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#fuck just let me be
deadinsidedressage · 4 hours ago
It literally costs $0 to be respectful of other cultures. The Dutch aren't wearing orange because they're narcissists who want to draw attention away from their horses. The Netherlands have used orange as a national symbol pretty ubiquitously for... hundreds of years?
You do not have to like every single equine athlete from that nation (or any of them, honestly).
Just like... Damn, don't be lazy and be critical of something real.
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sketiana · 2 months ago
yno how you pay spotify every month to let you listen to music w/o ads n maybe download some for offline listening but then when a song is deleted or taken down you still see it but its shadow realmed u dont get to listen to it ever again despite having downloaded it ages ago and also if you cancel the subscription u lose all th songs so you never really had them in the first place and thats everything right now. paying rent for songs and films and shows and services that arent mine from the moment i stop paying constantly all t he time for them. i want to chew metal and kill the scumpeople who decided one-time buying and owning was a thin ng of the past
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kedreeva · 2 years ago
Feel free to unfollow me right now if you believe it’s okay to endanger your house cat or the local native fauna it absolutely will kill by allowing it outside unsupervised/off lead.
Outdoor cats have a lifespan of 2-5 years. Indoor cats regularly live 15+, even getting up to 20+ sometimes. Unsupervised indoor-outdoor cats often don’t make it past 5 and the ones that do are a very lucky exception. Why?
They get hit by cars. They get attacked by other animals (predators or other pets like dogs) including other cats. They eat things that are toxic to them. They get killed by other humans. They contract diseases like FIV and FelV.
Even if your cat DOES live longer than 5 years, cats that go outside are responsible for the deaths of billions of birds and other small fauna per year. There have been studies done on this. It’s not people pulling stuff out of their asses, it’s something scientists literally studied and reported results on. Don’t believe me? Google “do cats kill wildlife” and have a read. They’re on the IUCN’s list of worst invasive species and have contributed to the extinction of 60+ species, and they continue to cause a problem for other threatened species of small animals.
If you think it’s okay to expose your cat to these hazards and potentially cut its lifespan by more than half, if you think it’s okay to allow your cat to kill native fauna to indulge it’s “natural instincts” instead of, I don’t fucking know, playing with it with toys literally designed to allow it to safely indulge those instincts, then you have no business following me.
I’m not here to indulge your whimsy about how cats “need” to be outside unsupervised to be stimulated and lead a happy life- I can assure you, they don’t. There are p l e n t y of enrichment devices and structures people can buy or make to ensure that their cats lead happy, full lives indoors to the ripe old age they are supposed to live to.
You also have the option of lead training your cat if you really believe they need to go out. This is something that proponents of “let cats go outside” ignore almost completely. They somehow believe that it’s all or nothing- either the cat lives 100% indoors without ever seeing sunlight OR it’s let outside without supervision where it can be injured, killed, or cause harm to the environment. Those aren’t the only choices. Cats adapt to leads very easily. They don’t like it the first couple of times, usually, but also usually when they figure out lead=outside, they get over it and the best of both worlds gets to happen- your cat remains safely under your supervision where it cannot come to or deliver harm, and it gets to go outside.
TL;DR Letting your house cat outside unsupervised is extremely dangerous both for your cat and the local wildlife and people arguing otherwise can see themselves out the door because I’m not about people endangering animals out of willful ignorance. You, along with every other pet owner out there, have a responsibility to protect your pets to the best of your abilities, and choosing not to do so in some misguided attempt to indulge their whims is poor animal husbandry. Any argument to the contrary is just an excuse to continue doing things which put animals in danger.
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I only recently watched AtLA, but one thing that got me is how much platonic tension Zuko has with the Gaang when he decides to join them. Like when Toph latches onto him in Ember Island he blushes furiously; when Aang compliments him in the Sun Warrior temple he grins so shyly etc. Basically I'm saying he'd melt at the slightest sign of someone wanting to be friends with him and it's beautiful
Tumblr media
the gaang after Zuko risked his life to hold of Azula in order to protect them: “To Zuko! Sure are glad he’s switched sides and is no longer trying to kill us! 
Zuko: *makes this adorable face* 
Tumblr media
Zuko: ‘what is this??? appreciation??? nice? nice feeling! Is this friendship? Did I do the friendship right???!’ 
Tumblr media
Zuko: ‘oh no, she’s going to fucking kill me. This is how I die. I knew I shouldn’t have done the whole field trip thing. She still hates me. I still suck. I’m beyond forgiveness despite what she said-- 
Katara: *hugs* 
Zuko: oh wait, I’m okay, I did it, this is friendship, I’m okay 
Tumblr media
Zuko: “I’m garbage. I’m worthless. I’m a human garbage dumpster and this play understands that. They have translated the Essence(tm) of my terribleness through bad theater and I deserve it”
Toph: “your uncle talked nonstop about you when I met him because he loves you
Zuko, being used to his entire existence being actively rejected: “oh sorry” 
Toph, who vibed with this anxious, awkward mess of a human space heater the minute Appa started licking him: “Listen here you little shit, you better pick that self esteem up or so help me” 
Tumblr media
Toph: excuse me, this is MY emotional support firebender 
Zuko, still not used to the idea that people genuinely want to be around him for his personality: ‘!?!?!?????’ 
Tumblr media
Zuko: *automatically assumes that group hugs are for People Who Aren’t Him and doesn’t even attempt to engage*
Tumblr media
The gaang: “Come on Zuko, being part of the group means being part of group hugs” *Suki and Toph open up their arms to him*
Zuko: *awkwardly trudges over and has no idea what to do* (was this his first ever group hug? in his life? am I sad now? the answer is yes.) 
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i need some of you to realize that call out culture, by design, rewards people who make the most outrageous & aggressive accusations, without regards to truth or context. it encourages people to misconstrue, to erase context, to outright lie. it feeds the instinct to attack, with or without cause. 
and that naturally enables certain types of people (terfs, exclusionists, bigots) who already have a vitriolic bandwagon behind them, to target & harass minority bloggers whose inclusive platforms they do not like to see becoming popular.
this has happened time and again, it has driven good people off this site, it is traumatic and unhealthy to everyone involved. purity culture creates an atmosphere of fear & paranoia, i am begging you to reexamine this attitude of mob violence in online spaces
#not a shitpost#serious post#harassment tw#seriously ya'll......this happens time and again and i'm getting fucking sick of it#do you remember i-am-a-fish? do you remember when you let ace & trans exclusionists target & harass i-am-a-fish off this site?#i see the same tactics being used time and again on different ace & trans & nb & gnc bloggers#and it WORKS! it works every time! people on this site fall for it every time and i am SICK of it#would you just. look at people's blogs and judge them on their recent and overall actions.#if people have been personally hurt by them then yes listen to victims#but don't take screenshots of posts from 2 years ago as the sacred truth#i see bloggers apologizing again and again for the same things and then realize 'oh shit they don't *want* an apology'#'these people just want more shit to throw at me. an apology is never going to be enough'#and also....let people grow? i'm proud of how quickly the standards of what is appropriate and respectful are changing & progressing#we are all constantly learning new things about what is and is not appropriate to say. and that's good!!#but the result is that what we considered appropriate a year or 2 ago we now know probably shouldn't be#so like. look at people's recent posts if you want to know their recent attitudes.#don't go attacking people for stuff they said years ago unless you have reason to believe they still believe & are perpetuating it#especially when so many people on this site are goddam teenagers holy shit#i honestly wonder if that is the reason so many people in online spaces are unwilling to admit they were wrong or change their opinions#bc we've erased the concept that you're allowed to be wrong and grow and update your opinion#so if you admit you are wrong NOW you're opening yourself up to be attacked years down the line#i've had to learn as a popular blog when to clapback and when to just...let it slide#often it's better to tell people off in private or block them. but callout culture is encouraging us to just.#automatically hit back fullthrottle in a way that puts our target at risk for public harassment#so i see a lot of crappy but lowkey comments getting people dunked into shitstorms and it's just....#a lot of time and energy spent harassing people who...aren't really the people you should be concerned about?#and who could probably learn & grow if given the right incentive?#idk i'm seeing a lot of stick and very little carrot.#and a lot of black-and-white thinking that leads to more violence than i'm comfortable having in an online community
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misplacedgamer · a month ago
You mean to tell me that there’s actual consequences for giving a 14 year old who’s entire identity is tied around whether or not he can be a hero the most powerful quirk ever? And that children really aren’t emotionally equipped to handle the pressures of being a hero, especially a child who was only able to form his own self esteem BECAUSE he was magically able to get super powers?
Wow, it’s almost like the villains have a point and hero society sucks. ALMOST
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