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#fuck OFF

Just me making shit posts again, but…

Are what y'all expecting? That all characters and relationships need to be perfect?

“So problematiiicc” “Toxic!!” “She shouldn’t be the main character she’s so problematic…”

Like? Wtf? Those are STORIES. FICTIONS. There would be nothing to write if all the characters except that one villain that everyone should hate, was perfect, without flaws…

We love unreliable, with anger-issues, unsolved trauma, jealousy, insecurities, selfish, manipulative, depressed characters. Characters who are ungrateful, arrogant, filled with rage, who are wrong! Characters who act like dicks, with real flaws, who change, or don’t. Villains, anti-hero, protagonist, a good written character is a character with flaws!!

Shouting at everyone that *this* character is “Toxic” and “problematic” and “shouldn’t not be the main character” or that this relationship isn’t “healthy” and furthermore shouldn’t exist, or shipped ?

Dislike the characters, dislike the relationship, but basing your opinion on morals and absolutely bashing everyone who disagree?

This. Is. A. Fiction. This. Is. Not. Real. This. Is. For. Fun.

Safe your energy for real persons idk

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Eh, je suis fatiguée de vos égos surdimensionnés qui ne peuvent simplement dire « je m’excuse ». Bah écoute, tu me blesses, je ne parle plus. Point. Quand la situation va te peser, tu me feras signe. Je vais vers toi, je t’explique en quoi tu m’as blessé, on me répond « j’entends bien mais j’ai un autre point de vue. » ok bah va te faire foutre. Connard.

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White conservatives want to be victims so bad. They’re looking for it all the time, while being the ones ACTUALLY inflicting violence. COVID19 was a perfect thing for them to seize onto in this way. I can’t fucking handle it.

The whole world is like “we gotta do this so that EVEYONE is safer, less people die…” and they’re like “how could you do this to me?!?!?!? MY RIGHTS!!!!”

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Earlier today, I was listening to all the Garbage songs I have on my laptop, then all of the Fiona Apple songs I have on my laptop. I am happy that after 2 decades Shirley & Fiona are still out there being badasses. Then, a punker guy I know from Greece & through his blog (“theunderestimator-2”), posted this photo on Instagram (& his blog) so I pulled out 1999’s “¡Viva El Amor!” by the Pretenders & that was their 20 year mark of making music. I also have Blondie’s 1999 album “No Exit” which was a little over 20 years of them recording music. And what I was thinking was that I hope that today’s female or non-binary (or whatever) badasses are still around making music 20+ years from now so we (us badasses) can have something to look back on & something to look forward to.

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Don’t hide behind Christianity, just admit you’re homophobic and move on. And you’re not ‘phobic’ a phobia is fear, you’re not afraid of the gays you’re just an asshole.

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