don’t have to even ask if you know what it is…”
“It’s mom’s.” You said with a smile as you flipped it over with your thumb. “She wore it on your wedding day.”
“Always said she’d pass it down to a daughter. Nearly made Ash miss her fucking flight looking for it. You know I can’t remember where I put shit for shit.”
“Will you quit swearing and put on the damn necklace.” You laughed as you held it out to him. “Racing a clock here.”
“Yea, yea.” He chuckled as he put the finishing touch on your wedding day outfit. He took a step back and huffed with a small shake of his head. “You make a beautiful bride, baby girl.”
“Thank you, Daddy. Now Ash, what were you saying?”
“Oh, it’s... it’s nothing.” She said with her own smile as she handed you your bouquet of blue roses that had a dark blue bandana you borrowed from Chibs wrapped around the bottom stems. With a nod, you looked at yourself in the mirror one last time, before looking back at your dad.
“You ready?” Negan asked with a small smirk.
“More than.” With a nod, he held out his arm and led you out of the back room. “Damn it, can we just speed up the clock.” You joked as you carefully and subtly kicked out the front of your gown with each step so you would trip or rip it.
“Quit fuckin’ swearing.” Negan laughed as Ashleigh walked a little faster to get next to you.
“(Y/N), I think I made a huge mistake.” She repeated, timidly at the same time you watched Henry looking up from your sleeping little girl in her snow queen dress and a giant blue bow you prayed would muffle the noise so she could stay asleep next to Ashton in their winter wonderland decorated wagon, and over at you. There was only a moments hesitation as you ran through the list of women from the club that had come to see you as you were getting ready to wish you the best before you reacted.
“Daddy, go get Frankie.” You asked, simply as you let go of his arm for a moment. “She’s got on black and silver, so she won’t clash with the colors when she pulls the wagon.”
“(Y/N)...” Ashleigh choked as you simply ignored your ex standing there and stopped in front of the back doors.
“You are dead to me.” You said to her as you fixed your own dress and forced yourself to remain calm. “Get your son, the prospect will take you back to the hotel for your things and you can go.”
“(Y/N)...” She and Henry said at the same time, which made you round on both of them with fire in your eyes.
“I don’t know what either of you thought you were trying to accomplish here, but I’m not in the fucking mood. You, Henry, I can sort of understand because we were together so long, and you’re just hoping that maybe, just maybe I’d be willing to give you a third chance after every thing you have put me through, but Ash...? What the actual fuck. Seriously, how did you think that calling my ex in on my fucking wedding day was going to go over, huh? Good? Simple? Not likely to royally piss me the fuck off?!”
“I was just trying...”
“Well now you can just try to get the fuck out of here before I fucking strangle you on my fucking wedding day. And Henry, I have nothing more to say to you. You’ve made it perfectly clear that I am not the person you want to be with. And I am sick and fucking tired of compromising my integrity to fit into your perfect wife narrative when I met someone 12 fucking years ago that never wanted anyone but me in the first place and still does all these years later. So you both can leave. Frankie, I need you to pull my flower girl down the aisle for me.” 
“(Y/N)...” Ashleigh said as she carefully picked up Ashton.
“I said NOW!” You roared with a glance back at her. “Now! I will get you home, but you are dead to me. Frankie, it’s fine, just pull her down behind you, put her in front of my dad’s seat so you can take my bouquet, and when it gets to the count down, bring the wagon back here to try to keep her away from the noise.” You told your new Maid of Honor as you fixed your dress again. You didn’t look back as the prospect that had been watching the kids escorted Ashleigh and Henry out of the church despite their protests, but your dad stopped in front of you with a look of concern.
“You need a minute?”
“I need Filip.” You said as you searched his eyes with barely a hint of tears in yours. He nodded his head and told Frankie to go, as he walked around behind you and helped you pull out your ball gown so it made the perfect bell shape.
“What have I always told you about writing off family?”
“Fuck them if they don’t understand.”
“Exactly.” He said as he laced your arm with his. “Fuck ‘em. Now quit swearing in a fucking church.”
“Daddy, we’re both going to hell anyways.” You giggled with a glance up at him. “But I’m pretty sure we just gave ourselves the best seats on the bus.”
“Fucking right we did.” He laughed as you both took the first step down the aisle. You found Filip instantly, and watched as his eyes shifted from anger directed at Henry’s back, to concern when he saw your face. You tried to tell him that you were alright, but you could tell he didn’t believe it until you were directly in front of him with your hand finally in his.
“We’re getting married today.” You whispered with a smile as you reached up with your free hand to cup his cheek. “I’m OK. I’m finally where I’m meant to be. With you.” With a nod of his head, knowing that you would never lie to him, he leaned forward and gently kissed your forehead with a sigh of relief. The ceremony was kept short by design, since it was nearly midnight, and while there was talk of God, you barely noticed it because of the man who could not stop smiling in front of you with matching tears of joy in his eyes. You stuck with generic vows, because neither of you would have made it through writing your own, and your first attempt at saying ‘I do’ came out as a choked whisper, which made his smile grow even more.
“By the power vested in me by God and man...” The priest said as the club counted down the New Year for you. “I pronounce you husband and wife. What God has joined together, let no man put asunder. You may now kiss the bride.”
“I told you I’d marry you one day.” You whispered softly in the last few seconds.
“Finally.” Filip whispered back as he wrapped his arms around your middle and kissed you like it was the first time at exactly midnight, just like he had the night you first met in the shadows of the Belfast clubhouse. The club erupted in cheers as you held your husband’s cheeks between both hands, while the priest presented Mr. and Mrs. Filip Telford over the noise and left to get some sleep before his morning church service. You both pulled back with smiles, and you took your bouquet from Negan, who’s face read happiness and sadness at the same time.
“Congratulations, baby girl.” He said softly as he kissed your cheek before you left, since you agreed to do the reception the next night when you could get a sitter for Celeste and so the club could still celebrate the New Year. “I love you.”
“I love you, too, Daddy.” You responded with a smile. With a nod of his head, he stepped out of your way so you could head out the back to collect your daughter and spend your first night as husband and wife making love until the sun came up.
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lftvsos · 10 months ago
chemistry || calum hood
word count: 3.8k+
warnings: mentions of weed, swear words, mention of injury, food & the slightest bit of sex talk
a/n: hey twt moots ;)) anyways, this is inspired by this post! i hope u all enjoy <3
It was about 11 pm, and I had just finished taking an unnecessarily large amount of notes for chemistry class. With a sore, shaky hand and a vision that was starting to go blurry, I had finally finished ten pages. Who knew that there was so much information about 5 organic compounds?
I yawned in my seat, stretching my arms out and removing my glasses. I was more than thankful that I can call it a night, and walked towards my bathroom to get ready for bed, which took a good 30 minutes. It usually doesn’t take me that long, but fuck, I was exhausted this whole day. After all my skincare was completed, I walked back to my bedroom and hopped into my bed, prepared for a well deserved rest. After slouching for a good three and a half hours, comforter and pillows had never felt so good against my body. 
Just as I was about to fall asleep, I heard a loud ding! from my phone and I opened my heavy eyes, which immediately annoyed me. I ignored the first one and tried to go back to sleep, but one ding turned into six and I couldn’t take it anymore. I angrily ripped the covers off my body, sitting up right after reaching for my phone on the nightstand beside my bed.
6 New Text Messages from: calum hood
hey wyd rn
can you do me a favour
i need your help
im at this party right now and i’m about to get high as fuck but i forgot about our homework for tomorrow and i was wondering if you could do them for me
you don’t even need to make them look pretty like how you do it just take down the important shit
“What the fuck?” I whsipered to myself as I looked at my phone. “Who does this bitch think he is?”
to: calum hood
are you fucking serious right now
from: calum hood
please i’m really sorry LOL i completely forgot about it
i know your smarty pants finished it the second you got home please
i’ll literally buy you starbucks tomorrow morning
As much as I hated to admit it, his last text message kind of convinced me. I was a sucker for coffee, and could really stop spending money on it every morning. But was I really about to lose some more sleep just to do the party boy’s notes? I barely know this kid anyways. How’d this guy even get into college? 
to: calum hood
is it gonna be a venti
from: calum hood:
if that’s what you want, sure
I knew I was going to regret this decision, but I threw on my glasses and put my hair up once again, walking towards my desk. “I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I sighed out, opening my laptop and gathering my supplies together. I unlocked my phone, seeing that the time was 12 am. Am I doing this for coffee or am I doing this because he’s attractive and I couldn’t really say no to him? I groaned and leaned my head on my desk, texting him back.
to: calum hood
i hate you so much
get me a venti iced white mocha no whip and an extra espresso shot
actually no make that two extra espresso shots cause bc of your dumbass im staying up 
from: calum hood
i gotchu angel
thank you so much, see you tomorrow :)
“Fuck off with the petname and the smiley face,” I angrily cursed at my phone, picking up my pencil and beginning to write another ten pages of notes. 
“I hate this bitch,” I said, throwing my pencil onto my desk and slamming my laptop shut. The time was now 3:45 am and tired was an understatement for me. I crawled into bed, falling asleep almost immediatly, hoping that these 5 hours of sleep will give me enough energy to get through class tomorrow.
“You have got to be fucking joking me,” I mumbled, reaching over for my phone to turn off the alarm. I was definitely not a morning person, and the fact that I didn’t get at least 7 hours of sleep meant that I was not going to be in a good mood today.
I slowly crawled out of bed and began trudging towards my bathroom, seeing I had gotten a text meesage from the man himself. I rolled my eyes seeing his name pop up, opening the conversation between him and I.
from: calum hood
to: calum hood
fuck off
I set my phone aside, getting ready for bed in the slowest way possible. I honestly could care less about what I looked like today, so I decided on a hoodie and sweatpants. I went back into my room and packed my bag with everything I needed, including Calum’s stupid study notes. I threw it over my shoulder, putting on my shoes and walking out the front door, into my car. Thankfully my college was not too far from my apartment, so it didn’t matter if I was running a couple of minutes late.
Parking my car and walking towards class, more and more annoyance filled my body, hoping that nobody would say a word to me, or even better, look in my direction. As I walked into the classroom, I walked towards the empty seats in the very back, choosing the one closest to the wall. I got settled into my seat, leaning the side of my head against the wall, hoping that I’d get the tiniest bit of extra rest.
“The last text message you sent to me wasn’t very nice.” I heard a voice beside me say. I opened my eyes and looked up, seeing the stupid Calum Hood. He was holding two cups of coffee - one for me, and one for him I’m assuming - and was wearing a maroon hoodie, which he actually looked really good in.
“I don’t think you deserve to have a nice goodmorning text, because you are the reason I’m in a pissy mood today, thank you very much.” I responded, taking my coffee from his hand and placing it on my desk. I reached into my bag and took the study notes I wrote for him, slapping it onto the desk beside me.
“I’m sorry,” he whispered as our professor began to speak up, indicating that class had begun. “What can I do in order for you not to be mad at me?” I turned to look at him. He had the biggest pouty face I had ever seen, which was absolutely adorable. But I’d never tell him that.
“Just shut up.” I sighed, turning back towards the board, opening my notebook and beginning to take notes. 
Not even ten minutes later, a green sticky note caught my eye as I was writing. My eyes gazed towards the sticky note, scoffing at what was written on it.
Pls forgive me :(
I turned towards Calum, who was currently well focused on the board in front of us. I lightly chuckled, knowing he was more than pretending to actually pay attention in this class.
I thought I told you to shut up, I wrote underneath his writing and stuck it back onto his desk, and continued from where I left off. I got maybe 5 words in before I saw the neon green appear back onto my desk. I can’t shut up if I’m not talking.
I rolled my eyes before crumbling the paper in my hand, looking at Calum once again. “You’re distracting me. What do you want?” I asked him, the brunette boy turning his head to me once again. 
“For you not to be mad at me.” He responded. “What can I do for you to at least smile at me? Besides telling me to shut up.” 
I stared at him with the bitchiest face I could put on, then rolled my eyes and began to take down more notes in my book. First, he makes me write ten pages for him and now he’s distracting me in class. Can he leave me alone for at least five minutes? 
“And now you’re not gonna talk to me. Fine, be that way.” He grunted. The two of went back to what to we were doing for the remainder of class.
“That’s all for today folks, I hope you have a good rest of your day and don’t forget to read pages thirty to thirty-five and finish questions one to twenty-seven.” Our professor said to all of the class, which resulted in me grabbing my bag and standing up immediately, wanting nothing more than to just get the fuck out of this place.
Please don’t talk to me please don’t talk to me please don’t talk to me-
“Hey wait,” Calum said and grabbed my hand. 
“Yes?” I asked him, turning my body towards him as he let go of my hand. 
“What’re you doing the rest of the day?” 
“Nothing, why..?”
I saw that Calum had the cheekiest grin on his face after I gave him my answer. “As an apology for making you write down my notes, thank you very much by the way, along with making you angry this whole morning, how about we go get breakfast on me, and we can do our homework together, except I will do all the work, and you just copy my answers? How does that sound?”
I thought about it. One part of me just wanted to flip him off, go back home and get the sleep I missed out on last night. The other part of me was actually kind of down for that idea. Free food, free homework answers and I get to hang out with pretty boy? I wasn’t really losing anything here, huh? 
“I mean, I would say yes, but I took my car here and also I’m dressed terribly right now, the last thing I need is for more people to see me looking like this..” I trailed off, looking down at my current outfit and laughing lightly. “Babe, you don’t even look bad whatsoever right now. However, if you insist, you can go home and change and I can come get you when you’re ready. Is that a plan?” He asked in response. First angel, now babe? What is this guy doing?
“I mean.. I could do that...but-” “Pleeaaasee?” Calum cut me off, pressing his hands together, acting as if he was praying. 
“Ugh, fine, I’ll go with you! I’ll go home and get ready, and I’ll text you when I’m done.” I responded as the both of us walked out of the classroom, towards the parking lot. 
“Pinky promise you won’t cancel on me last minute?” Calum asked, extending his arm and putting his pinky in front of me as we reached my car. I hadn’t even noticed that he walked me to my car, which honestly made my heart flutter when I realized. 
“Are you kidding me?” I laughed lightly, taking my pinky and sticking it out with his, interlocking it. “Pinky promises mean everything, sweetheart. I’ll see you later.” He responded, winking at me then walking away. Getting into my car, I hit my steering wheel, squealing while I repeatedly hit my head against my wheel. “Fuckin’ angel, babe and sweetheart?! What’s next?” I asked myself, driving back to my place to get ready for this little study.. session? Hang out? Date? 
I never noticed how nervous I was to hang out with Calum until four different outfits were placed on my bed, with no ability to choose which one looked best. “Fuck, these are all terrible.” I groaned, flopping onto my bed and closing my eyes. I was interrupted by my phone ringing, seeing that Calum was calling.
“I know you pinky promised that you wouldn’t cancel on me, but angel what is taking so long?” He asked, laughing into his question. “I’m so sorry,” I groaned, getting back up and looking at the outfits I planned on my bed. “I’m having a little wardrobe crisis. I have zero idea what to wear.”
“You could’ve showed up in the hoodie and sweatpants and I’d still find you gorgeous,” He responded, making my heart flutter for what felt like the hundreth time today. This man throws small compliments left and right and it’s kind of driving me crazy. “But lemme see what you got planned out. I’ll make it easier for you.” I responded with an okay, quickly snapping a photo of the clothes that were currently on my bed. 
“Okay first off, none of these are bad at all. I think you could’ve chose any of these and rocked all of ‘em. Second, little shirt big pants is always the way to go. I say the second one.” He told me, choosing a white long sleeved shirt and the baggiest light wash jeans I had in my closet. It might’ve been basic, but Calum was right - you really can’t go wrong with a little shirt big pants combination. 
“Okay, thank you.” I sighed in relief, taking the clothes into my hands and walking into the washroom to change. “You can come now, I’ll text you my address. I’ll probably be done by the time you get here.” 
“Now was that so hard?” He asked in response, causing the both of us to laugh. “I’ll see you in a bit. Bye bye!” 
“Bye Calum, see you later.” And with that the call ended. I quickly changed into my clothes, put my laptop in my bag - along with everything else I needed - and slipped my shoes on. Once I finished doing so, I heard a loud honk outside, indicating that he was outside. 
Walking out of my house I saw Calum exiting his seat, walking over to the other side and opening the door for me. “Wow, what a gentleman.” I laughed as he closed my door and got into the drivers’ side once again. “You look great.” He told me, his eyes focused on my outfit. “All thanks to you.” I said nervously, as he started the car. “Where are we going again?” I asked him. 
“You can never go wrong with IHOP,”  He said proudly, with a wide grin on his face. “How’d you know I loved going there?” I asked him, gaining a chuckle from him in response. “Not sure if you knew this, but I’m a mindreader.” He joked, causing me to roll my eyes and laugh in response. 
Arriving at the place and ordering our food, Calum and I began to have a little conversation. It started off with an are you still mad at me? which resulted into talks about other classes, finals and parties. 
“You’re telling me you’ve never been to a party?” He asked in shock, me shaking my head as I took a sip of the water that was given to me. “Are you kidding me? We’ve been in college for what, two years, and you’ve never been to one?!”
“Yeah, in case you didn’t notice, I go to school to learn and not to party. I don’t ask people to take ten pages of notes for me so I could blaze up, unlike somebody I know,” I responded, Calum looking at me in disbelief. “I cannot believe you just called me out like that. I said I was sorry!” 
“Yeah yeah, I know. You’re making up for it with free food and free homework answers, so I decided to get over it.” I responded, laughing. “Also, when are we gonna start doing the questions?” I asked as the waiter came with both of our plates of food, thanking them as we began to eat. 
“I mean, we could go back to my place and work on it, if that’s alright with you.” Calum said, his mouth full of pancakes. “Is that your way of trying to get in my pants?” I asked jokingly. 
“You’re a fiesty one aren’t you?” He asked, with a simple nod from me in response. “Well to answer your question, no that is not my way of doing such a thing, I’d be much more smooth about it.” 
“Oh, so you think you’re slick or something?” “Nah babe, I know I’m slick.” There’s the cocky party boy that I was much more familiar with. I rolled my eyes in response.
“I’m gonna ignore what you just said.. Anyways, I am fine with working on it at your place.” I told him, getting a nod in response. Throughout the whole breakfast, we got to know each other quite well. I learned that he played soccer in highschool, but due to a torn ACL he had to quit. But because of that, he got into music and started playing the guitar. I told him that if there’s enough free time when we finished, he should play me something. He happily agreed to it, saying that I will fall in love with him after I hear his singing. I just roll my eyes at his cocky compliments about himself. 
I also got to hear his totally wild college parties that he goes to, telling me about this one time one of his friends’ houses got shut down due to the various noise complaints from neighbours down the block. “you should come join me in one”, He offers, with a “fuck no” in response from me. 
“C’mon, they’re not that bad. They’re actually really fun, and everybody’s always so nice.” 
“I literally can’t tell you the last time I got high, and the last time I got drunk it was not pretty, I’m retired from that shit.” I said, as he paid for our food and began walking back to his car.
“Oh, so you used to be rowdy?” He asked, the two of us laughing in unison. “High school me was a different story, we don’t talk about that.” I responded. “The things I would do to see that side of you. You gotta go to at least one before you get outta this place. They take a lot of stress off your shoulders for the night.” He told me as we walked towards the front door to his place, which made me laugh at the fact that he tried to make parties seem like a really good thing. A simple Maybe, was all I responded with as we got settled into his apartment, which was fairly clean to my surprise. 
We were currently sitting across each other at his dining table, the both of us reading over the textbook and him answering the questions after every section. He worked effeciently, which also took me by surprise. I underestimated this guy a lot, didn’t I?
A good two hours later, Calum had finished all the questions for homework and I had finished copying them down, thanking him for doing such a thing.
“It’s no problem. I had no idea that the notes were ten fucking pages long, you deserve a break after that- wait, you wear glasses?” He asked me, analyzing them.
“Yeah, only at home though. I don’t really like how they look on me,” I replied, taking them off and rubbing my eyes. He took them in his hands and put them back on me, smiling. “They look really cute on you, I like them.” He said, causing me to blush. “What’re you so flirty for?” I asked. Keep these compliments up and I might just fall in love with you before you even sing, I thought to myself.
“Well, with somebody as pretty as you, I gotta slip in a flirty remark every chance I get, eh?” He smirked, taking my hand, and taking the both of upstairs. “Don’t take this the wrong way, my guitars in my room.” He reassured me as we walked inside his room. He took the guitar from the side of his room, and sat on the edge of his bed, gesturing me to sit down next to him.
“Ready to fall in love with me?”
“Try me, Hood.” 
He chuckled, playing the intro to Sam Smith’s Leave Your Lover. “Holy shit, I love this song,” I whispered, watching his hands strum the guitar.
He began to sing, immediately amazed by his voice. It was so soft and raspy, I literally could listen to it all day. I closed my eyes, leaning my head on his shoulder. He laughed softly when he noticed, continuing on with the song. 
He finished playing the outro, which caused me to open my eyes and look up at him. “So, how was that?” 
“It was beautiful, your voice is so pretty.” I responded, smiling at him. “You should drop outta this whole college thing and just become famous.”
“Oh man I wish, but I think it’s too late for that.” He told me, now leaning on my shoulder, which made me want to scream and kiss him. “Did you fall in love with me yet?”
I patted his cheek with my hand lightly. “Not yet Cal, not yet. Stil kinda angry about that whole ten pages of notes thing.” 
“You’re never gonna let that go, are you?”
He laughed, then took my hand and intertwined it with his, rubbing circles on it with his thumb. “What if I told you I’d be down to do this again, minus the whole ‘let me do this for you today as an apology’ thing?” He questioned, lifting his head from my shoulder and looking at me.
“What do you mean, ‘this again’?”
“I mean picking you up with a coffee before class, bothering you the whole time, getting breakfast with you afterwards, studying together, and then playing a song for you once we get too lazy to finish our assignments.” He replied with a soft smile that made my heart warm and my cheeks red.
“And what if I told you that I’d be down to do those things aswell?” 
“Well then my love, I will pick you up on Wednesday at 8:15 with a venti iced white mocha with only one extra shot of espresso, because I won’t keep you up to write more notes. After class, I’ll take us to any place you wanna go. Denny’s? IHOP? Waffle House? You name it. Then, we can go back to my place, study our asses off and then I can play you as many songs as you’d like. How does that sound?” He offered, the biggest smile appearing on my face.
“That sounds perfect.”
“Now if we’re going to be doing this... does this mean I can finally take you to a damn party?”
“Fuck off, Hood.”
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escapewriter · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
pairing : student!seungkwan x student!reader
synopsis : being in love with your best friend caused you to make some very impulsive decisions like, oh look at that, taking him to New York to watch Beyoncé perform.
genre : fluff
word count : 1.5k
a/n : can not believe i came up with this but it made my heart flutter lol. this isn’t proof read to perfection so im sorry if there are any typos or grammar mistakes.
svt written masterlist || main masterlist
“Hey Boo!” Seungkwan whipped his head to find you running up to him. “YN? What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in class,” You leaned forward, your hand resting on your knee as you panted for air. “You good? That was barely a run,” standing back up straight, you looked at your best friend dead in the eye.
“You have to be free this coming break.”
You and Seungkwan have been best friends since he moved next door when you were in middle school. You both walked to school together, ate food at the convenience store together, and went to school dances together, of course platonically, for him at least.
No surprise, you are totally infatuated with the man that is Boo Seungkwan, which brings you here, standing in front of him, with Chan and Vernon behind him, concerned looks on their facial features.
“I think I am, why?” Grinning, you lifted your head a little higher, a proud smile on your face and turned around, your back facing him, “you might wanna speak to your mom Boo, she has some important news for you.”
You walked away from him, going to your final class of the day, excitement bubbling in your chest as you thought about what’s in store for Boo Seungkwan
The next morning, you were woken up at 5am to Seungkwan banging at your front door. You opened the door, glaring at the man who had a backpack and suitcase, “Seungkwan, I know you’re excited, but our flight isn’t until 11, so please, let me sleep!” he walked past you and into your living room, “How the hell are you not excited? We’re going to New York!” He began to sing Empire State of Mind as you crashed onto the sofa.
“YN, what are you doing? You should get ready! It’s a long flight but a big day!” You groaned into the pillow, tuning out his loud voice.
He looked at your slumped form on the couch and grabbed a cushion, hitting your back with it repeatedly. “Get! Up! You can sleep on the plane!” You sat up, snatching the pillow away from him. “As I said before, It is 5am. Our flight is at 11! Either you let me sleep or I will rip up your ticket.” He pouted and slumped down on the couch, turning on the TV.
“I’m waking you up at 7,” “Thank you.”
“YN,” the sound of your mom’s voice filled your ears as you slowly opened your eyes. You looked at Seungkwan who was fast asleep next to you and shot up, checking the time on the clock.
“Sweetie don’t worry, it’s only 7:15, you have time to get ready.” You nodded and kissed your mom’s cheek, thanking her, and went to your room.
As you got ready, you pictured Seungkwan’s reaction to the gift you got him. It wasn’t his birthday or anything, you just felt that he needed an appreciation gift. You haven’t been able to spend as much time with him because you’ve been working extra hours just so you could save up for this trip. But of course, he’s noticed your lack of activities spent with him, causing him to think that he hasn’t been a good friend. What a perfect way to show him how important he is to you.
You finished getting ready and brought your suitcase and backpack to the living room, Seungkwan laying sprawled out on the couch, still out like a light. Your mom came into the room from the kitchen with a tray of snacks for you both to eat for breakfast.
“Seungkwan, wake up,” you shook his shoulder as he opened his eyes and processed his surroundings. He yawned and stretched, looking at the food that was on the table, digging in.
“You didn’t wake me up at 7,” he looked up at you with wide eyes, and then focused on the clock that was behind you, “holy crap it’s 7:45.” You laughed and ate some strawberries, “My mom is gonna drop us off so we’re probably gonna leave soon.”
On cue, your mom emerged from her room, dressed and ready to go, “alright, let's get going. You both have everything? Passport? Plane ticket?” The two of you nodded your head, “Okay then, let’s go.”
You yawned as the two of you retrieved your suitcases from the cab driver. “Thank you Sir, have a good rest of your night.” Turning to Seungkwan, you smiled as he looked around the area, “You like it?” He looked down at you, “It’s more enjoyable because I know it’s going to be easier to get around. Thank god you speak english.” You laughed and slightly pushed him for teasing you.
“YN, where is the hotel at?” You pointed to the building that was right across the street. “We can settle in for the night, unless you want to go eat something.” He debated for a moment, “No, I ate enough on the plane. Let’s go check in and sleep, we have a lot of touring to do tomorrow.”
You smiled at him as he began to cross the street, both of your suitcases in his hands. You think that this was a good idea, but now, you don’t know how you’re going to contain everything.
“Does it look like I’m holding it?” Seungkwan yelled at you as you positioned the camera at an angle so it would look like he had the Statue of Liberty in his palm, “Yeah! Now smile!” He shot you a bright smile, happiness glowing in his eyes as the camera made a clicking noise.
He ran up to you, “How does it look?” You opened up the picture and showed it to him as he smiled and said, “Perfect!” The two of you continued touring the city, exploring places that you have done some research on as well as Seungkwan suggesting places that Vernon’s mom recommended.
You ended up at a small cafe, sitting in a booth by the window. You both ate your muffins in silence as Seungkwan looked back at some of the pictures that were taken. You looked at him and smiled to yourself, thinking about giving him the surprise now. Yeah, going to New York was only part of the surprise.
“Seungkwan?” He hummed, his eyes not leaving the camera but his head moving up to face you. You smiled again, “Seungkwan?” His eyes moved to stare into yours, “You can’t get mad at me for this, and you can’t top this either, but tonight, we’re going to a concert.”
His eyes widened, “Really?? Who’s performing?” You thought about keeping the secret a little longer so you twisted the truth a bit. “Jay-Z.”
You entered Madison Square Garden with Seungkwan behind you. “I know that this is a great arena and Jay-Z is cool, but I just don’t really know some of his songs.” After finding your seat, you sat down, “Oh please, you were literally singing Empire State of Mind before we left Korea.” He turned towards you abruptly, “That’s his song? I thought it was Alicia Keys’ song. Oh my god, do you think she’ll guest star tonight?” “Oh, someone will definitely be a guest star tonight.”
As more people fill in the empty seats, the lights begin to dim as people start to stand up. “Oooo yes, Jay-Z in all his glory. I still feel really bad because I only know one song,” laughing, you slightly shoved him, “I’m sure he’ll forgive you. But look, everyone is standing, you learn something new everyday.” ‘What exactly do you learn? That American’s stand during concerts when they have seats that are meant to be sat on?”
Suddenly, an instrumental started playing as the crowd began to cheer. The colorful lights shone the arena as the spotlight flashed onto the performer. “That doesn’t look like Jay-Z,” “Seungkwan be quiet and just look,” He focused on the big screen, the unknown performer still a silhouette until they lifted up their face and presented the audience with a bright smile.
“Holy fuck, that’s Beyoncé. YN! THAT IS BEYONCÉ! YOU TOOK ME TO A BEYONCÉ CONCERT??” Seungkwan began to shake your shoulders as you laughed at his reaction. Crazy in Love boomed in your eardrums, the big smile on his face making your heart swell.
“I can’t believe you got us tickets to watch Beyoncé! God, I could kiss you right now!” Not knowing what he said, he turned back to watch her perform as you lost your breath like you ran a marathon. You grabbed his shoulders and forced him to look at you.
“Do it, or I’ll do it first.” He scanned your eyes, trying to read you before quickly leaning forward and placing his lips onto yours.
He pulled away and smiled, “Finally, and all it took was you taking me to a Beyonce concert.” You both turned your focus back towards the stage as he wrapped his arm around you and pulled you closer. “I basically did all the work, you were the one with no balls.”
You felt his chest rumble as he laughed, “That is true, but now I don’t have to be afraid of telling you that I love you.” You smiled and looked down, hugging him tighter. Halo started playing as you leaned into his embrace so that there was no more space left between the two of you. Swaying to the music, you said, “I love you too.”
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diaperbunnyp · 4 months ago
The first memory I have from being alive on this earth is how badly my mom basically beat the shit out of me from the age of 2 - 6.
I remember being extremely little and in preschool at Pine Tree Quilting in Claremont, NH it was the last time I was allowed to wear diapers before my mom forced me to wear underwear. I was never aloud to be naked again after that age. I was about potty trained and I think I started begging to wear a diaper again and my mom was forced to do that whether she accepted it or not. It only lasted for one day. I was bullied so badly by all these psycho babies that should have still been in diapers themselves. My cousins Jordan Haines was a year older than me. He constantly ridiculed me and bullied me tattaled constantly and got away with making shit up and getting me in trouble. Well from the age of 2 to about 5 I retaliated screamed and bit the fuck outta these scumbag adults. They repeatedly punished me. Restrained me in there laps and suffocated me by covering my mouth so there selfish asses didn't have to endure my screams of terror. I bit the fuck out of them. My 4 year old self that was never aloud to feel happy without being traumatized at least once per day. I was thrown out of that shithole after those people raped me repeatedly. I was not the only one claiming to have been sexually assaulted by them. I complained once verbally for the first time then they just threw me out. My bitch mother wouldn't stop depriving me of everything I needed to live. Food water. I was forced to only drink tap water basically the 14 years of my life. I was barely fed right. The bitch didn't cook. I was lucky I lived as long as did. At the age of 7 and 8 I already tried to kill my mom by esphictiating her with my headphone cables in the back seat of her car for beating the shit out of me in the middle of Walmart. The cunt was lucky she lived. She beat me so badly once before by using her pycho biker boyfriend Mike. I was probably almost 4 years old and we were at Old Orchard Beach Maine. She and her fucked biker bf were hammered on alcohol and were too intoxicated to watch a 4 year old. I wondered off and was lost for quite a while walking up the beach. I was found and brought back to her. I needed a diaper change really badly and I was fussy about all the attention I was getting and I didn't understand why but she had him hit me so many times. The cunt wouldn't be a normal mother. I believe I was made in a test tube and handed to the cunt in 1997 by the State of New Hampshire. I don't belong to this fucking planet. By the time I was 6 years old I made it to first grade and Mrs Apple (I still don't fuking care what your shitty name is you cunt) I would sit still in class and be disciplined until they made me listen to there criteria. I one day was spoken to inappropriately by another kid and God forbid I say anything. Instead of fixing it they told me to shut up.
I retaliated and threw like 20 chairs at Mrs Apple. The cunt was lucky I didn't break her arms. The psycho nurse in Maple Avenue rand in after they managed to take all the chairs away and I was sedated and put down so hard. I woke up on the fucking floor in the nurses office all fucked up and I felt sick. They took all my sugar. I had no energy and I was paralyzed by these cunts. I ripped off my shirt and they retaliated again. I was stabbed with another needle. And put down again. A 6 year old boy and these nazis basically slaughtered me and took my childhood away from me. I was eventually thrown out of elementary school and sent to a different school called Vase in Charlestown, NH. I still wouldn't listen to there criteria and I kept retaliating. I threw my books on the floor and screamed no fuck you. They dragged me into this padded room and threatened to put me into a straight jacket. I was too little for a straight jacket. So they picked me up and pined me up against a wall with my arms tight behind my back. My cunt mother didn't care about my suffering. Or my pain. They broke my arms and my back. I was held in that one position basically every day for 7 to 12 hours. All day. I was basically dead by the time they decided to send me to a shitty children's hospital in Concord, New Hampshire. I was about 7 by the time I tried to kill my mom for beating me in the middle of Walmart. She did it again when I was about 8 when she almost put me up for adoption. Fucking cunt. Instead I was put into respite housing through the state of New Hampshire. I was forced to live with these fucked up strict catholic family. I was punished by being given fat injections and forced to go without eating. I was starved because these people were too greedy to give me what I wanted. I was enduring this and I was not allowed to go outside for almost the next two years. 8 to 10. By the time I was 10 I was getting bigg enough to fight them. I ran far the fuck away from this catholic cunts home. I was put into west central when I was 8 years old. I was severely mistreated and abused by these psycho doctors. Doc Betiglovio was the biggest inconsiderate scumbag to ever know me. He just listened to my cunt mother and drugged my ass. I was almost dead again anywhere from the age of 8 to 10. I ran away from this awful situation and threatened to kill absolutely everyone if I ever had to go back there. My bitch mom had to deal with me living with her again. The only reason she stopped attacking and traumatizing me was because I was diagnosed and permanently mentally disabled at the age of 10 years old and my mother started getting thousands of dollars a month in SSI to take care of a disabled child. She loved me then.
Then the cunt realized I was buying and wearing diapers from Riteaid with my allowance money. She ignored it and would never acknowledge when I was obviously in diapers. I would run around in my crinkly pajamas right in front of her at the age of 10. She would give me back massages at bed time sometimes and she would feel my pampers cruizers up my back. She just ignored it. I have been wearing them since the age of 10. Bybthe time I was 12 I had found my self in a much better learning environment. Any time from the ages of 6 to 12 I could not read. I could not write. I could not subtract multiply or divide. I still struggle to multiply and divide. I've gotten better at adding subtracting and some multiplying. I still struggle but I was basically caught up after I started at the Granite Hill School. I was a middle schooler. I think I wore diapers to school sometimes. Especially on the days where I got to read books in English studies. I don't know. The teachers didn't know anything unfortunately. I would have rathered not trying so hard to catch up like almost everyone else, but I was motivated to finish school early after my middle school teacher Kate Sargent said I could potentially graduate high school early almost a year early if I worked hard enough. I was probably 13 when I heard that. I was in 8th grade and about to go into my freshman year. I had already gotten into a lot of trouble when I was basically almost choked to death by my cousin. He had a long history of bullying and traumatizing me. He had recently attacked me in my grams porch and thrown me off a desk. He bashed my head off a piece of furniture and I managed to tell his dad. Scumbag wouldn't apologize. Not even if his dad told him to. Not too long after my mom had gotten me my first pocket knife. When I was 13 he attacked me again and he just kept beating me until I managed to shove him off of me. I opened my knife and tried to make him stop, but by the time I decided to close the pocket knife I dropped it on the ground. He threw me on the ground again and started choking me. It was like God stepped in and possessed me. My left hand just knew the knife was next to me and I was being suffocated. My left hand struck his leg to an almost lethal blow. I Pentwater his leg at about 3 inches and missed everything major. I still claim self defense or insanity.  They all lied to the police and made me sound way more evil than I actually was. I was charged with second degree felony assault with a deadly weapon. I was protecting my self from being choked to death. His dad had already blown out my stomach after he drop kicked me. Scumbag. 400 pound man was pinning me to the ground and doing exactly what his son just did to get stabbed. This guy is lucky he ain't dead right now because I closed the knife and put it in my pocket moments after I stabbed his son.
Eventually the charges were lowered to a class B misdemeanor. I lived the next 3 or 4 years with a probation officer. My mom has just lost her lease and my older brother moved out of her house when I was 14 we had to move out of basically my childhood home to a way smaller one bedroom apartment. I had to sleep in this fucked up tiny laundry room until I was 15 years old. My mom decided to stop feeding me again even though she was making thousands off of my disability. I had to suffer until I was about 16 years old and we moved to a much bigger actually habitable duplex. I was 16 and I found my first homie to sell me Marijuana. Marijuana is not a drug. My bro got me so high for the betterment of the past 9 years I've been one of the biggest stoners. So I've had quite a bit of peace. I graduated high school a year early like I had drempt of since the age of 12. I was 17 years old and I had my first job. I was working as a Bagger/ Shopping Cart Collector for Market Basket since I was 16. I had made a lot of New friends and met other stoners. Sadly I've lost connections with many of them, but this is my story. I worked this way for almost 3 years and then I had lost my mind supporting this store because I was being treated like I was the property of my managers at Market Basket . They let my mom speak to me in ways that led to us fighting very badly at home. I became homeless at the age of 19 and I had just found a new job at Hannaford as a meat associate. I was homeless for almost 2 years by the time I was most 20. I was living in my car. I eventually found a housing assistance program called Harbor Homes. I was given a SSDI benefit from social security and I was able to basically live on low income wages and slave labor while make almost less than 1200 a month. I worked hard for Hannaford and was not fairly compensated. I tried and I failed because the harder I worked the the less I made and the less energy I had. My mental health has been deteriorating from all the effort I put in the from 2016 to 2020. I eventually quit last November and I've been living on a disability for almost a year and a half it feels almost. I was badly electrocuted by the police in 2017 that made me extremely incontinent. I have bladder and bowel problems now after I was pinned up against a wall and tazed for 10 minutes standing after I smashed the fuck outta a wooden chair. I was then thrown on a table cott or bed and handcuffed. Then I was put down too darn fast after I was stabbed by two needles and injected with an awful drug that paralyzed me and caused me to black out. I had just peed all over the floor and I was unconscious in a medically induced coma for almost two months I was a guinea pig for students being trained on anesthetics. My body was iliegally used in a way that almost killed me. I felt my heart stop many many times every time I came out of the fucking sedatives. I had a fucking tube shoved down my throat and I was being suffocated to the point where I had been woken up that way and put back down too many damn times. I eventually managed to wake the fuck up and I ripped this fucking tube outta my throat gasping for air. These pieces of shit were injecting there puke into my stomach and laughing because I was choking on it.
Now I had already been down for over a month.
I was in the Concord, NH ICU. In detrimental condition because of the negligence of my humanity.
Now I want to kill all of these people almost 4 years later. Now I am at the point again where I am going to kill someone defending my body and my life from these sick pycho doctors that want to use my body as a guinea pig for there shitty students.
I have a fucking axe a can of sunscreen and a lighter I will burn you pigs if you even try me again. Mark my words I swear to God I am going to kill at least one person entering my home. I will throw my axe at you fucking head. I will kill at least one of you and I expect to be fucking shot by the pigs in no more than the next 72 hours as of Friday May, 14, 2021.
So that is all why I expect to only have ten seconds to say goodbye to you all before I am dead.
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