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#fuck terfs

Cleared out a terf from my followers tonight! Time for a not at all gentle reminder that terfs are NOT welcome here, and that if I have done anything to make you think you ARE, then I sincerely regret it! Get the fuck out.

Anyway, here’s a blog to block

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i went on twitter again today after a long time and saw hundreds of transphobes under a charity tweeting an article using the words “birthing parent” instead of “mother” – i’ll admit that isn’t exactly the most tactful way to talk about a topic as emotionally charged as stillborn children, but the transphobic abuse in the replies to that just made me feel so fucking bad.  i literally feel like crying right now.  i’ve never felt like this because of a bunch of loser TERFs before.  trans people are misgendered all the time and nobody bats an eyelid, but neglect to mention the word “mother” when talking about pregnancies (even though we know that trans men can also get pregnant) and everybody loses their minds.  it’s such a shitty circle of hatred.  fuck the radfems.  they’re good for nothing shitheads who like preying on vulnerable women by convincing them that trans women are out there waiting to pounce on them like they’re some kind of perverts.  shame on them for taking advantage of people like that.  if you’re a cis woman being pulled into the “gender critical” crowd, remember that no matter how much they tell you you’re nice and all that, no matter how much “information” they “provide” about trans people, they don’t give a single fuck about you.  the moment you stop toeing their line, they’ll discard you and won’t give a hoot even if you’re out on the streets.

Fuck TERFs.  And fuck manipulative crybabies.

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I do not have the spoons or energy to get hounded. Freyja, witch-mother give me strength. I took my post down as the level of rabid reached weirdly fixated levels. I even had some call me a trancel…bitch I’m a demi sexual.

Like I don’t get how irrational you have to have to hate that much. Tá sé amadeach agus is fuarr liom amadáin. Tugann na mBandéithe foighne agam!

Morrígan grant me your steel and Freyja your love. So mote it be.

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Okay but like it’s kind of a show of how far we’ve come now that we have terfs, right? Because now we have gay people and stright people hating on trans people together therefore showing that people accept them now which I think is cool

however! Terfs are trash and so are all transphobes goodnight

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I have recently fallen down a tumblr hole and landed myself onto some TERF’s blogs. And all I have to say is that I’m disgusted by the complete lack of empathy in these sorry excuses for people. Fuck off terfs.

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Fucking TERFS, ruining perfectly innocent reblogs of turtles…

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i hate the fact that my harry potter books have jkr’s face in the back of them like i don’t want to be reminded of that terf every time i read it 😪

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