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#fuck off

being the youngest child is just your whole family believing you’re bad at everything because they’re comparing you to your siblings but actually you’re 10 and your siblings are 14 and of course they’re gonna have more skills but you’re a 10 year old so you don’t understand how much difference those years make so you also believe that you’re bad at everything and then finally you’re 14 and know all the stuff your sibling knew at 14 but they’re now 18 and you’re again told you’re bad at everything because the 18 year old has more skills

#youngest child trauma isn’t talked about enough, #I always see eldest child support posts and middle child and then ‘ohhh the youngest child has it so easy’, #fuck off, #can’t we just agree the all the siblings roles come with their own pros and cons ?, #also to any oldest child reading this- you’re younger siblings do not want you to parent them and it is not their fault you are asked to do, #it it’s your parents fault for putting that responsibility on you and your younger siblings are also a victim of it because having a, #sibling parent you is awful -, #okay read that again, #please, #blame them for stuff that’s actually in their control, #basically all my friends are the oldest child so I have had to listen to a lot and....I’m gonna explode, #especially since every time I try to give the younger siblings credit they scoff and say that youngest children can’t do things and I just, #((((: ok, #thx bye, #it’s still a family joke that I don’t know how to do the dishes because I didn’t do them well 10 years ago (((: and my brothers did, #when they were 15 and 16 and I was 11, #so you know fun stuff, #oh it’s also your family believing you’re childish for enjoying things for your age group because everyone else are older and not into it, #anymore, #I think this may be specific to someone with siblings that are quite a bit older but not so much older that they didn’t grow up together, #okay anyways, #sorry about being salty about this on main, #ooc
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